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1. Great white shark captured on camera in Cape Cod by fisherman HOURS after student was fatally attacked in same area02:06[−]

A FISHERMAN captured a great white shark on camera – just hours after a student was fatally attacked in the same area.

The frightening footage was taken near the island of Nantucket off Cape Cod, where 26-year-old Arthur Medici was attacked on Saturday.

This is the terrifying moment a great white shark was caught on camera off Cape Cod, where a student was fatally attack the day before

It shows the angler rearing in a fish before a dark shadow appears and as if from nowhere the predator suddenly emerges from the water.

The shark clamps its huge jaws down on fisherman’s catch and drags it away from his line and disappears back into the deep blue.

The astonished fisherman and his friends can be heard gasping in shock as one asks whether they managed to capture it on film.

The fisherman’s brother, who filmed the incredible moment, told AOL: At the time of this video, we were roughly five miles off Nantucket.

The scary clip starts with an angler trying to reel in his bait but a creepy dark shadow lurks beneath
Suddenly the great white shark appears underneath the fish with its jaws open wide
It emerges from the sea baring its sharp jaws from nowhere
The fierce beast emerges from the sea with its jaws clamped around the fish

I was filming my brother reeling in a striped bass when 10-feet from the boat, a great white shark came out of nowhere and ate the fish.

He said the shark sighting happened on September 16 – the day after Mr Medici was killed while bodyboarding off Newcomb Hollow Beach in Massachusetts.

Mr Medici, who was from Brazil, was described as “sweet and humble” by heartbroken pals.

Joe Booth, a local fisherman and surfer, said he was on shore when he saw the man and his friend boogie boarding when he was attacked around noon.

Arthur Medici died after being attacked by a shark while boogie boarding in Cape Cod
Rescue teams stretcher the victim from the beach after the deadly attack
The beach, in Massachusetts, has been closed to swimmers
AP:Associated Press

He said he saw the man aggressively kick something behind him and a flicker of a tail from the water.

Mr Booth realised what was happening when the friend came ashore dragging his injured friend.

He said: “I was that guy on the beach screaming, ‘Shark, shark!

“It was like right out of that movie ‘Jaws.’ This has turned into Amity Island real quick out here.”

Witnesses recalled the horror moment he was pulled bleeding from the water
AP:Associated Press
The attack happened close to where Jaws was filmed
It was the first fatal shark attack in Massachusetts since 1936, and the second shark attack this season
AP:Associated Press

The famous 1975 flick was filmed in Martha’s Vineyard, 50 miles from the tragedy.

Hayley Williamson, a Cape Cod resident and former lifeguard who was on the beach at the time, was in disbelief after the man was rushed into an ambulance.

“We’ve been surfing all morning right here and they were just further down,” she said of the two boogie boarders. “Right spot, wrong time, I guess.”

Arthur was rushed to Cape Cod Hospital in Hyannis, where he was pronounced dead.

The beach has been closed to swimming.

The family of the victim was notified of the death.

It was the first fatal shark attack in Massachusetts since 1936, and the second shark attack this season.

Massachusetts’ last shark attack fatality was on July 25, 1936, when 16-year-old Joseph Troy Jr. was bitten in waters off Mattapoisett.

Troy, of Boston’s Dorchester neighborhood, was visiting an uncle and was swimming about 50 feet offshore when the shark attacked.

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2. Daily horoscope for Thursday September 20 heres what the stars have in store for you today02:00[−]


March 21 to April 20

When you question closely why a relationship is changing, you see love has been pushed aside by the day-to-day business of life but it could be revived.

If you are single, a newcomer with a passion for telling jokes will be super-serious about loving you.

Luck links friends with same first name.


April 21 to May 21

It is time to admit you are ambitious and have the ability.

When you do, people react to you differently and opportunities will open up.

There could a love rebalance that turns a relationship into a sexy match of equals.

If you are single, trust yourself when you are introduced to an awesome Capricorn.


May 22 to June 21

It may be something you never thought you would do but with Mars in your education chart, a specialised training course is going to benefit you.

Reveal this new you gradually or a partner may be overwhelmed.

If you are free to start a new relationship, Venus selects a health-food expert who is irresistible.


June 22 to July 22

A depth of personal knowledge in your chart is hard-earned but well-deserved.

Now you can stand firm and build or rebuild the life that is right for you.

In passion terms, this powers through excuses and partners bring out the best in each other.

Single? New love is wearing a stylish uniform.


July 23 to August 23

With clever Mercury overseeing your finances, you can make sense of a set of numbers that should add up in your favour.

Prepare some confident, positive words so a meeting involving two families goes smoothly.

Love-wise, as Mars merges with the moon, passion is extra-special with an Aries.

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August 24 to September 22

Your wellbeing sector has an impulsive streak that can draw you to the toughest physical challenges.

But be sure to treat yourself with the same mix of common sense and caring you give others.

Then you will be ready for the brilliant, unexpected events and a truly dazzling opportunity on the way for you.


September 23 to October 23

Instead of going with the flow, you work out detailed and bold plans.

Your positive attitude at work or college could win you a place on a project that attracts showbiz-style publicity.

This is the perfect day to decide how to declutter homes and hearts.

If you start today single, the love moon links you with an Aquarius.


October 24 to November 22

You face a tricky but fascinating love choice between a secure but romantic relationship and one that is passionate but always keeps you guessing.

Your own sign shows a great attitude, with lots of confidence, and what others at work see as pesky extra jobs you welcome as a challenge.


November 23 to December 21

Your communication skills are working well and while your own success is rewarding, helping others fulfil their dreams gives you an extra buzz.

Your words, written or spoken, show how gifted you are.

An on-off love interest suddenly switches up to full.

Still looking? The luckiest place to meet is a theatre.


December 22 to January 20

If you know deep down you put too much value on routine, now is your moment to act.

One small change in what you do or when you do it wakes up your mind and heart.

In love? Partners have great potential to build an ultra-successful business.

Single? Official advice comes with a flirty extra.


January 21 to February 18

Deciding to check the facts for yourself and update information is the key to success at work or if you are looking for a new home.

Your name is moving through some impressive circles.

When old friends get together for the first time in a year, you could fall in love with one of them…?though not the one you expect.


February 19 to March 20

Talk planet Mercury helps you say what you think and how you feel.

This can add understanding to relationships.

But if you are looking for new love, a spooky moon means thinking about someone draws that person near.

There is a celebration and astonishment when a relative reveals their prize-winning talent.


3. Lethal cough syrup blamed for Ariana Grandes ex-boyfriend rapper Mac Millers death sweeping the UK01:51[−]

IT IS 3am in the drab front room of a nondescript house in an English market town and two young men each??raise??a???polystyrene???cup and knock them together.

They grin and take a deep pull on the ice-cold purple drink, before settling into the sofa.

A Sun investigation reveals how a lethal cough syrup 'cocktail' is being popular in Britain
A Sun investigation reveals how a lethal cough syrup ‘cocktail’ is becoming popular in Britain
Paul Tonge - The Sun

Minutes later the pair will be in a hazy, opioid-induced stupor.

The chief ingredient in their cocktail is a type of cough syrup loaded with the super-strength painkiller codeine a cousin of morphine.

The name of the concoction is purple drank, otherwise known as lean or sizzurp. It was thrust into the spotlight this month after the death of US rapper Mac Miller, the former boyfriend of pop star Ariana Grande.

Miller, 26, died of a suspected overdose on September 7. While it is not known if purple drank was to blame, Miller admitted in a 2013 interview that he had been addicted to it.

The 'liquid heroin' has been blamed for killing Ariana Grande's ex Mac Miller
The ‘liquid heroin’ has been blamed for killing Ariana Grande’s ex Mac Miller
Rex Features

The potentially lethal drink which has also been dubbed liquid heroin is a mixture of cough syrup containing codeine and an antihistamine with a soft drink and a US brand of sweets. The antihistamine acts as a sedative at high doses, especially when mixed with codeine.

It has long been popular in the US after rappers started using it in the 1990s. But a Sun investigation has found it is taking hold in British schools and universities.

Six months ago, teachers at St Peters Church of England Aided School, a secondary in Exeter, had to warn parents that pupils were taking the drug. They had noticed youngsters slurred speech and droopy eyes, thought to be from downing up to 25 times the advised dose of the cough medicine contained in the drink.

According to the NHS, admissions to hospitals in England for overdoses of opioid painkillers other than heroin surged to 20,130 cases last year, a rise of 85 per cent in the past decade.

Two purple drank drug dealers share how they make their lucrative money
Two purple drank drug dealers share how they make their lucrative money
Paul Tonge - The Sun

Social media sites such as YouTube are awash with videos showing youngsters how to make their own purple drank concoctions.

But getting hold of the ingredients in Britain where highly addictive codeine is a class B controlled drug can thankfully prove tricky. While small doses of codeine can be found in common over-the-counter painkillers, its pure form is prescription-only.

So while the sweets are easily and cheaply bought from specialist confectionery websites, the all-important syrup is harder to come by which is where the growing number of British dealers step in.

They buy the syrup illegally on the dark web, then mix their own purple drank. One dealer at a British university boasted to our reporter that he can make more than ?1,000 a week selling bottles for ?50 each.

It is not known if purple drank is the cause of death for Mac Miller, but he did admit in 2013 to be addicted to it
It is not known if purple drank is the cause of death for Mac Miller, but he did admit in 2013 to be addicted to it
Getty - Contributor

He claimed drank has become so popular in Britain that he has two cooks working for him, mixing the drink in halls of residence using equipment taken from the science labs.

Dressed in designer streetwear, the dealer identified only as Leo told us: A bottle costs me ?5 to make thats ?45 profit.

When I first started getting into it a year ago it was quite a small thing, I was just doing it on the side. Now its my main business. I basically knocked selling other drugs on the head.

Most university students will be aware of lean, especially if youre into that music, that scene.

Lewis Checkley reveals he drinks the sizzurp after coming home from raves
Lewis Checkley reveals he drinks the syrup after coming home from raves
Paul Tonge - The Sun

I have a couple of mates at other universities who get it off me to sell there. It is all around the UK.

The drink carries a massive risk of overdose, which may increase if people are also taking other substances or drinking booze. It is almost impossible for Leo to have any idea of the levels of codeine which can be fatal in high doses in his home-made batch. One bottle could completely differ from another.

Users are easily spotted at parties by the telltale polystyrene cups filled with plum-coloured syrup, topped up with soft drink and flavoured with the sweets.

The effects include slow or slurred speech, drowsiness, loss of balance and drained, pale-looking skin. Users have also complained of memory problems after taking the drink.

The concoction has long been popular with US rappers like Future who have talked about the drink in his lyrics
The concoction has long been popular with US rappers like Future who have talked about the drink in his lyrics
Getty - Contributor

Leo said: If someone overdoses then yeah, I am causing that, I suppose but they are buying it. If they dont get it from me they will get it elsewhere.

I tell them to be careful. I give them every piece of advice I can. Most people I sell to have had it off me before, so they know the craic with it.

In the US the trend came to a head in 2000 when hip-hop producer DJ Screw died of an overdose. Later pharmaceutical firm Actavis stopped making the codeine-mix medicines and as a result, remaining bottles began changing hands for more than ?1,000 as drug aficionados consider it the Moet of lean.

In recent years artists such as Lil Wayne and Chris Brown have featured lean in their lyrics.

The dealers showed The Sun how easy it was make this lethal drink
Paul Tonge - The Sun
The dealers showed The Sun how easy it was make this lethal drink[/caption]

Rapper Future, who has collaborated with Rihanna, Kanye West and Drake, is seen drinking from a polystyrene cup in the 2014 video for the track Codeine Crazy. His 2010 mixtape Dirty Sprite another name for lean sold a million copies.

Despite the horror stories, purple drank is still finding new fans in the UK. One user, Lewis Checkley, a 23-year-old car mechanic, told us: It writes you off. Everything around you is just chilled. You feel all floaty and spaced out.

You learn to mix it from videos you can Google it. All our group have done it. A lot of people see it on Instagram.

Lewis likes to drink lean with student friend James after a night of partying, taking MDMA or ecstasy, at all-night raves.

Drug dealer Leo reveals a bottle costs him ?5 and he can turn a ?45 profit
Drug dealer Leo reveals a bottle costs him ?5 and he can turn a ?45 profit
Paul Tonge

James said: It chills you out after a rave thats when I like it most. Some like taking it at the rave, so you have the stumbling-around feeling, like youre drunk. I like to be sat down and comfy.

I prefer it to alcohol that makes me feel dirty in the morning. It hurts, whereas this doesnt.

He and Lewis have been drinking it for six months, often getting through three bottles a week.

James said: You get to know your limitations from what other people do. If theyre fine I know to have a little. We dont know how its made, or how much is in it.

But they claim their habit is tame compared to that of friends who recently had to cancel a holiday after overspending on lean.

Dealer Leo, a student, is certainly putting lives at risk his buyers have no idea how much codeine they are consuming, trusting only in the bottles home-made label.

But he said: I have a lot of friendship groups I want to keep in with and not have them end up in hospital from my doing.

If they dont listen to you, thats their fault. Ive done my part by telling them to take it easy its strong stuff.

Supplying codeine is punishable by up to 14 years in prison
Supplying codeine is punishable by up to 14 years in prison
Paul Tonge

He is also risking his freedom supplying codeine is punishable by up to 14 years in prison. Drug and alcohol charity Addaction is concerned young people are unaware of the danger???of purple drank, which is also sold on Instagram.

One page, Plugshxtttttt, had more than 3,200 followers before it was shut down by web administrators.

Addactions Roz Gittins said: Weve had clients who report getting the idea from YouTube and have heard rappers talk of it.

When we tell them its opioid-based theyre often really surprised, not really having any idea it could be addictive or dangerous.

Our concerns are that it is gaining in popularity because of social media and we want young people to be fully aware of what they may be consuming.

Her colleague, Young Addaction team leader Sonya Jones, said: Some of our young service users have described being scared off using lean after seeing people overdose on it and being taken away in an ambulance.

It seems to be common among students, who are also looking to experiment with new substances, and the hip-hop group who see it as part of their culture because its mentioned so much in the music.

Once we explain its from the same group of substances as heroin, theyre often put off because there is a lot of stigma against heroin with young people.

James and Lewis were shocked to learn of the link to heroin.

Lewis said: I wouldnt move on to heroin. If you have a good group of mates they wont let you slide into stuff like that.

But you never know where an addiction might take you.

  • Names have been changed


4. Big Brothers Zoe Jones leaves fans in stitches with her hilarious facial expressions during Anamelia Silvas bizarre sex party story01:49[−]

BIG Brother’s Zoe Jones left fans in stitches with her hilarious facial expressions during Anamelia Silva’s bizarre sex party story.

The housemates opened up during a game of spin the bottle during tonight’s eventful episode, which also saw the Brazilian spiritual adviser reveal her childhood was so poor she had to eat bread containing ants off the floor.

Big Brother
Big Brother fans were left in stitches by Zoe Jones’ hilarious facial expressions when Anamelia Silva told her sex party story during tonight’s episode
Channel 5

As the contestants gathered around a table for the game, Anamelia was asked about her weirdest sexual experience.

She said: “It was a party in Beverly Hills. A sex party. I chose my guy.”

The housemate continued: “Everyone was outside by the pool and we were the first people to have sex. “We were against the glass. Everyone was watching us. Started touching themselves. Basically I started the whole thing.”

Big Brother
The Brazilian spiritual adviser revealed she had hooked up with a guy in front of everyone at a mansion in Beverly Hills
Channel 5
Big Brother
The single mum and carer looked everything from shocked to amused as she listened to the tale
Channel 5

Throughout her story, single mum and carer Zoe from Halifax secretly pulled a series of facial expressions – ranging from shocked to amused – that left those at home giggling.

Taking to Twitter, one wrote: “Zoe is all of us listening to Anamelia tell her mansion story

Another commented: “I love zoe and her expressions x”

A third shared: “I really love Zoe.”

Big Brother
At one point Zoe seemed to look weary, as Anamelia continued talking
Channel 5

It comes after Anamelia opened up about her tough childhood earlier on the episode.

She said: “When I was three, we were homeless.

Big Brother
Earlier in the epiosde the controversial housemate revealed her childhood was so poor she had been forced to eat bread riddled with ants off the ground
Channel 5

“I was so hungry that I ate a piece of bread from the ground filled with ants.

“Because we didn’t have any food.”

Anamelia also clashed with Kenaley Amos-Sissons who she rowed with at the end of tonight’s episode.

The call centre worker from Nottingham called the spiritual adviser out for being “patronising” during a conversation in the bathroom.

She said: “A majority of people feel that it’s about you, and it’s always about you. You don’t take no interest. We listen to your story.”

Kenaley continued: “We’ll be talking about something and you’ll control the situation. It’s always about you.”

Anamelia then interrupted her: “Can I just explain because I’m not aware of it. It’s nothing that I do on purpose.”

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5. Man City become first English side to lose four consecutive Champions League games as fans stay at home01:38[−]

MANCHESTER CITY have become the first English club to lose four consecutive Champions League matches.

And Citys shock exit at the hands of Liverpool last season appeared to have an effect, with swathes of empty seats at the Etihad for tonights defeat against Lyon.

There were plenty of empty seats as Man City lost to Lyon
There were plenty of empty seats as Man City lost to Lyon
Rex Features

Pep Guardiola watched from the stands as his side slumped to a 2-1 defeat in their opening Champions League group stage game.

And the result meant it was four European defeats in a row for the suspended boss, whose side are ironically the bookies favourite for this seasons title.

City were dumped out of the tournament in the quarter-finals by Liverpool last season.

They lost the first leg at Anfield 3-0 before suffering a 2-1 defeat at home.

Pep Guardiola couldnt believe it as City became the first English side to lose four consecutive Champions League games
Pep Guardiola couldn’t believe it as City became the first English side to lose four consecutive Champions League games
PA:Press Association

City had also lost the home leg of their last-16 tie against Basel by the same scoreline.

And Lyons victory on Wednesday evening also meant it was three consecutive home defeats in Europe for City all with the same result.

Another big talking point was the amount of empty seats on show during the game, with some City fans apparently preferring to watch from the comfort of their armchair.

The Premier League champions will be hoping for more support at their next European home game against Shakhtar Donetsk in early November.

Mikel Arteta couldnt inspire his side to victory after stepping for the suspended Guardiola
Mikel Arteta couldn’t inspire his side to victory after stepping for the suspended Guardiola
PA:Press Association
The likes of Sergio Aguero had a night to forget as City look to regroup for the weekend league clash with Cardiff
The likes of Sergio Aguero had a night to forget as City look to regroup for the weekend league clash with Cardiff

6. Marcel Sommerville at same premiere as ex Gabby Allen and Myles Stephenson make their red carpet debut01:37[−]

GABBY Allen and Rak Su singer Myles Stephenson have been snapped on their third consecutive date in a row.

The Love Islander and The X Factor winner were at the premiere for The Intent 2: The Come Up earlier tonight and looked more loved up than ever.

Gabby Allen and Miles Stephenson arrived at the premiere of The Intent 2 on a date
Getty - Contributor

Gabby, 26, looked pretty in a white mini dressed that was slashed to the navel which she teamed with a fancy belt and black ankle boots.

Myles, 27, wore smart grey trousers and a white shirt and loafers with no socks.

However things may have gotten a bit awkward when Gabby’s ex Marcel Sommerville rocked up to the same event.

Their split last year was particularly messy after it emerged that Marcel cheated on her while they were on holiday together in Mexico.

