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Our quick insights during the week challenge the way you think about the financial markets, the economy and more.
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1. Is an Accommodative Fed Bullish for the Stock Market?Пт, 24 янв[−]

The conventional wisdom says that the Federal Reserve has a great deal of influence over the economy and the stock market. However, EWI’s research shows that this is a flat-out myth. See for yourself.

2. Nike Stock "Soars on Bad Headlines"? Just Do... Elliott Wave AnalysisПт, 24 янв[−]

Can a company’s “fundamentals” be good, if a flood of bad stories about it are in the news? And do those things even matter to share price? See the chart that answers those questions.

3. This Stock Market Sentiment Measure Hits a Record HighВт, 14 янв[−]

This chart of a stock market sentiment measure is revealing.

4. Tesla Soars to Record Highs: Here's the "Naked" Truth as to WhyВт, 14 янв[−]

Tesla's share price went from a months-long sideways crawl to a late October break out, on the way to all-time highs. See the forecast that anticipated much of the rally that Tesla's market value to nearly $90 billion, more than GM and Ford combined.

5. Does the U.S. / Iran Conflict Spell Trouble for Stocks?Вт, 07 янв[−]

Financial journalists linked the U.S. airstrike in Iraq which killed an Iranian general with the DJIA’s triple-digit decline on Jan. 3. But, was the airstrike the real reason for the stock market’s tumble? Learn what market sentiment and the Elliott wave model were saying before Jan. 3.

6. Canada Goose: "What If" You Could Have Seen Where Prices are Today -- One Year AGO!Пн, 06 янв[−]

A year ago, EWI's Jeffrey Kennedy saw a simple Elliott Wave pattern for Canada Goose (GOOS) and made a long-term forecast. See the "before and after" for yourself, via this Chart of the Day.

7. NASDAQ: Watch a “Trend Channel,” See What’s NextПт, 03 янв[−]

Classic technical patterns in price charts have stood the test of time. Indeed, about 90 years ago, Ralph Nelson Elliott – the “Father of the Wave Principle” – described important details about the so-called parallel trend channel. Learn how that applies to the tech-heavy NASDAQ as we kick off 2020.

8. 2 MORE Signs of an Epic Financial ComplacencyПт, 27 дек 2019[−]

As the longest bull market in history persists, many investors are complacent about stocks and other risk assets. Ironically, volatility has a way of erupting just when investors increase their bullish bets. This chart is enlightening.

9. Stock Market “Melt-Up”? Here’s What You Need to KnowПн, 23 дек 2019[−]

Right now, some equity strategists are calling for a stock market “melt-up.” Is there evidence for such a forecast or does this expression of market enthusiasm merely describe a rise that has already occurred? Let’s look at another time when the term “melt-up” was widely mentioned...

10. U.S. Stocks: What to Make of This “Back Up the Truck!” OptimismСр, 18 дек 2019[−]

Here’s the stock market sentiment of a chief financial economist: “buy, buy, buy.” Why such optimism? In a nutshell, waning geopolitical risks. Learn EWI’s interpretation of such “great” news.

11. Foreign Buyers Piling Into U.S. Stocks: Bullish or Bearish?Вт, 17 дек 2019[−]

As early as 1996, we at EWI noticed that "heavy foreign buying" of U.S. stocks tends to correspond to certain critical junctures in the markets. Right now is one of those moments. Watch our Elliott Wave Financial Forecast co-editor explain what this likely means.

12. Sony Corp. Soars to an 18-Year High: A Day in the Life of Elliott Wave AnalysisПт, 13 дек 2019[−]

After a 30 percent decline into March 2019, the conventional wisdom was "thumbs down" on electronics giant Sony (SNE). Now see the forecast that called a huge turn, with a rally that carried Sony to its highest price in years.

13. European Markets: "Exactly what we would expect…"Пт, 13 дек 2019[−]

The year is wrapping up, so let's take a fly-over view of Europe. Watch as our monthly Global Market Perspective contributor shows you some eye-opening statistics -- and puts it in the all-important Elliott wave perspective.

14. A “Buy Signal” for This Global Stock Market?Чт, 12 дек 2019[−]

Some global markets get more coverage than others. Let us call your attention to one market that may not get a lot of headlines, but which may present investors with a current opportunity. Our global analyst explains why...

15. Why the Future Looks Precarious for This Global Technology IndexВт, 10 дек 2019[−]

When the crowd hops aboard a financial trend, it’s usually time to hop off. Now, the “ultimate” crowd plans to buy into a major global sector – and do so in an aggressive way. Is this a sign of an imminent reversal?

16. "Can I use Elliott waves in a market like…"?Пт, 06 дек 2019[−]

We often get asked if you can apply Elliott waves to markets other than the DJIA, or the FTSE. The answer is a decided "Yes!" Watch our Global Market Perspective contributor walk you through wave patterns (and supporting indicators) in South Korea's KOSPI stock index.

17. The "Calm Before the Craziness"Чт, 05 дек 2019[−]

If you want to get "comfy and cozy," pick another place besides the stock market. After a stretch of calmness, "very bullish" investors have been jolted. Here's how an Elliott wave perspective could have helped you prepare for the recent spike in volatility.

18. Target Stock: High-Confidence Trading is Always in SeasonСр, 04 дек 2019[−]

Do recent sales data drive a retail company's share price? See a case-in-point that answers this question -- and lots more -- for the big retailer, Target (TGT).

19. How Wave Personalities Help You Forecast the Depth of CorrectionsВт, 03 дек 2019[−]

When you watch Elliott waves unfold in your price charts, you are watching human psychology in action. It's not surprising, then, that each Elliott wave has its own "personality." And it pays to know them -- here's how.

20. U.S. Stocks: An “Optimism” Indicator Hits a 13-Month ExtremeВт, 03 дек 2019[−]

Waves of optimism and pessimism drive the stock market. When extremes in either sentiment are reached, watch for a swing in the other direction. Here are the sentiment readings from a recent survey...

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