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1. Joe Biden’s job approval falls sharply - PEW surveyПт, 24 сен[−]

Earlier this year, Pew Research Center reported that a majority of the US public had faith in Biden's handling of the coronavirus and its health impacts.

2. Texas puts Ben & Jerry's on list of companies that boycott IsraelПт, 24 сен[−]

Texas is the fourth US state to take action against the global ice cream company in recent weeks.

3. Iron Dome: When every vote counts, fringe Progressives carry weight - analysisСр, 22 сен[−]

The fight over the Iron Dome provision is part of a larger internal tug-of-war within the party that is unfolding these days.

4. Marjorie Taylor Greene accuses Ilhan Omar of 'supporting terror' in Twitter spatВт, 21 сен[−]

The accusation comes as the two congresswomen traded barbs and insults over Twitter.

5. US border guard uses whip against Haitian migrants in TexasВт, 21 сен[−]

The White House condemned the border guard as a video circulating social media showed him threatening migrants with the cords.

6. AOC introduces amendment to halt US arms sale to IsraelВс, 19 сен[−]

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez introduced an amendment to the defense budget bill to suspend a missile sale to Israel.

7. US Capitol on high alert as pro-Trump demonstrators converge for rallyСб, 18 сен[−]

Hours before the rally was set to start, Capitol police officers holding riot helmets and armed with batons and pistols took up positions outside the fence.

8. Jon Ossoff condemns antisemitism in Yom Kippur speechСб, 18 сен[−]

Jon Ossoff spoke at an Atlanta synagogue on Yom Kippur to denounce two incidents of antisemitic graffiti at local high schools.

9. US top general called China, warned Trump could spark warСр, 15 сен[−]

US General Mark Milley sought to assure General Li Zuocheng the US was stable and not going to attack and, if there were to be an attack, he would alert his counterpart ahead of time.

10. Biden to set vaccine requirements for federal workers, private companiesЧт, 09 сен[−]

Biden will sign an executive order on Thursday that will cover millions of federal workers and contractors that do business with the federal government, the source said.

11. US to discuss way forward on Iran in Moscow, Paris talksСр, 08 сен[−]

The official suggested the talks would not focus on next week's meeting of the board of governors of the International Atomic Energy Agency.

12. Biden accused of lying about visiting Tree of Life SynagogueСб, 04 сен[−]

Biden seemed to start out recalling visiting the synagogue, but mid-sentence changed his recollection to speaking with someone.

13. US Supreme Court declines to block Texas abortion banЧт, 02 сен[−]

By a 5-4 vote, the justices denied an emergency request by abortion and women's health providers for an injunction on enforcement of the ban.

14. US Senate passes bill to help Americans returning from AfghanistanВт, 31 авг[−]

More than 123,000 people, including thousands of US citizens who were in Afghanistan as the Taliban took control, were evacuated from Kabul.

15. Hate crimes hit 12-year high in United States in 2020 - FBIВт, 31 авг[−]

16. Dan Shapiro appointed as State Department liaison to Israel on IranПн, 30 авг[−]

Former US ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro has been appointed as a liaison to Israel on the Iran issue.

17. Bennett checked off all his boxes in Washington - analysisСб, 28 авг[−]

The prime minister said after the meeting that the atmosphere was “excellent,” he felt Biden and his top brass were open to listening to what he had to say, and that he can now call Biden directly.

18. Experts weigh in on Biden's 'other options' in dealing with IranСб, 28 авг[−]

US President Joe Biden claimed on Friday while talking with Israel's Prime Minister Naftali Bennett that if diplomacy fails with Iran, the US will "explore other options." But what does that mean?

19. GOP congressman compares COVID to Holocaust, prompts intern resignationСб, 28 авг[−]

But Massie’s example got an extra burst of attention after one of his interns resigned in a letter that he posted to Twitter, where it went viral.

20. JDCA head expresses support ahead of Bennett-Biden meetingПт, 27 авг[−]

JDCA head Soifer noted Israel and the US share a common goal of preventing Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons.

21. Man who took Iron Dome out of dustbin running for CongressСр, 25 авг[−]

Eric Lynn is using his Washington connections and relying on his local roots in his Florida race.

22. Trump assails Biden for Afghanistan 'humiliation'Вс, 22 авг[−]

Trump, a Republican who has dangled the possibility of running again for president in 2024, has repeatedly blamed Biden, a Democrat, for Afghanistan's fall to the Islamist militant Taliban.

23. How do Americans view major US institutions? - surveyСб, 21 авг[−]

A new Pew Research Center survey found areas of both partisan agreement and wide division between Democrats and Republicans.

24. The Jewish shadow senator who advocates for DC statehoodПт, 20 авг[−]

Paul Strauss, a Jew from New York City, has been a DC shadow senator since 1997.

25. Forecast for Bennett in Washington is sunny- analysisЧт, 19 авг[−]

Comparisons will be made between US President Biden's first meeting with PM Bennett and the first meeting of Netanyahu, with then-president Obama, what will these meetings have in common?

26. Blinken: Poland must ‘provide justice’ for Holocaust victimsВт, 17 авг[−]

The secretary of state also commented on a Polish law that would severely curb independent media by prohibiting foreign investments in them.

27. Former US President Bush expresses 'deep sadness' over Afghan situationВт, 17 авг[−]

Bush stated further that the US government has "the legal authority to cut the red tape for refugees during urgent humanitarian crises."

28. Proud Boys member pleads guilty to death threat tied to Jan. 6 riotПн, 16 авг[−]

Eduard Florea, who did not attend the riot, allegedly referred to current Democratic Senator Raphael Warnock of Georgia as a "dead" man.

29. NY lawmakers to drop Cuomo impeachment charges after promise to step downСб, 14 авг[−]

The New York Assembly, controlled by Cuomo's fellow Democrats, opened the impeachment investigation in March.

30. Americans deeply divided on racial equality issues - surveyПт, 13 авг[−]

A new Pew Research Center survey showed Americans are divided, both by race and political views, on key questions regarding racial equality in the United States.

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