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1. Opera GX becomes the worlds first browser with dynamic background music, 16 [−]
Opera GX becomes the world's first browser with background music

Oslo Opera GX, the worlds first browser designed for people who love PC gaming, is releasing a major new feature still unknown to other browsers: adaptive background music. The new functionality aims to bring an immersive sound experience known from gaming to web browsing.

Opera GX initially launched in 2019 with sound effects designed by the acclaimed composer Ruben Rinc?n and the Berlinist band, known for the Bafta-nominated soundtrack to Gris. The same team is responsible for the new dynamic background music in Opera GX.

We are excited to finally reveal the entire concept weve had in mind: We wanted to give our browser the immersive sound experience known from games, where a perfectly-composed soundtrack lets you focus more, forget about any worries and boosts your overall experience by adapting to the task at hand. I believe we have succeeded, said Maciej Kocemba, product Director of Opera GX.

The dynamic background music in Opera GX is an ambient downtempo that boosts the users focus. It intensifies whenever users are actively browsing the web, clicking on links or typing, and becomes less dramatic and calmer whenever they become less active. It is aimed to disappear into the background but to also be missed once its gone.

The background music as well as all browser sound effects can be individually toggled on and off in the browsers setting in the Browser sounds section.

GX Composer Award at Game Music Festival 2020

We see the initial background music as just a start and would like to provide more options to our users in the future. Just as there are fans of different game genres, people love different types of background music. Thats why we want to give more game score composers the opportunity to present their music to millions of Opera GX users around the globe, added Maciej Kocemba.

To make this vision a reality, Opera GX has partnered with the international Game Music Festival and sponsored its annual GMF 2020 High Score Competition, where music score composers can compete for cash prizes and to have their music featured in Opera GX by winning the GX Composer 2020 title. The competition opens on Sept. 16 2020.

Twitter now built into the Opera GX sidebar

With native integration of Twitch, Discord, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Instagram in the sidebar, Opera GX makes it easy to stay on top of conversations with friends, as well as with developing online trends and streams. This set of integrated messengers has now been extended with built-in Twitter in the sidebar, a feature Opera GX adopted from the main Opera browser.

Opera GX

Opera GX launched in June 2019 during the E3 Gaming Expo in Los Angeles. The browser distinguishes itself with unique features tailored to the tastes and needs of gamers. Along with numerous color customization options, Razer Chroma support and a gaming-inspired design, it includes CPU, RAM and Network Bandwidth limiters that make the browser less resource-hungry and leave more of the computers resources for gaming. The browser also includes a Hot Tabs Killer feature, which lets users kill the most resource draining tabs.

Opera GX has grown 183% year-to-date and now reaches over 4 million monthly active gamers. The browser has won two leading design awards: the Red Dot Design Award 2019 as well as the IF Design Award 2020.

About Opera

Opera is a global web innovator. Operas browsers, news products and fintech solutions are the trusted choice of more than 380 million people worldwide. Opera is headquartered in Oslo, Norway and listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange (OPRA).



Julia Szyndzielorz, Senior PR Manager, Opera


Game Music Foundation


2. Opera joins the Emerging Payments Association EU as founding member, 02 [−]
Opera joins emerging payments association EU

Oslo Opera [NASDAQ: OPRA] is joining the Emerging Payments Association EU, a membership association of major companies working within the payments industry, marking a further step by Opera to grow its operations within the European fintech space.

The Emerging Payments Association delivers projects to drive change, helps connect the European payments ecosystem, encourages innovation along with sustainable business growth, and organizes events.

In January 2020, Opera announced its acquisition of the Estonian banking-as-a-servce startup, Pocosys. In July 2020, the Oslo-headquartered company announced its next step: an investment in and an agreement to acquire Fjord Bank. In August 2020, the company informed investors about a further step it is taking by testing the initiative on the first markets in Europe.

We have some real competitive advantages with 50+ million users in Europe. This gives us a huge potential to kick-start innovative financial services. We have started testing our digital wallet in our first EU markets, said Operas Co-CEO Song Lin.

By joining the EPA EU as a founding member, Opera is showing its dedication and commitment to co-shaping the European fintech space together with other top fintech companies.

The EPA-EU is incredibly pleased to welcome Opera, a player that has repeatedly proven its capacity for innovation. This membership proves an interest in joining a European network whose philosophy is collaborate to innovate. This demonstrates that the payment industry of tomorrow will be built by technology companies that arise from different backgrounds, said Thibault de Barsy, Vice-Chairman and General Manager at the Emerging Payments Association EU.

