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1. Opera launches the first browser for iOS with Web 3 support and Crypto Wallet., 26 [−]

The blockchain-ready Opera Touch browser for iOS is available for download starting today. This release follows Operas addition of Crypto Wallet support on Android and PC and means that Opera is now Web 3-ready across all major platforms.

Oslo – The award-winning Opera Touch browser for iOS now features crypto wallet integration and Web 3 support. This completes Operas efforts to offer Web 3-ready browsers with built-in Crypto Wallet on Android, Windows, Mac, Linux and now iOS. Opera Touch for iOS lets users seamlessly interact with the next generation of Web 3 applications on the Ethereum blockchain.

Opera Touch is an innovative web browser which won the Red Dot Design Award and Gold IF Design Award.

Ethereum is a popular and quickly growing protocol that allows people to make transactions and enables developers to create decentralized apps (dApps) which provide practical use of this technology. Opera supports all ERC-20 tokens, stablecoins and non-fungible tokens (NFT).

Opera Touch for iOS with Crypto Wallet, like the Opera browser for Android, supports the Ethereum Web3 API, making interacting with dApps seamless to the user without the need for browser extensions.

We believe that all modern browsers should integrate a crypto wallet. This will enable new business models to emerge on the web. Opera is the first browser to make using crypto on the Web seamless and easy. Following a strong demand from the crypto-community, we are now making this experience available on iOS, said Charles Hamel, Head of Crypto at Opera browsers.

Web 3 : The internet of value

Web 3 is an umbrella term for a set of emerging technologies intersecting cryptocurrencies, blockchains and distributed systems that, together, extend the capabilities of the Web we all use today in meaningful ways, allowing for example direct peer-to-peer payments between users and websites.

Opera believes that the Web of today will be the interface to the decentralized web of tomorrow (Web 3). With built-in Crypto Wallet, the browser has the potential to renew and extend its important role as a tool to access information, make transactions online and manage users online identities in a way that gives them more control.

Bringing cryptocurrencies and Web 3 to the mainstream

Web 3 still faces many challenges before it can reach wider adoption. These barriers range from users understanding of new terminology, to difficulties in acquiring cryptocurrency and complicated installation procedures.

Before Opera entered the cryptocurrency scene almost a year ago, using cryptocurrencies online and accessing Web 3 required special apps or extensions, which made it difficult for people to even try it out. Our browsers remove that friction. added Charles Hamel.

Showcasing Marble.Cards

For the release, Opera has partnered with a new and exciting dApp, Marble.Cards.

Marble.Cards turns web pages into digital collectible cards. Almost any URL on the internet can be turned into a card, but only once. This means that every Marble card is unique. More specifically, these collectibles are non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the Ethereum blockchain. This means if you secure a potentially interesting URL and turn it into a Marble card, youll be able to play with it, trade it or sell it as you wish. You can also buy Marble cards created by others. The dApp will be accessible via the built-in share feature, and visible in the dApp explorer on the browsers speed dial, allowing users to create unique Marble cards from urls of their choice.

At Marble.Cards, we want to let people create unique and personal digital cards based on anything from the internet” said Johan Unger at Marble.Cards. Opera has set a new standard for browsers with its Web 3 support, and we are thrilled to be featured as part of their iOS release. We hope as many people as possible will set out to create new Marble cards.

Opera Touch comes with a set of handy features and great design

Opera Touch is an innovative web browser with a user interface built around ease of use on smartphones with large displays, with the navigation moved to the bottom of the screen. Opera Touch comes with a set of useful features including the My Flow function which lets people share websites and notes with themselves across multiple devices.

After the connection between Touch and your PC browser has been established, the adaptive home screen will display recent tabs from the computer.

Opera Touch is beautiful

Opera Touch features two themes, dark and light, and cutting-edge design visible throughout the app. The recently-introduced private mode gives people more privacy on the Web. Meanwhile, the useful cookie dialog blocker lets users remove annoying cookie prompts that prevent them from directly accessing content on the Web.

