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Our quick insights during the week challenge the way you think about the financial markets, the economy and more.
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1. Busted Myth: “Fed Controls Economy” and “Manipulates Markets”Вт., 12 февр.[−]

There's a widespread belief that the Fed holds the levers which guide the economy and maneuvers markets. But the evidence shows that this is simply not the case. These two charts speak for themselves...

2. This Investment Straddles "A $1 Trillion Powder Keg"Пт., 01 февр.[−]

Did you know that Enron's bonds enjoyed an "investment grade" rating just four days before it went bankrupt? Unfortunately true. And, today, other companies and their bonds sit atop "a $1 trillion powder keg." Learn why...

3. Bond Market Volatility: Has the Psychology Shifted?Пн., 14 янв.[−]

EWI's Interest Rate analyst Jordan Kotick shows the "Financial Stress Index," and explains the sudden burst of volatility in the Treasuries market.

4. Rate Spikes and Crises: Here We Go AgainПн., 07 янв.[−]

Interest rates make a lot of headlines these days. We find important correlations between the rates and the overall health of the stock market and economy, too. See the correlations in this chart pulled directly from our brand new January Elliott Wave Financial Forecast. You won't find it anywhere else.

5. In 2018, Why Did Bonds AND Stocks Fall... TOGETHER?Пт., 28 дек. 2018[−]

The chart you're about to see shows you an incredible fact: 90% of 70 asset classes fell in 2018, the most since 1901 (data: Deutsche Bank).

6. Want to Know the Fed’s Next Move? Pay Attention to This SignalПт., 28 дек. 2018[−]

Many might think that the “reality” in question is that “higher interest rates are bad for the stock market.” But that’s not what this story is about. There is a different reality that Fed has continued to ignore for at least two decades.

7. The Inverted Yield Curve: What It Is and Why It MattersЧт., 20 дек. 2018[−]

Treasury yields may soon turn "not normal," otherwise known as the inverted yield curve. This clear and compelling interview with EWI's Jordan Kotick shows you why it really does matter.

8. The Fed's "Financial Frailty" Raises This Important QuestionВт., 18 дек. 2018[−]

Do you have faith in the Fed? If so, a look at the central bank's portfolio might prompt second thoughts. Find out why, plus take a look at two charts which show you who is really in charge of the trend in interest rates.

9. Stocks’ Seasonal Tendencies: Why Context is KeyСр., 28 нояб. 2018[−]

"Sell in May and go away." "Santa Claus rally." These are just two sayings that have to do with the stock market's seasonal tendencies. But, investors need to know more. Here are insights that EWI recently offered to subscribers...

10. Look at This Fast, Dramatic Change in Investors’ MindsetПн., 26 нояб. 2018[−]

The yield spread between junk and investment-grade bonds can provide a clue about what's ahead for risk-assets as a whole. Learn why -- plus, take a look at a chart which reveals the mindset of investors.

11. Investors Can Relax About Rising Interest Rates – Here’s WhyСр., 14 нояб. 2018[−]

Can interest rates rise to the point that the stock market falls? Does it even matter? See our charts for fact-based answers.

12. The Fed: Is There Such a Thing as a "Neutral" Rate Policy?Пн., 05 нояб. 2018[−]

Our analyst Murray Gunn says "The Fed doesn’t control the economy." Now see his evidence -- namely, a 40-plus year chart of GDP and the Fed Funds rate.

13. Today's Headline: “Plunge in Bond Prices”Ср., 03 окт. 2018[−]

The coming round of news stories will say that "30-year Treasury Bond prices hit new low!" Yet you can see how Elliott wave analysis anticipated that new low long before it became a reality.

14. Rising Bond Yields Didn’t “Sting” Our SubscribersСр., 26 сент. 2018[−]

The biggest turn in decades arrived in Treasury Bonds and Notes in mid-2016. A clear Elliott Wave Pattern told the real story about what was just ahead. See the chart and quotes for yourself in Chart of the Day.

15. Will the Fed’s Rate Hikes Choke the Stock Market Rally?Вт., 25 сент. 2018[−]

Millions of investors analyze the Fed's every word. But do central banks control financial markets? It's time to take a close look at the data.

16. Bonds, Price, Yields: Time to “Shop for rates”?Пн., 24 сент. 2018[−]

Yields are on the move. That seems like recent news, yet check out the forecast from two-plus years ago that anticipated today’s interest rate headlines.

17. The Anatomy of a Credit CrunchВт., 11 сент. 2018[−]

A "credit crisis" doesn't start everyplace at once -- it usually begins in a single country. See for yourself how financial markets in Turkey are imploding with stunning speed.

18. Should You Worry About the Flattening Yield Curve?Ср., 05 сент. 2018[−]

Do a search of "flattening yield curve," and you’re likely to see many results about how this villain threatens the stock market. How worried should you be?

19. Chicago's Three-Ring-Circus of Over OptimismЧт., 30 авг. 2018[−]

Chicago's pension funds have a $28 BILLION shortfall. Their "solution" includes investing borrowed money in stocks. See this three-ring circus of over-optimism for yourself.

20. Junk Bonds: No One Expects Volatility… Here’s Why YOU ShouldВт., 14 авг. 2018[−]

Ironically, financial markets are most risky when they appear to be the least so. With that in mind, let's sift through some "junk," with the aid of this chart.

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