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1. Christian Arabs can now register as Aramaic Christians, not Arabs.Ср, 11 авг[−]

Christians who identify with the ancient people can decide to register as Arameans instead of Arabs

2. Conference on importance of Holy Land visitsСр, 11 авг[−]

Father Nieuviarts: “We come as pilgrims and we need to understand better this land and, as Christians, our link it”.

3. Tonight is Christmas – and the Israel Museum has a special displayЧт, 24 дек 2020[−]

The museum reveals a rare Eugolia token, believed to have been a souvenir for early Christians during their pilgrimage to the Holy Land.

4. 'Love for Lake Charles' organization gives blessings and hope from IsraelЧт, 24 дек 2020[−]

A rabbi and pastor work together to raise funds for victims of the hurricanes.

5. Antisemitic Polish priest banned by a well-known Canadian parishВс, 20 сен 2020[−]

“We are grateful to the archbishop and his diocese for taking this principled and very important step to recognize that there are just some people in the world that you want to try and avoid."

6. Chinese Christians donate masks to IsraelСр, 27 мая 2020[−]

When coronavirus made its way to Israel, a group bought 10,000 N-95 masks and 25,000 paper masks, found space on a medical supply plane and had them shipped to Israel.

7. 'Those who hate Jews hate Christians': A closer look at Ted CruzЧт, 27 фев 2020[−]

Cruz is no stranger to letting his religion influence his politics, and he often embraces the crossroads between the two.

8. In rare moment Obama invokes Christianity in public speechЧт, 27 фев 2020[−]

Previously the President has refrained from speaking of religion, but during the Easter prayer breakfast, he listed Christianity as a strong influence in his life.

9. Mike Huckabee hopes to reach more than just evangelicals this time aroundЧт, 27 фев 2020[−]

"Washington is more dysfunctional than ever and has become so beholden to the donor class who fills the campaign coffers" Huckabee said during his campaign announcement on Tuesday.

10. Christian evangelist murdered in southeast TurkeyПт, 22 ноя 2019[−]

His death has sparked fears among the local Christian population that they are being targeted.

11. Christian broadcasting studio attacked by arson on Shabbat morningВт, 21 мая 2019[−]

Daystar is a pro-Israel Christian network. The studio is located in Abu Tor and had been undergoing extensive renovations for more than one year.

12. Pro-Israel Pastor Greg Laurie honored at Friends of Zion MuseumЧт, 09 мая 2019[−]

Dr. Mike Evans, founder of the Friends of Zion Museum, explained that the partnership between the State of Israel and these amazing Christian Zionists is an unstoppable force.

13. World affairs prove 'Lord is soon to return,' Christian broadcaster saysВс, 24 фев 2019[−]

Christine Darg from the Jerusalem Channel released a half-hour video in which she shows how, in her view, current events prove the validity of Evangelical ideas about the end-times.

14. One year later: remembering Billy GrahamПт, 22 фев 2019[−]

Graham, one of the most successful preachers ever, reached millions with message of repentance.

15. Evangelizing is wrong, say nearly half of Christian millennialsСб, 16 фев 2019[−]

A study conducted by the Barna Group showed that 47% of Christian millennials believe that it is wrong to share one's personal beliefs "in hopes they will share the same faith."

16. Armenian Church in Holy Land celebrates latest Christmas in the worldВс, 20 янв 2019[−]

The Armenian Christian community in the Holy Land is the only community to celebrate Christmas on January 18 and 19 due to historical differences with other Orthodox denominations.

17. IN PICTURES: Epiphany celebration by the Jordan RiverПт, 18 янв 2019[−]

Greek Orthodox Patriarch Theophilos III leads the ceremony.

18. Jews and Christians gather to sing and pray for peace in JerusalemЧт, 11 окт 2018[−]

Hundreds of Evangelical Christians from around the world gathered in the capital for a Day of Prayer.

19. Pope arrives in transformed Ireland as abuse crises rageСб, 25 авг 2018[−]

More than three-quarters of the Irish population flocked to see Pope John Paul II in 1979 at a time when divorce and contraception were illegal.

20. Protecting the persecutedСр, 15 авг 2018[−]

As Christians in the Middle East risk death for practicing their faith, the IFCJ is doing what it can to keep them safe.

21. Protecting the persecutedВт, 14 авг 2018[−]

As Christians in the Middle East risk death for practicing their faith, the IFJC is doing what it can to keep them safe.

22. Nearly 300 new immigrants arrive to Israel from the UkraineВт, 24 июл 2018[−]

Representatives from the Interior Ministry were sent to the Ukraine prior to the flight to issue Israeli ID cards to the group of immigrants as a way to reduce the bureaucratic procedures.

23. 1100 Christian Zionist leaders celebrate Israel’s 70th in DallasВт, 22 мая 2018[−]

In Dallas, 1100 Christian Zionist leaders gathered with Dr. Mike Evans, founder of the FOZ Museum, to celebrate Israel’s 70th year of statehood.

24. Pope Francis to nominate 14 new cardinals on June 29Вс, 20 мая 2018[−]

Appointing new cardinals is one of the most significant powers of a Pope.

25. Friends of Zion attends Guatemalan Embassy opening ceremonyЧт, 17 мая 2018[−]

Morales was awarded the Friends of Zion Award a few months ago in a ceremony at the Guatemalan President’s Office to mark his steadfast support for strong Guatemala-Israel relations.

26. Keeping the faithЧт, 10 мая 2018[−]

The upcoming tribute show hosted by CBN and The Fellowship is not just a celebration of Israel, but of the strong bonds between Jews and Christians.

27. Three ladies, Three lattes: What’s your position on missionaries?Ср, 09 мая 2018[−]

28. The Christian network changing the Israel narrativeВс, 29 апр 2018[−]

"We want to tell the real story of what Israel is doing," Robertson said.

29. Vatican official calls to help terminally ill toddlerПн, 23 апр 2018[−]

Last week, the father of the toddler asked Pope Francis if the pontiff could speak for his son.

30. ‘Rise Nineveh’: Christians in Iraq celebrate Assyrian New Year and EasterПн, 02 апр 2018[−]

The Easter holiday and Palm Sunday celebrations across Nineveh and in Mosul and Duhok seem to show a drive for reconstruction and energy being put in to the post-ISIS future.

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