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1. Mandel: The Pac-12 finally has options, including standing pat. But will a motivated ACC take a long look out West?02:01[−]
As the Pac-12 works to close the financial gap with other Power 5 conferences, could its marquee brands now be poached by other leagues?

2. Realignment recklessness? College football needs to bolster its middle class, not contract it: TaylorВт, 27 июл[−]
Proud programs like West Virginia, Baylor, TCU and Texas Tech don't belong on the scrap heap as a byproduct of national mega-conferences.

3. Oklahoma in the SEC: How will the Sooners, winners of six Big 12 titles in a row, fare on the field?Вт, 27 июл[−]
Will Sooners coach Lincoln Riley be hoisting the SEC trophy in Atlanta the way he's lifted the Big 12's so often in Arlington, Texas?

4. Texas in the SEC: How will the Longhorns, who have fallen short in the Big 12, fare on the field?Вт, 27 июл[−]
"They're leaving on their brand," a coach in the Big 12 said. "Texas has been average for so long, that I don't know."

5. Brand power during expansion, the new world of recruiting in Texas with a new SEC: Recruiting mailbagВт, 27 июл[−]
Texas A&M and Kentucky are examples of teams that have taken advantage of their conference's brand to maximize pitches to top recruits.

6. Notre Dame, the elephant in the realignment room, loves its independence. That’s not likely to change, not even for truckloads of moneyВт, 27 июл[−]
Despite a strong ACC run, the Irish don't believe gains from conference membership are enough to sacrifice prestige. Will that ever change?

7. What’s the best road ahead for each of the Big 12’s Irate 8? And what is the worst-case scenario? Realignment roundtableВт, 27 июл[−]
Whether it's forming a Pac-20, throwing a Hail Mary or poaching from another conference, each school must first look out for No. 1.

8. Fans wanted a playoff but didn’t want the upheaval and instability it brought: UbbenВт, 27 июл[−]
The College Football Playoff, billed as "the most dynamic improvement" to the sport in a generation, lacked creativity and foresight.

9. College football 50 things countdown: I can’t wait for ‘Sandstorm’ to return to Williams-Brice StadiumВт, 27 июл[−]
Bring back “Sandstorm” as soon as possible. Play it as often as you want. You won’t hear me complain.

10. Mandel: Big 12’s TV numbers explain divide between Texas, Oklahoma and the rest — and why remaining 8 should worryВт, 27 июл[−]
The reality is there’s very little difference between the TV interest in Kansas State and West Virginia and the interest in UCF or Houston.

11. Adding Oklahoma and Texas will boost the SEC’s profile, but prepare for the competitive consequences: EmersonВт, 27 июл[−]
The SEC would bolster its marquee conference label by adding two bluebloods, but it would come at the expense of some current members.

12. Texas, Oklahoma give Big 12 notice, officially starting process of leaving for SEC, shaking up college footballПн, 26 июл[−]
The announcement comes a day after the Big 12 met with the schools to make a last-ditch effort to persuade the flagship programs to stay.

13. What now for the Big 12? For eight spurned schools, long-term survival will come down to trustПн, 26 июл[−]
Can the eight Big 12 schools left stick together and operate under a shared belief that staying aligned puts better options on the table?

14. Pac-12 Media Day: What to expect, storylines to watch and tough questions for Herm Edwards, Nick RolovichПн, 26 июл[−]
New Pac-12 commissioner George Kliavkoff's first media day is sure to include some realignment talk and tough questions for a few coaches.

15. Kravitz: Hoosiers football’s swagger complements their ascension to Big Ten contenderПн, 26 июл[−]
Indiana football has arrived — finally — and has done so with unmistakable fashion and flair.

16. ‘People think it’s crazy. This is my passion’: The story of the world’s largest collection of college football helmetsПн, 26 июл[−]
Blaise D’Sylva has replicas of every helmet worn by all 130 FBS teams dating back to the 1960s.

17. Staples: Conference realignment is a ruthless business, which is why the Big Ten should consider raiding its old friend, the Pac-12Пн, 26 июл[−]
New commissioners Kevin Warren and George Kliavkoff must decide on their rules of engagement in a process devoid of rules.

