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1. Comment on Petchpanomrung dominates at GLORY 67 by ThairandСб., 06 июля[−]

I’m so happy to see Petch killing it at Glory, but you’ve got to wonder how long they can keep throwing decent opponents to him. Isn’t everyone getting signed by ONE?

2. Comment on Peek inside the world of pro wrestling, Hong Kong-style by wowЧт., 16 мая[−]

Doi Naruki and YAMATO

3. Comment on Karen Spirit WLC by Matt EatonЧт., 16 мая[−]

Yeah, very surprised. You’d think the UFC would keep that momentum rolling. We thought there might have been something brewing to coincide with the launch of the Shanghai Performance Institute, but still nothing confirmed. Will try and keep you posted. Cheers.

4. Comment on Karen Spirit WLC by JR YuenПт., 03 мая[−]

On an entirely unrelated subject, Matt, nearly two months ago you came up with a number of prospective opponents for Weili Zhang. Are you as surprised as I am that she had not been scheduled a fight, while Angela Hill has had back to back to fights lined up? I heard that they are hoping to schedule Weili for an event in China in August but have seen no confirmation of it. Sure hope we don’t have to wait until then to see her in the cage again.

5. Comment on ONE Championship strengthens agent certification program by santinoПн., 29 апр.[−]

What a sham. Hey buddy, its cool we “certified” you manager. So we approve of you choosing them to work with you, until we dont.

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