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1. Stocks Surge on China's New Nasdaq-Like Market08:12[−]
China’s new market for homegrown technology companies opened with a bang, with stocks doubling, tripling or more than quadrupling in value on its first day.

2. Insurers Face Risk From Child Sex-Abuse ClaimsВс., 21 июля[−]
State laws expanding the statute of limitations for child sexual-abuse claims pose a growing financial risk to insurance companies. Seventeen states and Washington, D.C., have laws going into effect this year that extend or eliminate the amount of time victims of child sexual abuse have to sue their abusers, according to advocacy group Child USA.

3. Investors Look Forward to GDP Data Before Fed DecisionВс., 21 июля[−]
Before the Federal Reserve can make its first interest-rate cut in a decade, investors will get a look at reports on new-home sales, durable-goods orders and second-quarter economic growth.

4. The Money's More Than Free. Why Won't Europeans Borrow?Вс., 21 июля[−]
When it comes to interest rates, the U.S. and Europe are upside down, writes James Mackintosh.

5. U.S. Investment in African University Fails as China AdvancesВс., 21 июля[−]
The failure of a university project in Ghana marked a high-profile setback for U.S. government efforts to counter China’s growing investment influence in Africa.

6. Tech Rally Powers Record Gains for StocksВс., 21 июля[−]
The biggest technology companies are propelling major U.S. indexes’ record run, highlighting investor enthusiasm for the hottest stock sector as economic growth softens.

7. Why Weak Corporate Earnings Don't Signal a Weak EconomyСб., 20 июля[−]
It is tempting to hang earnings weakness on the domestic economy, but even though growth has moderated a bit, it is still solid.

8. Even Passive Giants Aren't Immune From Investors' Changing TastesСб., 20 июля[−]
The surging popularity of low-cost investment funds has dialed up the pressure on most asset managers—including some of the firms most responsible for the industry’s transformation.

9. JPMorgan Chase, Netflix, Gannett: Stocks That Defined The WeekСб., 20 июля[−]
Major stock indexes ended lower this past week as investors weighed signals of an interest-rate cut and mixed earnings results from some of America’s biggest companies.

10. Stocks End Week Lower as Fed Signals Small Rate CutСб., 20 июля[−]
U.S. stocks wavered in the past week, torn between mixed corporate earnings reports and shifting expectations of Federal Reserve intervention later this month.

11. Supply Surge Sends Overnight Rates Above 10-Year YieldsСб., 20 июля[−]
The persistent supply of U.S. government debt flooding the bond market this year has done little to raise bond yields, except in the market for the shortest-term securities.

12. Carlson Capital Weighs Shutdown of Black Diamond Thematic FundПт., 19 июля[−]
Carlson Capital is weighing whether to shut down one of its largest funds, with its two portfolio managers having already left the firm.

13. Oil Posts Worst Week Since MayПт., 19 июля[−]
Oil prices edged higher Friday but still logged their worst week since May, the latest turn lower for crude in 2019 as fears of excess supply buffet prices.

14. BlackRock's Cash Engine Gets Boost, but Its Profit FallsПт., 19 июля[−]
BlackRock‘s second-quarter profit fell about 7% as the money-management giant faced increased competition and price pressures.

15. Persian Puzzle for Oil PricesПт., 19 июля[−]
On the one hand, the White House has to be pleased about the oil market’s mild reaction to a series of incidents this week involving Iran. On a deeper level, though, it should be concerned.

16. State Street Loses Market Share as BlackRock Extends LeadПт., 19 июля[−]
State Street, the firm that launched the first exchange-traded fund in 1993, has seen its share of U.S. ETF assets decline to a low.

17. American Inventiveness Strikes Again With Digital Fur TechnologyПт., 19 июля[−]
A bit from Jerry Seinfeld mocks scientists dedicating years to the development of seedless watermelon. He would have a field day with the innovation behind the real-life movie adaptation of “Cats.”

18. Carl Icahn Takes Steps to Replace Four Occidental Petroleum DirectorsПт., 19 июля[−]
The billionaire investor says the energy company’s board mismanaged its deal to acquire rival Anadarko Petroleum.

19. Financial Twitter Loses a Source of Humility and Wisdom, but Good Voices RemainПт., 19 июля[−]
An account called @Nonrelatedsense showed that some of the smartest minds in investing are learning, and having fun, on Twitter.

20. Kendra Scott on Harnessing Failure to Drive Your SuccessПт., 19 июля[−]
The jewelry designer the importance of surrounding oneself with people who believe in you to get support during difficult times.

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