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Avast security experts write about cybersecurity threats and share solutions and tips you can use to stay secure in the digital world.

1. Avast scores high in malware protection | Avast07:58[−]

Independent lab AV-Comparatives focuses on one thing and one thing only — constant, regular tests of the leading antivirus software on the market. After putting each brand’s software suite through its paces, the lab then publishes the results in easy-to-read reports aimed at helping consumers make informed decisions in choosing the cybersecurity that’s right for them. This week, AV-Comparatives published result reports from three studies, and Avast software was tested in each of them.

2. Google+ ending and CA is no state for weak passwords | AvastПт., 12 окт.[−]

Google+ to go offline after security breach discovered

Following an expos? by WSJ that revealed Google had kept a huge bug in their Google+ social network under wraps, the search giant has decided to shut it down by late 2019. The bug might have enabled malicious apps to extract profile data such as name, gender, email address, occupation, and age. To make matters worse, Google isn’t sure how many profiles could have been compromised as they only keep log data for two weeks.

3. Personal data for coffee. What’s the risk? | AvastЧт., 11 окт.[−]

Despite the hoopla surrounding Facebook, Google, and others being accused of deceiving users into sharing personal data, it seems the level of comfort with people exchanging personal data is becoming more and more accepted.

4. Avast pumps protection, performance, and privacy in 2019 | AvastСр., 10 окт.[−]

The tech world evolves. The ones who wear black hats get smarter, and the ones who wear white hats get even smarter. Using AI, machine learning, and the big data of our vast network, we’re proud to be forerunners in the latter category, staying a step ahead of the cybercrime underworld. We not only test our products rigorously in our own labs, but we submit them for objective third-party evaluations to learn where we can improve. Reviews have been favorable throughout 2018 and we continue to offer the best free and most competitive and feature rich antivirus products on the market.

Avast-av-test-top-product-awardAvast Free Antivirus 2018 for Windows received Top Product from AV-Test. The Avast 2019 product line-up adds on more features.

5. The MSP Guide to Building Your Managed Security Services: Best Practices for Marketing | Avast BusinessСр., 10 окт.[−]

There’s an ever-growing need for digital protection in today’s world, and, when delivered the right way, managed security services can provide this security while paving the road to success for any MSP. In our blog series centered around The MSP Guide to Building Your Managed Security Services, we discussed the smartest and most advantageous ways to define and bundle MSP services in Part 1 and key pricing strategies in Part 2. In our third and final post, we’re touching on MSP best practices for marketing success.

6. Block puzzle games laced with malware | AvastВт., 09 окт.[−]

Authored by Alena Nohov?

7. Avast Business invites you to join these industry events | Avast BusinessПн., 08 окт.[−]

Our Avast Business team is back on the road at several industry conferences this month and next, starting with our Cybersecurity Essentials Master Series on October 10 and then London’s CompTIA EMEA Member & Partner Conference on October 16. Don’t miss a chance to catch up with our team onsite.

8. Trojans go after MS Office vulnerabilities and China hacks US hardwareПт., 05 окт.[−]

Danabot opens a US account

After making its presence felt in Australia and European banks, Danabot, a modular Trojan horse has made its way to the States. Written in Delphi, the perpetual beta modular malware can take screenshots, log keys and stealing form data from infected computers.

9. Cologne-based edvXpert GmbH chooses Managed Workplace after competitive analysis | Avast BusinessПт., 05 окт.[−]

The Company

Founded in 2001, edvXpert GmbH is an IT service provider in Cologne, Germany that provides comprehensive IT support and security, infrastructure, and cloud computing services for small and medium-size enterprises with up to 200 employees.

10. Avast AV reclassifies cryptominers | AvastЧт., 04 окт.[−]

Cryptomining has grown so rampant that we’ve revised the guidelines for how our software identifies and classifies mining programs. At Avast, we’re committed to keeping you protected, and this new classification system will provide our users with an added layer of security by keeping them informed and protected. We want to be sure that if cryptomining is at work on your system, it’s because you are wanting and allowing it.

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