AV-ComparativesВс, 22 мар Текст источника в новой вкладке
Independent Tests of Anti-Virus Software

1. Fighting Biological VirusesВс, 22 мар[−]
Folding@Home Logo
AV-Comparatives is now fighting biological viruses as well as computer viruses. We are proud to support research into the Covid-19 virus by donating our spare computing resources to medical research, via Folding@Home. Understanding the virus’s dynamics using computer simulations is key to finding drug binding sites, which can be exploited to stop the virus. This […]

2. Precautions for Covid-19Вс, 22 мар[−]
We want to inform you about the precautions AV-Comparatives made to ensure workflows and tests will not be downgraded or delayed. AV-Comparatives is prepared for influenza as well as for Covid-19 (aka “Corona Virus”). Our policy related to lowering the risks of contamination of staffers: AV-Comparatives always encouraged staff members to work from home. Teleworking […]

3. Spotlight on security: The Curse of the False PositiveСр, 26 фев[−]
By David Harley When is a false positive (FP) really a false positive? How much care should security vendors take to avoid or at worst fix them: do they really matter at all? Well, let’s start off with a definition – actually, two definitions. Here are two major detection problems to which all the security […]

4. AV-Comparatives Introduces Enterprise-Class EDR-Test @RSA2020Пн, 24 фев[−]
As the number and complexity of advanced persistent threats increase, so does the importance of endpoint detection and response systems. AV-Comparatives has developed a comprehensive methodology for testing enterprise-class EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response) systems, with tests commencing mid-Q2 2020, and results being published around the end of Q3 2020. AV-Comparatives have been working closely […]

5. AV-Comparatives’ Awards Ceremony for 2019Ср, 19 фев[−]

6. Consumer Summary Report 2019Чт, 06 фев[−]
Austrian antivirus testing lab AV-Comparatives has released its Summary Report consumer security products (PDF available here). This includes results of all the individual tests carried out during the year, a user-interface review for all 16 tested products, and awards given to individual programs in various different categories. The Approved Security Product Award is given […]

7. Consumer Summary Report will be released on the 6th of February 2020Чт, 30 янв[−]
On February the 6th we will announce the award winners and publish the 2019 Summary Report for Consumer AV security products. Awards Ceremony Our annual Awards Ceremony will be held in Innsbruck on 3rd and 4th February 2020. The event will feature a seminar with international speakers and media representatives, as well as a social […]

8. AV-Comparatives Security Survey 2020 publishedПн, 27 янв[−]
Every year AV-Comparatives conducts a security survey asking users their opinion and preference on security products. In our global survey we ask users on various security related topics. The opinions and preferences from the end user community provide us with valuable feedback. The results help us increase the relevance and value of anti-virus software testing. […]

9. Enhanced Real-World Test 2019Вт, 17 дек 2019[−]
AV-Comparatives released their new Enhanced Real-World Test Reports for consumer and enterprise security products. The test assesses the ability of security programs to protect against advanced cyber-attacks. https://www.av-comparatives.org/testmethod/enhanced-real-world-tests/

10. Business Security Test August-November 2019Пн, 16 дек 2019[−]
The second half-year report of our 2019 Enterprise main-test series containing a Real-World Protection, Malware Protection and Performance Test has been released. Also product reviews are included. Please read the report for details. https://www.av-comparatives.org/tests/business-security-test-2019-august-november/

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