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Our quick insights during the week challenge the way you think about the financial markets, the economy and more.
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1. Coffee Sinks, OJ Soars: Our Subscribers Were Ready for BOTH Trade SetupsПн, 06 июл[−]

Despite what financial stories said, the trends in coffee and orange juice changed when "virus spread" was already in news reports. See for yourself what our March 2020 Commodity Junctures Service publications called for.

2. Cotton Futures: From Multi-Year High -- TO -- Decade Low. It's Not About the Virus!Пт, 29 мая[−]

In mid-2018, news stories about cotton led traders to expect a rally. Yet our June 2018 Monthly Commodity Junctures anticipated a very big decline. See what actually happened, via Chart of the Day.

3. How to Combine Elliott Waves with CandlesticksЧт, 28 мая[−]

Both Elliott waves and candlesticks are popular methods of technical market analysis. Watch as our Commodity Junctures editor shows you how candlesticks can confirm an Elliott wave count. Market in focus: coffee.

4. How Elliott Wave Analysis Forecast the Fall in Lumber Futures - AND Lumber CompaniesЧт, 09 апр[−]

Only a few weeks ago, the financial news was running hugely bullish stories about the lumber market. Now see what followed after a contrarian forecast...

5. Bull or Bear, "This Is My Favorite Elliott Wave Trade Setup"Пн, 06 апр[−]

You can distill all Elliott wave trade setups down to just 4 high-confidence chart patterns. Among those 4, our Commodity Junctures editor Jeffrey Kennedy has an absolute favorite: the 4th wave pullback. Watch Jeffrey explain why he likes this setup so much -- in bull AND in bear markets.

6. Crude Awakening: The Real Catalyst for Oil's Crash Isn't What You ThinkПт, 13 мар[−]

NYMEX crude oil has been slashed in half since the start of 2020, with prices circling the drain of a four-year low on March 9. Mainstream fingers point to COVID-19, OPEC+ tensions, Saudi price cuts, and a U.S. travel ban -- as the catalysts for oil's "bloodbath." Our story shows why none of them fit the bill -- and what the real cause is.

7. Look What’s “Leading the Economy Lower”Чт, 12 мар[−]

Despite what you often hear from mainstream sources, it’s the stock market that leads the economy, not the other way around. But there are more ways to forecast what’s next for the economy. Take a look at this index, for example, which has been sending a warning signal since 2018, alongside the “softening” U.S. GDP numbers.

8. The Future of Wheat Futures: The Drama-Free ZoneПн, 24 фев[−]

Elliott wave analysis offers forecasts that are independent of external market drama. See the chart and analysis that anticipated wheat's powerful rally from late August 2019 thru January 21, when prices hit an 18-month high.

9. How Moving Averages Help You to Define the TrendПт, 21 фев[−]

The “moving average” is a technical indicator which has stood the test of time. Let a veteran market technician tell you what he’s learned from using moving averages over the years. Take a look at the first chart in the free guide: “How You Can Find High-Probability Trading Opportunities Using Moving Averages.”

10. Want to Identify Market Trends? Watch Elliott Wave Analysis at WorkПн, 09 дек 2019[−]

To understand Elliott wave analysis at work in actual world markets, let's review the recent history in an often-volatile commodity markets: sugar.

11. A Simple Price Pattern That Leads to "Spectacular Moves"Пт, 25 окт 2019[−]

You can shrink all Elliott wave patterns down to just five "core" price patterns. One of them is the ending diagonal. Watch as our Commodity Junctures editor shows you how to spot it on a chart -- and more importantly, prepare for the "spectacular price move" that comes next.

12. How to Set Price Targets with Elliott WavesЧт, 17 окт 2019[−]

You probably know that Elliott wave analysis has three strict rules, plus a handful of guidelines. When you apply them to price charts, you can set realistic price targets -- short- or long-term. Watch as our monthly Global Market Perspective contributor shows you how.

13. "Throwback" and "Pullback": 2 High-Confidence Price Patterns Worth KnowingЧт, 19 сен 2019[−]

Besides Elliott wave patterns, there are other configurations in price charts that you can put to good use. While most of them can be described in terms of Elliott waves, in this video our Trader's Classroom editor shows you two that he calls "throwback" and "pullback." Watch.

14. Gold: This "Contrarian" Indicator Jumps to 3-Year HighСр, 17 июл 2019[−]

Many Main Street investors would probably be surprised at how often the professionals on Wall Street are on the wrong side of major market turns. Gold is a prime example. Learn why this insight is especially important now...

15. Oil Prices and the 2019 Hurricane SeasonПт, 05 июл 2019[−]

Like 2005's Katrina, a major Gulf of Mexico hurricane can deal a heavy blow to crude oil production. Most financial and economic pundits would then conclude that such a supply disruption would send oil prices skyrocketing with demand. Yet this chart defies their Econ 101 logic.

16. Gold Hits Its Price Target. Now What?Вт, 25 июн 2019[−]

Gold is trading at highs not seen since 2013. Will the rally continue? First, let’s talk about how we got here...

17. A Word or Two About That Gold "Rout"Вт, 26 фев 2019[−]

Most speculators had an unfavorable outlook for gold in August. Yet, EWI's Chief Market Analyst said "gold is in the late stage of its decline." The very next day, gold hit a low and its price began a steady march upward. Learn how the precious metals usually end a trend...

18. The "Look" of a Clear Elliott Wave Pattern in CommoditiesВт, 26 фев 2019[−]

EWI's Commodity analyst Jeffrey Kennedy talks with Dana Weeks about his recent soybean oil forecast, complete with an in-depth show and tell with the chart.

19. Commodities & The Beautiful "Signal" of OpportunityСр, 20 фев 2019[−]

Commodities may be more volatile than stock and bond markets, yet commodity prices still unfold in clear Elliott wave patterns. Those patterns are the signal amidst the noise -- see a case in point from a recent forecast in Monthly Commodities Junctures.

20. How to Forecast a "Years-Long Bear Market" in CommoditiesСб, 09 фев 2019[−]

In this interview with Dana Weeks, Trader's Classroom editor Jeffrey Kennedy gives the big-picture details of an even bigger forecast in commodities ... back in 2011.

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