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 AsiaПн, 16 мая

1. India’s politicians have figured out how to turn welfare into votesЧт, 19 мая[-/+]
Plastering the leader’s name and face on every handout helps

2. Burmese civilians are caught between the junta and the resistanceЧт, 19 мая[-/+]
The righteous fury of the revolutionaries is robbing some people of the last remaining shred of normalcy

3. Turkmenistan’s new president is clamping down on women’s freedomsЧт, 19 мая[-/+]
The idea is to force them to stay at home and have more babies

4. Myanmar’s resistance is at risk of believing its own propagandaЧт, 19 мая[-/+]
Burmese media are painting an overly optimistic picture of the war

5. Asia’s advanced economies now have lower birth rates than JapanЧт, 19 мая[-/+]
The cost of housing may be the biggest factor

6. Covid-19 is spreading like wildfire in North KoreaВт, 17 мая[-/+]
Yet Kim Jong Un has been reluctant to accept offers of help

7. The Taliban crave recognition but refuse to do anything to earn itСб, 14 мая[-/+]
Afghanistan’s neighbours are wondering how on earth to deal with it

8. Fifty years after America returned Okinawa to Japan, it still feels cut offСб, 14 мая[-/+]
No one listens to the islanders’ complaints about American bases

9. North Korea admits it has an outbreak of covid-19Сб, 14 мая[-/+]
An unvaccinated population and minimal health infrastructure spell disaster

10. Australians are fed up with their two main partiesСб, 14 мая[-/+]
They may turn to independents in record numbers in elections this month

11. Sri Lanka has no money and no government. What now?Сб, 14 мая[-/+]
The prime minister and the cabinet are gone but the president clings on

12. How Narendra Modi is remaking India into a Hindu stateСб, 14 мая[-/+]
The prime minister and his party are laying waste to the secular underpinnings of the constitution

13. Sri Lanka’s prime minister resigns in the face of escalating protestsВт, 10 мая[-/+]
The violence will make the country’s crisis even harder to resolve

14. Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos wins the Philippine presidency in a landslideВт, 10 мая[-/+]
Mr Marcos and his running mate, Sara Duterte, each took some 60% of the vote

15. Russia’s war is causing hunger in AsiaСб, 07 мая[-/+]
Unhelpful short-term fixes are not the answer to spiking food prices

16. South Korea’s incoming president faces a tough tenureСб, 07 мая[-/+]
Yoon Suk-yeol is already unpopular

17. Indian power plants are running out of coalСб, 07 мая[-/+]
The dysfunctional power sector is struggling to handle surging demand

18. Another Ferdinand Marcos is set to become president of the PhilippinesСб, 07 мая[-/+]
A dictator’s son is expected to be less awful than his dad was

19. Australian scientists are jabbing koalas against chlamydiaЧт, 05 мая[-/+]
The venereal disease is among the biggest killers of the cute marsupial

20. The jeepneys of the Philippines refuse to pull overСб, 30 апр[-/+]
Plans for better transport are idling

21. Sri Lanka’s ruling family is running out of roadСб, 30 апр[-/+]
The Rajapaksas hang together. Now they are falling apart

22. Pakistan is losing patience with the TalibanСб, 30 апр[-/+]
Insurgents continue to attack it from Afghanistan

23. Justice in India is growing ever more partisanЧт, 28 апр[-/+]
The ruling party’s opponents are punished with remarkable speed

24. Cambodia’s strongman, Hun Sen, plans his successionЧт, 28 апр[-/+]
But can he control the script?

25. Lawrence Wong is Singapore’s presumptive next prime ministerСб, 23 апр[-/+]
The ruling party’s new leader-in-waiting is meant to show its softer side

26. Interests, not values, underpin Asia’s ambivalence about RussiaСб, 23 апр[-/+]
“Democracy v autocracy” is an unhelpful lens through which to see the region’s calculations

27. Indian cows (and buffaloes) are going onlineЧт, 21 апр[-/+]
A new breed of startups wants to formalise cattle trading

28. North Korea’s day of celebration reveals little to celebrateЧт, 21 апр[-/+]
Kim Jong Un unveils luxury apartments as his people confront food shortages

29. An ode to Tokyo’s Nakagin Capsule TowerСб, 16 апр[-/+]
And to a more optimistic time

30. The fallout from Europe’s war reaches the HimalayasСб, 16 апр[-/+]
Ascents have plummeted because Russian and Ukrainian mountaineers are busy with other things

31. Sri Lanka says it will stop servicing its foreign debtСб, 16 апр[-/+]
It may be the first step towards fixing its crisis

32. Shehbaz Sharif is Pakistan’s new prime ministerСб, 16 апр[-/+]
He faces a daunting to-do list, starting with mending a broken economy

33. Australian politicians need to think harder about defenceСр, 13 апр[-/+]
The country is spending freely on security. But is it spending wisely?

