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1. House of Commons speaker John Bercow 'QUITTING'Вт., 16 окт.[−]

JOHN Bercow is set to stand down from his role as Speaker of the House of Commons, it has been claimed.Комментарии

2. Theresa May gets LAUGHED AT by MPs over Brexit progress claimsПн., 15 окт.[−]

THERESA May was laughed at by MPs after she insisted progress has been made on Brexit as she gave an update on negotiations in the House of Commons.Комментарии

3. Theresa May to make emergency Brexit statement today as EU talks hit 'significant problem'Пн., 15 окт.[−]

THERESA May will today make an announcement in the House of Commons about Brexit after fraught negotiations with EU ground to a halt.Комментарии

4. Last-minute Brexit talks COLLAPSE – No deal 'LIKELY'Пн., 15 окт.[−]

LAST-MINUTE Brexit talks have dramatically broken down – and a "no deal" scenario is now said to be likely.Комментарии

5. Theresa May faces being OUSTED as PM as Tories threaten Brexit rebellion THIS WEEKВс., 14 окт.[−]

THERESA May is facing down a major rebellion, with key cabinet Tories turning on her Brexit plan and 63 Brexiteers slamming the government in a show of strength.Комментарии

6. Brits could be BANNED from Netflix and Spotify after BrexitПт., 12 окт.[−]

BRITS could be banned from using Netflix and Spotify in the EU if Theresa May fails to secure a trade, reports say.Комментарии

7. 'Brexit BETRAYAL’ Top ministers to quit over PM’s plan to keep UK and EU tied INDEFINITELYПт., 12 окт.[−]

A GROUP of senior cabinet ministers are reportedly on the brink of quitting over Theresa May’s plans to keep Britain tied to the EU indefinitely post-Brexit.Комментарии

8. Brexit: Special agents recruited to deal with ‘CIVIL EMERGENCIES’Ср., 10 окт.[−]

THE British Government is advertising for specialist agents to help with potential “civil emergencies” caused by Brexit.Комментарии

9. Brexit heading for NO DEAL: Theresa May faces REBELLION as 40 MPs set to reject PM's planВт., 09 окт.[−]

AT LEAST 40 MPs are prepared to reject a Brexit deal based on Theresa May’s Chequers plan in a House of Commons vote, a former Brexit minister has said.Комментарии

10. Hillary Clinton attacks Vladimir Putin for ‘meddling in Brexit’ ahead of UK speechВт., 09 окт.[−]

HILLARY Clinton has urged Britain to “call out” Vladimir Putin over allegations Russia swayed the Brexit vote in favour of leaving by meddling in the referendum.Комментарии

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