Opera is a company deeply rooted in Europe. With the added strength of our Pocosys acquisition and the recent Fjord Bank announcement, we are very excited about the potential and opportunity that we see in Europe. European fintech will be one of the main areas of focus for our team. We really look forward to scaling this new business, added Krystian Kolondra, EVP Browsers & EEA Fintech.

Opera is a leading global internet brand with an engaged and growing base of over 360 million monthly active users out of whom more than 50 million live in Europe. Building on 25 years of innovation and starting with browser products, Opera is increasingly leveraging its brand as well as its massive and highly active user base in order to expand its offerings and business. With more than 20 years of leading innovation in the browser space, the company announced in January 2020 its plans to launch new solutions that reimagine the way people use financial services in their everyday lives.

About Opera

Opera is a global web innovator. Operas browsers, news products and fintech solutions are the trusted choice of more than 360 million people worldwide. Opera is headquartered in Oslo, Norway and listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange (OPRA).

For business-related inquiries, contact:

Sebastien Piolat, Director of Business Development – Fintech at Opera spiolat@opera.com

For press inquiries, contact:

Julia Szyndzielorz, Senior Public Relations Manager at Opera, julias@opera.com

3. Opera launches Opera For Business and announces new partnership with Google My Business, 10 [−]

New offering will help 40 million small and medium sized businesses in Nigeria improve their online presence.

Opera Limited (NASDAQ: OPRA), one of the worlds major browser providers and leader in AI-driven content delivery, is extending its offering to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Nigeria.

In 2019 Opera launched OLeads, a lead generation platform, and OList, an online marketplace for local merchants. Today hundreds of thousands of local merchants and businesses have already been onboarded and remain active on these platforms, allowing them to establish an online presence and connect with the quickly growing internet user base in the country.

With an internet penetration rate of roughly 47% in Nigeria, the internet is a perfect space for Nigerian businesses to grow and connect with customers across the country. Today, with Operas comprehensive new offering, this is becoming even easier.

Opera enters partnership with Google My Business for easier onboarding of SMEs into Google Search and Maps

Google My Business is a scalable tool that helps businesses and organizations manage their online presence across Google properties, including Google Search and Google Maps. If you add your information and verify it in your business profile on Google, you can both help customers find your business and tell your story.

Opera is a brand used and loved by more than 125 million people across the African continent. Now that Opera has become a verified Google My Business partner, its even easier for local businesses to enter the Google ecosystem. With Operas help, the verification of a given businesss profile is faster and business owners are able to get an extended online presence across Googles popular services and interact with their customers.

In connection with their Google My Business partnership, Opera is also extending its value proposition by launching Opera for Business. This expansive platform not only connects businesses with their customers via OLeads, OList and Opera Ads, but also through Google My Business and a tailored set of digital marketing and advertising services which include Google Ads.

Weve been working closely with Google for more than 15 years. Needless to say, we are excited about this next step in our collaboration in Nigeria and beyond. Nigeria is currently undergoing a rapid digital transformation and we are thrilled to be part of it by providing local businesses with the most comprehensive tools to date, allowing them to enter the online space and reach a wider audience, said Per Wetterdal, EVP Commercial at Opera.

Opera for Business empowers SMEs with an overall digital strategy

Opera for Business is an expansion of the companys existing portfolio of products and services supporting small and medium enterprises. Beyond helping them enter and leverage the online ecosystem by establishing their digital presence on OLeads or OList and instantly connecting them to Google My Business, Opera for Business also features a rich set of digital marketing and advertising services such as online profile management, review management services, social media management, couponing and promotional tools, as well as a tailored set of advertising services across Opera, Google and Facebook inventories. This broad offering makes Opera for Business the go-to platform for businesses and merchants that wish to leverage the entire digital ecosystem to grow their businesses and make them thrive.

Accelerating the digital transformation of Africa

Opera has significant ambitions for accelerating the digital transformation of the African region. The company currently has a user base of more than 125 million people in Africa, out of its 360 million global user base. This includes use of the popular Opera Mini browser, Opera browser, and the standalone news application Opera News.

Opera has set new growth plans in Africa by expanding its product portfolio beyond mobile applications and introducing new innovative online marketing platforms such as Opera Ads, OLeads and OList. With this strategy now expanded through a partnership with Google My Business, Opera plans to continue leading the digital shift in Africa and maximizing the visibility of millions of African businesses online.