34. Thai soldiers are forcing refugees to return to MyanmarСр, 13 апр[-/+]
The government does not want them to settle in Thailand

35. The trouble facing Pakistan’s new prime ministerВс, 10 апр[-/+]
Imran Khan’s likely successor, Shehbaz Sharif, faces economic crisis and turbulent neighbours

36. AUKUS, a strategic submarine pact, turns to missilesСб, 09 апр[-/+]
America, Australia and Britain will co-operate on hypersonic missiles

37. India’s vaunted strategic autonomy is a mirageСб, 09 апр[-/+]
The country remains economically and militarily dependent on outsiders

38. Imran Khan is trying every trick in the book to stay in powerСб, 09 апр[-/+]
Pakistan’s prime minister has pitched his country into a constitutional crisis

39. Sri Lanka’s economic crisis has created a political oneСб, 09 апр[-/+]
The government has no majority, no cabinet and no public support

40. A legal defeat could end Imran Khan’s innings as prime minister of PakistanЧт, 07 апр[-/+]
A no-confidence motion is imminent

41. North Korea is testing ICBMs again. Nuclear weapons may be nextЧт, 07 апр[-/+]
A heated exchange between the two Koreas hints at rising tensions

42. China makes inroads in the Solomon IslandsСб, 02 апр[-/+]
Australia and New Zealand are alarmed

43. Indonesia, the world’s biggest producer, has a palm-oil crisisСб, 02 апр[-/+]
Ukraine, the pandemic and local profiteers get the blame

44. The invasion of Ukraine has turned Japan definitively against RussiaСб, 02 апр[-/+]
And made a solution to their territorial dispute even more remote

45. Russian tourists stranded in Asia are running out of cashСб, 02 апр[-/+]
It has become costlier to live in Thailand than in Russia

46. The Taliban are pushing females out of public lifeСб, 02 апр[-/+]
Bigotry is making Afghanistan poorer

47. South Korean millennials battle to get hold of Pokemon snacksСб, 02 апр[-/+]
They may have grown up, but their tastes have not evolved

48. Western diplomats court India over Ukraine but fail to find loveПт, 01 апр[-/+]
Narendra Modi still sees uses in not offending Vladimir Putin

49. South Korea’s president-elect starts with an unpopular personal projectСб, 26 мар[-/+]
Yoon Suk-yeol wants to move the presidential office. Citizens would rather he focus on the economy

50. Joko Widodo is considering extending his term in officeСб, 26 мар[-/+]
Indonesia’s president is contemplating an assault on his country’s democracy

51. A new film on Kashmir has found a fan in Narendra ModiСб, 26 мар[-/+]
“The Kashmir Files”, a violent drama, opens old wounds and feeds new fears

52. The Stans want nothing to do with Vladimir Putin’s invasion of UkraineСб, 26 мар[-/+]
Central Asia’s post-Soviet republics have maintained a studied silence on the war

53. How the IPL reflects India’s strengths—and weaknessesСб, 26 мар[-/+]
The cricket league is a useful lens through which to see the country

54. A debate about nuclear weapons resurfaces in East AsiaСб, 19 мар[-/+]
Some in Japan and South Korea worry about a distracted America’s commitment to their security

55. Malaysia’s disgraced former prime minister is popular againСб, 19 мар[-/+]
A judge called Najib Razak a “national embarrassment”. Voters seem not to mind

56. Sri Lanka’s government is stoking inflation and indignationСб, 19 мар[-/+]
Mismanagement has compounded the harm done by covid and commodity prices

57. Covid-19 jabs are making other inoculations less contentiousЧт, 17 мар[-/+]
Japan is dropping its resistance to the human papillomavirus vaccine

58. Mumbai plans for net-zero 20 years before the rest of IndiaЧт, 17 мар[-/+]
The megalopolis has released an ambitious “climate action plan”

59. It is getting harder for small states to balance great powersСб, 12 мар[-/+]
A decade-long saga in Nepal shows the difficulty of keeping everyone happy

60. Narendra Modi’s party triumphs in India’s bellwether stateСб, 12 мар[-/+]
The Bharatiya Janata Party holds on to Uttar Pradesh, while Congress collapses in Punjab

61. Yoon Suk-yeol will be the next president of South KoreaСб, 12 мар[-/+]
He was elected in the closest race in his country’s democratic history

62. Why won’t India’s government condemn Vladimir Putin?Сб, 12 мар[-/+]
It thinks it has more to lose from alienating him than from annoying the West

63. Australia is battered by catastrophic floodsЧт, 10 мар[-/+]
Freakish weather is becoming increasingly common

64. China-watchers are fleeing the country for other Asian hubsСб, 05 мар[-/+]
The exodus is turning Singapore into the Vienna of the 21st century

65. Ukraine has changed how Taiwanese see themselvesСб, 05 мар[-/+]
The spectre of a powerful country gobbling up a smaller neighbour has sharpened minds

