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1. Study Finds Link Between Cat Ownership and Schizophrenia17:00[-/+]
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An odd and long-posited connection between cat ownership and schizophrenia symptoms just got a boost from the scientific community.

Research published in the Schizophrenia Bulletin journal examined past studies that have found mysterious ties between having a cat and possibly developing symptoms of schizophrenia down the line.

"It has been proposed that cat ownership may be a risk-modifying factor for schizophrenia-related disorders and psychotic-like experiences. This study aimed to systematically review and meta-analyze publications that reported the relationship between cat ownership and schizophrenia-related outcomes," the authors wrote.

To reach their conclusions, the team looked for research on the subject between 1980 and 2023 from around the world. They also sought to find answers beyond the potential risks of owning a cat, such as being bitten by one or coming into contact with one. The scientists narrowed down nearly 2,000 studies to 17 to reach their findings. In the end, they "found an association between broadly defined cat ownership and increased odds of developing schizophrenia-related disorders."

The studies, however, did have some shortcomings, as some of the information wasn't conclusive enough to give a definitive answer. For example, the scientists "were unable to aggregate the estimates for the [psychotic-like experience] outcomes because of the broad range of measures."

"Our findings provide support for the hypothesis that cat exposure is associated with an increased risk of broadly defined schizophrenia-related disorders; however, the findings related to [psychotic-like experiences] as an outcome are mixed," the team concluded. As a result, "There is a need for more high-quality studies in this field."

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Cat ownership's potential ties to schizophrenia risk was first explored in depth in a 1995 study that suggested the parasite Toxoplasma gondii as a cause. Studies since then have dug into the question of whether being around cats as a child might make someone more likely to develop schizophrenia, though the varied results of these studies haven't provided a conclusive answer. Some studies have gone into how being exposed to a cat can affect certain schizophrenia-related traits such as someone's thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, though others have disproven this claim.

T. gondii hasn't been definitively pinned as the cause for any possible psychotic behavior, but it's still not exactly a parasite you want. The creature is largely transmitted to humans through undercooked meat or contaminated water, though a bite from an infected cat or the feces of an infected cat can also transmit it.

The CDC estimates that some 40 million Americans may be infected but usually don't show any symptoms. Despite the seemingly harmless nature, however, studies have so far found that toxoplasmosis can possibly be linked to things like changes in our physical appearance, in addition to the purported link to some mental disturbances.

It's clear more research is needed on the topic, but the connection alone is sure to be catnip for researchers.

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2. High West Just Released a Limited-Edition, One-of-a-Kind Rye03:00[-/+]
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High West has unveiled its own bottled-in-bond rye whiskey. A leading figure of the Rye Revolution of the 2000s and 2010s, in which rye whiskeys exploded in popularity, the brand long relied on blending aged rye from MGP and Barton 1792. But the future of High West began to take shape in 2015, when it opened its own distillery at Blue Sky Ranch in Utah (it previously had a small distillery in Park City, but that wasnt used for its main whiskeys). Now, it's finally spotlighting that distillate with the launch of High West Bottled-in-Bond Rye.

Made with 100 percent High West pot still rye (80 percent unmalted and 20 percent malted), the whiskey follows all the standards laid out by the Bottled-in-Bond Act of 1897, meaning it's bottled at 100 proof (50 percent ABV), made by one distiller at a single distillery in one season, and aged for a minimum of four years in a bonded warehouse. In the case of High Wests bottled-in-bond rye, its actually aged for five years.

Overall, the whiskey offers a different flavor profile than fans might be used to from High Wests Rendezvous Rye or Double Rye. The nose offers aromas of toasted brioche with spiced pear jam, oatmeal raisin cookies, English toffee, lavender, and ginger. The palate delivers cooked apples, sage, caramel, nutmeg, cinnamon, dark chocolate, and juniper. And the finish includes coconut, caramel, pie crust, and wildflower honey notes. The brand recommends enjoying this neat or with a splash of water.

High West Bottled in Bond is priced at $80 per bottle and is available in Utah, Kentucky, North Dakota, Nebraska, New Hampshire, and the District of Columbia. However, despite being a limited edition, the bottle is supposed to become available in other states in the summer and is expected to become an annual release.

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3. Archaeologists Uncover Mysterious Structure, Weaponry From Neolithic Era, 13 [-/+]
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Archaeologists in France have uncovered a preserved settlement while investigating an area ahead of it being turned into a gravel pit. A horseshoe-shaped enclosure serves as the center of a number of settlements, burial grounds, and other structures stretching across 15 acres in Marliens.

The interlocking structures appear to make up a monument. Institut National de Recherches Archeologiques Preventives (INRAP) reported (via Ancient Origins) that a layer of gravel found indicates that there was once a stake fence on the property. The outlet noted that this type of monument [is] unprecedented.

Pauline Rostollan/INRAP

Pauline Rostollan/INRAP

Though the date of its construction has yet to be determined, experts posit it dates back to the Neolithic period, roughly 7,000 to 1,700 B.C.E. This is backed up by the presence of several other objects on the land, such as daggers and arrowheads.

A bundle of objects discovered under topsoil included seven flint arrowheads, two archer's armbands, a flint lighter, and a dagger made of copper alloy.

Found on several of the armbands were traces of iron oxide which corresponded to pyrite, an essential material for starting fires during the Neolithic period. While experts confirmed that this combination of objects is usually present at a burial ceremony, their specific purpose hasnt been determined.

Pauline Rostollan/INRAP

This is just the latest in a succession of major archaeological discoveries in 2024.

A richly decorated Roman villa was recently discovered at a site in England, while a sunken harbor town was uncovered at the bottom of the Black Sea. The latter discovery mirrors a similarly remarkable find made last month in the Mediterranean.

At the historical site of Pompeii, archaeologists recently located a 2,000-year-old, nearly intact fresco, in addition to well-preserved mythological paintings in a luxurious banquet hall.

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4. Study Finds Major Personality Differences Between Single and Coupled People, 13 [-/+]
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A new study conducted is shaking up common misconceptions when it comes to single people, who are often portrayed in TV and movies as social butterflies leading exciting lives and going on dates; or alternately, lonely and miserable because they're unable to find a partner. Instead, as it turns out, most singles are just fine with their relationship status, and many are that way by choice.

In the study, recently published in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, researchers at the University of Toronto sought to examine the link between personality traits and relationship status. And what they found was that how introverted or extroverted a person is had the tendency to align with whether that individual was single or in a relationship.

In coming up with the findings, the team recruited over 1,800 participants between the ages of 20 and 59 who had either been single or in a relationship for at least six months. Participants then completed questionnaires that gauged personality traits, satisfaction with their relationship status, and both sexual and life satisfaction.

Researchers then used the "Big Five" model of personality to assign traits to participants. Many psychologists believe that there are five basic types of personalities which include extroversion (outgoing and high-energy), agreeableness (compassionate and respectful), conscientiousness (productive and dependable), neuroticism (anxious and depressed), and openness (curious and creative).

Where participants fell on the introversion and extraversion scale was found to have a strong correlation to whether an individual was be single or in a relationship. In other words, singles tended to be more introverted and those in relationships leaned extrovert.

"As marriage rates decline and more people live alone, our study contributes to a more complex picture of single lives that goes beyond the misleading stereotype of the miserable single person," said the study's lead author Elaine Hoan; a Ph.D. candidate in in the lab of Geoff MacDonald and a professor in the university's department of psychology in the Faculty of Arts & Science.

"While on average people in relationships are more satisfied with their lives than single people, there are many happy singlesrelationships don't play as big of a role in one's overall life satisfaction as you may think," Hoan continued. "We found that personality, more than relationship status, determines who is happy with their life and who isn't."

She said that often, because the world caters to extroverts, introverts are often misrepresented as antisocial.

"The reality is, introverts enjoy their alone time and independence, and can emotionally regulate," Hoan explained. "Meaning, they can manage their reactions to their feelings on their own. So, an introvert may prefer being single more than being in a relationship."

However, one stereotype holds true in that extroverts are generally happier than introverts, regardless of relationship status. The very quality of being introverted might make it more difficult to find a partner because introverts tend to not find themselves in social situations as often. Not to mention, being in a relationship may cause introverts to become more extroverted by boosting their confidence and providing them with a wider social circle.

Food for thought for anyone out there searching for "the one." In the meantime, those looking for ways to cope with being single can focus on strengthening friendships, or enjoying their freedom while it lasts.

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5. Bellroys Outlet Sale Is Back With Up to 44% Off Wallets, Backpacks, and MoreThese Are the 4 Best Deals, 13 [-/+]
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Bellroy's accessories have become a popular choice among those whose tastes skew minimal, practical, and stylish. The brand's bags, wallets, and other small goods have a sleek, clean look on the outside with tons of clever organizational components within, but they're not known for being cheap. The good news is that Bellroy recently restocked its Outlet section on Amazon with discounts on everything from travel backpacks and slings to phone cases and other everyday carry essentials.

Bellroy prioritizes sustainability, using recycled polyester and Leather Working Group-certified leather, among other eco-friendly materials. Right now, some of its most popular products are up to 44% off, including the jet-setting Lite Sling and Lite Duffel and some of its meticulously crafted phone cases. Even the brand's ultra-convenient Tokyo Tote Backpack is 30% off. After Men's Journal browsed through Bellroy's updated Outlet section, we found these four accessories that are a must-cop.

Bellroy Card Sleeve in StellarBlack, From $35 (was $55) on Amazon

Courtesy of Amazon

Bellroys Card Sleeve is a slim alternative to a wallet, but you dont have to compromise on what you can carry. The innovative pull tab allows for quick access to a stack of as many as eight cards with two slots on the outside that allow for access to your most-used cards or folded bills. It's on sale in three colors, but the StellarBlack is the best deal.

What Shoppers Are Saying: The design lets me hold all my credit card and credit card-type stuff, plus the pull tab works perfectly. It creates a very small, comfortable form factor to carry in your jeans pocket or any pants, jacket, etc. The leather is of high quality.

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Bellroy Lite Daypack, From $59 (was $99) on Amazon

Courtesy of Amazon

Bellroys Lite Daypack is designed to take you from travel to the trail. It has outdoor-ready features like a mesh panel on the back and a sternum strap. Its part of Bellroys new Lite collection, which uses lightweight but durable ripstop fabric. While it wont replace your hiking pack, its more than capable of handling a quick out-and-back or carrying your must-haves while you visit a new city. Internal pouches make it easy to stay organized during commutes, airline travel, or day-to-day use.

What Shoppers Are Saying: For travel, biking, light hiking, work and productivity, and day tripsyou name itthis bag is great for all of it. With the focus on being lightweight, this is a solid option for many uses. The water-resistant material makes it a solid option for everyday commuting, whether it rains or not.

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Bellroy Lite Sling, From $55 (was $89) on Amazon

Courtesy of Amazon

Bellroys Lite Sling maintains a compact form factor, but its big enough to stuff a small water bottle in. The expanding gusset adds more space when the bag is packed, but compresses down when youre traveling light. It features a magnetic clasp to easily pull it on and off, and several smart compartments make it easy to find your essentials.

What Shoppers Are Saying: The bag is very lightweight. When I travel via plane, I wear this bag on my body (in addition to my carry-on and personal item). It stays on my body with the bare minimum of critical things I don't like to have separate from me (e.g., iPhone, passport, wallet, keys, etc). When it's not full, the straps compress the bag down on the side, which means it's not even noticeable on you if you are wearing a light jacket.

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Bellroy Tokyo Tote, From $89 (was $129) on Amazon

Courtesy of Amazon

A tote is a great alternative to a backpack for commuters and travelers, and Bellroys Tokyo Tote is packed with handy features that make the switch seamless. A small main zippered pouch on the front of the bag allows for quick access to must-haves. There are also a variety of slots on the inside, including pop-out pockets for secure upright storage of water bottles and thermoses. Theres even a sleeve for 13-inch laptops and a textured grip on the straps that'll keep the bag in place when carrying it.

What Shoppers Are Saying: Sturdy bag with just the right amount of pockets. Ive been looking for a tote that blends the roominess of a beach bag with the efficiency of a briefcase. I think Ive found it in this bag. I can put my 17-inch laptop in a protective pouch, insulated coffee travel mug, glasses, phone, iPad, and wallet along with portfolios from work, all easily accessible.

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6. The Bonobos Shirt Thats the Perfect 'Balance Between Formal and Casual' Is $39 and Selling Out Fast, 13 [-/+]
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Bonobos recently went live with a special sale on business-casual golf gear, giving shoppers an extra 25% off more than 100 products that'll have you hitting the links or the office in style. But for those more inclined to putt through a windmill, the brand has plenty of classic button-down shirts, khaki pants, and polos on sale that are worth checking out. One of the best deals at Bonobos right now is on the brand's Everyday Oxford Shirta bestsellerthat's more than half off the original price.

The Everyday Oxford Shirt is just $39 in select colors, a steep 56% discount on the normally $89 style. Its final sale and moving quickly, but its still available in a full run of sizes between XS and 2XL in the handsome Olive color with plenty of others to choose from in a more limited selection.

Bonobos Everyday Oxford Shirt in Olive, $39 (was $89) at Bonobos

Courtesy of Bonobos

The Oxford shirt's origins in the sport of polo are what make it such a versatile casual dress shirt. The slightly rougher Oxford cloth texture sets it apart from dressier fabrics like poplin, while the button-down collar and chest pocket add to the casual appeal. Bonobos kept these classic details in its take on the Oxford shirt, updating it with modern colors and prints and adding 2% spandex for comfortable all-day movement. Bonobos also makes it easy to get a customized fityou can choose between four fits, from tailored to athletic, and three shirt lengths from short to long.

Shoppers appreciated the contemporary take on this classic shirt, with one calling it a modern spin on Oxford cloth," adding, I love old-school 'Oxford' cloth shirts. Bonobos' modern spin on Oxford cloth has made this shirt a 'go-to' for me again. I love the heft of the fabric, and the mild stretchiness makes it super comfortable to wear in the office or out 'on the town.'" Likewise, someone else summed it up as the right balance between formal and casual.

Bonobos Everyday Oxford Shirt in Port Wine, $39 (was $89) at Bonobos

Courtesy of Bonobos

Shoppers also appreciated the variety of fits, with one raving that it's the very best off-the-rack shirt I own," adding, This truly is the first shirt I've had that fits nicely in the chest, shoulders, arms, and abdomen. Qualitatively, this is as close to tailoring as you can get without actually going to a tailor. Similarly, another wrote, Once you find your fit with Bonobos products, they are hard to beat. Good quality as well.

When Bonobos shirts like the Everyday Oxford get marked down, they sell out quickly. So, if youre looking for a business casual shirt, or you just want something that looks put-together but not too formal, pick up one of these while they're still in stock and just $39.

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7. Linda Hamilton Won't Come Back to 'Terminator' Movies, 13 [-/+]
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The Terminator might be synonymous with Arnold Schwarzenegger, but he's not the only star who has been a part of the Terminator universe since the beginning. Linda Hamilton played Sarah Connor in the original 1984 hit as well as in sequels Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Terminator: Genisys, and Terminator: Dark Fate. But don't expect to see her in any future Terminator projects.

The Children of the Corn star just spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about the state of her career and projects that she wouldor wouldn'tdo in the future. That includes any more Terminator movies, despite her most recent appearance being just a few years ago in 2019's Dark Fate. Still, she looks back on her Terminator tenure fondly.

"I dont do a lot of regret. I think in the end, it holds true that we regret what we didnt do, not what we did," she said. "Im very glad I went back. I loved [director Tim Miller], I love my ladies [Mackenzie Davis and Natalia Reyes], and while I cant say I love the film, thats because I was so attached to it."

"We did so much good work, and it was the greatest time of my life, and the worst time of my life, all rolled into one film," she continued, going on to explain just how much of a toll Dark Fate took on her physically. "I was 63 or whatever I was, and it was the hardest shoot. Every day it was like a triathlon: 'Now were going to swim for two hours and then were going to run for two hours.'"

"I read 40 books on that show. Thats all I could do: lie down and read [and] send my mind somewhere else and rest my body," she added.

Schwarzenegger himself has also shot down the idea of doing another Terminator movie, so it looks like both he and Hamilton will not be back.

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8. Allen Iverson Statue Gets Memed After Emotional Unveiling, 12 [-/+]
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Allen Iverson made his name as an NBA legend playing for the Philadelphia 76ers for a decade from the mid-'90s to the mid-'00s. He went on to play for other teams in subsequent years, but he always remained a beloved figure among Philadelphians.

Now, the city is memorializing Iverson's contributions with a new piece of art. On April 12, fans gathered outside the Philadelphia 76ers Training Complex in Camden, New Jersey to watch Iverson unveil a statue in his likeness. He joins other Sixers legends like Wilt Chamberlain and Charles Barkley on the Legends Walk outside the building. Iverson himself took the cover off the sculpture, which shows "The Answer" in action holding a ball as he moves down the court.

the unveil from the ?.

— Philadelphia 76ers (@sixers) April 12, 2024

Iverson was overcome with emotions when speaking to the attendees at the ceremony. "I just want to say all the right things and just want y'all to know how much I appreciate y'all," he told those gathered for the occasion. He also joked that he didn't want to cry or get choked up. "I promised myself I wasn't gonna do this but it is what it is. I thank everybody for coming out. I thank everybody, like I said, for playing a part in this and making this dream come true."

"I just want to say all the right things and just want y'all to know how much I appreciate y'all." ?

— Philadelphia 76ers (@sixers) April 12, 2024

However, fans online took issue with the size of the statue, as it appears to be only a few feet tall.

"Is this a statue for ants?" one person wrote on X. "Why is it so small? Did you guys run out of money?" another asked of the team.

"Should be 10 feet tall," another chimed in. "This is an L."

One person questioned "how they gave my man a trophy instead of a statue," while another asked "Did y'all make him a bobblehead?"

Is this a statue for ants?!

— Matt ??? (@mattsgoodtweets) April 12, 2024

Why is it so small? Did you guys run out of money?

— Robert Littal BSO (@BSO) April 12, 2024

Should be 10 feet tall, this is an L

— DUBBY (@DubDotDUBBY) April 12, 2024

How they gave my man a trophy instead of a statuethats crazyyyy

— MadGood Knicks Show (@MadGoodKS) April 12, 2024

Did yall make him a bobble head?

— Anthony F. Irwin (@AnthonyIrwinLA) April 12, 2024

However, Iverson wasn't shafted and given a smaller statue than his Legends Walk compatriots. All of the sculptures outside the practice facility are similar sizes, with each one sitting on a pedestal and being at approximately eye level at its tallest.

For those of you who are upset. philly has a row of statues outside their practice facilities that include legends dr j, charles barkley and more.

— Subscribe to the Beyond The Numbers Podcast (@beyondthenumbrs) April 12, 2024

At the end of the day, when you're a legend, size doesn't really matter.

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9. Woodford Reserve Releases Its Rarest Bourbon Ever, 12 [-/+]
(?)  (?)

Woodford Reserve has released its most momentous whiskey yet to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Kentucky Derby. Its the rarest bottle in the brands 27-year historyand its most expensive. Thankfully, we were able to snag a small taste of the $15,000 bourbon. Heres everything you need to know about the precious juice.

The first thing that makes Woodford Reserve Kentucky Derby 150 Baccarat Edition so dang special is the way in which it was aged. As with most releases from the brand, its a 90.4-proof spirit, matured in virgin American oak barrels at climate-control warehouses in the rural hinterlands of the Bluegrass State. But this particular expression was elevated by way of a secondary aging in cognac casks, followed by a tertiary resting in couture casks, comprised of staves that were specially seasoned in the Kentucky Derby Winners Circle.

No other brand of bourbon could develop something so specifically tied to this one place, even if it wanted to. Thats because, since 1999, Woodford Reserve has held the status of being the presenting sponsor of the Kentucky Derby. Its a title that comes with distinct privileges, among them being the exclusive bourbon served at the legendary event, as well asapparentlyhaving off-hour access to the track, in order to stash a pallet or two of spare oak staves.

Nevertheless, thats not nearly the only audacious aspect of production for this supremely limited run. As you might have gathered from its name, Baccarat Edition is, indeed, presented in a bespoke decanter crafted by the celebrated French crystal purveyor. The vessels ornate enclosure is adorned with 24-karat gold.

A five-figure whiskey to commemorate the Kentucky Derby

Courtesy Image

Theres clearly a fair degree of pageantry surrounding this bourbon, and thats not something that Woodford is shying away from. This decanter embodies the spirit of Kentucky and the spectacle of Derby, said master distiller Elizabeth McCall in a press release.

The whiskey's red tinge even echoes the garland of roses awarded to the winner of the race. But what good is all this showmanship if the stuff doesnt taste good? Thankfully, for those shelling out the small fortune to own it, this bourbon wins the triple crown on aroma, taste, and finish.

The nose is full of fresh berry fruit, priming the taste buds for the sweet flavors soon to follow. They express themselves in threads of baking spice, cherry cordial, and candied orange zest. Youll have plenty of time to ponder those notes in a delightfully lengthy fade.

Like its namesake race, this honorary whiskey might be one of the most exciting two minutes in dram drinking. You just need to get your hands on a winning ticketwhich requires reserving a bottle on Woodford Reserve's website and picking it up directly from the distillery on one of two assigned pick-up dates, April 13 or May 1. There are only 150 bottles in total, naturally, and then theyre off.

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10. Solo Stoves Most Popular Tabletop Fire Pit Thats 'Perfect for a Patio' Just Hit Its Lowest Price Ever, 12 [-/+]
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Fire pits are primed to be one of the hottest seasonal outdoor products, with Solo Stove arguably leading the charge. But the brand's large drum-like models are often exclusionary to those who live in major cities or lack yard space because of fire safety laws. Thankfully, the brand has a solution in the form of a mini-me-size fire pit called the Mesa XL that looks exactly like larger Solo Stoves, and right now, it's on sale for its lowest price ever.

Right now, the Solo Stove Mesa XL tabletop fire pit is on sale for as low as $73 on Amazon. These mini fire pits usually retail for $110 at places like Solo Stove and Huckberry, and though Amazon's billing price seems to vary by color, this is still the lowest we've ever seen them sell for. You'll find the Mulberry and Bone colors for this price, but the Water and Ash colors are also just under $90.

Solo Stove Mesa XL Tabletop Fire Pit in Mulberry, From $73 (was $149) on Amazon

Courtesy of Amazon

These mini fire pits are the perfect option for those who live in small spaces or simply wish to enjoy a fire on the deck, patio, or balcony. The cylindrical Mesa XL measures 7 inches by 8.6 inches and makes its smaller counterpart look like a candle. They can burn either wood or pellets with the same precision as a full-sized model and can run for approximately 45 to 60 minutes on a single fuel supply. Each unit has a stand for safe burning and a convenient nylon bag for clean transportation.

Shoppers are raving about the Mesa XL because it offers an opportunity to have a fire when space is an issue. "I dont have a yard big enough for a fire pit, and this is perfect for my needs," a shopper said. "Love it! I bought the table protector separately (highly recommend it) on Amazon; I could have gone one size up to the Ranger, but this is great for my townhouse!" Another shopper who lives in New York City agreed, saying, "I was nervous about smoke in my NYC backyard, but this is perfect! Hardly any smoke or smell, and it's the perfect size."

Solo Stove Mesa XL Tabletop Fire Pit in Bone, From $73 (was $90) on Amazon

Courtesy of Amazon

Even those who aren't limited on space say it's a joy to use on the deck or patio. "For a casual backyard experience, you don't need a bigger unit," a shopper admitted. "Either wood or pellets, it lights off easily. It's perfect for a patio. The bottom gets hot, but not hot enough to cause a problem for anything you set it on, which stays cool to the touch. This really, really exceeded an old Boy Scout's expectations."

A little fire is the perfect addition to a chilly spring evening, and there's no better way to get it going than with the little Solo Stove Mesa XL, especially at this price. It's unclear how long the sale will last, so if you've been thinking about getting a tabletop fire pit for your home, or you think it would make an amazing gift for a loved one, pick one up before the discount goes up in flames.