Companies who are interested in exploring Opera for Business can do so by sending an email to ofb@opera.com.

About Opera

Opera is a global web innovator. Operas browsers, news products and fintech solutions are the trusted choice of more than 360 million people worldwide. Opera is headquartered in Oslo, Norway and listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange (OPRA). In 2019, Operas PC user base grew 11 percent and has continued to see increasing engagement with 73 million MAU ((Average Monthly Users MAU) in March 2020.

4. Opevera GX unveils results of worlds largest gaming survey, 30 [−]
Opera GX gamer survey

More than 191,000 people revealed their favorite gaming genres, streaming habits, and even the types of drinks they choose while playing games and watching streamers. Today, the worlds first browser for gamers is also launching a quiz that lets you find out what type of gamer you are.

Oslo – A little more than a year after its launch during E3 in Los Angeles, Opera GX, the worlds first and only browser for gamers, decided to ask its users from the US, UK, Germany, Brazil, Russia and Poland about their gaming and streaming habits in the largest gamer survey to date. More than 191 thousand people responded, providing these interesting insights, among others.

Gaming starts when youre young

Gamers love to play games on both their PCs and mobile devices, and this experience starts early: 34% of people who currently play games on smartphones or tablets were handed a tablet to keep them quiet in their childhood. But this experience varies according to region: the largest chunk of gamers from the UK and US had their first gaming experience playing Wii with their families.

Gaming habits

No one wants to admit how much time they really spend in front of their screens. From our experience, this applies equally to how much time they spend gaming. So we asked Opera GX users twice. As expected, the numbers went up the second time we asked: one third of surveyed gamers gave higher estimates: 31% admitted playing 3-4 hours a day, 30% 5-6 hours a day and 39% admitted gaming between 7 hours a day and never stopping.

Why play only one game when you can play four?

While globally most people play 3 or less games at a time, Poles, Brits and Americans proved to be the most likely to play 4 or more games, with 35%, 37% and 39% respectively playing the highest number of games.

Violence is a common aspect of many games, so the Opera survey asked gamers about their attitudes towards it. Results showed that US and UK gamers seemed the least sensitive to it while Brazilians had the highest share of pacifists and people who dislike violence among them.

In general, the more time people spent playing games, the less sensitive they were towards violence. Gamers spending more than 8 hours each day playing games proved to be at the very peak of violence-insensitivity. Interestingly, gamers from the 18-34 age group turned out to be the most insensitive to violence.

Women vs. Men – more different or more alike?

While most women and men didnt have a preferred time of day for gaming, female gamers proved slightly more prone to playing games during the night.

The genders also differed in the types of games they played: Female gamers prefer adventure games (61%), followed by RPG (56%), action (42%), MMORPG (40%) and strategy (31%).

Meanwhile, male gamers are big fans of shooters: 65% said they play FPS, followed by action and adventure games (52% each) and RPG gamers (45%).

As far as the most important aspects of gaming go, female gamers value knowledge more than men [(53% vs 49%), while power is more important to men than to women (24% vs. 21%). For both genders, honor is the third most important value (18% of women and 19% of men).

Do they ever stop playing games? Yes they do! Most gamers (51%) admit to pausing their games when its three in the morning and they have to get up at six. Among other segments: female gamers more often stop when they cant feel their fingers anymore and male gamers will more often briefly pause for firmware updates.

To stream or not to stream – that is the question

More than half of gamers who participated in Opera GXs survey (53%) do not stream but like to watch streamers, while one third are streamers themselves. Among all markets, the USA and Russia had the highest percentage of streamers.

Gamers wouldnt be gamers without proper gaming setups so we asked them about those as well. As it turns out, German and US gamers tend to spend more money on gaming gear than gamers in other markets. 51% of people globally tend to use only one display for gaming with the exception of Germans, of whom 54% use two displays or more. Despite splurging on displays, Germans turned out to be the most price-conscious from all the surveyed nations when it came to buying new games.

Beer or Red Bull?

The Opera GX team was also curious abou gamers favorite drinks. As it turns out, people who spend less time playing games tend to more often pair the experience beer or wine, while those who spend more than 5 hours a day gaming resort to energy drinks or soda. Cheers!

