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1. Bond Report: Treasury yields climb amid Brexit deal drama20:16[−]
U.S. Treasury yields push higher Monday as U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson was prevented from holding a vote on his bill to break away from the European Union, presenting another complication to the deal’s passing.

2. Market Snapshot: Dow ascent towards all-time high clipped by Boeing’s stock slump20:13[−]
U.S. stock benchmarks rise Monday, amid optimism over tariff talks and earnings, but a decline in shares of Boeing is capping gains in the blue-chip Dow index.

3. Capital markets are too slow to react to climate risk, prompting Ceres to push Fed, SEC, mega investors harder20:04[−]
Ceres, the 30-year-old nonprofit, will also divert a portion of its new fundraising to help more of the biggest investment portfolios get to net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, it said Monday.

4. Upgrade: This waterfront city is the No. 1 place in America to retire20:02[−]
Plus: 4 affordable alternatives on the beach.

5. Metals Stocks: Silver prices climb, leaving gold in the dust19:56[−]
Silver climbs Monday, taking advantage of a rise in appetite for riskier assets while gold heads lower.

6. Earnings Outlook: Boeing faces a 46% drop in quarterly profit19:39[−]
Nearly a year after the deadly Lion Air Flight 610 crash, Boeing Co. faces an on-year 40% decline in profit and 22% drop in revenue for its third quarter. The company reports quarterly earnings before the bell Wednesday.

7. Key Words: Economists and policy makers are ‘sleepwalking’ toward next financial crisis, Mervyn King says19:35[−]
Economists and policy makers, by refusing to challenge old ideas, are sleepwalking toward the next crisis, former Bank of England president Mervyn King told the IMF meeting this weekend.

8. Are millennials destined to live longer and retire poorer than their parents?19:34[−]
Being a millennial has advantages and disadvantages.

9. Americans spend 7,000% more time watching TV than they do on their finances19:31[−]
We won’t keep up with the Kardashians if we’re too busy watching ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians,’ experts note.

10. This strategy beats a total stock market fund and gives you more diversification19:23[−]
Use these small tweaks to get real diversification in your retirement accounts.

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