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11. Here's How Often One Taco Bell Exec Eats at the Chain Weekly, and What He Orders, 12 [-/+]
(?)  (?)

A Taco Bell executive has revealed to Business Insider how many times per week he eats at the chain, and what his go-to order is.

At Live Mas Live, Taco Bells first superfan event, CMO Taylor Montgomery reported that hes still a fan of the chains diverse menu even after eight years with the company. He told Business Insider that he dines there every other day.

As for his preferred order? "Two to three Crunchy Tacosnot Supreme, just regular Crunchy Tacos," he reported. "And a Bean Burrito with extra onions, grilled. You have to try it, it's life-changing."

Montgomery offered a similarly "life-changing" hack for another one of his favorite items, the chicken quesadilla. "Double chicken on the quesadilla," he urged T-Bell fans. "It will change your life."

But Montgomery isnt the only top exec who harbors a love for the product. Newly instated CEO Sean Tresvant, who took over the position in January, eats at Taco Bell three to four times each week, just about as often as Montgomery.

Controversially, Tresvant prefers his Crunchy Tacos to be Supreme, which means added tomatoes and sour cream with the regular lettuce, cheese, and protein base. Bean Burritos are also one of Tresvants favorites, but without the added flourishes of Montgomerys order.

What both execs can agree on, however, is Taco Bells Cantina Chicken Menu, which recently debuted five brand-new items.

Now available at Taco Bell locations nationwide are the Cantina Chicken Burrito, the Cantina Chicken Bowl, and the Cantina Chicken Quesadilla. There are also two new taco offerings: the Cantina Soft Chicken Taco and the Cantina Chicken Crispy Taco.

You can head over to your local location to try out the new items, and perhaps run into one of Taco Bells top executives while youre at it.

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12. Phish Teases What Fans Can Expect From Las Vegas Sphere Shows, 12 [-/+]
(?)  (?)

Phish fans from across the country will descend on Sin City starting April 18 for a four-show run at the Las Vegas Sphere. With support from the venue's 160,000-square-foot LED screen, the concerts are expected to be the most epic of the iconic jam band's four-decade career.

Leading up to the brief residency, details are being kept tightly under wraps, as the band prides itself on offering fans a magical, unique experience every time they perform, famously never repeating a set list. However, in a Washington Post profile ahead of the tour, Phish frontman Trey Anastasio teased what those lucky enough to score tickets can expect.

"There is a quality of Vegas where older bands go to play their old album, to make a lot of money late in the twilight of their career," Anastasio explained. "Thats not what were interested in."

The band will perform approximately 80 songs over the course of the four show without repeats, and will also include new material from their upcoming album Evolve, which doesn't drop until July.

Phish's co-creative director Abigail Rosen Holmes, who has collaborated with names such as Roger Waters, Peter Gabriel, and Miley Cyrus, was tasked with coming up with a theme that will link the four shows. But naturally, neither she nor Anastasio will reveal what that theme is.

"Im not trying to be cagey," Holmes said. "I just want people to not have any idea whats about to happen when they come into the room. Thats part of the fun of this."

Anastasio also made comparisons to U2, which had the honor of being the Sphere's first band residency. The Irish rockers expanded their originally planned 25-show run into 40 nights due to popular demand; despite commanding a higher ticket resale value, Phish refused to do the same.

"Itll be good. But it wont be great," he recalls Holmes telling him. "If you just do four nights, its going to blow minds."

He noted that Phish will also make different use of the high-tech LED screens than U2, which projected gigantic images of Bono and the Edge as they performed on stage.

"It suited Bono because he is that kind of star," Anastasio reasoned. "But thats not me. I dont do that. And same with Edge. Theres one song where he just rocks into the camera. He steps forward and hes 800 feet high on the wall. Im not going to do that.

Instead, the band collaborated with Holmes to come up with what sounds like will be a wholly unique, one-of-a-kind experience.

"I said, What do you think this is? Do you think this is one of those New Years productions or is this a Phish show in a great new environment? she remembers asking Anastasio. "And his thought is that its a Phish show in a great new environment. And so thats sort of how we framed thinking about all of the creative choices weve made."

"We wanted to absolutely make the most out of the room and also support Phish doing what Phish does best," Holmes added.

Phish's residency at the Sphere will kick off April 18 and run through April 21.

: image / jpeg

13. Todd Snyder's April Sale Is Loaded With Up to 75% Off Shirts, Shoes, and Jeans for SpringShop These 4 Deals ASAP, 12 [-/+]
(?)  (?)

Mens Journal aims to feature only the best products and services. If you buy something via one of our links, we may earn a commission.

While brands like Blundstone and Nike are in the midst of huge shoe sales this month, Todd Snyder is doing it all with over 400 styles of men's clothing, footwear, and accessories up to 75% off. The brand's post-preppy collections are often higher-priced, but its past-season styles are still perfectly appropriate for spring wear and can now be found at prices you wouldn't believe are realuntil they inevitably sell out.

Right now, sportswear from the Todd Snyder + Champion collection starts at just $34, while the brand's prized denim and trousers begin at under $50. Don't be surprised to find discounts upward of 50% offthey're everywhere, including on bestselling outerwear and coats. After Men's Journal shopped through Todd Snyder's April sale, we found four styles that are absolute steals and could easily become your next spring staples.

Todd Snyder ??Khaki Plaid Flannel Shirt, From $44 (was $178) at Todd Snyder

Courtesy of Todd Snyder

This lightweight slim-fit flannel shirt might be from the fall collection, but it's the perfect option for shoulder season layering. A forever neutral, the khaki plaid pattern allows complementing spring colors to shine through while maintaining a grounded aesthetic. It's available in several other colors, including classic red-and-black and navy, and at up to 75% off, it's an absolute steal.

What Shoppers Are Saying: "I like this shirt so much I bought it in three more colors but the red is my favorite. It's a vibrant red, exactly as picturedThe shirt itself is super soft and warm and washes well. I like that the collar is buttoned in three placeshelps to keep shape which can be a problem with flannels. Wears well layered, not sticky like a corduroy.

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Todd Snyder x John Derian x Vans Authentic Coral Sneaker, $44 (was $115) at Todd Snyder

Courtesy of Todd Snyder

Vans are cool on their own, but when co-imagined with both John Derian and Todd Snyder, they turn into wearable art. This TS exclusive features a coral print that was pulled from a 19th-century book on natural history from the private collection of Derian and is part of a capsule collection between the two. When they're gone, they're gone forever, so now is your chance to own a piece of art, fashion, and Vans history all wrapped up into one nautically rad package.

What Shoppers Are Saying: "Never quite seen a design like this on an Authentic Vans sneaker in my life. Poolside vibes looking clean and classic. Definitely cop these!"

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Todd Snyder + Champion Five Borough Champs Crewneck Sweatshirt, $74 (was $198) at Todd Snyder

Courtesy of Todd Snyder

It's been a decade since Todd Snyder and Champion teamed up, but the two continue to create sportswear that's as suited for the gym as it is for the runway. This classic crewneck sweatshirt is an ode to New York, as outlined by its five boroughs graphic. Some might look at this and say "It's just a black sweatshirt," but others will appreciate the minimalism, clean lines, and cultural homage as the centerpiece of a refined outfit.

What Shoppers Are Saying: "I am really impressed by the quality of my Five Borough Champs crewneck sweatshirt. It is a heavyweight but soft material and the logo stitching rather than a decal adds to the overall appearance."

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Todd Snyder Slim Fit Selvedge Jean In Destroyed Knee Wash, $99 (was $198) at Todd Snyder

Finding selvedge jeans for under $100 rarely happens, especially from a brand like Todd Snyder. That's why this pair is such a findand all sizes are still available. These 12.5-ounce selvedge jeans offer a vintage vibe that's very in right now with their button fly, worn metal details, and slightly distressed knee; think of a midpoint between Jeff Spicoli and John Bender. They're a perfect medium wash for spring and will just fit better the more you wear them.

What Shoppers Are Saying: "My first buy/experience with distressed/destroyed jeans. From the moment I put it on, all I can say is, Wow, TS did it again." The fit and material are right on! Im 70 years old and still styling, but age is just a number, right?"

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:1. image / jpeg 2. image / jpeg 3. image / jpeg 4. image / jpeg 5. image / jpeg

14. Charles Barkley Blasts NBA Team, Players for 'Half-Assing It' After Dual Losses, 12 [-/+]
(?)  (?)

Charles Barkley issued a stern rebuke to the Celtics during the team's 118109 defeat to the Knicks at TD Garden on Thursday night. In particular, Barkley called out Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown for half-assing their performances in the first part of the game. Its Barkleys second hot take of the week, after he blasted the idiots staring at the eclipse on Monday.

Appearing on NBA on TNT (via The New York Post), Barkleys mood seemed to turn after Tatum and Brown both failed to block Knicks guard OG Anunoby from extending his teams lead just before halftime.

Shaq asked me earlier if Tatum and Brown should play. If theyre going to play like that, they shouldnt play, Barkley told Ernie Johnson.

Barkley then invoked the Celtics Tuesday game against the Milwaukee Bucks, which saw the latter team prevail 10491. If youre going to go out there and half-ass it like they did in Milwaukee the other night, when they didnt shoot a free throw. They went an entire game without shooting a free throw, Barkley marveled.

And then when they come out tonight and theyre just kind of going through the motions, the Hall of Famer continued. I know theyre going to finish with the best record, but, man, you cant turn it off and turn it on again.

After the game, Brown was frank in accepting the teams recent shortcomings, but he expressed hope that they would rebound in the near future.

We got out-toughed the last two games and havent played to our standard, Brown admitted. The game has shifted and its going to shift even more in the playoffs.

The Celtics will have a chance to redeem themselves tonight when they face the Charlotte Hornets at TD.

If theyre gonna play like that, they shouldnt play. I know theyre gonna finish with the best record but, man, you just cant turn it off and turn it on.

Chuck on Bostons first-half performance ??

— NBA on TNT (@NBAonTNT) April 12, 2024

: image / jpeg

15. Tom Brady Teases Possibly Coming Out of RetirementAgain, 12 [-/+]
(?)  (?)

With more than two decades in the NFL under his belt and a total of seven Super Bowl rings on his hands, Tom Brady has undeniably earned his spot as one of the game's greatest quarterbacks of all time. Yet despite retiring from the league twice already, the 46-year-old isn't closing the door on professional football forever.

Brady opened up about his future in the sports world in an April 11 interview on DeepCut with VicBlends. The host mentioned that teams are sometimes in need of help if a quarterback can't play, such as Aaron Rodgers' minutes-long stint with the New York Jets last year before a season-ending injury. Blends floated the idea of Brady returning to the field if the right team called him, and Brady didn't shoot down the concept entirely.

"I'm not opposed to it," the Super Bowl champ said. "I don't know if they're gonna let me if I become an owner of an NFL team. I don't know, I'm always gonna be in good shape, always be able to throw the ball."

Brady noted that if he were to return to his beloved sport, it would be a special occasion such as Michael Jordan coming out of retirement for a second time to play for the Washington Wizards in 2001.

"To come in for a little bit, like MJ coming back, I don't know if they would let me. But I wouldn't be opposed to it," Brady said.

For now, Brady already has another job lined up as Fox Sports' lead analyst starting this fall.

: image / jpeg

16. How Wilmer Valderrama's 'That '70s Show' Character Inspired His Fitness Journey, 12 [-/+]
(?)  (?)

Wilmer Valderrama will perhaps always be best known for playing Fez on That '70s Show, but the character wasn't exactly known for his athletic prowess. So as the 44-year-old was beginning to contemplate his future beyond the long running Fox sitcom, he realized he would need to break out of the mold, which inadvertently led him to start his fitness journey.

During a Friday appearance on The Drew Barrymore Show, per Decider, Valderrama was shown a clip of himself doing pushups, which led the host to ask him when he started working out.

The actor, who currently stars on NCIS, recalled "a very specific moment in his career" that he evidently reached a crossroads with his physique. Really?" Barrymore asked. "Im so interested because Im waiting for the day that I wake up and Im like, I am going to work out today. It happens occasionally but my consistency sucks.

While Valderrama admitted that Fez was a "defining moment" in his career, he knew that one day he'd have to leave the character in his rearview.

I knew that I had to have a life after That 70s Show. I knew that I had to figure out what my next chapter was gonna be as an actor," he explained. "And in order to do that at a time where television and film could be very stereotypical and if you play that character, thats the only thing you play, I knew that I had to transform and put myself into a place where I look, or at least have the presence, of somebody that can play something else."

When Valderrama made the decision to get fit, he said that a good friend who was also an inspirational speaker, told him: "Hey, man. I got a gym in my garage. Lets get Fez buff."

"He kind of put me through this transformative process where I was really working out for the next chapter of my career," he added. "So when I changed my body, something else happened. It untapped a million possibilities of the, Why not me?'"

Why not him? Interestingly enough, in addition to playing NCIS Special Agent Nick Torres in the military police procedural franchise since 2016, Valderrama recently reprised the role of Fez in the Netflix revival That '90s Show. And after all these years later, sure enough, Fez did indeed get buff.

: image / jpeg

17. Fantastically Preserved Mythological Paintings Unearthed in Pompeii by Archaeologists, 12 [-/+]
(?)  (?)

Archaeologists conducting ongoing excavations at the historical site of Pompeii have unearthed miraculously preserved paintings within a large banquet hall. Pompeii Sites reported the astonishing discovery.

The hall itself, roughly 49 feet long and 19 feet wide, opens into a courtyard that seems to be an unroofed access room with a long undecorated staircase leading up to the first floor, according to the outlet. Found beneath the staircase were construction items, indicating that work had just completed or was about to resume on the structure.

Someone had drawn, in charcoal, two pairs of gladiators and what appears to be an enormous stylized phallus on the fresh plaster of the arches of the large staircase, the site reported.

Many of the paintings within the hall depict heroes of mythology and the Trojan War. Cassandra, Priams daughter, is seen on the walls of the dining room along with Apollo, the son of Zeus and Leto. The inclusion of famous mythological figures in the painting served as a conversation starter in the luxurious banquet hall, fueling fervent debates and discussions between dinner party guests.

Gabriel Zuchtriegel, the Director of the Archaeological park of Pompeii, explained to Pompeii Sites the use and design of the party rooms. The walls were painted black to prevent the smoke from the oil lamps being seen on the walls, Zuchtriegel said. People would meet to dine after sunset; the flickering light of the lamps had the effect of making the images appear to move, especially after a few glasses of good Campanian wine.

Zuchtriegel continued: The mythological couples provided ideas for conversations about the past and life, only seemingly of a merely romantic nature. In reality, they refer to the relationship between the individual and fate: Cassandra who can see the future but no one believes her, Apollo who sides with the Trojans against the Greek invaders, but being a god, cannot ensure victory.

This fresco depicts Helen of Troy being introduced to Paris.

Archaeological Park of Pompeii

New discoveries seem to come out of Pompeii every few weeks.

Several months ago, students used AI to decipher an ancient Herculean scroll found at the site. This latest discovery is part of a larger operation to fortify the perimeter between the excavated and non-excavated areas in Pompeii, which officials hope will make the historic site more sustainable for future generations.

The dig has already uncovered two connected homes, along with a bakery, a laundry facility, and a variety of sumptuously designed, frescoed living rooms which were being renovated at the time of Pompeiis destruction.

:1. image / jpeg 2. image / jpeg

18. Ive Skied Everywhere, and This Is the Wildest Spring Skiing on the Planet, 12 [-/+]
(?)  (?)

La Grave Freeride Ski Resort, an extreme ski mecca in the southern French Alps narrow Romanche River Valley, shouldnt be confused with a ski resort in the traditional sense. Rather, its a tiny village sporting a gargantuan peakand a tight alpine community bound to some of the most wildly spectacular big mountain skiing on the planet. Savvy skiers from all over the world gravitate to La Grave for its massive vertical terrain, where runs are measured in the multiple thousands of feet. Some are nearly 7,000 feet long. Theres no spring skiing like it anywhere. Up until now, its been a well-guarded secret.

During busy times, La Graves parking lot at the base has no more than 100 cars. You wont find any tony streets sprinkled with hotels and condos here, nor any ski patrollers, lazy groomer runs, or mid-station apres-ski throngs. So why haul your ski gear here? Because La Grave is home to some of the most intense skiing in the French Alps or anywhere else. If you can hack the heady terrain, or yearn for an adventure community akin to, say, Yosemite in the 60s, its like no place elsethough that may very soon be changing.

The most dangerous ski terrain in the French Alps plans to open up to larger-scale tourism.

Sarah Grangeon

In the past, intel on La Grave was scarce. Locals, photographers, and writers used fake names to prevent the town from becoming the next Chamonix. It was referred to as Vallee X or Val Terces (spell that last word backward). Not that tourists and the unprepared didnt show up, if not en masse. While many ski resorts are more about status, sponsorship, socializing, and shopping, La Grave really is all about skiing. Its core community isnt jonesing to turn pro or seek notoriety. The sole endeavor here is finding purpose in skiing dangerous terrain. Even more than its legendary couloirs and extreme glacier runs, the prevalence of that raw, unadorned quest is what makes La Grave a special place.

Ive skied just about everywhere, and generally avoid writing about my favorite secret slopes. During my first few seasons in La Grave, I adhered to that rule. Then, this winter, two things changed my mind.

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First, I accepted that La Grave is clearly not for everyone and likely wont ever risk being overrun. The far greater risk here is getting lost, avalanched, or accidentally jettisoned off a cliff. No sane person would ski La Grave without a guide, at least for the first few days to get your bearings. Skiers comforted by groomers, patrolled terrain, and avalanche mitigation will likely give this place a pass. Ive decided theres no real risk of wrecking it simply by putting the word out.

La Grave's massive terrain features 7,000-foot verticals. Its pristine, unpatrolled steeps have been a well-guarded secret for decades.

Sarah Grangeon

The other reason is quite different, and pressing: La Grave is on the verge of an existential crisis. A current plan in the works to extend an existing cable car system to the summit of La Graves remote Girose Glacier would effectively blur the line between anti-establishment La Grave and its neighboring ski-tourism hub of Les Deux Alpes on the opposite side of the mountain. Connecting the two adjacent spots (otherwise a world apart) could bring unprecedented commercialization and traditional ski tourism to Vallee X. It could unfold tiny, cloistered La Grave into one of the biggest ski domains in the French Alps.

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Right now, the ski area is still wild (sauvage, as the French say), with no groomers except for a short ribbon of snow accessed by a 45-minute cable car ride from town to 10,500 feet, followed by an uphill hike, PistenBully tow, and drag lift up the Girose Glacier. Thats a long way to go for a few minutes of piste glory. Otherwise, the La Grave Cable Car (telepherique), on the northern edge of vast Ecrins National Park, offers access to ski freedomfeaturing hundreds of miles of steeps, with massive glaciers, tight couloirs, knife-blade peaks, snow-shrouded cols, dense larch gladesand no rules.

La Grave offers no traditional ski patrol, no rescue except via helicopter, no avalanche control, and no grooming. But change is on the horizon. The biggest question here now is: Will the worlds most dangerous ski area be tamed?

Skiing in La Grave has rightfully taken on mythical status, which will only be heightened by talk of monumental changes in the pipeline. This is my third season in La Grave. The first was a two-month stint, followed by three monthsthen four. Like cocaine and car racing, La Grave is highly addictive. Here are 10 reasons why La Grave should be on every serious skiers bucket list, and what to know before taking the plunge.

This is my third season in La Grave. The first was a two-month stint, followed by three monthsthen four. Like cocaine and car racing, La Grave is highly addictive.

Sarah Grangeon

10 Things You Need to Know About La Grave Freeride Ski Resort

1. La Grave Is a Dangerous Ski AreaWith Very Qualified Guides

First, the graver news: La Grave is dangerousthough the name comes from gravel, not the grave, as the crumbling mountains and Romanche River create lots of rock. Among the sparse ski set here, theres an understanding that things can go wrong quickly. Skiing La Grave solo requires mountaineering, glacier, and route-finding skillsand an ability to handle whatever the mountains throw at you, whether its the deepest powder youve ever experienced or wind-packed slabs, ice, sub-surface rocks, poor visibility, or all of the above. And still, things can go wrong.

There are a few deaths every year at La Grave, generally attributable to inexperience, hot-shit syndrome, and plain bad luck. Rocks lurk under the surface, like great whites on 40-plus degree slopes in the shadow of La Meije, the castellated 13,067-foot peak that was the last great summit in the Alps to be conquered (in 1877). Whiteouts occur with little warning, and there are avalanches and crevasses. Many legendary couloirs, like the Trifides and the Voute, require rope-handling skills beyond what you learn in the climbing gym. Slightly mellower routes down the Girose Glacier would be considered double black diamonds anywhere else.

La Grave's top guides play a huge role on the mountain. They're well-trained and -equipped for a very different type of ski experience.

Sarah Grangeon

Now, the better news: La Grave is equipped with some of worlds top guides, who will lead solid skiers through one of the most remarkable ski experiences available anywhere. You can book American ski legend (and La Grave local) Joe Vallone here, or top France-based mountain guide Erin Smart. Smarts husband Benjamin Ribeyre is also a ski and mountaineering guide and an elite professional rock and ice climber.

Strong intermediates can ski or snowboard La Grave, and your time in Vallee X will make you a better, more confident skier, regardless of your level. While theres no traditional ski patrol here, there are Les Patrouileurs de La Gravea handful of highly skilled skiers with emergency response training who provide info about mountain conditions and can supply ground support for helicopter rescues and other on-mountain emergencies. Also, Aeon, the group that operates the lift in La Grave (as well as Les 2 Alpes and Alpe Huez), has first-rate, highly trained staff.

When you ski La Grave, youre responsible for your own safety. Thats why guides play a major role here. You wear a harness, carry a pack with an avalanche kit (and an avi air bag on powder days), and frequently tote an ice axe, screws, crampons, and skins. Across from the telepherique station is Bureau de Guides, with top-notch experts on everything from skiing to ice climbing to mountaineering.

The first rule of La Grave is never duck a ropebecause you will not want to be stranded on the other side of it.

Sarah Grangeon

2. There Are Only Two Rules on the Slopes of La Gravebut Theyre Big Ones

French culture is based on liberty, equality, and fraternityconcepts still fervently believed in by the French today. Skiing and snowboarding in La Grave represent all three: no rules (liberty); skiing transcends age, gender, and social class (equality); a tight local bond in the village of La Grave (fraternity). Despite the no rules vibe, there are actually a couple of crucial ones when skiing La Grave. First, never ever duck a rope. In those very few places where a rope is marking terrain, chances are the area requires a rappel. Second, never follow ski tracks, as they could have been made by a speed wing flyer and lead into a couloir that requires rappels, or simply be terrain where things get real (i.e., potentially deadly) fast.

An old-school adventure community akin to, say, Yosemite in the 60s has been hiding out in La Grave for decades.

Sarah Grangeon

3. La Grave Is Not a Fashion Show

La Grave is populated with devoted skiers and snowboarders of all ages and nationalities who share a single bond: pure love of the mountains. The general ski population here consists of ski bums, local-born crushers, legendary guides, expats, and stray long weekend drop-ins. You can easily recognize the skiers in La Grave; the village thrives on anti-fashion. Haute couture includes duct tape chic, patched puffies, sliced boot cuffs, and mismatched apparel thats more hippie than hipster. Headbands are in and retro-sunglasses a must. In La Grave, passion for skiing and the mountains unites people, not how they look, what they wear, or their investment portfolio.

Europe's wildest ski race and three-day party, The Derby de la Meije, draws a costumed crowd on and off the slopes.

