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1. Coronavirus: Heres What Experts Are Saying About the New Health Threat01:42[−]

Since its discovery in December 2019, a coronavirus has been making headlines as it steadily spread from Wuhan, China, where it was first reported, to other countries around the globe. There are now more than 4,000 confirmed cases worldwide, and that number is expected to grow. While the CDC reports that the virus presents only a low immediate risk to Americans, its calling the infection a a very serious public health threat, and new cases are being confirmed every day.

First of all, dont panic. There are just five cases in the U.S. at the time of this writing, and theres no evidence that the disease is spreading between people here.

For now, theres no major concern, Ramzi Asfour, a California-based infectious disease expert, told Mens Journal. Just keep abreast of the news and you will be warned if you need to be.

Heres what you need to know about coronavirus, and how you can stay safe at home and abroad.

What Is Coronavirus?

Coronaviruses are actually a whole class of viruses, and according to the CDC, theyre relatively common. In humans, they usually cause only mild to moderate upper respiratory symptoms in peoplesimilar to what youd get if you came down with a cold. In recent years, two newer human coronaviruses, MERS and SARS, emerged, and they frequently caused more severe symptoms and often led to pneumonia.

For the new coronavirus (officially labeled 2019-nCoV), symptoms have varied from person to person, with some reporting only mild affects while others have become severely ill and died. Generally, 2019-nCoV causes a fever, cough, and shortness of breath in the people it infects. Symptoms can appear as soon as two days after the initial exposure to the virus, or as long as two weeks afterward.

Where It Has Spread

Although investigations into 2019-nCoV are still ongoing, its believed to spread like other coronaviruses: through droplets expelled when an infected person coughs or sneezes. Since being identified in China at the end of 2019, the virus has spread across the globe. According to the latest stats reported by The New York Times, Thailand has reported 14 cases of coronavirus; Hong Kong has eight; the U.S., Taiwan, Australia, and Macau have five each; Singapore, South Korea, and Malaysia have four each; Japan has seven; France has three; Canada and Vietnam have two; and Nepal, Cambodia and Germany each have one.

But most of the cases are in China. 4,515 people there are confirmed to have coronavirus there, the Times reports. In addition, 106 people have diedthough there have been no 2019-nCoV deaths reported outside of China.

According to CDC data, in the U.S., coronavirus cases have been confirmed in California, Arizona, Illinois, and Washington state.

Passengers waiting at Hong Kong West Kowloon High-Speed Railway Station EyePress News/SIPA / Shutterstock

What Experts Are Saying

Right now, officials are focused on containing the spread of the virus. At a press conference in Washington, the CDC announced that it will step up screenings for travelers arriving in the U.S. from Wuhan, the Times reports. The agency will now assess travelers health at 20 ports of entry, up from five. With just a few cases reported in the states, however, the CDC doesnt see coronavirus as a major risk to the general public, at least not yet.

Right now, there is no spread of this virus in our communities at home, Robert Redfield, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, told the Times.

Japan, Germany, and Vietnam have all reported person-to-person infections, and the World Health Organization updated its global risk assessment of the outbreak from moderate to high. Even so, the greatest risk of catching the virus comes from traveling to China, where most of the infected people are. For that reason, the CDC issued a Level 3 travel warning for Chinait recommends that people avoid all non-essential travel to the country.

How to Stay Safe

To avoid the virus, treat it like you would the cold or flu, says Asfour. That means following the usual battery of prevention practices: wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth, and avoid close contact with sick people.

If youre feeling under the weather, cough and sneeze into a tissue, avoid close contact with others, and disinfect your surroundings to stop the spread of the virus. And most importantly, says Asfour, dont go into the office.

I would be especially vigilant about remaining at home, he said.

What about the surgical masks people are wearing? Theyre largely unnecessary, Asfour says, and the evidence on their effectiveness is sketchy. More importantly, people rushing to buy them are causing a shortage for hospitals and clinics.

Dont panic and order a bunch on Amazon, he said, because people who might actually need them will not be able to get them.

If youre already sick, wearing a surgical-style mask that covers your nose and mouth can help prevent you from spreading pathogens (this is standard practice for flu patients, Asfour says). But theres no reason for healthy people in the general population to wear them.

Instead, get plenty of sleep, make sure you have adequate vitamin D and vitamin C levels, and eat a healthy, balanced diet. That will keep your immune system in top shape.

Those things are extra important when theres an outbreak, Asfour said, but theyre also just routine recommendations.

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2. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Documentary: 5 Fascinating Things We Learned01:29[−]

With the Oscars coming up on February 9, nominated films are trying to get last-minute attention from voters. To help with that, Sony has released a behind-the-scenes look at Once Upon a Time in Hollywood with a 30-minute documentary titled, A Love Letter To Making Movies.

In the documentary, director Quentin Tarantino, stars Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, and Margot Robbie, as well as cinematographer Robert Richardson and production designer Barbara Ling, reveal some of the secrets, production challenges, and interesting nuggets about how the movie was made and how some of the most memorable scenes came together.

Here are five fascinating things we learned from the Once Upon a Time in Hollywood documentary:

Taratinos inspiration for the story came from a real-life relationship: The director describes that the genesis of the story came to him when he was working on a project after Death Proof and he saw the actor and [his] stunt guy sitting and talking to each other on set. Thats a fascinating relationship, Tarantino thought. And knowing that actors like Steve McQueen and Burt Reynolds also had those relationships, he said that if he ever made a movie about making movies, that a relationship like that would be explored. Thats how the characters of DiCaprios actor Rick Dalton and Pitts stuntman Cliff Booth were born.

Leonardo DiCaprio pushed for Rick to mess up during the Lancer filming scenes: DiCaprios character of Rick has become somewhat of a Hollywood relic as the film industry hits the hippie wave 1969, doing guest spots on TV shows instead of starring in films like he used to. DiCaprio said he worked closely with Tarantino on the self-inflicted torture Rick has put on himself, and one way he did that was by suggesting what became one of the standout scenes of the film.

Leo had a whole thing at some point it was like, Look, I need to ruin it, during the Lancer sequence. When I blow the scene I need to have a crisis of conscious about it and I have to come back from that, Tarantino said. So we did the Lancer scene without it, and then we did it with it, and that was so amazing, that of course were going to use it. Tarantino went on to say that he and DiCaprio pushed it even more, adding the scene of DiCaprio blowing up and yelling at himself in his trailer, which is one of the most memorable moments of the movie.

How the crew shut down four blocks of Hollywood Boulevard to re-create 1969 Los Angeles: The crew re-did all the storefronts and facades on the street to reflect what it really looked like in 1969, giving it a full makeover to shoot scenes of Rick and Booth driving at night. It was incredible to be immersed in Hollywood Boulevard for four straight blocksand it wasnt just the storefronts, it was the extras, the cars, the vibe, DiCaprio says.

Its not just the billboards, its the pamphlets in the store windows, Pitt added. Quentin was so intent on the detail on recreating things of that era.

Margot Robbie wore an exact replica of one of Sharon Tates jackets: Costumes play a major part in the film, especially for Margot Robbies character of Sharon Tate. For one of the scenes from the film, Tarantino and the crew re-created a replica of a real jacket that Tate wore to the premiere of Rosemarys Baby. Sharon is still a fashion icon, Robbie says. She had such an incredible style. We had a couple moments in the film where we got to replicate something Sharon actually wore. For example, the snakeskin trench coat is something Quentin had in his mind from the very beginning.

