Middle East & AfricaПн, 27 мар

1. Binyamin Netanyahu has lost his aura of invincibilityПн, 27 мар[-/+]
Mass protests halt the Israeli prime minister’s plans to curb judicial independence

2. Drought killed 43,000 people in Somalia last yearСб, 25 мар[-/+]
Weather, jihadists and the Ukraine war all share some of the blame

3. A dictator and his entitled son are holding Uganda captiveЧт, 23 мар[-/+]
Family rule is a bad way to run a country

4. Shia Muslims are no longer in the ascendantЧт, 23 мар[-/+]
Despite taking over Iraq, the Shias have been losing momentum

5. After 20 years of trauma, Iraq is struggling to recoverЧт, 23 мар[-/+]
Baghdad is more or less peaceful, but corruption and misgovernment prevail

6. New drugs may protect girls having sex with older men from HIVСр, 22 мар[-/+]
The virus circulates between generations. New medicines could slow it dramatically

7. How an east African country became an odd sort of global powerhouseЧт, 16 мар[-/+]
A cottage industry that adorns fishing rods on rivers across the world

8. Binyamin Netanyahu is exploiting Israel’s divisionsЧт, 16 мар[-/+]
The tensions are not new but they are at a crisis point

9. China brokers an Iran-Saudi rapprochementСб, 11 мар[-/+]
But the deal will not end the countries’ proxy war, nor cement China as the region’s new powerhouse

10. The growth of Africa’s towns and small cities is transforming the continentЧт, 09 мар[-/+]
Urbanisation is making lives better, but not by as much as it could

11. As they cut back on hiring, Arab bureaucracies are spending more to get lessЧт, 09 мар[-/+]
Civil-service jobs are hard to find and often poorly paid, yet still in high demand

12. Fiddling with Egypt’s clocksЧт, 09 мар[-/+]
Longer daylight hours are unlikely to mend the economy

13. Why Baghdad may have the worst traffic in the Middle EastЧт, 02 мар[-/+]
As the shooting subsides, Iraqis are killing time in traffic

14. Tunisia’s autocratic ruler adopts the “Great Replacement” theoryЧт, 02 мар[-/+]
Kais Saied is stoking anger toward black migrants to distract from his failures

15. A new type of Palestinian militia is emergingЧт, 02 мар[-/+]
It will be harder for both the Israeli and Palestinian authorities to deal with

16. Bola Tinubu, Nigeria’s political kingmaker, wins a flawed electionСр, 01 мар[-/+]
Allegations of rigging may hamper his efforts to unite a divided country

17. How America plans to break China’s grip on African mineralsВт, 28 фев[-/+]
A new contest between the US and China is under way

18. The son of Iran’s last shah bids to regain the throneЧт, 23 фев[-/+]
A spasm of royal enthusiasm hints at a lack of alternatives

19. Saudi Arabia is reconciling with regimes it once tried to toppleЧт, 23 фев[-/+]
The kingdom now sees the Arab world as a nuisance

20. A Nigerian trade in insects that biteЧт, 23 фев[-/+]
While politicians prick each other, a scorpion-breeder offers herbal remedies

21. Young Africans are logging in and clocking onЧт, 23 фев[-/+]
The internet creates new kinds of work, but patterns of inequality persist

22. Why South Africa is drifting into the Sino-Russian orbitВс, 19 фев[-/+]
The ANC elite is full of Russian sympathisers

23. Bashar al-Assad does not want to let a calamity go to wasteЧт, 16 фев[-/+]
The Syrian dictator hopes devastating earthquakes will ease sanctions on his regime

24. Proposed legal reforms could be dire for IsraelЧт, 16 фев[-/+]
The debate over them has exposed profound divisions within Israel

25. Can a political underdog save Nigeria?Вт, 14 фев[-/+]
Peter Obi thinks he can renew Africa’s biggest economy and democracy

26. Taking stock of America’s flagship trade programme for AfricaЧт, 09 фев[-/+]
AGOA has created jobs, but has not lived up to expectations

27. After decades of empty talk, reforms in Gulf states are real—but riskyЧт, 09 фев[-/+]
The push to be more diverse and competitive risks alienating citizens

28. Israel’s government is facing anger from new and unexpected quartersЧт, 02 фев[-/+]
Business bosses and economists are turning on Binyamin Netanyahu

29. France dumps Morocco in favour of AlgeriaЧт, 02 фев[-/+]
Europe needs the gas

30. Lebanon’s judges battle over their probe of Beirut’s port blastЧт, 02 фев[-/+]
The feud adds to tensions in a country that already has no president and a ruined economy

31. South Africa’s blackouts hurt the economy in unexpected waysЧт, 02 фев[-/+]
While politicians behave like headless chickens, there are fewer of the real sort

32. Can Kenya bring peace to eastern Congo?Чт, 02 фев[-/+]
Not if Rwanda can help it

33. Nigeria’s presidential race goes down to the wireЧт, 02 фев[-/+]
Three candidates still have real hopes of victory

34. Why bicycles are crucial to Congo’s cross-border tradeЧт, 26 янв[-/+]
While lorries wait weeks to pay their dues, two-wheelers zip across on the cheap