Based on the survey results, the Opera GX research team established 5 gamer profiles: Ultimate gamers, Average Gamers, Fancy Gamers, Chilled Gamers and Youngster Gamers. To find out which group of gamers you belong to, you can take a special quiz. The same link will also lead you to the full report.

About Opera

Opera is a global web innovator. Operas browsers, news products and fintech solutions are the trusted choice of more than 360 million people worldwide. Opera is headquartered in Oslo, Norway and listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange (OPRA). In 2019, Operas PC user base grew 11 percent and has continued to see increasing engagement with 73 million MAU ((Average Monthly Users MAU) in March 2020.

5. Opera announces investment in and agreement to acquire Fjord Bank, 09 [−]

Opera is soon to launch its first consumer fintech offering for a European market. Through Fjord Bank, Opera will further accelerate its fintech operations in Europe.

Opera Limited (Nasdaq: OPRA) (Opera) is one of the worlds leading browser providers with more than 360 million users, and new offerings across content, classifieds and fintech. Today, Opera, headquartered in Oslo, Norway, announced its intention to purchase Fjord Bank subject to regulatory approval. The acquisition will enable Opera to further accelerate its fintech operations in Europe by launching new, disruptive services aimed at improving consumers personal finances.

With a growing user base of more than 50 million monthly active browser users in Europe, Opera is already among the top consumer technology companies in the continent. In January 2020 Opera ventured into the fintech space in Europe with the acquisition of the Estonian fintech company PocoSys, which enabled Opera to build on Pocosys unique digital wallet and payment technology. Opera is currently testing a new version of the Pocopay card and app ahead of the launch in its first European market.

With the acquisition of AB Fjord Bank, Opera will become the owner of a specialized bank, which is launching its first deposit and loan service in Lithuania during the summer of 2020.

Opera has been making innovative browsers and apps for 25 years. Our browsers are the personal choice of millions of people who prefer them over those that come preinstalled on their devices, said Krystian Kolondra, EVP Opera. Looking at the fintech space in Europe, we believe it needs more and bigger challengers who should provide people with smarter and empowering solutions for their personal finances.

We are looking forward to joining the Opera family, and accelerating its plans to grow its unique product offering, said Veiko Kandla, CEO of AB Fjord Bank, With the support of Opera, we are also excited to launch our first banking services in Lithuania this summer.

Opera and AB Fjord Bank entered into an investment and share purchase agreement on May 29th 2020. Opera acquired a 9.9% interest in AB Fjord Bank via a share subscription which was completed on 3 July 2020. Completion of the acquisition of the remaining 90.1% of Fjord Bank is pending regulatory approval.

About Fjord Bank

AB Fjord Bank is a full-digital consumer finance bank that was founded in March 2017 by Norwegian and Swedish investors Svein ?vreb?, Joakim Mandorsson and Stig R. Myrseth, who have many years of experience in the Nordic private financial sector and capital markets. The bank has more than 40 shareholders, mostly private investors from Norway. In December 2019, it was granted a specialized bank license by the European Central Bank, following the assessment and proposal of the Bank of Lithuania. AB Fjord Bank’s head office is in Vilnius, Lithuania. https://www.fjordbank.com .

About Opera

Opera is a leading global internet brand with an engaged and growing base of over 360 million monthly active users. Building on 25 years of innovation, starting with browser products Opera is increasingly leveraging its brand as well as its massive and highly active user base in order to expand its offerings and business. Today, Opera offers users across Europe, Africa and Asia a wide range of products and services that include its PC and mobile browsers as well as its AI-powered news reader, Opera News and its app-based microfinance solutions. https://investor.opera.com/

6. Opera adds built-in Twitter to its desktop browser, 24 [−]
Opera desktop now with built-in Twitter

Oslo, Norway

Today the Norwegian browser maker Opera [NASDAQ: OPRA] becomes the first major browser to add built-in Twitter in the sidebar. In version 69 of the Opera browser for desktop, Twitter fans can get the best possible experience on their desktop computers.

The innovative Opera browser specializes in providing unique features not typically found in other major browsers. Opera comes with a built-in ad blocker and tracker blocker, free-browser-VPN, Crypto Wallet, and integrated social media messengers. The new Twitter feature follows shortly after Opera launched built-in Instagram support and hit record desktop user base numbers with 73 million unique monthly users in March 2020.

A better Twitter experience

According to a survey conducted by Opera, 62% of Twitter users in the US wish for the social media platform to be easier to use on their desktop computers.

