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1. Youtube is down04:35[−]

What do we do now?

Youtube's response:

Thanks for your reports about YouTube, YouTube TV and YouTube Music access issues. We're working on resolving this and will let you know once fixed. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and will keep you updated.


It seems that Youtube is back up again!

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2. Luigi's mansion inspired pumpkin that I carved04:20[−]
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3. Youtube broken for anyone else?03:50[−]

I can not for the life of me get youtube to work. When I load it, it just loads all the placeholder HTML/CSS and nothing else. ![What i see](, im ready to lose my mind here. Anyone else having this problem?

[edit] .................................................................. >..> 9 years of lurking and my first big post thanks guys.

RIP inbox

edit 2: 10:57pm EST (-5GMT) videos load and work but front page on my dark theme account isn't working yet and still cant switch it

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4. A one person protest in front of Comcast HQ in Philly.02:58[−]
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6. Don't want to swim with brown people? Then come for a long and pointless walkВт., 16 окт.[−]

This happened a few years back but I was recently reminded about it by another post.

I was on my way home from work, walking casually along, when two young women came up to me and asked me if I knew of a nearby swimming pool as they were just here in the city visiting but really wanted to swim. I mentioned there was one a few minutes walk from where we were but they said they'd already been there. They didn't want to swim at that pool because they were too many brown people. At first I thought they were joking but as the conversation went on they just kept digging a deeper racist hole.

So I said they should follow me as I knew of another gym about 10 minutes away. It was a lovely day and I was enjoying my walk, learning a bit more about these two women. They were from Romania and were just in London for a few days taking in a bit of what the city had to offer. They were interesting enough but kept asking if the pool I was taking them to had more white people in it, to which I assured them there were.

After 15 minutes I got to near enough my home so pointed the ladies in the "right" direction - walk along this road for a bit then take the next left and you'll see a sign for a gym with a pool in it. That's where I left them and turned down another street to my apartment. My last few minutes walk gave me the opportunity to think how long it would take before they gave up looking for the non-existent pool I had pointed them towards.

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7. Scentsy in the lobbyВт., 16 окт.[−]

Just to set this up, a couple times a week a girl comes in and seems to have interviews in our lobby. This is pretty common and as long as it’s after breakfast and they don’t linger too long, we allow it. She’s very happy and bubbly all the time, but I never really got a chance to interact with her.

So she comes into the lobby and walks straight up to the desk. It’s about seven am so it’s a little earlier than she normally comes in.

“Hey, I have a device here I am supposed to set up, I’ve already talked with you gm about it.” Okay, interesting. I get the go ahead from my gm when I call her and let her know.

So she pulls out this white, round thing and sets it on the other end of my counter, behind a little weather board. She tells me to keep an eye on it so that people don’t mess with it. Sure thing ma’am. I’m curious, so I ask her what it is.

That was the wrong thing to ask her. She gets this light in her eyes like she’s about to sink her teeth into me. Or maybe another sale.

“It’s a diffuser. It’s actually used to clean the air. It takes the old air and cleans it replaces it with new air that is healthier for you and your guests.” Etc etc. she let me know if I liked it she would be happy to provide me samples to try in my own home and she would love for me to join in on such an awesome thing. I asked her what company this was for, and she told me that it doesn’t matter and that she’s the head of it. I just nod and be polite. She also claims that she has the same thing set up in other hotels and they love it. She leaves when a guest comes to leave.

Now, I have pretty bad asthma. Smells are a huge trigger for me. If they are mopping the lobby etc I’ll be fine, I bring my inhaler and my machine everywhere. This ain’t mamas first rodeo. About an hour later it smells like an old lady pooped in a baby diaper. And it’s strong. Most of our guests are elderly so I figured it’ll go away as soon as they do. Disclaimer: I have no issue with the age of people, but some of them have a unique smell. And more than A few I have encountered smell like old lady baby powder. It’s usually okay, until it’s mixed with poop smell.

