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1. The Wall Street Journal: Apple ‘deeply apologetic’ over China phishing scams05:49[−]
Apple Inc. apologized over the hacking of some Chinese accounts in phishing scams, almost a week after it emerged that stolen Apple IDs had been used to swipe customer funds.

2. Asia Markets: Asian markets jump following Wall Street’s big gains05:26[−]
Asian stock markets were sharply higher in early trading Wednesday, following even-bigger increases Tuesday on Wall Street.

3. The Wall Street Journal: Roberts says Supreme Court remains independent, nonpartisan04:05[−]
Chief Justice John Roberts on Tuesday sought to quell some of the furor surrounding the Supreme Court and the confirmation of Justice Brett Kavanaugh, telling a college audience that the court remains an independent, nonpolitical institution in which justices are committed to working together.

4. Why the poorest Americans are most likely to be prescribed opioids04:00[−]
In the reboot of ‘Roseanne,’ the eponymous matriarch’s death was explained by an opioid overdose.

5. MarketWatch First Take: Netflix is ditching freeloaders from subscriber forecasts after volatile stock moves03:44[−]
After two consecutive quarters of missing the mark on its own forecasts for subscriber growth, Netflix Inc. hopes to put an end to the big swings in its stock with some changes in its accounting.

6. Earnings Results: Netflix earnings send stock surging, suggest huge decline was ‘an aberration’03:42[−]
Investors wasted no time after Netflix Inc. announced it beat third-quarter earnings expectations Tuesday afternoon, sending shares of the streaming giant up 12% in after-hours trading.

7. The New York Post: Nevada brothel owner-turned-candidate Dennis Hof found dead03:30[−]
Legal pimp and GOP Nevada legislature hopeful Dennis Hof died at his own brothel Tuesday, following a campaign rally whose guests included conservative kingmaker Grover Norquist and aging porn star Ron Jeremy, according to reports.

8. The Wall Street Journal: Interim CEO of USA Gymnastics quits amid fallout of anti-Nike tweet03:17[−]
Four days after being named interim president and CEO of the embattled USA Gymnastics federation, Mary Bono resigned after a recent tweet surfaced in which she criticized U.S. Olympic Committee sponsor Nike.

9. Cannabis Watch: A guide to pot stocks: What you need to know to invest in cannabis companies03:08[−]
Cannabis will be legal in Canada starting this Wednesday, generating strong interest from investors eager to get in on a market that analysts and experts expect to be worth billions of dollars.

10. Cannabis Watch: Marijuana stocks to watch: Meet Cronos, the Heinz Ketchup of weed02:57[−]
Heinz may design the genetic makeup of the tomatoes used for its renowned ketchup, but it doesn’t own the farms that grow the fruit. Toronto-based weed company Cronos Group is aiming to duplicate that model.

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