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1. Types of People at the Cinema08:04[-/+]
Категория(?)  Автор(?)

By Rahma Rifkhan

Think of your most noteworthy cinema experience: Loud and exciting with just a hint of trauma?

Yup, that’s how Lankan Cinemas roll.

Cinema experiences are a whole other thing and it’s almost never completely about the movie itself but rather, all the types of people watching it with you.

We’ve compiled a list of people that you are sure to meet at the movies and rest assured that if you do, you are guaranteed to have a memorable cinema experience.

1.The Gurus

These are the die-hard fans who are not to be messed with under any circumstance. They have watched the trailer the moment it was released and over-analysed every second of it. From the second they walk into that theatre, they are in the zone. They will watch the entire movie religiously: advertisements, post credits and end credits included. Nothing deters them, not the whispering in the aisle behind nor the baby crying in the aisle in front.

2.The Cringey Couple

It’s truly not a complete Lankan cinema experience if you do not run into at least one couple. Yeah, you know what I am talking about. Do yourself a favour and just steer clear of the corner seats: This way, they get to enjoy their date, you get to enjoy the movie you paid good money for. Everybody wins.

3.The Life of the Party

Every laugh, every boo and every round of applause starts here, initiated by this bunch of hyper extroverts who absolutely cannot and will not handle sitting quietly for over 2 hours. Typically, the life of the theatre, they make the whole cinema experience all the more fun. Their energy is wildly contagious and before you know it, the entire crowd is vibing along with them.

Remember the theatrical gasps every time Thanos snapped his fingers and the deafening cheers when Arya stabbed the Night King? Yeah, that was all them.

4.The “It’s all for the gram” Group

This group exists to do one thing and one thing alone: Spoil the movie for everyone who hasn’t watched it yet. You can expect every death, plot twist and reunion to appear on their Instagram. Add a couple of mirror selfies, popcorn snaps followed by a few boomerangs and it’s basically a virtual cinema experience for anyone viewing their stories.

For those of you kind souls who just upload a random snap of the end-credits on your socials and call it a day: Thank you, we appreciate you.

5.The Food-Fiend

I think we can all agree that theatre snacks hit different (taste and prices alike) but there is always that one person who takes this love for cinema snacks the extra mile.

They buy everything the snack-bar offers and will most definitely find a way to smuggle in outside food as well. Basically, a full blown three course meal. Somehow, this person is almost always a noisy eater. So, every movie scene is punctuated by the loud crunch of popcorn or a long slurp of coke.

Once the movie is done, it’s easy to spot this type: just look for the seat with a popcorn trail scattered all around it.

6.The Questionnaire

This person has not bothered to watch any of the prequels, has absolutely no idea what to expect but randomly turns up to watch the 4th movie in the franchise. If you, by any chance, have the rotten luck of being seated next to them, God help you. For the whole duration of the movie, they will unapologetically annoy the life out of you with question after question. Be prepared to give a detailed breakdown of every scene, joke and plot twist. A guaranteed way to ruin cinemas for you for a very long time.

7.The Call-Centre

This person is yet to discover the magical silent option on his phone. He will receive a phone call every 5 minutes and yes, he will answer every single one of them. Get ready to listen to a super loud, extra-animated and never-ending saga of conversations. Every single time you think it’s over, trust me, it’s not. Just pace yourself for the next call. You might miss most of the movie but you will most definitely leave with a detailed understanding of some random stranger’s midlife crisis.

And that’s a wrap but before we are done, let’s throw in a few honourable mentions: the baby who won’t stop crying, that one guy who will keep standing up to refill his popcorn and that stranger who keeps kicking your seat from the back row.

Oh, and also, if you wanna go watch “Bullet Train”, we highly recommend Scope Cinemas. With their delicious snack bar, cosy seats and insane surround sound, it is guaranteed to be a top-notch cinematic experience.

Book your tickets here.

Go, grab some popcorn and enjoy the movie while counting how many on this list you meet!

Happy movie-going!

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2. 8 Hotels That Offer Transport – 2022Ср, 10 авг[-/+]
Категория(?)  Автор(?)

Sometimes arranging for transport when you’re on vacation is the last thing that you want to do. Or if you want to travel to and from the airport, transportation costs can be another nightmare. Here is a list of 8 hotels which offer transport, so you can let the hotel handle everything, guaranteeing you a hassle free experience and a relaxed holiday.

1. Heritance Negombo

Heritance Negombo brings life in paradise to you. The premium stay with the wonderful rooms and the exquisite food will transport you to paradise. The hotel blends culture with luxury to embody life in paradise, bringing their guests the best experience. The beauty of Kalutara fuses seamlessly with the modernity of the hotel. Not only is it a paradise, it’s also an oasis of comfort that can be a home away from home.

Heritance Negombo offers transport to their guests to and from the airport along with the possibility of going anywhere your heart desires.

Location – 175 Lewis Pl, Negombo

Price Range – LKR 50,000 upwards (per night)*

Contact – +94 317 431 431

Visit their website or Instagram @heritancenegomb for more information.