Spoiler alert: it doesn’t. I feel it coming. The headache. The tightening of the chest. Go through my steps to help get everything in check. We have a pretty small lobby compared to the ones I’ve seen, and it’s enclosed. Even if this thing was legit I don’t think it would do well here anyway.

I let my gm know I may need to go a little early, because I may need to head to the hospital. At this point I can barely focus. She lets me know that the “rep” said that this machine doesn’t cause allergies or asthma or other breathing issues to flair up, because it “cleans” the air. So she’s a little miffed that she was lied to. Gm also didn’t want the diffuser set up but the lady kept pushing it so she said she’ll try for the day. I also voiced my concerns over the more elderly guests who are more susceptible to those kinds of things, let alone anyone in my position.

I didn’t make it very far cause the next thing I knew my husband was shaking me freaking out cause I had passed out at home.

When the lady came back, my gm let her know they weren’t going to go through with it and let her know why. She had the audacity to blame me, and say that it was because I was used to chemicals in my body and it couldn’t handle the clean air, and gave my gm her contact card and to tell me to contact her because she has some products that will help me get my life on track and away from medicine. Gm told her to leave and she was no longer welcome anymore. Haven’t seen her since.

I asked my gm what company she worked at, and maybe we could let her employer know her actions. “She a boss for scentsy.” That explained it all.

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8. The Washington Post interviewed Ninja Sex Party. Also, hi we're The Washington Post.Вт., 16 окт.[−]
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9. Indiana Jones is a terrible archaeologist being that he always ends up completely destroying ancient temples.Вт., 16 окт.[−]
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10. America’s reaction to Germany’s complaints about the use of shotguns in trench warfareВт., 16 окт.[−]
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11. Salary Increase, Never Enough?Вт., 16 окт.[−]

I started my job in 2015, making $45K. Three years and a few promotions later, I'm at $85K. My paycheck is nearly double what it used to be, I've almost entirely avoided lifestyle creep, and the majority of that increase is going straight to retirement/other investments.

I still find myself feeling like its not enough. Like, I'll find myself scrolling through part-time weekend jobs seeing if there's anything I can pick up to pull down a few hundred more dollars a month. There's no real reason for this- I'm underpaid at work, but not severely, and I have no major purchases or life events I'm saving for/putting on hold because I can't afford them.

Anyone else feel this way? What gives? How do you put those thoughts to bed?

EDIT: Wow, this blew up. I couldn't possibly respond to every comment here, but I'm trying to read them all. Thanks PF for the insights, good and bad. It's been a helpful read.

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12. Why does superfluidity only occur in helium?Вт., 16 окт.[−]
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13. UPDATE: My (24F) Husband's Friend (28M) Lives With Us, For Free, Is Disgustingly Filthy, Won't Clean Or LeaveВт., 16 окт.[−]

Original Post

Good News! My husband talked to him yesterday and R finally moved out last night. R gave him the following excuses: he couldn't find his sheets, he didn't have internet and that his new room mate had been out of town. I say excuses because I think it sounds like BS. R's new roommate has been living in that place for months at least, so most definitely has the internet set up. I know they are splitting the bill not having separate accounts. And I feel like the roommate being out of town would actually be a good time to get the rest of his things moved in and set up.

AND MOST IMPORTANTLY: R mentioned last night that he had leftover food at the new place which means he's been at the new place, I think likely sleeping there since he hasn't been sleeping here. Even if he didn't have internet, why was he still showering here in the morning and keeping his clothes here. Even if he has been sleeping at his girlfriend's house, why would he drive all the way to the new place just to drop off food?

Idk, I might just be bitter.

Cleaning Update: Although he didn't take out the trash last night, it is all in a bag. The bathroom is relatively cleaner because I left disinfectant and bleach all over it the day before yesterday so he was forced to wipe it up. It will need another pass, but screw it. He told my husband that he would come back today to vaccuum, finish cleaning etc. If he does, great, but at this point it is no longer disgusting so I don't mind finishing up.

