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1. Dad kills six-month-old baby and toddler sister before leaving bodies in garden06:14[−]

The bodies of Amyah Engleman, two, and Caraline Engleman, six months, were found in the garden with gunshot wounds. Cops also discovered the body of dad, Kyle Brandon Grieb nearby

2. What new orange dot on iPhone screen means - and why it could be a bad sign05:14[−]

The tech giant has launched the new update to reassure users who feel "apps are listening in" – with the orange dot signalling if the microphone or camera is being used

3. Teen ‘gang-raped by 11 men' before being thrown to her death from building04:06[−]

Hamdi Mohamed Farah's brutal death has sparked fury across the country with protestors calling for justice, and an end to the culture of violence against women. She was hurled off a building after being gang-raped, say police

4. Military police requested using 'heat ray' against Black Lives Matter protesters01:15[−]

A high-ranking military police officer asked if the Washington DC Black Lives Matter protests could be dispersed using a controversial microwave weapon

5. MP left red-faced as he appears to watch porn on his phone in parliament00:47[−]

Thai MP Ronnathep Anuwat was caught looking pictures showing a young woman with her top off as he sat in parliament in Bangkok, Thailand, on Thursday September 17

6. Child rapists face death and others surgical castration in Nigeria's new lawsЧт, 17 сен[−]

The change in legislation in Kaduna, Nigeria, follows months of civil unrest as rape figures soared across the region, prompting Nasir Ahmad el-Rufai to declare a state of emergency

7. Donald Trump accused of groping ex-model at tennis tournament by 'gripping her'Чт, 17 сен[−]

US president Donald Trump has ben accused of groping former model Amy Dorris during a tennis tournament at the US Open in New York in 1997, when she was 24

8. Woman 'parties and kisses friends on bar crawl despite having Covid-19 symptoms'Чт, 17 сен[−]

A US military employee could face up to 10 years in jail after she went out partying with colleagues despite having a sore throat which is a coronavirus symptom

9. 'Cannibal fish' with huge teeth scares walker as it lunges to bite him on beachЧт, 17 сен[−]

Despite having been washed up on a beach, the "cannibal fish" had lost none of its bite, and it decided to take a bite out of shocked dog-walker Con Fowler

10. 'Let me die' pleads girl hospitalised after 'sustained campaign of sexual abuse'Чт, 17 сен[−]

The seven-year-old girl is reported to have been in and out of hospital time after time over the past two years but the authorities have not yet to take any action against her parents

11. Mum 'humiliated' after being kicked off flight when toddler 'pulled mask down'Чт, 17 сен[−]

Jodi Degyansky claims she was thrown off the Southwest Airlines flight to Chicago because her lad Hayes took off his face covering to eat a snack before departure

12. Boy, 13, jailed for 10 years for blasphemy after mentioning Allah in argumentЧт, 17 сен[−]

The lad was sentenced to 10 years' "menial labour" at a Sharia court in Kano State in northwest Nigeria after using bad language in a row with a schoolmate

13. Bizarre moment man spots two dogs nonchalantly sitting on chairs in backyardЧт, 17 сен[−]

An unnerving video of two dogs sitting on plastic garden chairs and freaking out a passing van driver has gone viral on TikTok – with fans saying the pooches could be from neighbourhood watch

14. Coronavirus bodies piling up on Caribbean island after only undertaker gets sickЧт, 17 сен[−]

San Andres is experiencing a spike in Covid-19 cases and bodies are now stacked up in the morgue because the island's sole funeral home has had to close due to illness

15. German influencer arrested for taking racy snaps on cop car and 'leaving dents'Чт, 17 сен[−]

German influencer Emmy Russ is being investigated by police after she posed on a patrol vehicle parked outside a police station and left a dent in the car bonnet

16. Bloke with balls of steel shoves away huge 13ft crocodile stalking him in riverЧт, 17 сен[−]

Crocodile handler Matt Wright got irritated and had to order the 13ft apex predator to "give it up" when he found it following him in the shallow waters while he was trying to clear the waterway

17. Saudi Arabia 'has enough uranium' for devastating nuclear weapons programmeЧт, 17 сен[−]

The potential reserves have been identified at three deposits in the kingdom, according to a Chinese report. One expert said it would be “well in excess” of what a few power plants would need

18. Venus is a 'Russian planet' claims Kremlin and vows to beat NASA to alien searchЧт, 17 сен[−]

Dmitri Rogozin, head of Kremlin-backed Roscosmos space agency, said Venus is a "Russian planet" and the country will send probes to find aliens on its 465C surface

19. Monkeys could have 'fundamental rights' as Switzerland holds historic voteЧт, 17 сен[−]

The country's top court gave the go-ahead for citizens to decide on amending their region's constitution to include "fundamental rights to life for nonhuman primates"

20. Calls for dogs to be let loose in prisons as they 'calm' lagsЧт, 17 сен[−]

Prison bosses say dogs "calm" inmates down as lags in three jails in the North East said the therapy pooches were "non-judgmental" and boosted their confidence

21. Black panther on the loose near town – locals urged to stay awayЧт, 17 сен[−]

The animal has been spotted several times, with one cyclist capturing a clear photograph of the big cat. It is believed to be travelling between neighbouring towns in southern Spain

22. Putin critic Alexei Navalny was 'poisoned by novichok via water bottle' in hotelЧт, 17 сен[−]

The leading Russian opposition activist was taken ill on a flight last month from the city of Tomsk to Moscow and was placed in a coma at a hospital in Berlin, where this week he finally woke up

23. German shepherd 'cries' as he's forced to eat chilli in disturbing new trendЧт, 17 сен[−]

The unsettling videos featured the pets being forced to binge-eat on dog food, raw meat, spices and snacks, which eventually left them unable to digest properly

24. China and Russia ‘have weaponised space with killer energy weapon satellites’Чт, 17 сен[−]

The United States Secretary of Defense Mark Esper claimed Moscow and Beijing have "turned a once peaceful arena into a war-fighting domain" which threatens the country's air superiority

25. Notorious neo-Nazi hooligan known as Machete found dead in jail covered in bloodЧт, 17 сен[−]

Maxim Martsinkevich - nicknamed Tesak - was discovered in his prison cell in a Urals detention centre, reportedly from asphyxia, with a razor next to his body and blood on his neck and face

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