Gabby looked stunning all in white teamed with black ankle boots
Rex Features

Other rumours then circulated that Gabby had had a fling with Dan Osborne.

But things between Gabby and Myles seem to be hotting up quickly.

Just the other night the couple headed to the launch of Sure’s new antiperspirant after they were pictured cuddling and kissing after dinner earlier in this week.

The Sun Online exclusively revealed the pair had been seeing each other before she went into the Big Brother house and they confirmed it over the weekend when they went social media official.

The pair have been together since before she went on CBB
Rex Features
Things might get tricky on the red carpet

The Love Island star shared videos of them kissing and cuddling, while calling him her baby.

We previously revealed the former Love Island star met the X Factor hunk through pals and they started dating just weeks before Gabby went into the house.

They went on some fun dates before she went into the house and said theyd see each other again when shes out. He treated Gabby like a princess.

Gabbys a gorgeous girl and Myles is a good-looking bloke so they make a lovely couple.Got a story? email or call us direct on 02077824220.

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7. Manchester United fans rave about Diogo Dalots debut against Young Boys01:34[−]

MANCHESTER UNITED fans reckon they have unearthed a superstar after Diogo Dalot’s debut against Young Boys.

Supporters got a first look at the ?19million summer arrival as he took Antonio Valencia’s spot at right-back.

Diogo Dalot impressed on his Champions League debut

And Dalot, 19, made a lasting impression as he looked comfortable at the back while making some lung-busting runs forward.

Many were left wondering if Valencia – left out over concerns he would hurt his knee on the plastic surface – will reclaim his spot, with Luke Shaw performing well on the opposite flank.

Liam Canning tweeted: “Big fan of Diogo Dalot’s opening 20 minutes. Looks one hell of a player.”

While @utdextra added: “Diogo Dalot looks alright doesnt he…”

Labile added: “Diogo Dalot has already run past his fullback more times in 45 minutes than Valencia since 2011”.

The former Porto ace looked comfortable at the back and went forwards well
AP:Associated Press
Jose Mourinho will have to decide if he should play Dalot in the league
Rex Features

United won 3-0 thanks to Paul Pogba’s first-half double and Anthony Martial’s deflected effort.

But the scoreline did not reflect a spirit performance from Young Boys.

After the game, Jose Mourinho said: “Job done. Not phenomenal but good enough. They were intense, compact and had self esteem.

The teenager will hope for another chance to shine soon

“Then after the first goal the game was under control. We tried to score the goals that gave us the stability for the second half.

“It is important for us to win because probably every team is going to get six points against Young Boys.

“Now we have two important matches against Valencia and Juventus. They are very good opponents.”


8. Jose Mourinho slams plastic pitch despite Manchester United cruising past Young Boys01:33[−]

JOSE MOURINHO slammed Uefa for putting his players at risk of injury by making them play on a plastic pitch.

Captain Paul Pogbas first-half brace and a second-half strike from Anthony Martial ensured Manchester United came through their Champions League opener against Young Boys unscathed.

Jose Mourinho was unhappy with the pitch Manchester United were forced to play on
Jose Mourinho was unhappy with the pitch Manchester United were forced to play on

But Mourinho still fumed: I dont understand how you can play the best European competition on artificial surfaces.

There was some fear of injuries. I had players after training on Tuesday where they were feeling ankles and knees that were sore.

Its not easy for people who are not used to it.

There is a fear in the duels from players who are used to playing on good surfaces in England and the football is much more beautiful that way.

Manchester United shrugged off concerns about the surface
AP:Associated Press
Jose Mourinho was pleased enough with his side’s work but admitted there was room for improvement

United struggled to adapt to the Stade de Suisse surface before Pogbas stunning strike after 35 minutes.

And Mourinho added: I understand the reasons why we didn’t start the game very well, why we took 20 to 25 mins to be in control.

Young Boys know how difficult it is for opponents to play on this pitch so they forced a little bit and created some problems.

But the goal changed everything and after that we were totally in control.

Pogba added to his opener with a penalty a minute before the break and he also set up Martials 66th-minute third.

Paul Pogba was the undoubted star of the show in Switzerland
Getty - Contributor

Asked about Pogba’s performance, Mourinho added: I don’t think he can score goals every match.

But if he starts arriving in possible scoring positions that can be a plus for the team so I’m happy with that.”

Luke Shaw, whose cross led to Pogbas spot-kick after hitting Kevin Mbabus hand, added: The pitch was difficult but we got to grips with it.

Paul came up with a bit of magic for the first goal and then the penalty calmed us down a bit.

Young Boys boss Gerardo Seoane was furious with referee Deniz Aytekin for awarding the penalty.

The Swiss blasted: The ball went to the hand but it went very fast.

It is quite hard for us because there is no intention from the player. I think it was a crucial moment in the game.


9. Dont Tell The Bride viewers in shock after groom plans OTT Titantic-themed wedding for his traditional bride01:18[−]

DONT Tell The Bride fans were left shocked after a gutsy groom splashed cash on a Titanic-themed wedding complete with a staircase for an aisle and a big reception on a boat.

Bobby, from Essex, was tasked with organising his wedding day for bride-to-be Jas without any involvement from her.

Groom Bobby had visions of a Titantic-themed wedding for his bride-to-be Jas

Bobby had visions of tying the knot with Jas in a huge wedding themed on the doomed ship, because in his eyes, it’s the most “romantic” film ever.

When revealing his Titanic-themed wedding plans to his baffled friends, one even asked: “The ship that sank?”

Bobby said: “I personally love Titanic, it’s so romantic. We both love the film.”

Meanwhile Jas, was desperate for an intimate, small-scale event with a few of her nearest and dearest.

Jas was desperate for a small local wedding in a cottage
Bobby plonked ?3,000 of his ?13,000 budget on a grand London location for the ceremony that had a staircase similar to the famous one in the movie

She said: “I just want it to be nice and classy and traditional. My ideal wedding would be a small do, just a local do with friends and family.”

But it soon became clear that her dreams would remain just that, when he decided to take the plunge for a huge wedding instead of the small cottage she wanted.

He plonked down ?3,000 of his ?13,000 budget on a grand London location for the ceremony that had a staircase similar to the famous one in the movie.

“It’s like we are in Kensington Palace”, the best man said.

Bobby also put down ?1,975 for four hours on a boat for the reception on the Thames.

Having just three weeks to bring all the plans together, Bobby started to show signs of stress particularly when it came to picking the dress.

Bobby also spent ?1,975 for four hours on a boat for the reception on the Thames
The groomsmen stocked up on nautical-themed props for the big day

Jas said her ideal gown was a classy, sophisticated low-cut gown that wasn’t too poofy, but Bobby had other ideas entirely.

He selected a high-necked gown that he felt fitted in with his Edwardian theme.

When she finally got a peek at the dress had chosen, she thankfully loved the design and said: “It’s really nice, I’m really surprised. I like it, he’s done good.”

Bobby bought some sailor-themed bridesmaid dresses online
The bridesmaid were furious and refused to wear them
Jas thankfully loved her high-necked lace dress, even though she wanted a low-cut one
Bobby even got slippers for Jas to wear up the aisle – and remarkably she loved them

She even loved the snug slippers he chose to go with the lacy dress.

But the bridesmaids were horrified when they saw the black and white sailor-themed dresses Bobby had bought off the internet.

One bridesmaid fumed: “Jas is going to go mad at you. If it’s black how is it not like a funeral? I’m really worried for Jasmine now.”

The girls refused to wear the dresses and said Jas wouldn’t have any sisters at the wedding.

Jas was livid when she saw pictures from the stag do of Bobby hugging girls in their home
All was forgiven on the day and Jas wept when she saw the beautiful venue
She loved the wedding venue and even the song as she walked down the aisle, My Heart Will Go On
The bridesmaids eventually gave in and wore their black and white dresses

His nautical theme appeared to sink at the first hurdle, when Jas refused to do the white water rafting hen do that Bobby had planned for her.

She broke down in tears and said: “I just don’t like swimming, I don’t know why he would do that. It’s dropped my confidence in letting him do this. I’m really disappointed.”

And things went from bad to worse when she saw photos from Bobby’s stag do, when he threw a huge house party at their house and was pictured hugging girls.

She fumed: “I’m not looking forward to any part of it. I’m feeling every bad emotion.”

Jas said Bobby had done an excellent job and loved the day
Bobby even did an Irish jig in honour of the occasion

However, things looked up on the day when she cried with happiness at the stunning wedding venue and heard the song she would be walking down the aisle to, My Heart Will Go On.

Next they headed to the for the reception and Jas was initially unsure, saying: “It’s a bit rocky!”

But she came round to the idea and even loved the moment Bobby took to the dance floor to do an irish jig – in keeping with the movie when Jack takes Rose below deck to an Irish party.

Jas gushed: “This isn’t the wedding I would have planned at all. But I’m so glad that you did it. It’s different. It’s a wedding to remember.”

Viewers were surprised at the unusual theme, with one writing: “I have a sinking feeling about this wedding.”

However, some were kinder to the groom, and one Twitter user wrote: “He’s actually done a good job for someone who can’t tie his shoelaces.”

The new series of Dont Tell the Bride is on Wednesdays at 9pm on E4.

We previously told how a bride-to-be was slammed as ungrateful after she moaned she was disappointed with her small ?1.3k diamond engagement ring.

Recently, a groom made his bride walk alone up a mucky hill to her Thai-themed wedding in Somerset.

And last series, a daring groom threw Caribbean street carnival and transported traditional bride to wedding in a TRUCK.


10. Who are the Mercury Prize 2018 shortlisted artists, when are the awards and what are the latest odds?01:15[−]

THE Mercury Prize 2018 awards are around the corner.

Both Arctic Monkeys and Florence and the Machine have earnt another nomination but which rising stars join them and who has been tipped to win? Here’s all you need to know…

Arctic Mokey’s have once again been nominated

Who are the Mercury Prize 2018 shortlisted artists?

Arctic Monkey’s shortlisting for their sixth studio album Tranquility Base Hotel and Casino makes the band the second most-listed act in the prize’s history.

Everything Everything and Wolf Alice both scoop their second Mercury shortlist for A Fever Dream and Visions of a Life respectively.

Pop star and Brit Award winner Lily Allen earns her first ever Mercury nod for her fourth album No Shame.

Jorja Smith also continued her incredible win at the 2018 Brit Awards for Critics Choice with her album Lost and Found receiving a nod.

Here is the full list of shortlisted artists including the latest odds as supplied by William Hill:

  • King Krule: The Ooz 11/2
  • Nadine Shah: Holiday Destination 5/2
  • Sons of Kermet: Your Queen is a Reptile 5/1
  • Jorja Smith: Lost and Found 7/1
  • Wolf Alice: Visions of a Life 8/1
  • Arctic Monkeys: Tranquility Base Hotel and Casino 9/1
  • Florence & The Machine: High as Hope 12/1
  • Everything Everything: A Fever Dream 14/1
  • Lily Allen: No Shame 16/1
  • Everything Is Recorded: Everything Is Recorded 16/1
  • Novelist: Novelist Guy 16/1
  • Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds: Who Built the Moon 20/1
Florence and the Machine earnt their third nomination

When are the awards?

The Mercury Prize will be held once again at Hammersmith’s Eventim Apollo on September 20, 2018.

Tickets start at ?41 from the Eventim Apollo website if you want to attend on the night.

As well as the awards ceremony itself the night will include performances from some of the shortlisted artists.

BBC Music will be providing live coverage of the Awards on BBC Four and BBC Radio 6 Music.

Noel Gallagher has been nominated for Who Built the Moon

What is the Mercury Prize and when did it start?

The Mercury Prize was first awarded in 1992, to Primal Scream for their album Screamadelica.

It was originally established as an alternative to the Brit Awards, and any album released by a British or Irish artist is eligible, as is an album by any band whose members are 50% British or Irish.

Winners of the prize get a cheque of ?20,000 plus a trophy and can expect a huge boost to album sales as a result of bagging the award.

Radiohead are the most shortlisted artist, making the nominations list five times, but they have never won.


11. Championship results: Middlesbrough beat Bolton to peg back leaders Leeds while Reading lose to Norwich01:00[−]

MIDDLESBROUGH closed back to within a point of Sky Bet Championship leaders Leeds with victory over Bolton.

Boro were the superior side but only had George Saville’s 34th-minute goal to show for it at the Riverside until Britt Assombalonga popped up with a late second to seal a 2-0 win.

Britt Assombalonga scored in Middlesbrough's win over Bolton
Britt Assombalonga scored in Middlesbrough’s win over Bolton
George Saville opened the scoring for Middlesbrough on Wednesday night
George Saville opened the scoring for Middlesbrough on Wednesday night

At the other end of the table, two goals in three minutes gave QPR a third win in their last four league matches as they defeated Millwall 2-0.

After losing their first four Championship games, Rangers have turned their form around impressively.

They had a helping hand this time from Ben Amos, who was arguably culpable for both goals as Massimo Luongo headed in a 30th-minute opener before Ebere Eze bundled a shot beyond the Millwall keeper.

Reading suffered a fourth home defeat of the season, losing 2-1 to Norwich.

Teemu Pukki’s fifth goal of the campaign in the 14th minute put the Canaries ahead. Jon Dadi Bodvarsson levelled things in the 72nd minute but Norwich went straight down the other end where Mario Vrancic produced a neat finish.

Nottingham Forest moved above Sheffield Wednesday on goal difference after a 2-1 victory over the Owls at the City Ground.

Lewis Grabban helped Forest beat Sheffield Wednesday
Lewis Grabban helped Forest beat Sheffield Wednesday
PA:Press Association

Lewis Grabban touched in a 41st-minute free-kick before Joao Carvalho curled in a second for Forest with 63 minutes gone.

Steven Fletcher’s deflected 88th-minute shot boosted hopes of another comeback after Wednesday snatched a point against Stoke at the weekend but it proved to be just a consolation.

Birmingham remain winless but were unlucky in a goalless draw against Sheffield United – Gary Gardner hitting a post with a late free-kick.


12. Real Madrid star Marco Asensio goes from hero to zero with brilliant skill ruined by failed no-look finish00:57[−]

MARCO ASENSIO may want to keep his eyes on the ball in the future after missing a sitter while attempting a no-look finish.

The Real Madrid ace, 22, had fans on the edge of their seats with a brilliant turn that left the Roma defence rooted to the spot during their Champions League clash at the Bernabeu.

Isco fed the ball to Marco Asensio in the middle of three defenders
The Real Madrid ace wriggled free and went through on goal

But they quickly sat back down after Asensio tried to find the net with the ultimate no-look shot, only to see his tame effort saved by Robin Olsen.

Real dominated last season’s semi-finalists Roma – romping to a 3-0 victory.

Isco began the rout with a brilliant free-kick before Gareth Bale showed ridiculous athleticism to score from Luka Modric’s inch-perfect ball.

Mariano looked every part a Los Blancos No7 as he cut in from the left to curl into the top corner.

Marco Asensio tried the no-look finish
But he saw his effort saved to ruin a brilliant effort

And the scoreline could have been even better if Asensio had finished after being teed-up by Isco.

One viewer tweeted: “Asensio just ended De Rossi’s career and tried to score a no-look. This would have been one of the filthiest goals ever if it went in.”

While another added: “Asensio made this turn with his first touch and then went with the no-look shot. It doesn’t matter that he didn’t score, this is some god level sauce.”

Roma coach Eusebio Di Francesco hailed the Spaniard as a potential Ballon d’Or winner before the game – and the turn at least proved him right, even if the finish was lacking.

Di Francesco said: “I imagine him winning the Ballon dOr.

“I would like to have him because of his age, the quality he is showing, his ability to adapt to more offensive roles, and his talent.”


13. Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola consoles crying daughter Valentina after shock Champions League defeat to Lyon00:56[−]

PEP GUARDIOLA consoles his devastated daughter at the end of Manchester Citys shock defeat to Lyon.

The suspended boss watched the Champions League group clash from the stands with his family on Wednesday night.

Pep Guardiola consoled his daughter at the final whistle of Man City's defeat to Lyon
Pep Guardiola consoled his daughter at the final whistle of Man City’s defeat to Lyon
BT Sport

Citys players looked shell shocked as they fell to their third consecutive Champions League defeat at home.

But Guardiola had more work on his hands when daughter Valentina burst into tears at the final whistle.

The Spanish managers youngest appeared upset when the referee put the whistle to his lips.

And Pep was more than happy to be the doting dad as he comforted her before heading off to see his squad in the dressing room.

Youngest daughter Valentina was inconsolable at the final whistle
Youngest daughter Valentina was inconsolable at the final whistle
BT Sport

City will now need to pick themselves up for a trip to Cardiff in the Premier League on Saturday.

But after being tipped by many as favourites for this seasons Champions League title, Guardiola may need a rethink in tactics.

City found it hard to cope with Lyons tenacious style, especially in the first half.

But with Hoffenheim and Shakhtar Donetsk the other two teams in the group, City fans will still be confident about reaching the knockout stages of the tournament.

Pep's family are a great source of inspiration for the Spanish tactician
Pep’s family are a great source of inspiration for the Spanish tactician
PA:Press Association
Guardiola was left shell shocked as City lost their opening Champions League group clash
Guardiola was left shell shocked as City lost their opening Champions League group clash
PA:Press Association

14. Football fan spotted wearing VR headset at two matches in three days00:47[−]

THE mind goggles at what this unique football fan is up to in the stands – after being spotted twice in three days wearing a VR headset.

Just 48 hours after taking in Brighton’s draw at Southampton, the football nut was back at the Etihad.

A man decided to take his VR goggles to the Etihad for the Manchester City versus Lyon
A man decided to take his VR goggles to the Etihad for the Manchester City versus Lyon game
The footie fan might have missed some of the goals if he was watching something over than the football on his headset
The footie fan might have missed some of the goals if he was watching something over than the football on his headset

Do you know this tech-savvy football fan? Is it you? We want to hear from you. Get in touch with us at

On the pitch Manchester City fell to a shock 2-1 loss to Lyon – but maybe the chap missed out on the goals because he was watching something else.

Social media was ablaze with theories as to what exactly was going on behind the lens.

The accessory appears to be a Samsung VR headset which retails at around ?99.

According to its official website, the trendy piece of kit lets users “draw constellations in the night sky, cast a fishing line with precision, fire guns in multiplayer standoffs and more”.

At the Amex Stadium on Monday night, the man and his headset were in the stands for Brighton's 2-2 draw with Southampton
At the Amex Stadium on Monday night, the man and his headset were in the stands for Brighton’s 2-2 draw with Southampton
Getty Images - Getty

The VR headset is designed to be paired up with a mobile phone, allowing users to essentially see what is on their phone before their very eyes.

Seated next to the tech guru at the Etihad appeared to be the same woman who travelled with him to the Amex.

And she looks like she is supporting City for the Euro clash, with what appears to a club crest on her cheek and a scarf around her neck.

If they are indeed fans of the blue half of Manchester, they will have been left disappointed.

Bernardo Silvas effort in the second half failed to inspire a comeback
Bernardo Silvas effort in the second half failed to inspire a comeback

Individual blunders from Fabian Delph and Fernandinho were to blame for Lyons 2-0 half-time lead.

Bernardo Silva pulled one goal back midway through the second half but City could not find a leveller.

Boss Pep Guardiola watched from the stands after a touchline ban carries over from last season’s competition.

And his assistant Mikel Arteta took charge from the dugout.

But he couldn’t guide the Premier League champs to victory.


15. What happened to flight MH370, when did the Malaysia Airlines plane vanish and whats the latest news on the search?00:33[−]

MALAYSIA Airlines flight MH370 became one of the world’s greatest aviation mystery when it vanished without a trace.

