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1. Metals Stocks: Silver prices climb, leaving gold in the dust20:56[−]
Silver climbs Monday, taking advantage of a rise in appetite for riskier assets while gold heads lower.

2. Americans spend 7,000% more time watching TV than they do on their finances20:31[−]
We won’t keep up with the Kardashians if we’re too busy watching ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians,’ experts note.

3. This strategy beats a total stock market fund and gives you more diversification20:23[−]
Use these small tweaks to get real diversification in your retirement accounts.

4. Where Should I Retire?: I’m 69, worth $5 million and want great health care and a good climate — but refuse to move to California. Where should I retire?19:40[−]
These three cities have good hospitals and lots of other perks.

5. How to buy toys for the kid who has everything — without relying on sponsored lists from Amazon or Walmart18:36[−]
Amazon and Walmart charge toy brands to be listed on their lists of popular holiday toys.

6. Need to Know: Why the stock market has a ‘great distance to rise’ in the coming years18:07[−]
There’s a lot to be glum about in the stock market — and the world, really — at the moment, but in our call of the day Michael Kramer, founder of Mott Capital Management, is confident there’s some serious upside potential in the coming years.

7. Johnson & Johnson recalls baby powder and arsenic was discovered in baby food — how much should parents worry?17:54[−]
Gerber says a report about arsenic in baby food ‘may have caused unnecessary alarm.’

8. The downside to Charles Schwab and TD Ameritrade eliminating trading fees (yes, really)17:41[−]
Financial advisers discuss the real cost of free stock trades.

9. My father’s estate is worth $2 million, but he says our stepmother will take care of us financially after he’s gone17:41[−]
‘He is under the assumption that everything will work out once he dies — and he trusts his wife, our stepmom, to leave us the inheritance.’

10. Nearly one-third of people say they’ll take out a store credit card this holiday season — read this before you do17:39[−]
There’s been a worrying trend with retail credit cards, and it doesn’t appear to be improving.

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