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Our quick insights during the week challenge the way you think about the financial markets, the economy and more.
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1. Junk Bond Yields vs. Small Business Loans: Main Street and Wall Street DivergeПт, 28 авг[−]

Two major financial trends have diverged for the first time in twenty-plus years. Investors believe the Fed can avoid a credit crunch, but bankers … not so much. See the chart for yourself.

2. Bond Market's (Lack of) Volatility: "Calm Before the Craze"Чт, 27 авг[−]

The "lower and lower" interest-rate trend has been underway for 39 years! It's no surprise, then, that many bond market observers expect this trend to continue literally "forever." Take a look at this "record low" on the chart.

3. This Pattern Warns You Before Prices SpikeЧт, 20 авг[−]

Elliott wave triangles are high-confidence chart patterns that almost always precede a "thrust" in prices. Watch our Interest Rates Pro Service expert explain more using Bunds, Germany's equivalent of the U.S. Treasury Bond.

4. Finding Clarity in Bond Markets with Elliott WavesПт, 31 июл[−]

EMLC is a fairly exotic market instrument reflecting the values of… other fairly exotic market instruments. It's an ETF that tracks bonds issued by emerging market governments. Can a market like that reflect accurate Elliott wave patterns? Watch our Interest Rates Pro Service editor explain.

5. “Junk” Is Hot Again – Despite Warning SignsЧт, 30 июл[−]

Global investors have been clamoring for junk bonds. As our July Global Market Perspective notes: "Demand for junk is so high that analysts are lamenting a 'shortage of high-yield assets for funds to buy.' All the while, financial dangers lurk. Here are the details.

6. Germany's Long Bond: See How Elliott Waves Spotted the RallyПт, 17 июл[−]

The Bund is Germany's equivalent of the 30-year U.S. Treasury bond -- which is to say, an important market…albeit a slightly exotic one. Do Elliott waves work in a market like that? You be the judge.

7. Here’s Why You Can Forecast Markets Just by Looking at Chart PatternsВт, 14 июл[−]

You’ve probably noticed that the small branches of a tree look similar to the big ones. Nature is replete with fractals, such as rivers and their tributaries, blood vessels and so on. The price charts of financial markets are also fractals. Here’s what this means for investors and traders…

8. Why Bond Buyers Now Face Extraordinary RiskВт, 07 июл[−]

Investors have been pouring into bonds like there’s no tomorrow. The degree to which risk is being ignored is remarkable. Indeed, this noteworthy bond-market measure is now at a “record high.”

9. Volatility Looks to Be on Its Way Back: Here's WhyЧт, 18 июн[−]

When you compare today's volatility measures in the bond market with previous volatile periods, a clear picture emerges. Watch our Interest Rates Pro Service editor explain more using the MOVE index and the more familiar VIX, "the fear index."

10. U.S. Long Bond: Let’s Review the “Upward Point of Exhaustion”Вт, 09 июн[−]

In early March, a prominent sentiment indicator registered 98% bulls toward U.S. 30-year Treasuries. At the same time, historic moves were taking place in the U.S. long bond. Here’s a review of what’s taken place since.

11. Inflation or Deflation? For Answers, Look to TIPSСр, 27 мая[−]

Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities are bonds tied to measures of inflation, like the CPI. The higher the inflation, the better the returns. But see how Elliott wave patterns in TIP (an ETF) give a good idea if the market is still expecting inflation ahead. Log in -- or sign up for FREE to watch now.

12. Fixed Income ETFs: "The Story of Deterioration"Чт, 30 апр[−]

Bond Exchange-Traded Funds have been telling an important story since well before the pandemic. Watch our Interest Rates Pro Service editor walk you through the performance of several key sector ETFs and explain the implications.

13. Do Elliott Waves Show Up in All Markets?Вт, 21 апр[−]

We often hear this question from new subscribers. The short answer is -- yes, in all liquid ones, where mass psychology is present. Watch our Interest Rates Pro Service analyst walk you through the recent rally in the UK Gilts, Britain's equivalent of U.S. Treasuries.

14. To Navigate Markets in 2020, You Need Different ToolsВт, 14 апр[−]

For investors, the "paradigm shift" has arrived. Watch our Global Markets Strategist explain why Elliott waves are uniquely suited to help you navigate this challenging environment. (Focus: the "obscure" CoCo bonds.)

15. A Credit Market Gets Massacred: 3-2-1 POP! Goes the CoCoВт, 07 апр[−]

As 2020 began, the convertible bonds called CoCos were one of the best-performing fixed-income assets. Yet we warned subscribers that this asset was about to "collapse." Now see the jaw-dropping chart that shows what followed.

16. How We Kept Subscribers Ahead of Wild Treasury Note Action in February and MarchПт, 27 мар[−]

The past seven weeks saw an epic rise in the price of 10-year Treasury Notes: Yet it was also an epic opportunity for traders and active investors. See exactly what Interest Rate Pro Services subscribers saw to stay ahead of the trend.

17. U.S. Treasuries: Letting the Waves FlowВт, 17 мар[−]

The enormous rally in the U.S. Treasuries -- and the corresponding record decline in bond yields, which prompted the now second Fed "emergency" rate cut -- had a warning. In mid-February, Elliott wave patterns in the charts of 30-year bonds turned bullish (and stayed bullish). Watch our Interest Rates Pro Service editor show you how it unfolded.

18. Why the Next Debt Crisis Will (Also) Be Historically DireВт, 03 мар[−]

EWI’s Head of Global Research explains why you should begin taking steps to brace yourself for a potential financial “storm of biblical proportions.”

19. Junk Bonds: 2 “Golden” JuncturesЧт, 13 фев[−]

The “golden ratio” is often found in the chart patterns of financial markets and often marks a key juncture. EWI’s Head of Global Research pinpoints not only one, but two “golden ratio” junctures in this chart.

20. What Elliott Waves Show You About Bond ETFs Right NowСр, 05 фев[−]

Along with stock ETFs, bond ETFs are another popular investment tool. Watch our Interest Rates Pro Service editor explain 5 key points about bond ETFs -- and show you what the clear Elliott wave picture in BND, a Vanguard ETF, suggest for bonds next.

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