You can read more about Opera Touch here.

How to get started

To try out the new web of tomorrow, users first have to download Opera Touch from the Apple App store (on Apple devices). In order to start making actual Web 3 transactions, they also need to purchase some Ethereum cryptocurrency (ETH) and store it in their Opera Crypto Wallet.

Once the cryptocurrency is stored, users can access a selection of Web 3 apps in the dApp (decentralized application) store, accessible from the browsers speed dial.

Development in progress

Opera launched its first Web 3-ready browser in December, 2018 on Android. In April, 2019, the Norwegian company introduced Web 3 support to its popular PC browser.

About Opera

Founded in 1995 in Norway, Opera delivers browsers and AI-driven digital content discovery solutions to more than 350 million people worldwide. The quickly growing company remains one of the most innovative browser creators in the world. Opera is listed on Nasdaq under the OPRA ticker symbol.

2. Opera opens early access to the worlds first gaming browser, Opera GX., 11 [−]

The new PC browser lets gamers control their computers CPU and memory usage to make their gaming and streaming smoother. It also features Twitch integration and numerous customization options.

Los Angeles, California/ Oslo, Norway There are currently more than 1.2 billion * PC gamers. Today, Opera unveils the worlds first web browser tailored to their specific needs. The early access program to the Opera GX browser (for Windows) starts right now with an official launch planned later this year.

Opera GX is built for people who love games and spend a lot of time building their setups. We want to give them a browser to perfectly match their beautiful machines. I have a strong feeling this browser will resonate with the gaming world, said Krystian Kolondra, EVP at Opera browsers.

Opera GX features a new, gaming-inspired design and an array of features that let people not only customize the look of their browser but also limit their computers CPU and memory usage.

GX Control lets you control the CPU and RAM usage by the browser

The GX Control panel is a brand new feature which lets users define how much of their computers CPU or RAM they are willing to let their browser use. By toggling on the circle, one can choose to devote a certain percentage of the computers resources to the browser. Opera GX will stay within these limits. This means that, unlike other memory-hungry browsers, Opera GX puts gamers in full control of their gaming and browsing experiences.

Running a game might require a lot of effort from your machine. Even more so if you are streaming while you play. Before Opera GX, gamers often shut down their browsers in order to not slow down their gaming experience. We came up with the GX Control feature to make peoples games run more smoothly without requiring them to compromise on what they do on the Web, said Maciej Kocemba, product director of Opera GX.

Gaming ready with Twitch integration

Another handy feature for gamers is Opera GXs Twitch integration. The browser lets users log into their Twitch accounts directly from the sidebar and will notify them when a streamer they follow goes live.

The browsers speed dial screen also features shortcuts to sites popular among gamers including Discord, YouTube and Reddit.

GX Corner for latest gaming news and deals

Opera didnt stop at designing a browser for gamers. It also created the GX Corner, a place where gaming news from the Web will be presented along with curated gaming deals and information about new and interesting releases.

Gaming design, sound effects and gaming hardware integration

When you first start or upgrade Opera GX you will be welcomed by sounds and an animation sequence inspired by gaming consoles. The sound effects and musical logo creation in GX are a result of Operas collaboration with the sound designer Rub?n Rinc?n and the band Berlinist, who recently received a nomination in the BAFTA Games Awards for the original soundtrack to the GRIS game. The sound effects, as well as most browser features can be adjusted or switched off in the settings panel.

Opera GX comes out of the box with a sleek gaming-inspired design with dark and red elements. Users can also choose a different highlight color from 10 suggested colors or go deeper and choose from 16 million possibilities using the extended color picker feature.

From the startup sounds to the look of the browsers speed dial, Opera GX was designed to feel at home on any gaming setup, added Maciej Kocemba.

