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1. Grand Canyon tourists exposed for years to radiation in museum building, safety manager says22:34[−]

Elston Stephenson, safety manager at Grand Canyon National Park, says thousands were unknowingly exposed to unsafe radiation for nearly two decades.


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2. Airlines begin waiving change fees for new winter storm21:48[−]

Southwest Airlines had already started waiving rebooking fees ahead of the new storm. It’s likely that others would do the same as forecasts solidified.


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3. Rick Steves: What's new in France for 201921:01[−]

Find out the latest on the Eiffel Tower, Cathedral of Notre Dame, Mont Saint-Michel and more attractions.


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4. Rick Steves' European favorites20:56[−]

Rick Steves shares his candid opinions on the best and worst destinations in Europe.


5. Everything you ever wanted to know and more about the plane cockpits20:27[−]

While they look confusing to the layperson the pilots know exactly what each one does and how it is to be used.


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6. Favorite presidential vacation spots around the USA20:23[−]

When you're the leader of the free world, getting away from it all takes on added importance.


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7. 10 reasons to be at Miami's biggest food festival18:25[−]

The South Beach Wine & Food Festival is back with more than 100 events


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8. 10 of the best adults only resorts around the world18:23[−]

Leave the hustle and bustle behind


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9. 'Golden Girls'-themed cruise setting sail in 202015:28[−]

Flip Phone Events is offering "Golden Girls" fans a chance to dive into the '80s sitcom on a 5-night cruise inspired by Blanche, Dorothy, Sophia and Rose.


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10. Hundreds of passengers stranded 'with no explanation' as British airline Flybmi collapsesВс., 17 февр.[−]

Hundreds of passengers in Europe have been stranded by the abrupt collapse of the British regional airline Flybmi, which isn't rebooking or refunding.


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11. Thrown out of Disneyland for a Trump flag? Here are more things you can't bring to the parkСб., 16 февр.[−]

Disney kicked out a man for unfurling a Trump banner, which is just one of many things that violate the park's little-known rules and regulations.


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12. Airlines to begin adding new gender option for 'non-binary' flyersСб., 16 февр.[−]

Some U.S. airlines are on track to add a new gender option for “non-binary” passengers amid evolving best-practices suggestions for the industry.


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13. High fees and short tempers: What happened to respect in travel?Пт., 15 февр.[−]

Travelers say the industry has lost respect for them. Maybe the feeling is mutual.


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14. From the Empty Quarter in Oman to Easter Island: 10 remote places to find peace and quietПт., 15 февр.[−]

In our always-on, interconnected world, it's hard to find a place to unwind. These spiritual spots and nature preserves are ideal places for escape.


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15. Cheap Caribbean: Best islands for budget vacationsПт., 15 февр.[−]

A week of sun and sand may be priceless for your mental health (and your tan), but you don’t need to pay a fortune to get it.


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16. 10 wineries you need to visit in MoldovaЧт., 14 февр.[−]

This small country is big in the wine world


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17. Vote now for the best festivals in North AmericaЧт., 14 февр.[−]

Help us crown the best fests from coast to coast


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18. 10 reasons to choose Valencia for your next romantic getawayЧт., 14 февр.[−]

This lesser-known seaside region is Spain's best-kept secret


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19. Renew your vows in these cool and creative placesВт., 12 февр.[−]

Inspiration for an "I do" redo


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20. Stay in the hotel suite of your dreams at The PalmsВт., 12 февр.[−]

These Vegas suites are a destination in themselves


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21. The most epic meal in Philadelphia is 40 courses and lasts 9 hoursВт., 12 февр.[−]

Once a year, diners gather at Italian restaurant Le Virtù for a marathon feast


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22. Rick Steves: The pros and cons of cruising in EuropeПн., 11 февр.[−]

Cruising might not be for everyone, but it's an economic, efficient and popular of mode of travel in Europe and beyond.


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23. These are the best long-haul flights in the worldСб., 09 февр.[−]

Comfort is key on these routes


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24. 100 towns founded before the American RevolutionСр., 06 февр.[−]

If you're looking to plan a historic trip, here's where to go.


25. The magical island of Santorini, GreeceВт., 05 февр.[−]


26. Shhh! These secret Caribbean beaches offer buttery sand and serenityПн., 04 февр.[−]

Caribbean beaches that are off the beaten path can offer hidden treasures away from the typical tourist crowd.


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27. February's #avgeek photo galleryПн., 04 февр.[−]

Check out this batch of fun airplane and aviation photos from around the globe.


28. 28 countries the US government doesn’t want you to visitПт., 01 февр.[−]

The State Department’s travel advisories are intended to keep Americans aware of potential terrorist attacks, civil unrest and crime in other nations.


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