2. Wild coast tented lodge

If you’re looking for a luxury experience that keeps you in touch with nature, Wild Coast Tented Lodge in Yala is the luxury boutique hotel for you. The hotel is located on an empty beach offering their guests privacy and a unique experience. You can hop over to the Yala national park to visit the varied wildlife, especially the infamous leopards, or take a swim in the lovely blue waves of the Indian Ocean. The unique architecture of the hotel blends seamlessly into the surrounding landscape and pays homage to the leopard paw print with their layout.

This luxury boutique has their own fleet of vehicles that offer transport to their guests to and from the airport. And on request from their in-house guests, they provide transportation to tourist destinations such as Sigiriya.

Location – Wild Coast Tented Lodge, Palatupana, Yala

Price Range – LKR 250, 000 upwards (per night)*

Reservation contact – +94 11 7745730

Visit their website or Instagram @wildcoastlodge for more information.

3. Anantara Peace Haven Tangalle Resort

Anantara Peace Haven is a hub of heritage and peace in the Southern province of the country. The hotel sits on a rocky outcrop and offers a gorgeous view of the Indian Ocean. One of the best features of the hotel is their commitment to eco-tourism and sustainability. They have taken steps to ensure the conservation of the ecosystem in the South and even cultivate their own rare rice varieties, providing a totally unique experience to their guests. They even offer scheduled nature walks along with spa treatments, focusing on wellness of the body and the mind.

The Anantara Resort in Tangalle has complimentary tuk tuk service and bicycles in-resort which elevates the experience even more. While they provide options to travel to and from the airport by helicopter or land, they also offer travel packages that include safaris and whale watching. You can find out more details by contacting the hotel.

Location – Goyambokka Estate, Tangalle

Price Range – LKR 95,000 upwards (per night)*

Reservation contact – +94 34 722 6060

Visit their website or Instagram @anantaratangalle for more information.

4. North Gate by Jetwing

The North is an unexplored treasure that awaits your arrival. North Gate by Jetwing can be the portal for you to explore the beauty of the Northern province to your heart’s content. What might be the best part about this hotel is that it’s located just steps away from the Jaffna railway station, so you could take the train up to Jaffna and have the hotel arrange the rest of your transport so you can have the best holiday. The hotel will provide you with a colorful experience that embodies the spirit of the North.

North Gate by Jetwing is more than happy to arrange transport for their guests to experience the beauty of the North.

Location – 36 Station Rd, Jaffna

Price Range – LKR 30,000 upwards (per night)*

Contact – +94 212 030 500

Visit their website or Instagram @jetwinghotels for more information.

5. Citrus Waskaduwa

This hotel located in the Kalutara district has some breathtaking views you can take in while soaking in the sun. The absolute tranquility along the stretch of the unspoiled beach will definitely make your holiday a great, relaxed experience. Wherever you look, you will only be able to see the wide expanse of the beautiful ocean. The hotel also has a spa that can get you beyond relaxation. Located just 37 kms from Colombo, you won’t be too far away in case anything does happen, so you can lay all your anxieties aside and truly indulge in a relaxed holiday.

Citrus Waskaduwa offers transport to all their guests. The staff at the hotel will ensure that you don’t have to worry about anything while they handle everything, so you can have a stress free time.

Location – 427 Samanthara Rd, Waskaduwa

Price Range – LKR 30,000 – LKR 120,000

Contact – +94 347 634 634

Website – http://www.citrusleisure.com/waskaduwa/

Instagram – @citrus.hotels

6. The Kingsbury

Located in the very heart of Colombo, the Kingsbury offers access to a great variety of activities and attractions within the city limits. You can indulge in a staycation or a laid back romantic getaway with the regal indulgence and great comforts provided by the hotel. The Kingsbury is synonymous with luxury among the many hotels within the Colombo city limits and their dining options alone will have you racing to book a stay at Kingsbury. Their ensurance of elegance and luxury will make your holiday the most relaxing experience.

The Kingsbury offers airport pick up and drop off along with the travel requests of their guests. While long distance travel with the Kingsbury will take some negotiation, the travel desk at the hotel is ready to take care of most, if not all, your travel requirements.

Location – 48 Janadhipathi Mawatha, Colombo

Price Range – LKR 35,000 – LKR 250,000

Contact – +94 112 421 221

Visit their website or Instagram @thekingsbury for more information

7. Amaya Hills Kandy

The Amaya Hills Hotel draws from the regal splendor of the past. Their whole aesthetic pays homage to the glorious past of the Kandy kingdom with its many kings and queens. Everywhere you look, you’ll be able to see recollections of history. The glory of the past and it’s presence in the present is highlighted by the breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains as well as the city. You will be able to holiday in the lap of luxury at the hotel which has some of the best facilities.

Amaya Hills Kandy offers transport to their guests on request so you don’t have to worry about the mandatory trip you have planned for the Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic. They will even help you out with airport transport and coordinate everything for you.