Kurt Russell helped Tarantino make sure the script was accurate: In the film, Russell plays a stunt coordinator who works with Rick and has takes issue with Cliff from a past encounter. In real life, Russell grew up with his father (Bing Russell) in show business and later appeared on many of the types of shows Tarantino referenced in the film during the time period it takes place. Tarantino said that he was interested in anybody who actually had history back then reading the script. So he enlisted Russell, Bruce Dern, and Burt Reynolds (before he passed away ahead of filming) because they all did all those shows back then. Russell says in the documentary that he knew guys like Rick and Cliff, and that Tarantino hit on all the right details of how those sets were in real life.

Heres a look at the Once Upon a Time in Hollywood documentary:

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood earned 10 Academy Award nominations and some of the best reviews of the year, making it one of the movies to watch for Best Picture at the Oscars. The movie is very likely going to walk away with some statues on Oscar night: Brad Pitt appears to be a near-certain lock to win Best Supporting Actor, as he has won nearly every major award along the way, including at the Golden Globes and the Screen Actors Guild Awards. Director Quentin Tarantino also appears very likely to win Best Original Screenplay for the third time, as he has won numerous equivalent awards on the circuit this season already.

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3. Essential Gear for an Overnight Backcountry Ski Mission00:53[−]

The first time I went winter camping, I had all the wrong gear. My liners froze and I post-holed up to my waist trying to pee in the middle of the night. I swore I would never head out on a self-supported overnight ski tour ever again. Hut trips are nice. Holing up in a tent in a snowstorm was not.

But I eventually learned that not all who winter camp are miserable, and that with the right gear it can be 80% comfortable approximately 75% of the time. I also found that a little discomfort from spending the night deep in a snowy mountain range usually rewards you with incredible access to some backcountry skiing that would be impossible to access in a day.

Heres what I use now:

This article originally appeared on and was republished with permission.

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4. This $3.8M Bugatti Chiron Sport Has an Insane $315K Option00:39[−]

When youve got 261-mph road rocket powered by an 8.0-liter, quad-turbocharged W-16 engine that produces 1,479 horsepower, youll want to know youre safe in the (hopefully unlikely) event that something goes wrong. Thats why the Bugatti Chiron Sport is underpinned by a carbon-fiber monocoque, a fancy word for a one-piece safety cell. Carbon fiber is absurdly strongits five times stronger than steel and twice as stiff, all while being lighter than aluminumbut its also got a mesmerizing pattern, one that gets hidden away under the exterior body panels and paint. Unless, of course, you opt for a bonkers $315,000 option to have the entire exterior finished in exposed carbon fiber.

Thats precisely what the crew at Manhattan Motorcars selected when speccing out a 2020 Bugatti Chiron Sport thats now for sale in its showroom for an eye-watering price of $3,858,650. Originally, the dealership had tried to find an exterior paint color that stood out, tinkering for more than a year with various hues, but the allure of the carbon eventually won out.

Michael Lumentut, Instagram: @R.ego.

Its a stunning effect heightened only by pops of French Racing Blue all over the exterior, interior, and even the brake calipers and manifold covers, that particular shade of blue harkening back to the marques French roots.

Michael Lumentut, Instagram: @R.ego.

While the carbon exterior comprises the bulk of the $598,000 of included options, the second priciest add-on is a $62,000 feature called Sky View, which replaces the roof panels in the cabin with tinted, reinforced panes of glass. These dont open, but they brighten up the cabin significantly and afford an extra inch of headroom, helpful for anyone over six-feet tall.

We got to experience this feature during a blistering test drive around Monterey, California, over the summer and its rather incredible. The Chiron accelerates from a dead stop to 60 miles an hour in under 2.5 seconds, thanks to 1,180 lb-ft of torque, and the sensation from that kind of speed is already otherworldly but when you can see the clouds and sky blurring above you, it amplifies everything to a degree that borders on sensory overload.

Michael Lumentut, Instagram: @R.ego.

To give you a sense of what youd feel behind the wheel of Manhattan Motorcars monster, the instant you mat the accelerator, youre pinned against the seat while your inner organs shift backward. The Chiron lurches forward and within a few eye blinks, yellow dashes on the asphalt meld into a solid line. The forces imparted on your body are about 1.55 gs, which is around half of what astronauts feel at liftoff. If you have enough road to keep your foot in it, youll start to get just a hint of tunnel vision creeping in, while your knuckles invariably whiten124 miles an hour arrives in a mere 6.5 seconds.

When its time to slow this 4,000-pound missile, rail the brakes and youll feel 2 gs of stopping force as youre thrown into the seatbelt. At this point, you realize that you havent taken a breath since you first stepped on the accelerator, so you gulp in some air. And then you laugh because youll want to do it all over again.

Michael Lumentut, Instagram: @R.ego.

For more about this model and other luxury vehicles, visit Manhattan Motorcars, the New York city-based award-winning retailer of Porsche, Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Lamborghini, Koenigsegg, Bugatti, SSC, Rimac and Lotus. Follow Manhattan Motorcars on Facebook and Instagram.

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5. How Top Players From the Chiefs and 49ers Train for the Super Bowl00:37[−]

Super Bowl 54 is set with the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers. The teams are going head to head in Miami for the NFL Championship, with one team taking home the Lombardi Trophy. For the Chiefs, its their first time in 50 years, while the Niners are looking to win for the first time since 1995 after making the big game back in 2013 against the Baltimore Ravens.

Through college, the draft process, and training camp, players work tirelessly in the gym and grind it out on the field in the hopes of making it to the Super Bowl. So we spoke to some players from the Chiefs and 49ers and scoured their social media feeds to collect their best training secrets. Heres how this years top players from each team train for the Super Bowl.

Kansas City Chiefs

Patrick Mahomes, Quarterback

After winning the NFL MVP Award for the 2018 season and leading his team to the Super Bowl this year, Mahomes has established himself as the best young quarterback in football. Mahomes spoke with Mens Journal in 2019 about the way he trains and how hes learned to make unconventional throws, something hes become known for.

I do a lot of single-leg stuff, but its more than just lunges, Mahomes said. I do step-ups and similar things, but whats key is that my trainer Bobby [Stroupe] will put me in these difficult, awkward positions and Ill work on throwing from those spots. Hell toss me med balls and Ill have to catch it and try to keep my balance and strength. I feel like that training helps me out a ton when Im on the field and in those awkward positions. I learn to use my strength and balance to throw an accurate football. It becomes natural because of how we work on it together.

As for strength training, Mahomes has some mainstays: Two of my favorite static exercises are the deadlift and bench press, but I cant bench press any more because of my position, Mahomes added. I can only dumbbell bench press, but I still love to do it. With the deadlift, I just love the explosive part of it. I guess I like it because Im good at it, but I feel like its a great workout.

Heres a look at Mahomes in action with his trainer:

Travis Kelce, Tight End

Kelce has become the model for the modern tight end in the NFL with Rob Gronkowski retired, and hes become the go-to target for Mahomes and the Chiefs. Kelce has made five straight Pro Bowls and has been voted First-Team All-Pro twice in 2016 and 2018. Kelce had a monster game in the AFC Divisional Round comeback against the Houston Texans, catching 10 passes for 134 yards and three touchdowns in the 51-31 win.

