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1. NHS worker hacked to death by machete-wielding ex in front of neighbours20:34[−]

Mum-of-three Victoria Woodhall, 31, was brutally killed by her estranged husband, Craig Woodhall, who has since pleaded guilty to her murder at Sheffield Crown Court

2. Greek hurricane leaves two dead as violent Storm Ianos batters country20:13[−]

Two people are dead after roads and buildings collapsed during flooding caused by powerful Storm Ianos. And fears are growing for a missing woman who ignored firefighters' advice

3. Harry ‘deeply hurt’ as Meghan 'left out' of birthday messages, writer says19:20[−]

A royal expert has claimed Prince Harry must have been upset over the fact other Royal Family members failed to include Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, in the images they shared to mark his birthday

4. Killer whales gobble shark testicles after 'ripping them open' in savage attacks18:55[−]
WARNING, GRAPHIC CONTENT BELOW: Scientists are shocked by the unusual sea assaults which see orcas slicing their sea enemies from the throat down before guzzling their hearts, livers and munching on their reproductive organs

5. UK coronavirus infections rise by 4,422 as second wave hits country18:43[−]

Infection rates have spiked again – with hints that local lockdowns and the 'Rule of Six' might not be going far enough to contain the spread of the deadly Covid-19 virus

6. Heavily pregnant woman told by midwives to 'take a walk' loses baby in delivery18:28[−]

WARNING, UPSETTING CONTENT BELOW: A woman whose baby died during a "chaotic" delivery has told how her "laid-back" nurses turned her away from hospital, to find later on that the was baby trapped inside the birth canal without oxygen

7. Woman falls from car into M25 traffic after hanging out window for Snapchat vid18:07[−]

She was in the front passenger seat and ended upon a "live lane" between junction six and the Clacket Lane Services in Westerham, Kent, Surrey Police said. Miraculously, she suffered no serious injuries

8. Pitbull whimpers for kids to wake up every morning so he can snuggle them17:56[−]

The adorable pooch is left begging for the kids in the house to wake up every morning so he can have a snuggle with them. As a viral TikTok video shows, even treats can't cheer him up

9. UK could face ‘short, sharp lockdowns for next six months’ before vaccine17:44[−]

Millions of people are living under new coronavirus restrictions, as the UK witnesses a dramatic rise in infections. Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced the country is "seeing a second wave" of the virus

10. Tiny rescue kitten just 3 weeks old snuggles as close to his owner as possible17:12[−]

The heartwarming video has already received more than 80,000 upvotes on Reddit in a matter of hours, with viewers saying it had "made their day" while others said they had "never been so envious"

11. NASA tracking two asteroids set to collide with Earth’s orbit just hours apart16:30[−]

Asteroid 2020 SM and 2020 RO are expected to collide with Earth's orbit on the same day as each other. NASA predicts both space rocks to be anywhere between 45 and 130m wide

12. Hundreds of anti-lockdown protesters clash with police in Trafalgar Square16:14[−]

Anti-lockdown protestors gathered at Trafalgar Square in London with placard reading "this is now tyranny" and "plandemic" as they faced Metropolitan Riot Police

13. Tattoo row caused rift so painful a teen hasn't spoken to her mum in three years15:33[−]

When Casey Victory wanted a tattoo at the age of 15, she needed to get her parents' permission to get it. Her dad said yes, but things took a turn when her mum ended up taking him to court

14. Everton legend Neville Southall 'certain' he played with gay teammates15:26[−]

EXCLUSIVE: Former Wales goalkeeper is sure he played with some gay footballers during his long career and slammed the FA for its lack of support on the issue

15. Moment hit-and-run driver ploughs into elderly man – not knowing he's a relative14:20[−]

WARNING, DISTRESSING CONTENT: Fathetha Begun Abedin was jailed for six months for the dangerous driving offence and 12 months for perverting the course of justice at Leicester Crown Court this week

16. Escaped prisoner tries to give himself up seven times, but police say no14:18[−]

Akram Uddin escaped from an open prison on the Isle of Sheppey in June, but when he tried to give himself up a few days later, he says, he couldn't get arrested

17. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle warned over 'appalling' Frogmore Cottage loophole14:06[−]

Graham Smith, CEO of anti-Monarchy group Republic, said it would be "appalling" for Prince Harry and Meghan to turn around and "say we won't use it therefore we can have our money back"

18. Police name murder victim, 23, whose body was found on fire in south London13:49[−]

The Metropolitan Police have confirmed that the man whose body was discovered on fire in south London on Thursday was 23-year-old Loeike Guei. A head injury is believed to be the cause of death

19. Harry and Meghan ‘feeling very happy’ in new Montecito home after leaving LA13:26[−]

Meghan Markle appeared in a new video from her Montecito home recently, with a small piece of furniture proving how much herself and Prince Harry are enjoying living in California

20. Workers forced to self isolate could be given payouts 'to stop Covid-19 spread'12:41[−]

Government research found one in five people are self-isolating after developing Covid-19 symptoms and ministers are reportedly considering giving Brits a one-off payment of "hundreds of pounds"

21. Pubs and restaurants could shut in days as Boris plots two-week 'circuit break'12:04[−]

This could be our 'last weekend of freedom' as some government insiders push for a new lockdown but the PM is said to prefer a 'circuit breaker' mini lockdown in October

22. Glam sister of woman shot dead on night out slams 'gutless' witnesses11:27[−]

Heartbroken Annette Jovanovic has slammed "gutless witnesses" for not speaking up about the death of her sister, Ivona Jovanovic, 27, who died after being shot in the chest on September 8 2019

23. Foreign Secretary's police bodyguard suspended for leaving loaded gun on plane09:52[−]

The Metropolitan Police have confirmed that an internal investigation will now be launched after a bungling protection officer travelling with Dominic Raab left his gun on a flight from the US

24. McDonald's deep-cleaned after workers test positive for coronavirus08:00[−]

Two members of staff tested positive for the deadly bug and were told to self-isolate. The branch has been deep-cleaned as a precaution. This comes as two other branches reported outbreaks last week

25. Poor fox is found drowned in lake after getting its head stuck in a crisp packet05:07[−]

WARNING GRAPHIC IMAGES: Grisly images have been shared online showing a poor fox drowned after getting its head stuck in a crisp packet, sparking outrage online

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