Four years on, experts are no closer to finding the missing Boeing 777. Here’s what we know.

The plane was lost with 239 people on board. File picture
Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 went missing on March 8, 2014, with 239 passengers and crew on board

What happened to flight MH370?

Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 took off from Kuala Lumpur and was heading to Beijing with 239 people on board.

Passengers included Chinese calligraphers, a couple on their way home to their young sons after a long-delayed honeymoon and a construction worker who hadn’t been home in a year.

But at 12.14am on March 8, 2014, Malaysia Airlines lost contact with MH370 close to Phuket island in the Strait of Malacca.

Before that, Malaysian authorities believe the last words heard from the plane, from either the pilot or co-pilot, was “Good night Malaysian three seven zero”.

Satellite “pings” from the aircraft suggest it continued flying for around seven hours when the fuel would have run out.

Experts have calculated the most likely crash site around 1,000 miles west of Perth, Australia.

But a huge search of the seabed failed to find any wreckage – and there are a number of alternative theories as to its fate.

Who were the pilot and co-pilot?

Malaysian captain Zaharie Amad Shah was flying MH370 when it disappeared.

Shah, born July 31, 1961, was described as a veteran pilot who joined Malaysia Airlines in 1981.

A father of three, passionate cook and keen fisherman, Shah lived with his wife in a luxury gated community where he was said to have built his own flight simulator.

In the wake of the plane’s disappearance, rumours surfaced claiming his wife had moved out of their home.

The co-pilot was Fariq Abdul Hamid, 27, who was on his first flight on a 777 as a fully approved first officer.

He had flown five times before with a “check co-pilot” overseeing him.

But he had 2,763 hours experience flying other jets before moving to the larger aircraft.

Fariq was reportedly planning to marry his girlfriend.

A panel of aviation experts will question whether MH370s disappearance was a deliberate act of murder carried out by Captain Zaharie Amhad Shah
A panel of aviation experts say the MH370s disappearance was a deliberate act carried out by Captain Zaharie Amhad Shah
Enterprise News and Pictures

What’s the latest news on the search?

  • January 17, 2017: The governments of Malaysia, China and Australia called off the official search which almost spanned three years.
  • The Australian Transport Safety Bureau’s final report said authorities were no closer to knowing the reasons for the plane’s disappearance or its exact location.
  • Only 33 pieces of wreckage were found during the hunt, which saw investigators searching the deep sea areas near to the suspected crash site in the Indian Ocean, and scanning the water from the air.
  • January, 2018: Private firm Ocean Infinity started a new search which ended unsuccessfully in May.
  • The company is still trying to locate the jet’s black box using an ultrasonic pulse.
  • July 30, 2018: The Malaysian government released its final report revealing it has not been able to determine why the plane changed course and eventually crashed.
  • The document showed the doomed aircraft was deliberately turned off course and plunged into Indian Ocean.
  • Investigators have concluded that the autopilot on the plane had to be disengaged.
  • Malaysian authorities will only re-open their investigation if new evidence emerges.

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16. Arsenal news: Bernd Leno to replace Petr Cech in goal for Gunners Europa League clash against Vorskla00:30[−]

BERND LENO will finally get the chance to oust Petr Cech as Arsenal number one tonight.

The German international keeper has yet to play for the Gunners since his ?19.2million summer move from Bayer Leverkusen.

Bernd Leno will make his Arsenal debut finally following his ?19.2m move from Bayer Leverkusen
Bernd Leno will make his Arsenal debut finally following his ?19.2m move from Bayer Leverkusen

But Unai Emery has confirmed that Leno will start tonights Europa League clash with Ukrainian unknowns Vorskla Poltava at the Emirates.

And the Gunners boss refused to confirm that Cech will automatically return to the team for Sundays Premier League clash with Everton following an error-strewn start to the season.

Leno, 26, has spent his first month in England on the Arsenal subs bench watching Cech struggling to adapt to Emerys demands for him to play with the ball at his feet.

Now he has been told to make the most of his opportunity to impress and show that he is ready to be the long-term replacement for the veteran Cech.

Petr Cech has, perhaps surprisingly, remained Arsenal's first choice keeper this season
Petr Cech has, perhaps surprisingly, remained Arsenal’s first choice keeper this season
Arsenal boss Unai Emery is expecting Bernd Leno to give him some food for thought after his Europa League bow
Arsenal boss Unai Emery is expecting Bernd Leno to give him some food for thought after his Europa League bow

Emery revealed: I spoke with Bernd before the first match of the season and gave him the reasons for my selection.

But in our planning for this game I have spoken with goalkeeping coach Javi Garcia and we agree that we need to give Leno some minutes.

So he is going to be in the starting line-up and I am looking forward to him playing well.

We signed Leno to improve with us and to compete with the other goalkeepers and I am very happy with his work every day in training.

He has the complete qualities needed for a goalkeeper and we want him to go a long way here at Arsenal.

But Cech has also been doing very well and his performances have been good.

So we are not going to give Petr or Bernd or Emi Martinez just one competition to play in. What will always decide who plays for me will be the performance in every match.

Cech, 36, has yet to keep a clean sheet in his five Premier League appearances this season and has not looked comfortable playing the sweeper-keeper role which Emery demands.

The manager insists: Each goalkeeper has different qualities. Maybe Leno is better than Petr at some things and Petr is better at others.

But the one thing they cannot do is to change the way we play. We need our style to work and we are working with each goalkeeper to improve in the way we want to play.

Petr Cech has struggled at times to play the sweeper keeper role his manger desires
Petr Cech has struggled at times to play the sweeper keeper role his manger desires
News Group Newspapers Ltd

Cech, who has kept more clean sheets than any other keeper in Premier League history, says: “The goalkeeper situation is very complicated.

The competition is bigger and I have to work hard to not only make sure that the manager picks me but also that he sticks with me.

Im in the last year of my contract so I guess it depends on my performances, the way I play and the way I stay fit throughout the season. Then well see what happens next.

Tonights Europa League tie gives Emery the opportunity to reignite his love affair with the competition he won three years in a row as Seville boss between 2014 and 2016.

The Spaniard, who will make multiple changes to his line-up for their opening group game, says: Every title is very important for us and I want to play for them all.

Arsenal played the UEFA Cup final against Galatasaray in 2000 but didnt win and also played in the 2006 Champions League final and against didnt win.

My ambition is for the team to continue to improve and to keep achieving the personal objectives in my career.


17. England boss Gareth Southgate eyeing Fulham ace Tom Cairney even though he has played for Scotland00:30[−]

GARETH SOUTHGATE is tracking Fulham midfielder Tom Cairney even though he has played for Scotland.

The England manager is looking at a number of players who are eligible for the Three Lions, including West Hams Irish star Declan Rice.

Tom Cairney is yet to play a competitive game for Scotland
Kenny Ramsay - The Sun Glasgow

Nottingham-born Cairney, 27, has a Scottish father and English mother so is eligible to play for both countries.

Even though he has played twice for Scotland, they were friendlies against Canada and Costa Rica.

Cairney, who joined Fulham from Blackburn in 2015, is aware of Englands interest.

He has frustrated Scotland by repeatedly pulling out of squads, citing injury, with his last appearance coming against Costa Rica in March.

Tom Cairney went off injured against Fulham in August
Getty Images - Getty
Gareth Southgate is trying to widen the pool of talent available to him
Getty - Contributor

Southgate has complained about the decreasing pool of available Premier League players and is looking at all avenues.

Cairney, who has also played for Scotland’s Under-19s and Under-21s, is certain to be picked for the Uefa Nations League game against Israel next month.

If Cairney decides to play in that, he will no longer be able to feature for England.

Rising Hammers star Rice pulled out of Ireland’s last squad as he ponders a possible switch to England.

He has played three senior games for Martin ONeill but none have been competitive.

Tom Cairney lit up the Championship last season as Fulham went up
PA:Empics Sport

Asked about an interest in Rice before Englands previous two games, Southgate said: There are so many dual nationality players and he is a good player.

“He has a really difficult decision and there is a lot of pressure on him. Im conscious he is a young man and there’s a spotlight on him.

“He is with Ireland at the moment and as much as we think he is a very good player that decision has to lie with him.

Englands next games are in the Uefa Nations League next month, against Croatia and Spain.


18. Arsenals new bosses make Ever Banega their first priority as Unai Emery chases Sevilla ace00:30[−]

ARSENALS new chiefs want to land Ever Banega for Unai Emery.

The Gunners boss worked with Banega at Sevilla and wants the Argentina international, 30, to add competition in midfield.

Ever Banega is being targeted by Arsenal after Ivan Gazidis’ departure
Getty - Contributor

It will be one of the first deals Raul Sanllehi will look at in his new role as head of football, following Ivan Gazidis departure.

Spanish sources say Banega has an ?18million buy-out clause to land him before his contract expires at the end of next season.

Emery was interested in Banega in the summer but the former Inter Milan star chose to extend his second spell at Sevilla.

Lucas Torreira was brought in from Sampdoria in a ?26m deal and made a big impact coming off the bench at the weekend against Newcastle.

Ever Banega was part of Argentina’s World Cup squad
Raul Sanllehi will be in charge of recruitment in his new role as head of football
Getty - Contributor

But Emery remains keen on Banega, who will add competition for Torreira, Matteo Guendouzi and Granit Xhaka in midfield.

The Boca juniors academy star would bring plenty of experience having won 65 caps for Argentina since 2008.

He first moved to Europe with Valencia the year he made his international debut and has played 445 senior club matches, scoring 24 goals.

Banega played three times at the World Cup in Russia, providing two assists, as Argentina lost to France in the last 16.


19. PAOK vs Chelsea: Ruben Loftus-Cheek faces anxious wait over game time despite Eden Hazard being rested00:30[−]

RUBEN LOFTUS-CHEEK trekked over 1,300 miles but faces another anxious wait to see if he will finally get game-time for Chelsea.

Even with tired star Eden Hazard rested, and facing Greek outfit Paok Salonika in the Europa League, boss Maurizio Sarri played down the chances of Englands World Cup star being on the pitch at kick-off.

Ruben Loftus-Cheek is hoping to earn a rare Chelsea start in Greece
Getty - Contributor

Loftus-Cheek, 22, has not started a competitive game for Chelsea since a 4-0 FA Cup victory over Brentford in January 2017.

But Sarri said: Loftus-Cheek is a very good player but I dont know if there is a spot for him against Paok. Of course there will be a spot for him in the future.

It is very difficult because in the first part of the season it is important to play with the same players, just to have a very solid team.

Against Salonika I have to change four or five players but it is impossible to change 11 players in the match at this stage of the season.

Chelsea are preparing for their first Europa League clash
Getty - Contributor
Eden Hazard is feeling the effects of his three-goal show against Cardiff
Getty Images - Getty

Unfortunately we have to play with 11 players and I have 28.

So 17 players will not agree with me.

Hazard, who scored a hat-trick on Saturday against Cardiff, asked for a break.

He also requested an extra days holiday after the World Cup having clinched third place with Belgium.

Sarri added: He told me after the national team duty and the match against Cardiff he was a little bit tired, so I thought it was better to stay at Cobham and rest.

RLC needs game time to improve his England hopes
Alamy Live News

Another who could soon be knocking on the managers door is Ethan Ampadu who has just signed a new five-year deal at Stamford Bridge.

The Wales whizkid, 18, has made seven appearances for the Blues since arriving from Exeter last year.

Chelsea director Marina Granovskaia added: Ethan has shown great potential and unbelievable maturity since arriving 12 months ago.

?CHELSEA (likely): Caballero, Zappacosta, Christensen, Cahill, Alonso, Jorginho, Barkley, Fabregas, Willian, Morata, Pedro.


20. Tottenham star Erik Lamela insists Mauricio Pochettinos side are not lacking confidence despite dismal run00:30[−]

ERIK LAMELA denies Tottenham lack confidence after their poor run.

The North Londoners 2-1 defeat at Inter Milan in the Champions League on Tuesday was their third successive loss by the same scoreline.

Erik Lamela insists Spurs aren't lacking confidence despite their poor run
Erik Lamela insists Spurs aren’t lacking confidence despite their poor run

It is the first time they have lost three on the bounce under Mauricio Pochettino since he took over as manager in May 2014.

But Lamela said: No, I dont think were losing our confidence. We still believe in each other in this team. Thats why we always fight until the end of the season.

“People are thinking like this. But inside the dressing room, I can tell you its not like this. We believe in this team.

Its time to win again. The way we played against Inter will help a lot but we have confidence in ourselves.

Mauricio Pochettino's men have lost three in a row
Mauricio Pochettino’s men have lost three in a row

Pochettinos men led through Christian Eriksens deflected 53rd-minute strike until Mauro Icardi levelled with a spectacular 20-yard volley in the 85th minute.

Matias Vecino then heading their winner in the second minute of stoppage time.

Winger Lamela, 26, said: Were disappointed because we were winning and to lose like this in the last ten minutes is bad.

“Its bad for us because we came here to win and in the end we didnt get the points, so very disappointed. The feeling is like when you lose, bad, bad.

The likes of Harry Kane have struggled for form this season
The likes of Harry Kane have struggled for form this season
Getty Images

But we need to keep going and move on. Its the only way to recover from this, to keep putting everything on the pitch and try to get back to winning ways.

“I dont know honestly if we deserved to lose. In the second half, we scored and then we managed the game. They were tired, we should have scored more goals.

I had a lot of chances. My team-mates too. Sometimes the ball goes in. Football is like this sometimes. We have to improve and next time try to score and finish the game. Thats it.

Lamela is adamant Tottenham can get their season back on track
Lamela is adamant Tottenham can get their season back on track
Getty Images

England captain Harry Kane has looked a shadow of the player that has terrorised Premier League defences for the past three seasons as he failed to score for a third game running.

But Lamela insisted: Harry is not a machine. He scores a lot. Today, he didnt and for two or three games he didnt. But he will score again.

Its not like Harry needs to score every single game. All the pressure is not on Harry. All the attacking players need to score.


21. Dundalk stab victim named as Ingrida Maciokaite gruesome details reveal she was found lying in pool of blood outside apartment00:24[−]

A WOMAN found stabbed to death in Dundalk yesterday has been named as Ingrida Maciokaite.

The 31-year-old mum-of-two was rushed to hospital after she was discovered in horrific circumstances – surrounded by a pool of her own blood outside her apartment complex on Linenhall Street.

Ingrida was pronounced dead after medics attempted to save her life

Gardai have arrested a 48-year-old man within close vicinity of the gruesome attack.

He is due to appear at Dundalk District Court tomorrow morning at 10.30am in relation to her death.

Ingrida is originally from Lithuania but had been living in the area for a number of years.

The incident took place at around 2.45pm yesterday afternoon.

Gardai and ambulances rushed to the scene and a murder investigation was launched.

The scene where Ingrida’s body was found
PA:Press Association

A Garda spokesman said at the time: Gardai at Dundalk Co Louth are investigating a stabbing incident which occurred at Linen Hall Street, Dundalk Co Louth (Apartment Block) at approximately 2.45pm this afternoon, Tuesday September 18th.

A female in her 30s was seriously injured, she was taken to Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital in Drogheda and was subsequently pronounced dead a short time later.

A Post Mortem examination will now take place at Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital in Drogheda.

The scene is preserved for a technical and forensic examination and an incident room has been established at Dundalk Garda Station. The office of the State Pathologist and Coroner have been notified.

A male in his 40s has been arrested in connection with this investigation and is currently detained at Dundalk Garda Station under the provisions of Section 4 Criminal Justice Act 1984.

22. These incredible celebrity doppelgangers will have you looking twice from a mind-blowing Jennifer Lawrence to a hilarious Steve Martin00:20[−]

THEY’RE decades older than the celebrities we all know and love, but these vintage doppelgangers will definitely make you look twice.

Dozens of people have taken to the internet to share photos of their relatives, and people from history, in black-and-white photos and portraits.

The man’s uncle, left, looks uncannily like Dave Franco, right
Getty Images

Many people would be happy if they looked like some of Hollywood’s biggest stars, and these lucky people look like they could be twins.

And Jennifer Lawrence even looks like she could be related to an actress who was born in 1940.

Here are some of our favourite famous faces, who seem to have defied the test of time.

1. Egyptian Jennifer Lawrence

Egyptian actress Zubaida Tharwat (1940-2016) is the spitting image of Hunger Games actress Jennifer Lawrence in this black-and-white snap.

Egyptian actress Zubaida Tharwat, left, looks exactly like Jennifer Lawrence, right
Getty Images - FilmMagic

Commenting on the likeness on Bored Panda, Yvonne Bernal said: “They are so much alike, even without the eye makeup, they’d still be twins!”

2. Victorian Steve Martin

When this picture was shared online, the poster wrote: “My friend’s boyfriend had a great great grandmother who looked exactly like Steve Martin.

This man’s great great gramdma, left, bizarrely looks like Steve Martin, right
Getty Images - FilmMagic

“If Steve Martin were in a Victorian-era cross-dressing comedy.”

3. Teenage Natalie Portman

Amazingly, this picture is not of a young Natalie Portman – but of a teenage BOY.

The teenage BOY on the left of this snap looks exactly like a young Natalie Portman, right
Getty Images

The picture of a man named Clyff, from Brooklyn, New York, had the internet in hysterics when it was first shared on Reddit by his girlfriend Shannon Welch.

She wrote: “This is my friend at age 13. He looked exactly like Natalie Portman.”

4. Never-ageing Johnny Depp

This person’s great grandad, left, is the spitting image of Johnny Depp, right
Getty Images - WireImage

This picture was captioned: “My great grandfather looks just like Johnny Depp.”

The pair even have similar glasses!

5. Dapper Eddie Murphy

Ever wondered what Hollywood actor Eddie would have looked like in the 1800s?

This unknown man on the left could be the twin of Eddie Murphy, right

The old image has emerged of a very similar man in 1890s, and he even has his moustache.

6. Vintage Dave Franco

This person’s uncle looks exactly like James Franco’s little brother Dave, the star of 21 Just Street, Now You See Me and Scrubs.

Posting the picture online, someone wrote: “My friend’s uncle looked just like Dave Franco when he was young.”

While Isabelle Hadorn reckoned “your friend’s uncle is better looking”.

7. ‘Tached up David Schwimmer

This dapper chap looks like he could be a long-lost friend of actor David.

If David Schwimmer, right, grew a moustache, he would look so similar to this man from the 1800s

The sitcom star looks remarkable similar to the man from the 1800s, he just need to grow that impressive moustache

8. The original Playboy

This person’s grandparents, top, look just like Hugh Hefner and Taylor Swift

When one person dug up an old picture of their grandparents, they were shocked to discover how much they looked like Playboy king Hugh Hefner and country singer Taylor Swift.

Christina Ostrom was impressed too. She wrote: “Wow. It’s Taylor in 20 years.”

9. Young Forever Jay Z

If rapper Jay Z had lived in the 1930s, this chap could have been mistaken for him.

This Harlem man from 1939, left, could be mistaken for rapper Jay Z, right

This old photo of a man from Harlem in 1939 looks distinctively like Beyonce’s husband.

10. 70s Daniel Radcliffe

The 70s pair on the left look just like Daniel Radcliffe and Andy Samberg, right
Getty Images - WireImage

He wasn’t even alive at the time, but the man on the right of this 70s snap looks uncannily like Daniel Radcliffe.

While his pal could easily be Lonely Island singer and actor Andy Samberg.

11. The picture that inspired J.K Rowling?

The woman on the left has been compared to both Harry Potter and Moaning Myrtle

The person who uncovered this gem wrote: “Turns out my great aunt was Harry Potter.”