35. A white, gay, Zulu-speaking mayor is shaking up South African politicsЧт, 26 янв[-/+]
Chris Pappas is an unlikely but effective trailblazer

36. Togo promises development, not democracyЧт, 26 янв[-/+]
Yet it is not a deal that Togolese want to take

37. A populist plan to pay off private debts is another sign of Kuwait’s illsЧт, 26 янв[-/+]
Dysfunctional politics and short-sighted economic policies are holding a rich country back

38. A crisis of confidence in EgyptВт, 24 янв[-/+]
After a decade of deficits, the government is running out of options

39. Why Zimbabwe’s schools have taken to selling chickensЧт, 19 янв[-/+]
A collapsing education system means head teachers must get creative

40. Iran and its Arab neighbours are divided over a nameЧт, 19 янв[-/+]
Iraqis are backing those who call the waterway the Arabian Gulf

41. How young Sudanese are still fighting for democracyЧт, 19 янв[-/+]
The youthful committees that toppled Sudan’s dictator have not given up

42. Turkey eyes reconciliation with a Syrian regime it tried to toppleЧт, 19 янв[-/+]
But it will mean little for millions of Syrians beset by poverty

43. South Africa’s disintegrating freight railway is crippling firmsВт, 17 янв[-/+]
If exporters cannot move their goods, the economy will stumble

44. Binyamin Netanyahu rushes to take on Israel’s Supreme CourtПн, 16 янв[-/+]
Reforms of the judiciary may profoundly affect Israel’s democracy

45. The Arab world’s rulers have turned journalists into courtiersПт, 13 янв[-/+]
Intimidation and financial pressure make real reporting hard

46. A century-old choice created one of the Gulf’s oddest geopolitical featuresЧт, 12 янв[-/+]
The Gulf villages of Madha and Nahwa are a rare example of a double enclave

47. Protests have subsided in Iran, but clerics cannot yet proclaim victoryЧт, 12 янв[-/+]
The regime has quelled the protests but Iranians are still seething

48. Ethiopia’s war in Tigray has ended, but deep faultlines remainЧт, 12 янв[-/+]
Lands remain occupied and Eritrean troops have not left

49. Kenya’s blood shortage and the kicking of an aid addictionЧт, 12 янв[-/+]
When America cut its funding, Kenya’s blood service ran dry

50. After eight dismal years, Nigeria prepares to replace President BuhariПн, 09 янв[-/+]
His failure to bring peace or prosperity offers lessons for his successor

51. Sudan’s troubled east is a microcosm of a wider crisisЧт, 05 янв[-/+]
Its democratic transition has stalled and its economy is failing

52. Women in the Middle East are leading a revolt against prudish menЧт, 05 янв[-/+]
More of them want to claim control of their own sexuality

53. Israel’s new government will test the ties with Arab statesВт, 03 янв[-/+]
Even a right-wing cabinet stocked with ultra-nationalists may not derail the deepening relationships

54. Israel’s new government is the most right-wing everЧт, 29 дек 2022[-/+]
Binyamin Netanyahu may even undermine the Supreme Court

55. A farcical election pushes Tunisia towards one-man ruleВт, 20 дек 2022[-/+]
Voter turnout was lower than the inflation rate

56. Ghana has struck a preliminary IMF deal and halted debt paymentsВт, 20 дек 2022[-/+]
Pain and hope loom in equal measure

57. What the price of Zanzibari coconuts says about African developmentВт, 20 дек 2022[-/+]
Islanders are chopping down trees as cities expand

58. Iraq’s new prime minister vows to clean up the countryЧт, 15 дек 2022[-/+]
Few think he will succeed

59. China is helping Zimbabwe to build a surveillance stateЧт, 15 дек 2022[-/+]
Oppressive regimes stick together

60. Commercial cattle-raiding is impoverishing Uganda’s herdersЧт, 15 дек 2022[-/+]
Without cows, they have no safety net when the rains fail

61. Morocco’s World Cup success sparks a debate about Arab identityСр, 14 дек 2022[-/+]
A country that was the butt of jokes a month ago is now a regional hero

62. The party of Nelson Mandela is implodingВт, 13 дек 2022[-/+]
The collateral damage is destroying South Africa

63. What Tanzania’s “per diem town” says about African governanceЧт, 08 дек 2022[-/+]
When allowances are more than wages, why bother with the day job?

64. One of the world’s poorest countries is betting big on schoolsЧт, 08 дек 2022[-/+]
Children have flocked to Sierra Leone’s classrooms. But can it make them learn?

