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1. Comb-Over No More: Why Men's Hair Transplants Are FlourishingПт, 05 авг 2022[-/+]
Via (often painful) surgical procedures costing up to $15,000, more men are using Covid-era downtime to “grow” new thatches.

2. Hudson Valley Weekend Trips: Where to Find the Region's Best New Restaurants, Hotels and Kombucha SorbetПт, 05 авг 2022[-/+]
New York’s Hudson River Valley has been transformed by upstart boutiques, upcycling and handcrafted everything. These three weekend itineraries let you sample it all, from reimagined hotels to weirdly wonderful food.

3. Wines That Entertain as Well as ImpressЧт, 04 авг 2022[-/+]
At a time of year when people are looking for light wines, our wine columnist went out in search of the lighthearted. While these wines may have silly names, they’re no lightweights in terms of quality.

4. Humidifiers vs Dehumidifiers vs Purifiers: Which One Do I Actually Need?Чт, 04 авг 2022[-/+]
Whether you’re prepping for wildfire season, trying to get your allergies under control or just looking for relief from dry skin, one of these devices can help.

5. Can Inflatable Outdoor Furniture Ever Be Chic?Пт, 24 июн 2022[-/+]
Some design pros say today’s patio-ready bubble chairs and blow-up chaises are a fresh take on a pop classic. Others say they’re just too tween. We let them duke it out.

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