During the season, I do Tuesday/Thursday workouts in the mornings, Kelce said in an interview with Mens Journal. Ill start with lower bodysquats are amazing. I think front squats really tie in everything with your core, lower extremities, and hips. The biggest thing I like to focus on in all my workouts is using my core to trigger everything. Ive had two surgeries, so you want to make sure everything is connecting the right way. Pullups and pushups are always undefeated in my mind: Theyre the ultimate two workouts you can do to help your core and upper body all work together. I think it helps me so much to evolve as an athlete.

Heres a look at Kelce training with a boxing workout:

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Damien Williams, Running Back

Williams has stepped up as the lead running back for Mahomes and the Chiefs this season. He also had a big game against the Texans in the playoffs, scoring three times to help the team advance to the AFC Championship.

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I Got Some Unfinished Business To Handle! GRIND TIME #damedash26???@kavipicasso ?@visionaryentertainment

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Tyrann Mathieu, Safety

Mathieu has long been considered one of the most talented defensive backs in football, but this season he really separated himself from the pack and helped elevate the Chiefs defense all season. Mathieus hard-hitting play earned him first-team All-Pro recognition as a defensive back, and his four interceptions during the regular season were the most for him since the 2015 season when he was with the Cardinals.

Sammy Watkins, Wide Receiver

While Watkins didnt have a great statistical regular season in 2019, the speedy wideout made up for it with his breakout game in the playoffs against the Tennessee Titans. Watkins finished with seven catches for 114 yards and a crucial touchdownhe left the Titans defense in the dust on a 60-yard touchdown from Mahomes that put the game out of reach and helped seal the Chiefs victory.

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Sammy looks ready for training camp ?(via @sammywatkins)

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Cam Erving, Offensive Line

Erving has been a steady presence on the offensive line for the Chiefs this season, helping to give Mahomes plenty of time to make his throws.

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Back at it in the #TheWoodGym little explosive work in between sets ?

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San Francisco 49ers

Raheem Mostert, Running Back

The surfing-loving Mostert had the breakout game of the playoffs for the 49ers in the NFC Championship Game, rushing for 220 yards and four touchdowns to help defeat the Packers. The performance was a major surprise from a player who had been cut from six different teams on his NFL journey over the years. As a nod to his love of surfing, Mostert uses a touchdown celebration that mimics him riding out on the water and catching waves.

I started surfing when I was about 13 or 14, Mostert told during the 2019 season. Its just been a big hit for megoing out there and riding the waves just enjoying the atmosphere in the water. My touchdown celebration brings me back to being a kid and enjoying myself and surfing.

Deebo Samuel, Wide Receiver

As a rookie, Samuel has made a big impact on the 49ers offense, as he has been used as a receiver and a rusher at times, using his incredible speed to make big plays all over the field. If the 49ers put up points on Super Bowl Sunday, Samuel will likely be heavily involved.

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War Ready! Gather my troops and eat the weak !

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George Kittle, Tight End

Along with Kelce, Kittle has established himself as one of the best tight ends in the game. Kittle has been just as good catching the ball as hes been at blocking for his 49ers teammates, making him one of the top all-around players at his position. Kittle had the signature play of the season when he dragged multiple Saints players during a comeback victory in New Orleans.

Nick Bosa, Defensive End

As a rookie, Bosa has already established himself as one of the most disruptive defensive players in the league. Hes expected to win the NFLs Defensive Rookie of the Year Award after recording nine quarterback sacks during the season. In the playoffs, Bosa has been crucial for the 49ers, sacking Vikings QB Kirk Cousins twice in the Niners 2710 win and then getting Aaron Rodgers for a sack and plenty other disruptions during the 3720 win over the Packers to advance to the Super Bowl.

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Checks over stripes

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Solomon Thomas, Defensive Line

After playing college ball in Northern California at Stanford, Thomas helped the 49ers put together one of the most talented defensive lines in football. This season he finished with two sacks while playing in all 16 games for the 49ers.

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Fall in love with the process, and the results will come Eric Thomas

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Richard Sherman, Cornerback

The future Hall of Fame cornerback has had a career resurgence in San Francisco after spending the first seven years of his career in Seattle with the Seahawks. Sherman finished this season with three interceptions, his most since the 2016 season, and he was voted to the Pro Bowl and second-team All-Pro after his strong 2019 season. Sherman also sealed the game against the Packers in the playoffs with his interception of Aaron Rodgers in the fourth quarter.

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Old friends same grind @justinbritt68

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DeForest Buckner, Defensive Line

The entire front line of the 49ers are all first-round draft picks and Buckner has helped the unit become one of the best in football. Buckner was named second-team All-Pro this season and helped disrupt the passing game for the Packers in the 49ers win in the NFC Championship game.

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Getting my core right. #6packgoals #exos #combine2k16

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6. Why Mountain Towns Across the U.S. Are Experiencing a Mental Health Crisis00:20[−]

In the winter of 2012, it wasnt strange to wake up and think about killing myself. After a cocaine and whiskey bender, when spears of afternoon light would break into the dingy bedroom I rented in Telluride, Colorado, the voice in my head would remind me that no one loved me and that I was worthless. And so Id go about my day with a clenched-fist attitude and a soul that was home to a protected vacancy. I didnt know it at the time, but I was suffering through undiagnosed alcoholism and addiction, as well as the periphery diseases that accompany those demons, like depression and suicidal ideation. I was too proud and too scared to ask for help.

And that almost killed me.

My life is better than your vacation. You hear this said often in mountain communities, see it on T-shirts, stickers, and coffee mugsand it makes sense. Locals love the mountains and the towns that sit in their shadows. Mountain towns are home to our most celebrated athletes and adventurers, and hold our dreams of a daring, awe-inspiring life. We praise the ski and climbing bums who forego social norms in pursuit of this counterculture existence. Its why I originally moved to Colorado. But behind this best outdoor life aesthetic, this carefully curated mountain lifestyle, is a hulking mental health crisis. I know because I was nearly a statistic of it.

The U.S. Mountain West is home to the most stunning, and most visited national parks, including Grand Canyon, Yosemite, Yellowstone, and Zion. In 2017, Colorado alone hosted 86 million tourists. The natural beauty of these states beckons many to call the mountains home so they can live the dream. However, the Mountain West contains eight of the top 10 states with the highest suicide rates in the country. The suicide rate in the Rocky Mountains is nearly three times the national per capita average. And because of this, the Rockies are commonly referred to as The Suicide Belt.

Truckee, Calif., Aspen, Colo., and Salt Lake City all have suicide rates higher than the national average. Mental health professionals point to substance abuse as a contributing factor. In fact, a 2017 Swedish study found that ski resort employees have a higher risk of alcohol and drug abuse than the general population.

For those of us living in these communities, the statistics are not abstractions; theyre our neighbors, friends, and even heroes. In the fall of 2019, the Roaring Fork Valleymy new homeexperienced what public health officials call a suicide cluster. Four people died from suicide in one month, three were within a five-day period. Just before the New Year, a beloved professional snowboarding phenom from Mammoth Lakes, California, Jaeger Bailey, took his own life at age 26.

Mountain towns dont cause alcoholism and addiction, depression, or suicide, but a link is clear. Why?