18. College football 50 things countdown: I can’t wait for Nebraska to make its magical Tunnel Walk at Memorial StadiumПн, 26 июл[−]
The dark screens, a flash of light and the opening notes of the Alan Parsons Project’s “Sirius” signal the moment at hand.

19. With cornerstones Texas, Oklahoma making their departures official, it’s the end of the Big 12 as we know itПн, 26 июл[−]
UT and OU, with their influence and blue blood, were key in creating the Big 12. Now they're playing the same role in dismantling it.

20. Vannini: Conference realignment sucks, and it’s taking away what we love about college footballПн, 26 июл[−]
College football is far from perfect, but regional rivalries and shared history are what have made the sport special.

21. 2020-21 college football coaching carousel: Frank Solich steps down at OhioПн, 26 июл[−]
Keep track of all of the latest college football coaching moves, from head coach firings and hires to assistants on the move.

22. College football 50 things countdown: I can’t wait for the return of fans who become memesВс, 25 июл[−]
It turns out that we need fans crammed together to get hilarious viral moments. Well, that or a fan crocheting in a half-empty stadium.

23. Amid Big 12 instability, West Virginia could look (again) to the ACC for a landing spotВс, 25 июл[−]
The ACC would be West Virginia’s preferred destination, assuming it ultimately chooses to leave the Big 12 and interest is reciprocated.

24. How a 16-team SEC with Texas and Oklahoma may approach divisions — and lessons from the WAC’s failureВс, 25 июл[−]
A 16-team SEC would face a complicated scheduling dilemma, but there are ways that it could be solved.

25. Dan Beebe helped save the Big 12 more than a decade ago — now, he’s watching it fall apartСб, 24 июл[−]
“It just made me sad for what we kept together,” Beebe said. “I just hate to see good people have to go through this stuff again."

26. The case for the AAC to go on the conference realignment offensive with the Big 12 in fluxСб, 24 июл[−]
The AAC does not expect to sit back and wait for its best teams to field interest from elsewhere and will take aim at the Big 12.

27. SEC commissioner Greg Sankey was hailed for supporting the greater Playoff good, but was there a greater purpose?Сб, 24 июл[−]
Sankey likely had inside information about Oklahoma and Texas trying to join his league, which helps explain his motivation for 12 teams.

28. College football 50 things countdown: I can’t wait for ACC Coastal’s chaos and who and what are nextСб, 24 июл[−]
Though the ACC's Atlantic Division has turned into the Clemson show, the Coastal Division is a wonderful, interesting mess.

29. Kevin Warren Q&A: Building relationships, leaning on Barry Alvarez, Big Ten’s response to realignment and moreСб, 24 июл[−]
For the first time since taking over as the Big Ten's commissioner, Warren hosted the conference's football media days this week.

30. Sources: Texas and Oklahoma to inform Big 12 of exit next week, with plans to bolt for SECПт, 23 июл[−]
Once UT and OU inform the Big 12 that they don't intend to extend their grant of rights, the SEC can officially begin engaging the schools.

31. College Football Transfer Portal Top 100: Eric Gray, Arik Gilbert and the most impactful movers of 2021Пт, 23 июл[−]
We're tracking the standouts of the busy portal based on past production, projected role and feedback from their past or present coaches.

32. New ACC commissioner Jim Phillips is keeping the football lines of communication open and gaining support as he goesПт, 23 июл[−]
Phillips quickly formed a subcommittee to elevate voices and address concerns. "At least they're listening," Pitt coach Pat Narduzzi said.

33. Mandel: Oklahoma can call its own shot in conference realignment. Joining the SEC tethered to Texas isn’t itПт, 23 июл[−]
There are other conferences in which the Sooners could make more than enough money but also keep winning at a high level every year.

34. Should the Big Ten be trying harder than anyone to land Texas and Oklahoma? Ask AuerbachПт, 23 июл[−]
As Texas and Oklahoma explore an exit from the Big 12, Nicole Auerbach takes your offseason, preseason and non-football questions.

35. Staples: You’d better believe it, Indiana’s Tom Allen is the real Ted LassoПт, 23 июл[−]
Coaches' messages of love and belief can sometimes be corny and easily dismissed. But they are at the heart of Allen and his Hoosiers.

