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1. Personal Finance Daily: Biden’s $170 billion stimulus plan for schools leaves one key question unanswered and two ways his proposed stimulus checks are different from the first two rounds00:11[−]
Friday’s top personal finance stories

2. The Moneyist: My wife has a degenerative neurological disease. My father-in-law wants to put her in a facility — and take over our financesПт, 15 янв[−]
‘My father-in-law now seems obsessed with moving my wife out of our home to some sort of group home/facility. The mere thought of this seems abhorrent and barbaric.’

3. The Moneyist: ‘They get free money’: People will receive more stimulus payments and unemployment insurance. Why is there no accountability?Пт, 15 янв[−]
‘I’ve heard of one case where a young adult purchased a ‘new’ used car with cash. Another one is approaching the $13,000 mark in savings from unemployment.’

4. The Moneyist: Why do I need to wear a mask if I’ve had COVID-19? Who is it protecting? Can I really be reinfected?Пт, 15 янв[−]
‘Like everyone else, I am hoping that the vaccine will help infection rates, and more people can get back to work.’

5. ‘Deaths of despair’ during COVID-19 have risen significantly in 2020, new research saysПт, 15 янв[−]
They were disproportionately experienced by working aged men, driven in part by synthetic opioids such as fentanyl, according to Casey Mulligan, professor of economics at the University of Chicago.

6. Key Words: For some, Biden’s $1.9 trillion COVID-19 rescue plan is a ‘lifeline’ — and wouldn’t come a moment too soonПт, 15 янв[−]
President-elect Biden said he will call for $1,400 stimulus checks and more vaccine funds in a new coronavirus economic relief package when he takes office this month.

7. Retirement Weekly: Will the real retirement crisis please stand up?Пт, 15 янв[−]
It’s not easy to put national averages in their proper perspective

8. Retirement Weekly: What older investors like about robo advisersПт, 15 янв[−]
Robos and retirees: 4 myths, busted

9. Retirement Weekly: How do I reduce the taxes on my estate?Пт, 15 янв[−]
Looking for the best way to leave a Roth IRA to my kids

10. Retirement Weekly: News and analysis for those planning for or living in retirementПт, 15 янв[−]
Retirement news and analysis

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