I moved to Telluride to work for the mountain resort when I was 23 years old. But I was really seeking the ski bum life as an extension of my college party scene. Ski towns are a great place to simultaneously assert a kind of manhood while avoiding many of the adult responsibilities that come with actual manhood. When my friends back home were walking career paths, buying homes, starting families, I was trying to scrap together enough money to buy a new backcountry touring setup. Ski all day, party all night, and find some time to earn enough money to support both. As my passion for mountain pursuits grew, so tightened the grips of my undiagnosed addiction and alcoholism, and depression. I self-medicated to muffle the bellow of suicidal ideation. The deeper the darkness got, the amount and frequency of my use increased. Pushing it in the mountains became less about achieving goals and more about self-harm.

Paddy O'Connell
The author, sharing from personal experience to unpack an unseen crisis afflicting mountain resort towns. Courtesy Paddy O'Connell

And at every turn, even when I plotted my own death, I never felt that I could reach out and ask for help. I was ashamed, figured I could handle it.

I could not. The great lie about mental health issues is that, because these diseases live in our heads, we are some way in control of them. Those of us devoting our lives to heroics in the ski resort front-, side-, and backcountry seem to be particularly susceptible. We figure that if we are courageous and strong enough to ski a steep line, jump off of a 50-foot cliff, or climb an exposed route, we should have no trouble dealing with the dark clouds inside our minds. If I had a compound fracture of my forearm, I wouldnt rub dirt on it and say, I got this. Id see a doctor. And anyone in our outdoor community would tell me to do so too. But when the dark voice in my head keeps me from getting out of bed and inspires thoughts of suicide, I tell myself that this is something to handle on my own. I am too afraid and ashamed to ask for help.

The stigma that shrouds mental health is what keeps us sick. The National Institute of Mental Health reports that nearly 47 million Americans suffer from mental health issues in a given year. And they say a little less than half of those people receive treatment. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration conducted a survey in 2014 to find out why. Some of the reasons given were logistical or financial, like health insurance or transportation issues. But stigma was the main reason. People are worried that it could affect their job, dont want others to find out, and fear being judged or treated differently.

I wish I could say that I ultimately overcame my issues through the same discipline and determination I use to break trail up a bootpack on a powder day, but the opposite is true. The only reason I got help was because I was intervened upon. By luck and circumstance, friends and family helped me when I couldnt help myself. I started my path to recovery nearly seven years ago. Today, I am happy and healthy. I work at positive mental health daily. But my story is atypical. So many people in our community are suffering, and they feel they must do it alone.

Unfortunately, that instinct can be tragically justified. When a friend of mine told her climbing partners that she was scared about where the depths of her depression and anxiety might take her, she was kicked out of the group. She was told she was infringing on their ability to live the good life and maximize fun. The fear of this type of response kept me silent for years; it was only after my recovery that I learned how many of my friends and peers struggled alongside me in isolation due to the same fears.

Given the number of people suffering, the statistics and the deaths, one would think that the community itself would be working hard to change that identity. But we dont talk about this. Mental health and suicide is too often swept under the rug, covered up by the good vibes only sensibility that attracts us to the mountains in the first place.

Mountain Gathering
Courtesy Paddy O'Connell

We all need to focus on openly and honestly expressing our inner demons, and create a welcoming space for others to do the same. We have to make the conscious and deliberate shift to change the way our community views mental health and suicide and destroy the stigma. And we need to do it right now, because this is a crisis shrouded by mountains. You cant get rad, and there are no good vibes, if youre dead.

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7. The Best Adventure Trips for Parents Traveling With Young Kids, 28 [−]

On a recent trip with my husband and 7-month-old daughter, a middle-aged man stopped us. He had a 3- and 4-year-old. Keep traveling, he told usespecially now. He pointed to our baby in the stroller.

Planning your family adventure trips with an infant (or with young children in general) can seem like pure insanity. Youve got the Pack n Play crib, the baby carrier, the sound machine, the extra outfits, the burp cloths, and the milk.

But with the right planning and foresight (booking a bulkhead seat, for example, if you want the baby to sleep in a bassinet), traveling with young children can be simpler (and more fun) than it sounds.

Better yet, just because a trip is kid-friendly doesnt mean its kid-focused. Want to ski double black diamonds for the afternoon, then apr?s with your family? Its possible.

Plus, if your child is under two, they can fly for free on your lap on domestic flights; international flights, youll likely just have to pay taxes on the ticket.

Tempted to go? Consider these seven family adventure trips that have built-in support for young ones and enable you to keep exploring the world.

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8. Kobe Bryants Oscar-Winning Short Film Dear Basketball Is Now Available to Stream, 28 [−]

NBA legend Kobe Bryants Academy Award-winning short film, Dear Basketball, has been made available to stream. Bryants production company Granity Studios has put the film on the website and on Vimeo for people to watch for free following Bryants tragic death in a helicopter accident on Sunday.

The film, which was adapted from Bryants 2015 letter with the same title in The Players Tribune written about his retirement, was directed and animated by Disney legend Glen Keane. Star Wars composer John Williams worked on the score and Bryant narrated the short film. The film won an Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film in 2018.

The website for the short film reads: Now in the hands of Oscar-winning talent John Williams and Glen Keane, Dear Basketball the animated short film brings to life Kobe Bryants 2015 farewell letter to the game he loves. With hand drawn animation set to a soaring musical score, Dear Basketball tells the inspiring story of one little boy living out his basketball dream.

Previously, the film was not available to stream, as it had been available on the go90 platform from Verizon, but that service was shut down last year, according to the Los Angeles Times. Now, Granity has made the film available once again following the tragedy involving Bryant and his 13-year-old daughter Gianna.

Stream the movie here or watch below from Vimeo:

: image/jpg

9. 5 Tips for Winter Kayaking, 28 [−]

Stay safe and warm on your next adventure to make the most of clear and cold days

As January ends in below-freezing temperatures, Highway 17 carves a snowand sometimes treacherousgauntlet along Lake Superiors Canadian shore. But with open water remaining, I can often put my skis away, dig out my sea kayak and even sneak in an overnight paddling trip. True to its Arctic origins, the sea kayak is a comfortable vessel for cold-weather travelas long as you plan a reasonable route, pack the right gear and dress appropriately. Here are five tips for winter kayaking.

Think Ahead

Your margins for error are way smaller in the winter, so choose a route you know, and one with plenty of safe landing options. Analyze weather forecasts carefully. NOAA provides a great online graphical forecast for the Great Lakes, including the critical metrics of wind speed and direction and ice coverage. This isnt a time to challenge yourself in big water, and remember even a light onshore wind will strip away warmth. If winds are minimal, I look for sunnier, south-facing coastlines.

Dress Appropriately

Ive long been a fan of two-piece drysuitsan arrangement made possible by mating Kokatats Whirlpool bib with its Rogue drytopbecause theyre far more versatile than going onesie. Whats more, the bib and drytop create a double-layer of insulation around your core. Choose the warmest footwear you can fit in your boat: For me, thats a pair of Chota Mukluks. Its a good idea to pack two pairs of handwear, such as pogies and mitts, so you have a dry pair to put on after lunch.

Go Pyro

Fire is your friend! Know how to collect dry wood; this is rarely a problem on Lake Superior, where driftwood is abundant. Bring a folding saw such as the Bahco Laplander, which allows you to cut wrist-thick logs into manageable pieces. Trying to burn anything larger six inches in diameter creates a sputtering fire and leaves a mess. I love cooking on an open fire and its easy to improvise a pot support structureno need to pack a grill. However, I always pack my trusty MSR Whisperlite as well. White gas stoves like the Whisperlite perform better than canister stoves in cold temps.