36. College football 50 things countdown: I can’t wait for The Ohio State University Marching Band to ‘Dot the I’Пт, 23 июл[−]
The pageantry is what sets college football apart from any other sport, the sounds and smells. It will return to the Horseshoe this fall.

37. Sources: Oklahoma and Texas might declare their intent to leave soon, but it could take an awkward, long time from thereПт, 23 июл[−]
If necessary, the Sooners and Longhorns are prepared to wait until the Big 12’s media rights deal expires in June 2025 before moving.

38. Florida State-Miami rivalry has added twist in 2021: QBs are business partners and good friends who go way backПт, 23 июл[−]
FSU's McKenzie Milton and Miami's D'Eriq King share a history that includes pain and perseverance. Now, they're living in the present.

39. Entering perhaps a new phase of realignment, the Big Ten knows it must act quicklyПт, 23 июл[−]
Following the news of Texas and Oklahoma's reported interest in joining the SEC, the Big Ten must be proactive to address its own issues.

40. Texas and Oklahoma joining the SEC makes sense, but mixed feelings around rest of league are understandable: EmersonЧт, 22 июл[−]
The impact of adding two of the biggest names in college football is clear, but the reaction to Wednesday's reports has been mixed.

41. Oklahoma and Texas conference realignment rumors, SEC expansion and what it would mean for the Big 12Чт, 22 июл[−]
The latest on reports that Texas and Oklahoma have inquired about joining the SEC and what it could mean for college football on the whole.

42. ‘We’re all complicit to an extent’: How Team USA uses college football and basketball as funding sourcesЧт, 22 июл[−]
College football & basketball players are paying for the world's Olympic-sport development. Here's how it happens and why it has to change.

43. Chris Olave, Garrett Wilson, Treylon Burks: Preseason WR watch list for 2022 NFL DraftЧт, 22 июл[−]
The summer scouting previews roll on with a look at the top eligible wide receiver prospects for next year's NFL Draft.

44. Debunking NIL infighting and disenfranchised donors — and take Arkansas (please): Dear AndyЧт, 22 июл[−]
Teammates at odds over income disparity? Sweet, sweet barbecue sponsorships are much more likely.

45. College football 50 things countdown: I can’t wait for Michigan-Ohio State rivalry to return to its rightful placeЧт, 22 июл[−]
Since Michigan and Ohio State last faced off, the Buckeyes have made two Playoff appearances, while the Wolverines have sputtered.

46. Texas, Oklahoma move to SEC could outrage Texas A&M, but that’s just part of the far-reaching realignment falloutЧт, 22 июл[−]
The only certainties are that the Big 12 is on thin ice again and the Aggies have no interest in sharing a league with their “former" rival.

47. The Big 12’s realignment blindside: Texas and Oklahoma’s wandering eyes suggest this is more than a little smokeЧт, 22 июл[−]
After a decade of post-realignment unity, peacetime in this league has likely come to an end, speculative as this new wave might feel.

48. Staples: Hitching their wagon? Oklahoma, Texas and the SEC are having a hard time saying noЧт, 22 июл[−]
The Sooners and Longhorns are worth adding for any league that wants to add them. They are the keys to another round of realignment.

49. Texas, Oklahoma jumping to the SEC? This conference realignment FAQ will guide you through the pending chaosЧт, 22 июл[−]
It's not clear that this is definitely happening. If there’s one golden rule of realignment, it is this: Believe everything and nothing.

50. Wasserman: Texas A&M’s recruiting nightmare — Texas and Oklahoma to the SECЧт, 22 июл[−]
If you're a high school star in Texas and you want to represent your home state while also playing in the SEC, you go to Texas A&M.

51. The SEC banished fans from the Media Days hotel. A famous Alabama fan came anyway.Ср, 21 июл[−]
Alabama fans couldn't take their familiar place in the lobby of the Wynfrey Hotel, but that didn't deter Shannon Villa — and his famous hat.

52. Clemson vaults up the rankings, Penn State stays hot, Virginia Tech lands in-state star: This Week in RecruitingСр, 21 июл[−]
Our look at the week in recruiting also includes items on Alabama and Oklahoma plus a rundown of recent commitments around the country.

