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1. A Call For "Retracement" After a 40% Gain? See Cocoa's Forecast and TurnСр., 26 сент.[−]

After cocoa's fast, multi-month rally to begin the year, Daily Commodity Junctures’ editor Jeffrey Kennedy anticipated what was next: the big rally would give way to a trend reversal. See and hear what he said to subscribers.

2. Who Survived Cocoa's mid-2018 Crash?Пт., 21 сент.[−]

In the first four months of 2018, the cocoa market looked like it was on a mad sugar rush: The "best-performing commodity of 2018." Cocoa was THE bull market. Yet, one analyst knew a peak when he saw it. Read his forecast, and see what followed.

3. Moving Averages Help You Define Trend – Here’s HowПт., 10 авг.[−]

This simple moving average "works equally well in commodities, currencies, and stocks"

4. What's the Best Way to Catch a 3rd Wave Early?Пт., 01 июня[−]

An opportunity in commodity markets is only meaningful if you take advantage of it. For tips on how to do it, ElliottWaveTV sat down with Jeffrey Kennedy, long-time editor of our Commodity Junctures and experienced trading instructor.

5. Commodities: What to Watch at the Start of the MonthПт., 04 мая[−]

Jeffrey Kennedy has been at the helm of our ever-popular Commodity Junctures for well over a decade. ElliottWaveTV asks what drew him to commodities in the first place, as well as what long-term cycle commodities are currently in.

6. Commodities (Softs & Grains): What Stands out Today?Пн., 23 апр.[−]

When all markets within a complex move together, should that add to your confidence -- or is that irrelevant? ElliottWaveTV asked this and other questions to Jeffrey Kennedy, our long-time Commodity Junctures editor.

7. Commodities: What Markets and Indicators to Watch?Пт., 06 апр.[−]

When it comes to commodity prices, sometimes it pays to watch other markets and indicators alongside Elliott waves. Jeffrey Kennedy, our long-time Commodity Junctures editor, tells you what indicators he monitors in this new ElliottWaveTV interview.

8. Trade War to Trading Floor: The Picture May Not Be What It SeemsВт., 03 апр.[−]

Fact: On March 23, lean hog prices plunged to a 4-month low. Not a fact: Hogs started falling the moment trade threats started flying between the U.S. and China. Here's how events really unfolded.

9. Oil Prices Vs. Production: See the “Elephant” Almost Everyone IgnoresВт., 27 марта[−]

Many oil traders are often on the wrong side of the trend at major market turns. Why? They base their trading decisions on a faulty premise regarding oil prices and production. Get the insight you need to know.

10. Commodities: First Few Trading Days of the Month are KeyПт., 09 марта[−]

You learn a lot when you observe (and forecast) market behavior for a couple of decades. Jeffrey Kennedy, our Commodity Junctures editor, tells you why the first few days of the month are so important for commodities in this new EllottWaveTV interview.

11. Commodities: Why the Time to Pay Attention is NOWПн., 12 февр.[−]

Despite the shake-up in the stock market and cryptocurrencies, commodities like corn and soybeans have been rising lately. There may be more "surprises" ahead -- ElliottWaveTV sat down with our Commodity Junctures editor, Jeffrey Kennedy, to get his latest thoughts.

12. "Boring Start" in Commodities: Will It Last?Пт., 12 янв.[−]

Softs and grains have not been very exciting this year, so far. Jeffrey Kennedy, editor of our Commodity Junctures, tells ElliottWave TV if he thinks the lack of volatility should persist.

13. Some Myths Should be Kept Alive for as Long as Possible. This Isn’t One of ThemПн., 18 дек. 2017[−]

At the start of November, the fundamental deck was stacked in the cocoa bulls' favor. But instead of rallying, prices turned down. The reason why might surprise you.

14. Commodities: The Long ViewПн., 18 дек. 2017[−]

As 2018 is about to start, what commodity opportunities should you have your eye on? Jeffrey Kennedy, editor of our Commodity Junctures, explains in the new interview.

15. Mmooooo-ve Over, Fundamental Analysis: There’s a New Forecasting Method in TownСр., 13 дек. 2017[−]

In early November, all the fundamental stars were aligned for live cattle prices to soar. But instead, the market declined. The reason why might surprise you.

16. Commodities: Cycles, Seasonal Factors and TrendsПт., 01 дек. 2017[−]

There is no question that cyclical and seasonal factors impact commodity prices. However, market psychology is also a huge factor -- and nothing helps you track it like Elliott wave analysis. Watch our Chief Commodity Analyst, Jeffrey Kennedy, give you his latest thoughts (softs and grains in focus).

17. Commodities and the “Art” of Elliott Wave InterpretationЧт., 30 нояб. 2017[−]

In early November, Chief Commodity Analyst Jeffrey Kennedy showed subscribers a budding third-wave rally on cotton's price chart. From there, cotton soared. This picture is worth one word: opportunity.

18. Commodities: And the BIG-Picture Trend Is...Пн., 20 нояб. 2017[−]

In this new interview with Jeffrey Kennedy, the editor of Commodity Junctures and Trader's Classroom, he discusses the larger trends across the softs and grains markets.

19. Sugar's Early 2017 Sell-Off Surprised Us, Too... But Not for LongПт., 17 нояб. 2017[−]

In early March, sugar prices hit a sour note and embarked on a precipitous sell-off. Truth to be told, we didn't expect the decline for much later. But that didn't mean we weren't prepared when it happened.

20. Your Go-To Tools for Forecasting CommoditiesПт., 03 нояб. 2017[−]

In this new interview with Jeffrey Kennedy, editor of our Commodity Junctures and Trader's Classroom, he tells you about his approach to market seasonality and explains how Elliott waves helps you ride long-term commodities cycles (focus: softs and grains).

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