And, with her round glasses, the woman does bare an undeniable resemblance to the young Daniel Radcliffe.

However, one commenter said: “She resembles Moaning Myrtle I think!!”

12. King Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg, left, looks just like King Philip IV of Spain, right

He’s the king of social media, and Mark Zuckerberg bares a massive resemblance to the King Philip IV of Spain, who ruled from 1605-1665.

13. Game of Thrones’ Jack Gleeson as a Roman Emperor

Actor Jack Gleeson, right, from Game of Thrones, looks the split of Roman emperor Caligula, left

Looks like Joffrey from Game of Thrones was always destined to rule.

The actor who plays the royal brat in the show looks identical to a Roman emperor called Caligula.

Meanwhile, these incredible doppelganger encounters are sure to make you look twice.

Scarlett Johansson discovered she had a 72-year-old doppelganger and she was so blown away by the gran shes invited her out for drinks.


23. Whos on Question Time this week? Chris Skidmore, Barry Gardiner, Nazir Afzal, Camilla Tominey and Vince Cable00:19[−]

QUESTION TIME continues as normal this week with another lively debate on the week’s major topics and stories.

Here is who is on the show on Thursday and what time you can catch it.

David Dimbleby is the regular host of Question Time

Who’s on Question Time tonight, what time is it on and where is it broadcasting from?

Question Time will be broadcast from Dewsbury in West Yorkshire on Thursday.

It is starting at the usual time of 10.45pm on BBC One, lasting an hour, and can also be listened to on BBC Radio 5 Live.

As always, the discussion will be chaired by David Dimbleby although he’s not going to be in the hot seat for much longer.

On tonight’s show the veteran broadcaster is joined by:

  • Chris Skidmore – MP for Kingswood, South Gloucestershire and vice-chair of the Conservative Party
  • Barry Gardiner – Shadow secretary of state for international trade
  • Vince Cable – Lib Dem leader
  • Nazir Afzal – Former chief prosecutor for north west england and campaigner
  • Camilla Tominey – Associate editor of the Daily Telegraph

Who is Question Time host David Dimbleby?

Question Time is helmed by veteran broadcaster David Dimbleby, 79, and has been since 1994.

He joined the BBC as a news reporter in Bristol during the 60s and has appeared on news programmes since 1962.

David hosted the coverage of last year’s General Election, despite having announced that the 2015 national vote would be his last.

PA:Press Association
Veteran David Dimbleby has appeared on news programmes since 1962[/caption]

Can I be in the Question Time audience?

Question Time is filmed in front of a live studio audience, but the audience isnt just there to watch, applause, heckle and listen they are put to work to come up with questions for the panel.

Those who wish to apply to be part of the audience can do so via the Join the Question Time audience web page run by the BBC.

Hopefuls will be required to fill out a questionnaire to be considered as an audience member and will be contacted on the Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday before the programme airs.

How long has Question Time been running?

Question Time has been airing on the BBC since the end of the 1970s with the first episode broadcast on September 29, 1979.

The series was first presented by the late political broadcaster and commentator Sir Robin Day between 1979 and 1989, Peter Sisson between 1989 and 1993, and has been hosted by David Dimbleby since 1994.

The show has spawned a number of related shows including Any Questions?, The Big Questions, and Question Time Extra.


24. Inside Love Island millionaire Charlie Brakes luxury holiday in Switzerland with Ellie Brown packed with spa days, hiking and lots of nudity00:15[−]

LOVE Island’s Charlie Brake has been showing off his mega luxurious holiday in Switzerland with Ellie Brown.

The millionaire playboy jetted off to Gstaad with Ellie and has shared some pictures of the high life they’re leading including the view from their hotel and a picture of Charlie’s bum.

Charlie Brake and Ellie Brown are holidaying in Gtaad, Switzerland[/caption]

The pair were in Gstaad staying at a top hotel and enjoyed hikes, fancy dinners and breakfast in bed.

Ellie showed off her fantastic figure in a blue two-piece and the two smooched up for the camera for a romantic selfie.

Charlie then showed off his bare behind while at the top of a mountain and later showed off the suite they were staying in.

Recently Ellie hinted that she and Charlie are already ready to start a family – despite their on and off again relationship.

The pair met and fell in love on Love Island[/caption]

The 20-year-old posted a picture of them together on Instagram with the caption: Babe look sexy @charliebrake1 (no we are not miserable we are just posing and yes we look alike, cutest babies pending).

Charlie added fuel to the fire and commented below: “Blue eyed baby inbound.”

The millionaire shared this cheeky snap of his bum[/caption]

Ellie showed off her figure in this stunning bikini

One person wrote: My God the babies are going to be so beautiful.

Despite their very cosy selfies, the couples night out recently ended in tears, with Ellie leaving in a taxi alone.

The Geordie stunner was seen looking visibly upset as she left Tom Kitchens alone in a taxi, just hours after arriving hand in hand with Charlie.

Charlie is used to the good things in life

Multi-millionaire Charlie meanwhile was clearly in the mood to still party as he was seen leaving the restaurant with a shot in his hand before heading to Mahiki without his girlfriend.

Ellie later played down the drama by tweeting: “Let whoever think whatever, just keep getting better @Charlie_Brake love you.”

Ellie and Charlie recently hinted about having a baby

It came after it was revealed that Charlie had secretly dumped Ellie after a huge row last month, which saw him chuck her clothes out of the window.

A source told OK Online: Charlie did dump Ellie and kicked her out of his flat, and she was trying to find somewhere else to stay.”

The insider said that the pair got back together after the secret break up, although they have since been plagued by reports their relationship is on the rocks.

The Sun Online has contacted Ellie’s rep for comment.

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25. Strictly Come Dancings Danny John-Jules forced to stop rehearsals after injuring his toes00:14[−]

STRICTLY star Danny John-Jules has had to pause rehearsals due to injury just days before the first live show.

The 58-year-old has hurt his toes after practising his routine for nine hours a day.

Rex Features
Strictly star Danny John-Jules has had to pause rehearsals due to injury just days before the first live show[/caption]

Speaking to the Mirror, he said: “Mother Natures having a bit of a dig at me.

I had to bandage my toes.

His professional dance partner Amy Dowden, 27, ordered him to rest after noticing he

She said: I was telling him he needed to put his feet up.

The 58-year-old has hurt his toes after practising his routine for nine hours a day[/caption]

It’s not the first time Danny’s training routine has been disrupted.

Just weeks ago he had to abandon a session after getting caught up in a hostage situation.

Danny was on his way to the gym when a man apparently locked himself inside Willesden Sports Centre.

Police evacuated the centre when the man ‘exposed’ himself and threatened to harm members of the public.

At least ten police cars surrounded the sports centre in north west London.

Danny tweeted a video from the incident and said: “So I just turned up to go to the gym and this is what I was greeted with.

“You know what I mean. Whats going on?

Danny John Jules' Strictly training was ruined by a hostage situation
Danny John Jules’ Strictly training was ruined by a hostage situation just weeks ago

“So apparently theres a geezer or someone hold up in the gym and theres a hostage negotiator being called for.

“So welcome to North West London.”

He wrote alongside the video: “Incident NW London has thwarted my Dance preparation #Strictly #KensalRise #Harlesen #Willesden.”

A spokesman said: Police were called at 7.53am on Wednesday, August 29 to Willesden Sports Centre, following reports of a man exposing himself.

He wasn't able to train
He wasn’t able to train
SWNS:South West News Service

“The suspect, a 34-year-old man then jumped into the pool and threatened to harm officers and members of the public.

“All members of the public evacuated the pool and no one has suffered any injuries.

“Officers are concerned for the mans welfare and remain at the scene. The centre remains closed.”

Danny is taking part in this year's Strictly
Danny is taking part in this year’s Strictly
Getty Images - Getty

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26. These are the holiday destinations youve been saying wrong as its revealed Greek is the hardest language for tourists to master00:13[−]

THE hardest cities for Brits to pronounce have been revealed by a new study.

Boffins ran a test on British holidaymakers to see if they could correctly say a list of popular tourist destinations all over the word.

Mispronunciation map
These are the top 15 holiday hotspots that Brits have the most difficulty pronouncing
Sun Online

And we did dismally, with 92 per cent being unable to correctly pronounce the Slovenian city Ptuj (p-too-ee).

The study, run by the Bolsover Cruise Club, also found we were rubbish with foreign landmarks and food.

Only two per cent of Brits could correctly pronounce the Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallaj?kull (Eyy-afya-la-yoo-kull) and even the classic French dish bourguignon (bur-gen-yon) stumped most of the participants.

The survey of 2,000 people also showed that Brits struggle to correctly pronounce the Portuguese city Guimaraes (gi-mariez) and Rijeka (re-yah-kah), the third biggest city in Croatia.


Here is how to pronounce the cities that Brits struggled with the most.

1. Ptuj (Slovenia) – P-too-ee
2. Guimaraes (Portugal) – Gi-mareiz
3. Rijeka (Croatia) – Re-yeh-kah
4. Skopje (Macedonia) – Skohp-ee-ay
5. Oaxaca (Mexico) – Waa-haa-kuh
6. Sitges (Spain) – Seet-chehs
7. Bloemfontein (South Africa) – Bloom-fun-tayne
8. Ljubljana (Slovenia) Loob-lee-yah-nah
9. Gstaad (Switzerland) – Shtahd
10. Taormina (Italy) – Ta-or-mina
11. Llanelli (Wales) – La-neth-lee
12. Wroclaw (Poland) – Vrot-slav
13. Lesotho – Luh- soo-too
14. Tijuana (Mexico) – Ti-waa-nuh
15. Taipei (Taiwan) – Ty-pay

Picturesque Ptuj is the hardest holiday destination for Brits to say
Taipei, the capital of Taiwan, proved much more manageable in 15th place
Oaxaca, Mexico
The phonetic spelling of the city of Oaxaca in central Mexico is the name of a string of Mexican restaurants in the UK
Eyjafjallajokull volcano in South Iceland
The Eyjafjallajokull volcano in South Iceland caused air traffic disruption when it erupted in 2010
Guimaraes Portugal
Guimaraes in Portugal was the second hardest city for Brits to say

The hardest language for Brits to say is Greek, followed by Solevene, Swedish, Dutch and Croatian.

It turns out that even commonplace international foods like prosciutto (pro-shoot-oh) and quinoa (keen-wah) prove tricky for most in the UK.

And a whopping 42 per cent have admitted to struggling at tourist information centres overseas because of mispronunciations.

Michael Wilson, Managing Director at Bolsover Cruise Club, told the Mail Online: “Mastering the national language when heading abroad is always a great way to impress the locals, however, it seems many of us don’t always get it right!

Gstaad, Switzerland
Gstaad in Switzerland should be pronounced ‘Stahd’
Llanelli in Wales proved too tricky for most Brits – it should be said ‘La-neth-lee’
Lovely Ljubljana (loob-lee-yah-nah) is the capital of Slovenia, but second on the list of cities that Brits struggle with
Sitges City
Sitges City, Spain is in the Catalonia region
Bloemfontein in South Africa means ‘fountain of flowers’ when translated into English

“With languages in South-Eastern and Central Europe catching people out the most, this study reveals the irony that so many people can’t pronounce some of the most popular cities and landmarks to visit, no matter how close to home.

“It was interesting to discover Greek topped the list as the most difficult language for tourists to speak, however that shouldn’t deter would-be travellers.

“Trying to speak the local dialect will always contribute to cultural immersion, and with foreign language education declining in England, it’s important that holiday-goers do continue to make the effort when they head abroad.”

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27. Derry City 1 Bohemians 3: Dinny Corcoran double sends Bohs through to FAI Cup semi-final00:07[−]

DINNY CORCORAN was hailed a hero by over 200 Bohemians fans when he secured an FAI Cup semi-final against Cork City following this win at the Brandywell.

With Derry searching for a late leveller, Bohs broke on the counter with Corcoran sweeping a loose ball home after Ger Doherty had saved from Daniel Kelly in the 93rd minute.

Bohemians fans prior to kick-off at The Brandywell

The deserved win will see Dalymount Park host the semi-final much to the delight of those travelling fans.

Keith Long’s side may have survived a nervous finish after leading 2-0 midway through the second half but they deserved this victory having dominated the vital areas.

Having taken so long to get to grips with this quarter-final, Derry can have no complaints and the defeat basically ends their season end with a whimper following last week’s League Cup triumph.

Bohs went on to dominate possession but it was the home side that really should have broken the deadlock in the 10th minute after their first attack.

Dan Casey heads in the opening goal for Bohs

Aaron McEneff did well to weave his way past Bohs centre-back Dan Casey and send Ronan Hale free on the right.

The winger opted to go it alone and his shot from an acute angle was blocked by Bohs keeper Shane Supple.

Bohs issued a statement of intent five minutes later when Casey headed a free-kick across the face of the Derry goal before Doherty rose to punch the ball clear of the danger area.

Five minutes later, a slip by Derry’s Kevin McHattie let Daniel Kelly in but the winger failed to hit the target – flashing the ball well wide.

A powerful Kevin Devaney drive kept Doherty alert with the keeper diverting it out for a corner.

Bohs got their noses in front just before half-time and were full value for that lead.

Devaney floated the ball into the danger area from a corner and Casey, totally unmarked, rose to head the ball firmly home.

Bohs went close to doubling their lead in the 52nd minute when Dinny Corcoran’s acrobatic snaps-hot was well saved by Doherty – who played a captain’s role by keeping his team in this game.

The visitors spurned another glorious chance just three minutes later when Casey rose again unchallenged to head Keith Ward’s corner wide of the target.

Bohs doubled their advantage just before then hour mark when a superb move – started with a headed clearance by Casey – saw Kelly feed Corcoran.

The cool striker took his time to bring the ball under control before gleefully finding the bottom corner of the net and giving Doherty no chance.

Daniel Kelly celebrates with travelling fans after Corcoran put Bohs 2-0 up

Derry finally gave their supporters something to shout about when Jamie McDonagh broke down the right flank and his teasing low cross was driven into the net by the advancing Ally Roy.

As Derry fans celebrated the strike, the striker was far from happy as he was surprisingly called ashore and replaced by youngster, Aidan Delap, seconds after the goal.

Ronan Hale brought the best out of Supple in the 72nd minute – the keeper diverting the ball over his crossbar with a spectacular save.

Bohs midfielder Oscar Brennan leads the celebrations at full-time

Kenny Shiels’ side finished strongly and while Kelly could have ended the tie at one end, Derry sub Adrian Delap went so close to securing an equaliser.

But Bohs maintained their composure with Corcoran providing that tidy finish at the death for his second goal of the night.

SUN STAR MAN: Dinny Corcoran (Bohemians).

DERRY CITY: Doherty 7; McDonagh 7, Cole 6, Peers 6, McHattie 6; Ronan Hale 6, Rory Hale 6, McEneff 6, Fisk 6 (Low, 63); Shiels 6 (McNamee, 80); Roy 6 (Delap, 63).

Supple 7; Pender 7 (Cornwall, 70), Casey 8, Morris 7, Leahy 6; Kelly 6, Luney 7, Buckley 7, Devaney 8; Corcoran 8, Ward 6 (Brennan, 76).

REFEREE: R. Harvey (Dublin) 7

28. J.K. Rowling finally confirms Harry Potter fan theory about Hermiones name00:06[−]

J.K. Rowling has finally confirmed a Harry Potter fan theory about Hermione Granger’s name – and it makes a lot of sense.

Most of us have never met a Hermione, which meant kids, parents and teachers alike spent the first three books struggling to pronounce her unusual name.

J.K. Rowling’s just confirmed a fan theory about Hermione’s name and readers are delighted
Warner Bros
The Harry Potter author supported the theory on Twitter
Getty - Contributor

The famous films hadn’t been released yet, meaning we were short on guidance from those in the know – unless you had Stephen Fry’s audio books, that is.

But all that changed in the Goblet of Fire, aka the fourth instalment, when Hermione encountered the handsome but dim Viktor Krum.

In one particularly awkward scene, Hermione has to teach Krum how to say her name properly – spelling it out slowly as ‘Her-my-oh-nee’.

She was correcting Krum because he kept saying ‘Hermy-own’.

Fans speculated that Viktor Krum’s awkward lesson on how to pronounce Hermione’s name was included because so many readers were saying it wrong
Warner Bros

And fans have speculated that the scene was inserted deliberately by the author, because so many readers were also saying ‘Hermy-own’.

On Monday, lawyer Atulaa tweeted: “Theory: @jk_rowling included that passage on how to pronounce Hermione’s name in Goblet of Fire just to school all of us who were saying HER-MY-OWN like Viktor Krum.”

She confirmed the rumour, replying: “Theory correct”, and fans were delighted – with J.K’s tweet racking up more than 16,000 likes and re-tweets.

Dozens of fans have also ‘fessed up to saying ‘Her-me-own’ or even ‘Her-moyn’, as well as joking: “the biggest plot twist of my childhood was learning that it wasnt pronounced that way”.

The first film came out in 2001, four years after the Philosopher’s Stone book, and one year after Krum’s blunder set the world straight.

Of course, it was then that we finally got to hear Emma Watson say the magic words ‘Her-my-oh-nee Granger’ for ourselves.

In more Potter news, Muggles can have Christmas dinner in Hogwarts Great Hall again this year.

While H Samuel has launched a Harry Potter jewellery range and prices start at ?30.


29. When is Lady Gabriella Windsor and Thomas Kingstons wedding, where will it be held and when did they get engaged?00:03[−]

LADY Gabriella Windsor is engaged to her long term boyfriend Thomas Kingston.

Lets take a look at the latest royal nuptials.

Lady Gabriella Windsor, 37, and Thomas Kingston are expected to tie the knot in spring
PA:Press Association

When did they get engaged?

Buckingham Palace announced the engagement on September 19, 2018, after Thomas popped the question while the couple were visiting the Isle of Sark.

The pair have been dating for three years.

A statement read: “Prince and Princess Michael of Kent are delighted to announce the engagement of their daughter Lady Gabriella Windsor to Mr Thomas Kingston.

“The engagement took place in August; Mr Kingston proposed on the Isle of Sark (Guernsey).”

When is the wedding and where will it be held?

The couple are expected to tie the knot next spring although a venue has not been announced at this stage.

Who is Lady Gabriella Windsor?

Lady Gabriella, who goes by Ella, is the daughter of Prince Michael of Kent, the Queen’s cousin – making her 50th in line to the throne.

Ella is a senior branding director at Branding Latin America as well as a contributing writer for The London Magazine.

The royal shares a birthday with little Prince Louis and has a Masters degree from Oxford.

She did not attend Prince Harrys wedding to Meghan Markle.

Thomas is Pippa Middleton’s ex, and has been dating the royal for three years
? Max Mumby

Who is Thomas Kingston?

Thomas, who’s previously been described as the most eligible man in London, dated Pippa Middleton back in 2011.

He and Ella attended Pippa’s wedding to James Matthew last year as Thomas has remained close to his former flame.

Thomas works in frontier market investment and is the director of Devonport Capital.

He is a Bristol graduate, who started his career at the Diplomatic Missions Unit of Foreign Office, which involved moving to Baghdad in 2003.

The organisation’s role was to mediate in disputes between Iraq’s political, religious and tribal leaders and negotiate the release of foreign and Iraqi hostages.

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30. Tattooed England rugby stars like Courtney Lawes and Manu Tuilagi told to cover up their ink at 2019 Japan World Cup so they arent mistaken for GANGSTERS00:00[−]

ENGLAND’S tattooed stars will have to cover up at next year’s World Cup – so the Japanese locals don’t mistake them for MAFIA gangsters.