Opera GX comes with an exclusive set of wallpapers designed to match the browser and the large displays of gaming setups. It also includes Razer Chroma integration, which means that the keyboard, mouse and other Razer Chroma elements will adjust their colors to the chosen highlight colors in the browser.

Operas powerful features are there

Opera GX includes all the features present in the popular Opera desktop browser currently used by 65 million users. This means that, apart from the Twitch integration, users can also activate the Telegram, WhatsApp, Facebook or Vkontakte messengers in the sidebar to stay in touch with friends without the need to open separate tabs.

Opera GX also retains the popular Video Pop Out function which makes it easy to pop out a video from the website it is being streamed on and watch it on top of other websites.

Operas built-in ad blocker will safeguard that websites load fast and distraction free while the free, no-log browser VPN will let gamers safely browse the Web when using public WiFi.

At Opera, we want to set a new standard in browsing, said Krystian Kolondra. Today, no other browser is even close to having the kind of feature set you will find in Opera, and we hope people will enjoy the new additions coming with Opera GX.

Early access at Level 1 starts today

The early access to Opera GX for Windows starts today at Level 1, during E3 in Los Angeles. Instead of the usual versions, the browsers development will progress in levels. The initial early access version is designed for people who love games. They will also have the opportunity to shape the next versions, as Operas developers have added special feedback boxes throughout the browser, where particular features can be rated with one to five hearts. Opera also encourages people to provide feedback and wish lists via the Opera GX forums.

Opera GX can be downloaded here. A final version is planned to launch later this year.

Operas team is present at E3 – To schedule a press meeting, contact us at press-team@opera.com

About Opera

Founded in 1995 in Norway, Opera delivers browsers and AI-driven digital content discovery solutions to more than 350 million people worldwide. The quickly growing company remains one of the most innovative browser creators in the world. Opera is listed on Nasdaq under the OPRA ticker symbol.

3. Opera presents the State of Mobile Web report 2019 for Africa., 11 [−]

Opera, one of the worlds major browser developers, and a leader in the field of content platforms, presented today the State of Mobile Web 2019 report, which gives a detailed look at the digital landscape of the African region.

The report reveals that in Q1-2019, the Opera browsers and standalone news app were used by nearly 120 million internet users in Africa and by more than 350 million people globally. Moreover, the report shows that Opera experienced a user growth of twenty six percent over a one-year period.

We are thrilled to see that our mobile browsers and news app have grown by 25 million monthly users in the last year in Africa” said J?rgen Arnesen, Head of Marketing and Distribution at Opera. The new Opera News app has led this positive growth, as well as the introduction of new features to our mobile browsers such as a built-in VPN and crypto wallet. The successful partnerships Opera has with major smartphone manufacturers in Africa have also contributed to the massive growth.

In the 2019 edition of the State of the Mobile Web report also looked into the use of the Opera Mini browser and the Opera browser for Android.

The mobile browser used more than other apps

The State of Mobile Web 2019 report shows that mobile browsing is one of the most popular activities among African internet users. For example, in South Africa, nine out of ten people use their mobile browser everyday, an activity they prefer over the use of other applications.

State of Mobile Web 2019 also revealed that on average, Africans using Opera spend more than 30 minutes browsing on a daily basis.

Moreover, the report showed that 31% of browsing sessions of people who use Opera Mini in Africa in Q1-2019, are to social media platform domains like Facebook, YouTube and Instagram, followed by search engine websites like Google and entertainment and sport websites.

100 million dollars saved on mobile data

In the State of Mobile Web 2019, Opera gives detailed insight into the use of the data savings feature in the Opera Mini browser. In the report, Opera compared the average prices of mobile data in twenty countries in Africa. The results revealed that the data compression mode in Opera Mini saved users nearly 100 million USD of data cost in 2018.

In this analysis, Opera also compared the cost of data in some African countries with the cost of mobile data in India and Germany. The outcome of this analysis showed that South Africans pay six times more per gigabyte of mobile data than Indians.