53. College football 50 things countdown: I can’t wait to take in Texas A&M’s inspired entrance to Kyle FieldСр, 21 июл[−]
The entrance is a perfect mix of tradition, which is integral to Texas A&M’s identity, and new school fun.

54. Mandel’s Mailbag: Iowa State overhype, Shane Beamer expectations, L.A. coaches’ hot seats and moreСр, 21 июл[−]
The best-case scenario for the '21 Cyclones? Maybe to go to the Sugar Bowl, either as Big 12 champ or runner-up, and beat an SEC team.

55. MAC players confidential: Favorite places to play, best opposing players and their real thoughts on midweek MACtionСр, 21 июл[−]
What do players think about playing in the MAC? The Athletic polled 12 players at Tuesday's media day on a variety of MAC subjects.

56. Big Ten Media Days: What to expect, storylines to watch and preseason picks for players of the yearСр, 21 июл[−]
Six of The Athletic's Big Ten beat writers exchange thoughts and set the stage for the two-day event this week in Indianapolis.

57. Clemson’s Dabo Swinney talks vaccination rates, NIL, Playoff expansion, the transfer portal and Justyn Ross’ statusСр, 21 июл[−]
Amid a fast-changing college football landscape, the coach weighed in on pressing topics during his annual media day in Clemson.

58. Lane Kiffin doesn’t disappoint in his anticipated return to SEC media daysСр, 21 июл[−]
If Ole Miss' defense improves this fall, Kiffin might be making headlines on Saturdays. And not just on social media.

59. Nick Saban opens up to Texas high school coaches on Drew Brees, those Texas rumors and why ‘you adapt or die’Ср, 21 июл[−]
The Alabama coach capped the 89th annual Texas High School Coaches Association convention and coaching school with a jampacked Q&A session.

60. The quest continues for Louisiana Tech transfer QB Austin Kendall, who decided to flip the scriptВт, 20 июл[−]
Kendall had practically written off football but now aims for another comeback win. “I think he’s a phenomenal talent," Skip Holtz said.

61. EA Sports has new titles coming amid sustained demand for next-gen consoles and gamesВт, 20 июл[−]
With video game consumption on the rise, EA Sports gives a glimpse of its future plans with college football, NHL, UFC and more.

62. The Dan Mullen conundrum, imbalance in the Big Ten, 3 coaches to take to Vegas: Recruiting mailbagВт, 20 июл[−]
Why do the Texas schools get so much heat for allowing players to leave the state? Ari addresses this and more!

63. Mandel: It’s time for major college football programs to devise their own solutions as the NCAA’s power dissolvesВт, 20 июл[−]
Instead of trying to fix the NCAA, why not broaden the College Football Playoff's role in governance of the 130 FBS schools?

64. College football 50 things countdown: I can’t wait to walk through a throng of tailgates on the way to the stadiumВт, 20 июл[−]
From the elaborate TV setups to the delicious food spreads, the kinship and fun make tailgating an essential part of college football.

65. Catching up with new Wisconsin AD Chris McIntosh: From success on the field to succeeding Barry AlvarezВт, 20 июл[−]
McIntosh, who is taking over during a key period in college sports history, is excited to promote NIL in a "healthy and productive way."

66. College quarterback survey: Six QBs on how they’re preparing for NCAA’s name, image and likeness changesВт, 20 июл[−]
"I want something that’s close to me. Something that represents me well. I don’t want to just take a few bucks off an Instagram post."

67. Why Matt Campbell reimagined his own developmental blueprint after Iowa State’s best season everВт, 20 июл[−]
For Matt Campbell, the Cyclones' roster can be split up into seven tiers, and it's on coaches to keep each player climbing.

68. A healthy Max Duggan — and the TCU offense — poised for a breakthrough after a chaotic 2020Вт, 20 июл[−]
The Horned Frogs haven't produced an offense that ranked better than No. 7 in their own league since 2017. That should change this fall.

69. Future SEC football scheduling isn’t the top priority, but it’s an important one that must be addressed: EmersonВт, 20 июл[−]
Eliminate divisions? More SEC games? No permanent crossover opponents? Everything should be on the table to enhance the current system.