I am so at peace. I slept like a rock last night. And tomorrow I will change the lock. :)

Thank you everyone for all of your advice. I will use the cleaning suggestions to the max!

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14. I would like to propose a ban on extreme fetish art as BWA because its not supposed to be anatomically correct.Вт., 16 окт.[−]

First and foremost I would like to say, I'm an artist, I've drawn some whacked out stuff for other people via commissions, including hyper art, which is art of a character with a huge body part, be it the genitals, the stomach, legs or arms, it could be anything really. I've also drawn a lot of fantasy art of characters that should be impossible IRL but that's just it, they are purely fantasy and I just drew them as the commissioner wanted. That being said I know how to draw anatomically correct, but often times I don't have to due to the wishes of the person paying for the art.

Edit; I made a NEW only yes or no strawpoll for you guys to vote on;

Edit; I messed up the last pole making it biased as heck, I have changed it please check the new one comments are allowed now, OP messed up but has fixed the mess up, also /u/blasto_blastocyst please check this?

I feel that a lot of "art" here is just stuff snagged from other porn subreddits and tumblr and the posters don't realize its just extreme fetish art. Number one example would be the watermelon images posted here. Its not BWA because the artist knows that's impossible but they drew it for a specific crowd and fetish fanbase, stuff like that has no place in an area that is supposed to teach people about women properly. This whole sub is turning into a porn shaming sub, yes all drawn porn will look bad if you scrutinize it, its not new to notice anatomical inaccuracies in hentai/drawn porn.

So, do you still want to see these extreme fetishes here?

Examples of EXTREME FETISH ART that has been posted;

These all involve "HYPER", "MISPLACED GENITALS" (yes having tiddie pussies is a real fetish liek nipple fucking is a fetish), "HYPER AND MUSCLES", "TENTACLE", and last but the funniest too me "ANAL/VAGINAL/NIPPLE FOOD VORE" (welcome to the world of art and weird fetishes) all of these are fantasy based fetishes that have no place here for obvious reasons.

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15. Why does my cat scream incessantly when I piss?Вт., 16 окт.[−]

I have 2 cats. Whenever I whip out my nozzle and start the ritual, my younger cat Ringo will run into the bathroom, jump up onto the sink and start screaming at me. He does this non-stop until I stop pissing. It's almost instant. It's like he has spider senses and can tell when the first droplet or pisslets hit the toilet and he rushes in to warn me. As soon as everything is done, he just stops, jumps down and continues whatever he was doing. Sometimes he will wake up from sleeping to do it, and then go right back to sleep.


Edit: Here is the video. I'm warning you though, it's probably not at funny as you are hyping it up to be:

also, someone made a subreddit i guess?

Edit #2: People are saying this post was removed? what?

Edit #3: post has been restored

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16. What’s the dumbest thing you’ve heard someone say that made you wonder how they function on a day to day basis?Вт., 16 окт.[−]
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17. How to Have Fun Alone in Your Bedroom (Girls Only)Вт., 16 окт.[−]
How to Have Fun Alone in Your Bedroom (Girls Only) submitted by /u/mattreyu to r/notdisneyvacation
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18. AITA for treating my girlfriend badlyВт., 16 окт.[−]

AITA for treating my girlfriend like shit when we first started living together, I did it because I’d never lived with someone before and I couldn’t handle the stress, (no excuse but it is what it is) I dumped her all the time and told her I didn’t care about her in anger.

During a rough patch of about 1-2 month, she was talking to an old mate from school behind my back without my knowledge. He tried to kill himself and she went to meet him without telling me, this was while we were together.

A few week later when I ended it with her she went to meet him again and slept with him.

We ended up sorting stuff out after and getting back together but she didn’t tell me she had slept with him during a break. She also kept talking to him as a mate when we got back together.

In her defence he asked her to meet her again after we got back together and she said no.