Sarah Grangeon

4. La Grave Is Home to the Wildest Ski Race (and Party) in the Alps

There are big mountain freeride races, and then theres the king of them allThe Derby de la Meije. Held annually in La Grave since 1989, the Derby attracts some 1,000 ski racers from dozens of countries. Anyone can enter, and there are categories for alpine, telemarking, monoskiing, snowboarding, and any contraption with brakes.

Derby racersindividuals and teamscompete for the best time between the starting line at Col de la Lauze (the top of the drag lift) and the end point some 5,000 vertical feet down. The fastest racers make the elevator-like drop in a harrowing five to six minutes, covering terrain that normally takes an hour or two. While there are always World Cup and even Olympic ringers in the race, plenty of contestants enter simply to have fun and be part of one of the worlds most exuberant three-day ski parties, complete with live music and dancing into the early hours. Costumes are encouraged.

Seeking even more untracked solitude? La Grave is a leaping-off point for several backcountry hut adventures.

Sarah Grangeon

5. La Grave Offers Bountiful Backcountry Hut Touring

Ski touring and hut routes are epic around La Grave, which is furnished with miles of untracked terrain and no crowds. Nearby is Col du Lautaret, a jumping-off spot for dozens of ski tours and one of Europes best snowkiting/speed wing destinations. Several refuges (mountain huts) in the area provide bunks, hot meals, and drinks. The Evariste Chancel Refuge, accessed from the La Grave Telepherique, provides both lunch and overnight lodging, while the Pic Du Mas De La Grave Refuge, across the valley, and Refuge du Goleon Hut offer more breathtaking scenery, warm beds, and locally sourced food. From the top of La Grave, with a guide, you can drop into the tiny village of St. Christophe on the other side of La Meije, or do the multi-day La Meije Traverse.

Skiers Lodge, La Grave

Sarah Grangeon

As for accommodations back in La Grave, visitors can stay at the all-inclusive Skiers Lodge, operated by Pelle Lang, the former Swedish freestyle ski champion, whose reputation in La Grave was cemented by his 1991 first descent of the Pan de Rideau, a 52-degree couloir. The Snowlegend, another great choice, offers rental gear.

Ropes, ice axes, and crampons are standard skiing gear in La Grave. If this isn't your jam, several traditional alpine resorts are within reach.

Sarah Grangeon

6. Tamer Slopes Are Nearby if La Grave Isn't Your Speed

If you need a chill, relaxed ski day, or have less experienced skiers in your group, some excellent ski areas nearby provide numerous options for all levels. About 10 minutes from La Grave, the charmingly mom-and-pop resort of Chazelet is very family-friendly. About an hour and a half away, resorts in Les Deux Alpes, Alpe DHuez, Serre Chevalier, and Mongenevre offer hundreds of miles of groomed slopes, lively apres-ski bars, and plenty of restaurants and hotels.

The Romanche Valley is home to some of the best ice climbing in the Alps.

Sarah Grangeon

7. Some of Europes Best Ice Climbing Can Be Found in and Around La Grave

The Romanche Valley is so tight that it gets very little sun in the winter. The benefit, aside from great powder, is plenty of frozen runnels and free-standing ice pillars that make the area an ice climbing hub. Ice climbing routes range from single pitch to all-day epics of more than 1,000 feetand from an accessible La Gorge II/3 to standard-setting Diabolobite II/5+.

To freshen up your skills, head to Cascade du Villar dArene, just a couple miles down the road from La Grave. Like in Ouray, CO, ice is farmed heremeaning theres a pipe that ensures a continuous flow of water to refresh the climbing area. Plus, the Tyrolean Traverse across the Romanche River is worth the trip. Villar dArene turns all exterior lights off at 11 p.m., making it a great place to stargaze at night after your climb.

Breakfast in La Grave

Sarah Grangeon

8. Youll Be Eating and Drinking Well in La Grave

For a small village, La Grave has great food and an active social scene. Theres live music at least two nights a week during the ski season at the K2 Pub. Hotel Castillan, across from the telepherique, is where youll meet your guide in the morning for a coffee and fresh croissant, and later grab an after-ski beer (or three), rave about your day, and plan your next runs.

La Grave's two favorite dinner items: fondue and friends.

Sarah Grangeon

For dinner, Au Vieux Guide is known for its old-fashioned raclette, fondue Savoyard, and excellent wine list. In the village of Les Terrasses, a historic hamlet just above La Grave, eat (and stay) at Restauberge La Reine La Meije, offering a blend of Belgian and French food, along with a great selection of Belgian brews.

Hotel Castillan

Sarah Grangeon

9. You Can Get All Your Ski and Safety Equipment in La Grave

La Grave may be small, but its well-equipped with core outdoor shops you can trust. Objective Meije and Skiset rent and sell all the ski, avalanche safety, and climbing gear you need. Original La Grave is more than just a boutique T-shirt and ski accessory shop; the owner, Bruno Florit, does all the designs himself and guides mountain biking in the summer. On sunny afternoons, the patio is the spot to hang out with friends, drink, and listen to live music.

For your old ski apparel (which will fit right in here), theres now a sewing shop and boutique right in La Grave, Au Fil de La Meije, run by a master seamstress, Graca Cunhawho can sew new life into beloved threads and gear.

10. One of the Most Scenic Apres-Ski Soaks in the Alps Is Just Down the Road

When your joints and limbs are ready to relax, head to Les Grand Bains du Monetier. Just 25 minutes from La Grave, its one of most scenic thermal baths in the Alps. After your soak, head to Briancon to explore the massive Vauban fort (construction started in 1692) and the boutique shops and cafes that line the cobblestone streets inside the medieval malls.

Proposals to replace La Grave's 6-seaters with 30-person gondolas are in the works.

Sarah Grangeon

How to Get to La Grave, France

Getting to La Grave is a commitment and not for the fainthearted. The closest international airports are about three hours away in Lyon (France), Turin (Italy), and Geneva (Switzerland) via shotgun tunnels, surly switchbacks, and vertiginous roads on either sideplagued by avalanches, rockfall, and intemperate French drivers. The village is about one and a half hours from Grenoble and the Italian border.

Travelers from the U.S. can often find the best airfare into Geneva. Book a room at the affordable but well-appointed Hilton Geneva Hotel, equipped with an excellent bar, spa, and fitness center. Its just five minutes from the airport, with shuttles every 15 minutes and quick access to public transportation and airport car rentals.

La Grave's oldest buildings date back a millennium.

John Elk III/Getty Images

What Is the History of La Grave?

Once a medieval walled village, La Grave has deep roots, with its oldest church dating back to the 11th century and many homes built from natural rock. What is now Route National 1091 leading into the village started as a Roman roadwith the modern version completed in 1859. In town, steep cobblestone streets are lined with old climbing ropes anchored to the sides of the buildings like an urban via ferrata in the icy winter months. About 400 people live in the village, plus a few hundred more scattered in tiny hamlets within a stones throw of townbut a thousand vertical feet up tortuous switchbacks.

Just 66 miles southwest of Chamonix as the crow flies, La Grave is otherwise a world apart.

Sarah Grangeon

How La Grave Became the Worlds Most Dangerous Ski Area

In the mid-1950s, La Grave (and many other French villages) faced an exodus of young people to the cities and a decline of agriculture as an economic base. La Graves leadership lit on the idea of tourismin the form of building a cable car to deliver visitors up the villages steep mountainside to the Girose Glacier and base of La Meije. Just 66 miles north, Chamonix had great success drawing alpine tourism with its Aiguille du Midi Cable Carat the time the highest in the world.

La Grave moved ahead with a plan, but the 1973 formation of the 360-square-mile Ecrins National Park almost killed the idea. In 1975, the village (with the help of pioneer gondola designer Denis Creissels) built the La Grave Telepherique La Meije to encourage summer tourism.

On July 14 (Bastille Day), 1976, the first stage of the gondola opened. More than 13,000 visitors rode it in the first two months. Then, in November of the same year, disaster struck. A dynamite-packed bomb exploded in the bottom lift station, shutting down operations for two years. In 1978, the La Grave Telepherique reopened, with a second section that rose to 10,534 feet. The explosions perpetrator was never caught, though ecoterrorism was suspected.

What the developers of the original telepherique didnt expect was that a handful of ski bums, disenchanted with the burgeoning tourism in hot spots like Chamonix, Andermatt, and Zermatt, would discover that the gondola could be run in the winter months to deliver skiers and riders to the wild glaciers and slopes of La Meije.

The trams top station now sits on the Col des Ruillans at 10,534 feet with a cozy, hand-built log restaurant on top, La Cabine. Its a community gathering place where locals, guides, tourists, and non-skiers congregate and enjoy the massive views (and ski access). On a clear day, you can see Mont Blanc in the distance; and out of sight due to the vertical relief, the village of La Grave, more than 6,000 feet below.

In 1989, again to the disgust of environmentalists, the Girose Drag Lift opened above the top gondola station; it was designed to increase ski access from 2 Alpes, the conventional ski resort on the other side of the mountain. Skiers from 2 Alpes could cross over the top of the glacier, grab some turns on the ribbon off-piste, and then ride the drag lift back up to the summit and ski back down to their luxury condosbasically a walk on the wild side for recreational skiers.

However, unprepared skiers ended up leaving the groomed run and ventured out onto the glacier with deadly consequences. That extreme higher ground had been the refuge of guides and individuals willing to earn their turns via bootpack or skins. On days when conditions permitted the drag lift to operate, anyone could take their chances on the heavily crevassed glacier.

Supporters of La Grave's impending development believe it will benefit the local economy. Others say the ski area's wild and woolly reputation will effectively be erased.

Sarah Grangeon

What Is the Future of La Grave?

Major development on the glacier is imminent at La Grave. The controversy is over the topmost 1,250 feet of the Girose Glacier thats now partially served by the drag lift. SATA, the second largest mountain resort operator in France, which runs the nearby luxury resorts of 2 Alpes and Alpe d Huez, signed a 30-year lease in 2017 to manage the Telepherique des Glaciers de la Meije.

Many people credited SATA with saving the telepherique after the existing lease holder retired. SATAs master plan (formed with La Grave officials who support development) includes replacing the drag lift with a 30-plus-person gondolaa surge from the existing cable cars that rise up to this proposed extension, which hold only six. Effectively, this would bisect the glacier, jutting out from whats now the top station to the Dome de la Lauze at a dizzying 11,811 feet. Here, it would be visible to skiers atop 2 Alpes ski resortand just a 10-minute ski-and-pole away.

Supporters of the plan argue that this extension will benefit La Graves local economy. Detractors say the natural barrier between the wild and woolly La Grave with the ski tourism hub of 2 Alpes will effectively be erased. The village is polarized over the issue, with many arguing that the glacier should be returned entirely to its natural state above 10,500 feet, accessible only to human-powered adventurers.

When work started on the new gondola in the autumn of 2023, environmental activists (many from out of town) staged protests on the glacier and shut down construction. Plans are on hold until later in 2024.

Will La Grave soon lose its hallowed Vallee X magic and no rules characterreplaced with trail markers, groomed runs, avalanche mitigation, ski patrol, and snowmaking? Will the villages tight housing market become even more exclusive? Will throngs of unprepared skiers from the other side tumble into crevasses and off of cliffs? Theres a very real fear that what makes La Grave special may be lost in a single seasonand an equal excitement from proponents of change in a hallowed spot that has managed to mainly resist it until now.

:1. image / jpeg 2. image / jpeg 3. image / jpeg 4. image / jpeg 5. image / jpeg 6. image / jpeg 7. image / jpeg 8. image / jpeg 9. image / jpeg 10. image / jpeg 11. image / jpeg 12. image / jpeg 13. image / jpeg 14. image / jpeg 15. image / jpeg 16. image / jpeg 17. image / jpeg 18. image / jpeg 19. image / jpeg

19. Conan OBrien Remembers Norm Macdonald After O.J. Simpson Death, 12 [-/+]
(?)  (?)

The death of O.J. Simpson this week brought no shortage of jokes out of the woodwork, as the controversy over his double murder acquittal followed the former Buffalo Bills running back around for the rest of his life. But the man who would have reveled the most in Simpson's passing, legendary comedian Norm Macdonald, died of leukemia in September 2021.

And on Thursday, Conan O'Brien remembered his longtime friend and frequent late night guest while promoting his new Max series Conan OBrien Must Go.

Speaking with CNNs Jake Tapper shortly after the news broke, O'Brien was asked to comment on Simpson's passing. "He was a lot of fodder for you, and a lot of other late night comedians," Tapper remarked, to which the 60-year-old agreed that it was a "huge deal back then."

"Most notably, he's passed onNorm Macdonald," O'Brien recalled. "One of my best guests of all time and one of the great comedians of all time, just told some of the mostdid the most brilliant comedy of anybody, during that whole period."

Tapper then interjected to note that Macdonald actually lost his job on Saturday Night Live for ruthlessly making jokes about Simpson "being the real killer."

"The head of the network at the time was tight with O.J.," O'Brien continued, referring to former NBC president Don Ohlmeyer. "Anyway, water under the bridge, but that was a huge moment in the history of this country."

But despite being the reason he lost his job, Macdonald never did let up on Simpson. In June 2019 when the Heisman Trophy-winning athlete announced to the world that he had joined Twitter, Macdonald let him have it.

Hey, OJ, its Norm. Listen, be careful about the videos you put out there. I recognize the golf course behind your house I know that exact street and could easily print your address," the Dirty Work star wrote. "Of course I never would, but others would. Be careful, Juice."

Hey, OJ, it's Norm. Listen, be careful about the videos you put out there. I recognize the golf course behind your house I know that exact street and could easily print your address. Of course I never would, but others would. Be careful, Juice.

— Norm Macdonald (@normmacdonald) June 17, 2019

You can watch a complication of Macdonald's best "Weekend Update" O.J. Simpson jokes, below.

: image / jpeg

20. Dennis Quaid, 70, Shares the Best Part of Aging in Hollywood, 12 [-/+]
(?)  (?)

Dennis Quaid turned 70 on Tuesday, which was celebrated by CinemaCon when the veteran actor accepted the Cinema Icon Award on Thursday. After being presented with a birthday cake and serenaded by the crowd, Quaid revealed the best part of aging in the industry.

Quaid is gearing up for a busy year. Hes playing the title character in Reagan, a biopic of the former president; as well as heading The Long Game, an inspirational sports drama in theaters this weekend. Quaid is keeping tempo with last year, when he appeared in four different films. Its a pace the actor is comfortable with, and he has no plans to slow down.

Im on my sixth decade in this wonderful business, Quaid reflected Thursday night in Las Vegas, before telling the crowd he intended to be a veterinarian in his youth. Im really glad I changed my mind, the Traffic star cracked, although I could still go back to school if I wanted, he added to raucous laughter.

But then Quaid became more serious, reflecting on how his approach to the work has changed in his seventh decade. To tell you the truth, I really do feel like I have more fun. I enjoy it now more than when I was young and hungry, he explained, adding, [Im] not trying to get anywhere [now]."

Quaid went on: "I do it because I love it and that makes me kind of the luckiest guy on Earth, to tell you the truth.

At the end of his speech, Quaid told his adoring fans, Ill keep making movies. You guys keep doing what you do. Thank you very much. God bless you.

The Long Game is in theaters now. Reagan is expected to hit cinemas in August. You can check out Quaids full CinemaCon speech below.

Cinema Icon Award winner Dennis Quaid thanks lord and savior Jesus Christ, recalls wanting to be a veterinarian (Im really glad I changed my mind) and how Star Wars impacted movie business (Everything took off) during acceptance speech. #CinemaCon

— Chris Gardner (@chrissgardner) April 12, 2024

: image / jpeg

21. Ryan Gosling Shares Clip of 'The Fall Guy' Stunt That Left Him Terrified, 12 [-/+]
(?)  (?)

Ryan Gosling is starring in the big screen adaptation of The Fall Guy which hits theaters next month, loosely based on the '80s series of the same name about a stunt man who moonlights as a bounty hunter. In an appearance on The Tonight Show on Thursday night ahead of his third SNL hosting gig, Gosling told host Jimmy Fallon that the film a "love letter to the stunt community."

And it's clear that the 43-year-old has utmost respect for the hardworking people who risk their lives behind the scenes in Hollywood, especially after having to attempt one death-defying stunt of his own, in particular, while working on the film.

Noting that he worked on the TV series Young Hercules early into his career, Gosling said that he's had a "kind of stunt double my entire life." "There's this weird thing where they come to set, they do the hard stuff, they take the hits for you, they risk more than anyone and then they disappear into the shadows," he said with a laugh. "And then everyone pretends that they were never there."

"You get all the credit and they take all the hits, and it's a very strange dynamic," he continued, quipping, "That stops here."

Gosling went on to explain that stunt driver Logan Holladay actually broke a world record while filming for the most canon rollswhich involves using a cannon-like mechanism to propel a vehicle into a series of rolls when it reaches a designated speedat eight-and-a-half, beating the previous record of seven in 2006's Casino Royale.

However, the Barbie star was less enthused when it came time to perform his own stunt, which involved his fear of heights.

"My body feels like it's turning to stone," Gosling explained of how he physically reacts to the phobia. "And so they set this up at the beginning of the film where I have a long, almost like a 10 minute oner, and I'm talking to people on set and then I go up in an elevator and we go up 12 stories, and then they drop me 12 stories at the end of the take."

Setting up the clip, he said that he was so scared that he had to put on sunglasses "for no other reason other than to hide the fear in my eyes." And sure enough, the stunt was indeed not for the faint of heart. When Gosling is asked to "drop the line" you can almost feel your own stomach dropping before he takes the plunge.

Oh, the magic of Hollywood. The Fall Guy hits theaters on May 3, 2024.

: image / jpeg

22. I Test Hundreds of Whiskeys per Year. This Under-$40 Bourbon Is a Modern Classic, 12 [-/+]
(?)  (?)

Makers Mark is among the most acclaimed bourbon brands on shelves today. Its classic for a reason, as the 90-proof spirit is assertive yet approachable with a discernibly sweet sipping profile on account of the soft red winter wheat in its mashbill. For over 60 years, it's been a consistent representation of what American whiskey ought to be.

Mens Journal aims to feature only the best products and services. We update when possible, but deals expire and prices can change. If you buy something via one of our links, we may earn a commission.

So, how does a distiller improve upon something so singularly special? Bill Samuels, Jr.son of Bill, Sr., who created the original Maker's Mark in 1958aged the whiskey in French oak staves to create Maker's Mark 46. Given that it's the first addition to Makers Mark's permanent lineup, Samuels, Jr. was careful to keep it in line with what came before. Indeed, 46 is the exact same bourbon, save for that French oak introduced right at the very end of the maturation process.

Though unmistakably Makers Mark in the glass, minor alterations give 46 its own distinctive character. It's drier in the nose, creamier on the tongue, and leaves threads of elegant, full-bodied red wine on the palate. In short, it's among the most compelling bottles of bourbon you can readily find for under $40.

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Overall Impressions of Maker's Mark 46 Bourbon Whiskey

Maker's Mark 46 Bourbon Whiskey

Courtesy of Maker's Mark

  • Bottom Line: Maker's Mark 46 is a well-rounded wheated bourbon at a reasonable price.
  • Type: Bourbon
  • Cask: Virgin American oak for primary maturation, finished in American oak with seared French oak staves inside
  • Still: Double distillation through copper column stills
  • Proof: 94 proof (47 percent ABV)
  • Age: No age statement, but average age is 6 years
  • Mashbill: 70 percent corn, 16 percent wheat, 14 percent malted barley
  • Appearance: Dark amber, almost ruby red
  • Nose: Caramel, toffee
  • Mouthfeel: Rich, buttery
  • Taste: Cinnamon, kettle corn, red berries
  • Finish: Red wine, cream

Pros and Cons of Maker's Mark 46 Bourbon Whiskey


Fantastic bang-for-your-buck bourbon.

Despite its creamy mouthfeel, the finish is somewhat light.

Sips elegantly when served neat.

Flavor fades somewhat fast after each sip.

Mixes well into classic whiskey cocktails.

Maker's Mark 46 Bourbon Whiskey Review

The first notable characteristic of Makers Mark 46 is its dark amber hue. The way it sits almost ruby red in the glass is a stark departure from its more copper-like flagship sibling. The juice hums with caramel and toffee in a generous nose. Upon first sip, the mouth is coated in a rich, buttery texture that carries with it cinnamon, kettle corn, and eventually a bit of red berry fruit. The final note, as pleasing as it is, fades from the back palate pretty quickly. But ultimately that just makes you want to keep returning to the dram for more. Overall, this is a whiskey with ample value, especially for fans of so-called wheatersbourbons made with wheat instead of rye in the mashbill.

How to Drink Makers Mark 46 Bourbon Whiskey

To sample this whiskeyas with any spiritI poured it neat into a snifter. I prefer to use a Glencairn, the industry standard. But any vessel with a bulbous body will do, to help accentuate aromas. Before sipping, take in the color of the liquid, and then swirl it around in the glass to bring out the bouquet.

I raise the Glencairn to my nose and take a deep breath while my mouth is open so the ethanol vapors don't overwhelm my senses. I put the glass down and repeat the process before my first tastewhich is always a small one, meant to just coat the inside of my mouth. I take note of the mouthfeel, and then sip again, this time more generously so I can get a full sense of how it washes over my palate and fades into its finish.

I prefer to sip it on its own to taste the deep caramel and hint of vanilla with a lasting aftertastesomething that sets Makers Mark 46 one level higher than the regular Makers Mark, says Panji Wisrawan, the head mixologist at Aperitif Bar at the Viceroy Bali hotel. It's my go-to, any-day bourbon.

But the right way to drink it is however you'd like. It's best to sample it straight from the bottle before adding any ice, water, or mixers, though that shouldn't stop you from making cocktails.

Makers Mark 46 helps elevate simple classics such as an old fashioned or Manhattan with its deep and rich mouthfeel, Wisrawan says. Try adding an olive or cherry to give a savory kick to a classic Manhattan.

I tested Maker's Mark 46 by sipping it neat, but you can enjoy the bourbon in a cocktail or with a chunk of icereally, however you'd like.

Brad Japhe

History of Makers Mark 46 Bourbon Whiskey

Makers Mark 46 initially debuted in 2010. It was the brainchild of second-generation whiskey maker Bill Samuels, Jr., who endeavored to leave a liquid legacy as lasting as his fathers beforebut without touching the signature style of the brand that his family championed. Instead of relying on the more traditional barrel finishing technique used by whiskey makers the world over, Samuels sought to pioneer a new approach for his new whiskey, in which extra staves could be added within existing barrels of freshly-emptied Makers casks.

He enlisted the help of one of the worlds preeminent cooperages, Independent Stave. The talented team of barrel builders patiently provided Samuels with dozens upon dozens of stave samples. The seared French oak that he eventually landed on was listed as Stave Sample No. 46, inspiring the name of the whiskey.

The new product became an instant hit with bartenders. And today it accounts for a good chunk of the more than two million cases worth of whiskey that Makers Mark sells every year.

Makers Mark 46 was the first Kentucky bourbon we thought about bringing in when we were building our cocktail menu at Lilou," says Jessica King of her popular modern French brasserie in Knoxville, TN. It has this amazing combination of vanilla, caramel, clove, nutmeg, and allspice. Its a perfect base for our house-made brulee syrup, thanks to its distinct flavor and higher proof, for our signature old fashioned riff.

How Makers Mark 46 Bourbon Whiskey Is Made

As noted above, Makers Mark 46 begins its life as regular old Makers Mark, and thats a pretty auspicious foundation. A mashbill of 70 percent corn, 16 percent wheat, and 14 percent malted barley is double distilled in column copper stills and then laid down in virgin American oakas is required of all bourbon.

But the brand then ages its stock uniquelyby handrotating barrels throughout the approximate six-year-long maturation. To ensure consistency of each individual cask, these barrels spend the first half of their lives near the top floors of the warehouse, where heat and humidity are highest, especially during scorching Kentucky summers. After three years, those vessels come down toward the floor, where it is almost 30 degrees cooler.

