AsiaПн, 27 мар

1. India, the world’s biggest democracy, is becoming less freeПн, 27 мар[-/+]
Narendra Modi’s party seems keen to eliminate any significant dissent

2. Russian arms have fewer takers in South-East AsiaЧт, 23 мар[-/+]
South Korea looks set to become the region’s new weapons-maker of choice

3. Millions of dead fish are washing up in AustraliaЧт, 23 мар[-/+]
Climate change and poor management are imperilling its biggest river system

4. North Koreans are at growing risk of starvationВт, 21 мар[-/+]
Reports of terrible hunger are emerging from the closed-off state

5. Fear of China is pushing India and Japan into each other’s armsВс, 19 мар[-/+]
Asia’s biggest and richest democracies are close. They could be much closer

6. Micronesia takes on ChinaЧт, 16 мар[-/+]
The Pacific’s small states can pick a way through great-power pressures

7. The Anglophone military alliance in Asia is seriously ambitiousВт, 14 мар[-/+]
America, Australia and Britain will build and man each other’s nuclear subs in Asia

8. India is getting an eye-wateringly big transport upgradeПн, 13 мар[-/+]
Overhauling the country’s roads and railways will make it richer and much better-connected

9. The rift in Singapore’s first family turns even nastierЧт, 09 мар[-/+]
Lee Kuan Yew wanted no memorials but bequeathed a family feud

10. Are Thailand’s gay TV dramas the next K-pop?Чт, 09 мар[-/+]
A Thai take on manga storylines is big in Japan

11. How Donald Trump damaged America’s interests in AsiaВт, 07 мар[-/+]
China is itching to join the region’s premier trade pact

12. South Korea has a plan to end its forced-labour feud with JapanПн, 06 мар[-/+]
America hopes it will solidify a united front against China

13. New Zealand is right to atone for its colonial crimes in the PacificЧт, 02 мар[-/+]
Its sensible diplomacy offers lessons for other countries

14. Young South Koreans are embracing fractional investingЧт, 02 мар[-/+]
Tiny shares of non-traditional assets represent a beguiling, not entirely safe, entry-level investment

15. South-East Asia is crying out for regional leadershipЧт, 02 мар[-/+]
Joko Widodo, Indonesia’s president, is unlikely to provide it

16. Bangladesh’s economic miracle is in jeopardyСр, 01 мар[-/+]
Corrupt politics has become a bigger threat to the country than poverty

17. India’s G20 presidency will be a win for Narendra ModiВт, 28 фев[-/+]
But a summit this week will expose bitter global divisions

18. Keeping up with the TokugawasЧт, 23 фев[-/+]
The new shogun reflects on family history and Japan’s looming social change

19. India’s solar power rollout is flaggingЧт, 23 фев[-/+]
Protectionism is choking the supply of solar panels

20. North Korean hackers stole a record $1.7bn of crypto last yearСр, 22 фев[-/+]
Investigators are getting better at cracking the hackers

21. The Philippines’ proximity to Taiwan makes it central to Western strategyВт, 21 фев[-/+]
America has secured access to nine military bases in its former Asian colony

22. The Taliban are digging an enormous canalЧт, 16 фев[-/+]
A mega-project in northern Afghanistan risks raising regional tensions

23. After silencing critics at home, Narendra Modi goes after foreign mediaЧт, 16 фев[-/+]
Western countries’ failure to come to the BBC’s defence is pathetic

24. Australia re-bans alcohol in some Aboriginal communitiesЧт, 16 фев[-/+]
Prohibition is no substitute for fixing Aboriginal people’s terrible social problems

25. India and Pakistan are choking on each other’s pollutionВт, 14 фев[-/+]
Fixing the problem will require countries that hate each other to co-operate

26. Democracy is reviving in AsiaЧт, 09 фев[-/+]
Being a corrupt Asian strongman is not what it used to be

27. Squashing dissidents in UzbekistanЧт, 09 фев[-/+]
The country’s president may be preparing to extend his rule

28. Indian investors pile in to women’s cricketЧт, 09 фев[-/+]
Will the Women’s Premier League take off?

29. Japanese workers are seeking higher wages overseasЧт, 09 фев[-/+]
Economic migration

30. Pakistan is at risk of defaultВт, 07 фев[-/+]
A balance of payments crisis is tipping a fragile economy over the edge

31. Pervez Musharraf was one of Pakistan’s better dictatorsВс, 05 фев[-/+]
A protagonist in the war on terror, the former generalissimo died in Dubai on February 5th

32. Shah Rukh Khan faces down India’s Hindu rightЧт, 02 фев[-/+]
Threats of violence fail to deter the Muslim megastar’s fans

33. South Korea still refuses to send arms to UkraineЧт, 02 фев[-/+]
The country’s president has global ambitions and parochial opponents

34. America’s hoped-for Asian semiconductor pact looks trickyЧт, 02 фев[-/+]
Democratic or not, Asia’s chipmakers are in competition with each other

