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1. Five most popular sex dreams – and what they REALLY meanПт., 22 февр.[−]

HAVE you ever wondered what your sex dream really means?Комментарии

2. Couples are LOVING The Heavyweight sex position – here’s how to master itВт., 19 февр.[−]

WANT to spice it up in the bedroom?Комментарии

3. Horoscopes 2019: Your star sign reveals what turns you on in bedПн., 18 февр.[−]

ASTROLOGERS revealed the sexual preferences of different star signs. Here’s what your horoscope could say about your turn ons.Комментарии

4. Penis injection like LIP FILLERS could make men last THREE times longer in bedСб., 16 февр.[−]

WANT to last longer in bed? Here’s a beauty treatment jab that might improve sex lives.Комментарии

5. Sex on Valentine's Day? Why millions secretly fear getting amorousЧт., 14 февр.[−]

MILLIONS of British women admit they are “dreading” sex this St Valentine’s weekend, it has emerged.Комментарии

6. Couples are LOVING the Horsing Around sex position – it’s a kinky one for Valentine’s DayЧт., 14 февр.[−]

WHY not try a different sex position this Valentine’s Day?Комментарии

7. Six foods that could help boost your sex drive this Valentine’s DayЧт., 14 февр.[−]

BOOST your sex drive this Valentine’s Day by incorporating these foods into your meals.Комментарии

8. Woman avoids ONE thing in bed to guarantee better sex life: ‘It’s a sacrifice’Пн., 11 февр.[−]

A SEX columnist believes couples should refrain from doing one thing in bed.Комментарии

9. Man MORTIFIED by bizarre thing he witnessed his girlfriend doing immediately after sexПн., 11 февр.[−]

A MAN has spoken candidly about the “weird as f***” thing he caught his girlfriend doing after sex.Комментарии

10. Couples are LOVING the Sandwich sex position – here's how to master itВс., 10 февр.[−]

LOOKING for a new sex position this Valentine’s Day?Комментарии

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