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1. Outside the Box: The Trump administration wants to discourage your 401(k) from including ESG investment optionsСр, 09 сен[−]
Two proposed rules imply that investment managers promote social goals over sound investment analysis — but that’s not what actually happens.

2. FA Center: This 50-year-old Vanguard mutual fund is holding its own against younger rivalsСб, 05 сен[−]
Vanguard Wellesley Income Fund shows how a blended stock/bond portfolio can make investors money.

3. The Tell: Women money managers have an edge over men during the pandemic of 2020. Thank tech stocks for thatВт, 01 сен[−]
Here’s how female fund managers have topped their male counterparts this year.

4. Deep Dive: This index ETF is beating the S&P 500 by excluding ‘losers’Чт, 23 июл[−]
Eliminating weak companies has led to outperformance for the GraniteShares XOUT U.S. Large Cap ETF.

5. 5 ways to beat the stock market — from a fund manager who’s done this for yearsСб, 11 июл[−]
These lessons from Amana Growth Fund can make you a better investor.

6. Mark Hulbert: 4 safe and inflation-beating ways to beat those sinking yields on money-market fundsСб, 04 июл[−]
These low-risk vehicles give you a positive after-inflation rate on your money, writes Mark Hulbert.

7. Explainomics: How to build an investment portfolio that supports racial justiceПн, 29 июн[−]
Measuring the social impact of your stocks and bonds is not always easy, but there are still many tools to help you promote racial equity with your investments.

8. Outside the Box: Day-trading reality check: humans are poor investors and even worse tradersСб, 27 июн[−]
Here’s why you should stay away from “free” digital trading platforms.

9. Mark Hulbert: Don’t give up on low-volatility stock strategies just yet, despite their poor recent performanceСб, 13 июн[−]
Over the long term, this approach handily beats the S&P 500, with much lower volatility.

10. Video: What is an index fund?Вт, 09 июн[−]
Here's what you need to know if you're considering this popular investment vehicle.

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