I found out via someone else that they had slept together during a break and when I found out and showed her how upset I was she said she would stop speaking to him and focus on us.

We are going good now and we work really well together again but my trust is damaged because I don’t like that she kept speaking to him as a friend when we got back together. The relationship was still unstable when we first got back together though. So AITA

Edit: okay my question has been answered I’m an arsehole and fucking delusion by the looks of it. I think I’m lucky I have her at all.

Edit: sat with my girlfriend right now

She’s reading through the comments and I feel guilty as fuck. But luckily we are in a good enough place right now where we can kinda laugh about it, as weird as that sounds to some people.

I don’t mind been called an asshole and tbh I agree with all of you. She says in my defence the reason she’s still here is because she’s seen the changes that I needed to make and currently she feels happier than ever.

I only made this post because I don’t really talk to anyone about it so I thought it would be good to talk to someone. Obviously I knew I wasn’t a good boyfriend. But it’s nice to talk to someone outside of the relationship, even if that someone is 100s of people calling you an asshole.

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19. What do you think when you see a woman’s nipples through her shirtВт., 16 окт.[−]

It’s getting chilly out there and I saw a woman walking today with a t-shirt and no bra today. You could see the outline of her nipples through the shirt. I started to wonder: what goes through a men’s heads when they see this? Is it hot, bothersome or something else entirely? As a woman, I don’t think anything other than “yes it is indeed getting chilly.”

Mid-point update: So far many of you think they’re “nice, niiice, noice”. You and your fascinating insights- keep em coming lovely people!

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20. Bear Grylls show where he learns survival techniques for living on the streets from homeless peopleВт., 16 окт.[−]
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21. The Struggles of Porn AddictionВт., 16 окт.[−]

See that's what happens when you beat it too much porn. You should slow down, or else you'll soon be like me and only be able to get off to HD1080p60fps-yaoi-orgy-trap-bondage-scat-anthology-loli+shotacon-netorare-bestiality-mind_control-interracial-milf-incest-circumcision-paraphilia-pregnant-formocaphilia-sado+masochism-most_fapped-asian-anal-perversion-sitophilia-objectophilia-necrophilia-BBC-SSSDBBW-furry-robosexual-sounding-disabled-crush_fetishisation-pegging-cuckold-ebony-catgirl-invertebrate_anal_insertion-schoolboy-human_skeleton-canabalism-vore-guro-dragon-genital_mutilation-horror-m'preg-ASMR-femdom-horsecock-fisting-pokephiliac-digiphilic-bakuphilic-creepypasta-alien-aromatherapy-penile_acupuncture-latina-comedy-blind-deaf-handholding-yuri-urophilia-Futanari-fantasy-schoolgirl-top_ranked-verified_user-3D_animated-uncensored-zone-torture-destruction-based-pansexual-interactive-Todd_Howard_roleplay-fanfiction-whitewashed-historical_satire-political-moe_morphism-public-Monster_Girl-virtual_reality-gas-/delicious/-ss-pirate_aesthetic-rush-murder-mutual_masturbation-nazi_aushwitz_roleplay-filmed-voyeurist-prolapsing-buttchug-reaming-sunlightless_basement_dungeon-no_protection-cummybot-period_blood_drinking-blackface-symphony-commision-stubby-baiting-self_mutilation_&_flaying hentai in a room with 3 of my homies jacking it at the same time.


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23. A regular noticed me trying not to cry behind the bar after a table was rude to me and totally turned my day around.Вт., 16 окт.[−]

I’m a bartender at a fine dining restaurant, and when I work the lunch shift I help the server take tables if it gets busy. One afternoon I had a table make me cry and tell me that I was rude and didn’t know how to do my job because I tried to take an empty appetizer plate away without asking first. (They were in the middle of a conversation and their main course was almost ready.) They shouted at me and everyone just turned around and stared. I had other guests on the floor, and every time I passed by these jerks I could hear them talking shit about me. They racked up a nearly $200 bill and didn’t leave a tip. I kinda wonder if they made up something to be upset about to justify not tipping on a large check, but whatever. I just dipped out to the bar, which is in the front of the restaurant and away from the main dining room, and asked my food runner to take good care of them so I didn’t have to interact with them anymore.

