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1. Comment on A tribute to the one and only Jimmy Cable by JoeLouis1959Чт, 20 авг[−]

The Said Skouma win was good in retrospect given the torrid time Skouma gave to Mike McCallum a couple of years later. I think he (Cable) was rushed too quickly into hard fights. RIP Champ

2. Comment on On This Day: Was Thomas Hearns really robbed in the Sugar Ray Leonard rematch? by DannevirkeСб, 13 июн[−]

Short answer. Yes he was. Completely screwed.

3. Comment on Was Floyd Mayweather greater than Muhammad Ali? by Buford T JusticeПт, 17 апр[−]

Pac is younger than Floyd, so that argument about him waiting for Pac to get old, hold no water. He was heavier than JMM true, but Floyd used to be a super fw. I don’t believe JMM started out that low. Plus, he wouldn’t have beaten Floyd at any weight. It wasn’t Floyds fault that DLH was old by the time Floyd moved up to WW. Also you are looking at things one sided. Word has it Floyd had been trying to get Mosley in the ring long before they fought. But that depends on who you believe. Canelo Called out Floyd, with the help of DLH and got schooled. Speaking of Canelo, he’s the king of the catchweight and has fought big names who were past their prime (Baldomir, Cintron, Mosley (after Mayweather), Angulo,GGG, Kovalev) and guys who had to balloon up (Lopez, Mosley, Khan). All while he ducks the Charllos, Andrade, Saunders, Smith and Bivol. Obviously you didn’t do your homework to see that some boxers had already moved up before Floyd got to that weight class. And I can’t believe you brought up the names Ricky Fatton and Margacheato.

Looking at Floyd and Ali’s resumes, they are both impressive, but I see 9 hall of famers on Floyd’s and 7 on Ali’s. 20 current (at that time they fought) or former champs on Floyd’s reume. and when Floyd hurt his hands and started to slow down, he was so proficient with his defense, he still was rarely touched. Ali relied on his athleticism. So when he slowed down, he ended up taking a lot of punishment.

4. Comment on Who was Britain’s most successful amateur super-heavyweight? by James LinleyЧт, 16 апр[−]

No mention of David Price, similar pro career to Audley, but a bronze olympic medal is not to be discounted.

5. Comment on Panel: What is your favourite Mike Tyson moment? by Robert HardingЧт, 16 апр[−]

Many a great moment, but as an alternative what about his ring entrance to the Peter McNeeley fight after years of incarceration. Coming out to The Fugees ‘Ready or not’ – spine tingling !

6. Comment on Carl Froch: ‘I still want Joe Calzaghe’ by Richard darrel KearneyСр, 15 апр[−]

Froch still a DONKEY needs to keep his trap shut and forget..

7. Comment on Your Say: Is Tyson Fury greater than Mike Tyson? by ozzyСр, 15 апр[−]

The letter about Mike Tyson is very selective in its use of its examples, while at the same time ignoring the many obvious weaknesses in Tyson Fury’s record including being given a win when he clearly lost to John McDermott in their first fight. Also Fury only has 2 wins, really 3, against opponents regarded as elite which compares poorly with Mike Tyson’s many wins over elite opponents.

IMO there are 3 versions of Mike Tyson…
(1) The Cus D’Amato version of Tyson – before Tyson met Don King. (2) The Don King version of Tyson – prior to his jailing for rape. (3) The shadow version of Tyson – an empty shell of the original version.
I think the Cus D’Amato version of Tyson would have made short work of Tyson Fury but Fury may have outpointed the shadow version.

IMHO the Cus D’Amato version of Tyson could have gone on to be an all-time great, he really was that good and could, with patience and more hard work, have become even better. Unfortunately, Tyson met 3 evil people who ruined his life and corrupted him as a fighter – Don King, Robin Givens and her mother – and the rest as they say is history.

8. Comment on Panel: Who is the best heavyweight prospect out there at the moment? by ozzyВт, 14 апр[−]

I agree with Thomas Hauser – none of the top prospects have done enough in the ring yet.

9. Comment on Was Floyd Mayweather greater than Muhammad Ali? by ozzyВт, 14 апр[−]

Floyd doesn’t get that having a 0 on your record without REALLY challenging yourself is meaningless – not fighting Pacquiao in his prime is the most obvious confirmation that Mayweather Jr just didn’t have the fighting attitude of a Robinson, Ali, Duran or Leonard.

Ali fought the best heavyweights in a great era, the 70s, doing this when he was past his prime. Yet he beat them all, sometimes after making adjustments following a close loss. Whereas Floyd chose opponents according to those who maximised earnings whilst minimised risk, in order not to lose his precious 0 – this meant he chose to fight opponents when they were well past their best (eg: Pacquiao, De La Hoya, Mosley & many more) or some other advantage such as the opponent being too young (Canelo) or too small (JMM) or not being able to fight in their usual style by a conniving referee (Hatton). He also managed to swerve some dominant world champs as he moved through the weights such as Margarito, Williams, Wright, Tszyu & Casamayor.

In all honesty, despite his precious 0, I wouldn’t rank Mayweather Jr in the top 20 of the greatest fighters of all-time – imho he is a fake, a wanabee great who didn’t have the intestinal fortitude necessary to become a real great.

10. Comment on On This Day: One of the toughest fighters ever, Barney Ross, was born in 1909 by Bo BrumbleВт, 14 апр[−]

I was honored to meet Barney Ross in 1965 as a nineteen year old member of the United States Army Third Infantry Division Boxing Team. Ross came to Wurzburg, Germany where we trained. He was in his fifties, but seemed much older. He showed us films of himself in action. Most of my teammates had no clue who he was or how important he was. But I did. To this day, I remember him well and what a gentleman he was. I was in awe of the Great Barney Ross.

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