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Our quick insights during the week challenge the way you think about the financial markets, the economy and more.
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1. India Investors: It's an Exciting TimeСб, 10 окт[−]

Reliance Industries, India's largest company, has fulfilled our bullish 2015 forecast. See where the stock is now -- plus, get new insights into today's important junctures in the Indian Rupee and SENSEX. Our Asian-Pacific Financial Forecast editor explains.

2. Asia-Pacific: Just a "Pause" -- or Is the Rally Over?Чт, 24 сен[−]

Stocks across the Asia-Pacific rallied strongly over the summer. (Although not all markets participated...) Fall is often a period when stocks wobble -- so, is that what's behind the recent weakness? Our Asian-Pacific Short Term Update editor explains.

3. "Follow the Leader": Asian-Pacific Healthcare StocksСр, 05 авг[−]

Across the emerging markets, healthcare stocks are up some 80% off their March lows. Was there a way to forecast the rally? Yes. Watch our monthly Global Market Perspective contributor show you two charts explaining why, as early as May 1, we said healthcare was "the way to bet, for now."

4. Why You Should Expect “Price Deflation” Just AheadЧт, 09 июл[−]

Our July Global Market Perspective notes that there has been a "distinct relationship" between two economic / monetary indicators over the past 20 years. The annual change in one of them has "collapsed." Learn what our global analysts expect for the other indicator "over the next 18 months or so."

5. China's Stock Market Rally: Predictable as Early as April 3, 2020Чт, 09 июл[−]

The Shanghai Composite and the Shenzhen component have been rising strongly. As usual, you're hearing lots of after-the-fact "reasons" as to why. But few, if any, mainstream experts were bullish in early April, in the thick of the pandemic. Here’s what helped us identify a bottom in China on April 3, 2020.

6. U.S. Dollar vs. Asian-Pacific StocksЧт, 18 июн[−]

If you live or invest in Asia, keeping an eye the U.S. dollar can help you make better timing decisions. Except, some markets are an exception to this rule. Watch our Asian-Pacific Short Term Update editor explain. (India, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore in focus.)

7. Severe Debt Deflation: Why These 5 Nations Are Most at RiskПн, 15 июн[−]

Deflation requires a precondition. Learn about it, plus get insights into private versus public debt. This chart shows you which nations are at the highest risk of a “severe debt deflation.”

8. Indian Stocks: See Why the Sell-Off Was in the…CHARTSЧт, 11 июн[−]

Today, after the fact, you'll read many explanations for the drop in Indian stocks. But see how a simple Elliott wave pattern warned about it ahead of time.

9. Russia: How Financial “Complacency” Morphed into “Crisis”Вт, 02 июн[−]

In January, one of EWI’s global analysts showed the strong rise in Russian stocks and issued a cautionary note to subscribers. Learn how that warning came just in the nick of time. These two charts say it all.

10. Chinese Yuan and Hong Kong Stocks: What's Next?Пт, 29 мая[−]

The yuan's been gaining against the greenback, fulfilling our long-standing forecast. The Elliott wave pattern in the Hang Seng, Hong Kong's flagship stock index, is also telling. Watch our Asian-Pacific market expert explain more.

11. Deflation: Why the “Japanification” of the U.S. Looms LargeЧт, 28 мая[−]

Japan has been struggling with deflationary pressures for 30 years. Now, signs of deflation are evident in the U.S. Here’s what characterizes a “deflationary crash.”

12. Europe, Take Note: China's Lessons in AuthoritarianismВт, 26 мая[−]

When do authoritarian leaders come to power? You've probably heard that it's likely to happen in a "crisis," when people demand safety and quick decision-making. But what's a "crisis"? Here's a closer look -- and a more nuanced answer.

13. An Eye-Opening Perspective: Emerging Markets and EpidemicsВт, 19 мая[−]

Many global investors would probably be surprised by the performance of this group of stocks following past disease outbreaks. Let’s review SARS, the Swine Flu -- and now, COVID-19 -- from an Elliott wave point of view. Look at these two charts.

14. Asian-Pacific Currencies Vs. Stocks: Any Correlation?Вт, 05 мая[−]

Inter-market correlations can persist for a long time. Watch our Asian-Pacific Short Term Update editor show you the current correlation between local currencies and stocks -- and explain what it likely means for the trend in both. (South Korea and Singapore in focus.)

15. How to Spot Future Stock Market LeadersПт, 01 мая[−]

Stocks that lead higher off a bear-market low often continue to outperform their peers going forward. Watch our monthly Global Market Perspective contributor show you examples using TEAM, BABA and more.

16. What Do Breadth Indicators Show Next for Asia?Вт, 21 апр[−]

Right now, it's easy to get caught up in the daily market turmoil. But what does the big picture show? One way to find out is to look at a 200-day moving average. Watch our Asian-Pacific market analyst explain using India's Nifty and Korea's KOSPI charts.

17. This Indicator Flashed "Danger" for Chinese Stocks Well BEFORE PandemicЧт, 16 апр[−]

While the news is mulling over "what the Chinese knew and when they knew it," from a technical analysis perspective it's mostly irrelevant for market timing. Watch our Asian-Pacific Short Term Update editor show you one indicator that flashed red well in advance.

18. Want Proof Markets Are NON-Rational? See This.Пт, 03 апр[−]

How can 1400 individual stocks, governed by a myriad of individual factors, fit into the same technical market pattern? There is only one logical answer. Watch our Asian-Pacific expert explain -- and show you how the COVID-19 pandemic fits into the same pattern.

19. What If COVID-19 Is a BULLISH Signal for Asian-Pacific Stocks?Чт, 02 апр[−]

On March 30, The South China Morning Post published an insightful article for investors. Our own Mark Galasiewski contributed to it by answering one of the questions posed. He leaned on the history of prior epidemic outbreaks to suggest that the pandemic is not as bearish of a signal as most investors believe. See Mark's full evidence for yourself in this excerpt.

20. Indian Stocks Fall 12% in One Day: "Too much downside momentum"Вт, 24 мар[−]

On March 23, India's S&P Nifty stock index collapsed. Before the Asian-Pacific Markets opened that day, our Asian-Pacific Short Term Update posted this chart and comment for subscribers…

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