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1. Oracle Co-CEO Mark Hurd Dies01:25[−]
Oracle says Co-CEO Mark Hurd, who had taken a medical leave of absence in September, has died. The death leaves Safra Catz as Oracle’s sole CEO.

2. One Big Step for WomenПт., 18 окт.[−]
NASA launched the first all-female spacewalk Friday, with astronauts Christina Koch and Jessica Meir venturing outside the International Space Station to replace a broken battery.

3. A Smarter Way to Look at the StarsПт., 18 окт.[−]
The first app-connected telescope captures wonders of our galaxy. But does the experience count if you’re staring at the cosmos on an iPhone screen?

4. Fashion Sourcing Platform Zilingo Designs $100 Million Push Into U.S.Пт., 18 окт.[−]
Singapore-based fashion technology startup Zilingo is investing $100 million to launch operations in the U.S. as it builds out its supply-chain business connecting apparel brands with factories and suppliers.

5. The Chip Industry Gets a Strong 5G SignalПт., 18 окт.[−]
Industry bellwether TSMC thinks consumer adoption of 5G smartphones warrants a dramatic expansion of its investment plans.

6. Zuckerberg Rebuffs Calls for Tighter ControlsПт., 18 окт.[−]
In a rare policy speech that could have ramifications for the U.S. presidential campaign and social movements world-wide, the Facebook CEO asserted his commitment to free speech over more aggressive policing of social-media platforms.

7. AT&T in Talks to Resolve Elliott Management's Activist CampaignПт., 18 окт.[−]
AT&T is in talks with Elliott Management to resolve the activist investor’s campaign for change at the phone and media giant, people familiar with the matter said.

8. IBM's New Hat Doesn't Cover Old ProblemsПт., 18 окт.[−]
The folks at Red Hat will probably never feel unloved by their new adoptive parent.

9. HBO Max to Stream Studio Ghibli FilmsЧт., 17 окт.[−]
Films from Japanese animation producer Studio Ghibli will be available on WarnerMedia’s new streaming service, HBO Max, in the spring.

10. NASA Tries Again for the First All-Female SpacewalkЧт., 17 окт.[−]
NASA is set to launch the first all-female spacewalk Friday, after canceling it earlier this year because it didn’t have two spacesuits in the right size.

11. The Making of Thomas Edison's Miraculous MachineЧт., 17 окт.[−]
In 1877, all of the inventor’s past work on the sending and reception of sound coalesced into his greatest invention, the phonograph.

12. The Most Precious Commodity of the Next Space AgeЧт., 17 окт.[−]
If extra-planetary travel ever becomes routine, power may revolve around who controls access to gravity, argues space archeologist Alice Gorman.

13. Goldman's Chief Recruiter Gets Recruited to Silicon ValleyЧт., 17 окт.[−]
As he heads out West, Dane Holmes dishes on millennials, the techlash, and what people get wrong about Goldman

14. Netflix Subscribers Fall Slightly Short of ExpectationsЧт., 17 окт.[−]
Netflix missed its subscriber target for the second consecutive quarter, raising questions about the company’s ability to fend off competition from traditional media giants who are entering the market with rival services.

15. Amazon Surges and Facebook Falls Again in Report on Brand ValueЧт., 17 окт.[−]
Facebook slid again in a new report on the world’s most valuable brands, while the famous names of and Walt Disney gained.

16. IBM Earnings Fall in Prolonged Sales SlumpЧт., 17 окт.[−]
IBM’s profit fell 38% as it suffered its fifth consecutive quarter of lower sales.

17. How Campaigns Are Tracking Your LocationЧт., 17 окт.[−]
Political campaigns have long collected personal information to try to reach voters.The Wall Street Journal’s Emily Glazer explains what it could mean for the 2020 races.

18. SharkNinja and iRobot's Vacuum Dispute Lands in Federal CourtСр., 16 окт.[−]
SharkNinja and iRobot are suing each other over the technology that powers their vacuum-cleaning robots that can map and adapt to a home’s floor plan—and empty their own dust bins.

19. Inside Facebook's Botched Attempt to Start a New CryptocurrencyСр., 16 окт.[−]
With libra, the social-media giant promised to change payments world-wide. Instead, major partners bolted after lawmakers and regulators challenged its plans, an early sign of how Washington is putting Facebook on a tight leash.

20. Walmart and Mattel Lease 'Floors' in a Virtual Toy StoreСр., 16 окт.[−]
Mattel and Walmart are trying out interactive video to market and sell toys through a new virtual store called KidHQ.

21. WeWork Founder Mixed Spiritual Group With BusinessСр., 16 окт.[−]
WeWork founder Adam Neumann’s relationship with the Kabbalah Centre, a spiritual organization that promotes a brand of Jewish mysticism, helped build the company from its early days.

22. Amazon Joins Trend of Sending Workers Away for Health CareВт., 15 окт.[−]
Employers are increasingly going the distance to control health spending, paying to send workers across the country to get medical care and bypassing local health-care providers.

23. This App Helps You Learn About China, While China Learns All About YouВт., 15 окт.[−]
China is using a seemingly benign mobile app and translation service to hoover up billions of pieces of data inside its borders and around the world, according to reports published in recent days.

24. AI Has Learned to Create Fake News StoriesПн., 14 окт.[−]
Researchers warn about the risks of computer-generated articles—and release tools that ferret out fakes.

25. Sleepovers Have Parents Worried About Gadget UseВт., 08 окт.[−]
Some parents worry about what their children could be exposed to online late at night when over at a friend’s house, where the rules on internet access could be different from their own home.

26. Teen Hackers Try to Convince Parents They Are Up to GoodВт., 01 окт.[−]
Teenagers across the country are forming hacking clubs and trying to spread the word that hacking doesn’t always mean breaking into government servers or stealing bank data. Convincing teachers and parents of that isn’t always easy.

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