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1. British Airways unveils swish Club Suites where every customer gets their own pods17:50[−]

BRITISH Airways has revealed pictures of its new Club Suites. The swanky Business Class zones contain individual pods for ultimate comfort.Комментарии

2. Pilot makes unique gesture to his passengers when flight is delayedВс., 17 марта[−]

A PILOT has made a flight delay a little more bearable than usual.Комментарии

3. Pilot shares TRUTH about what happens during emergency plane evacuationsСб., 16 марта[−]

HAVE you ever wondered what really happens during an emergency evacuation on a plane?Комментарии

4. Bad news for nervous flyers as turbulence set to INCREASE by 149 percentЧт., 14 марта[−]

EXTREME turbulence is set to become more common.Комментарии

5. Thomas Cook launches new 'sleeper seats' in ECONOMY classСр., 13 марта[−]

THOMAS Cook flights are about to get a whole lot comfier. Holidaymakers now have the option of booking 'sleeper seats' in economy class.Комментарии

6. TUI launches MEGA sale on holidays – prices start at just ?148ppВт., 12 марта[−]

LOOKING to book a holiday on a budget? TUI has launched a super sale this month – here are the best deals, discounts and bargains.Комментарии

7. The Mile-High Club Sandwich – a specially designed snack for peckish plane passengersВт., 12 марта[−]

AIRLINE FOOD meets its match with these two scientifically-designed sarniesКомментарии

8. Bloke running late for flight invents GENIUS 'breakfast in a bag'Чт., 07 марта[−]

HERO traveller Nathan Hethrington mis-timed his Wetherspoons brunch – and accidentally invented the Full English in a Bag.Комментарии

9. Costa del Sol set to open a ?515million shopping resort – take a look aroundЧт., 07 марта[−]

MILLIONS of pounds are getting pumped into the Costa del Sol. Intu is opening a vast shopping complex in the Spanish holiday destination.Комментарии

10. Pilot reveals what ACTUALLY happens when a plane loses pressureВт., 05 марта[−]

HAVE you ever wondered what really happens when there’s a loss of cabin pressure?Комментарии

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