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1. Shemar Moore Cameos as Framed Pictures in Woman's Viral Alize PostВс, 26 сен[−]
Some folks can't get enough Shemar Moore -- even in 2021 -- and that goes for the younger generation too ... just ask this woman who's got the dude's shots hanging at her crib. A gal named Aliyah Vallen has set the Internet ablaze after posting a…

2. MGK Flipped Off, Booed At Louder Than Life FestivalВс, 26 сен[−]
Machine Gun Kelly is pushing back on the idea that he was getting nothing but hate at Louder Than Life. He writes, "i don’t know why the media lies in their narrative against me all the time but all i saw was 20,000 amazing fans at the festival…

3. Woman, Toddler Fall to Their Deaths at Petco Park Ahead of Padres GameВс, 26 сен[−]
A woman and her child fell from near the top tier of a multi-story baseball park in San Diego -- a plunge that killed both of them ... and now cops are reportedly calling it suspect. The horrific incident happened Saturday afternoon not too long…

4. Armed Man Killed in Police Shooting at Huntington Beach PierВс, 26 сен[−]
9/26 -- Hunting Beach PD says they got a report of an armed individual Saturday, and when officers made contact with him ... they barked a ton of orders that the cops say he did not follow. Eventually, firearms were discharged -- and despite…

5. Gabby Petito Funeral Service Held in NYВс, 26 сен[−]
The service is wrapping up now. Standing in front of photos of Gabby ... her father, Joe Petito, urged everyone to take inspiration from the way she lived -- which was to be kind and love everyone. Joe also stated that if there’s a relationship…

6. Jennifer Lopez Performs at Global Citizen Live Concert, Ben Affleck WatchesВс, 26 сен[−]
Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck were all about the Global Citizen Live concert in NYC ... and she jumped on stage with a performance that definitely did not disappoint. The concert was part of a worldwide event, staged in London, Paris, Rio, Lagos,…

7. Celebrity Scramble -- Guess Who!Вс, 26 сен[−]
Hidden within this stretched-out snap is a fashion icon and trend-setting singer who has been wowing audiences for nearly two decades. This tight-lipped lady has not only topped the charts with her impressive catalog of music that you'll always…

8. Offset Helps Pay For 'Friday' Star Anthony Johnson's FuneralВс, 26 сен[−]
Anthony Johnson's family is no longer burdened with funeral costs ... thanks to the generosity of celebs like Offset. The late actor's widow, Lexis Jones Mason, tells TMZ ... Anthony's funeral has now been paid for, with nearly $70,000 in donations…

9. 'Storage Wars' Star Barry Weiss Makes Surprise Return to ShowВс, 26 сен[−]
"Storage Wars" star Barry Weiss returned to filming the only way he knows how ... by surprising the cast with a grand entrance. TMZ's got this first look at Barry back in action for the Season 13 premiere of the hit A&E show. The episode, shot…

10. Michael Jordan's Worn Undies Showing 'Definite Use' Sell For Almost $3K!Вс, 26 сен[−]
Think your new J's are the s**t? Nah, think again ... 'cause somebody just copped a real deal pair of Michael Jordan's worn underwear, and they cost about 3 grand!! We're serious ... a lucky Jordan fan just bought a one of a kind pair of boxers at…

11. Lil Baby's Jeweler Has a Plan to Avoid Another Fake Patek Philippe BlunderВс, 26 сен[−]
Lil Baby's celeb jeweler is doing more than just profusely apologizing to the rapper for selling him a fake Patek Philippe watch ... he's taking costly action so it never happens again. Gabriel Jacobs from Rafaello & Co. tells TMZ ... moving…

12. Leslie Odom Jr. -- Good Genes or Good Docs?!Вс, 26 сен[−]
Leslie Odom Jr.'s looks are so good he deserves a standing ovation! Here's the 31-year-old version of the multi-talented actor at the premiere for his first film, "Red Trails," in New York City back in 2012 (left). At the young age of 17, he had…

13. Britney Spears' Dad Allegedly Recorded Her Bedroom Convos in ConservatorshipВс, 26 сен[−]
Britney Spears had no sense of privacy or control of her life through a majority of her time in a conservatorship -- to the point her father was recording her chats from within her own bedroom ... those are the claims an explosive new documentary.…

14. Michael Jordan's Son, Jeffrey, Accused Of Assault In AZВс, 26 сен[−]
Jordan was booked Saturday for one count of aggravated assault of a healthcare professional. He has since been released. Jeffrey Jordan, Michael Jordan's 32-year-old son, is accused of assaulting staff at a hospital in Arizona Friday night, where…

15. Dog the Bounty Hunter Joins Manhunt to Find Brian LaundrieВс, 26 сен[−]
A new force has entered the fold in the ongoing search for Gabby Petito's fiance, Brian Laundrie -- and that's Dog the Bounty Hunter ... who's already knocking at his front door. The famed TV personality and real-life human tracker has thrown his…

16. Sea Lion Jumps Onto Lady's Boat as Hungry Orcas Surround HerСб, 25 сен[−]
A woman got an unexpected (and apparently unwanted) visitor during a boat trip -- it was a sea lion fearing for its life ... who tried hitching a ride as orcas started to close in. Watch this wild encounter that was captured by a woman who goes by…

17. Gospel Singer Kelly Price Seems to Confirm Herself She's Not MissingСб, 25 сен[−]
It looks like Kelly Price is finally speaking for herself on her mysterious situation -- and she seems to be putting to bed theories that she's unaccounted for ... albeit, in someone else's words. Price posted an update on her Instagram Story…

18. Anti-Vaxxers Storm Staten Island Food Court Amid Vaccine Mandate RuleСб, 25 сен[−]
A group of rowdy anti-vaxxers in New York have their own weird twist to Patrick Henry's liberty demand -- they're demanding freedom, alright ... food court freedom. Check out this surreal scene that unfolded at the Staten Island Mall, where a swarm…

19. Loch Ness Monster Allegedly Captured on Drone Video By OutdoorsmanСб, 25 сен[−]
Nessie may very well have been inadvertently captured on camera with modern-day technology that (allegedly) shows him clear as day ... if you believe what this guy's selling. Richard Mavor -- an outdoorsman from the U.K. -- claims to have possibly…

20. Stars and Scars -- You Be the JudgeСб, 25 сен[−]
Huge day in court next Wednesday, when Britney asks a judge to boot Jamie from the conservatorship -- and the conservatorship itself may be on the chopping block -- and sorry Debra Messing, Kim's gonna get big ratings hosting 'SNL.' So, we gotta…

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