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Avast security experts write about cybersecurity threats and share solutions and tips you can use to stay secure in the digital world.

1. Carriers need IoT protection | AvastПт., 22 февр.[−]

The worlds of tech, mobile carriers, and security all converge in one exciting, new arena — the internet of things (IoT), and it is the next great frontier for each of them.

2. Three Data Breaches and One Bad Ad Weekend | AvastПт., 22 февр.[−]

Presidents’ Day malvertising blitz

Cybersecurity researchers observed a swell of malicious ads flooding the internet over Presidents’ Day weekend, striking at a time when ad network employees were enjoying the three days off. With tech support slower to respond, cybercriminals took the opportunity to inject bad ads into regular ad rotation. Researchers tracked as many as 800 million ads over the three-day weekend. Instead of infecting the user’s system with malware, the ads led to phishing screens that tried to coax login credentials from the users.

3. Nest Secure Users Learn of Secret Microphone | AvastЧт., 21 февр.[−]

Earlier this month, Google pushed an update for Nest Secure that enabled it to function as a Google Assistant smart speaker. The announcement surprised users not just because of the new feature, but because the news came with the revelation that a microphone has existed on the hardware all along.

4. Avast Security-Themed Events at MWC 2019 | AvastСр., 20 февр.[−]

I am so excited to dive into everything mobile at MWC and see the new and interesting advances in our industry. Yes, it’s that time again for the annual Mobile World Congress ( MWC) in Barcelona, where my Fitbit steps are going to reach a new all time high. And I am so happy to announce Avast has live events planned in our booth this year that will both enlighten and entertain attendees. As you likely know, the exhibition is February 25-28 in Barcelona’s Fira Gran Via conference hall, and the Avast booth, bolder than ever, will be located in Hall 7, Booth 7B44. If you’re attending, please come on by to learn more about the biggest mobile security threats and how you can protect yourself against them, and also take part in our hacking demonstrations. You will be amazed to see how easily a smart home can be hacked. Here’s everything we’ve got lined up for the week:

5. Who Puts the Ethics in AI? | AvastВт., 19 февр.[−]

Davos 2019, the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum, took place in January in its namesake city of Switzerland. Unsurprisingly, AI emerged as one of the leading topics of discussion (with 40 sessions dedicated to it, second only to US-China trade). Most of the conversation, however, centered on articulating abstract principles about the importance of ethics in AI, or, at best, calls for collaboration and research in this area.

6. Regent College Protects with Avast Business Managed Antivirus | Avast BusinessВт., 19 февр.[−]

The College

With a worldwide reputation for innovative thought and practice, Regent College was the first graduate school of theology in North America to make education of the laity – anyone not training for the professional ministry – its central focus. Founded in 1968 in Vancouver, British Columbia, and affiliated with the University of British Columbia, Regent College attracts over 600 full-time and part-time students from over 40 countries, representing more than 30 denominations.

7. Avast PC Trends Report 2019: Average PC is 6 Years OldСб., 16 февр.[−]

Below you will find the most recent trends we are seeing the market worldwide. You can also check out the highlights from previous reports below.

8. Rietspoof Malware Family Increases Activity | AvastСб., 16 февр.[−]

Authored by: Luigino Camastra, Jan ?irmer, Adolf St?eda and Luk?? Obrdl?k

9. Increasing mobile threat intelligence with | AvastСб., 16 февр.[−]

At Avast, we firmly believe that everyone deserves a safe and secure online experience. That’s why we dedicate every day to understanding and defeating the bad actors who spread threats, violate privacy, and take advantage of the online community. Much like counterintelligence is an essential wartime tactic, we use threat intelligence to get a good picture of what the other side is doing and to stay a few steps ahead of them. Our newest tool is this arsenal is, an AI-based analysis platform.

What is is a mobile threat intelligence platform (MTIP) designed to provide the most relevant information for Android™ security researchers. At Avast, we collect big data on the most current cyberthreats today with our network of hundreds of millions of sensors around the globe. We use this big data as the reference point for our MTIP

10. Windows Malware for Macs and More Weekly News | AvastПт., 15 февр.[−]

Phishing scam has fishy URLs

There’s a phishing campaign afoot that tries scamming users into believing their email accounts have been compromised. The phishing email claims multiple verification errors have caused the users’ accounts to be blacklisted and the only fix is an immediate login with the proper credentials. The email provides a link that reads CONFIRM YOUR EMAIL, and when users click on it, they are taken to a fake login page based on their particular email service. If they enter their credentials, the info is sent back to the malware’s C&C (command-and-control server).

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