Players like Courtney Lawes, Jack Nowell, Joe Marler and Manu Tuilagi are all covered in ink, with body art down their arms and across their torsos.

England second row Courtney Lawes shows off his tats
Jack Nowell is also heavily inked
Manu Tuilagi has a Polynesian tattoo on his arm

But with a year exactly to the big kick-off, tournament chiefs have warned players to take note, as locals believe people with body art belong to organised crime gangs.

Japan 2019 chief Alan Gilpin said: “We will make people aware, around the facilities players will use in Japan, that people with tattoos in a Rugby World Cup context are not part of the Yakuza, the Japanese mafia.

“Thats where the issue comes from. We have done a lot in the last year or so with the teams to get them to understand that.

“The idea of putting a rash-vest on in the pool or in a gym, players will buy into as they want to respect the Japanese culture.

Exeter Chiefs and Lions star Jack Nowell will wont be able to use a public swimming pool in Japan unless he covers up
Prop Joe Marler is also a fan of body art

“We wont force any teams to cover up but they want to, because they want to be seen to be respecting the culture.”

As well as preparing for the cultural change teams will also have to be on red alert in a country that is hit by a whopping 480 earthquakes a year.

Just this month Japan was hit by its strongest typhoon for 25 years.

Then days later a devastating earthquake, hitting 6.7 on the Richter Scale, killed 39 people.

Japan was shocked recently by the Hokkaido earthquake

Sapporo, where England begin open their Pool C charge against Tonga on September 22, was also hit.

So contingency plans are already in place if a natural disaster were to hit during the tournament.

Gilpin added: Its a real hot topic for us right now.

“Teams will be arriving next year at a time when this year Japan has experienced a pretty significant typhoon and earthquake.

The earthquakes also cause huge landslides – which can also claim lives

We are planning right through from what happens if a team hotel or training venue is lost to what happens if one or more match venues are lost. We are working through all these scenarios.

Its a complex piece and something we would do for every tournament, but this one has a heightened sense of realism to it. We have to take it seriously.

But theres also a heightened sense of comfort that Japan deals with these issues all the time. Its not as though were dealing with a one-off here. As they very calmly tell us, 480 earthquakes a year.

Their venues and hotels are built to withstand incredible adverse conditions, so in some respects they are less affected.

Japan suffers from around 480 tremors a year

What you tend to see in Japan is generally its older buildings and structures that are affected when they have either earthquakes or typhoons.


31. Cristiano Ronaldo in tears following red card in his first Champions League clash for Juventus00:00[−]

CRISTIANO RONALDO is set to miss out on an Old Trafford return after being sent off for the first time ever in the Champions League.

The Juventus striker left the pitch in tears after seeing red for an off-the-ball incident with Valencia’s Jeison Murillo.

Cristiano Ronaldo was in tears after being sent off at the Mestalla
Cristiano Ronaldo was in tears after being sent off at the Mestalla
Cristiano Ronaldo walked off in tears after his red card
Cristiano Ronaldo walked off in tears after his red card

Ronaldo will definitely miss Juventus’ clash with Young Boys on October 2 but faces missing up to three games of this year’s competition.

And that would mean the Portuguese striker, 33, would miss the match at Old Trafford on October 23 and the return in Turin on November 7.

Ronaldo can also launch an appeal against the straight red card received in the 29th minute at the Mestalla.

He clashed with Murillo before the Valencia defender fell theatrically to the ground.

Cristiano Ronaldo was in tears after being shown a red card
Cristiano Ronaldo was in tears after being shown a red card
Cristiano Ronaldo was devastated to be sent off in hist first Champions League game for Juventus
Cristiano Ronaldo was devastated to be sent off in his first Champions League game for Juventus

Ronaldo reached down and appeared to grab the hair of the defender, who then stood up and squared up to the Juventus forward.

The 33-year-old was given the marching orders for the 11th time in his career and walked off sobbing.

He was consoled by Juventus manager Max Allegri and made his way straight down the tunnel for an early shower.

Former Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand said on BT Sport: “I think he’s got room to appeal – it’s a one-game ban, not a three-game ban.

Ronaldo appeared to grab Murillo's hair and was given his marching orders
Ronaldo appeared to grab Murillo’s hair and was given his marching orders
BT Sport
Cristiano Ronaldo was involved in an incident with Jeison Murillo
Cristiano Ronaldo was involved in an incident with Jeison Murillo
BT Sport
Miralem Pjanic took over spot-kick duties in Cristiano Ronaldo’s absence
The midfielder stuck away both of his penalties with Ronaldo in the dressing room
Getty - Contributor

“Cristiano can be temperamental, he could bite at things some times in the dressing room.”

But his ex-Red Devils team-mate Paul Scholes disagreed, saying: “You can’t do that.”

Scholes added: “Its a tough one to appeal. It looks like he has a couple of nibbles, a kick there, raises his left elbow.”

Two penalties from Miralem Pjanic saw 10-man Juventus take all three points against Valencia in their opening Group H clash.


32. Rugby World Cup 2019: England are in trouble, Ireland ahead of the pack and Wales and Scotland need to catch up00:00[−]

THE RUGBY World Cup is one year away – and England are in trouble.

The rock-bottom Red Rose are in another pool of death – but home nations rivals Wales, as well as Ireland, are looking much sweeter as the countdown to Japan 2019 starts in earnest.

Eddie Jones is well aware that his job is still not safe ahead of a crunch 12 months
Getty Images - Getty

What are the biggest questions at hand – and more importantly what are the answers?

Here, SunSport’s rugby correspondent Jonny Fordham takes you through the biggest talking points – and makes his early predictions at the bottom.

What kind of state are England at after six defeats in their last seven games?

A desperate one.

Not only is boss Eddie Jones still fighting for his job, but the RFU is in a financial mess after 60 redundancies thanks to a ?30million over-spend on Twickenham’s new East Stand.

All-in-all, it is the perfect storm of chaos on and off the pitch. Jones has taken his side from equalling the All Blacks’ world-record winning run of 18 in a row to a team at a real low.

The Red Rose boss knows his national side are in need of a boost

Wales, Scotland and Ireland are all looking on trying not to laugh at how the Red Rose have fallen so spectacularly.

And with England in another pool of death alongside France, Argentina, USA and Tonga – there is a real fear that this could be another tournament that is over before it has started.

How has Jones got it so wrong?

The Aussie came in with the plan to phase out skipper Dylan Hartley after two years and bring through Jamie George at hooker.

Eddie Jones didn’t expect to have to rely on skipper Dylan Hartley so much with Jamie George on the scene

The same could be said of Mike Brown at full-back. But steady Eddie has found himself stuck in a selection fog and can’t drop players who he thought he would.

His insistence to also play England’s best player, Owen Farrell, out of position at inside centre and not at no.10 is another mistake.

But he may get lucky if Manu Tuilagi stays fit to become his World Cup centre after three years of waiting for him to get over his injury curse.

Fit-again Manu Tuilagi touches down for Leicester Tigers after blitzing half the pitch and running over two Newcastle Falcons players this month

So there is no way England can get anywhere near the mighty All Blacks, then?

Well, troubled South Africa did – but they also hammered England 2-1 in the southern hemisphere this summer.

England’s players lack the skills of New Zealand’s, but that isn’t the fault of their boss.

The first showdown in the Autumn in November will be the ultimate acid test and gives Jones the chance to prove he still has what it takes to turn it around in just 12 months.

The All Blacks perform the Haka ahead of the First Test against the British and Irish Lions
The All Blacks came undone against South Africa last week – but are still favourites for Japan
Getty Images

Who will do the best out of the Lions unions then?

Look no further than Ireland. The toughest time they will face in their group is Scotland.

The Irish seem to have a never-ending conveyor belt of the hottest talent in Europe – and with Andy Farrell running their defence, they have it all and will be expected to reach the final.

Warren Gatland will be delighted with what’s happening to England and, to be fair to the Wales boss, he did predict it.

The Dragons have to deal with Australia in Pool D – but again, like Ireland and Scotland, the rest of their group are looking bang average.

Ireland look top dogs but Wales are not far behind
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Warren Gatland’s Wales are quietly improving during his last year as boss
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England – semi-finals

Wales – semi-finals

Scotland – quarter-finals

Ireland – finalists


33. Champions League Group H LIVE: Table, fixtures and results from Man Uniteds group00:00[−]

MANCHESTER UNITED kick off their Champions League campaign, looking for their fourth title in the premier European competition.

But Jose Mourinho’s men will first need to navigate their way past Juventus, Valencia and Young Boys.

Cristiano Ronaldo was sent off in his Champions League debut for Juventus against Valencia

Champions League Group H live table

Champions League Group H fixtures and results

Wednesday, September 19 (8pm): Young Boys 0-3 Manchester United

Wednesday, September 19 (8pm): Valencia 0-2 Juventus

Tuesday, October 2 (5.55pm): Juventus vs Young Boys

Tuesday, October 2 (8pm): Manchester United vs Valencia

Tuesday, October 23 (5.55pm): Young Boys vs Valencia

Tuesday, October 23 (8pm): Manchester United vs Juventus

Wednesday, November 7 (5.55pm): Valencia vs Young Boys

Wednesday, November 7 (8pm): Juventus vs Manchester United

Tuesday, November 27 (8pm): Manchester United vs Young Boys

Tuesday, November 27 (8pm): Juventus vs Valencia

Wednesday, December 12 (8pm): Young Boys vs Juventus

Wednesday, December 12 (8pm): Valencia vs Manchester United


34. Strictly Come Dancing professionals gang together and form union to demand pay rise from BBC bosses00:00[−]

STRICTLY Come Dancings professional dancers are forming an unofficial union to fight BBC bosses for a pay rise.

The ballroom experts currently receive ?50,000, per series for the flagship BBC1 show, but believe they deserve to pocket a lot more for their work.

Strictly Come Dancing champion Katya Jones won the 2017 series with actor Joe McFadden
Rex Features

It is believed that fee is the same for each pro, regardless of how many years they have been on the show.

Meanwhile, the Strictly judges receive between ?150,000 and ?250,000 per series.

Now the pro dancers have formed a un ion amongst themselves to call for bigger salaries.

A telly source said: The professionals have been talking among themselves and are going to come together to ask Strictly bosses for a pay rise.

Strictly Come Dancing’s pro dancers are currently paid ?50,000 per series despite how many years they’ve appeared on the show

Zoe Ball shared this snap of the professional dancers who are coming together to demand a pay rise from Strictly bosses[/caption]

They put in incredible hours rehearsing both with their celebrities and also group routines. A lot of them are putting in 10 hour days which is a lot of dancing.

It has been on the cards for a long time and they havent had a payrise in years. They love the show, they just want to feel their money reflects the amount of work they put in and also the celebrity status and profile that comes with it.

Some of them are now almost better known than the celeb contestants and they feel that should lead to more cash especially when the judges get paid so much just for turning up once a week. Some feel its a bit of a joke.

It comes three years after judge Bruno Tonioli, 62, blasted pros for complaining about their wage packets.

Karen Clifton has been a huge hit with viewers since joining Strictly Come Dancing in 2012
Rex Features
Ukrainian dancer Nadiya Bychkova, who has previously posed for Playboy, is paired with Blue’s Lee Ryan
PA:Press Association
Bruno Tonioli blasted the professional dancers for complaining about pay three years ago
Getty - Contributor

He ranted: Those are the terms of the negotiations. If you dont like it, stop moaning and f*** off. The BBC will never pay the kind of fees that ITV will pay.

Strictly has not made me a millionaire. I still live in the same apartment I bought in 1991, before Strictly. But I never moan. The BBC do a wonderful job.

Axed Strictly star Brendan Cole, 42, who was on the series for 15 years, was regularly vocal about his anger towards the dancers fees.

In 2008 he moaned that he couldnt afford to buy a house or a car said: My money from Strictly just about pays the bills. I dont have a car but I would like to get one.

BBC Pictures' Digital Picture
Strictly’s 2018 contestant includes Katie Piper, Lee Ryan and Ashley Roberts[/caption]

Strictly’s professional ladies, Janette Manrara, Amy Dowden, Nadiya Bychkova, Dianne Buswell, Oti Mabuse, Katya Jones and Luba Mushtuk at the show’s launch
Getty Images - Getty

I dont even own my own house that I live in. I cant afford it. I rent where I live.

The new series of Strictly Come Dancing kicked off earlier this month with a massive peak audience of 8.5million, and returns with celebrity contestant first dances on Saturday evening.


35. Champions League Group F LIVE: Table, fixtures and results from Man Citys group., 19 .[−]

CHAMPIONS LEAGUE success has so far eluded Manchester City since their Abu Dhabi takeover.

But after an impressive Premier League season last year, Pep Guardiola’s men will look to finally get some European silverware.

Manchester City lost to eventual finalists Liverpool in the Champions League last season
Getty Images - Getty

Champions League Group F live table

Champions League Group F fixtures and results

Wednesday, September 19 (5.55pm): Shakhtar Donetsk 2-2 Hoffenheim

Wednesday, September 19 (8pm): Manchester City 1-2 Lyon

Tuesday, October 2 (5.55pm): Hoffenheim vs Manchester City

Tuesday, October 2 (8pm): Lyon vs Shakhtar Donetsk

Tuesday, October 23 (8pm): Hoffenheim vs Lyon

Tuesday, October 23 (8pm): Shakhtar Donetsk vs Manchester City

Wednesday, November 7 (8pm): Lyon vs Hoffenheim

Wednesday, November 7 (8pm): Manchester City vs Shakhtar Donetsk

Tuesday, November 27 (8pm): Hoffenheim vs Shakhtar Donetsk

Tuesday, November 27 (8pm): Lyon vs Manchester City

Wednesday, December 12 (8pm): Shakhtar Donetsk vs Lyon

Wednesday, December 12 (8pm): Manchester City vs Hoffenheim


36. Valencia 0-2 Juventus LIVE RESULT: Juve ease to victory despite Cristiano Ronaldos first-half red card., 19 .[−]

JUVENTUS open their Champions League campaign against Valencia at the Mestalla.

The competition’s all-time top scorer, Cristiano Ronaldo, will make his debut for the club in the tournament as he bids for his fifth title in six years.


37. Viktoria Plzen 2-2 CSKA Moscow LIVE RESULT: Late drama in Czech Republic as CSKA earn draw., 19 .[−]

CSKA MOSCOW travel to the Czech Republic to face Viktoria Plzen in their Champions League opener.

The pair will likely to be battling it out for third and the Europa League spot – fellow Group G opponents Real Madrid and Roma are favourites to progress.


38. Young Boys 0-3 Man Utd LIVE RESULT: Paul Pogba double helps United cruise to victory., 19 .[−]

MANCHESTER UNITED kick off their new Champions League campaign with a trip to Switzerland to face Young Boys.

Jose Mourinho’s men will be looking to go further this season, after losing out to Sevilla in the Round of 16 last year.


39. Champions League round-up: Renato Sanches back on song at Bayern Munich as he forgets all about Swansea nightmare., 19 .[−]

RENATO SANCHES netted against his former club but refused to celebrate as Bayern Munich eased to a 2-0 away win at Benfica.

Many might have expected the German to cut their losses with the Portuguese international after his horror spell on loan at Swansea last season.

Renato Sanches has got the smile back on his face now after a horror spell last season at Swansea
Renato Sanches has got the smile back on his face now after a horror spell last season at Swansea
Getty Images - Getty

But he started the game in his old stomping ground, and got on the end of James Rodriguez ball to put his side 2-0 up.

Earlier the Bundesliga champs had taken the lead at the Estadio da Luz when lethal Robert Lewandowski slotted home after good play down the flank from David Alaba.

Viktoria Plzen were two goals to the good at half-time in their Group G clash against CSKA Moscow – but were dealt the cruellest of blows at the death.

Michael Krmencik scored twice as he put the Czech outfit firmly in the driving seat.

Robert Lewandowski started the ball rolling with a trademark finish
Robert Lewandowski started the ball rolling with a trademark finish
AP:Associated Press
Bayern Munich proved too strong for their Portuguese opponents in their Champions League opener
Bayern Munich proved too strong for their Portuguese opponents in their Champions League opener
Getty Images - Getty

But Fedor Chalev made it a game again just four minutes into the second half with a smart finish from inside the box.

And in the fifth minute on second half injury time Mario Fernandes was fouled in the penalty area, and up stepped Everton loanee Nikola Vlasic to secure a dramatic share of the spoils.

In the other game in Man City’s group, Hoffenheim came within nine minutes of winning on their Champions League debut.

But Shakhtar Donetsk broke the tiny German town’s hearts by squaring their game up at 2-2 late on, which is how it finished.

Everton loan star Nikola Vlasic stepped up to secure a dramatic equaliser for CSKA Moscow
Everton loan star Nikola Vlasic stepped up to secure a dramatic equaliser for CSKA Moscow

The youngest coach in Champions League history at 31, Julian Nagelsmann, had to wait just six minutes to see his team score a first Champions League goal as Julian Grillitsch put Hoffenheim 1-0 up.

But Shakhtar responded with a solo effort from Ismaily in the 27th.

Defender Havard Nordveidt, once of West Ham, restored Hoffenheim’s lead with a header in the 38th after a corner. However, Maycon’s long-range shot in the 81st minute meant the teams shared the points in Group F.

Defender Nicolas Tagliafico scored twice as Ajax celebrated its return to Champions League football with an emphatic 3-0 victory over AEK Athens at the recently renamed Johan Cruyff Arena.

After dominating possession but failing to score in the first half, Argentina defender Tagliafico broke the deadlock just after the break and made it 3-0 in the 90th minute with an effort from an acute angle on the left that sailed over AEK goalkeeper Vassilis Barkas and into the goal.

In between, substitute Donny van de Beek doubled Ajax’s lead with a powerful close-range volley in the 77th.


40. Real Madrid 3 Roma 0: Gareth Bale, Isco and Mariano Diaz combine to get defending champions off to perfect start., 19 .[−]

GARETH BALE, Isco and Mariano Diaz combined to get defending champions Real Madrid off to the perfect start.

The Spaniard curled in a sublime free-kick in the 45th minute.

Gareth Bale celebrates scoring Real Madrid’s second against Roma

Isco lifted his attempt perfectly above the wall and the whip on the ball left Roma keeper Robin Olsen rooted to the spot.

Sergio Ramos could have put the hosts ahead seven minutes before but his looping header was tipped over.

So it was left to the Welshman to double the lead and he did so in trademark style.

Bale latched onto a perfectly weighted ball from Luka Modric and never broke stride as he ate up the space to the Roma box.

Bale celebrates his trademark goal for the Spaniards
Isco’s perfect free-kick opened the scoring

He then smashed his left-footed effort across Olsen and into the corner.

That assist was Modric’s 12th to Bale throughout the Wales hero’s career – the most of any player.

New signing Mariano – who has taken Cristiano Ronaldo’s No 7 shirt – added a stunning third in injury time.

Ronaldo was sent off for Juventus in their win over Valencia.

Mariano’s strike for Real Madrid was simply stunning
Bale’s low drive showed Los Blancos are coping just fine without Ronaldo

Mariano cut in from the right and unleashed a bullet from the edge of the box in the 93rd minute.

Los Blancos and boss Julen Lopetegui can start dreaming of a FOURTH straight triumph in Europe – especially after Man City’s shock home defeat to Lyon.


41. Woman tells of lucky escape after Storm Ali rips roof off her Cork home while she was in the shower., 19 .[−]

A WOMAN getting ready for work had a lucky escape as Storm Ali ripped the roof off her home as she took a shower.

