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1. The Week AheadЧт, 05 мая 2005[−]
April 25-29, 2005 25 Monday
Senate Judiciary panel holds hearing on patent system.

2. Economic Worries Not Resonating on HillЧт, 05 мая 2005[−]
Both parties face risks if they fail to pivot their attention to economic issues, but the stakes are especially high for Republicans as an election year approaches.

3. Rising Consumer Prices Outpace Gains in WagesЧт, 05 мая 2005[−]
Consumer prices rose in March at the fastest rate since October, outpacing gains in most workers' wages, as households paid more for energy, clothing, hotel rooms, medical care and other items, the Labor Department reported yesterday.

4. Producer Prices Rise, But Pace Is ReassuringЧт, 05 мая 2005[−]
Energy costs surged last month, but the prices paid by businesses for other finished goods remained relatively unchanged, the government reported yesterday, easing some of the recent concern over building inflation pressures.

5. Housing Starts Fade After Busy FebruaryЧт, 05 мая 2005[−]
U.S. builders broke ground on tens of thousands fewer homes than expected in March, the biggest one-month drop in residential construction activity in 14 years, according to government figures released yesterday.

6. Finding Consensus on The Global EconomyЧт, 05 мая 2005[−]
Officials from the world's leading finance ministries and central banks concur that financial turmoil triggered by a plunge in the U.S. dollar could erupt sometime in the future unless strong steps are taken to shrink "global imbalances."

7. Rep. Tancredo Suggests DeLay ResignЧт, 05 мая 2005[−]
Rep. Tom Tancredo (R-Colo.) said yesterday that it "may be a productive move" for House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-Tex.) to step aside while charges against him are investigated, but added that he believes the accusations are "trumped-up charges" by Democrats.

8. Economists Uncertain Of Energy Costs' ImpactЧт, 05 мая 2005[−]
Although economists agree that surging energy costs in March and early April dampened economic growth, they say it is unclear whether the U.S. economy has cooled only briefly or has begun a more serious slump.

9. Trade Gap Hits Yet Another RecordЧт, 05 мая 2005[−]
The U.S. trade deficit rose to an all-time high of $61 billion in February, the Commerce Department reported, dealing a fresh blow to hopes that the gap will start to shrink soon in response to the decline in the dollar.

10. Trade Deficit Hits All-Time HighЧт, 05 мая 2005[−]
The U.S. trade deficit widened to a record monthly gap of $61 billion in February, the Commerce Department reported today, leading some analysts to revise downward their estimates for the country's economic growth.

11. Greenspan Sees Upside to Energy 'Price Frenzy'Чт, 05 мая 2005[−]
Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan said yesterday that surging energy prices reflect the tightest oil and gas markets in decades but should stimulate the development of more alternative fuel sources and conservation methods over time.

12. Consumer Confidence Drops for Second WeekЧт, 05 мая 2005[−]
Consumer confidence fell for the second week in a row as Americans continue to face record-breaking gas prices at the pump, according to the latest Washington Post-ABC News Consumer Comfort survey.

13. Fewer Jobs Added Than Expected in MarchЧт, 05 мая 2005[−]
U.S. employers added 110,000 jobs to their payrolls in March, the smallest increase since July, as businesses continued their reluctance to hire in the face of surging energy prices and rising interest rates.

14. Bush Picks Fed Official As Economic AdviserЧт, 05 мая 2005[−]
President Bush will nominate Federal Reserve Governor Ben S. Bernanke to be chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers, the White House said yesterday, a move that would help fill out the president's economic team as it undertakes an ambitious second-term agenda.

15. March Job Growth DisappointsЧт, 05 мая 2005[−]
U.S. employers added a disappointing 110,000 jobs to their payrolls in March, the smallest increase since July, as businesses continued their reluctance to hire in the face of strong economic growth and rising profits.

16. Consumer Comfort Index Hits New 2005 LowЧт, 05 мая 2005[−]
Consumer confidence has reached a new low for the year in the wake of soaring gasoline prices across the nation, with the latest Washington Post-ABC News Consumer Comfort Index standing at -13, three points below its 19-year average.

17. High Energy Costs Ratchet Up InflationЧт, 05 мая 2005[−]
Rising energy costs pushed consumer prices up in February at the fastest rate in four months, the Labor Department reported Wednesday, reinforcing concerns that inflation may be poised to take off in a way that would roil the U.S. economy and shake financial markets.

18. Consumer Prices Increase Fuels FearsЧт, 05 мая 2005[−]
Rising prices for gasoline, fuel oil and natural gas pushed U.S. consumer inflation up in February to its fastest rate in four months, the government reported today.

19. Partisans Differ Over Economic OutlookЧт, 05 мая 2005[−]
During the past fifteen years, Republicans have consistently held a rosier view of economic conditions than Democrats, but at no time has this perceptions gap been greater than in the past year, according to a historical analysis of weekly data from The Washington Post-ABC News consumer confidence survey.

20. Trade Gap ExpandsЧт, 05 мая 2005[−]
The U.S. trade deficit widened in January to $58.27 billion, the second-highest monthly gap on record and the latest sign that the fall in the dollar has not yet started to shrink the chasm between imports and exports.

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