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Our quick insights during the week challenge the way you think about the financial markets, the economy and more.
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1. A Revealing Insight into the "Personality" of the Stock Market's Unfolding Elliott WaveВт., 20 авг.[−]

Every Elliott wave has a "personality," or specific characteristics. Get important insights into the current wave so you can prepare for what our analysts anticipate next in the stock market.

2. S&P 500 Index: Clear Signs of an "Ebbing Ebullience"Чт., 15 авг.[−]

Investor psychology drives stock market prices. So, it pays to study sentiment measures. This chart shows two sentiment measures that warned of the current stock market sell-off in early July.

3. Elliott Waves: "Simple" Does the TrickЧт., 15 авг.[−]

You may have heard that Elliott wave analysis is "complicated." It can be -- just about anything could be made complicated.

4. What Investor Risk Tolerance Today Suggests for Stocks TomorrowВт., 13 авг.[−]

When investors go from "full steam ahead" to shunning risk, watch out! This change in investor psychology can show up as rapid price moves in the stock market. With that in mind, consider these two ways to gauge investors' risk tolerance...

5. TEVA Stock: What a Long, Bad Trip It's BeenВт., 13 авг.[−]

In October 2018, EWI's Jeffrey Kennedy said pharma giant Teva was in danger of falling below a boundary line that would push prices "below $10 a share." In turn, the stock fell to 17-year lows, before Teva’s negative fundamentals made news.

6. "Pinch Me": How to Build Your Ideal, Custom Technical Indicator PageПт., 09 авг.[−]

You know that there are hundreds of technical market indicators out there. Some of the most popular include oscillators, moving averages, trend channels... You've also seen names like MACD, SMI and Stochastics that some traders swear by.

7. How "Fundamentals" Failed This Major Global CorporationЧт., 08 авг.[−]

Many investors believe that a company's stock price follows its “fundamentals.” However, that’s not always the case. The story of this international conglomerate tells the tale. Take a look at this chart...

8. [UPDATED] The "Down Arrow" in the Dow We Showed Subscribers on July 29thСр., 07 авг.[−]

See the forecast and chart (complete with the directional arrow) we showed subscribers well before the "trade wars" story supposedly drove down the Dow.

9. Chinese Yuan, Hong Kong's Hang Seng: What the Two Have in CommonСр., 07 авг.[−]

China's currency is in the news -- "It's falling!" -- but as it's often the case, it's the kind of move that was in the cards long ago. Watch as our Asian-Pacific Short Term Update editor explains more, and also see how the yuan is not the only market that's been destined to fall.

10. Is Bitcoin Really in A World of its Own? Why It Matters to Your PortfolioВт., 06 авг.[−]

Conventional financial wisdom claims that bitcoin's performance is "not correlated" with that of Blue-Chip stock indexes. This claim is easy enough to check: See the evidence for yourself.

11. How a Fractured Stock Market Tells You What's NextВт., 06 авг.[−]

A fractured market is an unhealthy market. This group of market leaders turned down well before the main indexes' ongoing jump in volatility. Review this chart and commentary...

12. What Baseball's "Bonkers" Homeruns Tell You About the Stock MarketПн., 05 авг.[−]

As stocks are flashing red on Wall Street, what indicators can you turn to in order to figure out the stock market's next move? Watch as the co-editor of our monthly Financial Forecast shares with you an indicator you won't see anywhere else.

13. Look Who's Plowing $1,000,000,000,000 into StocksЧт., 01 авг.[−]

Some of the biggest players on Wall Street include institutional investors like pension funds and mutual funds. There's another group of "big players" that is taking its stock market investments into the stratosphere. This ties in with what the July Elliott Wave Theorist has to say...

14. One Big Reason to Beware Mainstream Market ForecastsВт., 30 июля[−]

Market opinions are a dime a dozen. Investors would do well to ignore most of them. Here's why...

15. A Big Sign of an Epic Financial ComplacencyЧт., 25 июля[−]

Why engage in the effort of stock market research when you can just buy an index fund? That seems to be the attitude of an explosive number of investors. One CEO of a capital firm describes the passive investing trend as "herding behavior." Indeed, the July Elliott Wave Theorist predicts where this herding behavior will take stock market prices into the year 2021...

16. S&P 500: See How We Forecast a Near-Term Low and RallyВт., 23 июля[−]

Analysts Robert Kelly shows the charts, indicators and Elliott Wave pattern he used to anticipate the recent low and rally in the S&P 500.

17. This Price Pattern Can Prepare You for Swift MovesЧт., 18 июля[−]

In this episode of ETV, Murray Gunn -- EWI's European Short Term Update Editor -- teaches you about one Elliott wave pattern that can prepare you for explosive moves in your markets.

18. Want to See What’s Next for the Economy? Try This.Вт., 16 июля[−]

Would you like to know what the health of the economy will be like months ahead of time? This rarely discussed "economic indicator" has a history of serving as a useful guide. See for yourself...

19. Costco Hits Record Highs: Could You See the Rally Coming?Пт., 12 июля[−]

Costco's share price has outperformed in 2019 -- yet as late as March, financial news sources painted a confusing picture. Not so with Trader's Classroom forecasts: See the evidence for yourself.

20. Add This Price Pattern to Your Trading ArsenalЧт., 11 июля[−]

One of the easiest Elliott wave patterns to spot on a price chart is an ending diagonal.

It looks like an arrow. And when it ends, prices reverse fast back to its origin.

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