Rapid changing news and video consumption landscape

The report takes a look at the trends of news and video consumption across Africa. This includes analysing the usage of its standalone Opera News app, which grew from launch to over 20 million users in a period of one year. Categories like breaking news, local news, and entertainment were the favourites of the users in the first quarter of the year.

Video content is also becoming more popular among people who use the Opera News app. The report shows that people spend 50% of in-app time in Opera News watching videos on Instaclips, the recently added video feature on the news app.

The usage of Instaclips keeps growing since its test launch in December 2018. In Q1-2019, Instaclips registered a total of 122 thousand videos uploaded in different languages such as English, Portoguese, French, Arabic and Swahilli.

Expanding beyond browsing to fuel the digital transformation

Operas commitment to the African digital transformation has already started. Beyond the development of its mobile browsers and standalone news app, Opera has made major investments in the African region expanding its services to other technology areas such as FinTech and digital advertising. In 2018, Opera announced the launch of OKash, a fintech solution for micro-lending that quickly got traction among mobile internet users in Kenya. Today, OKash ranks among the most downloaded micro-lending applications among Kenyans and its user base keeps on growing.

In May 2019, Opera announced the introduction of Opera Ads, a new advertising platform that allows media agencies and publishers to run more targeted marketing campaigns across the Opera platforms.

Available online

The full version of the State of Mobile Web 2019 report is available to read online or for download by clicking here.

4. Opera to add TRON support to its Crypto Wallet., 15 [−]

(Oslo, Norway and San Francisco, CA) – Opera, the first browser with Web 3 capabilities, is announcing its intention to soon support TRONs TRX and other TRC-standard tokens within its browser. Operas Crypto Wallet already supports ETH and ERC tokens.

The decision to add another major blockchain onto its platform, marks a further step in Operas strategy to make Web 3 more inclusive and user-friendly for people around the world. The integration of the TRON tokens within Operas Crypto Wallet will allow hundreds of millions of Opera users to play TRON games and access TRON dApps within the browser. The seamless user interface doesnt require any third party browser extensions or wallet applications.

TRON is a popular, quickly developing blockchain with a swiftly growing dApp ecosystem. We are happy to open our browser to it, said Krystian Kolondra, EVP at Opera, Head of Browsers. By opening products to multiple blockchains, we are accelerating the mainstream adoption of Web 3.

We are excited that Opera, a mainstream browser with hundreds of millions of users, will now seamlessly support TRX and other TRON tokens, said Justin Sun CEO of TRON.Soon, Opera users will be able to use dApps on the TRON blockchain.

In December 2018, Opera became the first major Android browser to include a native Crypto Wallet and Web 3 explorer. These new features let people make transactions and interact with the blockchain-based internet of the future, also known as Web 3. In April 2019, this functionality was introduced to Operas PC browser. The iOS version is currently in beta stage and will be released later this year.

In late 2018, TRON announced TRON Arcade, a 100 million USD fund dedicated to game applications. There are now more than 400 dApps built on the TRON blockchain, according to the review site dappreview. Many of these have entertainment-related use cases. TRON currently has more than 2.7M TRX accounts and boasts approximately 3M transactions in the span of 24 hours.

Opera is the browser of choice for more than 300 million users around the world. The companys decision to integrate a new blockchain into its browser marks a step to develop future-oriented applications, which talk to as many blockchains as possible, providing the most seamless experience to the users.

Opera plans to add support for multiple blockchains within the next 12 months. After the integration of the TRON blockchain, Opera users will be able to use TRONs TRX and TRC standard tokens within its browser. Operas Crypto Wallet already supports ETH and ERC-20 tokens.

The Opera browser with crypto wallet and Web 3 support is available for Android smartphones, Windows and Linux PCs and Mac. The wallet is also available in the early access program for Opera Touch for iOS. Currently the browser supports Ethereum, but TRON support will arrive soon. In September 2018, Opera sealed a strategic partnership with Ledger Capital to grow its blockchain technology initiative. Ledger Capital played an instrumental role in establishing Operas partnership with TRON.