Location – Amaya Hills, Herrassagala

Price Range – LKR 35,000 upwards (per night)

Contact – +94 814 474 022

Visit their website for more information

8. Water Garden Sigiriya

Another hotel that seamlessly combines luxury and nature, Water Garden Sigiriya is surrounded by lakes and water streams. The hotel’s modern water harvesting design takes inspiration from the 2,000 year old water garden on Sigiriya rock that is a world wonder. The hotel thus combines ancient technology with modern marvels to bring you an unparalleled experience that will blow you away. Their superior deluxe villas with plunge pools are just the right thing for a relaxing experience after hiking up the Sirigirya rock.

Water Garden Sigiriya also offers their guests transport to and from the airport. They will take over all transportation concerns and arrange for you to have the best and the most relaxing experience after a tiring day.

Location – Indigaswewa, Sigiriya

Price Range: Starting at 180,000 upwards (per night)*

Contact – +94 664 933 000

Visit their website or Instagram @watergarden_sigiriya for more information.

These high-end and mid level hotels will offer you the best with their amenities and services, including handling all your transportation needs so you can have no worries and a relaxed holiday. Make the best of your time and enjoy!

*The prices mentioned are subject to change.

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3. From the Garden to your SkinПн, 08 авг[-/+]
Категория(?)  Автор(?)

By Menaka Indrakumar

Iris Garden is a brand which started five years ago, with Fuller’s Earth facial pack (Multani Mitti) being its initial product. It gradually transcended to creams, gels and body scrubs. Today, being one of the most successful homemade local brands available in the international market, Iris Garden continuously expands with the finest natural ingredients.

The brand’s founder L. Arunprasanth has dedicated years of research and time to give the best to your skin, “Our priority lies in our community, on consumers who look for earth-friendly products and services, and who discover, recognise, and understand plant-based ingredients”

What can be found in the garden of Iris Garden? Here is the list below.

The Fuller Earth Face pack

While most Multani Mittai (Fuller Earth) powders are brown and mixed with fragrant fruits or vegetables, Iris Garden’s Fuller Earth is yellowish brown. Tried and tested twice, the glow and texture of the skin after a few weeks show a significant improvement in texture. It can be used on the hands and legs to remove tan, and it helps to decrease the visibility of scars.

Fuller Earth is known to fight acne and pimples, and remove excess sebum and oil. It is a great deep cleanser and helps clear the impurities.

Price – Rs 1,150

Rose with Shea Butter & Fuller’s Earth with Shea Butter

The Shea Butter, combined with rose moisturized body lotion is good for dry and rough skin. Shea Butter is known to boost skin moisture, and its anti-inflammatory properties soothe skin problems and heal cuts and scrapes. in addition, it’s also a good use for those tan spots. Iris Garden, Shea Butter with rose is a must-buy. Furthermore, Fuller’s Earth combined Shea Butter is a must-try.

As part of the brand’s expansion strategy, a new, youthful body scrub exfoliator was introduced to the market. The scrub contains a pure organic vegan formula which includes Fuller’s Earth, Shea Butter and Virgin Coconut Oil, and removes the toughest dirt deep inside the pores, giving your skin a cleansed, nourished and glowing look.

Price – Rs 1,590

The Fuller Earth Face Wash

Iris Garden gives a lot of importance to Fuller’s Earth, as it is an ancient beauty regime used by many and passed down to generations. It is still largely used for many beauty purposes. The Fuller’s Earth Face Wash helps keep the skin moist, healthy, glowing, and supple.

Price – Rs 750

Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera is considered one of the best healing remedies for your skin, and it has been in use for centuries. It helps to decrease the visibility of scars and helps to get an even skin tone. This gel introduced by Iris Garden is also a must-buy.

Price – Rs 550

Website: https://irisgarden.lk/

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4. 7 Instagrammable restaurants to dine in August 2022Пн, 08 авг[-/+]
Категория(?)  Автор(?)

By Hiruni Herath

We’re always looking for the perfect spot that is a mix of aesthetics and amazing flavor profiles that will also look good on our instagram stories or our carefully curated feed. The beautiful aesthetics of a restaurant will definitely get us to visit them at least once but really, it’s the delicious and mouth watering food that will take us back again and again. So, here is a list of 7 instagrammable restaurants, some high end, some more affordable, that you can dine in August 2022 that have great style and good taste.

1. Central Cafe

The Central Cafe located in the Shangri La Hotel offers the perfect instagram background with their impressive floral decor that cascades from the ceiling. The plush light pink seats are the best counterpoint to the magentas, the purples, the pinks and the lavenders of the handcrafted and hand painted flowers. But it’s not just the flowery centerpiece that makes this place so instagrammable. The elegant touches to all the furniture and the tiniest of details makes going to the Central Cafe an unparalleled experience.

Of course, the food offered at the restaurant will also get your instagram app open as soon as you see it. The wide range of cuisine from the East to the West, including Sri Lanka’s very own cuisine, is sure to be a treat for your eyes and your tastebuds. Make sure not to skip out on all the buffet options available when you visit this beautiful restaurant.

