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1. Europe Is Lagging Behind on 5G Rollout, Companies Warn09:00[−]
Europe’s deployment of 5G cellular-communications networks is alarmingly slow, says a lobbying group of the Continent’s biggest companies.

2. Five Countries Are Weighing Normalized Ties to Israel, Trump Aide Says05:25[−]
White House chief of staff Mark Meadows said that five other countries were considering entering into the peace deal signed this week between the U.S., Israel, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain. Mr. Meadows, speaking to reporters Thursday, declined to identify what countries would join the deal, which aims to isolate Iran from Gulf countries and Israel.

3. Oracle, Walmart Aim for Significant Stakes in TikTok04:45[−]
Backers of plans for Oracle to join with TikTok to create a new U.S. company for the video-sharing app are working on a new ownership structure aimed at alleviating U.S. concerns over Chinese control.

4. Navalny's Hotel Room Had Traces of Nerve Agent Novichok, Supporters SayЧт, 17 сен[−]
Supporters of Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny said a bottle found in the hotel room where he stayed before he fell ill last month was proved to have traces of Novichok, the nerve agent used to poison him.

5. Developing Countries Push to Limit Patent Protections for Covid-19 VaccinesЧт, 17 сен[−]
A group of developing countries, backed by U.N. agencies and activist groups, is pushing to limit patent protections for Covid-19 vaccines being tested by some of the world’s biggest drug firms so that cheaper copies can be made for poorer nations.

6. China, Once Germany's Partner in Growth, Turns Into a RivalЧт, 17 сен[−]
An informal partnership that kept Germany’s economy tethered to China’s for decades is unraveling, threatening Berlin’s—and Europe’s—post-pandemic recovery as the Asian giant stages a powerful comeback.

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