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Dow Jones & Company, Inc.

1. Global Stocks Rise at the End of a Bumpy Week14:31[−]
Global stocks rose at the end of a week that saw an interest-rate cut from the Federal Reserve and dramatic swings in crude prices after an attack on production facilities in Saudi Arabia.

2. Japan's Mitsubishi Says Rogue Oil Trader Lost $320 Million14:05[−]
Japan’s Mitsubishi said a subsidiary has lost about $320 million on energy derivatives, after a rogue employee in Singapore entered into secret unauthorized trades and then lost money as crude prices fell.

3. Why Hong Kong's Currency Is Still Rock Solid14:03[−]
The Hong Kong government decided to peg its currency to the dollar during a time of turmoil to restore confidence. The exchange-rate system put in place then should once again weather the turmoil the city is facing.

4. Apple's Triple Shot May Add Some Kick14:00[−]
By all accounts, Apple is expected to have another dud year of iPhone sales. Ironically, that may work out well for the company as its three new phones hit stores on Friday.

5. Stocks to Watch: Datadog, Ping Identity, U.S. Steel, Steelcase, Xilinx, and Scholastic13:22[−]
Datadog, Ping Identity, Steelcase, U.S. Steel, Xilinx, and Scholastic are among Friday’s stocks to watch.

6. The Unexpected Consequences of Being Too Optimistic About Growth12:30[−]
In a slow economy, investors appear to be setting a high bar for improvements in corporate earnings. Bad things can happen when companies try to hit unrealistic targets.

7. Bondholders Stranded as HNA-Backed Airport Defaults10:22[−]
In a departure from HNA Group’s record of paying back international bondholders despite its financial constraints, an airport partly owned by units of the Chinese conglomerate has failed to repay holders of its dollar bonds on time.

8. Datadog Shares Soar as Investors Bet on Cloud-Based Software03:17[−]
Shares of Datadog jumped as they made their debut in the public markets, reflecting robust investor demand for companies tied to cloud-based technologies.

9. Transports Keep Flashing Warning Signals Even as Stocks Flirt With Records00:38[−]
FedEx has offered the latest signal that a turning point is coming in the business cycle.

10. Crude Rebounds on Renewed Concerns About Saudi Production00:08[−]
Oil prices rose Thursday, highlighting fresh signs of pressure on Saudi Arabian output after weekend attacks on one of the kingdom’s largest oil facilities.

11. Dow Gives Up Gains, Poised for Modest Weekly LossЧт., 19 сент.[−]
U.S. stocks gave up most of their gains heading into the closing bell, though major indexes remain within striking distance of their records.

12. Altria's Bet on E-Cigarettes Is Burning Its StockЧт., 19 сент.[−]
Altria, America’s biggest tobacco company, is being burned by its investment in e-cigarettes.

13. AT&T Sale of DirecTV Would Be No BlockbusterЧт., 19 сент.[−]
Separating DirecTV would remove cash flows that AT&T needs to pay a dividend and service debt.

14. U.S. Government Bonds Steady After Fed Moves to Stabilize MarketsЧт., 19 сент.[−]
U.S. government bond prices held steady after the Federal Reserve added $75 billion to the financial system to stabilize short-term money markets in its third such operation this week.

15. Toys 'R' Us: We Are Now an ExperienceЧт., 19 сент.[−]
Millennials, we have been told, prefer to spend money on experiences. Does that go for their kids as well?

16. Airbnb to Go Public Next YearЧт., 19 сент.[−]
Airbnb expects to go public next year, the company said—the latest multibillion-dollar startup seeking to widen its investor base.

17. Fintech Firm Stripe Climbs Ranks of U.S. Startup ValuationsЧт., 19 сент.[−]
Stripe’s latest funding round values the company at $35 billion, putting the financial technology firm above Airbnb and Palantir.

18. SEC's Clayton Says SEC Doesn't Judge Direct ListingsЧт., 19 сент.[−]
The Securities and Exchange Commission doesn’t mind when companies go public using a cheaper ‘direct listing’ on exchanges instead of a more traditional underwritten IPO, the agency’s chairman said.

19. Fed Adds $75 Billion to Financial System in Third Repo Transaction This WeekЧт., 19 сент.[−]
The Federal Reserve Bank of New York added $75 billion to the financial system, using the market for overnight repurchase agreements, or repo, to relieve funding pressure in money markets.

20. Bank Reserves: What Are They and Why a Shortage Is Roiling a Key RateЧт., 19 сент.[−]
Bank reserves are normally obscure, even to bankers and professional investors. But this week, they hit the news when a shortage of them caused a key measure of borrowing costs—known as the overnight repo rate—to spike.

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