Location – Level 3, 1 Galle Face, Colombo 2,

Opening hours – 11.00 am – 11.00 pm

Price range – LKR 6,500 – LKR 7,000

Visit their Website for more information

2. Giovanni’s

The atmosphere at Giovanni’s is totally different to the Central Cafe. While the Central Cafe is all about elegance and style, Giovanni’s is more about being homey and cozy. The small space of the restaurant definitely influences the cozy feeling and the checkered tablecloths, the exposed bricks as well as the abundance of plants creates the homey feeling. The outdoor seating is one of the best instagrammable experiences at the restaurant, especially when they have live music.

The food is also pretty instagrammable. A perfectly made delicious pizza placed on a wooden board against the backdrop of a checkered tablecloth or a dark wood stained table in just the right lighting is sure to make your feed more aesthetic. A Gnocchi Pesto is not something that everyone goes for so make sure you try it out and capture a unique snap.

Location – 145 Thimbirigasyaya Road, Colombo 05

Opening hours – Weekdays= 4.30 pm – 11.00 pm

Weekends= 11.00 am – 11.00 pm

Price range – LKR 1,500 – LKR 3,600

Visit them on Instagram and Facebook

3. The Gallery Cafe

Walking into the Gallery Cafe is an experience in itself. The minimal lighting, the quiet of the place despite being located centrally and the koi pond are very aesthetically pleasing and give off completely different vibes during the day and night. If you visit the Gallery Cafe during daytime, you can appreciate the aesthetics of the restaurant, from its rock tiled floors to the large mirrors. The combination of an art gallery and restaurant makes this one of the most unique places in Colombo.

If you visit the restaurant during night time, you can experience the chill and relaxed atmosphere that is difficult to find in a restaurant that aims for style and elegance. Be sure to grab a table by the mirrors, so you can get the best pictures. Position your plate of Tandoori Marinated Salmon or the Quail Egg Salad under the candlelight and feast your eyes before you fill yourself up.

Location – 2 Alfred House Rd, Colombo 03

Opening hours – 10.00 am – 12.00 am

Price range – LKR 3,000 – LKR 10,000+

Visit their Website and Facebook

4. Graze kitchen

Another buffet layout in this list, Graze Kitchen in Hilton Colombo is a wonderful experience you should try out. Everywhere you look around the restaurant, you’ll see gold. Metallic gold accents that might remind you of polished armor elevate the food that is placed on top of it. The warm lighting extends the luxurious atmosphere that’s present throughout the restaurant. Visiting Graze Kitchen for high tea might be the best time to achieve the most aesthetic experience with the lighting shifting from daytime to night time.

Their selection of global cuisines might overwhelm you, even more than the massive seating area that has perfectly instagrammable angles wherever you sit. They have a special A La Carte menu that you can refer to, which includes quite a range from Chicken Tikka Masala to Spiced Mutton Pizza. There’s also always something special for your little ones.

Location – 2 Sir Chittampalam A Gardiner Mawatha, Colombo 02

Opening hours – 6.30 am – 11.30 pm

Price range – LKR 4,000 – LKR 6,500

Visit their Website and Facebook

5. Diyatha Station by Waters Edge

This restaurant based inside several train carriages is sure to get you snapping pictures left and right. The seating capacity of the train carriages combined is 200 and imagine having an event there! It will definitely be a great and memorable experience. They also have indoor (inside the train carriages!) and outdoor seating that will allow you to have a unique experience. The outdoor seating is picnic tables that allows you to enjoy a delicious meal with a great backdrop. They also have classic train station benches that you can sit back on and relax.

Imagine sitting by the water and enjoying fresh Fish and Chips. If you visit Diyatha Station, you don’t have to imagine it. The restaurant is located by the Diyawanna Lake, in the premises of Waters Edge, making enjoying fish and chips, a whole experience. They also have a range of different Rotis from Rottia’s Kitchen including Pol Roti with Tempered Prawns and Katta Sambal.

Location – 316, Ethul Kotte Road, Battaramulla, Sri Lanka

Opening hours – 4.00 pm – 11.00 pm

Price range – LKR 200 – LKR 1000

Website and Facebook

6. Honey Beach Club

The massive lit up Honey sign is an iconic part of the Colombo cityscape. The overhead strings of light, the pool and the sea in the distance are also some of the features at the Honey Beach Club that makes it so iconic. There is a good combination of fun, sun and sand at the restaurant. There is even a separate area with huts and sand where you can have the beach experience within the restaurant itself. The outdoor poolside seating is one of the best aesthetics you can experience and photograph.

Happy hour at Honey Beach Club is a must try after a tiring day at work. It’s a great space to relax and have a bit of fun and you can get a pizza to accompany the cocktails or even a combo platter with crispy beer battered prawns or crispy fried chicken wings. The restaurant even has a roti menu where you can find Umbalakada Wade and Yeast Roti to be paired with Mutton Baabath Curry.

