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1. ETF Focus: A first-of-its-kind racial empowerment ETF is ‘flying under the radar.’ Maybe it shouldn’t.Сб, 20 июн[−]
At a moment when America’s attention is trained directly on racial issues, this fund may get some attention, which at least one analyst thinks it deserves.

2. ETF Focus: Coronavirus worries are slamming global markets. What are ETF investors doing?Чт, 27 фев[−]
There are some big themes to be gleaned from the exchange-traded funds investors have bought and sold over the recent market turbulence.

3. ETF Focus: These are the companies that open — and close — the most ETFsСб, 16 ноя 2019[−]
It’s very possible that ETF you’re considering investing in could close. Here’s how to think about that possibility.

4. ETF Focus: Investors are loading up on cash. That’s not a good sign.Чт, 31 окт 2019[−]
Flows into money market funds have increased nearly every week since U.S.-China trade deals hit their first serious roadblock back in May, another sign of increasingly gloomy investor behavior.

5. ETF Focus: ETFs with themes: popular, but a small share of the marketСр, 30 окт 2019[−]
Innovative exchange-traded funds with clever marketing and cute tickers grab lots of media attention, but command a relatively small share of the number of funds and total assets invested, according to a new analysis.

6. ETF Focus: Fixed-income investors are ready for factor funds, survey saysВт, 29 окт 2019[−]
Factor investing has mostly been applied to stocks, but there are reasons to also consider employing it for fixed-income portfolios, and lots of interest from institutional investors.

7. ETF Focus: Not too large, not too small: a midcap ETF strategy might be ‘just right’Пт, 11 окт 2019[−]
There’s a lot less attention paid to stocks that fall in between larger-capitalizations and smaller ones, but there’s plenty of reason for investors to pay attention, analysts say. And the best strategy for doing so might be via a passive index exchange-traded fund.

8. ETF Focus: Gold ETF fee war continues, as new fund undercuts rivalsВт, 26 июн 2018[−]
Going by one of the most popular ways for investors to get exposure to gold, the cost of investing in the precious metal just dropped by more than half.

9. ETF Focus: What the blockchain ETF ‘feeding frenzy’ says about the ETF industryЧт, 21 июн 2018[−]
One of the hottest segments of the exchange-traded funds industry in 2018 involves a technology that is extremely new, often misunderstood and has yet to be widely utilized.

10. ETF Focus: An ‘unprecedented’ change to the stock market will create a concentrated sector of trading favoritesПт, 02 мар 2018[−]
Technology’s status as the hottest segment on Wall Street may be coming to an end— and not for reasons that have anything to do with the high-flying sector’s fundamentals.

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