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Avast security experts write about cybersecurity threats and share solutions and tips you can use to stay secure in the digital world.

1. Top 10 Moments From the CyberSec & AI Prague Conference | AvastMon, 11 Nov[−]

A new kind of conference drew speakers and presenters from 11 nations to Prague last month. CyberSec & AI Prague combined top academic speakers with students presenting their ideas. Topics included adversarial AI – a subject at the very height of the industry’s expertise – and the egalitarian notion of “AI for the people.”

2. Phishing Scam Poses as UK Ministry of Justice | AvastFri, 08 Nov[−]

A phishing campaign targeting UK employees in the retail and insurance industries is sending out emails claiming to come from the Ministry of Justice. ZDNet reported that the emails have the subject line “Court,” while the body of the message implies that the user has been summoned with a subpoena to testify. To get details, the user is prompted to click a link that takes the user to a Word document hosted on Microsoft One drive. The user is then prompted to “enable macros,” which allows the code programmed into the document to download onto the user’s system. It downloads a malware called Predator the Thief, which is used to steal login credentials, browser data, and cryptocurrency stored in digital wallets, as well as to take photos with the computer’s webcam. When Predator the Thief finishes plundering the system and sending all its information back to its command-and-control center, the malware self-destructs, erasing all traces of itself.

3. Avast Opens Internet Of Things Lab | AvastFri, 08 Nov[−]

Avast has opened its Internet of Things Lab in the lobby of the company’s headquarters in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic. With dozens of devices, 30 Wi-Fi routers, three 3-D printers, 100 outlets, and 6 kilometers of cables, the lab provides visitors with insights into IoT technologies while giving researchers and analysts a new state-of-the-art facility for their everyday IoT research.

4. Q&A With New Avast CISO Jaya Baloo | AvastWed, 06 Nov[−]

Jaya Baloo, a 20-year veteran in the field of information security, joined Avast last month as its chief information security officer (CISO). She most recently worked as CISO of KPN, the largest telecommunications carrier in the Netherlands. She has been formally recognized on the list of the top 100 CISOs globally and ranks among the top 100 security influencers worldwide. The Avast Blog spoke with her for this Q&A interview.

5. What is BlueKeep And Why Should I Care? – AvastWed, 06 Nov[−]

BlueKeep, a Microsoft Windows vulnerability that captured headlines in June, has surfaced in the wild of the internet. The threat was previously only modeled by researchers, who said it could potentially devastate networks as a worm spreading unassisted from computer to computer. The current BlueKeep outbreak is limited to a targeted cryptocurrency mining threat, Forbes and other news outlets report.

6. Analyst Discusses Reporting Hack Of Computer System At Indian Nuclear Reactor | AvastSat, 02 Nov[−]

This week a report of hackers gaining access to an Indian nuclear power plant's computer network led to alarm, confusion, and denial before officials admitted the hack took place. The threat analyst who reported the issue experienced a unique vantage point in the middle of that furious cybersecurity news cycle.

7. 9 Smartphone tips everyone forgets to follow | AvastFri, 01 Nov[−]

Statisticians estimate the number of cell phones in the world to be about 5 billion, with smartphones constituting about half of them. That’s 2.5 billion smartphones in use, which means a good third of the world’s population is texting, FaceTiming, sending and receiving pictures, and otherwise using their phones for more than just talking. Even if you were late coming to the smartphone party, you are most likely using that smart mobile device every day now, accumulating lots of personal data. So, you may be thinking, “how do I keep my smartphone safe and secure?”

8. Facebook Shuts Down Russian Propaganda Networks | AvastFri, 01 Nov[−]

Facebook Head of Cybersecurity Policy Nathaniel Gleicher announced on October 30th that the social platform has removed three networks of accounts believed to be misleading users throughout eight countries in Africa – Sudan, Libya, Madagascar, Central African Republic, Mozambique, the Congo, C?te d'Ivoire, and Cameroon. In total, the three networks were comprised of 66 Facebook accounts, 83 Pages, 11 Groups, and 12 Instagram accounts. Together, they netted over 1.1 million followers. Content promoted by the networks centered on support for Russian foreign policies, US-Russian relations, criticism of French and US policies, and support for the Gaddafi regime. Stated Gleicher, “We’re constantly working to detect and stop this type of activity because we don’t want our services to be used to manipulate people. We’re taking down these Pages, Groups and accounts based on their behavior, not the content they posted.”

9. How Bitcoin And Blockchain Technology Evolved | AvastWed, 30 Oct[−]

Some 20 years ago, the founders of Amazon and Google essentially set the course for how the internet would come to dominate the way we live.

10. You May Not Own Your Data | AvastMon, 28 Oct[−]

I would like to take a step back to take in a broader, bigger picture than usual in this article, moving across time as well as into the legal sphere. Technology isn’t just hardware and software; it’s a fundamental component of every aspect of our lives and our society.

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