Sabrina Lehane, 33, heard a loud bang this morning as she used the bathroom, but was unaware of what had happened until firemen came hammering at the door of her 120-year-old house in Blarney, Co Cork.

Sabrina Lehane outside her house after Storm Ali ripped the roof off
John Delea 2018

She said: I heard a thumping at the door. I opened my curtains and there was loads of firemen outside. I went out to the front door and the roof had blown off.

It had blown over onto my neighbours roof and the firemen managed to get it off and put it into the garden of a vacant house next door. They did great work and Im very grateful to them for all they did.

I didnt get to work and my boss was very understanding when he heard what happened. I am living here for the past three years and did quite a lot of renovation work. Thankfully that has not been affected. Im glad I dont have to move out.

Sabrina was alerted to the incident by firemen
John Delea 2018

These things happen and you have to make the best of the situation. No-one was injured or died and thats a real bonus.

The other major casualty in Cork city were some of the iconic Lime Trees, planted over 100 years ago to mark the arrival of the Henry Ford plant in the city.

The trees had suffered a major set back when dozens of them came down during Storm Ophelia last October.

42. Man City 1-2 Lyon LIVE RESULT: Joint favourites lose at home to French outfit in Champions League opener., 19 .[−]

MANCHESTER CITY get their Champions League campaign underway when they host Lyon at the Etihad Stadium.

Pep Guardiola’s men will be looking to go further than last season’s quarter-final disappointment – and are also joined by Shakhtar Donetsk and Hoffenheim in Group F.


43. Young Boys 0 Manchester United 3: Paul Pogba double sees Jose Mourinhos side win Champions League opener., 19 .[−]

PAUL POGBA was Manchester Uniteds plastic fantastic as he put in a Grand Slam showing worthy of Roger Federer.

Jose Mourinho had urged his side to take lessons from how the Swiss tennis ace adapts to different surfaces ahead of last nights assignment on artificial turf.

Paul Pogba added his and United’s second from the spot
PA:Empics Sport

And World Cup-winner Pogba took his managers advice on board with two smashing strikes.

Mourinhos men had actually looked more like Roger Rabbit in the headlights early on in the Stade de Suisse.

But Pogbas left-footed stunner and penalty made it game, set and match before the break – before he served up Anthony Martial for a second-half third.

This was never quite the men against Young Boys that the scoreline suggested.

Anthony Martial made it 3-0 as his strike deflected into the bottom corner
France ace Paul Pogba smashes United in front left-footed
AFP or licensors

Yet Mourinho will have been delighted to get off the plastic pitch with three points and no fresh injuries, as they now look forward to the green grass of Old Trafford and Saturdays visit of Wolves.

This was actually Mourinhos first win in Switzerland after two defeats here against Basel with United and Chelsea.

And the Portuguese will have known it was crucial to get off to a strong start given that Valencia and Juventus are their other opponents in Group H.

On Uniteds last European outing back in March, they surrendered to Sevilla and crashed out in the last 16.

And this was certainly an improved performance – especially given the surface.

The Manchester United skipper took his first-half chances well

Mourinho had actually been so concerned about the pitch that he flagged it at a Uefa coaches forum earlier this month.

And even referee Deniz Aytekin commented how it was so hard before kick-off last night.

The turf was then heavily watered just before the teams came out to make it zippier.

Yet that only seemed to make it slippy, with players from both teams struggling to stay on their feet.

Mourinho had already left Antonio Valencia at home because he did not want to risk his knee on the surface.

The Ecuadorians replacement was 19-year-old Diogo Dalot, making his United debut following his ?19million summer move from Porto – and he impressed.

United were under the cosh in the first period but went into the break 2-0 ahead
Paul Pogba put in a superb shift in the United midfield

In front of him was Marcus Rashford, who was in from the start for the first time since the Premier League opener against Leicester.

Mourinho last week launched a passionate defence of the England strikers game time under his management after criticism from pundits.

But while Rashford, who is currently serving a domestic suspension, will have been pleased to be in last nights line-up, he did not really make the most of it and was subbed after 69 minutes.

Young Boys, in their first ever Champions League group game, were by no means overawed by the occasion.

And their noisy Swiss supporters certainly belong on this stage.

So too, on this evidence, does Kevin Mbabu, whose display at right-back more than made a mockery of Newcastles decision to get rid of him a year ago.

It was his cross for which led to former France international Guillaume Hoarau heading just wide in the eighth minute, with David de Gea stranded.

Anthony Martial was delighted to find himself on the scoresheet
AFP or licensors

And the Spanish stopper was called into action soon after as he tipped over Mohamed Ali Camaras piledriver from 25 yards.

United looked nervy at both ends of the pitch, as Dalot got caught out by a long ball and Christian Fassnacht cut inside him, only for Victor Lindelof to block his shot.

Fassnacht then tried his luck, this time from outside the box, with De Gea having to tip over.

Yet completely against the run of the play, United went ahead after 35 minutes via some Pogba magic.

The Frenchman fed to Fred, who was tackled by Camara on the edge of the box.

But Pogba picked the ball back up, shimmed to his left with some neat footwork before crashing into the top left corner with a thunderous finish.

It was his first goal from open play since the World Cup.

And he was to double his tally nine minutes later with his third penalty conversion of the campaign.

The awarding of the spot-kick was soft, with Luke Shaws cross striking the hand of Mbabu, who could have done nothing to avoid it.

Jose Mourinho’s side were put under more pressure than the scoreline showed

But that mattered little to Pogba, who again stuttered his run-up – despite missing like that at Burnley – and fired into the top right with a strike just as clinical as his first.

Young Boys, who are already eight points clear in the Swiss Super League, by no means gave up.

Yet for all their huffing and puffing they did not force De Gea into another save – and United wrapped things up in the 66th minute.

Again Pogba was the architect, powering through midfield before threading in Martial.

And the Frenchman, who had been one of Uniteds worst performers, squeezed the ball in off Camara for his first goal since January.


44. Benfica 0-2 Bayern Munich LIVE RESULT: Robert Lewandowski and Renato Sanches help cruise past Portuguese outfit., 19 .[−]

BAYERN MUNICH begin their Champions League campaign, looking for their first European success in six seasons.

They kick off this year’s tournament against Benfica, who also have a point to prove in the competition.


45. Man City 1 Lyon 2: Nabil Fekir and Maxwel Cornet sink Premier League champs as Pep Guardiola watches from stands., 19 .[−]

THERE were no sightings of Pep Guardiola smuggling himself into a laundry basket and being wheeled into the Manchester City dressing-room at half-time last night.

But as City were sent on their way to a shock opening-night defeat by Lyon, the banned City manager must half have been sorely tempted to take a leaf from the book of dirty tricks favoured by his old mucker Jose Mourinho.

Pep Guardiola watched on in horror as Man City lost 2-1 to Lyon at the Etihad
Pep Guardiola watched on in horror as Man City lost 2-1 to Lyon at the Etihad
AP:Associated Press
Nabil Fekir, who nearly joined Liverpool this summer, scored a belter from distance
Nabil Fekir, who nearly joined Liverpool this summer, scored a belter from distance
Getty Images

Perhaps it was mere coincidence that this defeat arrived with Guardiola banished to the stand – but City lacked their usual fluency in the absence of their touchline hip priest.

Individual blunders from Fabian Delph and Fernandinho were to blame for Lyons 2-0 half-time lead, so it would be difficult to point the finger at understudy Mikel Arteta, who was handed full controls of the train-set.

Yet there always something different when a supply teacher is in charge and Citys straight-A students played up something rotten.

Bernardo Silva pulled one goal back midway through the second half but City could not find a leveller.

Maxwel Cornet opened the scoring for the visitors on Wednesday evening
Maxwel Cornet opened the scoring for the visitors on Wednesday evening
Bernardo Silvas effort in the second half failed to inspire a comeback
Bernardo Silva’s effort in the second half failed to inspire a comeback

In a comfortable-looking group containing Hoffenheim and Shakhtar Donetsk, you would still fancy City to emerge into the knock-out stage.

But what ought to have been a straightforward draw has been complicated drastically by this result.

The bookies had decided that after years of under-achievement in the Champions League, this would be Citys year to conquer Europe making them pre-tournament favourites.

It was quite a leap of faith given that City have reached just one semi-final in seven stabs at the thing and even then they had stank the place out against Real Madrid under Manuel Pellegrini.

Guardiola couldn't believe what he was seeing as Mikel Arteta took control of the match
Guardiola couldn’t believe what he was seeing as Mikel Arteta took control of the match[bc_video video_id="5837245142001" account_id="5067014667001" player_id="default" embed="in-page" padding_top="56%" autoplay="" min_width="0px" max_width="640px" width="100%" height="100%" caption="Pep Guardiolas daughter Valentina cries as Manchester City suffer shock Champions League defeat to Lyon"]</p> <p>
Cornet set the tone for the match when he fired in Lyon's opener
Cornet set the tone for the match when he fired in Lyon’s opener

Despite his early heroics with Barcelona, Guardiola also has a modest Champions League record of late, in his last seven campaigns he has failed to guide either Barca, Bayern Munich or City to the last four.

While knock-out football can always be haphazard, that record is becoming a blemish on his sainted reputation.

From the thousands of empty seats to the continued booing of the Champions League anthem, acceptable on purely musical grounds at the very least, there is a feeling that City have never clasped this competition to their bosom.

Not that anyone envisaged what was about to unfold on the opening night of this campaign.

Lyon are mid-table in the French top flight and have three Manchester rejects in their starting line-up Memphis Depay and Rafael, previously of United, and Jason Denayer, once one of those City kids destined for great things who never get a chance.

For a while it looked like being routine Sterling making a nuisance of himself, David Silva sorcering about, Aymeric Laporte heading against a post.

But in the 27th minute, Lyon shredded the agenda, with significant help from Delph.

Nabil Fekir, who almost joined Liverpool in the summer, delivered a low cross from the left which asked a routine clearance from the England man, in isolation at the far post.

Things went from bad to worse when Fekir fired home from distance
Things went from bad to worse when Fekir fired home from distance
City managed to grab a consolation goal through Silva
City managed to grab a consolation goal through Silva

Yet Delph developed a second left foot, misjudged horribly and allowed Maxwel Cornet to sneak up behind and side-foot past Ederson.

You assumed City would get into rapid-response unit mode. Ilkay Gundogan netted but only after the whistle had blown for a marginal offside against Sterling.

Then Delph saw a deflected shot smartly saved by Anthony Lopes and Gabriel Jesus had a decent shout for a penalty when he tumbled over the out-stretched leg of Rafael.

But Citys passing was sloppy, one miscued cross attempt from Kyle Walker, straight into the crowd, summing up their shoddiness.

And two minutes before the break, Fekir introduced a bloody great cat into the pigeon loft robbing Fernandinho, executing a swift one-two with Memphis, then slotting past Ederson.

Guardiola, up in the second tier of the Colin Bell Stand with his son Marius, remained vaguely deadpan but must have been seething inside.

While results have been fine, there have been signs of City creaking a little at the start of the season.

A draw at newly-promoted Wolves, a narrow home win over Newcastle and despite a 3-0 thumping of Fulham, a performance which had Guardiola raging at their sloppiness.

David Silva was unable to work his usual magic in the centre of the park
David Silva was unable to work his usual magic in the centre of the park
Getty Images
The likes of Raheem Sterling also had no joy in the wider areas
The likes of Raheem Sterling also had no joy in the wider areas

Yet finding themselves in this predicament was still a shock to their system.

Arteta made no half-time switches but soon sent on Leroy Sane for Gundogan.

Yet after Jesus had a low shot saved, Lyon carved out a glorious chance to sew it up.

Cornet, very much in tune, sliced open the City defence with his pass and Memphis out-paced Walker no mean feat only to thump his shot against inside of the post.

It felt like a potential game-changer and, after Sergio Aguero arrived in place of Jesus, City gained a foothold midway through the second half.

The move stemmed from John Stones winning possession with a masterful tackle before Sane was released on the left, beat his man and cut back for Bernardo Silva to steer home a shot.

Aguero then drilled a shot from the edge of the area, forcing Lopes into an instinctive save.

The Argentine, who had been benched after suffering a minor knock on Saturday, came closest to an equaliser with a burst of speed to get him behind the Lyon defence, only for his shot to be saved by Lopes.

But the French club were not exactly put under extreme levels of pressure, City unable to pass their opponents to death as is so often the case.

Without Guardiola at hand, it just wasnt quite the same.


46. Real Madrid 3-0 Roma LIVE RESULT: Isco, Gareth Bale and Mariano score to give holders easy Champions League win., 19 .[−]

REAL MADRID will begin their bid to make it four Champions League titles in as many years, when they face Roma.

After winning a hat-trick of trophies in a row, they will have to make do without the tournament’s all-time top scorer Cristiano Ronaldo – and against semi-finalists from last season.


47. How old is Caitlyn Jenner, when did she transition from Bruce Jenner, whats her net worth and who are her children?., 19 .[−]

CAITLYN Jenner is one of the most recognisable names in showbiz following her life under the spotlight before, during and after her transition.

We took back on her life so far and the legacy she has created as an LGBT spokesmodel and former Olympic gold medallist.

Caitlyn Jenner is currently promoting her new autobiography, The Secrets Of My Life
Caitlyn Jenner released a memoir, The Secrets Of My Life, following her transition
Getty Images

Who is Caitlyn Jenner?

Caitlyn Jenner, formerly known as Bruce Jenner, is an Olympic gold medal-winning decathlete and Keeping Up With The Kardashians star.

Jenner previously identified as male but publicly announced her identity as a trans woman – and her name change to Caitlyn – on the cover of July 2015 issue of Vanity Fair – which was seen around the world.

The 68-year-old was born on October 28, 1949, in Mount Kisco, New York and after showing a talent for sports at a young age, won a football scholarship to Graceland College in Iowa.

However, she had to quit the game after a knee injury, at which point the Graceland track coach then encouraged Jenner to try her hand at the decathlon.

Jenner went on to win the gold medal for the event at the Montreal Olympic Games in 1976, earning the unofficial title as the “World’s Greatest Athlete”.

Capitalising on her new-found fame, Jenner became a spokesperson for Wheaties cereal and over the years appeared in numerous reality TV shows including the American version of I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here.

Since 2007, she has regularly appeared on Keeping Up With The Kardashians alongside her ex-wife Kris, her step-children Kim, Kourtney and Khloe and biological daughters Kendall and Kylie.

Jenner is openly Republican, which has caused controversy following beliefs in the political system about the LGBT community, and Donald Trump’s later removal of transgender soldiers in the Army.

Caitlyn underwent gender reassignment surgery in January 2017
Caitlyn underwent gender reassignment surgery in January 2017
Splash News

When was she known as Bruce Jenner?

Caitlyn was known as Bruce Jenner until she came out as a trans woman during an interview with Diane Sawyer in April 2015.

Jenner revealed she had dealt with gender dysphoria when she was younger and said that “for all intents and purposes, I’m a woman”.

She has undergone cosmetic surgery and revealed in her new memoir that she had gender reassignment surgery in January 2017.

In June 2015, Jenner’s Vanity Fair cover was released with the tag line: “Call Me Caitlyn”, revealing her new name and image.

The star was an Olympic gold medallist in the Decathlon for the US
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Her transition was documented in an E! reality show called I Am Cait. The programme looked at how Jenner’s transition affected her relationships, as well as examining her role within the LGBT and transgender communities.

Writing about the surgery in her memoir, she said: “The surgery was a success, and I feel not only wonderful but liberated,” adding that it was a “complex decision” to go ahead with the operation.

Caitlyn also admitted that she only speaks to a “couple” of her six children since her transition.

What is Caitlyn Jenner’s net worth?

Caitlyn is widely reported to be worth in the region of ?65million.

She was paid ?3.2million from E! for her reality show I Am Cait and TMZ reports she can command a fee of up to ?78,000 per speech.

Caitlyn has been married three times and has six children
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How many times has Caitlyn been married?

After graduating from university, Jenner married her first wife Chrystie Crownover.

During their marriage, the pair had son Burt and daughter Casey but divorced in 1980 after nine years of marriage.

On January 5, 1981, Jenner married actress Linda Thompson in Hawaii and the couple have two sons together, Brandon and Brody Jenner.

By 1986, they had separated and in 1991, Jenner married Kris Kardashian after five months of dating.

They have two daughters together, Kendall and Kylie and Jenner was also a step-parent to Kris’ children Kim, Kourtney, Khloe and Rob Kardashian.

Jenner and Kris announced their split in October 2013 and their divorce came through in March 2015.

When asked if she’s now interested in finding love during a frank interview on Loose Women, Caitlyn revealed she’s got no time for dating.

I have no real desire [to date], my life is full of family,” she said.

“I have no idea who would even be a good person [to go on date with].

Caitlyn with ex-wife Kris Jenner, daughters Kendall and Kylie and step daughters Kim, Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian
Caitlyn with ex-wife Kris Jenner, daughters Kendall and Kylie and stepdaughters Kim, Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian
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What is Caitlyn’s relationship like with the Kardashians since her split?

In September 2017, Caitlyn discovered daughter Kylie was pregnant through the media – and not by talking with her.

A source close to the family exclusively told The Sun Online: Caitlyn had to find out that Kylie was pregnant just like everyone else from the internet.

“She was heartbroken that her own daughter wouldnt confide something so serious to her first.”

She has previously been open about the fact that the relationship she has with her step-children has turned sour, and in August revealed she hadn’t spoken to Kim in nine months.

Caitlyn also caused more of a rift after exposing the inner workings of her marriage to Kris in her book, The Secrets of My Life.

Caitlyn Jenner couldn’t hide her upset when Piers Morgan made an unsavoury comment about her gender transition[/caption]

Why did Caitlyn get angry during an interview with Piers Morgan?

Caitlyn couldnt hide her anger when Piers Morgan made a joke about her gender transition when she appeared on his Life Stories TV show.

The former Olympian, 68, lashed out when Piers asked her about her physical changes and quipped that there were certain areas we know about.

Caitlyn told him: You made a comment there and that’s why you would get in trouble, OK? You said certain areas – that, to a trans-person, is disrespectful.

Piers, whose interview with Caitlyn will air on Thursday night, defended his comment much to Caitlyns annoyance.

She told him: It’s not funny. It’s life. It’s a very serious part of my life.

It’s not something that you joke about. This is serious stuff. People die over these issues. It’s not a joke.


48. Coronation Street fans as amazed as Peter Barlow reveals he is 53 years old., 19 .[−]

CORONATION Street fans were left amazed when Peter Barlow revealed he was 53 years old.

Viewers couldn’t believe how good the character, played by 50-year-old actor Chris Gascoyne, looked for his age, as the father-of-one revealed he was in his sixth decade at the end of tonight’s double bill.

Coronation Street
Coronation Street viewers were left amazed when Peter Barlow revealed he is 53 years old

Angry at how his day had gone, Peter told his dad Ken Barlow, who was sat in his living room: “I’m a 53 year old bloke, who still lives with his dad, can’t do right by his son and is surrounded by my exes. How pathetic!”

The co-owner of the Underworld factory continued: “I just have to suck it all up. All the head shaking, all the finger wagging. Because everyone else around here can do and say just what they like.”

He had been put in a mood after a tense exchange with ex Toyah Battersby, clash with another ex Carla Connor and fight with his son Simon, who is being bullied by the son of a new employee.

Peter’s character was born on screen along with twin sister Susan to Ken and Valerie Barlow during an episode broadcast in 1965, and Chris made his first appearance in the role in 2000.

