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Our quick insights during the week challenge the way you think about the financial markets, the economy and more.
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1. Wirecard Goes from $24 Billion to Bust: A "Wake-Up Call" Two Years in the MakingСр, 08 июл[−]

Our analysis saw the writing on the Wirecard wall nearly TWO years before the June 2020 scandal. See the amazingly far-sighted forecast for yourself in Chart of the Day.

2. Stock Market: “Relevant Waves Vs. Irrelevant News”Чт, 02 июл[−]

Most financial writers link the stock market’s action with the news. However, the evidence suggests that news does not determine the stock market’s trend. Take a look at this chart.

3. A Tech Stock's "Rocket Ride" to New Highs -- Forecast 7 Months AgoСр, 01 июл[−]

Seven months ago -- before the pandemic lockdown drove demand for at-home digital entertainment -- NVDA shares were just above $200. Trader's Classroom forecast that the next move would be a major rise in price. See what followed for yourself.

4. A Reason to be “Extra-Attentive” to Stock Market Sentiment MeasuresВт, 30 июн[−]

A number of market factors need to be considered when determining a forecast for a financial market. So, it’s best to consult more than a single indicator. Learn how EWI’s Chief Market Analyst puts a sentiment measure into context.

5. Stocks, Oil: See How Elliott Waves Help You Avoid "Getting Married to the Trend"Пн, 29 июн[−]

As Elliott Wave International President Robert Prechter has noted, "Most published forecasts are at best descriptions of what has already happened." Most investors linearly extrapolate trends into the future without a clue as to when that trend will change. The Elliott wave model helps market participants to avoid that error. Find out how.

6. A "Blow-Off Top"? For Stocks, There Is a Better Topping IndicatorПт, 26 июн[−]

Get a key insight into how stock market tops form. Here's what's highly interesting: Most investors believe just the opposite. Learn the details.

7. SNAP Inc. Soars to 3-Year Highs: The Long-term Elliott Wave Picture Comes into FocusСр, 24 июн[−]

On November 21, 2019, our subscribers saw a clear picture of the downtrend ahead in SNAP. Then on April 14, 2020 we forecast a bullish move in SNAP. See it for yourself in Chart of the Day.

8. This Stock Soars to Record Highs: Don't Ask Who; Ask How Elliott Waves Saw the Rally ComingЧт, 18 июн[−]

The catalyst for ZLAB's move was not its recent fundamentals: Instead, the stock's Elliott wave pattern anticipated a rally to new highs more than two months ago.

9. FedEx's Share Price: The Present vs the Future vs the... Elliott Wave Pattern?Вт, 16 июн[−]

On May 20, we showed a chart of Fedex, and forecast that prices would soon reach into the 140-150 area: Now see what prices actually did, in Chart of the Day.

10. The Still-Unfolding Outcome of Extreme Stock Market SentimentПт, 12 июн[−]

From the March low, the S&P 500 climbed 45% in 11 weeks: It convinced investors "the bull is back," and re-ignited the manic sentiment extremes we saw at the February peak. Now see what it actually looks like in Chart of the Day.

11. Europe's Banking Sector Hits Rock Bottom: When (and Why) the Rout Really BeganЧт, 11 июн[−]

"If our wave analysis is correct, banks have a long way further to fall. Stay immediately bearish this sector." That was our April 2018 forecast for Europe's bank stocks. Now see just how far the sector fell in the 2-plus years since.

12. NASDAQ: Some Historical Insights into Techno-ManiaЧт, 11 июн[−]

The Nasdaq Composite just hit an all-time high, yet the DJIA remains below its peak. Here’s a perspective on financial tops and the technology sector.

13. Acadia Pharmaceuticals Soars to Record Highs: Were You in Line When it Was Time to Buy?Ср, 03 июн[−]

In April 2019, Acadia shares did not look like a "buy" -- earnings were down and the company was under investigation. But now see what Trader's Classroom said about where the stock would go, and what followed.

14. Russia: How Financial “Complacency” Morphed into “Crisis”Вт, 02 июн[−]

In January, one of EWI’s global analysts showed the strong rise in Russian stocks and issued a cautionary note to subscribers. Learn how that warning came just in the nick of time. These two charts say it all.

15. Think Coronavirus Caused the Crash? These Two Charts Beg to DifferЧт, 28 мая[−]

The Dow fell to a low on March 23, yet daily new COVID-19 cases continued higher with a peak 43,438 new cases on April 7. By then, the Dow had already rebounded strongly, up 22% from its low. See for yourself why the market led and the virus followed.

16. The Dow: Anticipating the Post-Memorial Day Rally... PRE-Memorial Day!Ср, 27 мая[−]

Before May 25th [Memorial Day], our May 22 Short Term Update showed an E-mini Dow Futures chart, preparing subscribers for a big upturn. See the chart and forecast for yourself, right now.

17. Stocks: What to Make of the Day-Trading FrenzyСр, 27 мая[−]

Around the time of the February stock market top, speculators were showing an “amazing willingness to bet on stocks with borrowed money.” Now that a fast rally has followed a fast market meltdown, this update on day trading suggests a lot about what’s next for the stock market.

18. Why Bear Market Rallies Are So TrickyЧт, 21 мая[−]

Many professional financial observers have opined that the stock market bottom is in. Yes, stocks have rallied since March 23, however, the return of this sentiment should give investors pause.

19. Netflix Stock Sets New Record: Live Stream Elliott Wave OpportunityЧт, 21 мая[−]

As Netflix shares hit a mid-March low, experts were bearish the stock: Record unemployment and belt-tightening made the service look non-essential. Yet, as far back as January, our Elliott Wave analysis saw a rally ahead.

20. Dow Down 1000 Points in 2 Days: Wham, Bam... POWell???Пн, 18 мая[−]

The Dow's big, two-day decline started around 3pm on May 12th. Yet media reports pinned the 1000-point drop on comments by Fed Chair Powell on May 13th! Now see the forecast that anticipated the decline before it happened.

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