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1. Trump says he has given his ‘blessing’ to TikTok deal, but cautions that final terms are still being negotiated04:27[−]
President Trump on Saturday said the deal could still fall through, but that he had approved a new arrangement "in concept" that would allow TikTok to operate in the United States under an investment partnership with Oracle and Walmart.

2. Week 3 college football winners and losers04:20[−]

3. Honoring a ‘superhero’ outside the Supreme Court04:18[−]

4. The possibilities for Trump’s nominee to replace Ginsburg on the Supreme Court04:07[−]

5. Carolyn Hax: Confidants say they don’t want her dating their relatives04:04[−]

6. Ask Amy: Family business creates ‘family business’04:04[−]

7. For the Nationals, there’s nothing memorable about 19-31 this year as the Marlins roll03:43[−]

8. How Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death could jeopardize the Affordable Care Act03:36[−]

9. Matthew Wolff races to the U.S. Open lead with a 65, but Bryson DeChambeau is lurking03:31[−]

10. Sunday at the U.S. Open, no-gallery edition: A boost or a bummer? Maybe both.03:20[−]

11. The tortured logic from right-wing media about replacing Ruth Bader Ginsburg01:48[−]

12. Announcement could come within week; Trump says he prefers Senate vote before election01:17[−]
A ferocious political battle that could transform the court and alter the election has begun as Republican senators say they will move forward with filling the vacancy.

13. Graham — an institutionalist turned Trump loyalist — will play a central role in Supreme Court battle00:56[−]

14. What will come of Autumn? A girl, a disfiguring tumor and a clinical trial that offers hope.00:55[−]
The 10-year-old, who was born with NF1, has been participating in a trial at NIH that recently resulted in the first approval of a treatment.

15. Off-duty police officer shoots and wounds 17-year-old in Northeast D.C. after alleged carjacking attempt00:45[−]

16. The Falwells, the pool attendant and the double life that brought them all down00:21[−]

17. Ginsburg’s death crystallizes the choice in November as no other issue can00:11[−]

18. Nearly 11,000 people have been exposed to the coronavirus on flights, the CDC says00:09[−]

19. Gulf Coast mayors say hurricane season has changed for the worse. Many blame climate shifts.Сб, 19 сен[−]

20. Justin Verlander’s surgery leaves struggling Astros in precarious spot in season’s waning daysСб, 19 сен[−]

21. How the fight over Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s replacement is likely to affect the electionСб, 19 сен[−]

22. As infections ebb, Japan hopes it figured out how to coexist with coronavirusСб, 19 сен[−]

23. Big Ten football schedule filled with familiar rivalries packed into nine weeksСб, 19 сен[−]

24. A refuge for D.C.’s tightly wound and politically exhausted serves its last cocktailСб, 19 сен[−]

25. China threatens U.S. companies with sanctions following Trump’s WeChat banСб, 19 сен[−]

26. Ruth Bader Ginsburg was all I wanted to beСб, 19 сен[−]

27. Who is Amy Coney Barrett, the judge at the top of Trump’s list to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg?Сб, 19 сен[−]

28. How the Supreme Court fight could shape the battle for the Senate majorityСб, 19 сен[−]

29. Nine implications of Ginsburg’s death – for 2020 and beyondСб, 19 сен[−]

30. Tens of thousands rally against Thai government, inspired by studentsСб, 19 сен[−]
Parit “Penguin” Chiwarak, a 22-year-old student activist, has emerged as a leading figure in the pro-democracy movement by openly criticizing the monarchy.

31. Florida State football coach Mike Norvell tests positive for coronavirusСб, 19 сен[−]

32. Woman with HIV denied water, medication in Texas jail before dying of neglect, family saysСб, 19 сен[−]

33. RBG spent her life fighting double standards. Republicans should not embrace one to replace her.Сб, 19 сен[−]

34. What we can learn from Ginsburg’s friendship with my father, Antonin ScaliaСб, 19 сен[−]

35. Envelope addressed to Trump tested positive for ricin, officials sayСб, 19 сен[−]

36. PM Update: Chilly again tonight. Mild and comfortable on Sunday.Сб, 19 сен[−]

37. Hurricane watches posted in Texas as Tropical Storm Beta intensifiesСб, 19 сен[−]
Double-digit rainfall totals are likely in some areas, with tropical storm or even hurricane conditions possible near where the slow-moving storm storm tracks. The threat of heavy rainfall also expands into Louisiana.