35. China’s put-upon maritime neighbours are pushing backСр, 01 фев[-/+]
China can no longer count on getting its way in the South China Sea

36. Myanmar’s civil war has moved to its heartlandsВт, 31 янв[-/+]
Two years after an army coup, a country that was once a democratic hope is falling apart

37. The Rohingyas long for their homes in Myanmar, but cannot go backЧт, 26 янв[-/+]
A repugnant mass crimping of human potential

38. An anti-graft drive brings down Vietnam’s presidentЧт, 26 янв[-/+]
The crackdown on corruption is also a serious reform effort

39. Indonesia embraces resource nationalismЧт, 26 янв[-/+]
It is about to discover that no two metals are alike

40. The Philippines’ new president rewires the war on drugsЧт, 26 янв[-/+]
Bongbong Marcos has asked more than 900 police chiefs to resign

41. Relaunching Rahul Gandhi, againЧт, 26 янв[-/+]
Do Indians still want the Congress party’s secular politics?

42. Jacinda Ardern’s successor is unveiledПн, 23 янв[-/+]
Chris Hipkins will have his work cut out ahead of an election in October

43. Japanese youngsters want to look like Chinese starletsЧт, 19 янв[-/+]
Fashions used to flow the other way

44. A murder in Afghanistan highlights the misery of womenЧт, 19 янв[-/+]
Stopping women from working at NGOs will cost lives

45. Who gets to define what Asia means?Чт, 19 янв[-/+]
A new book on inter-Asian exchange shows how hard it is to pin down

46. Why South Korea is talking about getting its own nukesЧт, 19 янв[-/+]
President Yoon Suk-yeol surprises America by musing about nuclear weapons

47. Japan’s armed forces are getting stronger, fasterЧт, 19 янв[-/+]
America seems delighted

48. India’s sinking towns spark debates about developmentЧт, 19 янв[-/+]
A crisis in the Himalayas embarrasses the government

49. Jacinda Ardern resigns as New Zealand’s prime ministerЧт, 19 янв[-/+]
Her successor has an awful lot to do

50. Abe Shinzo’s assassin achieved his political goalsЧт, 12 янв[-/+]
In Japan, political violence looks worryingly effective

51. South Korea’s travel spat with ChinaЧт, 12 янв[-/+]
China uses a row over visas to probe for South Korean weaknesses

52. Japan pivots back to nuclear powerЧт, 12 янв[-/+]
But it risks turning away from renewables

53. Myanmar’s generals are deeply superstitiousЧт, 12 янв[-/+]
They hope sunflowers will bring them good fortune

54. India’s rocketing internet-user growth has stalledЧт, 12 янв[-/+]
That is a major worry for a country pushing digitisation

55. The mirage of peace and prosperity in KashmirВт, 10 янв[-/+]
Narendra Modi’s hardline approach has not made the region richer or safer

56. Postponing India’s census is terrible for the countryЧт, 05 янв[-/+]
But it may suit Narendra Modi just fine

57. A historic transfer of power in the South PacificЧт, 05 янв[-/+]
But will Fiji’s armed forces continue to mind their own business?

58. Pakistan and China find they have little leverage with the TalibanЧт, 05 янв[-/+]
Hopes of greater influence after the departure of the Americans have remained unfulfilled

59. Reinventing the Indo-PacificСр, 04 янв[-/+]
A new super-region is taking shape—mainly to counter Chinese aggression

60. Extreme weather is making parts of Australia uninhabitableВт, 20 дек 2022[-/+]
Some towns and suburbs will have to move to higher ground

61. Can India’s richest man remake Mumbai’s biggest slum?Вт, 20 дек 2022[-/+]
Gautam Adani takes on India’s essential, impossible job: redeveloping Dharavi

62. Japan’s cities are being remade for an ageing populationВт, 20 дек 2022[-/+]
The coastal city of Toyama is a global exemplar of “compact living”

63. China’s frontier aggression has pushed India to the WestЧт, 15 дек 2022[-/+]
Brawling on the roof of the world

64. Japan’s most endangered languages face extinctionЧт, 15 дек 2022[-/+]
Ryukyuan tongues are as distinct from Japanese as English is from German

65. Mongolians brave the cold to decry corruptionЧт, 15 дек 2022[-/+]
The government says it is investigating a massive coal heist

66. BTS takes on­ Kim Jong UnВт, 13 дек 2022[-/+]
Serving South Korea may be a bit duller than stardom for Jin

67. East Asia’s big beasts are getting on badlyПн, 12 дек 2022[-/+]
Security gripes are increasingly undermining Chinese-Japanese economic ties

68. Indonesia’s ban on extramarital sex represents a turn for the worseЧт, 08 дек 2022[-/+]
Will Joko Widodo approve the appalling new penal code?