Brad Japhe

When original Makers Mark is eventually awoken from its slumber, a cache of freshly emptied barrels are fitted with 10 French oak staves, then refilled with the whiskey destined to become 46. According to the brand, those casks are finished to maturity under ideal conditions in our limestone cellar for an unspecific amount of time. But among the bourbon gurus out there, it's suspected to be around a two- to three-month finishing.

"Maker's Mark 46 is an exceptionally versatile bourbon, in my opinion, due to the enrichment the spirit receives through the extended aging process, says Radovan Jankovic, beverage director at Mercy Me in Washington, DC. This maturation is renowned in the industry as it enhances its flavor profile and makes it great for inclusion in cocktails, adding a distinctive edge to classics like the Old Fashioned.

If You Like Maker's Mark 46, Youll Also Like

Makers Mark Wood Finishing Series

Makers Mark Wood Finishing Series

This parade of limited editions (which ended last year, sadly) takes the concept behind Makers Mark 46 and dials it up to 11. Any of the 7 releases in the Wood Finishing Series is worthy of praise, but were particularly fond of the 110.7-proof BEP, which is juicy and bright with brown sugar and toasted pecans.

Woody Creek Wheated Bourbon

Woody Creek Wheated Bourbon

Woody Creek Wheated Bourbon, a limited edition release out of Colorado, is distilled with a very similar mashbill to Makers Mark. Its even bottled at the same proof point as 46. In turn, there are familiar red fruit notes to savor here along with an added element of stewed peaches.

Basil Hayden Kentucky Red Wine Finish Bourbon Whiskey

Basil Hayden Kentucky Red Wine Finish Bourbon Whiskey

Basil Hayden's Kentucky Red Wine Finish Bourbon Whiskey is easy-drinking at 80 proof and brimming with more of the over-ripened red berry fruit that stews in the background of 46.

Why You Should Trust Me

I'm an award-winning spirits writer and presenter, who judges for some of the worlds premiere booze competitions. I generally taste around 500 whiskeys in any given year and have been a full-time journalist in the space for over a decade. The bartenders I interviewed for this piece are among the most acclaimed from their respective corners of the globe. They wade in great bourbonas a matter of professional responsibility, of course.

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:1. image / jpeg 2. image / jpeg 3. image / png 4. image / jpeg 5. image / jpeg 6. image / jpeg 7. image / jpeg

23. The Brooks Running Shoes That Shoppers Say Are 'Better Than Hokas' Are Now 30% Off, 12 [-/+]
(?)  (?)

Mens Journal aims to feature only the best products and services. If you buy something via one of our links, we may earn a commission.

Running shoe brands often attain a cult-like devotion from their shoppers once they find the perfect model for the shape of their foot, be it the Nike Pegasus, Asics Gel-Kayano, the Saucony Triumph, or something else. Brooks has fostered the same culture among its running shoes, but for first-timers, it can be hard to know which style to choose from the brand's deep roster. If youre looking for maximum cushioning, the Glycerin might be the option for youand now it's on sale.

Brooks Glycerin StealthFit 20 is on sale at REI for $111a 30% discount on the $160 list price. These lightweight running shoes have earned nearly 100 five-star ratings from shoppers who say they're "always reliable" and have "lots of cushion." Theyre available in a neutral white-and-gray color, making them a good option if youre a fan of Brooks performance but not of the brands typically garish palette. Sizes run from 7 to 13, with many half sizes still in stockfor now.

Brooks Glycerin StealthFit 20, $111 (was $160) at REI

Courtesy of REI

This Brooks Glycerin running shoe is best suited for runners that have a neutral foot type with its balanced support. It has a StealthFit knit upper that's designed to stretch and move with your foot as you run, with the added benefit of being easier to slip on and off. The shoes have a 10mm heel-to-toe drop to promote forward motion with a maximally cushioned nitrogen-infused sole that provides ample plushness. This cushioning makes them a suitable option for runners who struggle with foot pain, or who simply place a premium on comfort. Theyre also well-suited for people who walk a lot or stand on their feet for long stretches.

Shoppers were impressed with the comfort and cushioning of the shoe, with one calling it plush but bouncy, adding that they prefer it over the Ghost/Adrenaline models that Brooks makes. Another shopper called the shoe comfy and secure with no pressure points on top of the foot and added that the sole feels very cushioned but it doesnt feel slow when running.

Some shoppers compared the shoes favorably to other brands, with one calling them better than Hokas, adding that they have great fit and support with plenty of cushioning. Another shopper tried the Glycerin 20 after their Hokas didn't work out and said, "I really appreciate the comfort, fit, and stability of this Brooks shoe. Running has become a nice addition to my workouts, as opposed to a struggle."

If youre looking for a cushioned running shoe that can tackle everyday runs, consider picking up Brooks Glycerin StealthFit 20 now that it's 30% off. Since its a discontinued style, once its out of stock, its gone for good, so make sure to get your size soon.

:1. image / jpeg 2. image / jpeg

24. Grandma Shows Amazing Physical Strength With New Guinness World Record, 12 [-/+]
(?)  (?)

Holding a plank can sometimes be one of the most difficult part of a person's workout routine. For DonnaJean Wilde of Magrath, Canada, however, the plank is a challenge worth committing to. In fact, the 58-year-old grandmother just set a new Guinness World record for the longest plank ever held by a woman.

Wilde held a sustained plank pose for 4 hours, 30 minutes and 11 seconds, a whole 10 minutes longer than the previous record set by another Canadian woman in 2019. She completed the feat at Magrath High School, where she used to work, on March 21. The men's plank world record currently sits at 9 hours, 38 minutes and 47 seconds.

It was a display of strength that even caught Wilde herself by surprise. "I actually still cant believe it," she confessed to Guinness World Records after she was done. "It feels like a dream.

Of course, the dream didn't come without hard work leading up to it. Wilde, who has been an active person for decades, first fell in love with the exercise while recovering from a wrist injury and she found she could easily do it at home. Getting to the world record, then, was quite the journey. "My elbows hurt pretty bad," she said after the feat. "I was so worried about losing my form, and I think thats why my quads hurt because I was just really tense."

She noted that the first two hours felt like they went by pretty quickly, but the final two hours were a pain, to say the least. "The last hour was the most challenging, just to stay focused and keep my form," she admitted.

If you're interested in pursuing something like this yourself, Wilde assured aspiring plankers that anything is possible if you stay dedicated to it. "Keep trying and keep practicing," she advised hopefuls. "When you have to read or work on your computer, just get on the floor and do it on the floor."

That's certainly one way to pass the time while at home.

: image / jpeg

25. Patagonia's Synchilla Pullover Is a 'Timeless Classic' That 'Lasts Forever,' Now It's 51% Off and Selling Out Quickly, 12 [-/+]
(?)  (?)

Mens Journal aims to feature only the best products and services. If you buy something via one of our links, we may earn a commission.

The Patagonia brand is practically synonymous with fleece, and the association is well-earned: It invented the first fleece sweater, igniting the craze among outdoor enthusiasts, soccer moms, baseball dads, and everybody in between. One of the most iconic styles is the Synchilla Pullover, which dates back to 1985. This retro mountaineering layer is an enduringly stylish option for staying warm at the beach, brewery, or apres-ski, and is now more than half off.

The Patagonia Lightweight Synchilla Snap-T Fleece Pullover is on sale for just $69a 51% discount on the typical $139 price. A brand classic, it's currently marked down in seven fun colors and comes in sizes 2XS through 3XL. These popular pullovers are selling out fast, so make sure to get your favorite one soon.

Patagonia Lightweight Synchilla Snap-T Fleece Pullover in Belay Blue, $69 (was $139) at Patagonia

Courtesy of Patagonia

As the lightweight version of Patagonias Synchilla, this fleece layer is a better multi-season option. It was designed to be versatile and comfortable, thanks to the button-front quarter placket that adds breathability. It features a snap pocket that provides a secure place for storing sunglasses as well as an elasticized hemline and cuffs to lock in warmth. True to Patagonias eco-friendly bona fides, at least 95% of the polyester used was recycled and comes from a Fair Trade-certified factory.

Shoppers were impressed with the quality and construction of the fleece, with one calling it a timeless classic, adding, This is something that can go from work to the trail and out for some drinks afterward. Another wrote that it lasts forever, adding, I have one that I have owned for more than 10 years and it is still in pristine condition. My wife has one that's more than 20 years old and likewise is in perfect condition.

Patagonia Lightweight Synchilla Snap-T Fleece Pullover in Touring Red, $69 (was $139) at Patagonia

Courtesy of Patagonia

Comfort was also a key selling point for shoppers, with one writing that the fleece was like a warm hug, adding, It is so comfy and I get compliments on the color scheme every [time] I wear it. Another shopper wrote, The fleece is super soft and great in mild temperatures.

Patagonia is known for its stylish, durable gear, impressive repair-and-replace program, and eco-friendly initiatives, but the brand's clothes can be pricey. Thats why when timeless pieces like the Lightweight Synchilla Pullover go on sale, sizes tend to sell out quickly. If you're looking for a fantastic shoulder-season layer that'll keep you at a Goldilocks temperature this spring, move quickly while sizes are still around.

:1. image / jpeg 2. image / jpeg 3. image / jpeg

26. Halle Berry Details Gruesome Skill She Learned for 'Never Let Go', 12 [-/+]
(?)  (?)

With an Academy Award and a bevy of acclaimed roles to her name, Halle Berry's dedication to her roles has been a constant throughout her career. The actress is starring in the upcoming psychological thriller Never Let Go, where she also serves as an executive producer.

In the movie, Berry and her twin sons live off-the-grid in a seemingly post-apocalyptic world as they rely on ropes to keep them connected at all times. The film's title comes from Berry's insistence that they constantly maintain these ties with each other.

As the sole provider for her family, Berry had to act as if she really was living in the woods with few resources to work with. As a result, she had to learn some real-life survival skills.

"There was no electricity, no lights, my character skinning squirrels, and theyre eating bugs and frogs raw frogs in the woods. It was a challenge," Berry recounted when speaking at Lionsgate's CinemaCon presentation on April 10, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

She added that she delved into "a little bit of method acting" to put herself in the role. That included handling a dead squirrel with her own hands.

"I had to really skin a squirrel," she said. "These things wildly challenged me to create some reality within this world that felt so foreign."

Ultimately, Berry was able to draw on her own experiences as a mother of two to get in character. "With this movie, it reminded me how I would protect my children with my life," she confessed. "We often say, 'I would take a bullet for my kids.' Would you take a knife for your kids?"

Never Let Go is in theaters Sept. 27.

: image / jpeg

27. Daredevil Skier Dies While Attempting High-Risk Stunt Over Highway, 11 [-/+]
(?)  (?)

A Colorado skier has died after attempting a high-risk stunt that saw him try to jump 40 feet across a highway, Snow Brains reported.

At 3 p.m. on Tuesday, authorities were called to Highway 40, about six miles from Winter Park, Colorado, west of the Berthoud Pass summit. Witnesses reported an unconscious man on the road. When police arrived, they found a witness desperately attempting CPR on 21-year-old Dallas LeBeau. Unfortunately, the young adventurer was pronounced dead at the scene.

LeBeau and a group of friends had built a makeshift ramp on the slope, intending to film the skiers attempt at clearing the roadway.

Some witnesses reported that he was not wearing a helmet or any additional protective gear, although other accounts dispute this.

"I drove past the setup on my way home, thinking about picking them up as hitchhikers," Reddit user @OGfromaSmallTown wrote. "Could tell it was a jump setup from all the cameras, but it looked so sketch. This was close to 3 p.m."

In the same Reddit post, another user claimed that LeBeau landed on the highway's guardrail, after which he was apparently struck by a vehicle.

Authorities believe that LeBeau didnt have the necessary speed or time to surpass the roadway from where he jumped.

"I actually drove past it before the police and authorities arrived," user @johnbwell claimed. "I saw a dude in all black...just on the side of the road, not moving, and three guys stood over him on the phone. His helmet was on, but I couldnt see anything on his face because [of] all the blood."

LeBeau was a celebrated skier, something of a local celebrity, and a rising star in the scene, having participated in this years Freeride World Tour Qualifiers. LeBeaus Instagram account contains numerous videos in which he executes risky mid-air stunts. His most recent post, from March 25, showcases LeBeaus wide range of skills.

A GoFundMe set up by his childhood friend, Devin Shirk, reports that LeBeau had been skiing since the age of two. To date, the fundraiser to cover the familys funeral expenses has raised over $42,000 of a $20,000 goal.

Many of LeBeaus friends and associates took to the GoFundMes comments to leave tributes for their late pal. All of them remembered LeBeau as an open-hearted, eager youth who was passionate about the sport.

I was on team [sic] with him for five years, wrote Declan Burt, and he was always one of the older ones that took me under his wing. Such a kind and funny person and the most rad skier.

We met Dallas a while back, Paul Krahulec recalled. He was an inspiring slopestyle competitor in our local USASA series. His presence will be missed by all.

Lawson Douglas remembered LeBeau taking the younger man under his wing when he began his journey with skiing. I only skied with Dallas a few times as a kid in the Winter Park Comp Center. Dallas was a light, and I just remember how much fun I had those few times shredding. I know he will continue that wherever his soul ends up. Keep shredding my friend.

Jaxson Holme called LeBeau his best friend, and noted that their respective skiing careers were inseparable from one another. Dallas has been my best friend since we met on the first day of center, Holme wrote. We have shared highs and lows and everything in between. I will miss his eagerness to do the things he loved and his dedication to everyone in his life. Forever my best friend, he concluded.

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28. 'South Park' Creators Team Up With Kendrick Lamar for New Comedy With Wild Premise, 11 [-/+]
(?)  (?)

Over the years, Trey Parker, Matt Stone, and Kendrick Lamar have become accomplished figures in their respective fields. Parker and Stone achieved global recognition for their long-running animated series South Park and created the Tony-winning hit musical The Book of Mormon. Lamar, meanwhile, has earned accolades from the Grammys to the Emmys and is regarded by many to be one of the greatest rappers of all time.

Seeing these names together, then, might come as a surprise, but perhaps that's the point. During Paramount's presentation at CinemaCon on April 11, the studio announced the release date for Parker and Stone's new film. It will find them teaming up with Lamar and his creative partner Dave Free on a new live-action comedy that's set to premiere in theaters on July 4, 2025. The movie is written by Vernon Chatman, who joined South Park as a writer over two decades ago and has been a producer for the series for years.

Not much else is known about the project, but Paramount CEO Brian Robbins ensured it'll be worth the wait. "This script is one of the funniest and most original scripts weve ever read and its certain to create some fireworks," he teased, per Variety.

It's not the first time Lamar has found himself in the movie world, as he famously curated the soundtrack album for Black Panther in 2018. Parker and Stone, meanwhile, are no stranger to making movies. In 1999, they released the feature film South Park: Bigger Longer, and Uncut; their second feature-length film, Team America: World Police, debuted in 2004.

Lamar is known for keeping a low profile in his daily life, so if he appears in the movie, it's likely we won't know until much closer to the release date.

: image / jpeg

29. J.Crew's Shopper-Favorite Stretch Shorts That Offer a 'Perfect Fit' Are Just $40 Right Now Ahead of Warm Weather, 11 [-/+]
(?)  (?)

Mens Journal aims to feature only the best products and services. If you buy something via one of our links, we may earn a commission.

J.Crew is in the midst of a storewide sale that's giving shoppers 30% off their entire purchaseincluding an extra discount on sale productswith few restrictions. Oddly, it's the restricted products that are the most attractive right now. Men's polo shirts, Ludlow suits, and even the brand's classic chinos aren't part of the sale, but they're getting separate discounts of up to 50% off. One of the best pick-ups during the sale is the J.Crew classic chino shorts, which are a perennial men's staple that are under $50 for a limited time.

The iconic J.Crew Stretch Chino Shorts are on sale for just $40a 43% discount on the normal $70 price. This year's version of the brand's beloved shorts is off to a scorching start, having already risen as a top-10 bestselling style for men while amassing dozens of five-star ratings from long- and first-time shoppers. They're available in waist sizes 28 to 42 and four different inseam lengths between 5 and 10.5 inches, and they come in as many as 10 neutral colors.

J.Crew Stretch Chino Shorts in Khaki, $40 (was $70) at J.Crew

Courtesy of J.Crew

These classic men's chino shorts are made from cotton with a little bit of elastane that allows them to stretch for maximum comfort. They feature a zip fly with two slanted hand pockets, a small coin pocket, and two back pockets. The real draw to these shorts comes with the various inseams. Most brands offer two or three different lengths between 7 and 11 inches, but J.Crew now offers four: a 5-inch, a 7-inch, a 9-inch, and a 10.5-inch.

Many shoppers are particular about how their shorts drape, but J.Crew has the right fit for everybody. "Bought these in two colors," a shopper said. "Almost passed by in the store because I thought the only length options were 9 inches (too long) or 5 inches (too short), but luckily the clerk pointed out they also come in 7 inches, which was the perfect fit. Was also happy to find them in a 35 waist. Too many other stores only have even-numbered waist options, but 35 at J. Crew fits me perfectly."

J.Crew Stretch Chino Shorts in Navy, $40 (was $70) at J.Crew

Courtesy of J.Crew

Some shoppers have bought these J.Crew shorts for years and are impressed with the consistent quality. "Been buying them for years and they are always a staple in my warm weather wardrobe," a shopper said. "Same great shorts I know and love." Another shopper agreed, saying, "These are my go-to shorts every spring and summer! They are perfect for all occasions."

With some major cities in the US already hitting 80 degrees, shorts weather is closer than you might think. That's why now is the best time to get primed for warm weather with J.Crew's Stretch Chino Shorts on sale for just $40. Since the sale ends on April 15, you'll want to pick them up soon.

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30. Watch These AI-Powered Robots Play Soccer With Each Other, 11 [-/+]
(?)  (?)

While the age of robots might seem like a strictly 2020s phenomenon, these humanoids have existed for decades as scientists continually try to make technological advances. Playing soccer in particular is an activity that many robotics engineers have used to tweak their devices for years; the RoboCup, founded in 1996 as a parallel to the World Cup, was created for research teams from around the world to test out their work against each other.

Google is getting in on the action and ramping up its robots' machine learning with its DeepMind platform. In a new study published in the Science Robotics journal, a team of Google DeepMind researchers in the U.K. trained their Robotis OP3 robots to play soccer using their "deep reinforcement learning" technique that combines several different AI training methods. After using this method, they found that the AI-trained robots walked 181 percent faster, turned 302 percent faster, kicked the ball 34 percent faster and took 63 percent less time to recover from falls when they lost balance compared to robots not trained using this technique.

Soccer players have to master a range of dynamic skills, from turning and kicking to chasing a ball. How could robots do the same? ?

We trained our AI agents to demonstrate a range of agile behaviors using reinforcement learning.

Heres how. ?

— Google DeepMind (@GoogleDeepMind) April 11, 2024

Even more interesting is that scientists observed "a variety of emergent behaviors" that the robots seemingly taught themselves, as they would have been extremely difficult for humans to program. This includes "agile movement behaviors such as getting up from the ground, quick recovery from falls, running, and turning; object interaction such as ball control and shooting, kicking a moving ball, and blocking shots; and strategic behaviors such as defending by consistently placing itself between the attacking opponent and its own goal and protecting the ball with its body." Not only that, but the authors wrote that the robots "transitioned between all of these behaviors fluidly" in a one-on-one match with each other.

Our players were able to walk, turn, kick and stand up faster than manually programmed skills on this type of robot. ?

They could also combine movements to score goals, anticipate ball movements and block opponent shots - thereby developing a basic understanding of a 1v1 game.

— Google DeepMind (@GoogleDeepMind) April 11, 2024

More research needs to be done to determine just how effective this AI training method can be. The team has already started experimenting with two-on-two soccer games and found that robots "learned division of labor," avoiding approaching the ball if its teammate was closer to it.

Still, it might be a long time before the RoboCup replaces the World Cup.

: image / jpeg

31. Channing Tatum, Ex-Wife in Legal Spat Over 'Magic Mike' Profits, 11 [-/+]
(?)  (?)

It's been more than four years since Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan divorced, but the financial aspect of their separation agreement is still in limbo. And this week, Tatumwho is currently engaged to actress Zoe Kravitzasked a judge to terminate spousal support for his wife of nearly a decade, with whom he shares one daughter, as they continue to spar over profits made on the 2012 film Magic Mike.

In court documents obtained by The Blast, Tatum's attorneys requested a trial to hammer out the financial details of their settlement, after "numerous attempts to settle the dispute out of court" have failed. When the couple's divorce was finalized in November 2019, they opted to do it in stages, and at the time filed documents for "Judgment for Dissolution of Status Only."

They came to a custody resolution months later in February 2020, agreeing to share both legal and a 50-50 split in physical custody of their daughter, Everly Elizabeth.

However, the point of contention in their financial resolution involves profits made off Magic Mike, which he filmed during their marriage and which Dewan claims that they both contributed financially to the project. The 43-year-old alleges that Tatum and his business manager "hid and downplayed the value" of the film and its sequels, funneling the film's earnings through "a complicated network of companies and partnerships," including The Tatum Family Trust.

Dewan is petitioning the court to require Tatum to provide her with a report of the trust, and if communal funds remain, reimburse her with her half of the proceeds. She also wants an equal stake in any future Magic Mike-related projects.

In return, while Tatum says that Dewan has made no claims for temporary spousal support, he wants it terminated indefinitely. He also argues that Dewan doesn't require spousal support as she's been living with her current fiance, Broadway actor Steve Kazee, for six years. Kazee and Dewan share one child with another on the way.

But in addition to asserting that Dewan is employed and capable of supporting herself, Tatum is agreeing to provide his ex-wife with half of their shared property residuals and royalties.

: image / jpeg

32. REI Is Having a Massive Sale on Hiking Shoes With Up to 50% Off Styles from Salomon, The North Face, and Merrell, 11 [-/+]
(?)  (?)

Mens Journal aims to feature only the best products and services. If you buy something via one of our links, we may earn a commission.

REI is in the midst of a massive sale right now and is offering up to 50% off new markdowns on past-season apparel, footwear, and outdoor gear. The sale welcomes an opportunity to grab a winter jacket for next year or even a spring rain jacket at a discount, but some of the sweetest deals you'll find are on hiking boots and trail shoes that are perfectly fit for warm-weather exploration.

Many top-rated hiking boots from outdoor brands like Merrell, Salomon, and even REI Co-op have dropped down to the 50% off mark, which means over $100 in savings, in some cases. At the same time, lower-cut hiking shoes and even trail running shoes are as low as $60. After Men's Journal browsed through REI's April clearance sale on hiking shoes, we found these four styles that are worth a look as your next adventure buddy.

REI Co-op Flash TT Hiking Boots in Odyssey Gray/Tapenade, $85 (was $170) at REI

Courtesy of REI

REI Co-op's hiking boots typically offer the same durability as some of the top brands in the game but at a more affordable price. The Flash TT is the brand's sole boot at the moment, giving guys a lightweight, waterproof, and grippy option for under $90a rare sight. The brand has also constructed these boots with as much recycled material as possible, from the ripstop uppers to the cushioned midsoles and even the laces. Choose from three fun colors in sizes ranging from 8 to 13.

What Shoppers Are Saying: "I've worn these for many day hikes on beaches in Washington and Oregon this winter and snow-free lowland hikes. I've put in a lot of miles with them and they've held up super well so far. My favorite feature is how comfortable these boots are. They're honestly more comfortable than my day-to-day street shoes and by far the most comfortable hiking shoes I've ever had."

Also Check Out:

Salomon Sense Ride 5 Trail-Running Shoes in Lunar Rock/Orange/Fiery Red, $70 (was $140) at REI

Courtesy of REI

One of Salomon's many shoes for trails, the Sense Ride 5 trail runner is a well-cushioned, responsive, and grippy shoe that's recommended for both short daily runs and long-distance ventures across any terrain. But they're also great for quick, agility-focused hikes. They weigh just over a pound and feature the brand's one-pull tightening system that's convenient for staying secure mid-trek. Pick these up if you hate treadmills, love the outdoors, and need to get your pulse racing.

