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1. Janet Jackson Says Michael Jackson Bullied Her Over Weight18:26[−]
Janet Jackson's revealing a painful aspect of her tight relationship with Michael Jackson -- claiming he brutally taunted her about her weight, and she says it had a lasting impact on her. Janet opens up about her brother in the upcoming…

2. Simone Biles Hits Insane Flips In Gym, Twisties Cured?18:11[−]
Simone Biles appears to be on her way to putting the twisties in her past ... 'cause she recently hit a bunch of insane flips in the gym, showing no signs of the mental block that plagued her in Tokyo. Biles posted the videos on her social media…

3. Tiffany Haddish Addresses DUI on 'Tonight Show' with Jimmy Fallon18:05[−]
Tiffany Haddish is laughing off her DUI -- well, sorta ... let's just say she's taking it in stride. The comedian gave a little insight into what happened -- from her perspective, anyway -- during an appearance Monday on the 'Tonight Show' with…

4. Hong Kong Pets Leave Country on Private Jets Amid COVID Fears17:43[−]
It's next to impossible for pet owners in Hong Kong to get their animals out of the country ... as a result, pet owners in large numbers are chartering private jets for their animals. Here's the deal ... flights out of Hong Kong are packed to the…

5. Antonio Brown Hit Miami Nightclub & Racked Up $15K Bill After Bucs Loss17:34[−]
Antonio Brown celebrated the demise of Bruce Arians and the Buccaneers in style on Sunday -- partying hard at a Miami nightclub just hours after his former team was booted from the playoffs. TMZ Sports has learned ... the ex-Bucs wideout watched…

6. Adele Show Postponed Because of Disputes, Not COVID, Sources12:00[−]
Adele says her Vegas residency was postponed because of a massive COVID outbreak on her crew, but multiple sources connected to Caesars Palace claim the real reason the show is on ice is because Adele's displeased with the production. Our sources…

7. Arnold Schwarzenegger Car Accident Victim is a Huge Fan11:50[−]
One of the people involved in Arnold Schwarzenegger's multi-car wreck couldn't believe her eyes ... not only because of the movie stunt-like crash, but because she's a huge fan of his. Habiba Muminova was one of the drivers who had a close…

8. Kat Von D Selling Her 'Cheaper By the Dozen' Home for $15 Million11:40[−]
Kat Von D is saying goodbye to all things California -- she just listed her L.A. mansion, which also happens to be a famous movie location ... TMZ has learned. Long before Kat moved in, the huge home was featured in the 2003 movie "Cheaper By the…

9. Don Frye Punches Fan At UFC 270 After Argument11:30[−]
UFC legend Don Frye got into a physical altercation with a fan at UFC 270, punching the man in the face ... this after the retired MMA star and pro wrestler tells us the guy bumped into him and challenged him to a fight. TMZ Sports obtained video…

10. Kelly Cutrone on 'The Hills' 'Memba Her?!11:01[−]
New York native Kelly Cutrone had made a name for herself as a PR guru and style savant but she made the switch into work in front of the lens when she was cast as the no-nonsense boss in the MTV reality television shows "The Hills" in 2008 and the…

11. Biden Calls Fox Reporter 'Stupid Son of a Bitch' Over Inflation Question05:15[−]
Doocy just said President Biden called him tonight to apologize. Doocy says apology accepted. President Biden insulted a reporter with some foul language over what he thought was a ridiculous inquiry ... and it got picked up on a hot mic! JB…

12. Travis Pastrana Hospitalized After Terrifying Parachute Stunt Crash In Florida02:25[−]
Motorsports legend Travis Pastrana has been hospitalized in Florida ... after he terrifyingly crash-landed into a park following a parachute stunt gone wrong. The horrifying scene was all captured on video ... showing Pastrana is truly fortunate to…

13. Kim Kardashian with Hillary and Chelsea Clinton at Black-Owned Coffee Shop02:24[−]
Kim Kardashian is back in the political sphere, this time hooking up with Hillary and Chelsea Clinton at a local black-owned coffee shop in L.A. ... with an important mission. The trio was spotted Monday at Hot & Cool Cafe in Canoga Park. They…

14. Taylor Swift Fires Back at Blur's Damon Albarn, Says She Writes Her Own Music01:23[−]
Damon Albarn has just responded to Taylor Swift. He wants to squash any beef between the two of them. In a tweet, the Gorillaz singer says he agrees with T Swift, after all … He wrote, “I had a conversation about songwriting and sadly it was…

15. Cardi B Wins Federal Libel Suit with Blogger Tasha K, Awarded $1.25 Million01:01[−]
Tasha K tweeted about the verdict, saying "My Husband, Attorney’s, & I fought really hard. I want to thank them for their long hours and sleepless nights. Winos it’s only up from here. See y’all in a few days. Back to work." Cardi B…

16. L.A. Launches Homeless Cleanup Near Super Bowl Site, Masking the Crisis00:03[−]
Los Angeles doesn't want Super Bowl LVI visitors and viewers getting an up-close look at the city's homeless problem -- which is why a major cleanup is underway near the site of the big game. These pics were taken Monday morning ... near the 405…

17. Kim Kardashian Honors Thierry Mugler with Touching TributeПн, 24 янв[−]
Kim Kardashian is honoring the later Thierry Mugler ... the designer who's played a big part in her fashion looks over the years. Kim broke her silence Monday ... finally reacting publicly to Thierry's sudden death over the weekend. She posted a…

18. Garrett Hedlund Allegedly Tried to Jump Out of Car Before ArrestПн, 24 янв[−]
Garrett Hedlund is accused of some pretty troubling behavior before being arrested for public intoxication, and some -- including police -- believe he's a danger to himself and others. According to new legal docs, obtained by TMZ, the man who…

19. Skier Sofia Goggia Hits Head During Violent Crash, Caught on VideoПн, 24 янв[−]
Scary moment for Olympic gold medalist Sofia Goggia ... the alpine skier banged her head and busted her leg during a violent crash at the World Cup on Sunday -- just weeks before she's supposed to defend her title at the winter games in Beijing.…

20. Pelicans' Jaxson Hayes Hit w/ 12 Charges After Incident W/ CopsПн, 24 янв[−]
The Los Angeles Police Protective League -- a group that represents thousands of cops in L.A. -- is blasting controversial county district attorney, George Gascon for failing to bring charges (the city attorney ultimately filed the charges). The…

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