Coronation Street
Soap fans couldn’t believe how good the character, played by 50-year-old actor Chris Gascoyne, looked for his age

Those watching at home took to Twitter to share their shock that Peter was meant to be in his sixth decade.

One wrote: “The most shocking thing about @itvcorrie tonight was that is 53!!!”

Another commented: “Peter Barlow is 53?!? Well I never. Still get it

A third shared: “Peter Barlows is 53 wow looking good in it

Coronation Street
At the end of tonight’s double bill Sally Metcalfe was placed behind bars for intimidating a witness and trying to discredit opposition solicitor Imran Habeeb

It comes after fans were left unsympathetic when Sally Metcalfe was put behind bars and told she could face life in prison.

Viewers felt the former Mayor of Weatherfield – who is innocent – had brought the horrible situation on herself when she fired her lawyer Paula Cunliffe, in the first half of tonight’s double bill, for having sex with her daughter Sophie.

Coronation Street
The former Mayor of Weatherfield had fired her lawyer Paula Cunliffe for having sex with her daughter Sophie Webster

A disastrous pre-trial hearing led the judge to revoke Sally’s bail and place her on remand until her court date, which will see her defend herself accusations she is responsible for a ?40,000 charity scam.

Sitting next to her opponent Duncan Radfield, the judge punished her for intimidating a witness and trying to discredit opposing solicitor Imran Habeeb.

Of her character’s arrest, actress Sally Dynevor said: “Im really excited about seeing her out of her comfort zone and how it will affect her. She will no doubt make some enemies, Sally is never going to sit back and do nothing!

“She will try and make something good come out of the worst possible scenario.

  • Coronation Street airs Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights on ITV

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49. How many games do players miss for a red card in Premier League and Champions League and how many matches will Cristiano Ronaldo miss?., 19 .[−]

EVERYBODY knows that when a player gets sent off they receive a suspension.

But less people know how many games their player will miss when they get a red card.

Here’s what we know about all football’s rules regarding suspensions…

Roberto Pereyra was sent off for Watford against West Brom at the weekend
Roberto Pereyra was sent off for Watford against West Brom last season
PA:Press Association

How many matches does a player miss after a red card?

If a player is sent off for a professional foul (eg holding an opponent back when they’re through on goal) or a second bookable offence they will be handed a one-match ban.

Straight red cards for dissent will result in a two-match ban, while dangerous tackles or violent conduct will result in a three-match ban which can be raised to four or more games in extreme cases.

Incidents of racism will almost certainly result in a ban longer than three games while a red card for spitting triggers an automatic six-match ban.

Players who have been sent off will also be banned for a further match if they refuse to leave the pitch within a reasonable time period after receiving a red card.

In the Champions League and Europa League, players will miss one match if they are sent off.

As a result, Cristiano Ronaldo’s red in Juventus’ opener will see him unavailable against Young Boys – unless deemed more serious.

Cristiano Ronaldo was left in tears after being sent off in the first half of his Juventus Champions League debut against Valencia

How many yellow cards before a player is automatically suspended?

Players will be receive a one-match ban if they receive five yellow cards in domestic competitions.

A player who receives ten yellow cards will get a two-match ban and a player with 15 yellow cards will get a three-match ban.

In the unlikely event that a player receives 20 yellow cards they will suffer the humiliation of being forced to attend a special hearing at the FA to discuss their conduct.

In the Champions League and Europa League players will be banned for receiving three yellow cards.

When does the Premier League wipe cards from records?

Premier League yellow cards are wiped on December 31, while the EFL wipe yellow cards on November 30.

That means any player who receives five yellow cards will not be banned.

However cards aren’t wiped entirely as any player who obtains ten yellow cards after New Year will still get a two-match ban.

In European and international competitions, yellow cards are wiped after the quarter-finals.

Can a red card be overturned?

A straight red card can be overturned if an appeal is lodged with the FA and a panel decides the referee got the decision wrong.

In the event of a successful appeal, the suspension will be cancelled.

But if the FA rule a club has lodged a ‘frivolous’ appeal, a three-game ban can be increased to four.

Appeals can’t be lodged in the event of a second yellow card, apart from in cases of mistaken identity.

Do red card suspensions extend to international games?

Club red cards are completely separate from international red cards.

No cards received at club level will result in an international ban and vice-versa.

Luis Suarez received a four month global ban for biting Giorgio Chiellini
Luis Suarez received a four month global ban for biting Giorgio Chiellini
Getty Images

However, Fifa do have the power to enforce a global ban.

After biting Giorgio Chiellini in the 2014 World Cup, Luis Suarez was banned from all football for four months.


50. Cristiano Ronaldo told officials I did not do anything after being shown straight red against Valencia., 19 .[−]

CRISTIANO RONALDO left the pitch in tears after being shown a straight red against Valencia and reportedly told officials: “I did not do anything.”

The Juventus superstar tussled with Jeison Murillo during the first half of their Champions League clash.

Cristiano Ronaldo left the pitch in tears after being shown a straight red
AP:Associated Press

Contact looked minimal but Ronaldo was sent off – his first ever red card in Europe’s top competition in his Champions League game for Juve.

And his incredulity at what happened was expressed in what he is believed to have told officials as he left the pitch.

Respected journalist Juan Furlanich tweeted what Ronaldo is understood to have said.

Ronaldo will miss the clash with Young Boys, and could be ruled out of one or both of the games against Manchester United depending on the length of his ban.

Ronaldo looks on in disbelief after he is sent off
The Portuguese superstar is in utter despair after getting his first red in the Champions League
Ronaldo is a picture of utter dejection after being given his marching orders
BT Sport

The red card from referee Felix Brych appeared harsh but he discussed it with his assistant behind the goal before committing.

Going down to ten men did not affect the Serie A champions too much though as they raced into a 2-0 lead thanks to two goals from Miralem Pjanic.

This was Ronaldo’s 11th red card of his career.

Former Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand said on BT Sport: “I think he’s got room to appeal – it’s a one-game ban, not a three-game ban.

Ronaldo appears utterly amazed at being given a straight red
AFP or licensors

“Cristiano can be temperamental, he could bite at things some times in the dressing room.”

But his ex-Red Devils team-mate Paul Scholes disagreed, saying: “You can’t do that.”

Scholes added: “Its a tough one to appeal. It looks like he has a couple of nibbles, a kick there, raises his left elbow.”


51. Nottingham Forest 2-1 Sheffield Wednesday LIVE RESULT: Forest hold on for much-needed win., 19 .[−]

SHEFFIELD WEDNESDAY travel to Nottingham Forest, looking for their fourth win in five in the Championship.

Their recent draw against Stoke is the only blemish on that record – but Forest have failed to win in the league in their last four matches.


52. Viktoria Plzen vs CSKA Moscow: Live stream, TV channel, kick-off time, and team news for Champions League clash., 19 .[−]

CSKA Moscow travel to Plzen to take on the Czech champions on in the first set of Champions League fixtures, on Wednesday night.

Just their third appearance in a CL group stage, the second place team (this season) can get off to winning ways against the odds and boost their confidence going into the remaining fixtures.

CSKA prepared to face Plzen in Czech Republic, to kickstart CL campaign
Getty - Contributor

Viktor Goncharenko’s side are all-guns blazing for the new campaign and have also got off to a decent start, sitting in fifth place with 3 wins, 3 draws and just the single defeat.

However, with everything up for grabs, on a game-by-game basis on the Champions League, CSKA will be hoping to get off to the perfect start and contest for those automatic places, into the knockout phase.

What time is kick-off?

This fixture takes place on Wednesday, September 19.

It will be held at the Dossan Arena.

Kick-off at 8pm.

Which channel is it on and can I live stream it?

This game will be shown on BT Sport Extra 4, coverage from 7.45pm

Alternatively, you can keep up-to-date with all the latest action on the SunSport LIVE BLOG.

What is the team news?


53. Benfica vs Bayern Munich: Live stream, TV channel, team news and kick-off time for Champions League clash., 19 .[−]

BAYERN MUNICH begin their Champions League campaign with a clash against Benfica in Group E.

The German giants, who were knocked out by Real Madrid in the semi-final last year, are unbeaten in five matches in Lisbon.

What time is kick-off?

This match will take place on Wednesday, September 19.

It will kick-off at 8pm.

The Estadio da Luz will host the showdown.

Which TV channel is it on and can I live stream it?

This match will be shown live on BT Sport Extra 3.

Alternatively, you can keep up to date with all of the action as it happens on the SunSport LIVE BLOG.

What is the team news?


54. Binky Felstead breaks silence after Josh Patterson split as she takes daughter India to mummy retreat., 19 .[−]

BINKY Felstead took her mind of her split from Josh Patterson today as she hung out with daughter India and friends at a picturesque mummy’s retreat in Sussex.

The Sun exclusively revealed the former Made In Chelsea favourite, 28, and JP’s split two days ago 15 months after welcoming their first baby together.

Binky Felstead
Binky Felstead took her mind of her split from Josh Patterson today as she hung out with daughter India at a picturesque mummy’s retreat in Sussex[/caption]

The pair parted on good terms, and Binky seemed to be coping well with the decision as she filmed her little girl playing happily in a country cottage and laughed with friends.

India played peekaboo before tiring herself out and sleeping in one of the retreat’s stunning treehouses with great rural views.

JP and Binky decided to go their separate ways due to wanting different things in their relationship but remain close as a family for the sake of India.

A source close to the couple said: Binky and JP havent got on for a long time.

Binky and Josh split 15 months after welcoming their daughter India

Binky Felstead
India played peekaboo before tiring herself out and sleeping in one of the retreat’s stunning treehouses[/caption]

They felt under pressure to stay together for India but after months of trying have realised its better for everyone if they separate.

Josh absolutely loves being a father to India and runs a number of his own businesses which keep him busy and Binky has a lot of separate commitments too.

Binky even showed her support for Josh as he completed the Berlin marathon this weekend in a wheelchair.

The pair appeared on This Morning with daughter India ahead of the launch of their show Binky & JP’s Baby: Born In Chelsea
Sources say Binky and Josh will definitely continue enjoying each other’s company but they are no longer romantically involved

Rex Features
Binky revealed her ‘heart stopped’ when she realised she was expecting a baby with Josh[/caption]

“The pair definitely will continue to enjoy each others company as a family but are no longer romantically involved.

Shortly after The Sun revealed the pair had split, Binky confirmed their separation with an emotional post on Twitter.

She said: “We are still a family and India is, and will always be the absolute loght of our lives, however we have realised we are on very different paths at the moment, although we still adore each other, we need to give each other the space to grow.”

This week Binky is hosting one of her Mummy Tribe retreats in Sussex
The pair met during filming for Made in Chelsea and were often seen having rows on the show

Binky, who met Josh on reality show Made in Chelsea, revealed her shock at learning she was expecting the couple’s first baby despite them not being together at the time.

She said in an interview: “My first reaction when I saw the test, honestly? It was ‘s***’. My heart stopped. I burst into tears. Josh and I weren’t talking at the time and I was really overwhelmed.”

They announced they were back on in March 2017 and insisted their reconciliation wasn’t just for the sake of their baby.

Josh revealed at the time: “It happened organically, suddenly we were spending more time with each other so now I’d say that yes we are back together.”

Binky added: “We have always loved each other. The love was never gone. When we broke up last year it was only a couple of weeks before we found out about me being pregnant. And for me, those two weeks showed that I’ve always missed him.”


55. Who is Sophia Hutchins, when did she start dating Caitlyn Jenner and are they getting married?., 19 .[−]

CAITLYN Jenner first came out as a transgender woman in a 20/20 television special interview with Diane Sawyer in April 2015 but kept information about any love interests under wraps.

However, we now know she is dating Pepperdine University graduate Sophia Hutchins. Here’s when the two became official…

Caitlyn Jenner, Sophia Hutchins
Rumours about a Caitlyn and Sophia romance first started a year ago
Getty - Contributor

How old is Caitlyn Jenners girlfriend?

Caitlyn Jenners girlfriend is 22 years old and she recently spoke out to confirm she is dating 68-year-old former Olympian and reality star Caitlyn, previously known as Bruce Jenner.

Speculation had been mounting the pair were dating for over a year after they were spotted out and about together but Sophia confirmed the romanceduring a question and answer session with her followers on Instagram.

One person asked: Are you in a relationship?, to which Sophia answered: Oh yes!, with a love heart eye emoji.

This was followed by an eye roll emoji when another fan’s curiosity got the better of them, asking Sophia if she was dating Caitlyn.

Caitlyn Jenner, Sophia Hutchins
The couple are often seen out and about together
Getty Images - Getty

When did Caitlyn Jenner and Sophia Hutchins start dating?

Aspiring model Sophia, formerly known as Scott, transitioned when sports lover Caitlyn encouraged her to establish her own identity.

Rumours they were dating first did the rounds over a year ago.

And the couple are apparently now so happy they could even be set to walk down the aisle.

Caitlyn Jenner, Sophia Hutchins
The pair enjoy playing golf together

Are Caitlyn Jenner and Sophia Hutchins getting married?

There has been no official confirmation on whether the couple are set to marry but Sophia hinted an engagement may not be far off.

When she was asked by a social media follower if the pair had got engaged, Hutchins replied: Ill show you the ring when I am.

However, when someone else asked if the pair were planning on getting married, Sophie tellingly replied with two bride emojis side by side, with US reports claiming they are planning an intimate marital ceremony at the family home.


56. Real Madrid vs Roma: Live stream, TV channel, kick-off time and team news for the Champions League clash., 19 .[−]

SERIE A side Roma open their Champions League campaign away to defending champions Real Madrid, making the short trip across to the Spanish capital on Wednesday night.

Eusebio Di Francesco’s team face the La Liga second place team behind league leaders Barcelona in what should make for an action-packed tie to kick-start an interesting Group G.

Real Madrid duo Gareth Bale (left) and Marco Asensio (right) celebrate goal at the start of La Liga season. Set focus on Wednesday night’s fixture with Roma

Roma must contend with CSKA Moscow for that qualification place but won’t fear the 2018 kings despite being the favourites to retain their title, and to top the group at the end of this phase in the competition.

What time is kick-off?

This fixture takes place on Wednesday, September 19.

It held at the Santiago Bernebau (Madrid).

Kick-off is at 8pm.

Which channel is it on and can I live stream it?

This game will be shown on BT Sport ESPN, with kick-off time at 8pm.

Alternatively, you can keep up-to-date with all the latest action on the SunSport LIVE BLOG.

What is the team news?


57. Young Boys vs Man Utd: Live stream, TV channel, kick-off time and team news for Champions League fixture., 19 .[−]

MANCHESTER UNITED travel to face Swiss outfit Young Boys in their Champions League opener at the Stade de Suisse.

Jose Mourinho’s men lost to Sevilla in the Round of 16 last season – but will face a fight to get out of the group stages with Valencia and Juventus also in Group H.

Jose Mourinho is hoping his side’s win over Watford at the weekend will spur them on in Switzerland

What time is kick-off?

This fixtures take place on Wednesday, September 19.

It will be held at the Stade de Suisse in Bern.

Kick-off is at 8pm.

Which channel is it on and can I live stream it?

This game will be shown on BT Sport 2, with coverage starting at 8pm.

BT Customers can also live stream the match on the BT Sport app.

Alternatively, you can keep up-to-date with all the latest action on the SunSport LIVE BLOG.

What is the team news?


58. Man City vs Lyon: Live stream, TV channel, kick-off time and team news for the Champions League opener., 19 .[−]

MANCHESTER CITY host French side Lyon in the opening Group F fixture on Wednesday night.

Pep Guardiola’s side reached the Quarter-Finals of last years’ competition but were knocked out by domestic rivals and fellow Premier League contenders this year, Liverpool, 5-1 on aggregate overall.

Lyon have own ambitions ahead of CL fixture with Manchester City
Getty - Contributor

Bruno Genesio’s team will look to put in a good performance and apply as much pressure towards the defending PL champions in order to get a result away from the Groupama Stadium.

What time is kick-off?

This fixture takes place on Wednesday, September 19.

It will be held at the Ethiad Stadium.

Kick-off is at 8pm.

Which channel is it on and can I live stream it?

This game will be shown on BT Sports 3 and exclusively on 4UKHD.

Coverage starts at 7.15pm.

Alternatively, you can keep up-to-date with all the latest action on the SunSport LIVE BLOG.

What is the team news?


59. Real Madrid World Cup winner Raphael Varanes sister wins Miss Dunkirk, and could now compete for Miss France., 19 .[−]

IT WAS a double celebration for Raphael Varane and his family this weekend after his sister was elected Miss Dunkerquois.

The Real Madrid defender joined his French World Cup-winning team-mates for a glorious homecoming at Stade de France on Sunday.

Raphael Varane's sister made it a doubly whammy for the Real Madrid star's family this weekend
Raphael Varane’s sister made it a doubly whammy for the Real Madrid star’s family this weekend

And he played the full ninety minutes as Les Bleus defeated Netherlands 2-1 thanks to goals from Kylian Mbappe and Olivier Giroud.

The victory capped off a proud weekend for the 25-year-old and particularly his parents.

His sister Annabelle Varane, 19, enjoyed a stunning triumph of her own and could soon be preparing to run for Miss France.

The beauty, who is a law student and basketball player, beat ten other competitors for the title at the Coluche room in Loon-Plage.

Annabelle Varane, 19, was crowned Miss Dunkerquois and could soon be running for the national prize
Annabelle Varane, 19, was crowned Miss Dunkerquois and could soon be running for the national prize
Raphael Varane was in action for France against Holland in their first home game since lifting the World Cup
Raphael Varane was in action for France against Holland in their first home game since lifting the World Cup

And according to La Voix du Nord, it was her rousing speech that sealed the win, saying: I was the victim of a verbal aggression, almost physical, which was racist.

If I am elected Miss, I will get involved in the fight against racism and beyond, against all discrimination.

EXCLUSIVE Gazza reveals how England can become world-beaters

Annabelle, born in Lille, claims she only decided to run for the contest on a whim.

She will now be among the contenders for the Miss Nord-Pas-de-Calais election on October 13, with the winner then due to compete for Miss France 2019 in December at the Zenith of Lille.


60. Flight MH370 theories has the Malaysia Airlines plane mystery been solved and whats the latest news from the search?., 19 .[−]

DOZENS of conspiracy theories have surfaced in the wake of MH370’s disappearance in March 2014.

The latest theory involves a British national, the Cambodian jungle and Google Maps. Let’s take a closer look…

Memorial boards at Kuala Lumpar Airport in Malaysia where messages are written and prayers are said for the missing Malaysian aircraft MH370
Peter Jordan - The Sun

Is the MH370 mystery solved?

Flight 370 disappeared on March 8, 2014, en route from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, to Beijing with 239 people on board.

Just 38 minutes into the flight, MH370 lost contact with Malaysia Airlines.

The first official ?112.5million search launched by Australia, China and Malaysia ended in January 2017.

But early 2018, Malaysia agreed to pay US firm Ocean Infinity up to ?51.53million ($70million) if it found the plane within 90 days.

The company have now launched one last-ditch search trip to find the missing plane’s black box.

They’ll be sending a ship to the remote spot in the Indian Ocean where an ultrasonic pulse – which may have been from the plane’s black box – was detected in 2014.

Investigators released a final report which said they were unable to determine what happened to the plane.

The Malaysian government claimed the plane was under manual control when it “deliberately” turned off course, before plunging into the Indian Ocean, killing 239 people.

But on July 30 2018, Kok Soo Chon chief investigator said they still “could not exclude the possibility that there’s unlawful interference by a third party”.