About Opera

Founded in 1995 in Norway, Opera delivers browsers and AI-driven digital content discovery solutions to more than 320 million people worldwide. The company remains one of the most innovative browser creators in the world. Opera is listed on Nasdaq under the OPRA ticker symbol.

www.opera.com Twitter: https://twitter.com/Opera

About TRON

TRON is dedicated to creating a boundary-free internet that inspires innovation across industries. TRON, one of the largest blockchain protocols, offers high throughput, high scalability, and high availability for all Decentralized Applications (DApps). The ecosystem is governed by Super Representatives and the community. www.tron.network Twitter: https://twitter.com/Tronfoundation

5. Opera announces Opera Ads, a powerful, content-based native advertising platform ?., 15 [−]

Early access program launched in selected markets

Oslo, Norway, May 15th 2019. Opera Limited (Nasdaq: OPRA) (Opera), one of the worlds major browser developers, and leader on AI driven digital content, announced today a new product – Opera Ads – which serves the needs of digital marketers worldwide. The new platform gives advertisers a unique opportunity to reach and engage with more than 320 million Opera users worldwide with an innovative, content-based ad experience within Operas global inventory and across its portfolio of products.

With Opera Ads, we are opening the Opera ecosystem to advertisers, allowing them to run more precisely targeted campaigns and improve the control of their media buy, says Per Wetterdal, VP Global Business Development, Opera. We make sure your ads will be served with a premium placement in connection with an engaging content experience.

Based on user intent and contextual relevance, Opera Ads offers an intelligent advertising solution to digital agencies, publishers and brands to connect and engage with the Opera audiences at a global scale and with geo-targeting capabilities. The platform offers transparency, unique and controllable ad placements, reach and budget management based on the support of fixed and dynamic pricing models. Opera Ads is available in both traditional and programmatic buying models. In this way, Opera Ads provides a trusted and relevant environment for users, advertisers and simplifies the campaign performance evaluation.

Opera Ads is designed to be the platform-of-choice for advertisers seeking the opportunity to reach a scaled and engaged audience in a highly transparent fashion across the fastest growing mobile digital markets.
Advertisers seeking further information about Opera Ads can send an email to opera-ads@opera.com.

6. Opera launches Reborn 3: the first desktop browser ready for Web 3, the Internet of the future., 09 .[−]

The newest Opera browser for Mac, Windows and Linux now includes a Crypto Wallet, Web 3 explorer and a free VPN. It is designed to give people a sense of control over their online lives and a glimpse into the Web of the future.

Reborn-3-VPN Web 3.0

Oslo – A typical person spends more than six hours each day online. The more time we spend online, however, the more our lives become exposed to the potential threats associated with the Web. With Opera 60 (codenamed Reborn 3), Opera seeks to improve the quality of peoples digital lives through increased privacy and security features, as well as a new design of the browsers interface.

Opera becomes the first major computer browser to include a native Crypto Wallet and Web 3 explorer. The new feature lets people make transactions and interact with the blockchain-based Internet of the future, also known as Web 3.

By also providing a free browser VPN, Opera wants to make sure users stay safe and in control of their browsing.

The Web has transformed our lives. We are now continuously online. But the more time we spend online, the more we need tools that help us control the security and privacy of our digital lives, said Krystian Kolondra, EVP at Opera, Head of Browsers. With this major upgrade, we are taking the first step into Web 3, the new Web, where users are in control. We believe every browser in 2019 should be Web 3-ready.

Web 3 is the Web of the future

Web 3 is the blockchain-based Internet of the future. Starting today, users can type in the address of a Web 3 application into the address bar of the Opera computer browser and they will be able to explore Web 3.

Blockchain technologies bring the power and control back to the people, said Krystian Kolondra. They can securely sign transactions and identify themselves to websites, without unnecessarily oversharing their data.