70. College football 50 things countdown: I can’t wait for the unique sights, sounds and traditions to return in all their gloryПн, 19 июл[−]
It's all coming soon: Washington's Sailgaters on Union Bay, Bevo surveying the scene at DKR and 80,000 Wisconsin fans Jumping Around.

71. Five-star Malachi Nelson’s commitment gives Oklahoma, Lincoln Riley their latest QB win, while USC misses out againПн, 19 июл[−]
"I don’t think USC necessarily did anything wrong for them," Nelson's father said. "What they did, it just didn’t work for us. That’s OK."

72. How the Manning Passing Academy’s star-QB counselors represent the ever-changing world of the positionВс, 18 июл[−]
In Thibodaux, La. this weekend for the annual event, some of college football's top QBs get to talk life, football and their unique role.

73. SEC Media Days: What to expect, who can catch Alabama and event debuts for Lane Kiffin, Mike Leach and moreВс, 18 июл[−]
Four of The Athletic's SEC beat writers exchange thoughts and set the stage for the four-day event this week in Hoover, Ala.

74. What Big 12 players are learning (and earning) from the start of college football’s NIL eraПт, 16 июл[−]
When NIL rules changed and the door swung wide open on July 1, it was time for players to get to work. How are they making the most of it?

75. The fight for Florida: Can UF, UM and FSU turn things around against Alabama and other formidable recruiters (including UCF)?Пт, 16 июл[−]
Times have changed for the "Big 3," whose turf has been invaded by out-of-state programs. Coaches and evaluators assess the situation.

76. How big should the College Football Playoff be? Will Cincinnati earn New Year’s Six bid? Group of 5 fan survey resultsПт, 16 июл[−]
What fans of Group of 5 conference college football teams think about Playoff expansion, the best jobs and conference outlooks for 2021.

77. Faux Pelini: Dear Trev Alberts, to succeed as Nebraska’s new AD, adhere to my Three Pillars of Huskers SuccessЧт, 15 июл[−]
It's not a coincidence that Nebraska's AD and coach played for Tom Osborne in the glorious 90s. The past is prologue and also the future.

78. Texas high school coaches get real on recruiting: College coaches they trust, Horns vs. Aggies and who’s invading the stateЧт, 15 июл[−]
Twenty proud high school coaches from across Texas offer candid takes on what works — and what doesn't — in their heavily recruited state.

79. Dear Andy: Team Superpower vs. Team Field — Finally, Alabama, Clemson, Ohio State and Georgia are underdogsЧт, 15 июл[−]
An all-star team from the dominant college powers would be stacked, but Team Field could surpass that talent and overwhelm with depth.

80. Stewart Mandel’s 2021 Preseason All- ‘wait, they’re still playing college football?!’ Team?Чт, 15 июл[−]
Three Clemson players, journeyman Nick Starkel, and a guy who has played in four Power 5 conferences make the list.

81. Frank Solich rewrote his own story, from Nebraska to Ohio, retiring with a legacy of successЧт, 15 июл[−]
Solich stepped down after 16 seasons at Ohio in which he changed the fortunes of the Bobcats and made them a consistent winner.

82. Oklahoma appears close to securing yet another 5-star QB, Notre Dame lands top-100 LB: This Week in RecruitingСр, 14 июл[−]
Five-star 2023 quarterback Malachi Nelson will announce his decision Sunday. Meanwhile, Notre Dame is loading up on high-level linebackers.

83. Michigan recruiting battles: Who will control Detroit? How good is Dante Moore? Who recruits the state best?Ср, 14 июл[−]
The battle for Detroit is heating up as the Spartans and Wolverines go head to head and try to hold off other programs as well.

84. ‘USC’s not winning and UCLA’s not offering’: A survey of California’s college football recruiting power strugglesСр, 14 июл[−]
What do 10 plugged-in California recruiting figures think of the state's talent and the programs chasing it? We asked them.

85. Big 12 Media Days roundtable: Texas’ Steve Sarkisian takes center stage, top players, NIL chatter and bold predictionsСр, 14 июл[−]
Members of The Athletic's college football crew discuss the Big 12's preseason outlook and other hot topics this week in Arlington, Texas.

86. Staples: Mack Brown isn’t worried anymore. He’s ‘a better coach’ and doing what he loves to doСр, 14 июл[−]
At North Carolina, Brown isn't sweating the small stuff. He's focused on winning. “So many coaches are miserable right now,” he said.