Having Twitter in the sidebar is perfect for people who use it very actively, said Maciej Kocemba, product director at Opera. Twitter users think it should be easier to access Twitter on their PCs and we agree: we have tweaked Opera to make it the perfect browser for them.

Thirty-nine percent of the Twitter users who participated in Operas survey check the platform several times a day. Using Twitter directly in Opera makes it more convenient for them to scroll through their feed or search Twitter.

Search Twitter faster with Opera

The use of a keyboard and a large display makes tweeting or sending direct messages more convenient. Using Twitter directly in the browsers sidebar is also more convenient than picking up a smartphone or opening a special client app on ones PC, especially when it’s breaking news one wants to follow. The sidebar integration makes it easier to find Twitter whenever its needed.

Whether its a Throwback Thursday or a #Caturday, no one likes to waste time looking for the tab where they last opened Twitter added Kocemba.

Having Twitter built into Opera gives users quick access to their main feed, the search function as well as direct messages, allowing people to respond to unfolding events more quickly.

To enable Twitter in the browser, one has to simply click the 3 dots at the bottom of the sidebar and click on Sidebar setup or right-click the sidebar and tick Twitter in the Messengers section. Once the Twitter icon appears in the sidebar, you can log into a Twitter account. Once that is done, users are all set: they can use Twitter directly from their browser.

Majority of internet users want their social media services integrated in their browser

According to the survey conducted by Opera, almost three quarters of American internet users would find it useful to have social media messengers built into their desktop browser.

With todays Twitter integration, Opera is proving that its the best browser for social media. Opera has already introduced built-in support for Instagram, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp and VKontakte as part of previous releases. After choosing the social media platforms one uses, they remain always at hand directly in the sidebar.

Opera keeps all messengers in one place

Weve been following the philosophy of making Opera the best browser for social media for a while now and have integrated all the top services, said Maciej Kocemba. We see this resonating with people and have noticed strong growth in both user numbers of Opera as well as the use of our browsers built-in features.

Twitter Survey results

For this release, Opera decided to study Twitter users interests by conducting a survey on 1000 American internet users via Pollfish. The respondents in Operas survey were mostly interested in using the platform to find out about breaking news (44%), to keep up with news in general (49%), to pass time (44%) and to see what people are talking about while watching TV, sports or live events (26%).

As far as popular hashtags go, #Staysafe was known to 53% of people, followed by #HumpDay (51%), #tbt (36%), #FoodieFriday (35%) and #MondayMotivation (31%).

The newest version of Opera also includes a new weather widget on the start page as well as improvements to Workspaces and the visual tab cycler.

Opera is available for Windows, Mac and Linux. Download it from https://opera.com

About Opera

Opera is a global web innovator. Operas browsers, news products and fintech solutions are the trusted choice of more than 360 million people worldwide. Opera is headquartered in Oslo, Norway and listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange (OPRA). In recent months Opera noted an increased engagement with its browsers, reaching a record number of 73 million monthly active users of its desktop browsers in March 2020.


Survey demographics: total US responses = 1000. Age groups 16 – 17 (2.6%), 18 – 24 (9.2%), 25 – 34 (19.5%), 35 – 44 (23.60%), 45-54 (14.70%), >54 (30.40%).

7. Worlds first gaming browser Opera GX adds Discord support in major 1st birthday release, 19 [−]
Opera GX birthday Discord support

Oslo, Norway Opera GX, the worlds first gaming browser, is introducing new features including Discord support and a Hot tabs killer. It can also force brightly-designed pages to become dark to stop that nighttime glare.

  • Opera believes that the more than one billion PC gamers around the world deserve a browsing experience tailored to their needs
  • Opera GX remains the only web browser made specifically for people who love and play video games and experienced a 121% growth in monthly since end of 2019
  • Opera GX is upgrading to Level 2 with major updates including the new native Discord support and a killer of the most resource-hungry tabs. The browser can also force web pages to become dark should you want that
  • Opera GX already includes CPU, RAM and Network limiters, as well as Twitch, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp integration
  • The browser will host a 1st birthday livestream on Twitch with SypherPK

Oslo, June 19, 2020 – With 1.3 billion PC gamers around the world and the gaming industry surpassing the movie and music business in revenue, Opera GX [NASDAQ: OPRA] remains the only PC browser designed with gamers needs and tastes in mind. The browser has an array of useful features including Twitch integration, as well as CPU, RAM and network bandwidth limiters. Today, Opera GX is getting a major birthday update which introduces built-in Discord support, as well as the Hot Tabs Killer feature, which lets gamers see which tabs are overwhelming their computer and easily close them.

