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1. Royal fans CONVINCED Fergie and Prince Andrew back together after 'sweet message'02:25[−]

SARAH Ferguson has been sent a sweet message from former husband Prince Andrew – as royal fans continue to plead for the couple to reunite.Комментарии

2. Fergie and Prince Andrew BOMBARDED by fans DEMANDING they RE-MARRY02:00[−]

PRINCE Andrew and Sarah Ferguson are being bombarded with messages from fans urging them to re-marry.Комментарии

3. UK weather: ‘Severe snow’ to FREEZE Britain as four month ‘Polar assault’ begins NEXT WEEK02:00[−]

AN ONSLAUGHT of savage winter weather including “substantial snow” and sub-zero temperatures will cripple Britain for four months from next week, a long-range forecast has claimed.Комментарии

4. Gingers DESPAIR as Harry and Meghan’s baby has just 25% chance of being a red-head00:35[−]

PRINCE Harry and Meghan Markle’s baby has only a small chance of being ginger – leaving red-heads in despair.Комментарии

5. London travel CHAOS as power failure leaves THOUSANDS strandedВт., 16 окт.[−]

A POWER failure at London Victoria has caused travel chaos for thousands of commuters tonight.Комментарии

6. Homeless man in tent suffers BROKEN spine after ‘Russian’ gang attacked himВт., 16 окт.[−]

A HOMELESS man was left with a broken spine after being attacked by a gang of four when sleeping in his tent.Комментарии

7. ‘SEXY princess’ Meghan Markle costume on sale with MINI-SKIRT wedding dressВт., 16 окт.[−]

A MAJOR online retailer has revealed a Meghan Markle lookalike Halloween costume dubbed a “sexy American Princess”.Комментарии

8. Piers Morgan and WWE legend Edge trade Twitter blows: ‘You need to get a GRIP'Вт., 16 окт.[−]

PIERS Morgan and WWE legend Edge have traded blows on inTwitter in a bitter row over whether or not men have been “emasculated” in #PapooseGate.Комментарии

9. Twitter in MAJOR notifications glitch – users fear 'illuminati is COMING'Вт., 16 окт.[−]

TWITTER has suffered a major glitch that has sparked fears the "illuminati is coming".Комментарии

10. Paralysed during SEX: Boyfriend 'laughed' as mum 'catapulted' off bed in ?1MILLION lawsuitВт., 16 окт.[−]

A MUM left paralysed during sex after being “catapulted” from her new bed was laughed at by her partner, the High Court heard.Комментарии

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