38. Prospect of life on Venus propels interest in robotic missionsСб, 19 сен[−]

39. In Denmark, the forest is the new classroomСб, 19 сен[−]

40. George Floyd was a catalyst, but 325 years of racism led to removing Confederate statues in RichmondСб, 19 сен[−]

41. Landmark commission begins tackling ‘unconfronted truth’ of racially motivated lynchings in Md.Сб, 19 сен[−]

42. How Jewish history and the Holocaust fueled Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s quest for justiceСб, 19 сен[−]

43. Many people in their 60s and beyond are resilient in coping mentally with the pandemic. Here’s why.Сб, 19 сен[−]

44. The Kavanaugh fight defined the 2018 election — until it didn’tСб, 19 сен[−]

45. EBay is shifting more business to UPS and away from Postal Service because of mail delaysСб, 19 сен[−]

46. The GOP senators who will decide on Ginsburg’s vacancyСб, 19 сен[−]

47. Simple and close to home, pandemic vacations embrace the travel norms of earlier erasСб, 19 сен[−]

48. ‘Long-haul’ covid-19 complications are real. I faced similar problems after surviving Ebola.Сб, 19 сен[−]
We know what viruses can do to the immune system long term. So why are covid-19 long-haulers having such a hard time being taken seriously?

49. This Thai national park was tired of visitors leaving trash, so the government mailed it back to themСб, 19 сен[−]

50. Pandemic sparks more people to hunt for birthparents, long lost relativesСб, 19 сен[−]

51. Educational films reflect evolving views in 1960s about the health dangers of air pollutionСб, 19 сен[−]

52. A congressional district in Maine and one in Nebraska could decide the presidencyСб, 19 сен[−]

53. Reckoning in a small town: Civil War meets civil rights in the ‘Last Capital of the Confederacy’Сб, 19 сен[−]

54. Second female justice — a legal pioneer and voice for equality — dies at 87Сб, 19 сен[−]

55. Miss Manners: These young men at work keep ‘mansplaining’Сб, 19 сен[−]

56. Is it covid-19 or the flu? What doctors say about the symptoms.Сб, 19 сен[−]

57. Virginia reports first child coronavirus deathПт, 18 сен[−]

58. College newspaper reporters are the journalism heroes for the pandemic eraПт, 18 сен[−]

59. Bansari Indian Cuisine dares to be differentПт, 18 сен[−]

60. Designers made New York fashion week happen. Sort of.Пт, 18 сен[−]
Designers began unveiling their spring 2021 collections this week — a slow, drip-drip process that will continue into October. Nothing is certain in the industry except the desire to distract customers from their woes.

61. ‘I hired you because you’re Black.’Пт, 18 сен[−]

62. Yes, I was hired because I was Black. But that’s not the only reason.Пт, 18 сен[−]

63. The new Eisenhower memorial reminds us how steady he was — and how different things are nowПт, 18 сен[−]

64. How to track your ballot like a UPS packageПт, 18 сен[−]

65. This is how we know climate change is making wildfires worseПт, 18 сен[−]

66. Stopping climate change could cost less than fighting covid-19Пт, 18 сен[−]

67. Rarefied air: Taking a healthy breath is now a luxury in CaliforniaПт, 18 сен[−]

68. Movie theater popcorn sales have tanked, prompting American popcorn farmers to find new marketsПт, 18 сен[−]

69. The dos and don’ts of camping aloneПт, 18 сен[−]
Camping solo might be the safest pandemic travel option. Here's what you need to consider before setting out.

