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1. Auto Review: Burger King portrays moldy Whopper in new TV adЧт, 20 фев[−]
Burger King announces it is removing artificial preservatives from its most famous burger.

2. Auto Review: Attorney General Barr says redacted version of Mueller report will be released by mid-AprilПт, 29 мар 2019[−]
Barr claims that Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation report is nearly 400 pages.

3. Auto Review: The Trump Organization employed illegal immigrantsСр, 30 янв 2019[−]
The undocumented workers have since been fired.

4. Auto Review: ‘Affordable’ Tesla Model 3 revealed as Elon Musk charges up the crowdПт, 01 апр 2016[−]
The Tesla boss takes the stage in Hawthorne, Calif. on Thursday night in front of 800 or so people to introduce the auto maker’s hotly-anticipated Model S. And neither he, nor the car, disappointed.

5. Auto Review: Mercedes-Benz Sport AMG finds a middle roadСб, 07 ноя 2015[−]
The Sport line is a group of high-content Mercedes-Benz cars the brand is positioning between the typical offerings and the high-performance sector. Dan Neil investigates.

6. Auto Review: Honda HR-V: A bigger, if not entirely better, fitСб, 12 сен 2015[−]
The subcompact crossover doesn’t quite measure up to expectations set by some rivals

7. Auto Review: Kia Sorento: The SUV for the dispassionate investorСб, 05 сен 2015[−]
A family SUV’s mission is humble: The back-and-forth, the routine, the errand. The Kia Sorento achieves the mission with generic aplomb.

8. Auto Review: 2013 Infiniti M37 AWDСб, 13 окт 2012[−]
For those with the income to afford such a luxury car, the 2013 Infiniti M37 will hit all the right buttons.

9. Auto Review: 1924 Ford Model TСб, 06 окт 2012[−]
Henry Ford may not have produced the first car, but he had the first mass-produced one aimed squarely at the average Joe of that era.

10. Auto Review: 2013 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500Сб, 29 сен 2012[−]
In the 2013 Shelby GT500, Ford’s Special Vehicle Team has produced, under license with the legendary Carroll Shelby’s company, the most potent factory-built Mustang yet — a rocket that will top out at 202 mph, says Ron Amadon.

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