Browse Web 3 on your PC, sign transactions with your smartphone

The Crypto Wallet in the Opera computer browser syncs with the Crypto Wallet in the Opera browser for Android. This means wallet keys never leave the users smartphones. In practice, whenever they need to identify themselves to a Web 3 website or sign a transaction on the blockchain, users get a notification on their smartphone. They can confirm it in the same way they unlock their system, using, for example, facial recognition or their fingerprint.

Krystian Kolondra says:

Blockchain technology has evolved from just storing funds or speculation into a technology which will shape the Internet of tomorrow. We decided to speed up the development of Web 3 by opening all our browsers across all operating systems to it. This makes Opera the first major browser developer to do so.

The Crypto Wallet feature is planned to also be added to Operas iOS browser, Opera Touch, soon.

A faster VPN service for more security and privacy

The demand for VPN services keeps growing. Currently, one-third of VPN users around the globe use this solution with the intent to stay anonymous on the Web. Opera is the only browser maker to provide a fast and free browser VPN.

The unlimited browser VPN enhances users online privacy and improves their security when using public networks they dont trust.

The browser VPN establishes a secure, encrypted tunnel which protects users data from third parties and hides their geographical location from websites. The browser VPN service is also a no-log service, which means that the VPN servers do not log and retain any activity data, all to protect users privacy.

New design makes Opera the perfect frame for the Web

With a quarter of our lives spent online, the quality of the applications we use plays a central role. People spend hours every day interacting with the Web through their browsers. Opera believes a browser should provide a perfect frame for the Web, the same way a picture frame enhances a viewers experience of a painting.

In the new version of the Opera browser, the new borderless design without dividing lines between sections lets people browse calmly and unhindered by unnecessary distractions. Web content takes center stage.

The browser has also received two distinct themes, light and dark, which are inspired by high-key and low-key lighting photography, where the goals are to maximize or minimize the amount of light in a photo while still retaining contrast. Depending on the mood, setting or the content they are viewing, people are in control of how they frame Web content.

Opera is the new standard of browsing

By giving users a beautiful, distraction-free setting to experience the Web, an increased level of privacy, as well as access to the Internet of the future, Opera believes it is giving users the perfect tool to control and enjoy the digital aspect of their lives.

To depict this, the company has created a short science fiction film in which a woman travels through a futuristic world in search of regaining control of her digital life. You can watch it here.

The Opera browser also features two special edition themes inspired by the film.

Download Opera here

7. Opera launches Vintage, a new browser from a different era., 01 .[−]

Opera, the Norwegian browser developer, today announced Opera Vintage, a new browser made for the web of yesterday. Opera Vintage will provide users with exclusive access to their favorite websites from the last millennium in a way that prioritizes feeling over functionality. Its bulky but robust design give users a unique experience browsing their favorite old websites.

With this addition to its product portfolio, Opera becomes the first major browser with a unique offer for Web 1, Web 2 and Web 3 lovers.

Our research has revealed that some people simply can’t keep up with products and services getting better and smoother, richer and more beautiful,” says J?rgen Arnesen, Global Head of Marketing and Distribution. With Opera Vintage, we are taking a leap backward in time to allow people to experience a world they feel more in control of.

Opera Vintage will only be able to load pages as they existed pre-2000 through the Internet Archives Wayback Machine (IAWM). When starting the browser, it will suspend all system processes for 40 seconds while playing sound effects inspired by classic modems, a feature we found especially popular among people who declared having used early versions of Gecko-based browsers. Opera Vintage will also incorporate a Multiple Document Interface (MDI), a feature inspired from Opera 1.0 that allows users to open up to four tabs in one window, a feature today only relevant for the web of the last millennium.

A slower web experience

Opera Vintage allows users to spend more time learning new things and becoming more creative in their everyday lives. The new browser loads websites up to 10 times slower than modern versions of Opera, giving people more time to enjoy the activities they love the most while waiting for their old websites to load.