Why every gamer should give Opera GX a try

Opera GX was launched in June 2019 during the E3 gaming expo in Los Angeles. One year later, the gaming industry has grown even more relevant. As events were canceled and restaurants, cinemas and other sources of entertainment closed, an increasing number of people turned to gaming to participate in virtual mass events such as Travis Scotts concerts in Fortnite – watched in real time by 27 million people. Meanwhile others hosted birthday parties and even weddings in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Still others turned to Discord for remote teaching. Games and virtual reality are now more than ever an extension of our everyday lives as they provide the necessary meeting spaces that might otherwise be unavailable.

With native integration of Twitch, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram and now Discord in the sidebar, Opera GX makes it easy to stay on top of conversations with online friends as well as with developing online trends and streams.

Built-in Discord support

Our users have been asking for native Discord support in the browser so here it is. Everyone can now more easily connect with their community on any topic they want, said Maciej Kocemba, the creator of Opera GX and product director at Opera.

As the majority of our lives moved online, Discord developed from being the go-to place for gaming-related topics to covering any topic and even became a platform that allowed schools to host online classes.

With this step, Opera GX is not only integrating the feature but also entering the Discord community to discuss the browser as well as gaming with its fans. For the Opera GX Discord server, click here.

Hot tabs killer

For the tab hoarders among us, Opera GX has a new useful feature called Hot Tabs Killer which lets you identify the most resource-draining tabs and slash them with a sword to make sure the browser doesnt overburden your PC or laptop.

Turn any brightly designed page dark

Opera GX was designed to be dark and not blind you while browsing. With its new Force Dark Pages feature, it brings that experience to any web page, even if the page was designed as glaring bright. The feature injects its own changes to a site’s styles to turn bright backgrounds dark, making sure that users arent blinded by web pages. This feature is currently in beta and has to be explicitly switched on.

The only browser to limit the amount of CPU, RAM and network bandwidth it uses

Opera GX comes with a set of features which have been tweaked to the specific needs of people who love computer games. The browser is the only one to take care of the way the browser affects the functioning of the entire machine: Opera GX allows users to make it less resource-hungry by setting a limit to the amount of CPU and RAM used by the browser, as well as to the network bandwidth.

Users can also adjust the highlight colors of the browser, which is integrated with Razer Chroma, and will match the highlight colors of the peripherals to the colors of the browser. The browser also includes Video pop-out, a feature which lets people display online videos on top of other webpages and even on top of a game for some gameplay support.

Opera GX users can adjust elements such as the hovering style of icons or the browser sounds, designed with the award-winning composer Rub?n Rinc?n and the band Berlinist. The sounds can be individually enabled/disabled and while they do sound great on speakers, Opera GX has recently joined the Better with Headphones club.

Apart from its unique features, Opera GX also has all the features known from the main Opera browser. These include a free built-in browser VPN, ad blocker, as well as Workspaces – a tool for better tab grouping according to topic.

GX Corner: a gateway to free games, deals, gaming news and new releases

Opera GX includes the GX Corner, a portal within the browser which is a one-stop source for gaming news. The GX Corner includes a game-release calendar as well as a deals and free gamers aggregator which lets GX users know first about GTA V being offered for free and other deals. The free games section is particularly popular among GX users.

Whether youre a hardcore gamer or a casual one, Opera GX is a great entryway to everything gaming-related. It will display your favorite gaming news and deals. It also looks and sounds great and will make your browser use as few resources as possible allowing for your games to run smoothly, added Maciej Kocemba.

The creators of Opera GX, notably from the Norwegian browser firm Opera, have been competing in the browser space with the likes of Microsoft, Google and Firefox and have already won two design awards for GX: the iF Design Award and the Red Dot award.

Birthday stream coming up on June 19

To celebrate its birthday with the community of 3.5 million people who actively use Opera GX each month, the browser will be moving up to Level 2 and hosting a birthday party stream on Twitch on Sypher PKs channel at 17:00 CEST (11 AM ET) on June 19. The stream will be accompanied by a discussion on Operas discord server.

In early July, the browser will reveal the results of its first worldwide gamer survey, in which 200 thousand people have revealed secrets about their gaming habits, the games they like and even the drinks they hydrate with while gaming.

