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1. Capitol Report: Amazon’s Jeff Bezos ranks No. 1 among S&P 500 CEOs in political spending18:05[−]
There’s big political giving by the S&P 500’s CEOs, and then there’s the giving by Jeff Bezos. His outlays in the current election cycle top the spending by any other S&P boss by more than a factor of 10.

2. This airline can book you a flight using an Instagram photo17:57[−]
Low-cost carrier EasyJet rolled out a new service it calls ‘Look&Book.’

3. Capitol Report: How America’s top CEOs are spending their own money on the midterm elections17:53[−]
Many S&P 500 CEOs have been willing to fly a Democratic or Republican flag in the current election cycle, according to MarketWatch’s analysis of data on these executives’ political contributions.

4. Next Avenue: Tech companies are finally paying attention to people over 5017:10[−]
Some cool tech innovations emerge for older adults.

5. The ‘smart money’ says it’s time to buy the Chinese internet giants and the U.S. FAANGs17:06[−]
Buying Alibaba, Baidu and Tencent now is akin to buying Google in the early days, says fund manager Robert Stimpson.

6. Neighbors of lottery winners are more likely to go bankrupt17:05[−]
Here’s the right way to compare yourself to others financially.

7. The Moneyologist: Why would a 93-year-old woman have 20-year corporate bonds in her portfolio?15:22[−]
This son is deeply concerned by some of the decisions taken by his mother’s financial adviser.

8. In One Chart: Tight job market suggests crypto is here to stay — in one chart15:00[−]
If the crypto job market says anything about the industry, it’s not going away.

9. MarketWatch First Take: Netflix is ditching freeloaders from subscriber forecasts after volatile stock moves14:30[−]
After two consecutive quarters of missing the mark on its own forecasts for subscriber growth, Netflix Inc. hopes to put an end to the big swings in its stock with some changes in its accounting.

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