Location – The Kingsbury, 48,Janadhipathi Mawatha, Colombo 01

Opening hours – 8.00 am – 12.00 am

Price range – LKR 1,500 – LKR 3,500

Instagram and Facebook

7. Mama Louie’s

The other pizza restaurant in this list has a different aesthetic to Giovanni’s which is more Italian while Mama Louie’s has a very Sri Lankan aesthetic. Located above a shop that sells Sri Lankan handicraft, the restaurant itself carries artwork that reflects Sri Lankan culture. They are an Italian artisan pizza restaurant with a Sri Lankan twist! The large artwork on the walls is also the perfect background for a stunning photo. If you go with a group of people, make sure to grab a bench seat for a better experience.

A Honey Glazed Chili Chicken pizza is just as good as the Mama’s All Meat pizza. Just as delicious and just as good looking. They also have a range of pastas that have a very Sri Lankan twist like the Mamas Black Mutton Pasta. Mama Louie’s is definitely an underrated fusion restaurant that you should check out.

Location – 14 Sri Jayawardenepura Mawatha, Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte

Opening hours – Weekdays= 12.00 pm – 10.00 pm

Weekends= 12.00 pm – 11.00 pm

Price range – LKR 1,200 – LKR 3,500

Visit their Instagram and Facebook

This list of 7 instagrammable restaurants should help you figure out the place you need to visit this August to experience the best aesthetics and the best food in Colombo.

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5. Bullet Train – movie reviewПн, 08 авг[-/+]
Категория(?)  Автор(?)

Bullet train is as the name suggest is a fast-paced action movie. Directed by David Leitch who directed Deadpool has brought a lot of adrenaline-pumping action to the big screen combined with an elaborate dash of comedy. The movie is set on a bullet train ( I mean wasn’t that obvious) which is traveling from Tokyo to Kyoto in Japan. The train entertains a few assassins who go head to head to complete their missions which are connected to each other. However, the protagonist of the story is the unlucky Ladybug played by the ever magnificent Brad Pitt who doesn’t disappoint in this movie with his nonchalant sense of humor and action but also has no idea why is he even on the train makes it much better. The acting performances that really caught my eye were that of Tangerine (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) and Lemon (Brian Tyree Henry), their chemistry in this movie was fine-tuned bringing a sense of synchronization to the delivery of their lines and their action sequences. The role of Prince played by Joey King was also brilliant to watch as she showed her acting capacity in this antagonistic role. The movie was overall very colorful but extremely fast-paced keeping you at the edge of your seats, therefore make sure you don’t lose focus during this movie. A small warning is that the movie contains quite a bit of gore making it somewhat unwatchable for the faint-hearted. Bullet train can be considered a good watch as it doesn’t contain a very deep plot and also is not connected to a million other movies (you know the movies I am talking about) but there is still one post-credit scene but no end credit scenes.

The Experience

Scope cinemas is usually my preferred escape from reality. After a long time, I got to watch the movie in one of their smaller halls (Screen 6) which is a 2D screen but don’t let that fool you as the experience is never dampened even at the change of screens. The ever-luscious seats remain the same with the brilliant picture and sound quality. The staff at Scope is also very helpful as I was a bit late to the movie so my friends picked up the ticket and placed it at the counter with my name and the staff made sure there was no hassle and ushered me to the screen making sure I don’t miss more of the movie. I always prefer a movie at scope with their reasonable ticket prices and their brilliant service as their ticket booking is also quite efficient and the vast number of screening times make it available even on the busiest days.

The snack bar

Popcorn is my go-to movie snack and I was a bit hopeless after Scope discontinued the Nacho Mexican popcorn but they have come up with a brilliant alternative by introducing the peri – peri popcorn which is spicy and tangy and packs a brilliant punch making the movie-going experience even better. The Hot Kitchen at Scope also provides discounts for Scope Privilege customers therefore make sure you get your Scope Membership as soon as possible if you are a frequent movie goer.


Bullet train was a breath of fresh air compared to many movies that came out this year with huge theatrical releases except for Top Gun. The ratings for the movie don’t do it any justice therefore make sure you watch the movie at Scope Cinemas to enjoy it better.

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6. 5 Places to get Gift Hampers – 2022Вс, 07 авг[-/+]
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Gift hampers have been around for quite a bit but they’ve suddenly become all the fire recently. I mean, it does make perfect sense. Why go to multiple stores, burn yourself out trying to get the correct gifts and then pack it all up when there’s a much easier, faster and definitely cuter option out there.

So the next time, you are beating yourself up on gifting options, think no further than a gift hamper.

Here’s a round up of 5 places where you can put together wholesome and charming gift hampers for your loved ones!

1. Ceylon Hampers

Ceylon hampers is the ultimate stop to satisfy all your gifting requirements.Their options are endless and covers all possible categories from seasonal to corporate to birthdays as well as every other occasion in between.

They offer both the options of pick up or courier delivery islandwide and you can either opt for their beautifully pre-designed hampers or go ahead and curate your own.

Price Range:

Gifts for her- LKR 5,000-LKR 18,200

Gifts for him- LKR 4,800-LKR 42,740

Corporate- LKR 5,000-LKR 12,300

Seasonal Greetings- LKR 4,200-LKR 14,300

Contact No: 077 242 2446

Address: No 273 Galle Rd, Dehiwala-Mount Lavinia

Visit them on their Website or on Instagram.


