AV-ComparativesПн., 15 окт. Текст источника в новой вкладке
Independent Tests of Anti-Virus Software

1. Business Test Factsheet August-September 2018Пн., 15 окт.[−]
We just released the August-September factsheet of the Business main-test series. You can find the factsheet here: https://www.av-comparatives.org/testmethod/business-security-tests-and-reviews/ The full and more detailed report – containing also a Performance test and product reviews – will be released in December.

2. Real-World Protection Test September 2018 FactsheetПн., 15 окт.[−]
The factsheet of the Consumer Real-World Protection Test of September is now available! It can be found here.

3. Consumer Malware Protection Test September 2018Пн., 15 окт.[−]
We released our Consumer Malware Protection Test. Any samples that have not been detected e.g. on-access are executed on the test system. A false alarm test is also included.

4. Conference meetings 2018Пн., 24 сент.[−]
Autumn is security conference season. Delegates of AV-Comparatives will attend various conferences – if you want to catch up in person with our team, you can meet us at the following upcoming conferences. Please contact us for an appointment. • VirusBulletin Conference 2018, Montreal, Canada (1st-5th October) https://www.virusbulletin.com/conference/vb2018 • IKT-Sicherheitskonferenz 2018, Alpbach, Austria (16th-17th October) […]

5. Spotlight on security: Politics and cyber security, a troubled relationshipВт., 11 сент.[−]
The relationships between various countries in the world are worsening, not only with regard to economic and political issues, but also in the field of cybersecurity. The recent bans on Chinese (such as Huawei) and Russian security products (such as Kaspersky Lab) are examples of the troubled relations between politics and cyber security. Wrongdoers accuse […]

6. Malware in the media – why healthcare systems are under attackПт., 07 сент.[−]
Also this summer incidents were reported in general news media involving cyber- and ransomware-attacks on healthcare organizations. Cyber-attacks on healthcare organizations are not uncommon. According to CSO-online “the healthcare experiences twice the number of cyber-attacks as other Industries”. Why are health care systems so often attacked? Why is healthcare the favourite victim of cyber criminals? […]

7. AVC-News app for AndroidВт., 04 сент.[−]
We are pleased to announce the release of the AVC-News app. This is a free mobile app for Android* that lets you see the latest news, test reports and other publications by AV-Comparatives. Within the app, you can easily bookmark any articles or stories so you can find them quickly later. We’ll also send you […]

8. Spotlight on security: The problem with false alarmsПн., 03 сент.[−]
False Positives (FPs, also known as False Alarms) are harmless and legitimate programs that are incorrectly identified as malicious by an antivirus program. A false positive can have very serious consequences. In some cases, it will not be possible to run a legitimate program if it is blocked by the security software. This is not […]

9. Learning Malware AnalysisЧт., 30 авг.[−]
Learning Malware Analysis: Explore the concepts, tools, and techniques to analyze and investigate Windows malware Learning Malware Analysis: Explore the concepts, tools, and techniques to analyze and investigate Windows malware [Monnappa K A] on Amazon.com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

10. Spotlight on security: Why do AV products score so highly in professional tests?Ср., 29 авг.[−]
This question often arises on security-focussed internet forums. Why do antivirus solutions perform worse when tested by amateurs than when tested by professional testing organizations? It seems odd when hobbyist home testers publish tests on YouTube that seem to be a greater challenge to the AV programs than the comparative tests of professional organizations. Despite […]

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