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1. Comment on Zhang Weili rockets up the UFC rankings by Matt EatonВт., 12 марта[−]

Yep, Weili vs. Joanna would be a perfect test in the top 5 to see how far she can go.

2. Comment on Zhang Weili rockets up the UFC rankings by JuchiПт., 08 марта[−]

I’m surprised that one of Zhang’s most exciting prospective match-ups was left out: Weili vs. Joanna and, of course, if Michelle beats Karolina – Michelle. So many options. I look forward to any of them, as I bet, does Weile. If she had her way, she’d probably take them all on this year. After all, she fought 7 times in 2017.

3. Comment on Japanese legends set to clash at Pancrase 305 by Adriano BalbyПт., 08 марта[−]

Rock Balby Brasil osss @rockbalby Instagram

4. Comment on Lee Jina ONE by momoinulВс., 20 янв.[−]


5. Comment on Rules announced for Floyd Mayweather vs. Tenshin Nasukawa by SantosonlyПн., 10 дек. 2018[−]

Especially since Floyd’s fixed the fight so that the kick Boxer can’t kick. It’s like LBJ plying a real good high school team, but fixes it so that they can’t shoot shots. Lol. Watch this one for free.

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