Cold Camping

Youll appreciate the heat-retaining properties of a tent with an inner canopy made of more fabric and less meshlike Hillebergs Nallo. Setting up on snow creates a freezer effect inside the tent. When possible, choose dry ground. But if you must set up on snow, pack it down and allow it to set for at least 30 minutes before pitching your tent. A candle lantern casts a cheery glow and provides a surprising amount of warmth inside.

Take Your Time

Of course, high-output fitness paddling is a great offseason pursuit. But if youre touring for a day or more, youll see less and sweat morea big problemif youre cranking intervals. Take your time and enjoy being the only boat on the water.

Read about winter sea kayaking on Lake Superior in Michigans Upper Peninsula; check out this proven gear list for cold-weather canoeing, and our drysuit stress test.

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10. This Osprey Farpoint Bag Is the Most Diverse Pack Ive Owned, 28 [−]

I purchased the Osprey Farpoint shortly after quitting my job to travel Latin America without any real plans. Months later, Im still traveling and still eternally grateful I purchased this backpack, and heres why its a great piece of luggage.

At 70 liters, its the same size as most medium-sized checked roller bags. However, you wont have to check it because, well, its a backpack. What sets this apart from your typical backpackers bag is that functionally it works more like a suitcase thanks to the full-length clamshell zipper that allows you to fully open the bag. Its great for short stays, as you can easily open it to grab what you need without digging through a small opening at the top. Its even got a separate zippered mesh pocket to put dirty clothes in if youre so inclined.

Perhaps the Farpoints best characteristic is a smaller backpack that zips onto the front of the larger packperfect for day trips. So you can leave the large bag in your hotel without having to pack a separate backpack for said journeys.

I should probably mention Im a bad owner. I beat this bag up. I overpack it. But the zippers hold fast. I drag it around on the ground and still, it doesnt rip or blemish. Its made from ripstop nylon and is water-resistant with a padded back and straps. Its super comfortable to walk around in, even when stuffed to the gills, and it features support straps to ensure your back doesnt take too much of a beating when you inevitably overpack.

The bottom line: Its one of the most diverse bags Ive ever owned, just as effective on the trail as on quick weekend jaunts. Its the perfect choice for travel that isnt planned out to a T. You dont want to arrive at your destination and find out you have to walk a mile to your hotel with a rollie or duffle bag. With a backpack, its not a problem.


Get it

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11. The Best Bars to Celebrate Mardi Gras (That Arent in New Orleans), 28 [−]

Mardi Gras lands on Feb. 25 this year, but you dont have to land in New Orleans to celebrate big (in fact, we think visiting New Orleans after Mardi Gras is the best time to go). And you dont even need to celebrate it on Fat Tuesday proper. In the month of February, you can do it up for the carnival-themed holiday around the country. Weve got spots in New York serving up pan-roasted Louisiana Redfish with black-eyed peas (see Valerie) and Chicagoland outposts redesigning the RV on their patio into their makeshift Mardi Gras parade float (see French Korner at Houndstooth Saloon). Rally up the crew, don your finest purple, green, and gold ensemble, and save room for King cakethese are the best Mardi Gras bars youll find outside of New Orleans.

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12. China Calls for a Complete Ban On Single-Use Plastics, 28 [−]

Its no surprise that Chinathe most populated country on earthis the worlds biggest polluter. But in recent years, Chinas pollution problem has reached critical mass, and the government is finally getting serious about making dramatic changes, especially as it pertains to plastic.

As we know, plastic pollution is a convoluted issue, and the decisions China has been making as of late are having ripple effects worldwide. Take their ban on importing plastic for recycling. When that ban was implemented in 2018, suddenly the rest of the world was left wondering what to do with their own plastic. Since 1992, 45% of the worlds plastic has been shipped to China. Now, without China to take it, a new study suggests that by 2030
111 million tons will have nowhere to go. The hope, at this point, is that Chinas ban will instead force the world to reduce its plastic production, rather than try to figure out where to ship it. Especially when you consider that (literal) tons of the plastic sent to China for recycling ended up in the ocean anyway.

Now, on the heels of that import ban, China just announced plans to dramatically cut the amount of disposable plastic used within the country, as well.

According to an article in the New York Times, the new guidelines include bans on the use of non-biodegradable plastic bags in major cities by the end of this year. Other sources of plastic garbage will be banned in Beijing, Shanghai and wealthy coastal provinces by the end of 2022, and that rule will extend nationwide by late 2025.

Plastic bags are one of Chinas biggest forms of pollution. Twenty five billion are used for deliveries in the country every year, and each is used for an average of 12 minutes. In a nation of nearly 1.4 billion people, thats a crazy amount of unnecessary waste. And, as it pertains to ocean waste, China is by far the worlds worst offender: 3.5 million metric tons of plastic enter the ocean via China each year (doubling the amount from Indonesia, the worlds second-worst plastic polluter).

Sure, theres still a long road to go. But its a step down the right path. If these policy changes are successfully implemented, they have a real chance to actually make a positive impact on the future of our oceans.

Now, lets just hope the rest of the world is paying attention.

This article originally appeared on and was republished with permission.

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13. The New Skechers GOrun 7+ Hyper Is One Sweet Ride, 28 [−]

The last time I seriously considered purchasing Skechers, I was in kindergarten (and it was my mom who was doing the buying). But a lot has changed at Skechers since the late 90s, and even in just the past few years. If you havent been paying attention to the brands resurgence as a serious contender in the running shoe world, youre missing out. Skechers makes some great kicks, and the new GOrun 7+ Hyper, which goes on sale Feb. 6, shows the companys commitment to making a high-quality performance shoe. Im not in kindergarten anymore, but I definitely want this one.

What It Is

The Skechers GOrun 7+ Hyper is a follow-up to the companys GOrun 7 running shoethough not a replacement. The GOrun 7 will continue to be sold alongside the new 7+. The new shoe is designed to be a comfortable, flexible, and lightweight trainer, Kurt Stockbridge, Skechers Vice President of Product Development & Innovation, told Mens Journal via email. Like the 7 (and the speed-oriented Razor and ultra-plush Ride) the 7+ utilizes the companys cutting edge HyperBurst foam in the midsole.

One of Skechers biggest innovations in the past few years, HyperBurst debuted in 2018, and its made by exposing EVAthe tried-and-true cushioning material thats been used in running shoes for decadesto carbon dioxide under high heat and pressure. This causes the material to form a foam with irregularly-shaped bubbles, which makes it lighter than traditional EVA cushioning while preserving its bounce and softness.

skechers gorun 7+ hyper
Michael Charboneau

Compared to the GOrun 7, the 7+ features a redesigned upper and a new outsole material as well. On the upper, Skechers designers aimed to respond to feedback from runners who had tried the 7 and werent in love with its sock-like design.

Some runners loved the fit, Stockbridge said, while others found the upper challenging to adjust in order to make their foot feel secure.

For the 7+, the Skechers team returned to the circular knit pattern and conventional tongue found on the GOrun 5, which won a devoted following for its light, breathable, and well-structured upper. Thats the main difference between the 7 and the 7+.