70. I miss my favorite bars. This fun, fussy cocktail is a beautiful reminder of why.Пт, 18 сен[−]

71. President Trump and Attorney General William Barr are a perfect match. The question is, who’s using whom?Пт, 18 сен[−]

72. Vaccine companies reveal their study designs, even as Trump sows confusionПт, 18 сен[−]

73. How to adapt meditation for little kids? It looks a lot like play.Пт, 18 сен[−]

74. ‘Cuties’ is an unflinching look at what it means to be a preteen girl. No wonder people can’t handle it.Пт, 18 сен[−]

75. Off the North Carolina shore, a deep dive into historyПт, 18 сен[−]

76. Fighting fires in Oregon is unlike any scene I've ever encounteredПт, 18 сен[−]

77. How trucking eels is reviving a riverЧт, 17 сен[−]

78. A neighbor asked for a tomato. This is where the story gets weird.Чт, 17 сен[−]

79. Blind dates are very awkward, and blind dates conducted over Zoom are very, very awkwardЧт, 17 сен[−]

80. ‘You’re doing amazing, sweetie’: 20 unforgettable moments from ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’Чт, 17 сен[−]

81. Challenged to examine their White bias, some theater companies are taking on diversity — from the topЧт, 17 сен[−]
A spate of recent hires suggests that an industry roiled by Black Lives Matter may at last be responding.

82. National parks: Travel’s next frontier in the movement for racial equalityЧт, 17 сен[−]

83. 5 beer-friendly recipes to bring Oktoberfest homeЧт, 17 сен[−]

84. I saw the teen comedies of my generation, but they didn’t see me. Then came ‘Easy A.’Чт, 17 сен[−]

85. Vincent Van Gogh’s image is cemented in our cultural memory. His letters complicate the view.Чт, 17 сен[−]

86. How to stay warm and safe living the van life in winterЧт, 17 сен[−]

87. Growing number of airlines offer ‘flights to nowhere’ as international travel remains stalledЧт, 17 сен[−]

88. Let’s bring back tiramisu, a classic dessert that deserves more loveЧт, 17 сен[−]

89. How to build better tacos at home, from the tortillas to the toppingsЧт, 17 сен[−]

90. When the world’s in crisis, we need ‘grief leaders.’ Here’s how to be one.Чт, 17 сен[−]

91. Carnival to sell 18 cruise ships amid financial struggles, no-sail orderСр, 16 сен[−]

92. With planning and patience, even the tiniest of gardens can be made gloriousСр, 16 сен[−]

93. How Fauci came to receive the ‘ultimate honor’: His own bobblehead dollСр, 16 сен[−]

94. ‘Ratched’ is Sarah Paulson’s most terrifying role yet — and not for the reason you might thinkСр, 16 сен[−]

95. Who needs another Zoom call? Why sending letters during the pandemic might help your loved ones.Вт, 15 сен[−]

96. The head of D.C. tourism group reflects on being one of the few Black men at the top of the industryВт, 15 сен[−]

97. As floods, fires and temperatures worsen, these architects design homes to withstand climate changeПн, 14 сен[−]

98. Covid-19 etiquette: A comprehensive guideЧт, 10 сен[−]

99. How turnout and swing voters could get Trump or Biden to 270Ср, 02 сен[−]

100. Sign up to get our Coronavirus Updates newsletterбез даты[−]

101. A battle between farmers and ‘trust-fund hippies’: How a 170-foot Trump sign is dividing one Virginia countyбез даты[−]

102. As U.S. nears 200,000 covid-19 deaths, each fatality shifts attitudes about the virus and spreads adoption of measures to fight itбез даты[−]
Every covid-19 fatality is different. Some create big public impact. Some stay intensely private.

103. ‘How many people get to say they worked for their idol?’: Women in law remember Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s profound impactбез даты[−]

104. The paid-leave pioneers: A few Japanese dads have sparked a child-care revolutionбез даты[−]

105. Full coverage and resourcesбез даты[−]

106. Asked and answered: What readers want to know about coronavirusбез даты[−]

107. How to vote in your stateбез даты[−]

108. What happens to Roe v. Wade without Ruth Bader Ginsburg?без даты[−]

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