We believe that the Internet has gotten too fast and is just too great to use,” said Arnesen. By slowing down the browser, we will allow people to spend quality time to tasks like knitting or fetching coffee while waiting for web pages to load.

A legacy web reduces privacy concerns

In the last decade, the current Web, often referred to as Web 2, has caused major concerns about privacy and security among Internet users by making the web an interactive experience full of dynamic, user-shared content. Opera Vintage fixes these problems by reverting to a static version of the web, where users simply view fixed pages. With such a solution at their fingertips, Opera give users a tool that guarantees them total control of their digital lives.

Twenty years ago, your online privacy was mostly just a theoretical issue, said Arnesen. By only having support for legacy versions of websites, we dramatically reduced the need for advanced browser privacy features like VPN and ad blocker.


Opera Vintage is not available for download at Opera.com. To obtain your copy, please contact our company by mailing a letter to Opera Software AS, P.O. Box 4214 Nydalen, NO-0401 Oslo, Norway.

8. More than 200 million Android users in Europe will soon be asked to choose their new favorite browser., 20 [−]

Oslo – Soon, more than 200 million Android users in Europe will be able to choose their favorite browser. In a blog post, Google has outlined that it will …do more to ensure that Android phone owners know about the wide choice of browsers and search engines available to download to their phones. This will involve asking users of existing and new Android devices in Europe which browser and search apps they would like to use. The announcement follows a July 2018 decision of the European Commission which prompted Google to change its licensing model for Google apps built for Android phones.

Competition is essential for making better products. When people get to make a choice between competing apps, they will be able to choose the best app for their use, and not just the app that is presented as the system default, said Krystian Kolondra, EVP Opera browsers, We believe this step on Android can help Europeans more easily discover and choose their favorite browser.

As the only major browser maker based in Europe, we have over many years invested significantly in the research and development of our browsers. We provide our millions of users with privacy and security for their web experience with features which have proven important to Europeans, including a free VPN, ad-blocker and crypto wallet. Over the last few years we have seen strong growth in Europe. Now, with hundreds of millions of people about to freely choose their desired browser app, we are optimistic about the prospect of offering Europeans the opportunity to experience the highest level of privacy and security by browsing the web with an Opera browser.

9. Opera launches built-in VPN in its Android browser., 20 [−]

Enhance privacy and security with free and unlimited browser VPN service

Oslo, Norway, 20 March, 2019: Opera, the Norwegian browser developer, released a new version of its mobile browser, Opera for Android 51, which now features a built-in VPN service.

The new browser VPN is free, unlimited and easy to use. When enabled it gives users enhanced control of their online privacy and improves their online security, especially when connecting to public Wi-Fi networks. With this addition, Opera marks a new standard for privacy and security in mobile browsing.

There are already more than 650 million people using VPN services globally. With Opera they can now enjoy a free and no-log service that enhances online privacy and improves security, said Peter Wallman, SVP Opera Browser for Android.

Increased online privacy

When users enable the built-in VPN, they will create a private and encrypted connection between their mobile devices and a remote VPN server, using strong 256-bit encryption algorithms. When enabled, the VPN will hide the user physical location and will make it hard to track their behavior on the Web. The browser VPN service is also a no-log service, which means that the VPN servers do not log and retain any activity data, all to protect users privacy.

Improved online security when on public Wi-Fi

The built-in VPN is a very useful feature for Internet users who connect to public Wi-Fi in coffee shops, airports and hotels. The VPN will send users request through a secure tunnel that encrypts Internet traffic coming in and out from their mobile devices. This reduces the risk of malicious third parties collecting sensitive information.

The fact is that users are exposed when they connect to public Wi-Fi without a VPN,” said Wallman. By enabling Operas browser VPN service, users make it very difficult for third parties to steal pieces of their information and can avoid being tracked. Users no longer need to question if or how they can protect their personal information in these situations.

