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1. "Rust isn’t afraid to be imperfect as long as we ship something useful"Ср, 05 авг[−]


Steve Klabnik is a member of the Rust core team, an active open-source contributor, and author of The Rust Programming Language, Rails 4 in Action, and Designing Hypermedia APIs books. In 2012 and 2016, we invited Steve to speak at the RailsClub (now RubyRussia) conference. Since then, Steve has been working on Rust a lot, did a lot of interesting things and we realized that we should definitely interview him once again!

2. Becoming a Self-Taught Programmer: Cory Althoff InterviewВт, 30 июн[−]

Evrone spoke with Cory Althoff, the author of “The Self-Taught Programmer” book and the founder of the Coding List, about the hardest things for new developers to learn, and what new Python developers can expect at the beginning of their careers.

3. David Heinemeier Hansson InterviewВт, 09 июн[−]


David Heinemeier Hansson is the creator of Ruby on Rails, co-founder & CTO of Basecamp, best-selling author, Le Mans class-winning race car driver, family man, frequent podcast guest, and inspirational conference speaker.

4. Why create and contribute to open-source projects?Пт, 05 июн[−]

Why would companies, ranging from mid-sized outsourcing businesses to technological giants, make their products available as open-source software? Find out in the article by Evrone.

5. Hannes Mehnert on MirageOS and OCaml: “Functional programming is about better code maintenance and program understanding”Чт, 14 мая[−]

We spoke with Hannes Mehnert, the co-author of MirageOS about the library operating system that constructs unikernels, OCaml and functional programming.

6. Rob Pike interview: “Go has indeed become the language of cloud infrastructure“Чт, 30 апр[−]

Rob Pike, the co-author of the Go programming language, speaks about a career spanning four decades, and the evolution of Go over the last ten years.

7. Introducing postcss-px-to-viewport: open-source software to create scalable interfaces on any displayПт, 24 апр[−]

postcss-px-to-viewport is a plug-in for PostCSS that converts px values to viewport units (vw, vh, etc.)

8. Open-sourcing dotenv-linter: a lightning-fast tool to lint .env filesПн, 20 апр[−]

Dotenv-linter is an open-source tool written in Rust that checks .env files for problems that may cause the application to malfunction

9. Tim Sneath: "Flutter is to apps as Unity is to games"Чт, 09 апр[−]

Tim Sneath, Google's product manager for Flutter and Dart, talks to Evrone about why big companies like eBay or BMW tend to embrace Dart&Flutter combo for their projects

10. Online mode: How to successfully host a virtual conferenceСр, 08 апр[−]

Remote user conferences are the future — as we are living in a world where technology allows you to exchange information and communicate with others around the globe, without ever leaving your home.

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