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1. Mark Hulbert: The ‘What, Me Worry?’ stock marketВт, 17 сен 2013[−]
A contrarian analysis of stock market sentiment suggests there is very little left of the “wall of worry” that bull markets like to climb, and very much the “slope of hope” that bear markets like to descend.

2. Mark Hulbert: Picking a perfect dividend portfolioПт, 12 апр 2013[−]
When it comes to dividends, more isn’t always better, writes Mark Hulbert. A company isn’t necessarily more attractive just because it pays a higher dividend.

3. Mark Hulbert: Car companies stuck in slow laneПн, 01 апр 2013[−]
Don’t bother.

4. Mark Hulbert: Beware the Great RotationПн, 18 фев 2013[−]
A careful review of historical fund patterns doesn’t provide much support for the so-called Great Rotation argument, writes Mark Hulbert.

5. Mark Hulbert: Insiders now aggressively bearishСр, 06 фев 2013[−]
Corporate insiders are aggressively selling their shares, and Mark Hulbert writes, this should be worrisome to stock investors.

6. Mark Hulbert: How to pick dividend-paying stocksВт, 05 фев 2013[−]
So you’ve finally decided to heed the oft-repeated advice to invest in dividend-paying stocks — now what? As Mark Hulbert reports, it turns out you still have an overwhelmingly large number of stocks to choose among.

7. Mark Hulbert: The 5 biggest investor mistakes of 2013Пт, 01 фев 2013[−]
The biggest mistake investors will make in 2013 will be to reduce their equity positions in favor of either cash or bonds. That, at least, was the consensus of a panel of top-performing advisers assembled at the World Money Show. Mark Hulbert reports.

8. Mark Hulbert: Is Facebook growing fast enough?Чт, 31 янв 2013[−]
Facebook’s revenues are growing at a fast pace. But, writes Mark Hulbert, they aren’t growing fast enough to support the company’s current stock price.

9. Mark Hulbert: Apple’s drop shows price of popularityПт, 25 янв 2013[−]
What investment lesson are you drawing from Apple’s breathtaking plunge over the last couple of months? The one that Mark Hulbert thinks is most important is a contrarian one: To find your prince, you need to be willing to kiss a frog.

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