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1. What Happens When Your Insurer Is Also Your Doctor and Your Pharmacist14:00[-/+]
Health insurers like UnitedHealth Group are seeking to control many parts of our healthcare system, creating potential conflicts of interest.

2. Can Southwest Airlines Find Its Way Again?13:31[-/+]
Elliott’s activist push is a make-it-or-break it moment for the historic budget airline, which is in need of modernization. But its unique corporate culture is an intangible value that escapes cold financial calculation.

3. Why Bond Markets Are So Spooked by the French Election12:30[-/+]
France faces a reckoning in the form of a snap election that polls suggest could be won by the populist far right with a high-spending anti-EU agenda.

4. S&P 500 Hits Fresh High After Cooler Inflation DataСр, 12 июн[-/+]
Fed officials project one interest-rate cut for this year.

5. Do Kwon's Crypto Firm Agrees to Pay $4.5 Billion Penalty to SECСр, 12 июн[-/+]
The regulator may end up receiving only a fraction, if any, of the penalty. Terraform Labs is in bankruptcy proceedings and says it has less than half a billion dollars in assets.

6. The Era of Higher Savings and Bond Rates Is Still Going. Don't Waste It.Ср, 12 июн[-/+]
If you still have money earning nothing, this is the moment to take stock of your cash and retool your strategy.

7. U.S. Crude Oil Stockpiles Rose Last WeekСр, 12 июн[-/+]
U.S. crude oil stockpiles rose by 3.7 million barrels last week as the country produced and imported more oil while exporting less, according to U.S. Energy Information Administration data.

8. Can China's Export Machine Run Without the West?Ср, 12 июн[-/+]
Beijing looks to developing markets after facing new tariffs in the U.S. and Europe.

9. The World Will Be Swimming in Excess Oil by 2030, IEA SaysСр, 12 июн[-/+]
The global energy watchdog has forecast a major glut, citing surging supplies and slowing demand growth thanks to lower-emission energy sources.

10. Property's Big Short Isn't Going to PlanСр, 12 июн[-/+]
Short sellers in real-estate lender Arbor Realty Trust appear stuck in a particularly expensive trade.

11. Wild Weather Is Roiling Electricity Prices. This Startup Is Looking to Help.Ср, 12 июн[-/+]
ElectronX has raised $15 million from investors led by former Google CEO Eric Schmidt’s venture-capital firm.

12. S&P 500 Extends Record Ahead of Inflation Data, Fed MeetingВт, 11 июн[-/+]
AI optimism drove shares of Apple higher, lifting tech stocks.

13. CFPB Proposes to Ban Medical Bills From Credit ReportsВт, 11 июн[-/+]
The agency said the proposal would help keep debt collectors from coercing payments for inaccurate medical bills, and lead to improved credit scores.

14. EV Trade War Could Spread to Luxury CarsВт, 11 июн[-/+]
Investors are used to worrying about an invasion of Chinese electric vehicles into Europe, but tit-for-tat tariffs would instead hit Porsches heading to China.

15. Bond Investors Are Paying Up Again for Active Fund ManagersВт, 11 июн[-/+]
About 74% of active funds beat their benchmarks in the past 12 months.

16. OPEC Keeps Robust Oil-Demand Outlook After Output Policy MoveВт, 11 июн[-/+]
OPEC maintained its bullish outlook for oil-demand growth after setting out a plan to gradually unwind some of its production cuts, raising concerns on whether the market will be able to absorb the extra barrels.

17. Apple's AI Evolution Is Not Quite a RevolutionВт, 11 июн[-/+]
The iPhone maker’s late entry to the AI race comes with many features similar to Microsoft’s and Google’s offerings, which might curb investors’ recent enthusiasm.

18. White House Prepares to Tap Derivatives Regulator to Oversee FDICВт, 11 июн[-/+]
Christy Goldsmith Romero would succeed Martin Gruenberg, who has agreed to resign. A formal announcement could come this week.

19. S&P 500 and Nasdaq Hit Records Ahead of Fed MeetingПн, 10 июн[-/+]
The broad-based index and the Nasdaq both closed 0.3% higher as investors await this week’s key inflation data and June interest-rate decision. Southwest Airlines shares surged as an activist built a nearly $2 billion stake in the carrier.

20. Elliott Takes Big Stake in Southwest AirlinesПн, 10 июн[-/+]
The activist has built a stake of nearly $2 billion in Southwest Airlines and plans to push for changes aimed at helping to fix the airline’s underperformance.

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