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1. Asia Chip Stocks Gain After Nvidia Signals Booming AI Demand09:17[-/+]
Shares of Asian chip makers rose Thursday after strong earnings from Nvidia buttressed expectations of booming global demand for semiconductors used in artificial intelligence.

2. AI's Unlikely Benefactor: Blackstone's 77-Year-Old CEO Steve Schwarzman08:00[-/+]
The private-equity billionaire has donated more than half a billion dollars for artificial-intelligence education and research.

3. SpaceX Forges Closer Ties With U.S. Spy and Military AgenciesВт, 20 фев[-/+]
The Elon Musk-led company has grown from a for-hire rocket launcher into a major national-security contractor.

4. Tech Leaders Fled San Francisco During the Pandemic. Now, They're Coming Back.Пн, 19 фев[-/+]
Founders and investors who ditched the Bay Area for Miami and elsewhere are returning to a boom in artificial intelligence and an abundance of tech talent.

5. TikTok Faces EU Investigation Over Protection of Minors, Harmful ContentПн, 19 фев[-/+]
The social-media platform could be fined if European officials find it broke new online-content rules.

6. Beware the Top Google Search Result. It Might Be Wrong.Вс, 18 фев[-/+]
How to spot AI-generated content, bogus featured text ‘snippets’ and misleading ads.

7. It's the End of the Web as We Know ItСб, 17 фев[-/+]
AI is changing how we use the web at the same time that it floods the world with questionable content.

8. It's More Than a Phone Case. For Gen Z, It's a Status Symbol.Пт, 16 фев[-/+]
Boosted by social media influencers and celebs like Taylor Swift, sharp-cornered smartphone cases are trending with teens and 20-somethings. But what about the rest of us?

9. New OpenAI Technology Can Create Realistic Video From a Line of TextПт, 16 фев[-/+]
The AI program called Sora renders richly detailed videos based on written prompts.

10. Meta Encourages Advertisers to Ditch iPhone in Latest Spat With AppleЧт, 15 фев[-/+]
The Facebook parent published instructions steering advertisers to a workaround to avoid paying a 30% service charge to Apple for boosted posts.

11. New Era of AI Deepfakes Complicates 2024 ElectionsЧт, 15 фев[-/+]
Deceptive videos, audio and images are more sophisticated and easier to make as the tech industry wrestles with how to keep up.

12. Senators Push for Action Against Misleading Drug Ads on Social MediaЧт, 15 фев[-/+]
Lawmakers criticized the FDA for not updating its guidance on prescription-drug promotion on social media for about a decade.

13. TSMC Shares Gain on High Hopes for 2024Чт, 15 фев[-/+]
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. shares rose as trading resumed after the Lunar New Year holiday, helped by strong January sales and bullish sentiment for chip stocks globally.

14. 'I Died That Day'---AI Brings Back Voices of Children Killed in ShootingsСр, 14 фев[-/+]
Grieving parents made these audio deepfakes to stir the emotions of lawmakers. But they also mark a new era for artificial intelligence.

15. Early Adopters of Microsoft's AI Bot Wonder if It's Worth the MoneyВт, 13 фев[-/+]
The artificial-intelligence aide handles email, meetings and other things, but its price and limited use have some skeptical it is a must-have tool.

16. BlackBerry to Lay Off More Staff in Profitability PushВт, 13 фев[-/+]
The company said it had made progress toward separating its internet-of-things and cybersecurity businesses and expects a positive cash position in the coming fiscal year.

17. Raising Trillions of Dollars Might Be the Easy Part of Altman's Chip PlanПн, 12 фев[-/+]
Obstacles include staffing, a cyclical market and a lack of viable chip makers.

18. Your Girlfriend Asked You to Peel an Orange. It's a Trap.Вс, 11 фев[-/+]
Online quizzes can start a conversation—but shouldn’t end a relationship, say couples and experts.

19. Keeping Teens Safe Online Has to Go Beyond Parental Controls. Here's What to Do.Сб, 10 фев[-/+]
Social-media childproofing is rarely used. Instead, companies should protect kids—and parents should teach teens to defend themselves.

20. Apple's New Face Computer Is for WorkСб, 10 фев[-/+]
The killer apps for Apple’s new Vision Pro will be the same ones we already use every day.

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