What Shoppers Are Saying: "Literally never want to take them off. Light, springy, and responsive, with just the right amount of arch support built in. I literally bought a second pair two days after my first so I could always have a clean pair to wear inside the house."

Also Check Out:

Merrell Moab Speed Mid Gore-Tex Hiking Boots in Lichen, $102 (was $170) at REI

Courtesy of REI

Merrell hiking boots are always a solid choice for getting outside, and that includes the Moab Speed. This lightweight, waterproof hiker features protection everywhere you look. It has an anti-abrasion toe cap that'll let you kick rocks unapologetically, a Gore-Tex membrane that'll keep you dry, and a rock plate underneath those sharp, pesky stones you never see coming. All of this sits on a toothy Vibram outsole that makes hikes an even more stable, enjoyable experience.

What Shoppers Are Saying: "I got these shoes on a whim before a hundred-mile winter ultramarathon in Alaska and they performed beautifully. They are waterproof, as light as low-cut trail running shoes, have great cushion and grip, and fit in my snowshoes much better than Hoka Speedgoat 5s. I just ordered more pairs and sized up one full size so I can wear thicker socks."

Also Check Out:

The North Face Vectiv Eminus Trail-Running Shoes in Led Yellow/Tnf Black, $64 (was $129) at REI

Courtesy of REI

This trail runner from The North Face is immediately striking in highlighter yellow, but it has all the components needed for a successful outing. It features a rocker midsole that encourages natural forward movement, whether walking or running on a trail, and it's accompanied by multi-directional Y-shaped lugs that help dig into earth and stick to rocks and gravel when traversing them. This shoe is also superbly breathable thanks to its tightly woven performance mesh upper.

What Shoppers Are Saying: "The North Face has become my favorite brand for trail running shoes. I bought these to replace my Vectiv Eduris shoes that have over 400 miles on them. I really like the rocker shape on the Vectiv line. The outsole has a good grip on everything but really soft muddy trails. I've used them for 12 to 14-mile runs and had no issues with comfort."

Also Check Out:

:1. image / jpeg 2. image / jpeg 3. image / jpeg 4. image / jpeg 5. image / jpeg

33. Deceased Ron Goldmans Father Had Curt Reaction to O.J. Simpsons Death, 11 [-/+]
(?)  (?)

Fred and Kim Goldman, the father and sister of Ronald Goldman, issued a statement to Mens Journal following the death of O.J. Simpson at the age of 76 following a battle with prostate cancer. Goldmans remarks were notably different than many of the social media tributes that have been pouring in for Simpson throughout the day. Earlier on Thursday, Goldman told NBC News that Simpson's death is "no great loss to the world. Its a further reminder of Rons being gone."

Simpson was infamously acquitted of murdering his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend, Ronald Goldman, in 1994. After the verdict, the Goldmans sued Simpson in a civil court for the wrongful death of their son. That proceeding found Simpson liable, and he was ordered to pay the Goldmans $33.5 million. According to the family, Simpson never paid them any of this money.

Since the trial, the Goldmans have dogged Simpson's reputation and finances.

The news of Rons killer passing away is a mixed bag of complicated emotions," Fred and Kim told Men's Journal, "and reminds us that the journey through grief is not linear. For three decades, we tirelessly pursued justice for Ron and Nicole, and despite a civil judgment and his confession in If I Did It, the hope for true accountability has ended."

In November 2006, Simpson announced he was writing a book entitled If I Did It, which was to be Simpsons theoretical account of Goldman and Browns murder if he had committed it. It was to be accompanied by an interview with Simpson on Fox, entitled O.J. Simpson: If I Did It, Here's How It Happened.

These developments were met with swift outrage from the Goldmans, who sued Simpson to obtain rights to the book. They did so both with the hope of seeing some money from the civil settlement, but also to ensure the former NFLer wouldnt profit off his macabre tome.

In 2007, a Florida bankruptcy court granted the Goldmans the copyright to If I Did It, including media rights and movie rights. They were also granted exclusive rights to Simpson's name, likeness, life story, and right of publicity as it pertained to the book.

Though the initial release of If I Did It was canceled shortly after its announcement in 2006, the Goldmans released a slightly revised version of the book in September 2007. While the copy was kept the same, the title of the book was changed to If I Did It: Confessions of the Killer.

On physical copies, the title is emblazoned over a picture of Simpson, with the first word minimized to such a degree that the title appears to be I Did It.

Goldman sued Simpson once again in 2022, this time for $96 million. In the suit, Goldman claimed that Simpson never paid them any of the $33.5 million owed to them after he was found guilty in the civil trial.

We will continue to advocate for the rights of all victims and survivors, ensuring our voices are heard both within and beyond the courtroom. And despite his death, the mission continues; there's always more to be done. Thank you for keeping our family, and most importantly Ron, in your hearts for the last 30 years"

In 2008, Simpson was sentenced to 33 years in a Las Vegas prison for stealing sports memorabilia at gunpoint. Goldman called the sentencing "bittersweet." (Simpson was released in 2017.)

But on Thursday, Goldman was feeling reflective, not vindictive. He offered Arizonas 12News a somewhat softer version of the statement he gave NBC earlier.

Its a reminder of how long Ron has been gone and how much we miss him, Goldman said simply.

: image / jpeg

34. Dramatic Photos Show Rescue of Real-Life Castaways on Desert Island, 11 [-/+]
(?)  (?)

Three fishermen are lucky to be alive after being rescued from a remote Pacific island earlier this week. With the help of the U.S. Navy and Coast Guard, the mariners were found on the deserted island of Pikelot in the Federated States of Micronesia after a week of living a real-life version of Cast Away.

According to a U.S. Coast Guard statement, the three men were planning to fish around the Pikelot Atoll on March 31 when their boat motor was damaged by waves. They landed on the uninhabited island of Pikelot but were unable to call for help as their radio ran out of battery. So they had to improvise, creating signs on the beach with palm fronds reading "Help" in the hope that they'd be spotted from the sky.

Finally, after they spent a week surviving off coconut meat and fresh water from a well, a U.S. Navy jet saw the castaways on April 7 and sent down a radio to establish communications and survival packs to sustain them until they could be rescued. Authorities quickly started working to save them from their scary and isolating situation.

Lt. Chelsea Garcia, the search and rescue mission coordinator on the day they were located, expressed her admiration for the castaways' smart thinking in a statement.

"In a remarkable testament to their will to be found, the mariners spelled out 'HELP' on the beach using palm leaves, a crucial factor in their discovery. This act of ingenuity was pivotal in guiding rescue efforts directly to their location," she said.

U.S. Coast Guard rescuing castaways on Micronesian island of Pikelot.

U.S. Coast Guard Forces Micronesia

View the 4 images of this gallery on the original article

The rescue mission turned into an unexpected family reunion. One of the rescuers was Officer Eugene Halishlius, who himself is Micronesian. The fishermen, then, were surprised to see that one of their saviors could communicate with them.

"I could see on their faces, 'Whoa! Whos this guy pulling up that can speak our language?'" Halishlius told CNN. One of the fishermen was shocked when he learned Halishlius' first name.

"Its a crazy world; I actually found out Im related to them!" Halishlius said. The first man he rescued was his third cousin, while the others were fourth cousins. "He couldnt believe Im with the Coast Guard trying to rescue them," he added.

It's not the first time people have been rescued from Pikelot, but it certainly could make for a gripping Cast Away-like movie.

: image / jpeg

35. Tom Brady Knocks the Selfish Attitudes of Some Younger Athletes, 11 [-/+]
(?)  (?)

Tom Brady offered some strong words of warning for the NFLs younger players in new recent interview on DeepCut with VicBlends. The former Patriots QB called out the selfish attitudes of some younger athletes while VicBlends gave Brady a fresh cut.

Brady said that when he was brought into the NFL, the people drafting him were mostly concerned with his strength, which the former QB admits wasnt as high as other players.

I didnt naturally have the biggest buildbut where I really exceed[ed] expectations was my ability mentally to understand what I needed to do, Brady explained. To be better, to learn the game, to learn the tactics of the game, to learn the discipline of the game, to learn the strategy of the game. Emotionally, how can I bring a positive, team-first attitude every single day? Not self-focused, not self-serving.

Brady feels that the qualities which made him a legendary player are sorely lacking in todays crop of athletes.

I think the biggest problem with a lot of f---ing kids these days is it's all about them, Brady said frankly. Their brand. Their social media. And when it's about me and not about us, well, there's no way to succeed as a team."

Brady continued: That's the point of life, What can I do? How do you help other people finish the race, not just you...What do we need to do physically to be better? What do we need to do mentally to be better? Emotionally, how can I be more stable, more consistent? How can I be more present? How can I be more of an inspiration to people I'm around every day? And that's where I think people miss the boat.

Brady went on to say that theres no way a proper team sport can be played without each player being on the same wavelength, with the same goals.

When people are looking for self-glorification, very self-serving attitudes, very selfish attitudes, Brady explained, it's hard to have a team-first attitude if all you do is being concerned about how you're doing or your stats or the glory you're getting or the gratification you're getting.

Brady concluded by saying, I think the physical, mental, emotional for all of us is so important. We have to evaluate ourselves every dayHow can you look at yourself every day and say, How can I be a little bit better? How can I be better for my teammates? he asked. Your teammates could be your business people, your family, it could be your kids. How could I be better for them every day?

Brady offered similar advice to Shedeur Sanders last year, telling him not to get too cocky early on in his career. Indicating Shadeurs father, Deion Sanders, Brady said: "Even you werent a finished product at 21 or 22. I certainly wasn't. I had the right people come into my life and I was open to learning from them."

You can watch Brady's full DeepCut with VicBlends interview below.

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36. Caitlyn Jenner Offers Two-Word Response on O.J. Simpson Death, 11 [-/+]
(?)  (?)

Reactions to the death of O.J. Simpson have been varied, to say the least. The Heisman Trophy-winning NFL star behind a legacy as being one of the greatest running backs of all time, which was overshadowed by his controversial acquittal for the murders of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend, Ron Goldman.

So while some remembered Simpson's athletic accomplishments, others celebrated or made jokes in the wake of the 76-year-old succumbing to his battle with prostrate cancer. Caitlyn Jenner is decidedly a part of the latter group, as the former Olympian took to social media on Thursday afternoon to comment on Simpson's passing. And she certainly did not mince words.

"Good riddance," Jenner posted on X, followed by the hashtag #OJSimpson.

Good Riddance #OJSimpson

— Caitlyn Jenner (@Caitlyn_Jenner) April 11, 2024

But lest anyone forget, Jenner also has a complicated family history with Simpson. The 74-year-old was previously married to Kris Jenner, whose first husband was Robert Kardashian, Simpson's close friend and attorney who served on his defense "Dream Team" during the high-profile murder trial that spanned 11 months from Nov. 9, 1994 to Oct. 3, 1995. The two were so close that Simpson was even a groomsmen at the couple's 1978 wedding.

However, Kris and Robert divorced in 1991, and she was remarried to Jenner at the time of the double murder and subsequent trial. The family suffered emotional turmoil as a result of the ensuing media circus.

Related: Deceased Ron Goldmans Father Had Curt Reaction to O.J. Simpsons Death

In 2015, on the 20th anniversary of the acquittal, Kris voice support for her late friend in an LMN documentary, The Secret Tapes of the O.J. Case: The Untold Story.

At the end of Nicole's life, I think she finally was at a place where she knew she had to be more vocal with what was going on and she was in trouble, Jenner said at the time, referring to the couple's tumultuous relationship. The one thing she would tell all of us by the time, you know, it got to that level was, 'He's going to kill me and he's going to get away with it.'"

"I will always feel guilty that I didn't pay more attention and didn't speak up when I thought anything was wrong or asked her more, 'Do you want to talk about it?'" she added.

Though Kris and Caitlyn likewise divorced in 2015, it's clear that she's still firmly on her ex-wife's side regarding Simpson's perceived guilt.

: image / jpeg

37. Olivia Dunne Shares Harrowing Fall During Gymnastics Practice, 11 [-/+]
(?)  (?)

For every perfect and polished gymnastics routine that makes it to a meet, there are countless hours of practice that goes on behind the scenes. And sometimes, things can go awry, as LSU gymnastics star Olivia Dunne demonstrated this week.

The 21-year-old senior shared a brief clip on Instagram late Wednesday night, mashing up a flawless land from a horizontal bar routine along with practice footage in which she seemingly lost her grip and went flying onto the mats, which we are reminded are there for a reason.

"There will be times in life where you crank that Soulja boy and there will be other times where that Soulja boy cranks you," said a soundbite that Dunne posted over the clip.

Dunne's Lady Tigers are getting ready to compete in the 2024 NCAA Womens Gymnastics Championships, which will kick off in Fort Worth, TX next week. LSU is currently ranked second behind Oklahoma, after winning the team's fifth conference title at the SEC Championship in New Orleans last month. The Tigers finished with the program's all-time top score of 198.075.

But regardless of how the championship shakes out, Dunne still has plenty to look forward to on the horizon. In May, she'll make her rookie appearance in the 60th anniversary of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue, after making her debut in 2023.

"SI Swim means to me being comfortable in your own skin and being undeniably you, which is something I still work on to this day, Dunne said back in November. "Body image is something that a lot of girls struggle with, especially young girls. In the sport of gymnastics, [body image is] a huge thing, and its something that Im still working on to this day, being confident. But [Sports Illustrated] really helped me to see that its OK to not be perfect and to just be comfortable in your own skin."

It's unclear what's next for Livvy after she graduates this spring, but it seems like either way it seems like she's got a bright future ahead of her.

: image / jpeg

38. Jon Bon Jovi Shares Update on His Relationship With Ex-Bandmate Richie Sambora, 11 [-/+]
(?)  (?)

Jon Bon Jovi opened up about his estrangement from former bandmate Richie Sambora in an interview with Entertainment Tonight. Bon Jovi is promoting the debut of Thank You, Goodnight: The Bon Jovi Story, which premieres April 26 on Hulu and Disney+.

Sambora left the legendary rock group in 2013, almost exactly 30 years after the bands hit song "Runaway" put them on the map. Since departing, Sambora has played only once with the bandat their 2018 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony.

Speaking to ET, the artist pushed back against rumors of a dramatic falling out between himself and Sambora. "There was never a fight," Bon Jovi said. "It was never about money, it was never about a girlfriend. [Sambora] had issues, and he literally didn't show up. We were playing for 20,000 people and there's a black hole on the stage."

Bon Jovi said he understood Samboras behavior to a degree, but had to draw the line when it endangered his livelihood and those of their road crew. "Substance abuse or anxieties or single parenting, all those things weighed on him, losing his dad. These were all very hard things," he said.

Bon Jovi went on to say: "But in fairness, why would I take away the livelihoods of not only the band, but the 120 guys in the crew? Or the millions of people that bought a ticket? What am I going to do? Shut it down because you don't want to go to rehab?"

Despite the difficult passage, Bon Jovi reiterated that theres no bad blood between him and Sambora. The two even watched the first three episodes of Thank You, Goodnight together. Watching Samboras on-screen apology for the way in which he left the band was the first time Bon Jovi had seen him take responsibility for his actions.

"You read, you talk to professionals, you sit with yourself, you learn to understand from a different perspective that his choices weren't made out of animosity either," Bon Jovi told ET.

All four parts of Thank You, Goodnight: The Bon Jovi Story will debut on Hulu and Disney+ on April 26. Bon Jovis also gearing up for the release of their 16th studio album, Forever, which debuts June 7.

: image / jpeg

39. Social Media Reacts to O.J. Simpsons Death at 76, 11 [-/+]
(?)  (?)

After O.J. Simpsons family announced the former NFL stars death on Thursday, social media quickly reacted to the controversial figures passing.

The former running back for the Buffalo Bills died at 76 after a battle with prostate cancer. Simpson is still considered one of the greatest running backs in footballs history, but the controversy surrounding his acquittal over the 1995 murders of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown, and Ron Goldman largely overshadowed his professional accomplishments.

Some first and foremost celebrated Simpsons legendary career, which transcended the boundaries of football.

Damn. This one hurts. 2000 yards in a 14 game season... Never gonna be done again rip

— Nathan J Robinson (@jesuslasupajew) April 11, 2024

RIP to the Legend OJ Simpson

— RillaPerry ?? (@Finalbossjimmy) April 11, 2024

RIP to Heisman Trophy winner and USC LEGEND OJ Simpson The Juice

(1947-2024) 76yo

My heart goes out to his family and friends?

— Trojan Football ??fan (@TrojanFBx) April 11, 2024

RIP OJ the Juice Simpson
USC Legend

— Jake ? (@J_Moose7) April 11, 2024

RIP Juice. Damn man

— 1 OF NONE VILLAIN ? (@in_da_grass) April 11, 2024

Damn, OJ Simpson died at 76 after losing his fight to cancer.
RIP Juice. A real legend

— Joe (@Necro_304Mav) April 11, 2024

Damn man Juice passed away? RIP OJ Simpson, rushed for 2k yards in only 14 games. Legend.

— Grandmaster of the Irish Exit (@CLONEKID_) April 11, 2024

But for others, Simpsons complicated life was unavoidable, and veneration of his legacy in light of Brown and Goldman's murders was distasteful. There were even a few high-profile names that came out against Simpson on Thursday.

Caitlyn Jenner--the former spouse of Kris Jenner, who was married to Simpson's attorney, Robert Kardashian, at the time of the murder trial--offered a blunt, two-word response to the former athlete's demise. Meanwhile, Fred Goldman, father of Ron Goldman, offered a somber response.

Good Riddance #OJSimpson

— Caitlyn Jenner (@Caitlyn_Jenner) April 11, 2024

Damn RIP Oj Simpson. I hope they use a white bronco instead of a hearse.

— Alex Engelbert (@Alex_Engelbert) April 11, 2024

damn rip OJ simpson, he really had that killer mindset

— Brady (@MoeJazulla) April 11, 2024

Damn RIP O.J Simpson

God when O.J gets to the gate.

— alex (@FlyingArmbar35) April 11, 2024

On the other hand, some rushed to the former running backs defense, saying that today was not the day to reopen past issues.

This meme going around saying OJ trying to get in heaven is cold blooded. Let that man rest in peace. Damn RIP.

— SheLovesThee (@SheLoves_THEE) April 11, 2024

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40. O.J. Simpson Dead at 76, 11 [-/+]
(?)  (?)

O.J. Simpson has died following a battle with prostate cancer, his family announced on Thursday. The former Buffalo Bills running back was 76.

"On April 10th, our father, Orenthal James Simpson, succumbed to his battle with cancer," his family said in a statement on social media, adding that he was surrounded by his children and grandchildren when he passed. "During this time of transition, his family asks that you please respect their wishes for privacy and grace," the statement added.

On April 10th, our father, Orenthal James Simpson, succumbed to his battle with cancer.

He was surrounded by his children and grandchildren.

During this time of transition, his family asks that you please respect their wishes for privacy and grace.

-The Simpson Family

— O.J. Simpson (@TheRealOJ32) April 11, 2024

According to TMZ, Simpson's health recently took a turn for the worse after battling prostate cancer in recent years, and he had spent the past few months in hospice care. However, his passing comes just months after he denied rumors that he was in quality of life treatment.

Im not in any hospice. I dont know who put that out there," Simpson said in a Feb. 9 video message posted to social media. "Whoever put that out there, I guess its like the Donald say: You cant trust the media.'" He added that all is well and that he would be hosting friends for Super Bowl LVIII.

Simpson is widely regarded as one of the greatest running backs of all time. However, the controversy surrounding the 1994 murders of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman has overshadowed his professional accomplishments.

After being acquitted for the murders in a high-profile criminal trial, the families of the victims later filed a civil lawsuit against Simpson, in which he was unanimously found liable. He was ordered to pay a total of $33,500,000 in damages; $8.5 million in compensatory damages to the Goldman family as well as $12.5 million in punitive damages to both families.

But even after being acquitted of murder, Simpson never escaped legal troubles. Most famously, he led an armed robbery in a Las Vegas hotel room, stealing sports memorabilia from a dealer at gunpoint. For that crime, he was found guilty and sentenced to 33 years in prison.

In July 2017, Simpson was granted parole and released three months later. He was later granted early discharge from parole in December 2021 and had remained a free man until the time of his death.

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41. Costco Is Now Selling a Shocking Amount of Gold Each Month, 11 [-/+]
(?)  (?)

Costco bet on gold in a big way last summer by selling one ounce, pure 24-karat bars, and now the company is reaping in the profits. Wells Fargo analysts reportedly told clients this week that the big box retailer is earning between $100 million and $200 million in gold sales per month alone.

When gold bullion first became available on Costco's website last August the product was an immediate hit, often selling out within hours of restocking. According to CNBC, gold sales generated about $100 million in sales in Costcos fiscal quarter ending November 2023, which suggests that it's rapidly becoming an extremely lucrative part of the business.

Our work suggests there has been significant interest given COSTs aggressive pricing and high level of customer trust, said Wells Fargo equity analyst Edward Kelly in a note to clients on Tuesday. "The accelerating frequency of Reddit posts, quick on-line sell-outs of product, and COSTs robust monthly eComm sales suggests a sharp uptick in momentum since the launch."

The gold bars initially cost $1979.99 per one ounce bar, but after the price of gold spiked 13 percent in 2024, it's now estimated that they cost around $2,400 each. Although Costco does not disclose prices on its website to non-members, the current price of gold is around $2,357 per ounce and it's estimated that Costco marks up about 2 percent from the spot price.

Costco has also raised limits for the maximum amount of bars that can be purchased at a time from two bars per customer when the product debuted to now five bars per customer.

It makes sense that the fiscal trend would gravitate towards gold when there is currently looming fiscal uncertainty in the United States fueled by geopolitical unrest in the Middle East and Eastern Europe. Unlike stocks or other types of investments, investors typically flock to gold as a traditionally "safe" investment that holds its value during turbulent economic times.

: image / jpeg

42. Iowa Gives Caitlin Clark the Ultimate Honor After Record-Breaking Season, 11 [-/+]
(?)  (?)

The University of Iowa is officially retiring Caitlin Clarks No. 22 after her record-breaking collegiate career.

The Hawkeyes athletic director, Beth Goetz, announced the decision during an event on Wednesday night celebrating Iowas second national championship in as many years. With Clarke in attendance, Goetz revealed that the player will be only the third woman in the universitys history to have her retired number hung from the gyms rafters.

Today, I want to add just one more [honor], Goetz told Clark on Wednesday. With almost as much certainty as Caitlins shot from the logo would drop through the net to the roar of this excited Carver crowd, we always knew your jersey would be hanging in the rafters one day, Goetz said.

Its a privilege for me to now make that official, she concluded. You will be the last to wear No. 22.

There will never be another #22 at Iowa. ?

The Hawkeyes will hang Caitlin Clark's jersey in CHA.

Watch on @BigTenPlus

— Big Ten Women's Basketball (@B1Gwbball) April 10, 2024

Its a fitting tribute for Clark, who has rejuvenated the sport during her time with Iowa. She broke 45 separate Division I records and left the Hawkeyes with 3,951 points, the most of any previous Division I player, male or female. Under Clarks tenure, womens basketball had its most-watched game since 1999. Four million people tuned in to watch Clark and the Hawkeyes defeat Ohio State on March 3.

Wednesday night also served as Clarks unofficial goodbye party before joining the WNBA. Shes expected to be the associations top pick in next weeks WNBA draft, taking place in Brooklyn.

You all inspired me just as much as I inspired you, Clarke told the crowd Wednesday in Carver Arena, and you allowed me to live out my dream every single day. For that Im forever thankful, she said, before heading into the stands to sign autographs for her screaming fans.

22 plays as Iowas #22 signs a few autographs. And by a few, I mean a lot.

