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Our quick insights during the week challenge the way you think about the financial markets, the economy and more.
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1. Global Banking: Some Sectors Look as “Precarious as Ever”Вт, 13 окт[−]

Some sectors of the global financial system appear to be on shaky ground. Central bank assistance has fallen short and investors need to prepare for what may be ahead.

2. Beware of This “Crocodile” of Debt DeflationЧт, 08 окт[−]

The specter of a global debt deflation looms large. This chart shows “a highly unusual situation which is probably unsustainable.” Take a look for yourself.

3. Why This Could Be a "Very Bleak Winter for the U.K."Сб, 26 сен[−]

Elliott wave analysis suggests that the next few months could be quite historic for the British stock market, the economy and British pound. Our Head of Global Research (who is based in London) explains.

4. Here’s Evidence That “the Great Property Bust is Underway”Вт, 22 сен[−]

You can apply Elliott wave to more than just stocks or forex. It also helped us warn subscribers of the subprime mortgage crisis of 2007-2009 well before it became frontpage news. Now, here in 2020, real estate investors need to brace themselves – again. Here’s why.

5. The Connection Between Stocks and the Economy is Not What Most Investors ThinkВт, 15 сен[−]

Would you like to know what the health of the economy will be like months ahead of time? This rarely discussed "economic indicator" has a history of serving as a useful guide. See for yourself.

6. When It Comes to News vs. Markets, It's Not "What" -- It's "When"Пт, 28 авг[−]

At market tops, the news is full of positive stories. Near bottoms, it's full of negativity. That's why those who invest strictly on the news often buy at tops and sell at bottoms. Watch our Global Head of Research explain how to "read" the current tone of British news properly.

7. Why Commercial Real Estate is Set to Get SlammedВт, 28 июл[−]

The real estate market – both commercial and residential – appears to be on shaky ground. Get the insights that you need to know.

8. 7 Days of Global Opportunities (FreeWeek: July 23 – 30)Пн, 20 июл[−]

You hear lots of opinions about the markets. But who's right? Everyone has an angle. Now, at no cost, you can hear from the world's largest independent forecasting company. Our forecasts can help you make objective choices. Free, on July 23 -- 30, join us for 1 week of global insights into 50+ markets. See the difference independent analysis makes.

9. Why You Should Expect “Price Deflation” Just AheadЧт, 09 июл[−]

Our July Global Market Perspective notes that there has been a "distinct relationship" between two economic / monetary indicators over the past 20 years. The annual change in one of them has "collapsed." Learn what our global analysts expect for the other indicator "over the next 18 months or so."

10. China's Stock Market Rally: Predictable as Early as April 3, 2020Чт, 09 июл[−]

The Shanghai Composite and the Shenzhen component have been rising strongly. As usual, you're hearing lots of after-the-fact "reasons" as to why. But few, if any, mainstream experts were bullish in early April, in the thick of the pandemic. Here’s what helped us identify a bottom in China on April 3, 2020.

11. Markets "Make No Sense"? Try Elliott Waves (Parts I & II)Чт, 02 июл[−]

Mark Galasiewski, chief equity analyst for Asia and emerging markets with Elliott Wave International, explains how the Elliott Wave model can help investors make sense of apparently chaotic patterns in financial markets.

12. Severe Debt Deflation: Why These 5 Nations Are Most at RiskПн, 15 июн[−]

Deflation requires a precondition. Learn about it, plus get insights into private versus public debt. This chart shows you which nations are at the highest risk of a “severe debt deflation.”

13. Deflation: Why the “Japanification” of the U.S. Looms LargeЧт, 28 мая[−]

Japan has been struggling with deflationary pressures for 30 years. Now, signs of deflation are evident in the U.S. Here’s what characterizes a “deflationary crash.”

14. (Not a Typo) "Europe Has Been in a Bear Market for 20 Years"Пт, 08 мая[−]

It's hard to believe, but a key European stock index is still trading below its high from 20 years ago. That speaks volumes about Europe's social mood -- and the future of the European Union. Watch our Head of Global Research explain.

15. "This Is More Than a Deflationary Moment"Пт, 08 мая[−]

"Deflation" is not the word you've heard very often -- until now. Falling prices across multiple asset classes suddenly got every everyone's attention. But deflation is much more than just "lower prices." Watch our Global Markets Strategist explain.

16. Why Financial Trouble Brews on the “Home” FrontВт, 05 мая[−]

The world has certainly been aware of all the “stay-at-home” orders in various places. At the same time, the value of many of those homes may be at risk. You see, a significant divergence has developed in the housing market. Get insights as you take a look at this chart.

17. Is "Printing Money" the Only Way Out of This Crisis? No.Вс, 03 мая[−]

Today, a huge government and central bank fiscal stimulus is what almost everyone sees as the way out. But watch our Head of Global Research show an example from the Great Depression era that tells a different story.

18. How to Spot Future Stock Market LeadersПт, 01 мая[−]

Stocks that lead higher off a bear-market low often continue to outperform their peers going forward. Watch our monthly Global Market Perspective contributor show you examples using TEAM, BABA and more.

19. View the Global Economy from 30,000 FeetСб, 18 апр[−]

If you zoomed out and took a snapshot of the markets and global economy, you'd see a pandemic, tumultuous equities, a rout in oil, record-busting bailouts, buybacks under fire, and the Fed flexing its muscles as the specter of deflation looms. But what does it all mean, and why is it happening now? Listen as EWI's Head of Global Research, Murray Gunn, breaks it all down in this conversation on the Classic Business podcast.

20. This Indicator Flashed "Danger" for Chinese Stocks Well BEFORE PandemicЧт, 16 апр[−]

While the news is mulling over "what the Chinese knew and when they knew it," from a technical analysis perspective it's mostly irrelevant for market timing. Watch our Asian-Pacific Short Term Update editor show you one indicator that flashed red well in advance.

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