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1. SpaceX Starlink copycats 'could destroy ISS by putting dodgy satellites in space'18:14[−]

EXCLUSIVE: Space debris the size of a fleck of paint can cause visible damage to the International Space Station when it is travelling at speeds in excess of 17,500mph

2. Great white shark attacks swimmer who punches it and tells it to 'f*** off'17:42[−]

Nick Minogue, 60, from Auckland in New Zealand, was surfing close to Pauanui beach when the creature snuck up on him, bit his arm and latched its teeth into his surfboard

3. Locusts, coronavirus and earthquakes: Iran hit by three disasters on same day17:32[−]

Footage has shown millions of the locusts swarming the skies at an unknown location in Iran

4. Lab monkeys infected with coronavirus in desperate bid to find vaccine17:17[−]

The US monkeys were treated with a new experimental drug to combat the respiratory disease, which has spread across the globe

5. Parallel universes exist and we will soon explore them, physicist says16:30[−]

Theoretical physicist Sean Carroll says that clues in the small-scale structure of the universe point to the existence of numerous parallel worlds

6. The richest human of all time – the race to be the world's first trillionaire16:09[−]

The gap between the world's richest and poorest is widening dramatically. As millions are on the breadline, a handful are poised on the brink of unimaginable wealth

7. Five rhinos die in park from anthrax poisoning with elephant safari cancelled15:50[−]

The forest department in Jaldapara National Park in northern Bengal state, India, is vaccinating its captive elephants against anthrax, while drones have been sent in to discover if other animals have been taken ill

8. Sexy rail conductor fired for steamy social media pics gets payout14:46[−]

Stunner Stephanie Katelnikoff was sacked for taking sultry snaps while on railway property

9. Police ambushed by 40,000 bees in honey trap after responding to single sting13:30[−]

Five people were rushed to hospital after the bizarre incident in California, including one firefighter who was stung seventeen times

10. Prisoner tries to escape jail but ends up crashing through ceiling of waiting room13:29[−]

Jessica Boomershine was filmed clambering into the ceiling only to fall back down moments later at the jail in Miamisberg, Ohio

11. Man slaps boy, 4, and cuts his penis after he 'cries out for missing mum'12:29[−]

The little lad arrived at his babysitter's in tears and reported his injuries to the authorities, with his alleged attacker now detained on a charge of aggravated child abuse

12. AC Milan and Inter Milan games called off as coronavirus kills two in Italy11:30[−]

All sporting events will be suspended on Sunday in the region of Lombardy, with a number of towns and villages on lockdown

13. Rape victim, 11, gives birth in bathtub to baby 'fathered by her brother, 17'07:34[−]

Disturbing details have emerged after an 11-year-old girl gave birth to a baby boy who was allegedly fathered by her biological brother

14. Brazilian model strangled with belt in LA before corpse dumped 1,000 miles away07:15[−]

Ana Braga, 24, vanished from her home in Los Angeles last month. She had moved to California from Brazil in 2019 in the hopes of pursuing a career as a model.

15. Super Bowl streaker Kelly Kay joins 'no bra club' in see-through top snap05:36[−]

Kelly Kay Green's legion of Instagram fans praised the bombshell blonde when she posted a snap following her recent boob job

16. Daredevil 'Mad' Mike Hughes dies in rocket crash tragedy03:17[−]

US daredevil 'Mad' Mike Hughes has died after his self-made rocket launched hundreds of feet into the air and crashed - all while being caught on camera

17. Green zombie fungus 'holds key' to fighting apocalyptic African locust plague01:53[−]

The killer fungus’ effect on the locusts is murderous as it drills through the insects hard exoskeleton and gradually poisons them — turning them into a green mossy lump

18. Rowan Baxter 'turned down joint custody' of kids before killing them in car fireСб, 22 фев[−]

The ex-rugby league star strapped his young kids into an SUV before starting an inferno by dousing them in petrol and tossing a match into the car in horrifying scenes in Brisbane, Australia

19. Wildlife photographer shocked to see seagulls on beach fighting over a dildoСб, 22 фев[−]

Conservation photographer Jennifer Leigh Warner says she's glad her photos showing seabirds fighting over sex toys are raising awareness of plastic pollution in the world's oceans

20. Bullied boy with disabilities Quaden Bayles beams as he leads out rugby teamСб, 22 фев[−]

Just days earlier a heartbreaking video went viral showing Quaden Bayles, from Queensland, Australia, tell his mum he didn't want to live anymore because of bullies

21. Doomsday cult with 'immortal' leader at heart of coronavirus superspreader outbreakСб, 22 фев[−]

The Wuhan coronavirus designated as COVID-19 is spreading at an alarming speed across South Korea, with a bizarre doomsday cult supposedly at the centre of the outbreak

22. Topless Rio carnival dancers dazzle in skimpy outfits for raunchy street partiesСб, 22 фев[−]

The carnival is a regular highlight in the Brazilian calendar and is noted for the exuberant dress of its dancers, drawn from Rio de Janeiro’s 200 or so samba schools

23. ‘Worst fears realised’ as locusts seen hatching in Africa with new wave set to hitСб, 22 фев[−]

Billions of locusts have already laid waste to several countries in east Africa and now a fresh invasion could be imminent after the insects were seen hatching in Kenya

24. Petition to shutdown Pornhub launched over human trafficking and rape fearsСб, 22 фев[−]

More than 200,000 people have signed a petition calling for an end to the "super-predator site", claiming it features youngsters under the age of consent

25. Baby elephant torn apart by hyenas as mum watches helplessly in shocking picsСб, 22 фев[−]

WARNING, GRAPHIC CONTENT BELOW: Wildlife photographer Jens Cullmann says he was 'helpless' to prevent the little animal from being eaten alive by hyenas and vultures

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