Second on our list, is Basketeer, an artisan gifting service which has an explosion of carefully curated gift boxes fit for any occasion.

They offer both pre-curated hampers whilst also giving you the freedom to build your own custom gift box.

They are also available for islandwide delivery.

Price range (Pre-curated): LKR 3,500- LKR 10,300

Contact No: 0761 711 388

Address: 68/5A Padiliyatuduwa Road, Wattala

Visit them on their Website or on Instagram.


Wishque is yet another online shopping site that promises a joyful gifting experience. In addition to multiple creatively crafted gift hampers, they also have a variety of gourmet food hamper options that are sure to impress.

They also provide island-wide delivery.

Price Range

Gifts for him- LKR 2,500- LKR 24,000

Gifts for her- LKR 2,000- LKR 37,300

Gourmet food hampers- LKR 6,400- LKR 15,150

Contact No: 071 212 8888

Visit them on their Website or on Instagram.

4.Lassana Flora

Next on our list is Lassana Flora, with their beautifully themed and carefully put together gift hampers to make any occasion memorable.

You can visit any of their 8 stores or you can place your order online.They offer island wide delivery.

Price range: LKR 3,500- LKR 11,000

Contact No: 011 200 1122


  • Nawala- 279 Nawala Rd, Rajagiriya
  • Colombo 7- 25 Wijerama Mawatha, Colombo 7
  • Mt. Lavinia- 282 Galle Rd, Dehiwala-Mount Lavinia
  • Panandaru- 171, Mahanama Juncation, Galle Rd, Panadura
  • Kandy- 78B William Gopallawa Mawatha, Kandy
  • Level 01,Shop 11,Kandy City Centre
  • Negombo- 89 Colombo Rd, Negombo
  • Jaffna- 754A Hospital Rd, Jaffna

Visit them on their Website or on Instagram.


Finally, we have Boxalate, an exclusively online store with island-wide delivery, that solely focuses on curated gift boxes. As all their products are specially tailored according to their cutomer’s need, you have the complete freedom to add any item you wish.

Price Range: Depends on the products added

Contact No: 077 580 6688

Visit them on Instagram to place your order.

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7. The Fusion Kottu at Eastern WokПт, 05 авг[-/+]
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By Hiruni Herath

Hot Butter Kottu – that’s not something you hear everyday but at Eastern Wok, it’s a staple in their menu that keeps customers coming back for more. A fusion of Chinese and Sri Lankan cuisine, the Hot Butter Kottu is tossed in chinese flavorings with the authenticity of Sri Lankan Kottu made out of Godhamba Roti. You might feel wary about trying out a new variation of Kottu after indulging in the Kottu that we are always used to. Cheese and Dolphin Kottus are still a bit sketchy in some restaurants so some people might not even want to bother trying a fusion Kottu but you will definitely be missing out if you don’t try the Hot Butter Kottu at Eastern Wok.

I’ve listed the Kottu in my order of preference with the last being the most favorite, but you definitely need to visit Eastern Wok to find out your favorite because they are all equally good with just slight differences. You might even get to try out their hot butter garlic sauce that they are introducing. It’s the perfect spicy and sweet accompaniment to the mouthwatering Kottu.

1. Chicken Kottu

The base in all the kottus are pretty much the same, with the choice of meat being the main difference. The Chicken might be the first on my list but that doesn’t mean that it’s not really good. But since we are all used to having Chicken Kottu, this didn’t really wow us. The chicken was not tough and overcooked as it usually is in Kottus. The flavors were also on point and the veggies tossed in Chinese seasoning definitely gave the Kottu a good kick.

Price: LKR 1000/-

2. Beef Kottu

After having overcooked beef in curries and other dishes, it was refreshing to taste the beef in the Hot Butter Kottu that was cooked to perfection. The medium rare beef was the perfect complement to the Kottu. We were actually wondering if we could ask for the beef and the Godhamba Roti separately and enjoy it but of course, we savored the Hot Butter Beef Kottu as it was, pure umami.

Price: LKR 1100/-

3. Prawn Kottu

We were pleasantly surprised when we were served the Hot Butter Prawn Kottu. The Jumbo Prawns were not expected and heightened the anticipation to taste the dish even more. And we weren’t disappointed when we took our first bite. The Prawns were melt in your mouth good and perfectly complemented by the Chinese seasonings and the Hot Butter Garlic sauce. Since they were jumbo prawns, there was less of it, which is my only complaint. We could have eaten bucketloads.

Price: LKR 1250/-

4. Hot Butter Cuttlefish Kottu

The true star of the four Kottus was the Hot Butter Cuttlefish Kottu. Honestly, I wavered between the Hot Butter Prawn Kottu and this one but in the end, the Hot Butter Cuttlefish was the clear winner. Everyone and their mother loves Hot Butter Cuttlefish and to find it in Kottu is just next level. You could even call the Hot Butter Cuttlefish Kottu the love child of two of the best Sri Lankan dishes, Kottu and HBC. And this love child does not disappoint.

