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1. Comment on Your boxing viewing guide this week by ozzyЧт, 02 апр[−]

Hagler and most of the boxing media underestimated Leonard following Hagler’s destruction of Hearns 2 years earlier. Hagler was so over-confident he allowed Leonard’s requests for 12 rounds, a 20 foot ring & 10oz gloves with attached thumb in exchange for increasing his purse after agreeing to each request. Hagler never thought the fight would go anywhere near 12 rounds and thought the judges wouldn’t be needed. Leonard boxed superbly and deserved the points win.

2. Comment on The converging paths of Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury by TimЧт, 02 апр[−]

Super article Ian, brilliantly put together. Thank you

3. Comment on Your boxing viewing guide this week by ozzyЧт, 02 апр[−]

Harry Mullin, and others, either had an incorrect view on how a fight should be scored or he was biased for/against Hagler/Leonard. Having watched and scored the fight many, many times my view is Leonard took the fight 116 – 112. Hagler lost the fight before half way by trying to outbox, rather than pressurising Leonard, allowing Leonard to build up a big lead.

4. Comment on Goodbye to a boxing institution by James LinleyЧт, 02 апр[−]

I prefer reading print and pay for Boxing News for the up to date information on the web, reading Ring and Boxing Monthly in print each month. I have gladly collected all of the Boxing Monthly and Ring magazines (and some Boxing News prior to the site upgrade last year) over the last twenty years or so and continue to do so.
Despite having a few problems with the Boxing News site over the last few days, finally got it resolved by Axate. I think that changes that the team have made to Boxing News will keep it going in the long term, probably more as a web presence. It is true that you get what you pay for. Boxing News provides excellent journalism (as did Boxing Monthly), which isn’t always replicated on the websites that don’t charge. ?60 a year for the coverage we get from Boxing News is definitely worth it, considering the full price of the Times online is ?25, it’s a bargain.

Sad to see Boxing Monthly go, but keep up the good work and innovation Matt and Team!

5. Comment on Analysis: The cruiserweight division by ozzyЧт, 02 апр[−]

Surprised European champ Lawrence Okolie doesn’t feature somewhere in the lower top 10.

6. Comment on Goodbye to a boxing institution by PhilЧт, 02 апр[−]

Boxing Monthly and Boxing News have been in my life longer than most friends. I will always deliver in my commitment to support such institutions and subscribe always. Now more than ever.

7. Comment on Sanctioning bodies under the microscope – the World Boxing Council [WBC] by ozzyСр, 01 апр[−]

The many sports science studies over recent years that have confirmed (eg., what experts have suspected for some time, that training with PEDs also improved an athlete’s performance, from what they would be able to achieve naturally, when they returned to normal non-PED training shows that drug testing programs such as the WBC’s and BBBofC’s are of little use. The finance has to be found to test far more boxers year round including during training camps.

8. Comment on Goodbye to a boxing institution by John DennenСр, 01 апр[−]

We are sorry about this issue with accessing the website, you should be emailed a new link today with instructions to solve this, please bear with us.

9. Comment on Goodbye to a boxing institution by NeilВт, 31 мар[−]

How come I pay for the online magazine subscription but don’t get this online content ? A bit of a cheek even more so now you’ve got no actual boxing news in the magazine…

10. Comment on Len Johnson – a man who changed a city by Becky RobinsonПн, 30 мар[−]

Really interesting article which I will share with my dad (K R Robinson author of Lanky Bob), but ruined by the use of ‘yolk’ instead of ‘yoke’ in the last paragraph, editor??

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