About Opera

Opera is a global web innovator. Operas browsers, news products and fintech solutions are the trusted choice of more than 360 million people worldwide. Opera is headquartered in Oslo, Norway and listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange (OPRA). In 2019, Operas PC user base grew 11 percent and has continued to see increasing engagement with 73 million MAU ((Average Monthly Users MAU) in March 2020.

8. APO Group and Opera team up to boost the prominence of truthful information about COVID-19 across Africa, 11 [−]

APO Group ( www.apo-opa.com), the leading pan-African communications and business consultancy, and Opera ( www.Opera.com), one of the worlds leading browser providers and platforms in the field of integrated AI-driven digital content, are partnering up to boost the prominence of truthful news articles related to the spread of COVID-19 across Africa. The APO Group Newsroom website ( www.Africa-Newsroom.com) will now be integrated into the Opera News platform used by 200 million users worldwide.

This partnership stems from the need to reduce the consumption of misleading news articles that include deliberate disinformation about COVID-19 in different African countries. It will provide millions of Opera users in the African region with official information from trusted and reputable online sources.

Providing the public with accurate information about COVID-19 is crucial, especially as Africa?s coronavirus response is regularly obstructed by fake news, said APO Group Founder and Chairman, Nicolas Pompigne-Mognard.This initiative will provide the millions of Africans who use Opera mobile applications with access to genuine, credible news content. We are proud to join forces with Opera to ensure that truthful, helpful and potentially life-saving information gains wider prominence in Africa.

Regarding the integration of the APO Group Newsroom into the Opera News platform, J?rgen Arnesen, EVP of Mobile Browsers at Opera said, We just hit a new record of 200 million users with Opera News, which positions our news service as one of the largest in the world. We believe our partnership with APO Group is a great fit for our mobile apps and will benefit hundreds of millions of users who search for COVID-19 information every day on the Opera Mini browser and the Opera News app.

Available in Opera browsers and the Opera News app

For more than two months, APO Group has been collecting press releases and official statements from health ministries in Africa, the World Health Organization (WHO), the WHO Regional Office for Africa, and the Africa Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (Africa CDC).

More than 3,000 press releases are now available for people using the popular Opera Mini browser and Opera News – the most downloaded news app in Africa.

Users who want to read the APO Group feed of news releases on the Opera Mini browser can tap on the Coronavirus channel in the browsers newsfeed. Once there, they will easily identify the news releases as they appear under www.africa-newsroom.com.

Those using the Opera News app can also tap on the Coronavirus category in the app or follow the brand-new APO Group button in the Following section. The APO Group follow button in the Opera News app is currently available in Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, Ghana, and Tanzania.

The circulation of both misinformation and rumors about the virus poses an enormous risk to the public, which is why APO Group and Opera are proud to team up to disseminate reliable and critically important information to the public.

9. Opera News sets a new record with 200 million users, 09 [−]

Users grew 28% year-over-year driven by increased engagement from the Opera News Hub self-publishing platform and light version of the app

Oslo – Opera (NASDAQ: OPRA), one of the worlds leading browser providers and platforms in the field of integrated AI-driven digital content, today announced that its Opera News service reached more than 200 million monthly active users (MAUs) in May, a 28 percent increase year over year.

This is an important milestone for us and represents a strong confirmation of our growth strategy. It clearly highlights our position as one of the largest AI-driven news platforms in the world, yet there is still a tremendous untapped potential for our unique news service, with more than a billion internet users in our key markets. said Song Lin, COO of Opera.

The accelerating user growth for Opera News is mainly driven by three important factors: the expansion of Opera News Hub beyond Nigeria to Kenya, Ghana, C?te dIvoire, South Africa and Egypt; the launch of Opera News Lite, a downsized version of the Opera News application that enables people with new ways to access the Opera News service; and Opera News becoming a critical information source during the Coronavirus outbreak across both Africa and South Asia.

Opera News is based on an AI platform which uses insights from Operas massive user base and relies on technologies including natural language processing, computer vision, and image understanding to process content, as well as machine learning technology to recommend personalized content to each individual user. It was launched in January 2017 as an integrated feature of Operas mobile browsers.

The standalone Opera News app was launched a year later becoming the first news app developed with a focus on Africa and Southeast Asia. Opera News Hub is an online editorial platform focused on empowering local content creation. It was initially launched in November 2019. Each day tens of thousands of content creators and journalists of the Opera News Hub work on and publish stories and videos that matter to their local audiences. This makes Opera News a unique platform relevant on each of the markets it is present in.