We feel runners are going to really appreciate how the Skechers GOrun 7+ Hyper relates to their favorite GOrun 5, Stockbridge said, and how it offers an alternative to the GOrun 7 Hyper sock like upper.

The 7+ also comes with a new rubber outsole compounddeveloped in partnership with Goodyearthats designed for increased durability and grip.

skechers gorun 7+ hyper
Courtesy of Skechers

Why We Like It

Theres a lot to like about this shoe, but Ill start with this: The 7+ feels great on my feet. Even just walking around, the shoes feel supportive and bouncy, like theyre ready to take off. The HyperBurst cushioning provides a firm, springy platform for picking up the pace, but it still soaks up impact forces and bumps exceptionally well. This was readily apparent on one of my test runs, when I was forced onto some chunky gravel while dodging a blocked sidewalk. I gritted my teeth as I stepped off the pavement and expected to feel the sharp rocks poking up into my feet, or to get thrown off balance by the loose ground. Neither happened. To my surprise, the cushioning absorbed the uneven ground so well that I could barely feel the rocks, and the ride was actually quite pleasant.

The shoes emphasis on a midfoot strike zone took a little getting used to (I normally land farther back on my feet), but I appreciate the way the thick layer of midfoot cushioning supports my arches, and the soles rocker shape encourages a smooth stride. The 7+ is also quite flexible, especially in the forefootsomething I havent experienced in a shoe with this much cushioning. The arch support, rocker sole, and flexibility all combine to help you roll easily from one footstep to the next.

I found the fit to be snug and secure, and it didnt loosen over the course of my test runs. The new upper does its job well without any gimmicks or funky lacing.


You can certainly find leaner, softer, or more supportive shoes than the 7+, and its not designed for trail use. But for a general everyday trainer that feels peppy and comfortable on the pavement, its a hard one to beat.

[Available on Feb. 6, $135;]

Get it

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14. Super Bowl Beer: Here Are the Brands Chiefs and 49ers Fans Both Like to Drink, 28 [−]

The San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs are facing off in Super Bowl 54 in Miami. The big game is putting the two die-hard fan bases against each other to see who will win the Lombardi Trophy, but theres one thing that puts the two groups on the same team: The beers they like to drink.

With the Super Bowl coming up on Sunday, YouGov surveyed the fans of both teams to see what beers they usually order, and a Budweiser or Bud Light came in as the highest percentage of current customers among fans of both teams.

Other beers that were named in the survey included Corona, Samuel Adams, Stella Artois, Blue Moon, and Heineken. Overall, the data revealed that among general Super Bowl viewersmeaning they watched the game last yearthat Bud Light and Budweiser are also the top options, with Corona, Samuel Adams and Coors Light coming up next.

While the fan bases agreed on having a Budweiser or Bud Light, the data also revealed some differences between the two groups. The data showed that 49ers fans are more likely to grab a bottle of Busch or Heineken compared to Chiefs fans, while Kansas City fans are more likely to have a Samuel Adams or Stella Artois compared San Francisco fans.

You can see the full chart of data here. And if youre looking for the best craft beers to stock up on for the game, weve got you covered.

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15. Watch: Dane Jackson Kayaks Largest Rapid Ever Paddled, 28 [−]

Surfing has its biggest wave, skiing its steepest line, and mountain biking its hairiest descent. Now the world of whitewater kayaking has what many are deeming the sports largest rapid ever run, with Dane Jacksons successful descent of the Malupa rapid on Pakistans mighty Indus River.

On a fall trip with fellow kayakers Evan Moore, Carson Lindsay and Johnny Chase, Jackson claimed the first descent of the last un-run rapid of the Indus Rivers famed 86-mile Rondu Gorge section (excluding one other must-portage rapid deemed un-runnable). Jacksons successful run of the steep, complex and volatile high-volume rapid (shown at the 5-minute mark) highlights the just-released video above from the American paddling teams expedition.

Though a bit downplayed in the recap, Jacksons first descent reverberated on social media channels, where many kayakers are calling it the biggest rapid ever run. That leaves definitions of rapids, sizes, volumes and difficulty levels up for debate; paddlers have successfully braved the likes of Chinas Yangtze Gorge, as well as the Inga Rapids in the Democratic Republic of Congo, claimed as the largest rapids ever successfully paddled during an high-profile international teams 2011 first descent. Meanwhile, others may contend a lower-volume cascading drop like Washingtons Sunset Falls or even Palouse Falls at 189 feet as the biggest ever. Regardless of rapids vs falls, size and difficulty, measured by height, gradient or volume, kayakings social channels buzzed with Jacksons recent exploits labeling it as noteworthy as the first successful runs by whitewater stalwarts Ben Marr (2012) and Nouria Newman (2014) through Site Zed, the longtime final un-run rapid of North Americas great expedition paddling test piece: British Columbias Grand Canyon of the Stikine River.

Dane_indus 2
Jackson, entering the maw.

Jackson deflects credit to the team, pointing to prior expeditions that have progressively lowered the Rondu Gorges overall portage count over the last two years, with Swiss standout Sven Lammler recently getting the lowest number with just two. Thats two portages on a continuous stretch of massive whitewater with hundreds of Class V rapids that regularly humbles the worlds best (not to mention the less obvious dangers of construction off the water). I didnt necessarily put on to try and get the lowest number of portages, Jackson says. But I just kept seeing the lines.

Making the feat even more impressive: Jackson had already taken two horrendous swims on the run, one of which he called one of the most savage beatdowns Ive had. Yet he still hit the Holy Grail of going big, calling the Indus by far some of the hardest and stoutest whitewater Ive ever done its in a league of its own.

Paddling peers were quick to put the feat into perspective. Its the biggest rapid ever run in a kayak, posted kayaker Jeremy Nash. History has been made. Hes experienced something far different from any other kayaker: the 35th chamber of Shaolin Kungfu.

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16. The Best Gear for Running in the Dark, 28 [−]

Though weve made it past the shortest day of the year, theres still a good bit of darkness to contend with on those early morning and evening runs. For those fortuned with the motivation and willpower to lace up and get in some milesdespite the cooler temps and lack of sunlightwe recommend the following pieces of gear to keep you safe, and perhaps help stoke that motivation to get you out when you might not otherwise.

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17. Adventure Flashback: Relive Will Gadds Historic Frozen Niagara Falls Climb From 5 Years Ago, 28 [−]

Pro ice climber Will Gadd has made some incredible ascents over the years. From exploring the Colorado Rockies, the glaciers of Greenland, and the mountains of Kilimanjaro, Gadd has climbed frozen terrains all around the world. But one of his most memorable climbs wasnt in a remote areait was at one of the most recognizable natural sights in the world: Niagara Falls.

Back in 2015, Gadd made the first-ever ice climb up Niagara Falls. Working alongside the New York State Parks Department, Gadd was able to get the first-ever permit for ice-climbing at the site, where he planned to climb it naturally, meaning no bolts on the ice while he climbed. Gadd set up his line on the American side of the falls on Terrapin Point, which rises up around 150 feet from bottom-to-top.

Gadd, a Red Bull athlete and an accomplished paraglider, collaborated with Red Bull Media House, which produced the documentary Frozen Falls that followed his trek up the falls. (You can watch the documentary here.)