65. Cyril Ramaphosa is contesting efforts to oust himЧт, 08 дек 2022[-/+]
But South Africa’s president still has explaining to do

66. Iran’s rattled government may be backing downЧт, 08 дек 2022[-/+]
By curbing the hated hijab-enforcers, the ayatollahs hope to stay in power

67. The Gulf looks to ChinaСр, 07 дек 2022[-/+]
A summit in Saudi Arabia will be about energy and money—and sending a message to America

68. As religious schools in Israel grow, maths is neglectedЧт, 01 дек 2022[-/+]
Some say Bible studies are more important

69. Kenya’s boda-boda taxis are unruly in life—and deathЧт, 01 дек 2022[-/+]
They also illustrate changing customs and politics

70. How technology is helping reduce the menace of landminesЧт, 01 дек 2022[-/+]
Techniques deployed by the HALO Trust are saving lives

71. A sofa stuffed with cash imperils South Africa’s presidentЧт, 01 дек 2022[-/+]
Cyril Ramaphosa’s political future hangs in the balance

72. Iran’s regime is using threats, arrests and pay rises to silence workersВт, 29 ноя 2022[-/+]
In any case, Iranians are too poor to strike

73. Can Bahrain’s division between Sunnis and Shias be healed?Чт, 24 ноя 2022[-/+]
Strife across the Gulf in Iran makes Bahrainis nervous but also hopeful

74. How do budding African footballers make it to the top?Чт, 24 ноя 2022[-/+]
A Senegalese academy shows how African football is changing

75. While Iran’s turmoil persists, jitters spread through the regionЧт, 24 ноя 2022[-/+]
But the ayatollahs’ foreign friends sound loth to come to their aid

76. What Saudi Arabia’s football victory means for the Middle EastСр, 23 ноя 2022[-/+]
Its win earned an outpouring of Arab goodwill, while Iran’s silence was divisive

77. Why the African cocoa cartel is a bad ideaВт, 22 ноя 2022[-/+]
An obsession with cocoa prices overlooks better ways to help the poor

78. Fifty years after expulsion, Asians are thriving again in UgandaЧт, 17 ноя 2022[-/+]
But insecurities still linger

79. Iran’s protesters are painting for freedomЧт, 17 ноя 2022[-/+]
Ingenious graffiti artists are changing the visual landscape

80. Why Algeria’s rotten regime has been luckyЧт, 17 ноя 2022[-/+]
When energy prices fall again, it will wobble

81. Food inflation in Africa is shrinking portionsЧт, 17 ноя 2022[-/+]
Cash-strapped consumers cannot pay more, so get less instead

82. Qatar’s neighbours hope for a World Cup tourism boomЧт, 17 ноя 2022[-/+]
Tens of thousands of fans will commute to the tournament from nearby countries

83. A Ghanaian brewery shows how hard life is for small businessesЧт, 10 ноя 2022[-/+]
Gaining access to finance is by far the biggest obstacle

84. The changing nature of Israeli politicsЧт, 10 ноя 2022[-/+]
Coalition horse-trading may threaten the Jewish state’s liberal democracy

85. A Netanyahu government may raise the temperature in a boiling West BankЧт, 10 ноя 2022[-/+]
Far-right ministers will increase tensions in Jerusalem, too

86. Egypt, host of the UN climate summit, persecutes its own greensСр, 09 ноя 2022[-/+]
Locals are free to criticise any government except their own

87. A peace deal highlights the pointlessness of Ethiopia’s warПт, 04 ноя 2022[-/+]
Abiy Ahmed and Tigray’s leaders have little to show for two years of fighting

88. Africa will remain poor unless it uses more energyЧт, 03 ноя 2022[-/+]
Greenhouse-gas emissions south of the Sahara are tiny

89. Somali clans are revolting against jihadistsЧт, 03 ноя 2022[-/+]
Gains against al-Shabab are a boost for Somalia’s new government

90. Qatar races to ready itself for an unusual World CupСр, 02 ноя 2022[-/+]
The stadiums are set, the beds are not, and some locals wonder if this was worth $300bn

91. Netanyahu seems on track to be Israel’s next prime ministerСр, 02 ноя 2022[-/+]
Big gains by far-right parties may push him to victory

92. Israel’s Binyamin Netanyahu bids for an election comebackЧт, 27 окт 2022[-/+]
In a neck-and-neck race, his alliance may have the edge

93. Could Iran’s regime fall?Чт, 27 окт 2022[-/+]
The protests are persisting, as the theocrats dither

94. Ethiopia’s peace talks may be overtaken by battlefield advancesЧт, 27 окт 2022[-/+]
Government forces on closing on Mekelle, Tigray’s capital

95. A change in Iran could reshape the Middle EastЧт, 27 окт 2022[-/+]
It could weaken militant groups across the region, or unleash conflict and a wave of refugees

96. Will William Ruto serve the people or himself and his pals?Вт, 25 окт 2022[-/+]
Kenya’s president promises citizens prosperity for impunity

97. How organised crime is blighting South Africa’s economyЧт, 20 окт 2022[-/+]
The withering of the state has led to the blossoming of the underworld—and vice versa

98. Why teenage mothers in Zimbabwe struggle to get educatedЧт, 20 окт 2022[-/+]
Stigma and cost matter more than liberal laws

99. Why America and Saudi Arabia are still inseparableЧт, 20 окт 2022[-/+]
They look locked in an unhappy marriage for years to come

100. Iran’s protests spread, as a notorious prison burnsВт, 18 окт 2022[-/+]
The clerics’ regime dithers as opposition to it widens

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