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1. The Advice That Helped Okta's CEO Build a $14 Billion Company01:17[−]
Todd McKinnon’s mentors have encouraged him to focus on the small details of company culture, stay close to his engineering roots and, in some cases, put his ambition on hold.

2. The Money Men Who Enabled Adam Neumann and the WeWork DebacleСб, 14 дек[−]
A host of veteran executives and financiers helped fuel WeWork’s spectacular rise and fall, pouring in capital while ceding control to its founder, despite mounting problems.

3. Global Food-Delivery Battle Heats Up With $4 Billion DealПт, 13 дек[−]
European food-delivery giant Delivery Hero has agreed to buy South Korean rival Woowa for $4 billion, heating up the global battle to meet growing consumer demand for delivered meals.

4. How the 1% Scrubs Its Image OnlineПт, 13 дек[−]
Prominent figures from Jacob Gottlieb to Betsy DeVos got help from a reputation management firm that can bury image-sensitive Google results by placing flattering content on websites that masquerade as news outlets

5. Oracle Won't Return to Dual-CEO StructureПт, 13 дек[−]
The software company, which reported higher profit and flat revenue, won’t return to a dual-CEO structure after the death this year of co-Chief Executive Mark Hurd.

6. PayPal Sues U.S. Regulator Over Prepaid-Card RuleПт, 13 дек[−]
The payments company contends ‘digital wallets’ should be exempt from the rule designed to regulate prepaid cards.

7. 'Fortnite' Developer Challenges Google Over App-Store FeesПт, 13 дек[−]
The creator of “Fortnite” is challenging Google’s policy of taking a cut of payments made for app-related purchases at a time when regulators have started scrutinizing those kind of arrangements between tech companies and their vendors.

8. Liberty Media Seeks to Increase Stake in iHeartMediaПт, 13 дек[−]
An affiliate of John Malone’s Liberty Media is seeking Justice Department permission to buy a larger piece of iHeartMedia, according to people familiar with the matter.

9. FTC Weighs Move Against Facebook Over How Its Apps InteractЧт, 12 дек[−]
Federal officials are considering seeking a preliminary injunction against Facebook over antitrust concerns related to how its products interact, according to people familiar with the matter.

10. Virtual Travel Could Change the World---If It Gets Off the GroundЧт, 12 дек[−]
Proponents of ‘digital teleportation’ are working to combine live virtual reality, drones and fast wireless networks to allow people to explore far-flung locales in real-time.

11. Poshmark CEO Wants You to 'Like' Your Secondhand ThreadsСр, 11 дек[−]
Manish Chandra, who launched Poshmark in 2011, thinks the resale e-commerce platform succeeds in part by enabling sellers and shoppers to develop a relationship.

12. She Argued Facebook Is a Monopoly. To Her Surprise, People Listened.Вт, 10 дек[−]
When Dina Srinivasan quit her job as a digital advertising executive, she just wanted to spend some time reading in coffee shops. She wasn’t looking to retool antitrust law for the social-media age.

13. China's Influencers---Moms, Farmers and Dogs---Hawk Their Wares on Live StreamsПн, 09 дек[−]
China’s influencer economy has gone live, with an estimated 21 million influencers livestreaming product demos to sell billions of dollars of consumer goods.

14. Car Makers Rushing to Copy Tesla Lack One Thing: BuyersПт, 06 дек[−]
The auto industry is slimming down as it prepares for a time when electric cars rule the streets. But what if consumers aren’t ready for that future yet?

15. Three Generations, and No Agreement on Going CashlessВт, 03 дек[−]
The shift away from cash has generated debate in one family, with some older members worrying about the safety and privacy ramifications of transferring money via apps.

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