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1. Sex tips Xmas advent calendar: Open today's window to increase sexual confidence13:00[−]

To mark the 16th day of our sexy advent calendar, Daily Star Online is bringing you tips to increase your sexual confidence

2. Porn industry to be revolutionised by millions tuning into erotic 'aural sex'Вс, 15 дек[−]

More and more people are downloading sexy fantasy stories for private – and sometimes even public – listening

3. Sex tips Xmas advent calendar: Open today's window for new intimate positionВс, 15 дек[−]

It’s the 15th day of our kinky advent calendar! And to celebrate, today we've unveiled a new sex position for you to try in bed

4. Sexpert outlines the seven ‘secret’ signs when a woman wants to sleep with youВс, 15 дек[−]

Nadia Bokody has revealed the signs to indicate whether or not that girl you met at the bar is really in to you

5. Erotic photographer spills on what really happens behind the scenes of porn shootsВс, 15 дек[−]

New York based photographer Ellen Stagg has lifted the lid on her job and all the raunchy snaps she has to take

6. Best pick-up lines for women to try on men, according to scientistsСб, 14 дек[−]

Women, if you're looking to score – scientists have revealed the best pick-up lines to use to get men into your knickers

7. Sex tips Xmas advent calendar: Turn Tantric sex into a mind-blowing experienceСб, 14 дек[−]

On the 14th day of our naughty advent calendar, Daily Star Online and Ann Summers is teaching you all about Tantric sex

8. Alien porn searches take Pornhub by storm in 2019 thanks to Area 51 ‘raid’Пт, 13 дек[−]

Pornhub insights show that alien porn has been highly popular ever since the Area 51 'raid'

9. Women more likely to get ‘glamboozled’ than men – 60% fall victim to sex trendПт, 13 дек[−]

The sex trend has been around for a while but women are more likely to get “glamboozled” than men – here's why

10. Top Christmas sex positions exposed – Brits vote for their favourite kinky moveПт, 13 дек[−]

The top 12 Christmas sex positions have been revealed and the result might actually surprise you

11. Sex tips Xmas advent calendar: Give doggy style move a seriously kinky twistПт, 13 дек[−]

On the 13th day of Christmas, Daily Star Online has given you a very kinky twist to an old time classic

12. Woman bonks men from every political party – and lifts lid on who's best in bedЧт, 12 дек[−]

Could the way you vote affect how good you are in bed? Here's how Millicent Binks' lovers have fared in the sack, depending on their political persuasion

13. Sex tips Xmas advent calendar: Open today's door for fun device to satisfy needsЧт, 12 дек[−]

It's the 12th day of our kinky advent calendar! To celebrate Daily Star Online has revealed the sex toy which will make you begging for more

14. Most popular porn searches of 2019 exposed – alien and femdom make the listСр, 11 дек[−]

Pornhub’s most popular porn searches of this year has been revealed. The stats show that a lot of people have been searching for alien and even femdom porn

15. Get on the naughty list with this kinky Secret Santa sex positionСр, 11 дек[−]

Are you looking to get seriously frisky tonight? Ann Summers has unveiled a very naughty sex position to try

16. Marriage killers that strike couples at Christmas, according to a sexologistСр, 11 дек[−]

Could these factors spark trouble in your relationship? A sexologist lifted the lid on why so many couples divorce after the Christmas season is over

17. Woman collects ?4,300 worth of lingerie and sex toys – but can't use themСр, 11 дек[−]

A mum has spent thousands on underwear and vibrators. And while her collection makes her happy,

18. Sex tips Xmas advent calendar: Open today's door for an extra powerful orgasmСр, 11 дек[−]

Welcome to the eleventh day of our kinky advent calendar and we promise you'll be in for a serious treat if you try this sex toy

19. Porn star sells sexy Christmas baubles with her face on themСр, 11 дек[−]

Tanya Tate is selling raunchy Christmas ornaments. The heart-shaped baubles have the porn star's face on them – much to fans' delight

20. Least attractive profession in the UK – 34% won’t have sex with these workersВт, 10 дек[−]

Have you ever wondered what the least profession was in the UK? According to a recent study, 34% of people won’t have sex with sewage workers

21. Sex tips Xmas advent calendar: Open today's window for extra kinky sex positionВт, 10 дек[−]

It's the tenth day of our Sexmas Advent Calendar and today we're going to give you a very kinky sex position to try in bed

22. Sex tips Xmas advent calendar: Open today to give partner 'wild' sensationsПн, 09 дек[−]

It's the ninth day of our Sexmas Advent Calendar and now it's time to give him an early Christmas present!

23. Safe sex words to use when things get seriously heated under the sheetsПн, 09 дек[−]

Having the freedom to explore and unleash your desires is all fun and games, but you should have a safe word ready for when things get too much

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