He added: “The answer can only be conclusive if the wreckage is found.”

The plane was lost with 239 people on board. File picture
Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 went missing on March 8, 2014, with 239 passengers and crew on board

What are some of the theories about the Malaysia Airlines flight?

Vladimir Putin

Some feared Russian president Vladimir Putin was involved in the hijacking of MH370.

US Science writer Jeff Wise claimed Putin “spoofed” the plane’s navigation data so it could fly unnoticed into Baikonur Cosmodrome so he could “hurt the West”.

US shootout

French ex-airline director Marc Dugain accused the US military of shooting down the plane because they feared it had been hijacked.
A book called Flight MH370 The Mystery also suggested that it had been shot down accidentally by US-Thai joint jet fighters during a military exercise and covered it up.


Malaysia police chief Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar suggested the disappearance could have been the result of a suicide.

He claimed someone on board could have taken out a large life insurance package before getting on the plane, so they could treat their family or pay back the money they owed.

In hiding?

Historian and writer Norman Davies suggested MH370 could have been remotely hacked and flown to a secret location as a result of sensitive material being carried aboard the jet.

Cracks in the plane

Malaysia Airlines found a 15-inch crack in the fuselage of one of its planes, days before MH370 disappeared.

The Federal Aviation Administration insists it issued a final warning two days before the disappearance.

But the Daily Mirror claimed the missing jet “did not have the same antenna as the rest of the Boeing 777s” so it did not receive the warning.

Pilot planned the incident

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull unexpectedly said it was very likely that the captain planned this shocking event.

He claimed the pilot wanted to “create the world’s greatest mystery”.

Another theory claimed that he hijacked his own plane in protest of the jailing of then-Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim, and as a way to destabilise the corrupt government of Najib Razak.

North Korea took the plane

In the wake of the incident, South Korea noted that North Korea nearly took out a Chinese plane which had 220 passengers on board, on March 5, 2014.

Some fear Pyongyang shot the plane down, but others believe it was hijacked and diverted into the communist nation.

Crashed in the Cambodian jungle

In September 2018, British video producer Ian Wilson claimed to have found the missing aircraft using Google Maps.

Despite millions being spent on the search to located the wreckage, the Brit sleuth believes he has found the jet in a mountainous area of the Cambodian jungle.

In response, the Chinese government used observation company Space View to focus in on the high-altitude area on the outskirts of Phnom Penh.

However, the firm claim there was no sign of any plane, least of all the Malaysian Airlines aircraft which has been missing since March 2014.

A panel of aviation experts will question whether MH370s disappearance was a deliberate act of murder carried out by Captain Zaharie Amhad Shah
A panel of aviation experts say MH370s disappearance was a deliberate act carried out by Captain Zaharie Amhad Shah
Enterprise News and Pictures

What did the 60 minutes show reveal?

A group of aviation experts assembled for the Australian TV programme 60 Minutes, broadcast in May 2018.

They claimed they may have solved the aviation mystery.

They all agreed that Shah “deliberately” ditched the plane in the Indian Ocean west of Australia.

Former Australia Transport Safety Bureau head Martin Dolan added: “This was planned, this was deliberate, and it was done over an extended period of time.”

Simon Hardy, a pilot and instructor, discovered the captain made an unexplained and strange turn to fly over his hometown of Penang.

He also claimed Shah dodged Malaysian and Thai military radar by skirting along their borders.

But aviation expert has rubbished claims made in the documentary that the pilot of doomed flight MH370 “gently” landed the plane in the Indian ocean.

Christine Negroni said analysis of pics of washed up wreckage shows the Boeing 777’s wing flaps were retracted when it smashed into the sea in March 2014, meaning the plane was out of control when it hit the water.

What is the latest theory?

A British video producer has claimed to have found the missing plane on Google Maps.

On September 4, 2018, tech sleuth Ian Wilson claimed to have spotted the doomed jet lying in a high altitude area of the Cambodian jungle.

While images from Google Maps do show the outline of a large plane this could simply be an aircraft flying directly below the satellite which photographed it.

But Ian is convinced of his findings and says he intends to visit the sight to solve one of the greatest mysteries in aviation history.

China used Space View to focus in on the high-altitude area but the firm claimed there was no sign of any plane.

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61. Valencia vs Juventus: Live stream, TV channel, kick off time and team news with Cristiano Ronaldo shown red card., 19 .[−]

JUVENTUS’ big summer signing Cristiano Ronaldo will make his first Champions League start for the Old Lady after his ?89 million transfer from Real Madrid.

Grabbing his first league goals against Sassuolo on the weekend, the Ballon d’Or winner nearly completed a hat-trick in his side’s narrow 2-1 win.

Juventus’ summer signing Cristiano Ronaldo celebrates his two goals in 2-1 win at home to Sassuolo[bc_video video_id="5835793353001" account_id="5067014667001" player_id="default" embed="in-page" padding_top="56%" autoplay="" min_width="0px" max_width="640px" width="100%" height="100%" caption="The Champions League returns and you can watch all the action on BT Sports "]</p> <p>

What time is kick-off?

This fixture takes place on Wednesday, September 19.

It will be held at the Mestella Stadium.

Kick-off is at 8pm.

Which TV channel is Valencia vs Juventus on and can I live stream it?

This game will be shown on BT Sport Extra 2, with coverage starting at 7.45pm.

BT Sport Extra is their red button service, which is free if you purchase the BT Sport pack, including on Sky and Virgin Media.

This will also be available on the BT Sport app and online.

Keep up-to-date with all the latest action on the SunSport LIVE BLOG.

What is the team news?


62. Conor McGregor launches own Proper No Twelve whiskey at a cost of ?39.95 a bottle ahead of Khabib Nurmagomedov fight., 19 .[−]

CONOR McGREGOR has launched his own whiskey – claiming he has been working on it for three years.

The UFC star, 30, wanted to call his brand Notorious but saw the trademark challenged by a rival producer.

Conor McGregor has been working on his latest venture for three years
thenotoriousmma / Instagram

And he settled on Proper No Twelve – a reference to his roots in Dublin suburb Crumlin.

McGregor will flog bottles for ?39.95, with ?3.80 from every crate sold going to help first-responder organisations and charities.

He said: “I wanted to make an Irish whiskey emblematic of Irish culture as a whole, and something that would showcase the great skill we possess of distilling the best whiskey in the entire world.

“One of the many amazing skills we possess on this great island.

Conor McGregor called his brand Proper Twelve after his area of Dublin
thenotoriousmma / Instagram
The Irishman returns to the ring against Khabib Nurmagomedov next month
Getty - Contributor

“With each case we sell, my company will donate to the first responders in each district the case is sold in.

“This donation plan will be in operation all over the world.

“These are the men and women who run into buildings while everyone else is running out.

“They are our real life heroes Proper Heroes.”

In the ring, McGregor faces Khabib Nurmagomedov in Las Vegas on October 7.

He has warned his former pal he will be getting “stepped on” when they collide.


63. Downton Abbey star Michelle Dockery secretly reinvented herself as a DJ., 19 .[−]

DURING her time on Downton Abbey, Michelle Dockery was used to lavish balls and grand feasts?.?.?.?but glowsticks, beats and nightclubs are more her thing these days.

The British actress, who played Lady Mary Crawley in the hit period drama, has reinvented herself as a DJ.

The Mega Agency
Michelle Dockery has been entertaining her Godless co-stars with her DJ skills[/caption]

She has even been making her own tracks.

Michelle kept her co-stars on Netflix drama Godless entertained by throwing parties where she would get on the decks while they were filming in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Speaking exclusively at the Bafta Tea Party at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles, her fellow Godless actress Audrey Moore said: We hung out and went dancing at night.

Shes a DJ I dont know if many people know that.

The Mega Agency
Michelle Dockey got behind the decks at parties while filming in New Mexico[/caption]

Shes got a lot of tracks and shes quite the spinner, I have to say.

There are not a lot of clubs there but there are a lot of restaurants and wed hang out until 2am, which is long after Santa Fe shuts down.

There was a spot across the road from the hotel we were all staying at called Georges and wed have dinner, have some wine and dance to DJ Dockers. Michelle is super-funny. Her character in Downton Abbey is quite buttoned up and her others can be a bit crass, but she enjoys a great joke.

Its a change of pace from three years ago, when Michelle insisted her musical ambitions lay in singing.

Getty - Contributor
Godless co-star Audrey Moore revealed Michelle has ‘a lot of tracks’ and called her ‘quite the spinner’[/caption]

Michelle Dockery, who’s currently filming the Downton Abbey movie, plays Lady Mary Crawley in the period drama[/caption]

She said at the time: I was doing a bit of jazz for a while. People are saying Im a jazz singer but Im not really. I just sing.

Its something I havent really had the time to explore yet but I would love to. I love singing. I love music. At some point I will do more.

Michelle is busy shooting the Downton Abbey film, which is due for release next autumn.

I dont think Lord Grantham will be spinning her floor-fillers on his gramophone.

Ariana’s skipping in the rain

ARIANA GRANDE is singing in the rain despite her troubles.

The singer is snapped skipping in a downpour as she spent some much-needed time with friends in New York City following the death of her ex-boyfriend, US rapper Mac Miller, two weeks ago and last years Manchester Arena bombing.

Getty - Contributor
Ariana Grande seemed to enjoy the downpour in New York City as she spent time with friends[/caption]

Getty - Contributor
The God Is A Woman singer is taking a break from showbiz ‘to heal’ following the death of ex-boyfriend Mac Miller[/caption]

Ariana kept it low-key and casual in a grey tracksuit on Tuesday, a day after she missed the Emmys in LA with her comedian fiance, US actor Pete Davidson.

Her rep announced she would be taking time to heal.

Nobody needs a break more than her.


MABEL has had three top 20 hits in the past year and she could make it four with brilliant new single One Shot. She releases the video for the tune online today, following the success of her Jax Jones collaboration Ring Ring.

Big Macca and tips as HRVY advises Sir Paul

RAPIDLY rising star HRVY has been doling out tips to a music legend.

The British singer who today releases his brilliant new single I Wish You Were Here, has revealed he accidentally found himself giving Sir Paul McCartney advice.

HRVY says he recently gave advice to Sir Paul McCartney about an upcoming release

In an exclusive chat, he said: We spoke for ten minutes, just had a really good chat. We were speaking about music and stuff that he had coming out.

Its funny, because he was speaking about a song that he wanted to release and I said, You should get on that. You should really try and release that.

He said, Thanks buddy, thanks for the advice. It was funny. He should have been giving me advice.

HRVY, who has racked up 400million streams of his tunes and is on tour around the US with The Vamps, did receive some words of wisdom too.

PA:Press Association
Sir Paul McCartney recently released his new album Egypt Station[/caption]

The singer real name Harvey Cantwell added: He was a really nice guy. He just told me to keep working, keep releasing music.

If Maccas a fan he will have no problems.

Moor trouble for Lily

SHE has been outrageously outspoken in her new book so theres no doubt Lily Allen has plenty of brass neck but even she must have been left squirming on Monday night.

Just after revealing her mile-high club romp with Liam Gallagher awkwardly bumped into his daughter Molly Moorish at a showbiz do.

Getty - Contributor
Lily Allen recently bumped into Liam Gallagher’s daughter Molly Moorish after revealing their mile-high romp[/caption]

The pair were both at LOVE magazines 10th birthday bash in London when they came face to face months after Liam and Molly rebuilt their own relationship after 19 years apart.

A party source said: Lilys book has been a massive talking point. Everyone knows what she said about her fling with Liam.

When they both showed up it set a lot of tongues wagging and they must have been very aware of the awkwardness.

In her new explosive autobiography, Lily said she romped with the Oasis singer on a flight to Japan in July 2009.

Getty - Contributor
Liam Gallagher and Molly Moorish rebuilt their own relationship after 19 years apart[/caption]

She also claims they had sex again after they arrived.

Lily says Liam later encouraged her to lie to his then-wife, All Saints singer Nicole Appleton, telling her it had never happened.

In her book My Thoughts Exactly, the singer says: We got hammered on the plane. At some point Liam and I found ourselves together in the toilet doing something that he shouldnt have been doing, and it wasnt drugs. Then we were in a lie-down bed together.

When we landed in Tokyo, Liam said, in his distinctive nasal twang, What you doing now? Why dont you come back to our hotel? I was like, Yeah, OK.

Lily Allen has admitted to having sex with Liam Gallagher on a flight to Japan[/caption]

It wasnt until the next day when he said something like, No one can hear about this because of Nic, that I clocked he was married.

Lily and Molly would have had plenty to talk about.

Millie’s style is spot on

IT looks like Millie Mackintosh was feeling more spotty than sporty at a fitness event launch.

She wore this Dalmatian-inspired dress at the Sure x Reebok party at Londons Noho Studios.

Millie Mackintosh looked incredible at the Sure x Reebok party[/caption]

Millie was joined by fellow Made In Chelsea star Louise Thompson and Love Islands Montana Brown and Gabby Allen.

Millie looked great dressed all in white when she recently tied the knot with Hugo Taylor.
And she looks just as good in black and white, too.


  • BLAKE Lively has called out her fashion critics after being berated for wearing suits while promoting her film A Simple Favour. She said: Would you note a man wearing lots of suits during a promo tour? No double standards ladies.
  • ACTOR Jack Black used his speech when given a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame to have a go at the US President, who has one too. Jack said: I love you all so much. Except for Donald Trump. Hes a piece of s***.
  • VICTORIA Beckham hasnt always been the leader of the fashion pack. Posh admitted: I was never the popular girl at school. And on her pricey designer label, she added: If I can do it then anyone can do it. Might help having a rich hubby.
  • THE stellar line-up for the Radio 2 In Concert series has Paul Weller, Boy George AND Culture Club, Ed Sheeran and Emeli Sande playing across November. Free tickets via the Radio 2 website.

64. Why is Pep Guardiola not doing a press conference, and why is the Man City coach banned from the touchline against Lyon?., 19 .[−]

PEP GUARDIOLA guided Manchester City to the Premier League and Carabao Cup double last season.

And now wants Champions League triumph – but was absent from their pre-match press conference ahead of their opener against Lyon.

Pep Guardiola was sent to the stands after complaining to the referee during Man City’s defeat to Liverpool
PA:Empics Sport

Why is Pep Guardiola not doing the pre-match press conference?

Mikel Arteta was the man in the spotlight, as journalists fired their questions at Guardiola’s stand-in.

While the ex-Barcelona and Bayern Munich coach was able to do it, he stepped aside for his assistant, as he will be in the dugout on Wednesday.

Arteta, who has been with Guardiola since he took over at the Etihad Stadium, will be the man in charge – while his Spanish compatriot watches on from the stands.

Why will Pep Guardiola not be on the touchline against Lyon?

The 47-year-old was handed a two-match ban after his rant at referee Antonio Mateu Lahoz in last season’s quarter-final second leg against Liverpool.

Guardiola was unhappy after Leroy Sane’s goal was wrongly awarded offside.

The Spaniard will miss Man City’s opener against Lyon – while the other match is suspended for a year.

Which channel is it on and can I live stream it?

This game will be shown on BT Sports 3 and exclusively on 4UKHD.

Coverage starts at 7.15pm.


65. Caged gangland killer Freddie Thompson has less than 24 hours to appeal conviction for murder of David Dotty Douglas., 19 .[−]

CAGED gangland killer Fat Freddie Thompson has until the close of business tomorrow to appeal his conviction for the July 2016 murder of David Dotty Douglas.

The thug Prisoner 8132 in Portlaoise Prison instructed his legal team to contest the verdict when he was jailed for life at the Special Criminal Court on August 31.

Convicted murderer Freddie Thompson

But with less than 24 hours to go before the deadline passes, there is still no sign of any appeal being lodged.

Douglas, 55, who was shot dead as he ate a bowl of curry in his partners Shoestown shop just after 4pm on July 1, 2016.

During the high-profile murder trial, the prosecution did not allege that Thompson pulled the trigger but submitted he was part of a gang who planned and executed the murder.

It was alleged he drove one of four vehicles, a Ford Fiesta, used as a spotter car, involved in the assassination on the day of the killing.

David ‘Dotty’ Douglas
Refer to Caption

After a two-and-a-half hour judgement, Mr Justice Tony Hunt imposed a sentence of life imprisonment on the senior Kinahan cartel member.

Mr Justice Hunt said: Everything that has to be said has already been said.

We do know that Mr Douglas was killed in front of his daughter, who was very young.

I want to pass on our sympathies to her because this was a terrible thing to happen to anyone. Hopefully shell be able to recover from it.

The other thing I have to say is the standard of the investigation in this case was second to none.

In particular I want to commend the work done by Garda (Ciaran) Byrne and the entire CCTV team because its clear they viewed hours of footage and it must have been an awful lot of slog.

66. Vigilante facing charges for falsely imprisoning Conor McGregors fight partner misses court due to Storm Ali tree fall., 19 .[−]

A VIGILANTE group member facing charges linked to wrongly confronting a fight partner of UFC superstar Conor McGregor failed to appear when a tree collapsed, blocking his journey to court.

Darren O’Neill, 42, from Ardmore Road, Coalisland, Co Tyrone, is accused of falsely imprisoning light heavyweight boxer Conor Wallace, 22.

Conor Wallace competes as a light heavyweight boxer
Sportsfile - Subscription

He is also charged with unlawfully causing the six-time all-Ireland underage champ to be dropped from the Commonwealth Games in Australia, with common assault and attempted intimidation.

It is alleged Wallace was met by vigilantes after being lured on Snapchat to a hotel in Newry, Co Down, by ONeill.

Wallace is a fighting partner of Conor McGregor
Getty Images - Getty

Mr Wallace, who has always denied any wrongdoing, has since posted an online video saying he has not been arrested over any allegations by the vigilantes.

The defendant was due to attend Newry magistrates for an update into his case today, but Storm Ali struck.

A defence lawyer said his client had texted him to say that a tree has fallen down in Coalisland and that his bus cannot get through.

The solicitor added: It would be a strange lie to tell.

The case was adjourned to October 17.

67. Is Nottingham Forest vs Sheffield Wednesday on TV? Channel, live stream, team news and kick-off time for Championship game., 19 .[−]

NOTTINGHAM FOREST will welcome Sheffield Wednesday to the City Ground on Wednesday evening.

The visitors, who are ninth in the Championship, are unbeaten in their last four league games.

Jos Luhukay’s men have 11 points from their opening seven games

Is Nottingham Forest vs Sheffield Wednesday on TV?

Yes – this match will be shown live on Sky Sports Red Button.

The game will have commentary and for those who have Sky Q, the games will be available in HD.

Those who have a Sky package through Virgin Media can also watch the game.

To get the red button, you go to any of the Sky Sports channels on your television and then press the red button to select that match you wish to watch.

Alternatively, you can keep up to date with all of the action on the SunSport LIVE BLOG.

Forest enter the clash after a 0-0 draw with Swansea City
Getty - Contributor

What time is kick-off?

This match will take place on Wednesday, September 19.

It will kick-off at 7:45pm.

The City Ground will host the showdown.

What is the team news?


68. QPR vs Millwall: Live stream, TV channel, team news and kick off time for Championship game., 19 .[−]

MILLWALL will go head-to-head with Queens Park Rangers at Loftus Road on Wednesday evening.

The Lions have only managed one win in the league this season and the home side have secured just seven points from their opening seven games.

Neil Harris’ Millwall side are 19th in the Championship table

What time is kick-off?

This match will take place on Wednesday, September 19.

It will kick-off at 7:45pm.

Loftus Road will host the showdown.