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Mutual Funds

1. Targeting Value in Eastern EuropeВс, 24 апр 2005[−]
Julian Mayo, whose Eastern European stock holdings have helped his mutual fund outperform all of his U.S. peers since 2000, bought shares of Turkish companies for the first time on optimism the country will join the European Union.

2. Fund Managers: Value-Adding Experts or Mere Commodities?Вс, 24 апр 2005[−]
One of the worst things you can be told in modern economic life is that your job has become "commoditized."

3. Applying Buffett's ApproachВс, 24 апр 2005[−]
William Nolin added to his Principal MidCap Fund's second-largest holding, Gentex Corp., after the shares dropped last year. He cited Warren E. Buffett's strategy as the inspiration for the purchase. "Buffett's thinking is the stock price will follow a good business," Nolin, who personally owns shares of the billionaire investor's Berkshire Hathaway Inc., said during an interview in New York. "We look for the best businesses in an industry at a good bargain."

4. Taking the Plunge As Stocks Are LowВс, 24 апр 2005[−]
Robert A. Olstein, whose Olstein Financial Alert Fund (OFALX) outperformed the Standard & Poor's 500-stock index in eight of the past nine years, said he tries to avoid money-losing investments by buying stocks that have already collapsed.

5. Raining DogsВс, 24 апр 2005[−]
After two back-to-back yearly gains, mutual fund returns thudded back to earth in the first quarter of 2005. The question for investors is whether it represents a blip or marks a tipping point in investor sentiment.

6. As Dow 11,000 Fades Further, Inflation Colors AssessmentsВс, 24 апр 2005[−]
The first quarter of this year seemed like the moment the Dow would finally break through the 11,000 milestone for the first time since June 2001. Now Dow 11,000 once again seems like a distant horizon, thanks to oil-price spikes interest-rate hikes.

7. Mutual Fund PerformanceВс, 24 апр 2005[−]
Washington Post staff writer Ben White was online to answer reader questions about mutual fund performance in the first three months of 2005.

8. Waiting for GreenspanВс, 24 апр 2005[−]
To judge by the shudders that have hit the markets lately, the effect of Federal Reserve moves to raise short-term interest rates is clear and simple.

9. Sector ETFs Allow Investing in TrendsВс, 24 апр 2005[−]
With the number of exchange-traded funds rising, more investors are becoming aware of the trading strategies associated with sector ETFs. But some experts think sector ETFs are riskier than they appear.

10. Third Avenue Fund Chief Focuses on ManagementВс, 24 апр 2005[−]
A popular picture of bargain-minded value investors portrays them first and foremost as number-crunchers.

11. Small-Cap Strategist Cools Toward EnergyВс, 24 апр 2005[−]
Rob Roquitte, whose Harris Insight Small Cap Value Fund rose almost twice as much as competing mutual funds during the past year, is buying technology and health care stocks after cutting his holdings of energy shares.

12. Finding Value in a Battered NicheВс, 24 апр 2005[−]
Ryan Jacob, whose Jacob Internet Fund is the top performer among similar funds during the past three years, is selling money-losing stocks faster than ever and focusing on shares that are inexpensive relative to earnings.

13. Keeping an Eye on AcquisitionsВс, 24 апр 2005[−]
John S. Orrico, whose Arbitrage Fund trailed U.S. stock market benchmarks for the past two years, expects to revive his mutual fund's performance by concentrating investments in companies being bought for less than $1 billion.

14. You Have to Know When to FoldВс, 24 апр 2005[−]
For many investors, buying a mutual fund is easy, but knowing when and why to sell can be much more difficult. Experts say there are a number of reasons why you should think about letting go of a fund, but it may surprise you to know that poor performance isn't necessarily one of them.

15. Ugly Ducklings Start to FlyВс, 24 апр 2005[−]
Today's managers of growth mutual funds buy the strangest stocks.

16. Mutual Fund Returns Routinely Account for Management FeesВс, 24 апр 2005[−]
For sheer success in building a brand name, few financial firms can match the Vanguard Group.

17. Targeting Vice For High ReturnВс, 24 апр 2005[−]
Dan Ahrens and investors in his Vice Fund, the top performer the past 12 months among growth-stock mutual funds with less than $500 million of assets, have been rewarded for pursuing a "socially irresponsible" strategy.

18. Applying 'Sell Discipline' to the Baby BellsВс, 24 апр 2005[−]
Timothy O'Brien says he revived the $300 million Evergreen Utility & Telecommunications Fund by knowing when to sell stocks.

19. Seeking Companies Poised for RecoveryВс, 24 апр 2005[−]
Jon Bosse is betting that John Swainson will rebuild Computer Associates International Inc., the world's fifth-biggest software company, after a two-year fraud investigation.

20. Profiting From Other Investors' PessimismВс, 24 апр 2005[−]
David N. Dreman was among the biggest beneficiaries when cigarette manufacturers won a court ruling blocking the U.S. government's claim to $280 billion of past profits.

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