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1. Supersized student loses 10st by ­playing Pokemon GO on his phone01:00[−]

Tommy Monkhouse tipped the scales at 23st he confided in a friend, who suggested he take up the cyber game

2. Boy, 10, who weighed 30st sheds 17st in amazing weight loss transformationПт, 24 янв[−]

Aria Permana has lost 17 stone after making international headlines in 2016 as a morbidly obese 10-year-old boy. The youngster's Instagram has shown how he went from weighing 30 stone to 13 stone

3. Gran, 55, mistaken for her 20-year-old daughter's sister shares exercise tricksЧт, 23 янв[−]

Sharon Orval, 55, and her 20-year-old daughter Hannah often have fans questioning whether they were sisters or not

4. Man's 16st weight loss after being 'too fat' to be best man at sister's weddingЧт, 23 янв[−]

Aaron Snares, 27, joined Slimming World and turned his life around when he refused to become the best man at his sister’s wedding because of his weight

5. Teen 4ft 10ins tall deadlifts three times her bodyweight in jaw-dropping videoСр, 22 янв[−]

Serena Abweh, who weighs 47kg and measures just 4’10” tall, has stunned Reddit users after a video of her deadlifting 150kg weights went viral

6. Simple pull-up technique sculpts shoulders and builds muscle fasterСр, 22 янв[−]

Want to build upper body muscle fast? Here’s a simple pull-up move which you could incorporate in your next workout

7. Walking for weight loss: Why walking is better for metabolism than going to the gymВт, 21 янв[−]

Walking for weight loss is a free way to exercise while also improving your general health. Here a professor explains why walking is better for your metabolism than going to the gym

8. YouTuber sheds 3st in 18 months by exercising less and changing routineВт, 21 янв[−]

A vlogger shared details of her weight loss transformation on YouTube. Rita Kaminski has lost an impressive 3st in 18 months – here's how

9. Man shares 16st weight loss which left him with debilitating excess skinВс, 19 янв[−]

Daniel Cushen, 34, tipped the scales at just under 30st at his heaviest after a diet which consisted of “nothing but takeaways”

10. Instagram star Kayla Itsines challenges 12 million fans to ‘sweaty’ abs workoutВс, 19 янв[−]

Kayla Itsines shared a sweaty ab workout to her 12.1 million Instagram followers for them to give it a go – so have you got what it takes?

11. Mum’s 10st weight loss transformation after being ‘too fat’ for funfair rideСб, 18 янв[−]

Philippa Wood, 31, is now a slim size 8 after shedding almost half her bodyweight when she joined Slimming World

12. Five jaw-dropping weight loss transformations that will make you want to hit the gymПт, 17 янв[−]

Whether it's losing 42st, becoming a fashion model or getting off benefits, these five super-slimmers have had some of the most dramatic transformations online

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