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1. U.S. likely to sanction China if Hong Kong law is passed, top Trump aide says00:44[−]
White House national security adviser Robert O’Brien said Sunday that the U.S. will likely sanction China if it approves a bill reining in Hong Kong’s autonomy, adding that the law could erase the city’s standing as a global financial hub.

2. ‘The worst nightmare is happening before our eyes,’ says democratic legislator after Beijing moves to impose security laws on Hong KongВс, 24 мая[−]
Democratic activists in Hong Kong are expressing deep concern over news that China’s legislature is considering imposing new national security laws on the on the special administrative region.

3. Capitol Report: ‘It’s time for China to blink first,’ says Rep. Sherman, who leads the drive to delist China stocksВс, 24 мая[−]
Sherman says that the time has long passed for Washington to force Chinese companies to provide the same investor protections that U.S. companies have for decades.

4. Over 4 million Americans are now skipping their mortgage paymentsВс, 24 мая[−]
The pace of homeowners requesting mortgage relief because of the coronavirus pandemic has slowed considerably.

5. With over 35 million people filing for unemployment since March, $1,200 stimulus checks are only a Band-Aid for AmericansВс, 24 мая[−]
Economic impact payments would cover less than half of the average family’s monthly expenses, a new study found.

6. Colleges balance student safety with falling revenues during coronavirus — here’s how universities will be transformed in the fallВс, 24 мая[−]
Many colleges are likely avoiding big pronouncements about their plans as a way to sustain enrollment, one consultant said.

7. The Moneyist: ‘I owe child support from my first marriage and did not receive a stimulus check. Does Trump not realize I have another family to take care of?’Вс, 24 мая[−]
‘Withholding checks now does not take into account the unprecedented circumstances in which we’re living.’

8. ‘The 1918 Spanish flu’s second wave was even more devastating’: Americans brace for another coronavirus outbreak in the fallВс, 24 мая[−]
Immunizations against smallpox, measles or Hepatitis B should last a lifetime, but that has not been the case for previous coronaviruses.

9. Airlines improve coronavirus safety protocols to lure back anxious passengersВс, 24 мая[−]
United will use sneeze guards at check-in counters and hand out wipes; JetBlue will block middle seats on Airbus planes.

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