69. Which version of Anwar Ibrahim will govern Malaysia?Чт, 08 дек 2022[-/+]
Karma, karma, karma, karma, karma chameleon

70. Dead convicts and a peculiar murder in the PhilippinesЧт, 08 дек 2022[-/+]
It may actually be solved

71. Japanese Manga are being eclipsed by Korean webtoonsЧт, 08 дек 2022[-/+]
The industry’s business model has hardly changed since the 1960s

72. Narendra Modi’s tough medicineЧт, 08 дек 2022[-/+]
The Hindu-nationalist prime minister is governing India as he governed Gujarat

73. China’s ban on gambling is a cash gift to the rest of AsiaПн, 05 дек 2022[-/+]
But Xi Jinping wants to stop Chinese high-rollers rolling abroad

74. Pakistanis turn against the armyЧт, 01 дек 2022[-/+]
General Asim Munir has an opportunity to mind his own business

75. Narendra Modi is about to fulfil a core promise to HindusЧт, 01 дек 2022[-/+]
But building a temple at Ayodhya is easier than building an economy

76. America’s Asian allies dislike its tech war on ChinaЧт, 01 дек 2022[-/+]
What looks black and white to America is fraught for its friends in Asia

77. Why New Zealand has such a high rate of gang membershipЧт, 01 дек 2022[-/+]
Australia is only partly to blame

78. What two crimes reveal about violence against Indian womenВт, 29 ноя 2022[-/+]
Despite some improvements, domestic abuse is rampant

79. Across the Taiwan Strait, another lockdown protestВт, 29 ноя 2022[-/+]
Taiwanese voters give the Democratic Progressive Party a kicking

80. Australia emerges from China’s doghouseЧт, 24 ноя 2022[-/+]
Standing up to Chinese bullying works better than capitulating to it

81. Japan’s oddball populistsЧт, 24 ноя 2022[-/+]
Boring mainstream politicians are inspiring opportunists

82. On foreign policy, India is reliably unreliableЧт, 24 ноя 2022[-/+]
The shifting balance of power obscures the continuity in India’s global ambitions

83. How Pakistan emerged as a climate championЧт, 24 ноя 2022[-/+]
A country not known for leadership at home provides some abroad

84. Anwar Ibrahim becomes Malaysia’s prime ministerЧт, 24 ноя 2022[-/+]
An election designed to extinguish political uncertainty adds to it

85. A hung parliament in Malaysia augurs more bad government and instabilityВт, 22 ноя 2022[-/+]
An election designed to extinguish political uncertainty instead piles it on

86. Old politics in the “new Kazakhstan”Чт, 17 ноя 2022[-/+]
A reformist president has arranged his re-election

87. How the rivalry between America and China worries South-East AsiaЧт, 17 ноя 2022[-/+]
The region’s 700m people have much to lose

88. Can Japan compensate for America’s tin-eared Asian diplomacy?Чт, 17 ноя 2022[-/+]
Its ties run deep in both South-East Asia and the West

89. Sri Lanka’s president pushes economic stability over political reformЧт, 17 ноя 2022[-/+]
Ranil Wickremesinghe pays little heed to protesters’ demands

90. India’s new chief justice faces a trial of strengthЧт, 17 ноя 2022[-/+]
Will the Supreme Court stand up for its independence?

91. Indonesia’s tilt at King CoalСр, 16 ноя 2022[-/+]
A major coal user signs a $20bn deal to help it reach net-zero emissions

92. The dynamics of distrust around the G20 summitВс, 13 ноя 2022[-/+]
As Joe Biden and Xi Jinping prepare to meet, South-East Asia contemplates with alarm a deterioration in relations between America and China

93. The murder of a boy in Australia horrifies AboriginalsЧт, 10 ноя 2022[-/+]
The country has another reckoning with racism

94. Pakistan’s political crisis is also a dilemma for its top brassЧт, 10 ноя 2022[-/+]
The generals face a choice between open politicking and supporting Imran Khan

95. A remote corner of India realises it preferred being neglectedЧт, 10 ноя 2022[-/+]
Ladakh rejoiced when it was separated from Kashmir. Now it is discovering downsides

96. Malaysia’s grand old party eyes a comebackЧт, 10 ноя 2022[-/+]
The political chaos of the past few years gives UMNO a chance at regaining power

97. No contest is too obscure in Taiwan’s quest for global recognitionЧт, 10 ноя 2022[-/+]
International attention is always welcome, even if it is for cup-stacking

98. Imran Khan, Pakistan’s ex-prime minister, survives an attempt on his lifeЧт, 03 ноя 2022[-/+]
The shooting will lend credence to the former cricketer’s claims of a conspiracy

99. India’s hair industry is in a tangleЧт, 03 ноя 2022[-/+]
New regulations are complicating life for small businesses

100. Japan and South Korea are allowing in some foreign workersЧт, 03 ноя 2022[-/+]
They will need to be much more liberal to sustain their economies

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