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1. Girls' Night Logged OnПт, 06 мая 2005[−]
You match the Nicole Kidman card with the Nicole Kidman card, the Julia Roberts card with the Julia Roberts card, the J.Lo card with the J.Lo card. Simple enough. The game is called Ditto, and it's on the Web site of Ladies' Home Journal, and Karen Heal is, at this very moment, too preoccupied playing the game to talk about it.

2. Hospital Services Performed OverseasПт, 06 мая 2005[−]
A movement toward greater use of telemedicine is widening the spectrum of care doctors can provide from afar and enabling more outsourcing of services overseas.
-The Washington Post

3. MCI Calls Qwest's Bid 'Superior' to Verizon'sПт, 06 мая 2005[−]
MCI Inc.'s board of directors embraced a cash-rich offer from Qwest Communications International Inc. after months of saying the company was a financially weaker and strategically less desirable merger partner than Verizon Communications Inc.
-The Washington Post

4. 5 Ways to Unleash MusicПт, 06 мая 2005[−]
Two years ago this coming Thursday, the online music business stopped being a joke. When Apple Computer opened its iTunes Music Store for business on April 28, 2003, people finally had a song-downloads destination that provided a fair value for the money.
-Rob Pegoraro

5. Google Accommodates Search History BuffsПт, 06 мая 2005[−]
Don't take this personally, but Google wants your Web search history.

6. DVDs Came Late to the High-Def TV PartyПт, 06 мая 2005[−]
You can now watch high-definition television on sets as cheap as $500, with plenty of programming from a variety of channels. But HDTV is missing from one crucial corner of the home-entertainment business -- the DVD. Companies are still developing and promoting two different, incompatible high-definition versions of the DVD, neither of which will have any consumer relevance (read: tolerable prices) until next year at the soonest.

7. Hit 'Send' And the World Laughs With YouПт, 06 мая 2005[−]
The guy's Irish or Scottish or something like that, and he's drunk as a skunk. He staggers down the street, stumbles to his car and starts fumbling to get his key in the lock when two cops walk up, one male, one female.

8. Purr. Whirr.Пт, 06 мая 2005[−]
Mecho-pets such as the catbot is easier for many people -- the elderly, the allergy-stricken, the autistic and disabled children and adults -- to relate to than a real cat.

9. For Some, Thumb Pain Is BlackBerry's StainПт, 06 мая 2005[−]
Orthopedists say they are seeing an increasing number of patients with similar symptoms, a condition known as "overuse syndrome" or "BlackBerry thumb." In some patients, the disability has become severe.-The Washington Post

10. This Mouse Won't HuntПт, 06 мая 2005[−]
The mouse clicked in Indiana, but the gun that fired the shot heard 'round the Internet sits on a game preserve in Texas. Now, 14 states and an influential congressman want to ban online hunting. -Robert MacMillan

11. Web Has It CoveredПт, 06 мая 2005[−]
If the Nats aren't on TV, turn on a computer and log onto the Internet, where you can get free, almost-live updates on the progress of games and, for a small price, live video and audio broadcasts too.

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