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1. Sri Lanka Makes Arrests in Easter Bombing Attacks10:36[−]
Sri Lankan authorities took 24 people into custody in connection with a series of Easter morning suicide bombing attacks on tourist hotels and churches that killed almost 300 people and injured hundreds of others.

2. Carlos Ghosn Indicted on New Charges of Misappropriating Funds10:07[−]
Carlos Ghosn was indicted on charges that he misappropriated Nissan funds, clearing the way for him to seek release on bail.

3. U.S. to End Iran's Oil Waivers in Drive to Push Its Exports to Zero07:47[−]
The State Department is expected to announce the end of waivers for countries to import Iranian oil on Monday, part of the Trump administration’s effort to drive Iran’s exports to zero, people familiar with the decision said.

4. Comedian Elected President of Ukraine, Exit Polls ShowВс., 21 апр.[−]
Ukrainians elected a comedian with no political experience as their new president Sunday in a damning verdict on their ruling class five years after a violent pro-Western revolution, exit polls showed.

5. Libya Says Trump's Talk With Militia Leader Could Drive Up OilВс., 21 апр.[−]
President Trump’s outreach to a rogue Libyan general could push oil prices higher, the head of the country’s United Nations-backed government said.

6. Islamic State Claims Responsibility for Large-Scale Assault in Afghan CapitalВс., 21 апр.[−]
Islamic State said it carried out the deadly raid on a government building in teeming central Kabul, an attack that brought a return of large-scale violence to an anxious and exhausted Afghan capital.

7. Easter Mass in Paris Honors Firefighters Who Saved Notre DameВс., 21 апр.[−]
While Paris’s most famous cathedral sat empty and sealed off, some 2,000 worshipers packed into a nearby church for what should have been Notre Dame’s Easter Mass.

8. Guatemalan Villages Suffer From Northern ExodusВс., 21 апр.[−]
Migration from Guatemala is driving birth rates lower there and exacerbating poverty, especially in the country’s rural regions.

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