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Our quick insights during the week challenge the way you think about the financial markets, the economy and more.
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1. How a Simple Price Pattern Foretold a New "Tech Boom"Вт., 08 янв.[−]

Trying to identify high-confidence chart patterns is easier said than done. Yet, some patterns are easier to spot than others. Learn a classic Elliott wave pattern that predicted a big rally in this tech stock -- and keep your eyes peeled: You'll see this pattern in your charts again. (And again. And again.)

2. See How a Time-Tested Chart Pattern Identified a Key JunctureВт., 20 нояб. 2018[−]

Classic chart patterns apply to financial markets worldwide. One of these time-tested patterns had been in the making for 18 years when one of our analysts called for a move to "new all-time highs." Look at these two charts...

3. Markets Are Pessimistic. Should You Be?Пн., 29 окт. 2018[−]

From a technical analysis perspective, Asian-Pacific markets have reached a very important juncture. Watch as our Asian-Pacific Financial Forecast editor, Mark Galasiewski, explains more.

4. 2018: A “Bizarre Year” for the Asia-PacificСр., 03 окт. 2018[−]

Judging by the headline-grabbing events from the Korean Peninsula to India, China, Japan and Australia, social mood across the region is in flux. Watch our Asian-Pacific Financial Forecast editor, Mark Galasiewski, give you the highlights of the new, October issue.

5. Trump Tariffs: Are They Really Killing Chinese Stocks?Чт., 20 сент. 2018[−]

The hot topic everyone is talking about this week is the new round of trade tariffs in the ongoing trade war between the U.S. and China. ElliottWaveTV's Dana Weeks asked our Asian-Pacific Financial Forecast editor for his take.

6. Russia & China Flex Military Muscle: Why Now?Ср., 19 сент. 2018[−]

Vostok-2018 is the largest ever joint military exercise between Russia and China. ElliottWaveTV's Vadim Pokhlebkin asked our Global Market Perspective contributor, Mark Galasiewski, if the timing of Vostok-2018 came as a surprise. (Spoiler alert: It did not.)

7. Singapore: From Pessimistic to "Crazy Rich"Пт., 31 авг. 2018[−]

Singapore is a wealthy, global financial center. Even so, consumer confidence in the city-state has taken big dips at times. Here's how to put these dips into a useful, investment-focused perspective.

8. “Aussie PayPal” Explodes Higher: These Were the Warning SignsПт., 24 авг. 2018[−]

The guidelines that are laid out in the Wall Street classic book, Elliott Wave Principle, are there for a reason: They work. Of course, no forecasting method is perfect, but see how applying the Elliott wave model helped one of our global analysts spot an interesting opportunity.

9. "Trade Wars": Time to Sell... or Buy?Чт., 09 авг. 2018[−]

The "trade war" between the U.S. and China began near the July lows in Asian stock markets. Since then, most have rallied. Asian-Pacific Financial Forecast editor Mark Galasiewski puts the action in a proper perspective.

10. China vs. India vs. Australia vs. JapanВт., 03 июля 2018[−]

Chinese stocks have been under-performing, but what about India, Japan, Australia? Watch our Asian-Pacific Financial Forecast editor Mark Galasiewski explain why he sees the light at the end of the tunnel for several regional markets.

11. For Stocks, the Line in the Sand Has been DrawnСр., 27 июня 2018[−]

You've probably heard of support and resistance levels. The price of this particular global index "has met a support shelf area for the third time since the February 9 low." Here's what it implies.

12. Volatile Markets, Volatile Politics: The Tale of the Trump-Kim SummitСр., 06 июня 2018[−]

13. Delivered: Opportunity Down Under, Unfolding NowСр., 06 июня 2018[−]

The world's largest franchisee of the Domino's brand is based in ... Australia. Yet even as its business grew, that company's share price plummeted for 18 months. Now see the chart that suggests a price reversal is at hand.

14. Sneak Peek: Asian-Pacific Financial Forecast -- June 2018Ср., 06 июня 2018[−]

"Off the cliff" is how editor Mark Galasiewski says markets are supposed to feel at this point in the patterns that are unfolding right now, in several markets across Asia.

15. N. Korea Summit Limbo: A Matter of MoodСр., 30 мая 2018[−]

Trouble is brewing once again on the Korean Peninsula. See what our Socionomics Premier Members saw weeks before the latest headlines.

16. The Real Reason for N. Korea’s Second Thoughts on Trump SummitПн., 21 мая 2018[−]

Not John Bolton. Not U.S.-South Korea military drills. Join EWI’s Mark Galasiewski for a look behind the headlines, in this conversation on KLZ radio.

17. Sneak Peek: Asian-Pacific Financial Forecast -- May 2018Ср., 09 мая 2018[−]

In this May 2018 Asian-Pacific Financial Forecast Sneak Peek, Mark Galasiewski walks you through what's unfolding in Asian markets and what to expect over the course of the next month.

18. Concord in Korea: Behold the Asian RenaissanceПн., 07 мая 2018[−]

Peace on the peninsula is just one of many manifestations of the mood behind Asia’s booming stock markets. Will the thaw in the region last, or is another freeze likely ahead? Find out from EWI's Mark Galasiewski in this conversation on WDUN radio.

19. Stocks, Peace and the Amazing Timing of “Concord in Korea”Пт., 27 апр. 2018[−]

EWI's Mark Galasiewski chats with Bloomberg Daybreak Asia about the link between the boom in Korea's stock market and the historic meeting in the Demilitarized Zone.

20. Strongmen Everywhere!Ср., 21 марта 2018[−]

Vladimir Putin. Recep Erdogan. Abdel el-Sisi. And now Xi Jinping. What do the new authoritarians have in common? What does their rise to power say about the markets? EWI's Mark Galasiewski gives you the answers and puts the trend in perspective in this audio clip from the Josh Tolley Show.

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