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1. 'Fosse/Verdon' Stars Hone Their StepsСб., 20 апр.[−]
To play choreographer Bob Fosse and his wife, dancer Gwen Verdon, in the TV series, Sam Rockwell and Michelle Williams had to raise their dancing skills to ‘a whole other realm.’

2. A Tragic Death, a Family Rift---and a Chance to Learn the Truth After 55 YearsСб., 20 апр.[−]
Young Danny Marcus’s death in 1964 ruptured his family. Decades later, a home DNA test gave them a chance to heal.

3. It's April in Houston, Must Be Curling SeasonСб., 20 апр.[−]
A Texas IT exec uses triathlon training techniques year-round to prepare for a sport most fans associate with the Winter Olympics.

4. How to Steal D?cor Ideas From FashionПт., 19 апр.[−]
An interior designer translates the wardrobe of a fashion-blogger client into a uniquely stylish Nashville home.

5. The French Spirit American Bartenders Are LovingПт., 19 апр.[−]
Crystalline Armagnac blanche brings fire and finesse, sipped or mixed.

6. How to Pull Off an Absolutely Classic Chopped SaladПт., 19 апр.[−]
Straight out of Little Italy, this recipe from New York chef Jonathan Benno delivers provolone, soppressata, hot peppers and so much more, bite by bite.

7. Why Cooking Is Like YogaПт., 19 апр.[−]
Chef and author Daniela Soto-Innes dishes on finding equanimity in the kitchen, her go-to tools and techniques, and why mezcal is the best drink of all.

8. Fashion's Best Instagram Accounts Barely Show Clothes at AllЧт., 18 апр.[−]
Though most brands use the social media site to post their collections, some like the Row are going off-script with delightful results.

9. Can a Beer Help You Recover After Exercise?Чт., 18 апр.[−]
Relaxing as a massage, refreshing as a sports drink, these craft brews promise post-workout replenishment—though the science doesn’t always support the spiel.

10. Retracing Edith Wharton's Trip to Morocco---For Better or WorseСр., 17 апр.[−]
The Gilded-Age novelist, lesser-known as a travel writer, makes for a beguiling, if contentious guide to North Africa.

11. Two Infallible Itineraries to Zurich---for $4,800 or $370 a DayВт., 16 апр.[−]
Switzerland’s largest city may feel like a no-go zone for value-conscious vacationers. The secret is knowing when to splurge and when to skimp. We tally up two well-spent days.

12. Loud 'Sopranos' Shirts: Better Left on RerunsВт., 16 апр.[−]
As the iconic HBO show celebrates its 20th anniversary, we look at one of its most controversial style legacies: the garish, printed button-up shirt.

13. A Fire- and Paparazzi-Proofed Malibu Home in Escrow for Nearly $40 MillionПт., 15 марта[−]
The under-construction home is in the Case, a tiny luxury community that comes with water cannons and a state-of-the-art security system.

14. For These Homeowners, More Is MoreЧт., 14 марта[−]
Some investors are buying multiple properties in the same development. Financial planners generally hate the idea, but these owners wouldn’t do it any other way.

15. The Lingo of British Real EstateЧт., 28 февр.[−]
English in the U.S. and the English in the U.K.are the same, but different. Here’s a glossary of terms for buyers and sellers.

16. Billionaire Buyers' Club: Ken Griffin and His Neighbors at 220 Central Park SouthСр., 27 февр.[−]
The hedge-fund manager, who paid $238 million for a penthouse, is joined by purchasers like Brazilian construction billionaire Renata de Camargo Nascimento.

17. Philip Roth's Manhattan Home Goes on the Market for $3.2 MillionЧт., 21 февр.[−]
The 1,500-square-foot, two-bedroom condo on the Upper West Side is where the prolific author churned out a series of books.

18. As Homebuyers Flock In, Fort Worth Embraces its Cowtown ReputationЧт., 17 янв.[−]
Young professionals and families are buying homes near the downtown neighborhoods of the Texas city to be closer to a cool cultural scene.

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