Its one of the most visited places in North America. We have to treat it as a jewel, or it wont work, Gadd said to Red Bull while planning the climb. The massive water flow constantly shakes the ground, and makes the ice shelves and walls around you unsteady and unpredictable. Its a harsh environment and an intense challenge to stay attached to the wall, let alone climb it.

In January 2020, Gadd is celebrating the fifth anniversary of his ascent, which is why we wanted to spotlight the accomplishment.

Heres a look at Gadd making the climb:

Gadd, who is celebrating the fifth anniversary of his ascent in 2020, previously spoke with Mens Journal about how he prepares and trains climbs like this one, revealing some of his favorite workouts, essential gear he takes along the way, as well as advice for fellow climbers.

For climbing, its about developing your shoulders and applying strength so you can climb better, Gadd said. There are a solid four or five exercises I do regularly that are critical for being functional. My main exercises are some kind of squat or squat variation, pullups are big for climbing and they help a lot, and also some version of a push movement, whether thats pushups or doing the bench press. Deadlifts are also very important. Those basic moves are critical for me. You can do them almost anywhere.

Gadd also left readers with a key piece of advice: Travel with hot sauce, Gadd said. Most food can be boring [tasting] when youre out on these remote trips and having some Louisiana-style hot sauce is a life saver. Nothing fancy, but it gives you that extra flavor when youre having so much camp food, like your third plate of canned peas or canned food. Hot sauce is critical.

Here are a few more incredible photos of Gadd making the climb:

Will Gadd ice climbs the first ascent of Niagara Falls in Niagara Falls, NY, USA on 27 January, 2015.
Will Gadd ice climbs the first ascent of Niagara Falls in Niagara Falls, NY, USA on 27 January, 2015. Christian Pondella/Red Bull Content Pool
Will Gadd ice climbs the first ascent of Niagara Falls in Niagara Falls, NY, USA on 27 January, 2015.
Will Gadd ice climbs the first ascent of Niagara Falls in Niagara Falls, NY, USA on 27 January, 2015. Christian Pondella/Red Bull Content Pool
Will Gadd ice climbs the first ascent of Niagara Falls in Niagara Falls, NY, USA on 27 January, 2015.
Will Gadd ice climbs the first ascent of Niagara Falls in Niagara Falls, NY, USA on 27 January, 2015. Christian Pondella/Red Bull Content Pool
Will Gadd and Sarah Hueniken hugs each other folllowing their first ascents, during Red Bull Frozen Falls at Niagara Falls, NY, USA on 27 January, 2015.
Will Gadd and Sarah Hueniken hugs each other following their first ascents, during Red Bull Frozen Falls at Niagara Falls, NY, USA on 27 January, 2015. Keith Ladzinski / Red Bull Content Pool

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18. Heres What We Know So Far About Kobe Bryants Helicopter, 28 [−]

On the morning of Sunday, Jan. 26, a helicopter carrying basketball legend Kobe Bryant, his daughter Gianna, and seven other people crashed into a hillside in thick fog in Calabasas, California, the Los Angeles Times and other outlets report. Everyone on board the helicopter was killed, and the crash ignited a small brush fire in the area. An investigation has begun into what caused the incident.

According to the Times, the helicopter involved in the crash was a Sikorsky S-76B, tail number N72EX, and Bryant had flown in it many times before, including a special flight out of downtown L.A. when he retired in 2016. The chopper was owned by Island Express Holding Corp., which operates a fleet of helicopters for trips to Catalina Island and private flights, and it was built in 1991. The S-76B is a popular model and has a solid safety recordamong the lowest rate of fatal crashes of all major civilian helicopters in the United States, according to documents reviewed by the Times.

Although the investigation into the cause of the crash has just started, an Island Express pilot interviewed by the Times said its likely that the foggy, low-visibility conditions led to the accident, rather than a mechanical failure. Based on analysis of the crash site and the choppers flight path, the pilot estimated the aircraft was flying at about 160 m.p.h. when it hit the ground.

kobe bryant
The crash site in Calabasas, California Mark J Terrill/AP / Shutterstock

If anyone on board survived the impact, leaking fuel would have been the next major concern. A September 2018 Mens Journal investigation of helicopter crashes among emergency responders found that many choppers in civilian use lack impact-resistant fuel systems. When a helicopter crashes, vulnerable fuel lines and tanks can puncture or sever, spewing fuel on the occupants that can ignite and cause catastrophic burns and death. The military addressed this issue by requiring crash-proof fuel systems in its helicopters starting in the 1970s. But in the civilian sector, progress has been much slower.

Studies in the 1980s showed that passengers were dying in survivable helicopter crashes because of fires ignited from leaking fuel. That led the FAA to pass regulations in 1989 and 1994 requiring crashworthy systems, but theres a big loophole: The rules only apply to new rotorcraft designsthey dont affect older models or new examples of previously certified designs. That means many helicopters arent subject to the laws. As of 2014, NTSB data shows that just 15 percent of choppers built since 1994 have crash-resistant fuel systems.

The crash on Sunday started a quarter-acre brush fire, and its probable that spilled fuel played a part in starting it. According to the Island Express pilot, Bryants helicopter held around 800 pounds of fuel.

Thats enough to start a pretty big fire, he told the Times.

Check out our full report on helicopter fuel tanks here, and stay tuned for more coverage as the investigation in California continues.

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19. Vermont to Ban All Household Food Waste From Landfills in July 2020, 28 [−]

For many people, the biggest concern with food waste is making sure it doesnt stink up the trash too much. But on a broader scale, tossing your scraps and leftovers into the garbage can has a big drawback: They end up in a landfill, where they rot and release methane, a greenhouse gas thats 25 times more powerful than carbon dioxide. This year, Vermont is taking a big step toward reducing those emissions by implementing a law that makes it illegal to throw food products in the trashthe first state in the U.S. to do so. Instead, residents are encouraged to compost their scraps, and a new study shows many already are.

Researchers from the University of Vermont have found that many Vermonters are composting their scraps or using them to feed pets and livestock. In this new study, which was published in the journal Frontiers in Sustainable Food Systems, researchers surveyed nearly 600 Vermont households in the 2018 Vermonter Poll, an annual telephone poll conducted by UVM. They found widespread support for the new law, with 55 percent of surveyed residents in favor. Even more striking, 72 percent of those polled said they already compost at least some of their food waste, and 75 percent said they plan to compost in the future. Vermont is one of the most rural states in the country, and researchers say this might explain why composting rates are so high.

Our study suggests that, especially in more rural areas, people may already be managing their food waste in a way that leaves it out of the landfills, Meredith Niles, lead author of the study, said in a press release.

On the other hand, just 34 percent of the respondents said they would use a curbside compost pickup program, and most said theyd oppose paying a fee for a such a program. Support was higher among urban residents and renters, however. That shows that theres an important difference between urban and rural habits when it comes to food waste.

There isnt a one size fits all for how we manage food waste, said Niles. Especially in more rural areas, people may already be managing their food waste in a way that leaves it out of the landfills.

But no matter where you live, food waste is a serious issue, and one that Niles and her colleagues have studied before. Their earlier research showed that on average, Americans throw out almost one pound of food every day. Across the country, that translates to 150,000 tons of food thrown out every day in the period between 2007 and 2014. That food ends up in landfills, where the methane it releases becomes a major contributor to climate change. Composting, on the other hand, allows food products to break down in a way that doesnt release methane, and it creates a natural fertilizer.

