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1. The Pandemic Prom: Tuxedos, Corsages and Dancing at Home AloneВс, 24 мая[−]
A high-school tradition gets a coronavirus-era makeover on computer screens and in living rooms across the country.

2. Where to Buy the Best Fruit and Vegetables OnlineСб, 23 мая[−]
Produce boxes have proliferated in recent years. These top options bring the farm to your door.

3. Feasting on a Delicious PastelПт, 22 мая[−]
Jean-?tienne Liotard’s ‘The Chocolate Girl’ is a technically flawless aesthetic triumph of the medium.

4. This Beloved Novel Is the Kind of Book We Need Right NowПт, 22 мая[−]
Mothers and daughters lay at the heart of Amy Tan’s ‘The Joy Luck Club’ but in bridging the generational gap—and crisscrossing the globe—this 1989 novel imparts key lessons for forging ahead in trying times.

5. No More Sweatpants: What We'll Wear Post-PandemicПт, 22 мая[−]
Eleven style insiders on the fashion they most miss, and how their time at home informs their new perspective on clothing.

6. Can't Entertain? 10 Ways to Make Your Home Special...for YourselfПт, 22 мая[−]
Quarantiners are treating themselves like esteemed visitors.

7. Hyundai Sonata Hybrid: Miles (and Miles) Ahead of Standard SedansПт, 22 мая[−]
With its “best in class” fuel economy, Hyundai’s 2020 Sonata Hybrid gets more than 50 miles per gallon. Dan Neil tries (and fails) to steer it through a full tank.

8. Are Animal Statues by a Front Door Inevitably Pretentious?Пт, 22 мая[−]
Some think only Elvis or the New York Public Library can be forgiven for flanking a building’s entrance with lions. Others disagree. Design pros duke it out.

9. The Cocktail You Want Right Now. No, It's Not Fast and Easy.Пт, 22 мая[−]
“Project cocktails” deliver a particular sort of satisfaction. This tiki dazzler begins with a thrifty trick.

10. Food 'Souvenirs': Vacations by ProxyЧт, 21 мая[−]
Now’s the time to raid the cupboards for those edible souvenirs you brought home from your travels. Running low? We tell you where to buy New Mexican chiles, Port wine from Lisbon and other appetizing items online.

11. Why Handy Phone Bags Help You WFH SmarterЧт, 21 мая[−]
When the boss calls, there’s no “where’s my phone?” panic with these chic pochettes.

12. Some of California's Sexiest Mansions Are Getting G-Rated RebrandsСр, 06 мая[−]
Amid stiff competition in markets like Los Angeles, real-estate agents have taken these high-end homes from flashy to family-friendly.

13. Coronavirus Isn't Stopping Some Wealthy Homeowners From Listing Their Luxury PropertiesСр, 29 апр[−]
Some are selling out of necessity, while others see an opportunity to list their homes in an otherwise crowded spring real-estate market.

14. For the Rich, A Dilemma: Quarantine With Staff, or Do Their Own ChoresЧт, 16 апр[−]
Some wealthy homeowners are self-isolating with staff during the coronavirus pandemic, while others are cooking, cleaning and taking out their own trash.

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