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1. The Moneyist: My parents gave my brothers and me $8 million in bonds, stocks and ETFs. I’d like to use my profit to travel. My parents refuse02:25[−]
‘I’m a 36-year-old man with no plans on having children, and I’d like to be able to use this very small amount to pursue one of my passions in life.’

2. The Margin: Even vampire bats practice social distancing when they get sick: study02:03[−]
Animals often isolate to avoid spreading disease in their communities — yet many humans refuse to do so

3. The Margin: ‘I cannot express how little I care that you hate the photos’ — Chrissy Teigen speaks out for first time since miscarriage01:00[−]
Pregnancy loss takes a huge emotional and financial toll — which many people still don’t talk about. Teigen is breaking that silence.

4. NerdWallet: What you can do if you find yourself suddenly retired00:02[−]
This year saw a surge of early retirements, but many haven’t saved enough to maintain their standard of living.

5. NerdWallet: How safe is it to fly now? Are passengers getting sick?Вт, 27 окт[−]
Here’s the latest on airplane ventilation, masks and distancing, and holiday travel.

6. NerdWallet: How do you get the new Medicare Advantage benefits? It’s not easyВт, 27 окт[−]
New government rules have allowed Medicare Advantage plans to expand benefits even further, but finding a plan might be hard.

7. The Moneyist: I make $140K a year. I’m trying desperately to help my half siblings: 2 are refugees in Turkey, 3 are in Syria. But how?Вт, 27 окт[−]
‘Obviously, I’m not making crazy money, but my family is secure. I feel incredibly protective and heartbroken of their missed dreams and destroyed lives.’

8. Economic Report: New home sales dip slightly in September, but remain strong going into fallВт, 27 окт[−]
The market for new homes typically cools in the fall, but sales are still running well ahead of last year’s pace.

9. How Biden and Trump differ on housing-finance reformВт, 27 окт[−]
The Trump administration has pursued the recapitalization of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, but a Biden administration may have different goals.

10. ‘It’s daunting to think about what the consequences will be.’ Washington abandoned a stimulus deal, but much of America’s temporary financial safety net will expire Dec. 31Вт, 27 окт[−]
The help that Americans have been getting with rent, unemployment benefits, student loans, paid leave and more is scheduled to end soon.

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