Reducing household food waste is a powerful way individuals can help reduce the impacts of climate change, Niles said.

The new Vermont law is part of a series of laws stretching back to 2012, when the state passed a universal recycling law that aimed to eventually keep all food waste, recyclables, and yard waste from landfills by 2020. Based on this research, the new law may actually just reinforce what many people in the state are already doingand its certainly a great model for the rest of the country, too.

Its exciting to see the majority of Vermonters are already composting to do their part, said Niles.

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20. How One Adventure Photographer Takes His Plant-Based Diet on the Road, 27 [−]

Outdoor-adventure photographer Jeff Brockmeyer highlights five daily habits that allow him to effectively take a plant-based diet on the road

After a 4 a.m. wake-up and an hour drive south to the Mexican border, Jeff Brockmeyer marches into the Tijuana International Airports TSA checkpoint officers, unzips his trusty cooler bag, and presents 120 ounces of pure, organic orange juice loaded with Vitamin C and ready for inspection.

Traveling from San Diego to Cabo San Lucas means a busy day with international borders and airport security checks before arriving in an unfamiliar land. Brockmeyer, however, has zero intention of letting hectic travel negatively impact his healthy diet. While vegan, he is first and foremost a dedicated produce-juicer who consumes three-quarters of all meals as fresh juice.

Brockmeyer, on assignment in Hokkaido, Japan. Photo: Jeff Niseko Courtesy Jeff Brockmeyer

Brockmeyer, 35, is a talented and respected outdoors and action sports photographer whos made a career out of traveling the world. That is, until two years ago, when Brockmeyers on-the-road lifestyle came to screeching halt. Health issues related to Crohns disease forced his hand to make a life-changing choice: Undergo a major surgery to remove an inflamed part of his intestine; or begin a series of chemotherapy treatments. Either way, traveling for work was out of the picture and Brockmeyer felt that he was losing grip on the life he had worked hard to create.

Then, lying awake one night in the hospital, Brockmeyer realized a third option: Adapt to a 100 percent plant-based diet. He made a choice to forgo doctors recommendations and committed to implementing the diet, regardless of the extra effort.

Today, Brockmeyer is back to living his life, traveling to the fullest and making breathtaking images. Only now, he has become a master of planning out plant-based meals. Because of the high health stakes to make a mobile juice-based diet work, we needed to hear his best tips for taking such a high-health, high-effort production on the road or into the air.

Brockmeyers health (and active and nomadic career pursuits) are back on track thanks to a nearly exclusively juice-based diet. Photo: Casey Otto Courtesy Jeff Brockmeyer

Back in Cabo, Brockmeyer hits the ground and immediately finds a local market to stock up on all of the fresh fruits and vegetables needed for his week ahead. With necessities in hand, we connect in the evening to unlock a few keys to not sacrificing healthy habits while traveling. In short, the recipe to success starts with proper planning and following through on a few routines. Healthy habits are a byproduct of healthy routines. Brockmeyers best advice for health on the road? Plan for it by making new routinesand stick to them!


Brockmeyers 5 Routines for a Healthy Travel Diet

Do Your Research: As soon as a trip is booked, find the nearest grocery store. Plan the meals you will be shopping for based on what foods will be available in that area. Upon arrival in Cabo San Lucas, Brockmeyer already had the name and location of the nearest market and wasted zero time stockpiling produce. The first thing I type in on Google is the city Im going to and organic farmers market, Brockmeyer says. Organic and local is my favorite. It tastes the best and is the most nutrient-dense. Thats what I strive for.

Prepare at Home: The day before hitting the road, prepare all of the meals needed for the entire day of travel. For Brockmeyer this includes around 120 ounces of juice and a variety of dried fruits. His strategy here is to have enough nutrients prepared for an entire day regardless of what it will entail. Ill take about two hours the night before preparing, he says. Ill make my juice, cut up different fruit and store everything in the fridge. I always pack four jars of juice and some backup dried fruit so that I can get through an entire day, in case there is an emergency. Even if it is a two-hour flight, bring snacks for the whole day.

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$120 in local organic freshly picked produce. This will last about a week. If you have farmers markets in your area, I highly recommend supporting them. Not only is their quality of produce far superior, but it is usually way cheaper too! Food is medicine. Pills are not medicine, pills are poison. Choosing to pay your farmers for the life force of nutrient dense organic produce keeps the system alive that is designed to keep us alive. Farmers are our key to radiant health. Monsanto would love to pump you up full of GMO corn and soy based processed crap, Merk would love to pump you up full of aluminum and formaldehyde vaccines to give you autism, Tyson would love to pump you full of hormone infused chicken thighs, AND.. your local organic farmers would love to pump you up full of the best nutrients in earth grown by the sun and the king himself to give you a thriving and perfectly healthy body. Lets give the local growers our support to keep on going so Costco and Walmart arent the only options to get organic food in 10 years. Ive drink 200oz of fresh Valencia orange juice in the past two days and Ive never felt better. The cure to all these bull crap diseases is to stop listening to your doctor recite research studies and prescribe you medicine, listen to your heart, to nature, it is listening to the healers, and the self healers who have put in the hard as hell work, regenerating their bodies the hard way, all on the one tool given to us to keep us healthy and bring us back to health. The Food! Its the food. Its everything! Im about to blow a fuse out of my brain socket Im so pumped up on 64 oz of OJ. Thanks for listening to my rants. Happy holidays may the juice be with you. ??

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Pack Accordingly: Brockmeyer prepares two bags to ensure his healthy travel is a success. One bag is typically a carry-on cooler containing the prepared juices and cut dried fruits for his travel. This bag is also equipped with coldpacks and a doctor note confirming his diet. Although he has never had any issues with TSA while flying domestically, he has been asked to present a doctor note during international travel inspections. The second bag gets checked and contains all of the tools necessary to prepare meals while on the road. Example packlist includes: knives, cutting boards, bowls, strainers, a juicer or blender and lots of storage such as water bottles, grocery bags, mason jars and Tupperware.

I make sure all of my stuff is extremely organized, and I bring a doctor note in addition to saying that I have a health condition, Brockmeyer says. It has never been an issue. The other thing I do is take everything I would need for an extended period of time.

Groceries on Arrival: The number one biggest tip and most important step: Grocery shop as soon as you arrive to your destination. Brockmeyer cant stress the importance of this step enough. If you are traveling with others, dont feel awkward about breaking off to shop or asking the group to make the stop with you. Either way, it is imperative that you take responsibility for your diet and that means buying the ingredients you need. If you want to live a healthy life and travel, he says, the first thing you have to do is go to the grocery store no matter where you go! You dont go to a restaurant, you dont go to a gas station. You go to a grocery store and get what you need. You are in charge of your body.

Brockmeyer, on the road again in Baja, near San Felipe, Mexico. Courtesy Jeff Brockmeyer

Prepare Meals Daily: Each morning Brockmeyer prepares all of his meals, this requires setting aside the time in advance. If you know you wont have time to cook your meals directly before you eat them, plan ahead and prepare for your day. If you fail to prepare, prepare to fail. You need to prep your own food, Brockmeyer insists. If you will be on the go all day, wake up early and make all of your meals. That is your routine.

Travel tools for the juicing trade Jeff Brockmeyer

Follow Brockmeyers juicing journey @JeffJuices /, and his adventure photography @JeffBrockmeyer /

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