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1. Key Words: China-U.S. trade war will last for ‘maybe 20 years,’ says China’s best-known CEO18:42[−]
China’s most famous business executive said the trade tensions between his country and the U.S. will last far longer than the administration of President Donald Trump, even if he were to win a second term.

2. Jeff Bezos’ $2 billion charity pledge isn’t necessarily great news for America18:38[−]
Americans gave a record amount to charity in 2017, much of it in ‘mega gifts.’

3. Here’s why you shouldn’t retire super early — even if you can18:32[−]
The FIRE concept is lit, but it’s not always worth it.

4. NerdWallet: Do you really need a subscription to underwear or hot sauce?18:27[−]
Subscription-box services can allow you to try out new goods, but they can also wind up costing you a lot

5. This shopping hack will get you 60% off an iPhone XS17:45[−]
Sprint and mobile virtual networks offer ways of getting Apple’s latest phone on the cheap.

6. The Wall Street Journal: Facebook sought access to financial firms’ customer data for years15:40[−]
Facebook Inc. has been under scrutiny for months over its handling of personal data, but it has been haggling with financial firms over its access to sensitive financial data for years.

7. Earnings Results: Oracle earnings show another cloud miss, stock falls13:54[−]
Oracle Corp. shares dropped in the extended session Monday after the enterprise software giant topped Wall Street earnings estimates but fell short on revenue, driven by weaker-than-expected cloud services sales.

8. The digital age could make the statute of limitations for sex crimes a relic of the past13:15[−]
‘He said, she said’ can now be backed up by texts, emails and other electronic material.

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