Rapid growth of VPN services worldwide

Currently, there are more than 650 million VPN users around the world. According to a report by the Global World Index in 2018, the use of VPNs on mobile devices is rising. More than 42 percent of VPN users on mobile devices use VPN on a daily basis, and 35 percent of VPN users on computers use VPN daily.

The growing adoption of VPN services indicates that a built-in VPN is a must-have feature in modern browsers. Today, Internet users are searching for great solutions that give them more confidence when browsing the web.

We want to make VPN adoption easy and user-friendly, especially for those who want to feel more secure on the Web but are not aware of how to do it. This is a free solution for them that works, said Wallman.

Easy to use

Enabling the browser VPN is simple. Users need to tap on the settings of the browser, go to VPN and enable the feature according to their preference. They can also select the region to which they want to connect to.

Free and no sign-in

The built-in VPN is free, meaning users dont need to download additional apps on their smartphones or pay additional fees as they would for other private VPN services. With no sign-in process for Operas VPN service, users dont need to log in every time they want to use it, but simply hit a switch.

Available for download

Opera for Android is available for download in Google Play and at Opera.com. The rollout of the new version of Opera for Android 51 will be done gradually per region.

10. Opera Touch wins iF Design Award 2019 in Gold., 15 [−]

Munich Opera Touch won the top distinction in this years iF DESIGN AWARD, the i F gold award. From 6,375 submissions, only few were awarded the gold by the independent expert iF jury.

The winning Opera Touch, won a gold award in the discipline Communication, in the mobile app category. The jury released the following statement regarding its decision to issue Opera Touch the gold:

Opera Touch is a truly innovative mobile browser designed for convenient use on large smartphones. It features an innovative UI that can be operated with the thumb. In most web browsers, users must reach to the top of the screen to access the most important control elements. This gesture is one of the main reasons users accidentally drop their smartphones.

Opera Touch prevents this by introducing the Fast Action Button with all browser control elements positioned at the bottom of the screen. Opera is the only browser that keeps adjusting to users’ changing needs and that dares to challenge browser giants such as Chrome or Safari.

The browser also includes such useful features as a cookie dialog blocker, which allows users to block annoying cookie dialogs, a light and dark theme and many more functionalities which facilitate everyday browsing.

While working on Opera Touch, we wanted to create a beautiful, fast and lightweight browser centered around the ease of use on smartphones with large displays. We now have two of the worlds leading design awards to prove it. We first won the the Red Dot in November 2018 and now the iF Design Gold award. Needless to say we are thrilled and would like to encourage everyone to try our browser, said Maciej Kocemba, Product Manager for Opera Touch.

Each year, the worlds oldest independent design organization, Hannover-based iF International Forum Design GmbH, bestows the iF DESIGN AWARD on the best submissions.

More information about the design of Opera Touch can be found in the Design Excellence section of the iF WORLD DESIGN GUIDE. For the Opera Touch entry go to http://ifworlddesignguide.com/entry/258463-opera-touch

About Opera

Founded in 1995 in Norway, Opera delivers browsers and AI-driven digital content discovery solutions to more than 320 million people worldwide. The company remains one of the most innovative browser creators in the world. Opera is listed on Nasdaq under the OPRA ticker symbol.

Julia Szyndzielorz, Senior PR Manager at Opera and Maciej Kocemba, Product Manager Opera Touch received the award


For 66 years, the iF DESIGN AWARD has been recognized as an arbiter of quality for exceptional design. The iF label is renowned worldwide for outstanding design services, and the iF DESIGN AWARD is one of the most important design prizes in the world. Submissions are awarded in the following disciplines: Product, Packaging, Communication and Service Design, Architecture and Interior Architecture, as well as Professional Concepts. All awarded entries are featured on the iF WORLD DESIGN GUIDE, in the iF design app and are displayed at the iF design exhibition Hamburg.

For more information, please contact:

Julia Szyndzielorz

Senior PR Manager at Opera

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