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Our quick insights during the week challenge the way you think about the financial markets, the economy and more.
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1. See the "Ending Diagonal" That Anticipated a 17% Crude Oil DeclineСр, 09 сен[−]

In July & August crude prices were flat to slightly higher. Yet EWI Energy analyst Steve Craig saw a pattern that anticipated a big move down. See the chart for yourself.

2. Gold and Oil: Be Aware of the “Spike”Чт, 16 июл[−]

There’s a reason why stocks and commodities – like oil, gold and silver – tend to end bull markets differently. Get the insights you need to know as you take a look at these two charts.

3. Stocks, Oil: See How Elliott Waves Help You Avoid "Getting Married to the Trend"Пн, 29 июн[−]

As Elliott Wave International President Robert Prechter has noted, "Most published forecasts are at best descriptions of what has already happened." Most investors linearly extrapolate trends into the future without a clue as to when that trend will change. The Elliott wave model helps market participants to avoid that error. Find out how.

4. Natural Gas's Crash to 25-Year Lows. A Meltdown in the Making -- Long BEFORE the CoronavirusПт, 26 июн[−]

What explains the -69% collapse in natural gas prices? Not "oversupply," not a "mild winter," not the pandemic. See the "Bearish Key Reversal" we identified EARLY in the decline.

5. Update on "Bearish Move of A Lifetime in Crude Oil" - What We Said AFTER the FallПт, 22 мая[−]

The Elliott Wave pattern for crude oil anticipated the epic decline in April, and then the strong rally that followed in May. See the charts and forecasts for yourself, in Chart of the Day.

6. Crude Oil: See What a "30-Year Roadmap" Can DoПт, 15 мая[−]

Would you believe that oil's entire journey -- since the first commercial well was drilled in 1859 -- fits neatly into the Elliott wave model? Watch our Global Markets Strategist show you the whole "roadmap" as he focuses especially on the last 30 years.

7. Crude Oil: A Chart You Need to See to BelieveСр, 29 апр[−]

Before COVID-19. Before the drop in demand for oil to a 25-year low. Before the OPEC-Russia-Saudi Arabia dispute. Before highways cleared and traffic jams disappeared. Before all that, there were these forecasts. See them -- on a single chart -- now.

8. From "Peak Oil" to "Peak Glut"Ср, 22 апр[−]

The "long squeeze" in crude oil futures that pushed prices to -$40 a barrel was unpredictable. What was predictable was the broad decline in oil prices -- without looking at the COVID-19 grim stats. Watch our Energy Pro Service editor explain.

9. Bearish Move of A Lifetime in Crude Oil: What We Said Before the FallСр, 22 апр[−]

On the afternoon of Friday, April 17th, our Pro Services made a bold forecast: We are "Big-picture bearish." See "the next downside price level of significance" we showed for crude oil.

10. Use This Method to Spot the NEXT Big Turn in Crude OilЧт, 09 апр[−]

Many blame oil's price plunge on the coronavirus and Saudi Arabia / Russia tensions. However, crude's dramatic price decline was in the cards well before these events. Take a look at this chart.

11. Crude Oil: A Contrary Forecast, Before the (Nearly) 70 Percent DeclineВт, 24 мар[−]

In barely 9 weeks, crude oil fell nearly 70 percent. Yet, at the January high, sentiment expected higher prices. Now see the contrary-to-sentiment forecast that had subscribers ready for exactly what unfolded before crude collapsed.

12. Oil's 25% Drop on March 18 Had Nothing to Do with OPECЧт, 19 мар[−]

Third waves in the basic Elliott wave pattern are typically the strongest and fastest. The sell-off in crude on March 18 fits the 3rd-wave "personality." Which is to say, the sell-off was predictable, if you were watching wave patterns in oil's charts in the days before. Watch our Energy Pro Service editor show you the details.

13. Is Oil Finally a “Buy”?Ср, 18 мар[−]

The stunning 24% sell-off in crude oil on March 18 was not unexpected. In fact, it had a clear warning -- an Elliott wave warning. Here's the wave analysis and forecast our trader-focused Energy Pro Service published for subscribers the day before.

14. Oil's 30% Collapse: See What Really HappenedВт, 10 мар[−]

You'll read many mainstream explanations as to why oil prices collapsed on March 8. But on March 6, Elliott waves already warned that oil was entering a 3rd wave sell-off. In other words, the collapse had "deeper roots." Our Energy Pro Service editor explains more. Log in -- or sign up free -- to watch now.

15. Crude Oil's Nearly 50% Plunge from the February High: Why OPEC+ Is Not to BlameПн, 09 мар[−]

When stocks fall hard, gold is "supposed" to rally big. Yet, in late February, stocks AND gold BOTH saw major losses. See the forecast that got gold right, before the fall.

16. Crude Oil: Even a Little Elliott Wave Know-How Goes a Long WayСр, 04 мар[−]

Mainstream pundits love to say that high oil prices are bad for the economy and stocks, while cheap oil is good. Now watch our Energy Pro Service editor show you a simple chart that busts this myth -- and show you how Elliott waves could have helped you catch oil's sell-off.

17. Finding a Path in Crude Oil Amidst the Coronavirus PanicСр, 26 фев[−]

Official warnings about the corona virus began on January 1st. Yet, crude oil prices were mostly higher in February, until the 54.66 peak on Feb. 20th: That day, our Energy Pro Service showed a crude oil chart with a down arrow and said "[A] top of some magnitude is in place."

18. Crude Oil Enters Bear Market: An (In)Convenient Coronavirus Truth?Ср, 05 фев[−]

The coronavirus is NOT "driving" crude oil's decline. On Jan. 21, Energy Pro Service warned of a pattern set to take oil prices below $50 per barrel. See it for yourself in Chart of the Day.

19. Natural Gas Runs Out of Gas: What the Frack Happened?Ср, 29 янв[−]

Recent months saw a large decline in natural gas prices: news stories blame a "supply glut" and "mild winter." Yet see for yourself exactly why explanations like these are bogus -- and what a useable market forecast looks like.

20. Oil Prices: Here's Why NOT to Trade on the NewsСр, 08 янв[−]

On Tuesday evening, Iran retaliated against the U.S. Oil prices spiked. If you bought the rally, you would have bought near the top. See how Elliott waves could have guided you out of this predicament -- in real time.

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