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1. Obese teenager drops 14st after years of bullying – you won’t believe what she looks nowВт., 16 окт.[−]

A TEENAGER, who was tormented by school bullies, has unveiled her incredible weight loss transformation.Комментарии

2. How to build muscle FAST: The most effective bulking exercise you’re probably not doingВт., 16 окт.[−]

WANT to lose weight and build muscle? Add this simple exercise to your workout.Комментарии

3. How to burn belly fat FAST: These foods help you lose weight and absorb less caloriesВт., 16 окт.[−]

WANT to slash belly fat fast? You need to add more of these foods to your diet.Комментарии

4. Woman dubbed the ‘fat friend’ sheds 6st following THIS flexible plan: ‘I still go out’Пн., 15 окт.[−]

A WOMAN who was fat-shamed has showed off her incredible weight loss in a series of transformation snaps.Комментарии

5. How to burn belly fat FAST: Drink these 5 beverages to lose weightВс., 14 окт.[−]

WANT to lose weight without heading to the gym? Drink these five bevs to blast belly fat without exercising.Комментарии

6. How to lose weight and build muscle: Top seven protein snacks REVEALEDВс., 14 окт.[−]

PROTEIN diet plans can promote weight loss and muscle growth. Try eating these foods to see the best results.Комментарии

7. How to lose weight fast: This exercise 600 calories in just 60 minutesВс., 14 окт.[−]

WANT to lose weight fast? Here's how volleyball could help you torch 600 calories in an hour.Комментарии

8. How to burn hip fat: Three exercises to banish love handles for goodВс., 14 окт.[−]

WORRYING about your love handles? These exercises will help you to burn hip fat fast.Комментарии

9. How to lose 4st in just 10 weeks: Playboy reveals one easy lifestyle change to shed weightСб., 13 окт.[−]

NOTORIOUS playboy Travers Beynon has revealed the “number one rule” to shed weight – and claims it could help you lose four stone in just 10 weeks.Комментарии

10. How to lose weight: Five keto meal prep ideas for slimmersСб., 13 окт.[−]

STRUGGLING for inspiration on the keto diet? These low carb and high protein meal prep recipes will help you reach your weight loss goals.Комментарии

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