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1. ‘Star Trek’ star Shatner to fly to space with Jeff Bezos - reportВс, 26 сен[−]

The 90-year-old famous for playing Captain James T. Kirk might boldly go where no old man has gone before, becoming the oldest man to ever fly to space.

2. Steve Ditko estate tries to regain Spider-Man, Doctor Strange copyrightsПт, 24 сен[−]

The notices of termination both state that they go into effect in June of 2023.

3. Two men who told the truth about AuschwitzСр, 22 сен[−]

'The Auschwitz Report' follows the recent trend of realistic Holocaust movies.

4. Israel to host women’s U20 water polo worldsСр, 22 сен[−]

“For the first time, we have put Israel on the world water polo map,” said Israeli Water Polo Association Chair Revital Gluska.

5. Former NBA athlete Shaquille O'Neal wishes Jews a happy SukkotСр, 22 сен[−]

"My favorite Jewish holiday is coming up. You know why? Because we all go out and live in shacks," he joked.

6. Why are non-Jewish Dutch parents giving their children Jewish names?Ср, 22 сен[−]

Yair, Yael, and Netanya are some of the names of Joop van Ooijen's grandchildren. They're all names favored by the Israeli middle class. But neither the Van Ooijens nor their 16 children are Jewish.

7. Bianca Del Rio has Israelis falling out of their seatsВс, 19 сен[−]

Bianca Del Rio, winner of season 6 of RuPaul's Drag Race, wowed Israeli audiences with her snark and candor in a hysterical comedy show.

8. Meet Whistle: Gotham City’s latest superhero is JewishСб, 18 сен[−]

“My heroine engages with her Jewishness in much the same way that I do," said the superhero's creator, E. Lockhart.

9. Can the struggle for Soviet Jewry help navigate 21st century peoplehood?Сб, 18 сен[−]

Jews in Israel and the US appeared to find some form of unity in the struggle to free Soviet Jewry. This effort gave many Jews a sense of peoplehood.

10. Meet the Jewish mustard maven who founded a museumСб, 18 сен[−]

“Mustard is in almost every religion and every culture,” said Barry Levenson, the founder, curator and CMO (chief mustard officer) of the National Mustard Museum in Middleton, Wisconsin.

11. 'Fiddler' international cast sing 'Sabbath Prayer' in 9 languages - watchПт, 17 сен[−]

Fiddler on the Roof's release comes amid the long-anticipated reopening of Broadway theaters in New York, bringing the world's preeminent musical theatres back to life from hiatus.

12. Uri Geller uses NFTs to raise money for Save a Child's HeartСр, 15 сен[−]

Save a Child's Heart is a charity working for over 25 years to help bring lifesaving heart care to children worldwide.

13. Baseball: Israel thrashes Great Britain – earns quarterfinal berthСр, 15 сен[−]

Knowing that pitching would be the key to success, Israeli manager Nate Fish turned to an unusual duo of hurlers to carry the water for the Blue and White against the Brits.

14. Israeli restaurateur-owned delivery app seeks to combat delivery tech’s high commissionsВт, 14 сен[−]

Foodba strives to charge 3% of sales, undercutting the 30%+ charged by firms such as Wolt

15. 'Guardian Angel’ Ida Nudel dies at 90Вт, 14 сен[−]

Ida Nudel was a Prisoner of Zion who made aliyah with her faithful collie, Pizer, in 1987 after winning her battle against the gigantic Soviet Union.

16. No one lost their Jewish last name at Ellis Island. But we gained a safe haven.Вт, 14 сен[−]

The dilemmas of Jewish name-changing form a powerful chapter in novelist Dara Horn’s new collection of essays, who explodes the old myth that Jews’ names were changed at Ellis Island by lazy clerks.

17. George Wein, jazz legend and music festival pioneer, dies age 95Вт, 14 сен[−]

The Jewish-American jazz legend's events made history in the jazz and folk world, showcasing numerous high-profile artists like Joan Baez, Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan.

18. For this rabbi near Surfside, the High Holidays are for processing griefВт, 14 сен[−]

“Sometimes from tragedy, from darkness, you can bring out a sense of humanness and decency,” said Rabbi Sholom Lipskar.

19. The legacy of Prof. Uriel Reichman and IDC HerzliyaПн, 13 сен[−]

Professor Reichman founded the Interdisciplinary Center in May of 1994 with 240 students — Today Reichman University boasts more than 9,000.

20. Ben Stiller and Diego Schwartzman’s unlikely friendship continuesПт, 10 сен[−]

The Stiller-Schwartzman friendship surfaced last week, after Schwartzman defeated his second-round opponent in straight sets. Every indication is that it is still going strong.

21. 9/11 movies to honor the fallen and make sense of the tragedyЧт, 09 сен[−]

Filmmakers continue trying to capture and comment on the trauma that changed the world forever and a number of dramas and documentaries will be shown to mark the 20th anniversary.

22. Tel Aviv ranks number 8 on Time Out's best cities in the worldЧт, 09 сен[−]

Time Out's section on the Israeli city refers to it as the "city that never sleeps."

23. Jerusalem highlights: Week of September 10-16Чт, 09 сен[−]

Don't know what to do in Jerusalem the coming week? Here's a list of suggestions.

24. A diplomat's journey to and from IsraelЧт, 09 сен[−]

Join the Foreign Service and see the world is the old adage — And applies to the adventures of US diplomat Lisa Bess Wishman.

25. What you need to know about air conditioning in IsraelЧт, 09 сен[−]

The pitfalls of instillation and hidden prices are almost enough to deter a potential purchaser.

26. Moving from South Africa to Israel: Landing in the right grooveЧт, 09 сен[−]

"I always think of my grandparents who didn’t survive, and how much it must mean to them that their descendants are living in the only place on earth that we can call home."

27. An unforgettable journey inside the turbulent modern Middle EastЧт, 09 сен[−]

Joel C. Rosenberg has gained access to some of the world’s leading political figures and held in-depth discussions with them.

28. Trying to cope with tragedy by helping othersЧт, 09 сен[−]

Being a pastoral counselor to find the secret for emerging from the darkness.

29. Hikes for the high holidays seasonЧт, 09 сен[−]

The holiday season is a perfect time for hikes in Israel — Here are four free great family-friendly hikes for September.

30. Israeli mystic Uri Geller auctions NFT of personal artwork on OpenSeaПн, 06 сен[−]

Uri Geller's series, titled "11 Flowers," features 11 unique flower drawings produced from his own collection. The first such image, "Flower 1," is currently up for auction.

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