10. Opera Mini 50 gets major update and fully revamped design, 25 [−]

More than one hundred million people are upgrading to the new version of the popular mobile browser.

Opera, one of the worlds major browser developers, launched Opera Mini 50 today. In a major upgrade, the popular browser has fully revamped its user interface to allow for more personal and intuitive interactions with the most loved features.

Opera Mini 50 is a small, fast and powerful browser. It comes with unique features such as data compression, a download manager with offline file sharing capabilities, and a built-in ad-blocker.

Since the very first launch almost fifteen years ago, Opera Mini has provided people with a better browsing experience than what they get with the default browsers on their smartphones. Now, with version 50, it is time for a major upgrade to Opera Mini, with a completely redesigned user experience, where we make the most popular features easier to use. said Andrzej Czarnecki, Product Manager for Opera Mini.

Completely redesigned

In the biggest upgrade in five years, Opera Mini 50 is integrating a new and versatile status bar at the top of the browser screen. The new status bar adds a touch of personalization – users are able to receive welcome messages while browsing, with greetings and hints throughout the day. The status bar also keeps users updated on whats going on around them. It shows notifications with the latest news, coming updates in the browser, or events from partners.

With Opera Mini 50, we are reinforcing the connection between users and the features that they love in multiple ways. said Czarnecki. Weve introduced new styles, themes, and user interactions to improve access to the features users need within superior aesthetics.

Data savings have always been important for Opera Mini users. In Opera Mini 50, the new status bar displays a data savings widget which comes in pretty handy for viewing your data consumption at a glance.

We know that data compression in Opera Mini is widely used. Our designers have added the new data savings widget on the status bar to give users detailed information about their data consumption. It tells them what they need to know about how much data they are saving without navigating through the settings of the browser. said Czarnecki.

More browsing, less data

Today, Opera Mini is by far the fastest and best data-saving browser available in digital app stores. This makes the browser particularly popular among users who want to save data or gain speed for a better browsing experience on limited or congested mobile networks.

Opera Mini allows its users to activate high or extreme data-saving modes. The extreme mode in Opera Mini is capable of saving an impressive 81% of mobile data on average versus other browsers like Google Chrome, which are only capable of saving an average of 9% of mobile data. This allows Opera Mini users to browse nine times longer versus using mobile browsers without data compression capabilities. (source: Data savings test, Q3-19)

Easier access to offline file sharing

Opera Mini is the only major browser that allows its users to also share files without using mobile data. With its offline file sharing, users can transfer images, videos, and audio files to nearby devices at super high speeds using a safe and direct Wi-Fi connection.

The freshly added offline file sharing feature works with the popular download manager in Opera Mini. By combining these features, Opera Mini makes it easier for users to share files they have already downloaded from the web on their phones, as they dont need to navigate through their phones drive to share files.

In Opera Mini 50, offline file sharing is easily accessed through a shortcut on the new navigation bar at the bottom of the browser screen.

Reducing the connectivity gap across Africa in 2020

Opera Mini has always been an innovative mobile browser. The fast and small browser is extremely popular across the African continent where it has challenged the status quo of expensive mobile data with its unique data compression capabilities.

Since the beginning of 2020, Opera has partnered with major internet service providers across Africa such as MTN, Airtel and AirtelTigo in Nigeria, Ghana and Zambia. Through these partnerships, Opera has given free browsing every day, capped at 50 MB, to millions of Opera Mini and Opera News users on those networks.

We chose to work with MTN, Airtel, Airtel Tigo and Safaricom in Nigeria, Zambia, Ghana, Kenya and Uganda because they are the major internet service providers locally. said J?rgen Arnesen, EVP of Mobile Browsers at Opera. The goal is to make mobile data more accessible for everyone and reduce the digital divide, especially now when online information is vital.

About Opera Mini

The new Opera Mini is available for download in the Google Play Store.

Launched in 2006, Opera Mini is used by more than 100 million monthly active users who have chosen it over pre-installed browsers on Android mobile devices. Opera Mini has a 4.4 star rating on Google Play and has been reviewed by more than six million people.

About Opera

Opera is a global web innovator. Operas browsers, news products and fintech solutions are the trusted choice of more than 350 million people worldwide. Opera is headquartered in Oslo, Norway and listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange (OPRA).

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