87. Mandel’s Mailbag: Oregon’s offense vs. Ohio State, Big 12 breakdown, Florida’s tough trio and moreСр, 14 июл[−]
The sports schedule has been pretty busy but there's always time to answer some of your mailbag questions.

88. How sustainable is the Dabo Swinney way? Names on jerseys at Notre Dame, Penn State and USC? Recruiting mailbagВт, 13 июл[−]
Is Clemson falling behind Alabama, Georgia and Ohio State? What changes will the NIL era inspire? Plus, more on SMU's surge.

89. Breece Hall, Isaiah Spiller, Kyren Williams: Preseason RB watch list for 2022 NFL DraftВт, 13 июл[−]
The summer scouting previews roll on with a look at the top eligible running back prospects for next year's NFL Draft.

90. Inside Pennsylvania recruiting: Is Penn State rebounding? What drives Ohio State’s success? Where does Pitt stand?Вт, 13 июл[−]
The Athletic spoke with Pennsylvania high school coaches to get their perspective on how colleges are recruiting the state.

91. ‘I don’t know why he picked South Carolina’: The battle for talent in the Palmetto State — from those who know bestВт, 13 июл[−]
South Carolina is the smallest state in the union — by land area — with two Power 5 schools. Recruiting in the state is never boring.

92. College football win totals: Could Clemson miss the Playoff? Is North Carolina a 10-win team? And moreПн, 12 июл[−]
Andy Staples and Ari Wasserman predict the win totals for North Carolina, UCLA, LSU, Clemson and more in this podcast transcript.

93. ‘The 5’: The most intriguing commitments since the college football recruiting dead period endedПн, 12 июл[−]
Since the switch flipped on the return of in-person recruiting June 1, these commitments turned some heads.

94. For athletes eager to secure NIL deals, it’s probably better to look before they leap into the ‘whirlwind’Пн, 12 июл[−]
College players' profits can come with pitfalls, agents say, if they don't have the tools or perspective to seize an initial windfall.

95. Two-sport stud Duce Robinson lit up The Opening, and he credits his dad, Dominic, who did the same at Florida StateПн, 12 июл[−]
Robinson, a football and baseball stud, is drawing comparisons to his father, Dominic. But Duce's talents at The Opening were his alone.

96. The recruiting battle in Ohio: OSU’s dominance, Cincinnati’s emergence, Kentucky’s pitch, Michigan’s absenceПн, 12 июл[−]
The Athletic spoke with high school football coaches around the state for their perspective on recruiting in Ohio.

97. A tough slate awaits Tulane in 2021, but expectations remain high after run of recent successСб, 10 июл[−]
The Green Wave have reached three consecutive bowl games for the first time ever. Now they aim to take the next step.

98. Colorado’s chances to surprise again hinge on improvements with passing attack, defenseПт, 09 июл[−]
Karl Dorrell's first Colorado team finished 4-2 in 2020, but the Buffaloes will have a new look in 2021.

99. College football’s biggest overachievers and underachievers based on recruiting, from Iowa State to Florida StateПт, 09 июл[−]
What recruiting and performance rankings say about which college football teams are getting the most out of their talent, and which are not.

100. Utah lands a gem in quarterback Nate Johnson, ‘the best athlete on the field’Пт, 09 июл[−]
Johnson has made the transformation from an elite athlete who plays quarterback to a quarterback who happens to be an elite athlete.

101. National recruiting big board: The 10 most impactful uncommitted 2022 prospectsЧт, 08 июл[−]
Three new prospects make the list: a QB from Florida, a defensive lineman from Texas and a defensive line from Florida by way of New Jersey.

102. Purdue and Jeff Brohm are reworking the defense with an eye on a rebound after two disappointing seasonsЧт, 08 июл[−]
The Boilers hope to find the right pieces to fit around standout defensive end George Karlaftis and wide receiver David Bell.

103. Name, image and likeness: Tracking early deals, potential stars, and Kayvon Thibodeaux’s collab with Phil KnightСр, 07 июл[−]
Here are some of the deals, endorsements, partnerships and more that college athletes around the country are announcing.

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