— John Steppe (@JSteppe1) April 11, 2024

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43. A Smartwool Hiking T-Shirt That Can Be Worn for 'Multiple Days Without Having to Wash It' Is on Sale for Under $50, 11 [-/+]
(?)  (?)

Mens Journal aims to feature only the best products and services. If you buy something via one of our links, we may earn a commission.

Synthetic workout clothes have one big problem: they hold onto odors. This can leave your workout shirt smelling like a middle school locker room even after a quick jog. Merino wool, on the other hand, is moisture-wicking, breathable, temperature-regulating, and naturally odor-resistant, and there's no brand doing it better than Smartwool. Thankfully, one of the brand's best shirts for hiking, running, and other outdoor activities recently went on sale ahead of warmer, sweat-inducing weather.

The Smartwool Active Ultralite Tech T-Shirt is now on sale at REI for $49a 25% discount on the normally $65 shirt. It's earned over 40 five-star ratings from shoppers who use it for everything from heavy workouts and running to international travel and everyday wear. It's available in sizes small through 2XL and comes in your choice of black or blue.

Smartwool Active Ultralite Tech T-Shirt in Black, $49 (was $65) at REI

Courtesy of REI

The shirt is made from a blend of 53% Merino wool and 47% Tencel lyocell, a modal fabric made from tree pulp without the harmful chemicals used in rayon. This blended fabric feels lightweight and soft on the skin, with the added bonus of being more eco-friendly than petroleum-based fabrics like polyester. It has flatlock and offset shoulder seams that reduce chafing while you work out or wear a hiking pack. It also features a color-blocked design, giving it a sporty look, with reflective details for extra visibility for those who run at night.

Shoppers were impressed with the shirts ability to maintain a fresh feeling after wearing it, with one writing that it wicks well and doesn't hold odors, even after a few days of backpacking. Similarly, another shopper wrote, I wore it multiple days without having to wash it! Another shopper appreciated the shirts versatility, writing, I wear this shirt all the time, whether I'm just sitting around the house, going for a walk or a run, or hanging out with friends at a restaurant or bar."

Smartwool Active Ultralite Tech T-Shirt in Twilight Blue, $49 (was $65) at REI

Courtesy of REI

Other shoppers praised its performance capabilities, with one calling it the perfect workout shirt, and another calling it my new workout go-to. They added that with typical workout shirts, as soon as I get home or to the car, I have to change out of them, but this shirt I can wear all day, and the next and the next, without washing or getting the ick.

Whether youre a runner, a hiker, or youre just looking for a breathable, moisture-wicking shirt, this Smartwool performance shirt has you covered. And, if youre a frequent traveler, you can take comfort in packing a shirt that can, in a pinch, be worn multiple days in a row. Merino wool is notoriously pricey, but this deal drops it to $49about what you would pay for a high-end synthetic workout shirt. This particular style is discontinued, so act fast while its still in stock.

:1. image / jpeg 2. image / jpeg 3. image / jpeg

44. Russell Wilson Reveals What He and Ciara Did After He Proposed, 11 [-/+]
(?)  (?)

Russell Wilson is at a crossroads in his life and in his career. In March, he was cut by the Denver Broncos, leaving the Super Bowl champion looking forward to what's to come. While his next steps remain unclear, Wilson has been enjoying more time to spend with his family.

In a new interview with Essence, Wilson opened up about his marriage to R&B superstar Ciara and how faith plays an integral role in their union. In fact, they value their faith so much that God was the first person they spoke to together after they got engaged.

"When I asked her to marry me, once she said yes, I said, 'Before we go do this, can we pray? I want to make sure we always put God at the center of it all,'" Wilson recounted. And so I think the thing that hopefully exudes from our love is that, listen, love is never perfect. But we continue to try to put God first and pray over each other. We have these four beautiful children that we get to raise every day and its the greatest gift in the world."

Looking ahead to the future, Wilson is keeping his religious beliefs at the core of everything he does.

"I think it keeps you grounded," he said of his faith. "It keeps you connected to who God is, and what hes already done, and what hes about to do for you. Its knowing theres always a bigger purpose in life. Thats really important. It inspires me to be the best version of me, so I can inspire somebody else."

: image / jpeg

45. A Retro-Inspired Coleman Cooler That 'Looks and Feels Like a $500 Yeti' Is $50 Off, 11 [-/+]
(?)  (?)

Mens Journal aims to feature only the best products and services. If you buy something via one of our links, we may earn a commission.

High-end rotomolded coolers from brands like Yeti are winning the cooler wars because of their sleek looks, useful accessories, and unparalleled ice retentionbut they come at a higher price. Alternatively, old-school brands like Coleman are still packing a punch with high-quality models that'll keep your food and drinks fresh without burning up your credit card. If there's one Coleman cooler to see this spring, it's the retro-inspired stainless-steel Reunion, and it just got marked down to less than half the price of most Yetis.

Typically $240, Colemans 54-Quart Reunion Cooler is now on sale for $190a 21% discount. This stylish ice chest has earned over 250 five-star ratings from shoppers who say it "looks amazing" in their homes and can hold ice for up to five days. It's on sale in black, green, or shiny stainless steel and makes a great decorative piece that doubles as a bench during parties.

Coleman Reunion Premium Insulated Portable Cooler in Sage, $190 (was $240) on Amazon

Courtesy of Amazon

This cooler is big, with enough space to hold up to 85 cans. It has a secure latch to keep it locked, while the built-in metal bottle opener adds convenience and a stylish touch. Coated handles on both sides of the cooler make it easier to carry, especially when using the side drain to dump out water. The inside is lined with plastic and is designed to be easy to clean in case dirt or sand gets in. This cooler is also a good option for car camping; the lid has a 250-pound load capacity, so it doubles as a seat when you're hanging by the campfire. It keeps ice for up to four days (potentially more if you don't open it), which is enough for long weekend trips.

Shoppers appreciated the look and construction of the cooler, comparing it favorably to high-end brands. One shopper wrote, It looks and feels like a $500 Yeti-type cooler, adding that it stays cold for over 48 hours and looks great. Another shopper appreciated the stylish and sleek look, adding that it definitely does the job.

Coleman Reunion Premium Insulated Portable Cooler in Stainless Steel, $190 (was $240) on Amazon

Courtesy of Amazon

Others were amazed at its ability to stay cold, including one shopper who said it holds ice for 24 hours even during the Florida heat on July 4th. Another shopper wrote, Days later, I still have ice in the chest, adding, We broke our old cooler and decided to get this as a replacement, and I'm now glad the old cooler broke.

With warmer weather on the way, its a great time to stock up on summer essentials, and it doesnt get much more essential than a cooler. This one comes in three stylish colors and has features you typically have to pay more for, such as a built-in bottle opener and a drain port, so pick up yours while it's under $200 for a limited time.

:1. image / jpeg 2. image / jpeg 3. image / jpeg

46. Henry Cavill Details Intense Sword Training for New 'Highlander' Film, 11 [-/+]
(?)  (?)

Henry Cavill has appeared in high-flying action roles throughout his career in movies like Mission Impossible Fallout and Immortals. Now, the British actor is set to lead the highly anticipated Highlander movie, and he's been putting in the work to make it a project that fans of the film series will be proud of.

The new Highlander movie is a remake of the 1986 original film that starred icons like Sean Connery, Clancy Brown, and Christopher Lambert. Several sequels have been made over the years, with the most recent being the fifth installment in the series, 2007's Highlander: The Source. The universe has also been expanded with various TV series, books, comics, video games, trading cards, and more. A reboot of the series has been in the works since 2008, and Cavill's casting as hero Connor MacLeod was first announced back in 2021.

While speaking at CinemaCon on April 10, Cavill took a moment to speak about Highlander and his love for the previous films that have paved the way for him today.

"I am a lover of the original movies, for better or worse," Cavill said, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Its one of those things where reading the script, I wasnt quite sure where they were going to go. He found that director Chad Stahelski and the writing team were "going deep into the meaning of these characters, their trials and tribulations."

As for his preparations for the role, he only teased what was to come. "If you think youve seen me do sword work before, you havent seen anything yet," he said.

Eager fans will have to wait until 2026 to see Cavill's sword training for themselves.

: image / jpeg

47. The Coolest Pieces of Gear We Tested This Week, 18 2023[-/+]
(?)  (?)

Here at Men's Journal, we constantly test the latest gear to find the best new products you should know about to take your next adventure, workout, wardrobe, and every other part of your life to the next level. That includes everything from the best new adventure gear like a kayak that can double as a fishing boat to the absolute coolest gadgets and innovative tech you should own like a must-have soundbar to upgrade your home theater setup or a pair of bookshelf speakers. Here, check out our editors' favorite picks for Gear of the Week.

[Editor's Note: Check back each week to see an updated list of our favorite new products, along with all the previous weeks' gear picks.]

A number of years ago, a snowboard helmet was the last thing on our essential gear list for the winter season. However, with huge leaps and modern innovations in the helmet segment, helmets have become not only comfortable and unobtrusive, but also sleek and stylish. And one brand thats making leaps and bounds in this category is Smith. Enter our new go-to head protection this season: The Smith Method MIPS ski and snowboard helmet.

Combining style, safety, and advanced technology for all winter sports excursions, this helmet is the ultimate solution for any type of winter sport enthusiast. Featuring MIPS (Multi-Directional Impact Protection System), it mitigates rotational forces during an impact, enhancing overall protection. The hybrid shell construction ensures a perfect balance between lightweight feel and robust durability, and the adjustable ventilation system allows precise climate control, preventing overheating. The Boa FS360 fit system ensures a customizable and secure fit. With a minimalist design and cutting-edge safety features, the Smith Method MIPS stands out as our new favorite headwear for all our hot laps on the hill this season.Jon Perino, senior editor


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48. 50 Best Gifts for Her Birthday or Your Anniversary, 31 2023[-/+]
(?)  (?)

Mens Journal aims to feature only the best products and services. If you buy something via one of our links, we may earn a commission.

We get it: Shopping for the best gifts for your wife, girlfriend, best friend, or sister is stressful if she hasnt shared any hints or dropped links in your DMs. (Or perhaps youve been told, I already have everything I need! Don't buy it.) Even if her love language isnt gift-giving, spending a little bit of time picking out the best birthday gifts for her or best anniversary gifts for her goes a long way in showing just how much you care.

It's absolutely easier to buy golf gifts, gifts for new dads, and gifts for gym lovers. The items are hyper-specific with a small margin of error. For the true last-minute procrastinator, there are even clutch Amazon gifts for men and Amazon gifts for women that take the pressure off shopping. But when it comes to gifts for her (even the best gifts for Mom), you might feel lost.

If youre looking for unique gift ideas that wont have her requesting the gift receipt, were sharing a range of options. Whether she loves fashion and jewelry or cares about her wellness and beauty routine above all else, were armed and ready with a wide array of gift ideas. Here are the best birthday gifts for her, as well as the best anniversary gifts for herall thoughtful, and all editor-tested and -approved!

Best Birthday Gifts for Her

Depending on how long you've been together, the best birthday gifts for her can span a pretty extensive price range. Maybe you want something affordable and sweet for the early stages of dating. Perhaps you're thinking a grand gesture of love several years in. Regardless of where your relationship is at, we've got great birthday gift ideas for her that run the gamut from fine jewelry and wine to fitness and beauty tech we've individually put to the test.

1. Avaline The Spring Edit

Courtesy Image

Created by Cameron Diaz and Katherine Power, Avaline's wines are made from organic grapes and are free of added sugar, artificial colors, and concentratesand most importantly, they taste really good, too. This curated nine-bottle set will help her stock up for spring so she'll always have a bottle on hand. It includes three bottles each of Avaline White (crisp and dry with a touch of citrus), Rose (light and fresh with notes of melon and zest), and Sparkling Rose (effervescent with berry notes). Pop a bottle (or two) on her birthday.

2. Citizen Sport Luxury

Courtesy Image

If you want to surprise your wife with a birthday gift she can wear every day, look no further than the Citizen Sport Luxury. The two-tone stainless steel case matches all her jewelry and the 33-mm diameter won't dwarf her wrist. The time-and-date watch is easy to read and the pink dial adds so much unique style (the diamond accents don't hurt either). The watch gets bonus points for being powered by Citizen's Eco-Drive technology, which converts any kind of light to energy, powering the watch.

3. Parachute Waffle Robe

Courtesy Image

A robe is the perfect birthday gift for the wife who loves a good at-home self-care day or hotel robe moment. Parachutes Waffle Robe, which feels more like a luxurious towel, is a great option if she doesnt necessarily want anything overly fluffy, hot, or restricting. Loomed from 100 percent Turkish cotton, it's lightweight, soft, and feels like something youd find in a high-end spa. Its also unisex, so theres a chance you might even be able to share it!

4. Cuyana Small Zipper Pouch (Croco)

Courtesy Image

Cuyana's Small Zipper Pouch strikes a Goldilocks sweet spot. At 7" x 9.8" x 2", it's small enough that she can toss it into a large bag to keep loose essentials organized, but roomy enough to use as a clutch for special events and nights out. It's well-made with a sturdy zipper and complements practically any outfit. It's always in my tote bag when I go to the office and work from cafesstoring AirPods, a Tide to Go pen, lip balm, wallet, and more. When I want to ditch the shoulder bag, I tuck this under my arm and use the slit pockets to store my credit cards and travel light. It's made in Turkey and crafted from embossed Italian leather that's LWG-certifiedmeaning Cuyana upholds transparency and accountability within its leather supply chain to produce products that are tanned responsibly. This pouch will become her everyday carry.

5. Fewer Finer Two Pockets Ring

Courtesy Image

If she loves supporting female-owned brands, Fewer Finer needs to be on your radar of gifts for your wife. Madison Snider, owner, founder, and designer, creates nearly all the pieces in the brand's capsule collection, vintage selection, and custom bridal designs in New York City. I love that all imbue a sense of casual luxury and are incredibly wearable, not just for big occasions. In the case of the Two Pockets Ring, you can opt for 14k yellow or white gold. It's a dual-sided pieceone face has a baguette diamond and the other has a small round diamondwith a unique story derived from a proverb that reads: Everyone should have two pockets, and in each one carry a note. When feeling discouraged or disconsolate, one should reach into the right pocket, and, there, find the words: "I am the rock on which this world stands. Everything revolves around what I choose to be." But when feeling high and mighty one should reach into the left pocket, and find the words: "I am nothing but a grain of sand. Everything in the world is greater than me." She can turn the ring to whichever side she fancies that day.

6. Waterford Crystal Set of 4 Kenmare Double Old Fashioned Glasses

Courtesy Image

If she loves entertaining, this set of Kenmare Double Old Fashioned Glasses from Waterford Crystal is an excellent gift. Substantial and luxe in the hand, these crystal glasses are suitable for pours of her favorite whiskey or any number of cocktails. They're etched in the brand's striking Patterns of the Sea, making them unique and more special than your typical run-of-the-mill glass.

7. Sabrina Designs 14k Gold 0.33ctw Diamond Paperclip Link Drop Earrings

Courtesy Image

Available in 14k yellow or rose gold, Sabrina Designs Diamond Paperclip Link Drop Earrings add an instant dose of glamour. The striking statement earrings boast 0.33 carats of diamonds. While they're bold, they're also timeless so she's sure to cherish them for years to come.

8. Bang & Olufsen Beoplay HX Over-Ear Headphones

Courtesy Image

If you both work remotely and constantly struggle to concentrate during competing Zoom calls, treat her to the Bang & Olufsen Beoplay HX. Not all over-ear headphones are designed equallynot even closebut Bang & Olufsen's designs are like the Rolls Royces of noise-canceling headphones. If you like to geek out on audio specs, Beoplay HX boast custom 40mm drivers that have neodymium magnets, which produce greater sensitivity, power, and nuanced sound output. She can select adaptive active noise cancellation or transparency mode if she wants ambient noise to filter throughlike if she's in the office and needs to hear if someone's trying to speak to herand toggle through Optimal, Commute, Clear, Workout, and Podcast sound modes in the app. She can even create her own by adjusting low and high bass and treble for a sound experience that's brighter, warmer, more relaxed, and/or more energetic. Ears are cocooned by lambskin leather-covered memory foam cushions, while a pressure-relieving headband offers five different adjustment positions. She can keep these suckers on through an entire work day or long-haul flight; the battery lends up to 35 hours of play.

9. Dyson Airstrait Straightener

Courtesy Image

Looking for a birthday gift for the wife who loves a high-tech beauty tool? Dyson (yes, the folks behind the best vacuum cleaners) entered the hair game with a hair dryer and styling tool that Ive used weekly for the past five years. The brand's innovation is the Airstrait Straightener and it can take hair from wet to dry with less heat and half the damage of other straighteners. That's thanks to manganese copper alloy plates that automatically regulate temperature 100 times per second. The cherry on top: Its cord-free and fully recharges in just 70 minutes. Choose between Prussian Blue/Rich Copper and Nickel/Copper.

10. Kinn Ynez Pave Huggies

Courtesy Image

We've said it before and we'll say it again: If youre at a loss for a birthday gift for her, you can't go wrong with jewelry. In fact, my partner knows to go straight to Kinn when the holidays roll around. The brand's classic 14k gold pieceslike these vintage-inspired Ynez Pave Huggies with 10 round diamonds in each earringmake for a special gift that looks just as good paired with a black-tie gown as it does with jeans and a tee.

11. Apple Watch Series 9

Courtesy Image

The latest Apple Watch Series 9 has a more powerful chip, delivering a ton of new features without sacrificing the 18-hour battery life. A few new standouts: A brighter display, faster on-device Siri (requests no longer need to travel to the cloud!), and a magical new gesture feature that controls the watch by simply double-tapping the thumb and pointer finger together. As with the Series 8, the watch also features a temperature sensor that tracks body temp every five seconds to provide insight into overall well-being as well as ovulation and cycle predictions.

12. Maude Vibe & Shine Personal Massager Set

Courtesy Image

While it might primarily be used for solo sessions, this is a gift for her you can also benefit from. Whether you're working through the best sex positions or honing in on the sex positions for her, the Maude Vibe & Shine Personal Massager Set can take any intimate encounter to new heights. It includes the brands best-selling external vibrator and travel-size lube, plus a storage bag for travel.

So, what makes this vibe so special, beyond the chic design? Its powerfulyet quietly discreet, even featuring a travel mode. Its made from a water-resistant, phthalate- and latex-free, platinum-grade silicone The aloe-based organic lube is also more luxurious than your standard drugstore option. Its 100-percent natural and pH-balanced, two features shell surely appreciate.

13. TheraFace PRO

Courtesy Image

If she loves a good at-home skincare device or is seemingly always trying a new treatment at her dermatologists office, shell surely be impressed with the TheraFace PRO from Therabody. The brand started making massage guns for recovery after exercise but has now branched out to skincare. The same percussive massage helps relax facial muscles and reduce tension. With the included cleansing ring, the percussive massage helps remove dirt and dead skin from pores.

But heres where things get even better: The device includes a microcurrent ring she can swap out to improve muscle tone and firm and tighten skin (think of it as a workout for the face). There are also LED light rings that can be popped on, including red light to help reduce wrinkles and blue light for treating blemishes. So yes, it might be a bit pricey, but considering all the benefits packed into one single device, you get a lot of bang for your buck.

14. Peace Jewelers 14K Gold Choice of Carat Weight Cultured Diamond Stud Earrings

Courtesy Image

Some gifts are timeless and there's arguably nothing more foolproof than diamond studs. Peace Jewelers 14K Cultured Diamond Stud Earrings are a great choice if you're shopping for brilliant-cut cultured diamonds that are ethically sourced, meaning they're non-conflict and non-mined. Diamond mines are more likely to use child labor, so this is a gift you can feel really good about giving. Price varies depending on the size, ranging from .5 carat to 4 carats, and you can opt between 14K yellow or white gold.

15. Ember Mug 2

Courtesy Image

As someone who used to microwave their coffee multiple times each morning, the Ember Mug 2 is a godsend. Good gifts for girlfriends enhance everyday life, and this present in particular is great if she works remotely and tends to get stuck on calls before she can finish her morning brew. She can set the exact drinking temperature she prefers and the smart mug maintains her tea, matcha latte, or French press to the degree for up to 90 minutes with the 10oz and 80 minutes with the 14oz. This battery life is a 50 percent improvement from the brand's first iteration. The newest model comes in a bunch of colorways (be mindful some are only available in 14oz) so you can choose what suits your girlfriend's taste best. Choose among the Metallic Collection (Copper, Gold, Stainless Steel, Rose Gold); limited-edition Ember(RED), which donates a portion of profits to support global health programs with (RED); as well as Sage Green (shown here), Sandstone, Black, White, and Gray.

16. Nette Safari Candle

Courtesy Image

If your girlfriends candle obsession is as intense as mine, shell always love adding another to the collectionespecially one as luxurious as this. Nettes hand-poured candles are made from natural coconut soy wax without parabens, sulfates, or dyes. And, of course, they smell incredible.

The Nette Safari Candle is a smoky scent with key notes of suede, leather, moss, and violet. Its pretty intoxicating, evoking the smell of a sexy, high-end boutique hotel. Its perfect for a cozy evening curled up on the couch with your S.O.

The two-wick candle has an impressive burn time of up to 65 hours. When youve burned through it, the handmade ceramic vessel can be turned into a mug or other container; it's food-, microwave-, and dishwasher-safe. Who doesn't love gifts for girlfriends that are multi-purpose?

17. Solo Stove Mesa

Courtesy Image

The two of you can enjoy a personal fire pit without the smoke by igniting the Solo Stove Mesa. Roast marshmallows and make s'mores or simply enjoy some added heat on your balcony or patio all season long. Mesa has a pellet burn time of 30 to 45 minutes and plenty of stainless steel colors to choose among.

18. Garmin Forerunner 965

Courtesy Image

I've exclusively worn iterations of the Garmin Forerunner to train for triathlons. It's the premiere multi-sport watch if you're drumming up gift ideas for her that are more practical. The latest addition to the family, the Garmin Forerunner 965, isn't just an excellent pick for triathletes; it's excellent for any endurance endeavor, especially running. The bigger, brighter OLED display gets more information on-screen and makes it much easier to see and read maps and other detailed screens in low light. The watch also records wrist-based running dynamics including ground-contact time and vertical oscillation without the need of an external sensor.

19. Hatch Restore 2

As someone who typically hates mornings, swapping my iPhone for the Hatch Restore 2 sunrise alarm clock and sound machine has been a game changer. It wakes me up gently with gradual light and sounds that support my natural circadian rhythm. The selection of soothing audio is pretty expansive with everything from calm ocean sounds to thunderstorms, the latter of which comes in handy if there's a snoring partner. Unlike other similar devices, it's not an eyesore on the nightstand. In fact, it's a little reminiscent of a high-end speaker.

20. LAKE DreamKnit Kimono Pajama Set in Dusty Blue Stripe

Courtesy Image

Pajamas might seem like an unoriginal birthday gift, but when theyre as luxurious as these, you dont have to worry about how theyll be received. LAKE pajamas are a go-to for just about everyone on my shopping list year-round, and I particularly love the modal fabric, which feels incredibly soft to the touch, drapes nicely, and holds up well to frequent washing. This kimono-style set has a sewn-on belt and a wide leg for a chic feel even when youre just lounging at home, and it comes in five colors so you can go with a stripe, solid, or floral pattern. (As a bonus, its also breastfeeding-friendlyIve gifted it to multiple friends after they have a baby.)

21. Sun Home Saunas Infrared Sauna Blanket

Courtesy Image

If your wife or girlfriend lives for her self-care and wellness routine, an infrared sauna blanket could be the perfect unique birthday gift idea this year. These high-tech sleeping bags are trendy right now now for good reason: They can help boost post-workout recovery, reduce stress, improve sleep, and give your skin an extra glow while lounging at home. This option from Sun Home Saunas made our list of the best infrared sauna blankets because of its safety features (it blocks out EMF, or radiation), ease of use, temperature display for better personalized control, and the fact that it lies flat for easy cleaning. Bonus: You can use it, too.

