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1. Battlefield FC pays up, but can it recover from second PR disaster?Ср., 31 июля[−]
Besieged Korean MMA promotion Battlefield FC has made good on a promise to pay fighters.Комментарии (0)

2. Theodorus Ginting crowned welterweight champ at ONE Pride 30Пн., 29 июля[−]
Theodorus Ginting scored a huge comeback victory after Rudy Gunawan nearly finished him in the opening 10 seconds.Комментарии (0)

3. Battlefield FC promises payment by next weekВс., 28 июля[−]
Battlefield FC matchmaker Tommy Yang has released a statement saying all purses will be paid by next week.Комментарии (0)

4. Battlefield FC fails to pay fighters… againВс., 28 июля[−]
TFN has spoken to almost all athletes and coaches from last nights event and all have not been paid.Комментарии (0)

5. Three title fights green lit for One Pride 30Сб., 27 июля[−]
One Pride MMA returns with a stellar card later this evening as three of its toughest champions put their titles on the line.Комментарии (0)

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