Price: LKR 1250/-

We knew that we would be trying out Kottu dishes from a Chinese restaurant, which was already a novelty but when we arrived at Eastern Wok, we were blown away with the range of Hot Butter Kottus. Eastern Wok is the first Halal Chinese restaurant in Colombo and they’ve also been functioning for more than 25 years. Their new look at Kottu makes a refreshing and unique dish that embodies the fusion of two cultures, their history and cuisine. The generous portions with the meat cooked to perfection and the perfect seasonings makes this novel fusion dish a risk that was well worth taking. In conclusion, the fusion Hot Butter Kottu at Eastern Wok is a must try for any foodie.

Location – 38 Walukarama Rd, Colombo 03

Opening hours – 11 am – 11 pm

Contact number – 077 703 9329

Visit them on Facebook @EasternWok or Instagram @easternwok

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8. More than Coffee – Kaffi ColomboПт, 05 авг[-/+]
Категория(?)  Автор(?)

By Hiruni Herath

Ambience and Service

The Nordic Bakery and Coffee House located at Crescat Boulevard is the perfect spot to stop for a break during your busy day. Even if you’re shopping at Crescat or just passing by, Kaffi Colombo is a good place to step away from the bustle of city life. You can sit inside the small space and relax or sit outside and enjoy people watching as they go on with their day.

Sitting inside has a bit of a bigger perk because you can see the coffee being made right in front of you or the food being assembled if you sit in just the right spot. The sounds of coffee making and the kitchen are the perfect accompaniment to your studies or work. The staff who are ready to cater to all your needs are also super friendly and add to the welcome atmosphere of the cafe.

The cafe is also a good place to do your work or study for your exams, especially with the recurrent power cuts that are happening at the moment. The cafe has multiple charging points with direct USB ports so you don’t have to worry about preserving your battery. But most importantly, the coffee house has a special range of breads including Focaccia made from pizza doughs and any sort of bagel you can possibly dream of, that can be pre ordered through whatsapp. You can find the preorder option on their linktree on the instagram page linked below and even check out their daily fresh bakes.


We opted for one hot coffee and one cold coffee without going for any fancy options. The foam on the cappuccino was pretty and delicious, making every sip joyful. It’s the little things that you need to look out for that show the unique nature of the cafe. Both the coffees were aesthetically pleasing and hit the right spot in our caffeine addiction.

The iced mocha was not as instantly good as the cappuccino but it only needed a good stir for the amazing flavors of coffee and sweetness to shine through. It just tasted better and better the more I drank it too. The Sri Lankan grown coffee beans truly came through, more than even in the cappuccino.

Cappuccino – LKR 500

Iced Mocha – LKR 700


The mixed seed bagel with chicken ham and cream cheese was one of the harder options, literally. The toasted bagel didn’t fall apart when we bit into it unlike the panini. But it was still delicious and packed a punch in terms of flavor. The mixed seeds were fun to pick off and it was great to try out bagels since bagel toppings are not exactly a highlight of the menu in other coffee houses. You can even build your own bagel sandwich, including a choice of meat and the option to add cream cheese.

The panini was the best part of the whole experience hands down. The coffee was good but the melt in your mouth panini took the crown. The thinly sliced beef was accompanied by mozzarella and smoked cheese. Who can resist double cheese, especially when it comes in a heart shaped panini?

Mixed seed bagel (chicken) – LKR 760

Panini (beef) – LKR 860


I was very tempted by the Mocha cheesecake and the Carrot cake but we went with the Caramel cake with cream cheese frosting that was freshly baked. I can handle spice but when things are too sweet I quickly lose interest but the cream cheese was the thing that kept me going back for another bite of the super sweet caramel cake. It was the perfect amount of sweet for the ones who crave sweetness in their lives.

The vegan, gluten free almond cookie was coated in chocolate on one side and my mouth is watering just thinking about it. The cookie was also a bit on the too sweet side but delicious nonetheless. The chocolate chip and the hazelnut caramel cookie would have also been a pretty good if not better contender. I saw lemon squares also that I will definitely be trying out the next time I visit the quaint and cozy spot.

Caramel cake – LKR 550

Almond cookie – LKR 370

I just have one question at the end of this, why is everything so aesthetically pleasing at Kaffi? The heart shaped panini and the foamy cappuccino were pretty and delicious. It’s definitely a good spot to take a break but not the best option if you want to have a meal that will fill you up. And it proves just how much a tiny space has to deliver. No matter what, the perfect mix of sweet and savory, simple and balanced will definitely take me back to Kaffi Colombo.

*The prices included in the article are as of July 2022.

Opening hours – 8.00 AM to 6.00 PM

Location – Crescat Boulevard

You can call them for any inquiries on – 0117 743 062 You can also visit their instagram page @kaffi.colombo and their facebook page @KAFFI to check out their perfect coffee and delicious treats.

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9. 8 FAQ’s on fuel QR Code systemПн, 01 авг[-/+]
Категория(?)  Автор(?)

Sri Lanka introduced the Fuel Pass QR code system in full force from today (1st August). We looked at some frequently asked questions on how it works?

1 – My vehicle cannot be registered

If you are getting an error while trying with the chassis number use the Revenue license number instead. This ideally should work


2 – I have a 20-litre limit, can I pump more ?

