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1. Untethered in Italy: Salvini Pushes Country to the PrecipiceВт., 16 окт.[−]
With the approval of his partners in government, Italy's Matteo Salvini is lambasting the EU, foreigners and the press while at the same time quoting a fascist dictator. A tragedy with potentially wide-reaching consequences is unfolding at the heart of Europe.

2. Anti-Democratic Tendencies: Germany Considers Monitoring Right-Wing AfDВт., 16 окт.[−]
Germany's domestic intelligence agency is wary of officially monitoring the right-wing populist Alternative for Germany party. But there is plenty of cause for concern. Extremist ideas are present at all levels within the AfD. By DER SPIEGEL Staff

3. Merkel's Bavaria Headache: Berlin Coalition Emerges Even WeakerПн., 15 окт.[−]
It was an historic defeat for both the center-right Christian Social Union and the center-left Social Democrats. The aftershocks of the state election in Bavaria are likely to reach all the way to Berlin, with Chancellor Angela Merkel's coalition even more wobbly that it was.

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4. A European IMF: The New Face of the Eurozone Bailout FundПт., 12 окт.[−]
The erstwhile bailout fund known as the European Stability Mechanism may soon be granted far-reaching new powers, including the kinds of functions currently possessed by the IMF. But there's a hitch.

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5. Social Design Award: Vote For Your Favorite Neighborhood ProjectПт., 12 окт.[−]
Waffles for everybody, a children's hotel, a community beer garden: We have narrowed down the Social Design Award submissions to a shortlist of 10. Which one is your favorite? It's time to submit your vote for the Audience Award.

6. Rape Allegations: Ronaldo's Defense Team Develops a StrategyЧт., 11 окт.[−]
It took two weeks, but the legal team seeking to defend Cristiano Ronaldo against rape allegations levelled by Kathryn Mayorga has now settled on a defense strategy. They are seeking to cast doubt on information published by DER SPIEGEL. By DER SPIEGEL Staff

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7. Operation Mekong: China Solidifies Its Influence in Southeast AsiaЧт., 11 окт.[−]
China has always wielded significant influence in Southeast Asia. Lately, though, as the West turns its attention elsewhere, Beijing has been seeking to solidify its economic and political clout in the region.

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8. CSU in Crisis: What Went Wrong for Bavarian Conservatives?Ср., 10 окт.[−]
For decades, the Christian Social Union in Bavaria has exerted outsized influence on Germany's national political stage. With state elections approaching on Sunday, however, the CSU finds itself embroiled in crisis. What went wrong?

9. Germany's Extremism Problem: Officials Zero In on Neo-Nazi Terror CellПн., 08 окт.[−]
In the wake of far-right unrest in the eastern German city of Chemnitz, investigators have uncovered a suspected neo-Nazi terror cell thought to have been planning a major attack. The arrests show how self-confident extremists have become. By DER SPIEGEL Staff

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10. Rape Allegations: How Ronaldo's Legal Team Dealt with DisasterПт., 05 окт.[−]
After Kathryn Mayorga claimed she was raped by soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo on June 13, 2009, a phalanx of high-profile lawyers were tasked with fixing the problem. In the wake of a DER SPIEGEL report, authorities have reopened their investigation. By DER SPIEGEL Staff

11. Growing Anti-Semitism in Germany: 'We Are Facing a Monster'Пт., 05 окт.[−]
In a DER SPIEGEL interview, Charlotte Knobloch, 85, speaks of the fears Jews in Germany have of growing right-wing populism in the country. The former president of the Central Council of Jews in Germany is also sharply critical of U.S. Ambassador Richard Grenell.

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12. Cristiano Ronaldo: Police Open Investigation into Rape AllegationsЧт., 04 окт.[−]
Just days after DER SPIEGEL reported about rape allegations against soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo, Las Vegas police opened an investigation into the claims. The alleged victim's lawyer has filed a civil complaint.

13. SpaceX Chief Engineer Hans K?nigsmann: 'I Am Too Old for Mars'Чт., 04 окт.[−]
The problems are piling up for Elon Musk, the eccentric billionaire behind SpaceX. Could the space exploration company one day jettison its embattled founder? We asked Chief Engineer for Launches Hans K?nigsmann to weigh in.

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14. What Comes Next?: Chinks in Merkel's Power Becoming VisibleЧт., 04 окт.[−]
In a recent act of rebellion, German conservatives chose to oust one of Angela Merkel's closest confidants. It is just the latest sign that the chancellor's power is eroding. And the scuffle within her party to succeed her has begun. By DER SPIEGEL Staff

15. Sky Cruise: Turning the Alps into an Industrial PlaygroundВт., 02 окт.[−]
A new cable car to the top of Klein Matterhorn leads to the highest gondola station in Europe. Now, only a small link is missing to complete a grand vision: The crossing of the Alps by aerial tramway. Environmentalists are not impressed.

16. Dr. Smartphone: New App from Berlin Making Headway in HealthcareПн., 01 окт.[−]
Patients are increasingly using software to try to self-diagnose their ailments. A new Berlin startup is seeking to turn your smartphone into your family doctor.

17. Her Name Is Kathryn: The Woman Who Accuses Ronaldo of RapeСб., 29 сент.[−]
An American woman claims Cristiano Ronaldo raped her in Las Vegas. Years ago, the soccer star paid her to remain silent. Now, the woman is going public for the first time and filing a complaint against Ronaldo. She possesses a document that could be extremely dangerous for him. By DER SPIEGEL Staff

18. Complaint by an American Woman: Serious Allegations Against Cristiano RonaldoПт., 28 сент.[−]
The affair surrounding the alleged rape of an American woman in 2009 will have a legal follow-up for Cristiano Ronaldo. The lawyer of the alleged victim is filing a complaint in Nevada.

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19. The Shadowy Arms Trade: A Look Back at a Questionable Tank DealПт., 28 сент.[−]
An intermediary received a commission of almost $200 million for the sale of battle tanks to United Arab Emirates. Some of that money, though, may have been used to bribe government officials.

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20. Armageddon Postponed: Syria's Idlib Province Gets New Lease on LifeПт., 28 сент.[−]
The looming military offensive on the Idlib province in Syria has been called off for now. People there are yearning to return to normal life and rapidly planning for the future. But how long with the peace last?

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