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1. Black Ops 4 Update Patch Notes TODAY: Call of Duty 1.23 changes on PS4, Xbox, PC revealedВт, 13 авг 2019[−]

BLACK OPS 4 1.23 patch notes have just been released for the new update for the game on PS4, Xbox and PC. Here's everything you need to know...Комментарии

2. Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Update Time: Zombies Pandemic comes to Xbox and PC TODAYВт, 13 авг 2019[−]

CALL Of Duty Black Ops 4 Pademic update is finally coming to Xbox One and PC. Here is everything you need to know about the update which includes Pandemic.Комментарии

3. Apex Legends Update Patch Notes: New Solo PS4 and Xbox changes revealedВт, 13 авг 2019[−]

EA and Respawn have pushed out the newest event for Apex Legends that'll see players go head-to-head to fight it out and come away with the best loot.Комментарии

4. No Man’s Sky Beyond release date, launch time, update patch notes and VR newsВт, 13 авг 2019[−]

No Man's Sky is getting its 2.0 update very soon, and it promises to be a significant update to what Hello Games has released before - here's what you need to know.Комментарии

5. Apex Legends Patch Notes update: Respawn reveals Bloodhound Heirloom, map changes, moreВт, 13 авг 2019[−]

Apex Legends next update will introduce a Solo Mode LTM to the game that will seriously change how you play the game - and some quality of life updates will be a part of that patch.Комментарии

6. Need for Speed 2019 reveal: What time will new NFS game be shown? How to watch trailer?Вт, 13 авг 2019[−]

EA's much-loved racing franchise is set to make a surprise return this week, but what can we expect from the reveal – and when will we hear more?Комментарии

7. Overwatch Update TIME: Sigma Release and Role Queue Patch on PS4 and XboxВт, 13 авг 2019[−]

Overwatch will soon receive a new update from Blizzard that will introduce a new feature to the title: Role Queue. Rumours abound that we're also going to see the release of Sigma in the game, too.Комментарии

8. GTA 6 release update is good news for next Grand Theft Auto, but not for PS4 and Xbox OneВт, 13 авг 2019[−]

GTA Online recently launched the Casino Update for the game and it sounds like it could have an even bigger impact on the release of Rockstar Games next Grand Theft Auto game. Although it's unlikely to arrive on PS4 or Xbox OneКомментарии

9. PUBG Mobile update 0.14 Patch Notes: Release Date, Download time for new Zombie InfectionВт, 13 авг 2019[−]

PUBG Mobile servers went down overnight so Tencent could ready up the release of update 0.14.0 on Android and iOS - here's what you need to know.Комментарии

10. Fortnite 10.10 Server Status downtime delayed ahead of next patch update timeВт, 13 авг 2019[−]

[FORTNITE UPDATE - The server downtime has been delayed] The next Fortnite update is being released tomorrow, August 13, with downtime and server maintenance, also confirmed.Комментарии

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