No, we are sorry you can’t, the limit is there for a reason. ?


3 – How can I use the QR Code ?

Simple, show the QR Code in your phone or keep a small print out and proceed to the fuel pump


4 – If I pump only 15 litres what happens to the balance ?

You can utilize the remaining 5 litres within the week; but make sure when you are pumping the pump assistant enters the correct figure (Mostly they enter the total amount unless you insist)


5 – When will my Quota refresh ?

All Fuel quotas will be refreshed every Monday.


6 – Which day should I Pump ?

You can pump any day convenient to you and watch out for petrol/diesel arrival dates and times from your respective petrol stations.


7- Should I consider my number plate to stay in the queue ?

Nope – with effect from the 1st of August only the QR code is applicable


8 – Can I pay extra and get a full tank ?

Mmmm No ?Don’t do it.

* These info are accurate as at 1st August , subject to change as per Government decisions

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10. Stay healthy & refreshed With KiCOСб, 30 июл[-/+]
Категория(?)  Автор(?)

By Janani Vithanage

Boasting over 100 years of trusted excellence, the journey of Silvermill Group is one of resilience and inspiration; one that has provided a plethora of premium products to the local and international market. One such ground-breaking product by Silvermill is KiCO King Coconut water with Green Coconut Water. King Coconut, colloquially known as “thambili” is a favourite in Sri Lanka, with its hydrating, refreshing taste being the perfect way to beat the heat of the scorching tropical climate. It contains electrolytes that are essential for the body’s functioning and is free of fat and cholesterol. King coconut water and green coconut water have a multitude of health benefits including preventing kidney stones, promoting healthier skin, flushing out toxins, reducing blood sugar levels in diabetics and antioxidant activity. KiCO is filled with all the goodness of natural “thambili” and green coconut, making it your ideal thirst quencher.

A factor that makes KiCO so convenient is that it isn’t always possible to find “thambili” of good quality, not to mention that cutting the fruit open and disposing of it after drinking can be quite a hassle. KiCO, on the other hand, is conveniently available in a ready-to-drink Tetra pack. The high-end Tetra technology utilised by Silvermill ensures that once sealed, nothing may enter or leave the packaging, allowing the drink to be perfectly protected. Its compact and easy to carry packaging allows you to take it absolutely anywhere; whether it be at home, at work, at school or at the gym. All you need to do is pop a pack in your bag before you head out and rest assured that a chilled KiCO will give you the revitalising, tasty boost required for your busy lifestyle. The drink also contains Vitamin C, which is essential towards maintaining good health.

KiCO can also be considered a healthy alternative to fizzy drinks. If you’re a parent who constantly worries about how unhealthy your son’s or daughter’s favourite fizzy drink is, here’s your solution! Simply introduce them to KiCO and watch them fall under its yummy, yet incredibly healthy spell.

Silvermill sent us a few of their KiCO packs as an invitation to experience its taste and this is what we thought.

The Tetra packs arrived with a very sweet note. Acknowledging the instructions on the pack that the drink is best served chilled, we made sure to pop them all in the refrigerator before we tried it out.

We’re glad to say that we absolutely loved it! The drink tasted as if it was made up of hand-picked, premium quality king coconuts and green coconuts. Consistently capturing the lovely tropical flavour of “thambili” in every pack, KiCO had the traditionally sweet taste of “thambili” with the same refreshing after-effects. We tried out this product on a sweltering hot day and we can assure you that it provided us with a much-needed source of cool, hydrating refreshment. Since KiCO is so pure and healthy, with no added colours, we were assured that we were drinking something that was good for our bodies and were spared the guilt-trip we experience when having a fizzy drink. In short, we loved this product! Our fridge is now stocked-up with KiCO to help us get through power cuts, study sessions and gym workouts, and we’d advise you to do the same!

KiCO is available at all leading supermarkets and large grocery stores islandwide. As of July 2022, the product is priced at just LKR 95 per 200ml Tetra pack.

With a rich heritage of over 100 years, Silvermill is a family-owned Sri Lankan business which stared in 1920 when Mr. Anthony Silva opened his first desiccated coconut factory in Giriulla. Starting from a single mill producing desiccated coconut, copra and coconut oil, Silvermill Group has burgeoned into one of the most experienced producers of coconut-related and non-coconut related food and beverage items to global brands. In fact, Silvermill was the first company in Sri Lanka to export coconut water in tetra packs. The company is also renowned for its sustainability and community initiatives including the supply of renewable energy. They have a plethora of products available locally, including Silvermill Pure Coconut Oil, Coconut Milk, Coconut Cream, Sri Lankan Coconut Sambol, Vinegar and Desiccated Coconut.

KiCO is an excellent example of Silvermill’s attention to quality, taste and overall customer satisfaction. Feel revitalised, get your KiCO packs right now!

Stay updated with their latest content on Instagram silvermill_kico and silvermill_coconut and Facebook @Silvermill Kico and @Silvermill Coconut.

Contact them on 071 143 9439 for any inquiries.

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