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1. Market Extra: Kamala Harris is Biden’s running mate—here’s what she means (and doesn’t mean) for financial markets20:28[−]
Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden announced Tuesday that he has selected California Sen. Kamala Harris as his running mate in the race for the White House against President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence.

2. Election: VP nominee Kamala Harris has a particular climate-change agenda: environmental justice20:22[−]
Joe Biden’s VP pick Kamala Harris has grown increasingly firm in her commitment to making sure that policy to slow man-made climate change emphasizes environmental justice, including scoring legislative effectiveness.

3. TaxWatch: Should I have gotten my stimulus check by now? Why some people are still waiting — and what to do about it20:22[−]
Next week, an IRS watchdog agency will help track down stimulus payments for taxpayers facing certain scenarios.

4. The Margin: More and more Americans don’t want Trump fully reopening schools yet20:15[−]
59% are against in-person classes at K-12 schools right now, a new poll says

5. Key Words: Fox News host Tucker Carlson really doesn’t like being corrected when it comes to pronouncing ‘Kamala’20:14[−]
Tucker Carlson was schooled by Democratic strategist Richard Goodstein after the Fox News host mispronounced newly named vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris’s first name.

6. Brace for more stimulus from Johnson and the Bank of England, as U.K economy falls into recession20:07[−]
As it considers the possibility of a second spike of the new coronavirus, the U.K. government will have to postpone plans to put public finances back in order.

7. Coronavirus update: Global cases top 20.3 million, U.S. tally tops 5.15 million as Florida and Georgia see record one-day deaths20:04[−]
The number of confirmed cases of the coronavirus illness COVID-19 worldwide climbed above 20.3 million on Wednesday and the U.S. case tally topped 5.15 million, as Florida and Georgia reported record one-day death tolls.

8. Market Extra: Inflows into Chinese bond market hit records in July, spurred by fears of missing out20:02[−]
Global investors finally appear on the brink of overcoming their long aversion to China’s bond market, which saw record funds flows into the sector in July, as Chinese debt takes up a larger share of benchmark bond indexes.

9. ‘Cable Cowboy’ John Malone’s Liberty Global lassos Sunrise Communications in $7.4 billion deal19:58[−]
Shares in Sunrise Communications soared more than 26% on Wednesday to hit a record high.

10. First Nestl?, then Unilever, here’s what these multinationals are doing to boost growth19:58[−]
The coronavirus pandemic is forcing companies to reassess their core divisions, say bankers and M&A lawyers.

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