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Avast security experts write about cybersecurity threats and share solutions and tips you can use to stay secure in the digital world.

1. Microsoft Reports Nation-State Political Attacks | AvastПт., 19 июля[−]

Microsoft has notified political organizations more than 780 times in the past year that they’ve been targeted or compromised by nation-state attacks. “This data demonstrates the significant extent to which nation-states continue to rely on cyberattacks as a tool to gain intelligence, influence geopolitics or achieve other objectives,” the company said in a blog post. The majority of activity originated from Iran, North Korea and Russia, Microsoft said. Since the launch of the program Microsoft AccountGuard a year ago, the company has uncovered attacks targeting political campaigns, parties, and democracy-focused nongovernmental organizations (NGOs). This week at the Aspen Security Forum, Microsoft also demonstrated parts of the free, open-source project ElectionGuard, which offers voting directly on the screen of the Microsoft Surface or using the Xbox Adaptive Controller; a tracking code that confirms votes are counted and not altered; and end-to-end verifiable elections with paper ballots.

2. Is FaceApp Safe to Use? | AvastПт., 19 июля[−]

FaceApp can make your face look old – but does it also invade your privacy? In the past week photos from the app – and fears about cybersecurity issues – have swirled through social media with more distortions than clarity.

3. Google pulls stalker apps identified by Avast | AvastСр., 17 июля[−]

Mobile threat researchers at Avast have detected seven apps on the Google Play Store that were all likely designed by a Russian developer to allow people to stalk employees, romantic partners, or kids.

4. Top 10 Facts from AV Test’s Annual Cybersecurity Report | AvastСр., 17 июля[−]

The AV-TEST Institute has just published its annual Security Report with data on the world of cybersecurity. Here are 10 of the best facts from the new report:

5. Avast researcher finds apparent Android app scamПн., 15 июля[−]

Avast’s head of mobile threats is warning Android customers that an app claiming to identify who owns phone numbers appears to be a subscription scam.

6. Garry Kasparaov Asks Can AI Be Evil? | AvastСб., 13 июля[−]

It’s always a great pleasure to talk with one of the founding fathers of cybernetics and computation. One of the benefits of AI and robotics being relatively young fields is that many of the people who created them are not only still alive, but are still very active participants. It’s as if we can discuss democracy with Thomas Jefferson or physics with Albert Einstein, and we should never miss the opportunity.

7. GDPR Fines Handed Down in Europe | AvastСб., 13 июля[−]

The threat of big fines made businesses take GDPR regulations seriously two years ago – but would they ever really happen? Now those big judgments are rumbling like thunder across Europe.

8. Agent Smith Malware Hits 25 Million Android Devices | AvastПт., 12 июля[−]

Bad actors have pushed variants of the Agent Smith malware to users through unofficial Android app stores, infecting up to 25 million devices, Bleeping Computer reported. Security analysts identified over 360 different dropper strains of the malware, being distributed in malicious game, photo, and adult content apps for over two years.

9. Avast Observes Surge in DNS Hijacking in Brazil | AvastЧт., 11 июля[−]

Avast has blocked more than 4.6 million attempts to send users to malicious sites so far this year in Brazil, part of a cybercrime ploy to hijack traffic away from websites that include Netflix and large banks.

10. Awards Recognize Avast Excellence | AvastЧт., 11 июля[−]

In the highly competitive industry of cybersecurity, it can be difficult to pick out the best products for your computer, phone, smart devices, and business. When independent labs award companies and products recognition for excellence, it speaks volumes. We encourage all users to do their homework before deciding on an antivirus or other security solution. Below are the most recent awards singling out our tools for their top performance, followed by previous awards.

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