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1. How to Ventilate Your Home to Fight Coronavirus, Wildfire SmokeПн, 21 сен[−]
Experts advise on the best ways to improve indoor air quality; filters, fans, air purifiers and open windows can make a difference.

2. Temperature Isn't a Good Litmus Test for Coronavirus, Doctors SayПн, 21 сен[−]
Some reopened schools are taking children’s temperatures each day but experts and medical groups increasingly say a fever isn’t a good gauge of Covid-19.

3. $6,000 for an 'Aladdin' T-Shirt: The Exploding Movie Merch MarketПн, 21 сен[−]
In recent months nostalgic collectors have gone mad for vintage shirts and hats promoting beloved films of the 1990s.

4. Emmys 2020: Winners in Key CategoriesПн, 21 сен[−]
From outstanding lead actress in a drama series to outstanding comedy, here is a list of winners for major awards.

5. 'Succession' Wins Best Drama at Emmys; 'Schitt's Creek' Sweeps Comedy AwardsПн, 21 сен[−]
HBO dominates the drama categories: “Watchmen” takes home most wins including outstanding limited series; Zendaya wins for “Euphoria.”

6. The Science Behind WFH Dressing for ZoomВс, 20 сен[−]
What you wear while working actually matters; Researchers studying “enclothed cognition” say your clothing choices at home can affect productivity and performance.

7. Emmys 2020: Five Things to Know, From HBO vs. Netflix to Red Carpetless FashionСб, 19 сен[−]
The TV awards show is going virtual this year. “A train wreck? Could be. Hope not. But if I was a viewer I’d tune in for that.”

8. New York's Star Attractions Are Reopening. Here's What You Need to Know.Пт, 18 сен[−]
With limited capacity and other Covid-19 restrictions now in place at the city’s most beloved landmarks, locals and visitors are finding an unexpected upside to the “new normal”—plenty of elbow room. Plus: From Chicago to Memphis, live music moves outdoors for the fall.

9. How Covid Has Impacted Women's Fashion Budgets This FallПт, 18 сен[−]
The coronavirus pandemic has forced women to rethink many aspects of their lives—retail routines included. We quizzed six shoppers on their spending this season and what clothes and accessories are worth buying.

10. 2021 Best Colleges in America: Harvard Leads the University RankingsПт, 18 сен[−]
The Ivy League dominates this year’s Wall Street Journal/Times Higher Education College Rankings. But the future of U.S. universities has never been murkier.

11. 'The Devil All the Time': Waging the War WithinПт, 18 сен[−]
Antonio Campos’s screen version of Donald Ray Pollock’s novel is a tale of multiple horrors with a father-son relationship at its center.

12. This Chicken Recipe Effortlessly Extends Grilling Season Into FallЧт, 17 сен[−]
Skewered and generously spiced, chicken thigh meat cooks in minutes. Grilled tomatoes, sumac onions and a simple salad dressed in a tahini-pomegranate vinaigrette complete the meal.

13. Star Island is Reliving Its Glory Days, Thanks to Buyers Like Ken Griffin and Jennifer LopezЧт, 10 сен[−]
The ultraexclusive enclave in Miami has been quiet in recent years, but a number of big-ticket deals have put the island back on the map.

14. South Dakota Cowboy Who Won $232.1 Million Powerball Lists $41.15 Million RanchСр, 02 сен[−]
Neal Wanless used some of his lottery winnings to assemble the nearly 50,000-acre property, which could become one of the priciest single ranches ever sold in the state.

15. In the Caribbean and Bahamas, Turnkey Properties Are the Biggest LuxuryЧт, 27 авг[−]
Vacation-home buyers in hard-to-reach destinations opt for fully furnished properties.

16. Covid-19 Pounds NYC Real Estate Worse Than 9/11, Financial CrashЧт, 20 авг[−]
The city’s high-end market was dealt an unprecedented blow by the coronavirus lockdown. Can it ever fully recover?

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