22. Randolph Elinor Fusion 22k Rose Sunglasses

Courtesy Image

A beautiful pair of sunglasses makes for a great spring or summer birthday giftand we love that Randolph's is also handcrafted in the U.S. This shape, inspired by the Jackie O style, comes in seven colors and allows you to choose the combination of frames, lenses, and features (e.g., polarized or not) youre looking for. Were partial to the 22k rose gold with dark chocolate tortoise inlay, but you cant go wrong with any of the options. You can have her initials, birthday, or a special message engraved on the inside of the right temple for an extra personal touch.

23. Gold Oura Ring Gen3

Courtesy Image

If youre looking for a wellness gift for her birthday, consider the Oura Ring. If shes not a watch person, the stylish wearable ring is a way to more discreetly track over 20 biometric signals thanks to high-tech sensors inside the ring. We love using it to track activity, recovery, sleep, menstrual cycles, and stressthe list goes on. (FYI, you can choose the ring style and finish for her, but if you dont know her size, you can also order a free sizing kit and allow her to choose for herself.)

24. Byredo Mojave Ghost Eau de Parfum

Courtesy Image

If she appreciates the great outdoors but also smelling really, really good with equal passion, Byredo's Mojave Ghost may be the scent for her: a heady, woody concoction inspired by the Mojave Desert in California, with a base of amber and cedar, along with top notes of musky ambrette and fresh Jamaican naseberry, rounded out by light-yet-earthy sandalwood and Chantilly. Bonus: You won't get scorched by the Mojave sun.

25. Canopy Portable Humidifier

Courtesy Images

Yes, a humidifier helps when youre under the weather, but Canopys portable device has also become a beauty and self-care essential. While Ive yet to travel with it (though its TSA-approved), Ive moved it from my desk to my nightstand to combat the dry air in my apartment while I work and sleep and have noticed it increases my skins moisture levels and helps with fine lines, too. You can also add a soothing scent by placing a few drops of essential oil onto the brands aroma puck that fits right on the top of the diffuser.

Best Anniversary Gifts for Her

You can be romantic or pragmaticor strike the perfect balance of both by wowing her with a present that enhances her everyday life. What follows is a range of the best anniversary gifts for herwhether she's your wife, girlfriend, or life partnerincluding everything from elevated essentials (clothes, gear) to splurge-worthy jewelry and scents (always romantic no matter how long you've been together). You really can't go wrong with these gifts for her when commemorating another year.

1. 'Where Should We Begin?A Game of Stories' (Second Edition) by Esther Perel

Courtesy Image

With so much of our free time going to streaming TV shows and mindlessly scrolling, it's nice to be able to sit down with a partner and truly connect. Thats the aim of the card game "Where Should We Begin?" from Esther Perel, world-renowned psychotherapist and New York Times best-selling author. The 200 story cards and 6 sided-die guide you to share the stories you rarely tell, which can help you get to know your partner on a deeper level, regardless of how long youve been together.

The newly released second edition of the game includes fresh questions and prompts, inspired by playing the first edition with thousands of people around the world since 2021. (One of Perel's personal favorites: If cities were people, who would be your lover, your boyfriend/girlfriend, and your lifelong partner?) The box is also travel-friendly so you can bring it with you on a romantic getaway.

2. AARYAH Deepa Ring

Courtesy Image

Upon meeting with Megan Kothari, founder of AARYAH, it was abundantly clear this brand is a welcome disrupter in the space. Offering bespoke jewelry, engagement rings, and fine jewelry, AARYAH offers pieces you won't find anywhere else. The brand has an in-house diamond wholesale team with the ability to source rare, exceptionally cut diamonds that aren't widely available on the market. Those diamonds are ethically sourced, embracing the United Nations' strict Kimberley Process that prevents "conflict diamonds." Kothari and her team use recycled and certified fine metals for consciously made and intentionally designed pieces. If you want antique diamonds, stones with unconventional cuts, and distinctive bands and settings, come here (read: go online or to the NYC flagship store in the diamond district). The brand's Deepa Ringa Sanskrit name meaning "light"is especially eye-catching. A 2.02-carat oval yellow diamond rests within a bezel setting fashioned with a rounded comfort fit 18k yellow gold band. Other favorites include Noir Tennis Necklace and Moora Triangle Diamond Studs.

3. Framebridge The #1 Gift

Courtesy Image

We think the best anniversary gifts for her are personal and sentimental. Framebridge makes it delightfully simple to frame and display keepsakes in your home, like a matchbook from your first date or menu from your favorite restaurant, with The #1 Gift. If you dont have time to send in a physical item, you can simply upload any iPhone photo for a beautifully framed and boxed gift. For extra wow factor, you can even add on a mat with a custom caption (like a quote or lyric) or a story pocket where you can include a romantic note or add other mementos like concert or movie tickets.

4. Johnnie-O Olivia Cashmere Blend Cardigan

Courtesy Image

You may know Johnnie-O for its menswear, but the brand recently launched its first-ever women's collection filled with elevated basics. If her style is classic and a little bit coastal, shell love all of the super soft pieces, including this wool-cashmere cardigan. The oatmeal color goes with everything (I've worn it over dresses, pajamas, and with jeans). It's one of those cozy wardrobe staples she might not splurge on for herself but will probably find herself reaching for every weekaka the perfect birthday gift.

5. Clare V. Weekender

Courtesy Image

Leather is the traditional third anniversary giftbut we think a classic leather weekender bag is a great gift no matter which anniversary youre celebrating. This option from perennial favorite Clare V. is made of a lightweight, soft, and durable Italian leather that only looks better over time. She can carry it by the top handle or use the detachable cross-body strap (or swap it out for another patterned strap). The only thing that would make this anniversary gift even better is pairing it with a romantic weekend getaway.

6. Apotheke Candle

Courtesy Image

There's no shortage of seductive or comforting scents from Apotheke. The candles' sleek brushed-glass containers also double as refined home decor. May we suggest the best-selling, smoky-sweet Charcoal or Sea Salt Grapefruit for a refreshing waft of citrus?

7. Flowerbx Tulip Subscription

Courtesy Image

Flowers can be a lazy birthday or anniversary gift when you haven't taken the time to choose something more thoughtfulbut these aren't your bodega or Trader Joe's flowers picked up on the way home from work. Flowerbx deliveries come direct from the grower and are soured to order, so they're wonderfully fresh. Browse the selection of anniversary flowers, or choose her favorite flower (how pretty are these tulips?) and a vase. To show extra love beyond your anniversary, you can also spring for a subscription that will keep the flowers coming at your (or rather, her) desired frequency.

8. SIN Doline Vase

Courtesy Image

To go above and beyond, you can put her anniversary flowers in a beautiful vase that doubles as home decor when not in use. We love this stoneware and terracotta piece from SIN, a Brooklyn-based, handmade ceramics brand. This vase was inspired by the cave-like homes found on the winding roads in Italy, so romance is in its DNA.

9. Estelle Colored Champagne Coupe Stemware

Courtesy Image

What's more celebratory than champagne coupes (ideally gifted with a bottle of bubbly)? We think this is the perfect anniversary present for the partner who loves a glass of champs or is always entertaining. Estelle Colored Glass (made by glass artisans in Poland) offers some of the most beautiful, display-worthy glassware around. Choose her favorite color or go for these special iridescent coupe glasses.

10. Bottega Veneta Woven Leather Card Case

Courtesy Image

Looking for another leather idea? Consider upgrading her to this chic cardholder. Sure, the one she has now might get the job done, but Bottega Veneta's supple leather made in Italy and signature pattern weave design will add a bit of luxury to her commute or morning coffee run. (And, well, it doesn't hurt that it's a daily reminder of how thoughtful of a gift giver her partner is.) Its also practical, featuring six card slots to fit her credit card, ID, and other essentials.

11. Assouline Travel Book

Courtesy Image

A colorful Assouline coffee table book from its travel series would be a great anniversary gift for a partner who's always scheming her next trip. Not only will the luxe book make a statement on her coffee table, but it can also serve as a reminder of a vacations you went on together or one you're hoping to take in the future. You can choose from tons of destinations around the world including Capri, Mexico City, Tuscany, Aspen, or Miami Beach.

12. Getaway House Weekender House Pack

Courtesy Image

If you and your partner have been wanting to unplug more, consider a weekend getaway rather than a physical gift. Getaway House offers tiny cabins nestled in nature within two hours of major cities across the country (with 29 locations and counting) so you can likely find an outpost near you. The cabins are cozy (read: tiny) but carefully designed for everything you need including cooking essentials, fresh linens, and towels. Gift her a house pack or better yet, go ahead and book a surprise anniversary weekend.

13. Rimowa Essential Cabin Suitcase

Courtesy Image

If she's a big traveler and you're looking for a splurge gift for your anniversary, consider upgrading her carry-on to a Rimowa, a classic piece of luggage she'll have for years. While you certainly don't need to spend this much on a suitcase, Rimowa is considered the cream of the crop for how well-made and sturdy its cases areno sticky wheels or zippers here. The Cabin is made of high-performance polycarbonate that makes it both durable and lightweight, and it comes in eight colors with both matte and shiny finishes.

14. Dr. Diamond's Metacine InstaFacial Collection

Courtesy Image

If your partner loves skincare, shes probably heard of Dr. Jason Diamond, the celebrity plastic surgeon behind the InstaFacial. Now he's created a new line inspired by his in-office procedure with potent, bioactive ingredients. Trust us: If she's always trying new serums or creams, she'll be seriously impressed with this birthday gift.

15. J.Crew Oversized Cashmere Wrap

Courtesy Image

A cashmere wrap is an excellent wardrobe basic that she can wear with just about anything in almost any situationwe find it comes in handy as a makeshift blanket on long flights or to cover bear arms when the office AC is blasting in the summer. J.Crew's oversized, 100-percent cashmere wrap is not only soft and warm, but it also comes in a wide range of neutral shades as well as a fun cherry red if that's more her style. You can even add a monogram if you want to get fancier.

16. Bvlgari Allegra Baciami Eau de Parfum

Courtesy Image

This perfume from Bvlgari, the luxury Italian fashion house, is described as a "love potion that conjures a deep desire to evoke Italian seduction"so yeah, it hits the romantic notes. Created by Jacques Cavallier, one of the best perfumers in the world, it includes gardenia accord and vanilla essence. The colorful and sculptural bottle (the design mimics the iconic stone pillars in Rome) will also make a statement on her vanity.

17. Augustinus Bader The Body Cream

Courtesy Image

Augustinus Bader is known for its award-winning face moisturizer, but if your partner already has the cult favorite in her medicine cabinet, consider the brand's uber-hydrating Body Cream. It's made with Bader's patented TFC8 technology to support cellular renewal and includes ingredients like nourishing shea butter and bisabolol to calm the skin and support the skin barrier. Bottom line: It's a really luxe body cream that will make her question how she ever dealt with basic lotion.

18. New York Times Anniversary Book

Courtesy Image

Been married for years and looking for a sentimental, unique gift idea? This New York Times Anniversary Book could be the winner. Per the Times description, the pages let you see through the newspaper's lens "how the earth-shaking historic events that dominated the news of the day overlap with your anniversaries." In addition to your anniversary date, you can also personalize the cover (available in linen or leather) with both of your names on the front cover. The tears will come rolling in no time.

19. The NOW gift card

Courtesy Image

If youre looking to give her a bit of pampering, a gift card to The NOW can help her get some much needed self-care. The Los Angeles wellness destination offering massages with a serene, beachy aesthetic has expanded, with locations now available across the country. In addition to the three-massage options (ranging from 25 to 80 minutes each), you can also add on services like a gliding cupping or gua sha for lymphatic drainage.

20. Merci Linen Apron

Courtesy Image

The French know cooking and fashion, so naturally they ace the test when it comes to this pleasingly soft linen kitchen apron, which for versatility, can be tied around the neck and waist, or just worn around the waist. The natural worn look means she won't have to worry about wrinkles or blemishes. While available in numerous colors, we think this lavender version is just the right shade of understated.

21. Birkenstock Arizona Shearling Suede Slipper

Courtesy Image

If she lives in slippers and loves her Birkenstocks, she'll love this cozy, shearling-and-suede hybrid. The warm, furry take on the original sandal is available in black, tan, and green and, we can attest, is a surprisingly versatile shoe to have in rotation. I've been wearing the same pair for over six years and have convinced my mom and sister to buy them, too.

22. Lululemon Beyondfeel Women's Running Shoe

Courtesy Image

If your partner is a regular runner, consider a gift that supports the activity while also showing youre up on the latest gear. Lululmemons just-launched Beyondfeel is an everyday running shoe with a supportive, cushioned feel. What makes it so special? Well, the shoes are built especially for her foot, rather than being shrunk down from a mens form like many other womens sneakers. They offer a softer heel-toe-glide with features like an extra 2mm of foam in the forefoot that supports the way a womans foot lands and an extra groove on the outsole to mirror a womans foot strike. I can attest to their supreme comfort for long walks, too.

23. Abbode Custom Cocktail Napkins

Courtesy Image

The best anniversary gifts we've received are unexpected, delightful, and personal. These cocktail napkins from Abbode check all of those boxes. They can be embroidered with your anniversary date, initials, or another special symbol of your love, like a slice of pizza or New York City taxicab. An adorable conversation starter on a bar cart that will surely win you points for years to come.

24. The Sill Living Room Duo

Courtesy Image

Unlike birthday flowers, The Sill's Living Room Duo will stick around. The plants that come in this duo also happen to be especially easy to keep alive (even if, like me, you don't have the most regular watering schedule). The snake plant is great for dark corners and helps purify the air, and I have multiple philodendrons in my apartment that look great hanging down from a bookshelf. You can also choose from 12 planter styles and colors to find what matches her aesthetic best.

25. La Bonne Brosse

Courtesy Image

A hairbrush as an anniversary gift? It might be unconventional, but La Bonne Brosse brushes are more like works of art. She'll want to leave this out on display. The French hairbrush brand uses traditional techniques and the highest-quality bristles, so the brushes also happen to be amazing for hair and scalp health. Really wow her by having your initials or wedding date engraved on the handle.

Why You Should Trust Us

We're lifestyle and wellness editors with a combined 20 years of experience under our belts. We've spent our careers testing and reviewing products in the fitness, health, beauty, tech, culinary, gear, and home goods spaces. We also happen to serve as longtime advisers to brothers, dads, and friends' boyfriends and husbands when it comes to brainstorming thoughtful gifts for her.

: image / jpeg

49. Heres Whos Hosting Saturday Night Live This Season, 07 2023[-/+]
(?)  (?)

SNL returned to NBC for its 49th season on October 14. As always, the centerpiece of any good season is its roster of hosts and musical talent. Last year saw stars such as Keke Palmer, Amy Schumer, Kieran Culkin, and Dave Chappelle take the reigns. This season has proven to be no exception.

Already, this season has offered a roster of memorable talent. Returning cast member Pete Davidson kicked off the season, with a little help from Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce, while stand-up comedian Nate Bargatze got his first dose of major national exposure.

Heres everyone wholl be joining veteran cast members on the stage in Studio 8H as SNL's 49th season rages on.

October 14: Pete Davidson, Ice Spice

Davidson was a cast member for nearly a decade, holding down a memorable tenure from 20142022. While it might seem a little early to have Davidson back as a host, hes currently one of the most talked-about celebrities just about anywhere you look. Hes also carving out quite a film career for himself. This year alone, hes appeared in three blockbustersGuardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, Fast X, and Transformers: Rise of the Beastsand taken on a more dramatic role in Craig Gillespies somber Dumb Money.

Recently, Davidson appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon to discuss his return as a host and reveal that he's taken to collecting old VHS tapes in hopes of making a fortune.

Bronx rapper Ice Spice had a breakout year, scoring hits alongside Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift, as well as on her own. Shes currently starring in a series of Dunkin commercials opposite Ben Affleck (which he also wrote and directed) in which she exhibits some pretty workable comic instincts. Well see if she gets to put that to use in any SNL sketches.

October 21: Bad Bunny

The Puerto Rican musician will be pulling double duty in the seasons second outing, serving as both MC and musical guest. He previously appeared in February 2021 to perform two songs and make a quick cameo in one sketch, but this is the first time the artist will be the star of the show.

Bad Bunny is one of the biggest stars on the planet, and has brought Spanish-language music to new levels of commercial success in the United States. He ranked number one on Billboards 2022 Top Artists chart last year. (Even Taylor Swift couldnt compete.) Hes slowly transitioned into acting, taking on roles in F9, Bullet Train, and Cassandro.

October 28: Nate Bargatze, Foo Fighters

Bargatze is a less starry name as far as SNL hosts go, but the stand-up comedian is rapidly building a name for himself as one of the premier arena comics. His two Netflix specials, The Tennessee Kid and The Greatest Average American, received rapturous response on the streamer. The latter was nominated for a 2022 Grammy for Best Comedy Album.

When the Foo Fighters join Bargatze for the Halloween show, the iconic rock group will be playing their ninth musical spot on SNL. After the sudden death of drummer Taylor Hawkins last year, Josh Freese has now joined stalwarts Dave Grohl, Nate Mendel, Chris Shiflett, Pat Smear, and Rami Jaffee. Their appearance comes after a series of summer shows, and hot on the heels of a just-announced 2024 tour.

November 11: Timothee Chalamet, Boygenius

This marks Chalamet's second time hosting SNL, after anchoring the December 12, 2020 episode alongside musical guest Bruce Springsteen. The Call Me By Your Name Oscar-nominee is promoting his upcoming musical Wonka, which is due for release on December 15. In a promo for his latest appearance, Chalamet revealed that the trick to surviving a week at SNL lies in skills he learned growing up in New York City.

Chalamet will be joined by musical guest Boygenius. The venerable indie group, comprised of singer-songwriters Julien Baker, Phoebe Bridgers, and Lucy Dacus, released their first EP in 2018. Their most recent EP, The Rest, dropped on October 13. It's the first SNL appearance for Boygenius, as well as Baker and Dacus. Bridgers, however, made a memorable solo debut on the show in 2021.

November 18: Jason Momoa, Tate McRae

Like Chalamet, Momoa is returning for his second turn as host. He previously hosted the December 8, 2018 episode alongside musical guest Mumford and Sons. The actor appears this week to promote his upcoming superhero sequel, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, which hits theaters December 22.

Warner Bros. is attempting to manage disastrous pre-release buzz which has already designated the sequel a flop. A report last month from Variety, which accused Momoa of controversial behavior on the set, didn't help the studio's case.

In a promo for his episode, Momoa expressed his unbridled excitement at returning to SNL. As he parades around the hallowed Studio 8H set, Momoa realizes he's forgotten just one thing: his pants.

Canadian pop star Tate McRae is making her SNL debut alongside Momoa. McRae rose to prominence on the reality television show So You Think You Can Dance, and earlier this year was nominated for five Juno awards. In September, she released her song "Greedy," which McRae referred to as a new era in her artistic evolution.

December 2: Emma Stone, Noah Kahan

This hosting gig will bring Stone into the famed Five-Timers Club, joining such legends (and former cast members) as Bill Murray, Will Ferrell, and Tina Fey. Stone is on hand to promote her role in the controversial fantasy-horror movie Poor Things. In a promo advertising her latest episode, Stone shared the special comedy secret that makes her so indispensable to the legendary sketch show.

Meanwhile, Noah Kahan is making his SNL debut. The rising folk singer-songwriter is fresh off of his first Grammy nomination, for best new artist. Kahan reacted to the announcement of his appearance by reposting an old tweet in which he expressed his desire to appear on the NBC showcase.

I wanna perform on SNL. I dont even care if its an off-brand version called Sunday Night Live just get me on the show Ill do anything, he wrote in the 2021 post.

rub your eyes @nbcsnl

— Noah Kahan (@NoahKahan) November 19, 2023

December 9: Adam Driver, Olivia Rodrigo

Adam Driver returns to 30 Rock for the fourth time as host this week. It's his first stint since January 2020, just months before the COVID-19 pandemic shut down the show. Olivia Rodrigo returns as the musical guest for the second time in promotion of her sophomore album Guts.

Adam Driver hosts with music from @oliviarodrigo!!!

— Saturday Night Live - SNL (@nbcsnl) December 5, 2023

December 16: Kate McKinnon, Billie Eilish

Veteran cast member McKinnon, who spent 10 seasons on SNL, will be joined by Eilish for the last show of 2023. McKinnon is hot off the success of her performance as Weird Barbie in Greta Gerwig's blockbuster. This will be Eilish's third appearance on the show. She made her SNL debut in 2019 and later pulled double duty as host and musical guest for the December 11, 2021 episode.

January 20: Jacob Elordi, Renee Rapp

Australian actor Elordi, who broke out on Euphoria, has had quite a year. He played Elvis Presley in Sofia Coppola's Priscilla, and provoked murderous tendencies in Barry Keoghan with his sexually charged role in Saltburn. The latter effort bestowed Elordi with perhaps the biggest honor of his career to date: a scented candle based on his used bathwater.

Like Elordi, Renee Rapp is making her debut on the famed variety show. Rapp is fresh off the box office success of the musical remake of Mean Girls, in which she plays iconic queen bee Regina George. Her appearance on SNL to promote the film is hardly surprising: it's produced by SNL mastermind Lorne Michaels and former head writer Tina Fey, who also penned the screenplay for, and stars in, the reimagining.

January 27: Dakota Johnson, Justin Timberlake

Madame Web star Johnson is returning for her second hosting stint after making her SNL debut in February 2015. Shell be joined by SNL veteran (and her Social Network co-star) Timberlake as musical guest. Earlier this week, he released his first solo track in six years, and announced an upcoming tour.

February 3: Ayo Edibiri, Jennifer Lopez

Comedian and actor Edibiri recently won an Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series for her turn on The Bear. Shes also known for her roles in Big Mouth and the 2023 comedy Bottoms.

Lopez will join first-time host Edibiri as the musical guest. Shes promoting her upcoming album, This Is MeNow, which is inspired by her marriage to Ben Affleck. The album drops on February 16.

February 10: Shane Gillis, 21 Savage

Gillis was previously tapped to join the SNL cast back in 2019. However, he was fired before he ever came to air after videos resurfaced in which the comedian made racial and homophobic slurs. However it seems all is forgiven, and it probably doesn't hurt that Gillis has built a large and loyal following in the intervening years.

British-American rapper 21 Savage will serve as musical guest. The 11-time Grammy nominee previously appeared alongside Drake in November 2022, but this marks his first solo trip to Studio 8H. 21 Savage released his third album, American Dream, on January 12.

March 2: Sydney Sweeney, Kacey Musgraves

Sweeney, fresh off the success of Anyone But You and the disaster that was Madame Web, is making her hosting debut. She's promoting her new horror movie Immaculate, in cinemas on March 22.

Musgraves is making her third appearance on the SNL stage. She previously appeared as a musical guest in May 2018 and October 2021.

March 9: Josh Brolin, Ariana Grande

Brolin is promoting his return to Arrakis in Dune: Part Two. It's Brolin's third time hosting the show in 12 years, after first appearing in Studio 8H in October 2008. He returned to host in 2012, so this marks his first hosting gig in over a decade.

Grande joins Brolin in entering the three-timers club. She made her SNL debut as a musical guest in September 2014, and returned to perform double duty as musician and performer in March 2016.

March 30: Ramy Youssef, Travis Scott

Acclaimed actor and comedian Youssef, fresh off his lauded role in the Oscar-winning dark comedy Poor Things, is making his SNL hosting debut.

Scott, fresh off of the release of his latest album, Utopia, is making his second appearance on the show, having previously served as musical guest in October 2018.

April 6: Kristen Wiig, Raye

Wiig will claim her spot in SNL's fabled five-timer's club with this appearance. She was previously a full-time member of the cast for seven seasons, from 2005 until 2012.