Later that afternoon, I had an older man come and sit at my bar. I knew he was a regular and that he lived nearby, but i’d never really spoken to him because he usually wanted to sit in the dining room and not the bar. He was wearing headphones when he sat down so ignored most of my greeting, and I thought “oh here we go again.” Then he apologized and stated that he was in a hurry and just wanted some ice water and a glass of my favorite red wine that we offered. I talked to him about the wine for a minute while I opened a fresh bottle (I’m studying to become a certified sommelier so I know I thing or two), and then served it to him. He asked for the check right away. It was only a $14 glass of wine, and after I ran his card I handed him the receipt and thanked him before going to check on my other table.

I came back a couple minutes later and his glass was untouched but he handed me some money wrapped in his receipt and said “I hope this is enough. I was walking by earlier and you looked like you were having a bad day. I know your lunch shift is almost over. This glass is on me.” When I opened the receipt, he’d left me two 20s.

I’ve heard stories of people taking care of their servers like that but it’s never happened to me before. I was so cut up over how my first table treated me that I definitely got teary-eyed again after the regular left my bar. Just a reminder that sometimes the most unassuming customers might have your back ???? My first table had me feeling less than human but this guy really reminded me why I do what I do.

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24. Talking about contraceptives and periods with my date... while making outВт., 16 окт.[−]

I’m in my 20s and have never really dated before, not to the point of anything sexual anyway. Just a date here and there. As I’ve always understood it, guys around my age are freaked out by anything of women’s anatomy that isn’t sexual. My guy friends are like that, so it contributes to the idea.

I started seeing this guy about a week ago, and things have been good. He’s respectful and kind, yadda yadda yadda. Still, he’s a guy in his young 20s. I know what they’re like. At least, I assumed I did.

Sunday night I invite him over and we’re making out. I had started my period Friday. I let him know, and I’m trying to tell him that I have a menstrual cup in. Except he doesn’t know what a menstrual cup is.

I’m trying to explain it without ruining the mood so we can just resume kissing, but this man is FASCINATED. Thinks it’s the coolest thing he’s ever heard of. He’s asking how it goes in and comes out. How frequently it needs changed. How is it different from a tampon? Is it a plunger for your cervix? It was hilarious and adorable, and once he was satisfied with the answers, we went back to making out.

He slept over, and you know, we wake up in the morning and start making out again. The topic came up about how I’m on the pill. He starts asking me why I chose the pill over an IUD and how different birth controls affect bodies differently. He genuinely wanted to know. And then, boom, we went back to making out. It didn’t kill the mood at all.

This was just such a new experience for me, to talk about my body and not have it be taboo. He didn’t sexualize the experiences either, he just wanted to learn in the middle of what were already sexy times. And it didn’t turn him off. There was nothing disgusting about it. I’m so glad I can be comfortable with my body and its functions AND that I found someone that is also comfortable with it! And it’s nice to have my assumptions about men broken.

My body is not disgusting but really stinking cool and powerful! Yours is too! I hope we can all be surrounded by people who recognize that.

EDIT wow I wrote this because I kept thinking about this when I was trying to fall asleep... I never expected to get this response! I'll do my best to reply to people. You all have been great.

I do want to say that I don't think periods have to be idolized or anything. But it doesn't make me disgusting. I am so thankful for all the responses that share that many men are open to conversations like this. That honestly has not been my experience. Not just discomfort with talking about it, but straight up disgust for my natural bodily functions.

This has set a new norm and expectation from men in my life- again, not everyone has to find it fascinating, but not to shame me or be repulsed by me for it. Thanks.

And here's to hoping he's either not on reddit or doesn't care that I wanted to share with the world that he's pretty much the coolest in my eyes right now.

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