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1. Pipenv & Requests Author Kenneth Reitz InterviewПт, 15 окт[−]

In an interview with Evrone Kenneth talks about the top issues Python developers face while scaling applications, shares his thoughts on async / await paradigm in Python, speaks about his project PyTheory, and the “natural affinity” for software development.

2. How moving online helped us scale regional meetupsВт, 29 дек 2020[−]

In this article we share tips on how moving online can help you scale regional meetups into an extensive online conference, how to choose a guest speaker, find partnering to host events & turn any crisis moments into growth points

3. RubyRussia 2020: How the largest Ruby event went onlineСр, 25 ноя 2020[−]

How to make the virtual event a success? Read an article about how Evrone transferred the conference online, getting more than 600 attendees during just the first day of the event!

4. Flask Creator Armin Ronacher InterviewЧт, 15 окт 2020[−]

  1. Introduction

5. Dotenv-linter v2.2.0: find and fix problems in .env filesВт, 13 окт 2020[−]

We have developed dotenv-linter — a useful tool for checking .env files. It helps to find problems in .env files that you might miss at first, but which later may result in incorrect work of applications. We have made the tool universal, it can be connected to any project regardless of the programming language.

We've just released a new version of dotenv-linter — v2.2.0, and here is an overview of the key changes included in this release!

6. Vue.js Creator Evan You Interview: “You need to understand what your users want”Вт, 01 сен 2020[−]

  1. Introduction

Evan You is an independent software developer and the creator of the open source JavaScript framework Vue.js. We had a chance to speak to Evan about the release of Vue 3, get to know his opinion on no-backend & fullstack approaches, Vue.js use cases and the work-life balance of the creator of the technology.

7. Jos? Valim: "Elixir is great for everything that runs on top of a socket"Чт, 27 авг 2020[−]


8. "Rust isn’t afraid to be imperfect as long as we ship something useful"Ср, 05 авг 2020[−]


Steve Klabnik is a member of the Rust core team, an active open-source contributor, and author of The Rust Programming Language, Rails 4 in Action, and Designing Hypermedia APIs books. In 2012 and 2016, we invited Steve to speak at the RailsClub (now RubyRussia) conference. Since then, Steve has been working on Rust a lot, did a lot of interesting things and we realized that we should definitely interview him once again!

9. Becoming a Self-Taught Programmer: Cory Althoff InterviewВт, 30 июн 2020[−]

Evrone spoke with Cory Althoff, the author of “The Self-Taught Programmer” book and the founder of the Coding List, about the hardest things for new developers to learn, and what new Python developers can expect at the beginning of their careers.

10. David Heinemeier Hansson InterviewВт, 09 июн 2020[−]


David Heinemeier Hansson is the creator of Ruby on Rails, co-founder & CTO of Basecamp, best-selling author, Le Mans class-winning race car driver, family man, frequent podcast guest, and inspirational conference speaker.

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