Making her SNL debut opposite Wiig is singer/songwriter Raye, who won Album of the Year at this year's BRIT Awards.

April 13: Ryan Gosling, Chris Stapleton

Straight from his buzzy Oscars performance of "I'm Just Ken," Gosling will mark his third stint as host as he gears up to release the stunt-centric comedy The Fall Guy.

Stapleton, also making his third appearance on SNL, will join Gosling as the episode's musical guest.

: image / jpeg

50. Best Ice Baths of 2024 to Master the Art of Cold Plunging, 02 2023[-/+]
(?)  (?)

While some are innovative, the best ice baths don't necessarily reinvent the wheeler, tub. They don't have to. All you need to get the benefits of a cold plunge is a vessel you can comfortably lie or sit in for a two- to three-minute dunk.

The practice of submerging your body in icy-cold water isn't new, but it has become one of the biggest fitness trends, with influencers angling for clicks and athletes looking to hasten muscle recovery after workouts. In fact, the global cold plunge tub market is expected to rise to $552.7 million by 2034up from $332.9 million in 2024, per Future Market Insights.

The reason why athletes take ice baths varies depending on the sport (more on this below), but by and large, the routine of taking ice baths after an intense workout or competition has been common practice for centuries, says Matthew Kampert, D.O., staff physician in Sports Medicine and Endocrinology and director of Exercise Medicine at the Endocrinology & Metabolism Institute.

We rounded up the best ice bath tubs and tested them to find superior options for a wide array of applications, from the cold-plunge curious to the hardcore ice bath lovers.

Mens Journal aims to feature only the best products and services. We update when possible, but deals expire and prices can change. If you buy something via one of our links, we may earn a commission.

The overall best cold plunge we tested was Ice Barrel 300. The insulated barrel uses a simple, time-tested design that doesn't take up much space and doesn't need electricity, plus it's well-priced for most folks wanting to get ice bath benefits without a major investment.

Overall Best Cold Plunge: Ice Barrel 300

Ice Barrel 300 is our overall best cold plunge pick of 2024.

Justin Park

Ice Barrel is one of the most well-known cold plunge brands. I like Ice Barrel 300 for its simple design, rugged build, and relatively low cost. The company recommends the thicker insulation of its 300 model for warmer climates, but I found the insulation in the barrel and lid also helped delay ice formation in my sub-freezing testing conditions. The 300 has a lower, wider stance than the popular 400 model, which still resembles a giant barrel, but requires a step stool to enter.

Ice Barrel 300 Pros

Ice Barrel says the 300 fits bodies up to 62 and 250 pounds. I'm 6'0" and found it easy to crouch down and remain submerged up to my head. Hinman told me Ice Barrel founder Wyatt Ewing designed the product intentionally to encourage an upright posture, which may be easier for beginners to withstand the stress of cold-water immersion.

Likewise, because of this upright design, the footprint is relatively small at just three feet wide. This a great option for folks with limited outdoor space. And since it doesnt need power (unless you add a chiller), its easy to place out of the way as long as its within reach of a hose.

Ice Barrel 300 weighs 61 pounds, but has handles that made it easy enough for me to wrangle out of my truck, up my driveway, and onto my deck without calling for help. There's a drain port at the bottom and an inlet port up high, which make filling and draining less messy and also enables connection to some filter and chiller units, like Barrel Cold Therapy Chiller. Ice Barrel is coming out with its own chiller soon, and you can sign up for a waitlist to get notified when its available.

Ice Barrel 300 Cons

Because of the upright barrel design, taller individuals will find it difficult to fully submerge their head. Likewise, there may be less room for their legs in the crouched or squat position. If that's you, upgrade to the 400.

  • Capacity: 77 gallons
  • Weight: 61 pounds
  • Dimensions: 35.5 x 30.5 inches
  • Chiller included: No

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Best-Designed Cold Plunge Tub: Fire Cold Plunge

Fire Cold Plunge Ice Bath is our pick for the best-designed ice bath.

Justin Park

Fire Cold Plunge is the best high-end ice bath of all the units I tested. While I like the simplicity of Ice Barrel 300 and recommend it for most people because of the lower price point, Fire Cold Plunge has the most comprehensive system and pleasing aesthetic. Founder Nick Reed designed the unit himself and is usually the one to pick up when you call customer service. (The company was born out of a passion for cold plunging and Reeds DIY cold plunge projects.)

Fire Cold Plunge Pros

My partner declared Fire Cold Plunge the best-looking of all the units I tested thanks to a faux-wood wrap that gives it a sauna feel, but what I enjoyed most was that it worked as intended and required the least amount of maintenance of any of the plunges I tested.

The design is essentially a flip-open chest freezer equipped with a ton of smart add-ons including mechanical and carbon filtration paired with ozone treatment to minimize the need for replacing the water and/or using pool chemicals. The control unit manages the filter, chilling hardware, and optional heater to keep your water clean and at whatever temperature you set without having to run for ice or buckets of hot water. This model also comes with a pool skimmer, timer, bilge pump for draining, and more. Theres a temperature readout built into the display on the control unit, so no need for a standalone thermometer.

Bonus for those living in colder climates: Fire Cold Plunge can run in very cold temperatures since the filtration happens inside the unit. All the other units I tested would lose between 5 and 20 degrees of water temperature each night and eventually start freezing when ambient temperatures were below 30. The chest freezer core seals tightly and is incredibly well-insulated. Fire Cold Plunge never built up any ice and never dropped below 40 degrees over several weeks of testing. This insulation can also benefit folks in warmer climates for keeping water cold without having to run the chilling hardware as often. For extreme cold climates (hello, Alaska and Canada!), Fire Cold Plunge sells a surface heating pad that plugs into the control unit, which then automatically uses the pad to keep the temperature at the set point.

Fire Cold Plunge is easy to enter and theres a low seat on one side to sit upright when submerged up to mid-chest; or you can lie down with knees bent for a more complete submersion. While the company makes these one at a time in Texas, the cost is surprisingly reasonable. A DIY solution or simple tub is cheaper, of course, but Fire Cold Plunge packs the features of higher-end options that cost $5,000 to $10,000 into a sub-$3,000 package for the smallest size.

Fire Cold Plunge Cons

The angles inside are sharper than other plunges, but Im rarely lounging during a plunge session and didnt find Fire Cold Plunge painful when sitting upright or lying back.

Also, folks taller than 63 might have to spring for the Medium or Large Fire Cold Plunge, which costs a bit more ($3,995 and $4,495, respectively). You can find plans online to construct your own from a chest freezer, but its unlikely you can do it for the cost of a Fire Cold Plunge (not counting the value of your time!). The biggest downside is figuring out where to place it, since youll need to be able to plug in the control unit, and its harder to move around without assistance due to the shape and overall weight.

  • Capacity: 105 gallons
  • Weight: 120 pounds
  • Dimensions: 50 x 30 x 33 inches (medium)
  • Chiller included: Yes

Best Affordable Ice Bath: Feel Good Cold Plunge

Feel Good Cold Plunge Ice Bath is our favorite affordable ice baths.

Justin Park

Feel Good Cold Plunge is the cheapest cold plunge tubs I tested by several hundred dollars and is where I would start if I were new to cold plunging, thanks to both the ultra-low startup cost and ease of use. This is a very basic design: a plastic tub supported by a plastic rod frame and blow-up rim. There's a drain faucet at the base which makes it easy to drain and refresh the water.

Feel Good Plunge Pros

I was able to set this unit up in about 5 minutes and fill it with 40-degree hose water to start plunging immediately. Unlike in a bathtub or stock tank filled with water and ice, its easy to get submerged up to your neck. And, while its the smallest of the units I tested, it didnt feel claustrophobic.

Feel Good Plunge Cons

My biggest gripes with Feel Good Plunge are the somewhat finicky inflation mechanism on the rim (no different than blowing up a pool floaty) and the likely lack of long-term durability of the relatively thin plastic and PVC frame, though I didnt have any issues on that front during testing. Given the price, this is my top pick for entry-level cold plungers who aren't ready to drop four figures to get into the other options highlighted here.

  • Capacity: 115 gallons
  • Weight: 8.6 pounds
  • Dimensions: 29 x 36 inches
  • Chiller included: No

Best Inflatable Ice Bath: Sun Home Saunas Portable Ice Bath With Chiller

Sun Home Saunas Ice Bath is our favorite portable ice bath.

Justin Park

The drop-stitch inflatable design of Sun Home Saunas Ice Bath borrows from inflatable stand-up paddleboards to create a durable, lightweight, and portable cold plunge tub at a decent price.

Sun Home Saunas Ice Bath Pros

It comes with inlet and outlet ports to make it easy to connect the external chiller unit that doubles as a filtration system. The chiller isnt necessary when temperatures are low enough, and you can easily disconnect the external unit and cap the hose ports to use the tub alone.

The inflatable tub blows up stiff but has rounded edges, so it's comfortable to lie down, lean your head back, and rest your arms on the edges. It also has an inflatable cover, which helps insulate the water inside against temperature changes and results in less ice formation during sub-freezing nights outside compared to other units I tested.

Sun Home Saunas Ice Bath Cons

Unfortunately, you cant buy the tub alone without the chiller, so the cost is a bit high for the full kit. If youre just looking for a tub in this style and dont want to pony up for a chiller, consider Redwood Outdoors Yukon Cold Plunge XL, highlighted below.

  • Capacity: 95 gallons
  • Weight: 15.5 pounds (tub), 88 pounds (chiller)
  • Dimensions: 21 x 16 x 22 inches
  • Chiller included: Yes

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Best Hot and Cold Plunge: Redwood Outdoors Yukon Cold Plunge Kit

Redwood Outdoors Yukon Cold Plunge Kit Ice Bath

Justin Park

Another inflatable option sharing many similarities with Sun Home Saunas is Redwood Outdoors Yukon Cold Plunge Kit. The allure here is Redwood Outdoors offers more bespoke buying options.

Redwood Outdoors Yukon Cold Plunge Kit Pros

Not only can you buy the standalone tub to keep the upfront cost down, but you can also add a chiller or chiller/heater combination that allows you to convert the gear to a hot tub that reaches up to 100 degrees.

While the deluxe kit costs almost $5,000, it adds another function to your setup if you dont plan to cold plunge year-round. The 100-degree maximum temperature isnt going to match the hottest of hot tubs, but I could see it being appealing for winter use.

Note: This is not an all-in-one answer for contrast therapy since you cant have it both hot and cold in a single session. Even if you dont use the heater for a hot tub option, it can help maintain your ideal temperature when it gets cold, though the external unit isnt supposed to be used when its below freezing.

Redwood Outdoors Yukon Cold Plunge Kit Cons

The standard Yukon tub is a bit smaller. I had to sit with slightly bent knees, so taller folks may opt for the Yukon XL, which is also available as a standalone tub or can be combined with a chiller or chiller/heater combo.

  • Capacity: 120 gallons
  • Weight: 30 pounds
  • Dimensions: 31.5 x 23.75 x 59 inches
  • Chiller included: Yes

Best Luxury Ice Bath: Renu Therapy Cold Stoic 2.0

Renu Therapy Cold Stoic 2.0 is our pick for the best luxury cold plunge tubs.

Courtesy Image

If you want a spa-quality ice bath tub, try Renu Therapy Cold Stoic 2.0. The freestanding unit allows you to customize your base and deck colors (and add a light). The Super-Tuff Exterior is meant to be beaten up outside, and it can chill water to 36 degrees. Its one of the sleekest options available, and perfect if you know that cold plunges will be a part of your routine for years to come.

Renu Therapy Cold Stoic 2.0 Pros

Like other high-end ice bath tubs on this list, Renu Therapy Cold Stoic 2.0 is equipped with advanced filtration and an ozone purification system, which is considered the strongest and safest disinfecting method for water, since it only comprises oxygen. This new iteration has upgraded insulation with contoured panels to boost energy efficiency and maintain your desired water temp; and an additional 5 cubic feet of space, making it a great pick for larger individuals.

Design lovers who want their cold plunge to complement their home's aesthetic, whether indoor or out, will appreciate the ability to choose among six base colors and four breath deck colors. There's an option to add an interior spa light, too.

Renu Therapy Cold Stoic 2.0 Cons

All these premium features come at a premium price tag that nears the $10K mark.

  • Capacity: 95 gallons
  • Weight: 350 pounds
  • Dimensions: 70 x 33 x 35 inches
  • Chiller included: Yes

Best DIY Ice Bath: Rubbermaid Commercial Products Stock Tank

Rubbermaid Commercial Products Stock Tank is the best DIY ice bath tub.

Courtesy Image

If you want a tank of an ice bathone thats made of virtually indestructible plastic and was designed to hold cattle feedthis ones for you. Rubbermaid Commercial Products Stock Tank holds 150 gallons and has no frills. An oversized drain plug makes it easy to empty and clean.

  • Capacity: 150 gallons
  • Weight: 53 pounds
  • Dimensions: 59 x 39 x 24.5 inches
  • Chiller included: No

Benefits of Cold Plunge

Ice baths can be an effective tool for your training, but it depends on what exactly your aim is, according to Kampert. Companies selling at-home solutions tout all kinds of benefits, so lets review some of the most common claims and what research has to say about them.

Lessen Pain and Inflammation

While celebrities and athletes routinely talk up ice baths as a recovery cure-all, the science is a bit lukewarm.

Ice baths can be beneficial if the athlete is trying to improve recovery by decreasing inflammation from an acute injury or workout, Kampert notes. It makes sense for Keanu Reeves to hop into an ice bath after filming stunts for John Wick: Chapter 4, sure, but inflammation isn't always a bad thing.

In a study published in the Journal of Physiology, researchers asked 21 active men to begin a strength-training regimen two days a week for 12 weeks. About half the group did a 10-minute post-workout ice bath at a numbing 50 degrees F, while the rest cooled down on a bike. At the end of the 12 weeks, those who performed an active recovery had more strength and muscle mass than those who cooled down in an ice bath.

Certain types of inflammation are important for your body's repair and adaptation processes. Ice can't discern good inflammation from bad inflammation just as antibiotics can't tell the difference between good and bad bacteria.

That said, if you're competing in a grueling multi-day event, ice is a great way to keep your muscles feeling good.

Inflatable ice baths, like this cold plunge unit from Redwood Outdoors, are easy to move around and store when not in use.

Justin Park

Ease Soreness

Slipping into ice baths post-workout isn't just an athletic rite of passage. After a workout, your body needs to repair itself to prepare for the next training session. It does so with the help of blood vessels that bring oxygen to your muscle tissue while removing waste products of exercisethe most common being lactic acid.

Too much lactic acid buildup can cause your muscles to function poorly and will often lead to fatigue. An ice bath will immediately reduce swelling, as well as cause your blood vessels to tighten. This helps drain lactic acid out of tired muscles. When you get out of the bath, your muscle tissue warms back up, causing a return of oxygenated blood, which in theory should help muscles recover.

And as noted, an icy plunge can alleviate muscle soreness and stiffness, and get you ready for your next bout, according to research from the American Council on Exercise (ACE).

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Boost Mood and Mental Clarity

Kampert suggests ice bath immersion early in the morning or pre-training as a means of energizing the body. Your body releases endorphins (the feel-good hormones) in response to the shock of cold therapy, which can sharpen mental clarity and elevate mood.

The perceived endorphin and mental boost from cold plunging can help make it stick as a habit. While it can be hard to quantify exactly how much a plunge helps workout recovery, feeling the buzz from an extended plunge is immediate and palpable. During my testing, I found myself looking forward to a cold plunge at the end of a long day. While it's not pleasant getting in, that endorphin hit and feeling of calm and focus after is exceptional.

It takes something monumental for me to get stressed out, says Eric Hinman, five-time Ironman and Ice Barrel investor. "Im even-keeled and I attribute a lot of that to doing cold exposure."

Fire Cold Plunge founder Nick Reed says he treats cold plunging as a comfort detox to challenge himself in a controlled setting. We've become obsessed with comfort, pleasurable distraction, and convenience," he says. "For me, the cold plunge is an initiation into the desert of the real. When there is no more comfort or pleasure, what keeps you going? What matters?

Hinman echoes that idea: The more you practice discomfortwhen something uncomfortable pops up that you're not expectingyou can deal with it way better because you've practiced that in your mind.

Aid Weight Loss

A 2021 Scandinavian study (where else?), published in the journal Cell Reports Medicine, found that cold-water immersion followed by hot sauna recovery can give you an advantage when it comes to losing weight. In the study, researchers monitored the vitals of a group of young men who'd spent at least two years swimming twice a week in cold water and compared them with a non-swimming control group. They found those who regularly swam then sat in a sauna burned more calories via brown fat (the type that keeps you warm). In short: Cold-water immersion followed by hot sauna bouts can increase energy expenditure and promote weight loss.

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What Are the Downsides to an Ice Bath?

If the desired goal is building strength and muscle size, athletes may actually want to avoid ice baths following training sessions, Kampert says. A Journal of Physiology study showed reduced long-term muscle mass and strength gains with the use of cold plunges.

There's also the possibility of physical distress in cold plunging, such as from increased heart rate and blood pressure spikes, so its best to start slowly with cool rather than freezing water. The American Heart Association cautions that the first minute of cold water immersion is the most dangerous as the initial shock can cause gasping breaths that put people at risk for drowning.

How Long to Cold Plunge?

Ten freezing minutes seems to be the magic number to recover from back-to-back workout days, whether youre running, power biking, or weightlifting. In a six-week study from ACE, ice bathers were better able to match their exertion level one day to the next compared with those who just took a hot shower.

Some helpful notes: Those who iced for 20 minutes had no better results than those who soaked for 10. Try to take a dip within 2 hours of your workout. And, if youre struggling to stay in the cold, consider icing in 10 increments lasting 1-minute each.

Jason Lakritz P.T., D.P.T., operates a physical therapy clinic within FITloft, and counsels clients to ease into cold water immersion.

Always breathe and focus on relaxing while in the plunge," Lakritz says. "You can slowly acclimate yourself to the coldtry 60 seconds at first, then eventually build up to 5-minute sessions over time. You can also start by only immersing your lower body, from the hips down, the first few times you take a dip."

Selecting the right temperature for you is essential for making a cold plunge beneficial, just don't go to warm.

Justin Park

How Cold Should an Ice Bath Be?

TikTok influencer videos may give the impression you need to suffer through near-freezing water to gain cold plunge enlightenment, but spending more time in slightly warmer water is better than just dunking in an ice slurry for a few seconds. (Remember: The goal for recovery is to affect your muscles, not just shock your skin.)

In studies researching the effects of cold plunges, the ice bath is typically at 50 to 59 degrees Fahrenheit. Lakritz told us his gym sets cold plunges at 55 degrees for optimal recovery, though clients can request colder temperatures.

Hinman has been cold plunging daily for the past seven years and aims for a water temperature between 40 and 50 degrees. He likes to perform three rounds of contrast therapy, which consists of 20 minutes in a 200-degree sauna followed by 3 to 5 minutes in the Ice Barrel.

I personally found a temperature around 50 degrees is ideal for me, as Im less likely to dread jumping in, plus I'm able to stay in for 3 to 6 minutes and still get the mood boost benefits. I experimented with temperatures as high as 60 degrees, but found that was a bit too easy, and I didnt notice the same effects afterward, even when staying in for as long as 15 minutes.

Since there isnt a definitive answer from research as to the best cold plunge temperature, you can experiment (using safety and caution) with different temperatures and durations to find your own personal sweet spot. One big advantage of an at-home cold plunge is the ability to set the temperature to your liking and adjust it day-to-day, if desired.

Use a thermometer to ensure accuracy. I used a laser thermometer borrowed from my grill for testing, but you can also buy a more fixed solution for cheap that stays in your plunge.

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What to Consider When Buying the Best Cold Plunge

Most at-home plunging solutions aren't cheap, though you can go the DIY route with a bathtub or stock tank filled halfway with cold water and a few bags of ice to see how you like the practice. If your gym has a cold plunge, thats a great way to see if youll stick with the habit.

Having your own dedicated cold plunge is great for convenience and being able to tinker with the temperature, but any home setup requires not just money, but also the right space and some amount of upkeep.

Size, Location, and Space

Its important to make sure you have adequate outdoor space before dropping cash on a cold plunge. Because of the potential spillage from filling and getting in and out of a cold plunge, I dont recommend setting one up inside.

Upright cold plunges, such as the Ice Barrel, have a smaller footprint than longer tub-style options and are great for small decks and balconies. You'll want to set up your cold plunge within reach of a hose connected to an outdoor hose bib or sink. If your sink isnt hose-compatible, you can buy an adapter to connect a common garden hose. (Running water to your cold plunge one bucket at a time is tedious and messy.)

A common design for cold plunge tubs now is an inflatable drop-stitch construction (think an inflatable stand-up paddleboard), which has the advantage of allowing you to deflate it for temporary storage if you plan to plunge seasonally or want to be able to move it frequently.

The size and shape of your cold plunge mostly affects your body position when immersed, which comes down to personal preference. Most consumer-grade options fall into a few categories: upright tubs of either hard or soft plastic, inflatable bathtub-style plunges, and higher-end tubs with sleek designs. (We avoided the most expensive options for testing, as the costs run between $5,000 and $12,000closer to purchasing a home sauna or hot tub.)

Longer tubs, of course, allow you to extend your legs while compact tubs force you into a more upright position. I found that I didn't have a strong desire one way or the other after testing several different tub designs and a range of positions. Youre not exactly relaxing in a bubble bath when cold plunging, so the main benefit of a longer tub seems to be the ability to move around and shake out your extremities at times.

Getting a cold plunge tub with a chiller (and/or heater) will make using your ice bath a much more convenient operation, though with a price.

Justin Park

Temperature Control

The time-tested method of creating an ice bath is to simply fill a tub with water and add ice until you reach the desired temperature. This method is still the simplest option to keep upfront costs down, but many modern cold plunges have built-in and optional add-on chiller units to filter and cool the water. Some even have heating functions. A chiller usually adds thousands of dollars to the cost compared to simply buying a tub, but it's also much more hands-off and avoids the hassle of buying ice.

The normal ambient temperatures in your area may dictate how you plan to control the water temperature. I live at 10,000 feet in the Rockies where even summertime lows stay in the 40s and well water leaves my faucet at 39 degrees, so cooling often happens naturally. If you also live in a colder climate, keep in mind that external chillers often cant operate in sub-freezing temperatures as water can freeze within the unit and hoses. For those colder climates, I recommend the Fire Cold Plunge, which is very well-insulated and has an internal filter that can run in all but the coldest outside temperatures.

In warmer areas, a chiller may be useful year-round, and has the added benefit of filtering the water so you dont have to change the water wholesale as often, though again, the high cost of these units is a major deterrent.

Below is a roundup of our favorite portable ice baths on the market that we tested, why we like them for a curative plunge from the comfort of your home, and who and what they're best for, based on needs and budget.

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How Often Should You Change the Water in a Cold Plunge?

How often you need to empty your cold plunge (and clean it, ideally) and fully refresh the water inside will depend on several factors including the ambient temperature, your use frequency, whether the plunge has built-in filtration, and how often it gets contaminated with debris such as leaves, dirt, and hair.

Filtration systems are usually bundled with chiller units and can extend the time between water changes. I found that, even in colder temperatures, I needed to change the water after about two or three plunge sessions without a filter. On a unit such as the Fire Cold Plunge with mechanical filtration and ozone sanitation, I never felt the need to change the water, but did on occasion as a precaution.

Draining a tub takes around 10 minutes and refilling usually takes between 10 and 20 minutes depending on the size of your plunge and your water pressure.

Why You Should Trust Me

My fascination with cold-water immersion started as a teen when I saw a group of old men running into freezing-cold ocean water. Since then, I've experimented with cold shower protocols, cold tubs at my gym, alpine lake plunges, and DIY home plunges. I tested the cold plunges for this article in winter with temperatures well below freezing and often at night. I've covered health, fitness, and gear for more than two decades, regularly testing equipment to create reviews.

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