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1. Volvo's Rebooted XC40: Not Just Improved, a Whole New CarПт., 18 окт.[−]
After an extensive revision of firmware and codeware—improving steering, brakes and even phone connectivity—the Volvo XC40 compact SUV is reborn, rebooted and finally lovable. Dan Neil gives it a rare second review.

2. How French Macarons Inspired a Russian Bedroom's D?corПт., 18 окт.[−]
Sometimes designers’ clients make unusual requests. Here, at one’s bidding, pastel sweets informed the delicious decoration of this country-house’s master suite.

3. A Smarter Way to Look at the StarsПт., 18 окт.[−]
The first app-connected telescope captures wonders of our galaxy. But does the experience count if you’re staring at the cosmos on an iPhone screen?

4. A Long-Forgotten Renaissance Painter Gets Her DueЧт., 17 окт.[−]
Plautilla Nelli, a Dominican nun and Italian Renaissance artist, joins other ‘rediscovered’ women artists with the unveiling of her restored ‘Last Supper.’

5. A Gleefully Gluttonous Long Weekend in New OrleansЧт., 17 окт.[−]
How to spend three days in the Big Easy and not waste a minute—or a meal? Follow this hour-by-hour itinerary designed by a native New Orleanian to find essential classic spots and worthy new offerings.

6. When a Square Meal in Manhattan Cost $2.75Чт., 17 окт.[−]
In another century, mom-and-pop luncheonettes made delicious meals accessible to all. These recipes recapture the magic of a few bygone beloveds.

7. At Home With the TastemakersЧт., 17 окт.[−]
These food and beverage entrepreneurs are behind culinary brands both iconic and emerging. Home means something very different to each of them.

8. How Oscar Winner Chris Cooper Memorizes His LinesЧт., 17 окт.[−]
The actor and narrator of the documentary “Intelligent Lives” on his Sharpie-enabled memory tricks, his beloved wheeled toolbox and the first time he played video games with his nonverbal son.

9. This Jamaican-Style Salmon Recipe Delivers the Sunshine You CraveЧт., 17 окт.[−]
Bright with ginger, chiles and vinegar, this salmon is a fresh take on classic Caribbean escovitch.

10. This Japanese Hotel is a Glorious Relic From a Lost WorldЧт., 17 окт.[−]
In an enchanting mountain town 90 minutes from Tokyo, the Nikko Kanaya Hotel still eerily evokes the early days of tourism in Japan. Plus: Japan’s rapidly rising visitor numbers.

11. Men, That Constant Tugging on Your Shirt? We Notice ItСр., 16 окт.[−]
As targeted by a skit on Netflix show “I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson,” the male tendency to pull on shirts has become a pop cultural pressure point.

12. Vintage Arcade Cabinets Can Cost Thousands. Build a Replica for $249.Ср., 16 окт.[−]
Want to recapture the thrills of a misspent youth? Construct an authentic, old-school cabinet at home from an easy kit for a few hundred dollars—as we did one satisfying Saturday.

13. Why Kirsten Dunst Traded Couture for SweatsВт., 15 окт.[−]
The star of Showtime’s ‘On Becoming a God in Central Florida,’ who’s a new mother, may not be in the fashion-plate period of her life any more but she’s still in the spotlight.

14. Building on Mackinac Island, Where Horses Rule the RoadsЧт., 12 сент.[−]
The island off Michigan’s northern coast has a ban on vehicles that gives peace of mind to the tight community but endless headaches for new-home builders.

15. They Sold Their Company for $500 Million, Then Went Real-Estate ShoppingСр., 11 сент.[−]
The founders of Big Ass Fans have purchased property belonging to prominent names like Malcolm Forbes and Lance Armstrong. But finding homes that fit the bill was anything but a breeze.

16. The Rise and Fall of the Front PorchСр., 11 сент.[−]
Once a staple for socializing and keeping cool, the porch has faded in popularity thanks to cars and modern architecture.

17. Collectors and Speed Freaks Take Car Condos for a SpinЧт., 29 авг.[−]
Developments with their very own test tracks are fulfilling a need for speed and high-end living, too.

18. A Pool House That Makes a Splash, Even in the FallЧт., 29 авг.[−]
These Houston homeowners spent roughly $150,000 outfitting their pool house with a custom smoker, a wood-burning fireplace and other high-end touches.

19. Nantucket Homeowners Shake Last Call by Building Their Own BarsСр., 28 авг.[−]
The island’s wealthiest property owners are chasing the ultimate home-bar experience with kegerator cooling systems, wine refrigerators and ice machines for cocktails.

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