66. Uzbekistan has succeeded in abolishing forced labourСб, 05 мар[-/+]
Workers are even usually paid in full and on time

67. Singapore’s high court retains an anti-gay lawСб, 05 мар[-/+]
But only because it is not enforced

68. South Korea’s presidential election springs a last-minute surpriseСб, 05 мар[-/+]
It will not help improve the mood of the electorate

69. Parallels with Taiwan colour Asian views of the war in UkraineСб, 26 фев[-/+]
Some fear a Chinese invasion has become more likely

70. Will humiliation in Myanmar help Cambodia distance itself from China?Сб, 26 фев[-/+]
Cambodia’s strongman failed as a peacemaker there

71. Why South Korea’s outgoing president is less unpopular than mostСб, 26 фев[-/+]
Under Moon Jae-in the country has weathered covid-19 and acquired global cultural heft

72. Pakistan’s blasphemy law devastates scores of lives each yearСб, 26 фев[-/+]
Even devout Muslims are vulnerable to its abuse

73. Why so many Asian cities adopt an aliasСб, 26 фев[-/+]
Not because their people are demanding it

74. Distillers in Okinawa are trying to reinvent the local firewaterСб, 19 фев[-/+]
Weaker drinks may make for stronger sales

75. Asia’s premier trade pact needs stronger foundationsСб, 19 фев[-/+]
CPTPP is growing, but first it must mature

76. A cash crunch is crippling AfghanistanСб, 19 фев[-/+]
Humanitarian aid is no substitute for a functioning economy

77. Turkmenistan’s despot finds a worthy successor: his sonЧт, 17 фев[-/+]
A horse-obsessed personality cult becomes a dynasty

78. India’s Omicron wave recedes, but not the risk of premature deathЧт, 17 фев[-/+]
Indians die of preventable causes in alarming numbers

79. Kishida Fumio’s “new capitalism” is many things, but it is not newСб, 12 фев[-/+]
The prime minister’s big idea to reinvigorate Japan is better politics than economics

80. South Korea wants to become one of the world’s biggest arms exportersСб, 12 фев[-/+]
A legacy of defence spending and support from America are boosting the weapons industry

81. The outcome of the Philippines’ election is not as certain as it looksСб, 12 фев[-/+]
An absolute majority may not be enough for Ferdinand Marcos Jr to win the presidency

82. The organs of India’s democracy are decayingСб, 12 фев[-/+]
It takes more than elections for a country to be democratic

83. Bangkok is trying to evict its street hawkersСб, 12 фев[-/+]
The city’s residents would like their pavements back

84. New Zealand’s housing crisis is worseningСб, 12 фев[-/+]
That is bad news for a government which promised miracles

85. Japan is searching for the secrets to healthy old ageСб, 05 фев[-/+]
Living longer is of little use if the extra years are spent in bed

86. India’s government and its greens disagree on what counts as forestСб, 05 фев[-/+]
An official report includes plantations and parks in its measure

87. Papua New Guinea’s vaccination rate is only 3.3%Сб, 05 фев[-/+]
Online misinformation, like covid-19, reaches even the remotest places

88. Myanmar’s generals have a dubious role model in ThailandЧт, 03 фев[-/+]
One’s stagnation is better than the other’s disintegration, but that is a low bar

89. South-East Asia’s tourism industry is hobbled by uncertaintyЧт, 03 фев[-/+]
Labour shortages and changing border rules are causing chaos for businesses

90. What is behind North Korea’s flurry of missile tests?Чт, 03 фев[-/+]
Kim Jong Un fired more rockets in January than any month on record

91. How sanctions really can improve respect for human rightsСб, 29 янв[-/+]
Bangladesh’s elites and security forces are rattled by American measures

92. How Kazakhstan became more KazakhСб, 29 янв[-/+]
Money for migration changed the face of a nation

93. Myanmar’s generals have united the country—against themselvesСб, 29 янв[-/+]
A year since taking power, the junta is fighting on more fronts than ever before

94. Afghans are more pessimistic about their future than everСб, 29 янв[-/+]
A new survey paints a grim picture of life under the Taliban

95. Asia’s holiday spots are missing Chinese visitorsСб, 22 янв[-/+]
China’s strict quarantine rules are keeping them away

96. Novak Djokovic’s deportation from Australia sets a troubling precedentСб, 22 янв[-/+]
The country’s powers to expel people who offend it are growing

97. Drug-resistant infections kill almost 1.3m people a yearСб, 22 янв[-/+]
To understand why, look at South Asia

98. Virat Kohli, India’s cricket captain, was more than a sporting heroСб, 22 янв[-/+]
In some ways the retiring skipper exemplified India’s new nationalism

99. The damage from Tonga’s volcanic eruption is still unclearСб, 22 янв[-/+]
Communications were down for days

100. Both main candidates for the South Korean presidency are reviledЧт, 20 янв[-/+]
Yoon Seok-youl and Lee Jae-myung are mired in scandal

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