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1. Andrew Luck Retired Early. Will Other Players Follow?17:32[−]
Today’s NFL players are far more aware of the physical toll the game takes—an issue that can last well beyond their playing days.

2. Getting Pulled by a Horse Can Actually Be Serious Exercise16:00[−]
A D.C. lawyer spends several days a week harness racing, and puts in a lot of time in the boxing gym to prep for races.

3. Billie Eilish Has a Brother Named Finneas. He's Ready to Headline.16:00[−]
An understated contributor to the success of his superstar sister aims for his own turn in the spotlight.

4. After #MeToo, Films Face Test14:00[−]
New movies from scrutinized directors show in theaters overseas, but maybe not in U.S.

5. 21 Irresistible Swimming SpotsСб., 24 авг.[−]
Off Duty’s favorite beaches, watering holes, hotel pools—even a few swimmable caves—around the world.

6. VW's Electric ID. Buggy Recalls '60s Car Culture in All the Right WaysЧт., 22 авг.[−]
This romping off-road prototype won’t find its way to dealership floors, but the electric platform on which it’s built previews the brand’s thrilling plans, says Dan Neil.

7. Are You Sure That Wine You Ordered Is Actually Dry?Чт., 22 авг.[−]
Sommeliers and retailers report that “dry” is the most misunderstood term in the world of wine. Our wine columnist separates the subjective from the technical to drill down to the true meaning.

8. Easiest Frozen Drinks EverЧт., 22 авг.[−]
A homemade daiquiri doesn’t have to be a hassle. This genius technique lets you batch ahead and breeze through cleanup.

9. Mustaches: Not Just for Movember AnymoreЧт., 22 авг.[−]
Since its heyday in the later 1960s and ’70s, the mustache has waned in favor of the beard. But a new generation of men like Midland’s Mark Wystrach is changing that—and not just as a novelty move.

10. What Does It Feel Like to Be a Dog?Чт., 22 авг.[−]
Behavior and biology offer many clues to the mystery of canine emotions.

11. How to Wear All-White Without Looking Like a Cult MemberСр., 21 авг.[−]
A snowy head-to-toe outfit can skew extreme, but if skillfully styled the look is a chic way to beat the August heat.

12. How Amazon's Alexa Can Help You Solve 'Murders'Ср., 21 авг.[−]
Amazon’s assistant helps you unmask the fictional killer in “St. Noire,” a collaborative A.I. game that may spell doom for “Clue.”

13. Finally, a Keurig Machine Even Coffee Snobs Can EnjoyВт., 20 авг.[−]
Keurig debuts two-in-one machines, designed to handle K-Cups or produce a whole pot of your favorite drip—leaving brew nerds fewer reasons to bitterly hate the brand.

14. Taming the Beast in Your BasementСр., 14 авг.[−]
Animal on the loose? Professional critter gitters are helping restore the balance of nature in homes.

15. The A-Frame Home Becomes a Thing AgainЧт., 08 авг.[−]
This unique architectural style is angling for a comeback, thanks to the tiny-home movement and a renewed appreciation for the triangular form.

16. In Camber Sands, a Modern Vacation Home Set Behind the DunesСр., 07 авг.[−]
Suzanne and Neil Stables fell in love with the seaside village south of London and built a three-story duplex with floor-to-ceiling windows and skylights throughout.

17. Inside the Moneyed Montauk Enclave Where Time Stands StillЧт., 01 авг.[−]
Dick Cavett, Julian Schnabel and Bruce Weber are among the prominent owners of the Seven Sisters, a cluster of historic homes that have remained much the same despite the area’s transformation.

18. Five Things I Wish I Had Known Before I Built My HouseЧт., 01 авг.[−]
The home-building process takes longer and costs more than you may think.

19. Colorful Chandeliers: Fun Accents or Attention Hogs?Пт., 26 июля[−]
Ceiling fixtures with clear- or white-glass globes are feeling wan. Technicolor options add energy but—if you’re not careful—can overwhelm a room.

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