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1. Porn star Riley Reid marks 29th birthday with very cheeky Instagram snap17:35[−]

Porn star Riley Reid posted some very sexy snaps on Instagram in celebration of her 29th birthday. Her fans gushed over the near-naked post

2. Tantric sexpert explains how to have an 'energy orgasm' and full-body experience10:30[−]

Tantric sex healer Sunni Joy shared her tips and claims the first step to achieving an energy orgasm is to be open to the possibility of having one anyway

3. Dating coach's seven red flags show 'he's just not that into you'Чт, 09 июл[−]

A millionaire matchmaker lifted the lid on seven warning signs that your partner is 'just not that into you'.

4. Kinky sex toy with 50 settings promises A-spot stimulation for intense pleasureЧт, 09 июл[−]

Looking for something new and daring to try in the bedroom? Here, we look at two sex toys which will totally blow your mind – and the devices both hit the A-spot

5. Sexpert slams biggest 'turn-off' – and says to dump lover if they moan about itСр, 08 июл[−]

Nadia Bokody said that period sex shouldn’t be a huge "turn-off" for guys in the bedroom and warned women to leave their partners if they don’t like it

6. Married woman has 'beer goggles sex' on date with taken man after pubs reopenedСр, 08 июл[−]

Suzy, 29, from Bristol, slept with the married marketing manager she met on a popular dating website after alcohol put her in the mood for some passion

7. Brits are suffering from 'sex fright' after lockdownВт, 07 июл[−]

Stephanie Taylor, an intimate health expert, offers her best advice for those worried about jumping into the sheets again after the lockdown is over

8. Best budget sex toys to promise earth-shattering orgasms – prices start at ?1Вт, 07 июл[−]

If you're trying to spice up your sex life fast, here are a number of toys and gadgets to try in the bedroom – and prices won't break the bank either with a few costing ?1

9. Woman uses Primark shoe rack to display sex toys – and her collection is hugeВт, 07 июл[−]

A Primark shopper came up with a nifty way to store her sex toys. Instead of hiding them in a drawer, she uses a shoe holder to put them on display

10. Sexpert gives toe-curling advice as study shows women orgasm 48% of the timeПн, 06 июл[−]

Kate Moyle, a sex and relationship expert, gave her best advice to couples experiencing an 'orgasm gap' as study shows men climax more than women

11. Kinky bloke lands in ?20,000 of debt paying for women to go on holiday and shopПн, 06 июл[−]

The anonymous man has a financial domination kink – he lets strangers online, girlfriends and glamour models take his money for nothing because it turns him on

12. Porn star quits industry to earn ?40k a month on OnlyFansПн, 06 июл[−]

Jason Luv, 35, from Louisiana, was an award-winning male porn star. Now, he earns nearly ?500,000 a year performing kinky requests on OnlyFans

13. Sexpert's traffic light system is a must for those experimenting with bondageПн, 06 июл[−]

A sexpert outlined a simple 'traffic light system', which helps to keep you satisfied when experimenting with BDSM. Bondage play can be very fun if done safely

14. Sexpert details seven 'sex hacks' to make you more irresistible in the bedroomВс, 05 июл[−]

Sexpert Nadia Bokody enlightened her 244,000 subscribers on YouTube with seven important "sex hacks" which will make you so much better in the bedroom

15. How to crank up your kissing game in six simple steps, according to a sexpertВс, 05 июл[−]

International Kissing Day falls on 6 July (Monday) and to gear you up for the special occasion, Daily Star Online has revealed how you can perfect your smooching technique

16. Best sex positions to promise a mind-blowing finish on National Orgasm DayВс, 05 июл[−]

As it’s National Orgasm Day today (July 5), we figured it would be the greatest time to reveal the best sex positions which will promise earth-shattering orgasms

17. Take orgasms to another level with kinky sex toy that promises G-spot pleasureСб, 04 июл[−]

Do you want multiple orgasms this weekend? Here's a kinky sex toy that Daily Star Online and Ann Summers recommends to really amp up your pleasure instantly

18. UK's secret sex dungeon for BDSM lovers to 'cater for almost every taste'Сб, 04 июл[−]

The Secret Dungeon offers BDSM fans a wide range of facilities from a play space to a secluded hot tub which provides the ideal place to relax and unwind

19. Actress romped with husband 10 times a day when trying to get pregnantПт, 03 июл[−]

Deborah Secco has opened up about her sex life. She admitted she still lusts over her husband Hugo Moura – and spoke about how much they romped when they were trying to conceive

20. Six tips to take masturbation to the next level, according to a sex doctorПт, 03 июл[−]

Want to spice up your steamy masturbation sessions? Dr Emily Morse is here to help. The sexpert lifted the lid on ways to make solo sex feel exciting again

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